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User Reviews for Hairstyle Try On

4.08 out of 5
6.4K Ratings
7 years ago, Dibbles
It works well.
I've also looked for something like this a long time. What I found in the past in websites were too difficult to use. It was very easy to upload my pic and get at it. The group of free hairstyles, in my opinion, are very hoakie. It perturbed me that I was going to have to buy more styles, ( I hate being manipulated). With that said, after buying them, I've enjoyed it. I wish they had more medium and long length styles. I love though that you can change the colors and move the hair around to make it look better. You can also flip it and change a part from one side to the other. Really like it a lot.
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6 years ago, a6082
Excellent App
This app was easy to use and worked great right away—within five minutes I had taken my photo and tried on a bunch of styles. The free styles offered give a wide variety of looks, and you can buy a bunch more for very little if you want. I didn’t have to wade through any ads. It was just so straightforward—just what I wanted. And a little to my surprise, it really did help me visualize what I might look like with lots of different styles. It’s also easy to save individual styles to Notes, iCloud sharing, etc, so now I have a personalized Note with all my favorites. I wasn’t planning to buy any of the extra packages, but I did, mostly to say “thanks” to the developer for such a useful and well-designed app. After using this one for a while, I downloaded a few other free apps and none of them could touch this one in terms of straightforwardness, ease of use, and helpfulness in imagining what new styles would look like on me. Thanks for such a well-deigned app!
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2 years ago, Inggyn
It could be amazing!
I purchased the two packages available for women. Way too many outdated haircuts, and my guess their target is mostly teenagers and early 20s. Some of the haircuts would not be appropriate for a work place. Don’t get me wrong! There are quite a few cute ones, BUT… the hair colors! 🤦🏻‍♀️ The look so fake when you choose them for your face! Saying horrible is an understatement IS an understatement! They have another app to create your own color (of course!), besides being extremely complicated to set those points where they are supposed to go and to realize that when you are finally going to choose really nice colors, they’re exactly the same as this app! It’s a shame! It is a great idea! With a few good tweaks this app has such a potential! And the fee could even be higher and I know no one would mind as soon as they see the results!
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5 months ago, Julierox139
Great app
The free features on this app are great. You get 21 women’s styles, which isn’t a ton, it’s enough to at least see if long or short hair looks better on you. There are also a wide range of colors you can choose from to change the hair color on any style, and if a hairstyle isn’t sitting on your head right or you want to toggle it longer or shorter, you can drag your finger on the screen and mold the hairstyle any way you’d like. Some of the styles are a bit dated and the lighting won’t always match up, but there’s still plenty of palatable (although it all depends on personal taste) options available for free. It’s a great way to see which hair styles and colors suit you best. Highly highly recommend.
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5 years ago, AddiePatty10
I just got this app today. I really wanted to see what I would look like with bangs. I thought that I could choose my own hairstyle without paying for anything. Just to tell you whoever made this app I want you to know that this is a great app but it’s just not the one for me. Just to tell you people who want to have this app. There’s a couple hairstyles that are for free but most of the good ones are not free it’s like five dollars to get all the hairstyles. I just don’t want to pay money just to do stuff that I want to do on this app. Thanks for making this app anyway. PS y’all people that are saying bad things about this app needs to stop. If you don’t have anything good to say just don’t say anything at all. Thanks for reading my comment and have a nice day
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2 years ago, ToastySalt29104
It’s ok…
Obviously this isn’t gonna look 100% completely realistic and you can easily see the hairstyle was photo shopped but it does what it says it will. I’m kinda disappointed that there were very VERY few hairstyles for free, most of them were the exact same thing just slightly different. I’ve had a bit of trouble deciding on what hairstyle I want and this did help I’ve decided I do look good in bangs and now that I have them I look great! Just wish there were more styles to pick from. Overall it’s ok it helped me decide wich haircut to get that I’ve been thinking about for weeks so yea… the only free hairstyles are pixie cuts, long straight hair, long curly hair, like 4 bob haircuts and then more straight long hair, and more long curly hair. So not a big variety but ok- it would just be better to get PicsArt and photoshop different hair styles on yourself it takes longer tu you get to choose more hairstyles than 21 replicas of the same haircut.
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4 years ago, Aluckybastard
An okay app, but...
