Hairstyles for Your Face Shape

3.9 (3.2K)
84.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
Gregorio Bello
Last update
3 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Hairstyles for Your Face Shape

3.94 out of 5
3.2K Ratings
3 years ago, Olivia is already taken
Fun app
I’m addicted to this app. I’d give it five stars but my one issue is I paid $4.20 for four “face shape packs” cause I was having fun with it. Yet could have gotten it all, the whole package, for $3! All six “face shape packs”, no ads etc. It’s my mistake I suppose BUT it’s very irritating. I paid more to get less. It’d be nice if all were unlocked for me to try. I certainly DID pay for it. As for the app, not TOTALLY realistic of course BUT very good for ruling in or out a big hairstyle risk you’re considering. Neat to see I look varyingly butch and granny-like with very short hair (RULED THAT OUT), and not so bad with bangs (which I haven’t had since I was a child). Next best thing to trying on wigs.
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3 years ago, FarahSBS
It’s the best I’ve used and found in the App Store
I’ve struggled with many apps to find a simulator that will correctly find my face shape and give me wide a variation of styles to chose from . I like that I’m able to adjust the hairstyle on my picture (because not all hairlines are the same). This has by far been the best tool to use for my self, to find a haircut and commit to it after not cutting my hair for 6+ years . Thank you!
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3 years ago, McNeely5
Not accurate
I took the pic with the free hairstyles and it said my face was square. Knowing that was incorrect, I retook my picture several times with the same answer. Then after purchasing extra hairstyles, I redid my picture and it changed to oval. Which is accurate. But one shouldn’t have to purchase in the app to get an accurate assessment for something that was supposed to be free. I also think the hairstyles are not what is truly current for today’s styles. They’re either extreme or targeting more to teens and young adults. A few more stylish ones for 30 and up would be helpful. I will use something different and be deleting this app. I also was not allowed to submit my review under several names! ;/
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2 years ago, Judy D.
What the heck
Waste of time and deleted it from my phone ASAP. Was being asked to rate the app on my 1st time use and on the 1st screen. Continued frequently. I don’t mind adds, but full page adds for apps etc. where you can not locate how to exit the add, was ridiculous. It interrupted almost everything I was doing AND got worse after I paid for extra hair styles. Again, it constantly interrupted and TOOK UP THE FULL SCREEN with no easy way out. Try the free hair styles to see if you are happy with the little toupees they give you to put on your head - hardly resembling the hair style at all. They do not get any better. The color part of the app worked within reason, but not the hairstyle section.
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4 years ago, KMCvet2be
Fun, but...
This app is so much fun and I actually got one of the hair styles it showed for my face shape when I first did it and I LOVE it it’s so much easier and cuter and I even look younger. I wouldn’t have tried it if I hadn’t had the opportunity to see it on me first cause it’s pretty short for me, but I’m so glad I did. The only thing is that when I did the face shape again it said my face was a different shape🙄. No biggie though cause the hair style looks great, I getting tons of complements! Thanks😊 !!
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2 years ago, burnedalivebeauty10216
Just started
We shall see soo far I like the layout I’ll update my review when I’ve used it more, I rarely get my hair professionally done and my birthday is this weekend and as a birthday present someone offered to get my hair done soo excited so thought I’d explore what might look good so trying this app…. Wish me luck.. again I’ll update my review after exploring app more 👍 Here’s my update Ok so a couple things I didn’t like was that every time I took a picture it gave me a different head shape. Also when I picked a hairstyle the copy an paste type way of trying it on just didn’t work.. sorry changing my review to a 1 star😭 I feel bad but I just don’t see this app as helpful at all or realistic…
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2 years ago, JacDM
Just started looking at this app
Full disclosure- They offered to unlock things for this review. I could never figure out my face shape. And this app does a great job of that. Who knew I was square shaped? I just started playing with the hair styles and it fun to see if anything kinda works. It’s still very cartoon looking. But it’s probably as good enough to see if bangs are a major mistake.
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2 years ago, VIVIAN🤗🤗🤗🤗🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑
Fun & Actually Really Helpful!
Got this app to help my daughter figure out what haircut she should get. She was unhappy with her grown out hair and wanted a change, but was so worried about looking awful in a new cut/style that she kept postponing getting a haircut. This app was the perfect way for her to get a fairly good idea of the styles she liked and didn’t like on her.
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5 years ago, Little Red Ninja 333
Fun!!! But with too many adds every few seconds 🥴
It does identify your face shape quickly which is nice and it gives you a decent selection of hairstyles to choose from. If it weren’t for the ads that pop up I would say maybe every 3 to 5 seconds it would be a little a lot more fun! I am only writing his three viewers so I can get the diamond style pack unlocked and I’m hoping they’ll be less ads which I doubt. Nonetheless it’s still a lot of fun and very unique.
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3 years ago, nrjordan
Only needs slight tweaking
I love this app but I find it difficult to have my face in the picture the right size for the hairstyles. For some my head is too big, and for others it is clearly too small. I’d like to see this app use virtual/augmented reality and fit the hairstyle to the head at that moment. I live that there are so many options too.
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4 years ago, lamalama9220
40 trying to look younger
I like the ease of using this app. It is simple to snap a picture and get an immediate answer to your face shape with some suggestions about hairstyles that will work with that shape. I also like that you can try different hairstyles with your picture so you can see what other people see when they look at you. Overall, I’m very pleased.
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4 years ago, Farrosgaming
Easy and Honest
It is very easy to take a picture and get immediate results and options of hairstyles, though they are limited, and low quality, i could very well see myself pulling off some of the styles. I took multiple pictures of my face to see if the shape would remain the same and it did, i have a oval shape and it’s answer stayed true!
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2 years ago, shinebright1111
Lots of color options
I just discovered this app and love it. There are sooooo many color choices and you can see exactly how each color would look on your face. I am sure there are a lot more options and I am excited to learn more about this app
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3 years ago, qwertyRate
horrible. . .
the imagery isn’t even semi realistic! and I find it stupid that they isn’t even a dark brown option for the hair. not everyone is blonde, or has exotic blue hair :\ I just wanted to see what it would look like if I grew my hair out, but I can’t even use the app without having to pay for “oval-shaped-head” hairstyles. and that’s the other problem. first my head was “oval-shaped”, then it was “oblong”, then it was “round”. I mean- make up your mind! this app isn’t worth your time. don’t even bother, please.
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3 years ago, Utahlove234724
Definitely recommend
I would definitely recommend this app because, if you are thinking about getting a certain hair style and you don’t know if you look good in it or if not. You can try on a lot of different hairstyles and it is so easy to put the hair on!
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3 years ago, Heather_Thompson_D
Looking for a new look.. Great place to start!
Fun app and less expensive and safer than going to a salon before chopping off all my hair. It’s nice to be able to play with the colors to see if they will complement my skin tone as well! Wish I could adjust the hair styles a little more to fit my face other than zooming in and out but overall an amazing app!
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2 years ago, MHCSRL
Much better than the other hair style apps!
I tried a couple other apps and deleted them because they were junk. This one is great! Lots of styles, several colors, and very quick and easy to use.
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3 years ago, Haleybru
Great app, just too many ads
I would give this app 5 stars if it weren’t for all the adds. But, that’s what you get for free and the app works… it nailed what I believed to be my face shape and I found some hairstyles. At least found what looks