This app is fine. The hairstyles are simple enough and they are ones that you would think of when wanting to change your hair. I would recommend if you want a general idea of how you want a new hairstyle to look. My problem is the look of the hairstyles and parts of the app. The hairstyles look very photoshopped and I feel like these styles would only work on a middle-aged woman or a surf rock dude from the 80s. Also, all of the hairstyles except for the first two are ones that you have to purchase. This makes no sense because this app is the type of thing that you would use once to see how you would look in a new hairstyle. I wouldn’t recommend getting this app. It’s fun for a laugh and a few silly pictures but other than that it’s not great for what it’s supposed to do.
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4 years ago, unicornvolleyball
It’s okay
I do love how you can get some styles for free and that the photos they used on the add looked like they weren’t really real but good enough to tell what they would look like with different hairstyles instead of making it look so real and then when you get the app it’s not what you expected so thank you for the real results in the add. It is annoying that you have to pay for more styles (I didn’t pay) I have been trying to find a app where you can just have fun with ageing yourself and trying to play with new hairstyles and seeing your future self but ALL of them you have to pay I want someone to make one where there is no pay involved unless you want no adds 😇 Thank you! ( Also I know you have to make money in order to keep your game up but that is what adds are for :)
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4 years ago, denisdailys sister fun time
2.5 stars
I guess this app is good if you want to “play” with fake looking hair wigs lol but when I downloaded pretty much the only hair style app I wanted to see different styles with my face shape . This app requires you to take a picture of yourself with your hair pulled back . Now that makes absolutely zero sense. Because almost all of the hairstyles you “try on” it changes your hairline. So definitely don’t refer to this app for any kind of haircut ideas to compliment your face shape. And though it might be fun for some people that want to goof off with unrealistic hairstyles and the colors look fake too so you can’t use them if you want realistic looking. No offense to the makers of this app in anyway. This is my personal opinion, but I’d rather give the homeless man at the corner panhandling my $3 over this app any day.
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6 years ago, maddy_official_2008
Would recommend
This app was actually a really good app. Honestly the hair styles weren’t that realistic. But I’m keeping the app because it works and it’s free. I would recommend this app to people who are looking for a variety of Colors, cuts, and styles. It works pretty well other than the packs you have to buy to get more styles. Just be aware beforehand that there are some flaws like any other app. Hope my review is helpful! :)
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4 years ago, Pokeystotle
Hook, Line and Sucker - (Not free for men)
I downloaded this app believing it was a free app. However, the free options are so limited that it is only FREE in name. No reasonable person would be satisfied with the small amount of options given in the trial portion or free portion of the app. What is even worse is downloading it with the intention to look at hairstyles for MEN only to find the only stuff that is free, the limited stuff, is only female hairstyles. Sick of these microtransaction business models and pay to play crap. Using depth psychology to dupe people into enriching their pockets - sadly it works for a lot of unintelligent people, or also people with unlimited funds. Dishonest business practice. But these folks aren’t the only ones. App Store is LOADED with this kind of garbage. I’d rather be charged at the outset for a reasonable selection of in app options.
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6 years ago, scarivin
Would be a great app if they covered more diverse hair types.
Picture upload, sizing and hair color editing is great. Too bad there are only straight or slightly wavy hairstyles to choose from. Being part AA, my hair is naturally curly. I want to see what I might look like with a shorter cut. Virtually every hairstyle represented is one that would require a perm or other extreme processing for me to attain. Nothing at all close to my hair type is available. Maybe there are more diverse types in the paid version? Based on the hair samples and limited array of models seen so far, highly doubtful. This app is useless to African Americans with natural hair, and to anyone who has any interest in experimenting with some kink in your curl.
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5 years ago, Falsely Advertised to!
Not impressed & curious how real other reviewers are
Just like every other app like this. Not impressed & curious how real other reviewers are! You would think, in 2019, we would have a decent app for this kind of thing but none of it has advanced since the ‘makeover’ personal computer ‘games’ and by no advancing since mid 90’s/early 200’s- I mean- Down to the styles and colors! There’s absolutely zero reason for me to give this any positive review bc it’s not innovative and it’s absolutely worthless! Even if you PAY To get more styles, you get the same ol bs we have seen time and time again! Wonky fitting and ugly styles that are all played out and seen before. You get 15 hairstyles for free which are all just, trash.
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2 years ago, Kim.c.m
Fun & kind of accurate
It’s fun to just try on different styles and new colors. The only problem really is that it doesn’t really conform to your natural hairline. When you try to change your hairline, or the hairline image, sometimes it kicks you out of the style and into the page that has all the styles. That’s very frustrating. But still. It’s nice to try on new styles in new colors to see what works for your face shape and coloring
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2 years ago, MB 1955
App puts the hair on your face, and it actually fits!
I have other apps that let you try on hairstyles, but those you have to adjust the size of the hair, it doesn’t always fit right, and is often glitchy, but this one actually puts the hair on your face and you can scroll right down through all the styles. Not only that, but they put it on right so the hairline is where the hairline should be.
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5 years ago, Cori258
Really useful & fun!
I’ve really enjoyed this helpful app! I’ve been looking for a hairstyle change and this app has been easy, fun and truly helpful to me in narrowing down a new color and style! I did purchase the extra haircuts but it was reasonable so I didn’t might the in app purchases. I’ve only had it for a few days but I haven’t encountered any difficulties. Great app if you want some practical help for getting a new style ladies!
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5 years ago, biolophile
Fun and useful
It took me a few tries to get a picture that worked well with the hairstyle simulator, but once I had a good photo it worked well. I bought the full package of all the hairstyles ($4.99) because none of the free hairstyles interested me. I like the ability to change the hair color, although I wish there were more color options. Overall, I think this is a great app and worth the $4.99
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7 years ago, Brooks777
Best virtual hair makeover
You really do have to spend the 2.99 to get the full effect- but its worth it. Over 300 hairstyles , ability to modify background and hair color. The hair color mods don't look as realistic as the original colors the styles come in but that's to be expected. Many trendy and celebrity styles . I've tried a lot of these and wasted time and money on poorly designed and unusable apps- this is the only one I will use.:)
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4 years ago, WendyGrace
Best of 6 apps.
I am “plush sized” and this is the only app that let me morph the area of the hair that hits by jaw area so I could really see if it was flattering. (As opposed to the others where all looked slimming because it cut off my neck thickness instead of showing it in natural contour to the hair.) Out of the 6 apps I tried this was the easiest, most intuitive and had so much variation and many styles for curly, wavy and straight hair.
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6 years ago, 227 virtuoso
Great app for hairstyles
Great app to play with if you’re thinking of changing up your haircut or color. I LOVE this app!! I don’t have to waste my money on a haircut or style that may not work out. And I also have the updo package 😁. It just gives me ideas for more formal events. I can’t do a great updo IRL but could bring the photo to a hairdresser .... It’s really fun to play with and the hairstyles I look bad in are funny too (Hilarious to my friends )
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5 years ago, undertaker37
Can’t use unless you pay5$
Getting really tired of apps like these, you should just have to pay for the app to download it, Instead they trick you into downloading it on the pretext that it is free. Well it’s not. They rope you into allowing them access into your photo album, only after you spend 5 minutes setting up the picture to set your fake hair on do they show you all your options hair that you could input on your photo. EXCEPT YOU CAN ONLY DO SO IF YOU PAY!! So tired of scam artist like this! If you have to pay to use then you should just have to pay to download the app and be done. Stop wasting people’s time!!!
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4 years ago, mnbhjkoiuytgbvfhkohbxhxidbdun
No offense- but it’s not a very good app
So first off I would like to say that, the hair styles look SO fake on the person/on me. Also I know this is how you make money by making people have to buy stuff to be able to actually like the app, but many hairstyles to choose from and the ones we do have aren’t very “good”. So I wound say that you should Improve this app to people’s liking- because before I downloaded I read the comments, (like you should) and a LOT of people said the same things I am saying right now.
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5 years ago, Unicorns4RealBoii
This app is pretty good. It had a lot of short hairs for females, and I am looking for a short hair, but it didn’t have the one I was looking for. It did have a lot of different options, and that’s good. I just didn’t find what I was looking for. Of course, I didn’t buy the package, but I did look through some of the things they had on the model. I still didn’t find what I was looking for. It’s all fine, though. What I’m looking for isn’t really that popular. I was only going to use this once anyways.
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6 years ago, Akgirl55
Has great potential
Photo loads easily, haIrstyles give a great idea of what a new cut might look like. Too many hairstyles are the same, perhaps with one side brushed back or brushed back differently, too many styles with hair in front of the eyes. If very similar short hairstyles were eliminated, there would be fewer than one third of the total left. Need more chin length or mid-length styles. Perhaps update the galleries for the same purchase price since I did purchase all the packages. Would recommend with this caveat.
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5 years ago, BAR112
Nice hairstyle try-on app, but...
Simple to use: Find a selfie, fit to template, then swipe through various hairstyles to find one you like. Can pinch in and out to fit and also choose from a myriad of colors. Major problem: there are extremely few long/below-shoulder-length styles for women (even in extra styles package which I purchased). I’m middle-aged and will NEVER have short hair! Why so many very-short styles for women? PLEASE add more LONG styles! Doubt I will get much use out of this one as it is now.
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3 years ago, can't redo levels
Be nice to see styles before buying
Over all, The app works well. While I don’t object to paying for more styles, You don’t know before you buy it that most of them are joke hairstyles. At least I think they’re a joke. So I spent the extra dollar, but if I wanted to see the other hairstyles I’d have to pay an additional five dollars. If I could see which ones were in the grouping I would know which package to buy.
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3 years ago, Hail_01
Not great
First things first: not sure how this is getting 4+ stars. I understand it was going to be photoshopped, but it doesn’t really try to fit in. A rainbow in the background would look like it fit in more. On top of that, you don’t get many hairstyles to choose from in the free packet (you have to pay for the rest of you want more hairstyles). Most of the free hairstyles you do get to choose from are for middle-aged women. It might be something to mess around with with friends, but other than that it’s kind of a pointless app.
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2 years ago, Bean 💅🏻
Works well
Obviously it’s not going to be 100% realistic, but it works well enough to mess around, or get an idea for what a hairstyle would look on you. There’s a pretty good selection for free, and it’s the best working app for hairstyles I’ve see yet. Would definitely recommend
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7 years ago, GraceAna
Fun hair toy and really intuitive navigating. So many hair color options and styles for women and men. The free only has a small option for women. Getting the full package will be addicting at'll get sick of yourself quick. And your friends will like it only up to a certain point...say 3-4 pics max? :)) try to control yourself now. You've been warned.
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7 years ago, ladylissa21
This is the app I have been looking for! They have a good number of styles and I like the options to change color and flip the part line. You kind of do have to pay to get the most out of the app, but I think it's worth it. I'll be anxious to see if they update regularly with more styles!
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4 years ago, I dunt have a name. ;)
Not good quality
I was planning on getting bangs because of COVID-19 and boredom. Before getting bangs I wanted to see what I would look like in bangs, and let me just say the samples did not have any good samples. And even the fact that you have to pay for other samples is kinda dumb. Though it’s cheap, I still believe it’s not worth it for a bad quality app. This wasn’t useful. I read the reviews and all of them said it was a “useful” app. The samples are not good quality. Some samples don’t fit on the head. Also I wish there was a way to tint the hair a little.
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3 years ago, radoxey
Very versatile!
I bought the big package. The color was the most amazing thing. I had thought that I looked better with blond hair, so had never tried anything darker. By adjusting the hair color I discovered that darker blond suited my features must better. I also looked good as a red head, but I am not quiet brave enough to try THAT.
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5 years ago, LotsaRs
Why not go on and charge the full price and get it over with instead of making it look like you’re getting it for less. Then it turns out to be a few samples that I don’t Necessarily like and am skeptic about seeing more because what has been shown doesn’t look natural or make me want to sport the look. Not much to say about the colors either. That Part should have been a freebie in my opinion. 😕 Think I will continue to look on.
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4 years ago, Brooklynn_24_Batch
I’m not sure about it
I liked the idea of the app. I was wanting to change my look up a bit. I came across this app. I thought it would be more realistic. I get it’s on a screen, I just don’t know what to do still and it wasn’t very helpful. The free hair styles are not great. I don’t want to waste my money on the other ones. I liked it but it had down sides.
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7 years ago, Epic_me
Best hair-app I've found
I have been looking for an app like this that I can play and experiment with. This app is perfect! It's free and if you do purchase things, they are reasonable. Also most Of the hairstyles are types you would see on "real" people not on celebrities. Glad I found this app. Having fun!
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2 years ago, java197378
Great idea, but the hairstyles are ridiculous
OK, so I really like how I can move the hairstyles and position them correctly on my picture, also that I can lengthen them to fit my face or even widen them a little. But the hairstyles themselves are horrible in my opinion. I can’t see myself wearing hardly any of them. Thankfully it wasn’t an expensive purchase, but honestly not helpful at all for me personally.
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6 years ago, KillerTiger75
Great app
This app is great. It was just what I was looking for. The only thing I would like to see is the ability to sort the hair styles based off of things like face shape. It would make it much easier to find the hair styles that fit my face. Other than that great job.
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3 years ago, ChrissyAJ7
Love this app but wish you could save favorites and wish you could search for specific face shapes rather than having to go through all 200+. If you could enter and save a search like “styles for square face” this app would be perfect.
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3 years ago, DVorahRN
Better for long and/or narrow face shapes
The app works really well as far as being able to apply different styles and colors. However, the great majority of styles indicate that they are best suited to long and/or narrow faces. I did see some for all shapes, and a few for wide or round faces, but they are pretty limited in number.
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6 years ago, TCSJT
Great! Missing 1 thing for me...
This app is super helpful!! I desperately need a new style and being able to see things on my picture is fantastic!! I just wish there was a way to favorite certain styles to make them easy to go back to. That would make this the perfect app!!
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5 years ago, Whiskers6
Don’t fall for other people’s BS
This app is a complete waste of time. If you’re looking for an app to see what you’d look like with a different hairstyle before you go to the barber and ever wondered what you’d like if you were in your mid 50s and stood on the corner selling yourself then this is the app for you. Otherwise, don’t waste your time. Because those are the only FREE hairstyles they give you. You guessed it, the rest, the ones everyone is really looking for, you need to pay for.
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7 years ago, Super momma Mia
Wanted this forever!!
Never got the haircut I wanted in salons because I could never see when I really look like. This app is awesome it shows me exactly what I would look like in many different picture poses. Some are hilarious and some are downright sexy. Gotta love it!!!
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4 years ago, celtic moon
Waste of money
I was terribly disappointed in this app. The app makes it look like there are all kinds of styles to play with, but they’re mostly variations of the same thing, and you can’t really adjust for your shape of face. And while I don’t mean to be unkind, the available hairstyles are just plain unattractive and very dated. I was looking forward to the fun of playing around with new styles, but this just feels like a caricature. I’ve deleted the app and want my money back.
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7 years ago, macc22
Don't be skeptical! Totally worth it!
It took me a little while, but choosing to buy the full version for 5$ was totally worth it! Try on any hair style, any color, and shape it perfectly to your face! I'll never go in blind to get a new hairstyle again!
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3 months ago, GP Jenn
One size does not fit all
This app is very limited. You can adjust your photo into the shape of face provided but the outline cannot be adjusted to conform to your shape face. Unless you fit into the apps form, you will not get an accurate idea of how the hair style would actually look. Also, the options, free and fee based were predominantly for straight hair. If you have curly hair, like I do, look elsewhere. This app is not for you.
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7 years ago, Nichagain
Program keeps shutting down
Was able to take a picture of myself. I was able to see the small versions of the hairstyles but every time I tried to see the larger version of the picture, the app shut down. I kept going back into the program but it continues to shut down every time. I paid $4.99 to get additional styles. Which that I hadn’t wasted the $4.99!!
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5 years ago, We can be better
Give us more options!
You only got the FREE options and the options you really want you have to pay for! The app looks very cheep and I would rather look at a magazine. There are plenty of better apps that are free! This app was a complete waist of time and space on my device. Instead go to the hairstylist and have them direct you to styles! Don’t use some expensive app that your going to use once then delete! Don’t waste you money!
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3 years ago, TheOGDubbleDee
Not for men
This app is terrible and the fact that it’s the first one to pop up when you look up apps like this is very concerning. They get the face shape totally wrong and there’s no way to change it, and then from the 15 crazy middle-school styles you get to choose from for free, they literally just crop a blurry photo above your eyes. Definitely do not download if you’re looking for anything legitimate.
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6 years ago, Slongpoofa
HairstyleLite app & grandkids
You have no idea how much fun my grandkids have playing with this app. Each loves the creativity offered & just having fun creating with such a variety of different colors, styles & finished products (boys & girls alike). Thank you for hours of entertainment fun!! 😊
Show more
7 years ago, Gilgiljoy
Best hairstyle app!
Very useful. You can see your face with all the different hairstyles all together so it's easy to find the right one. The only issue was working with a more square face, this seems to work better for more elongated faces.
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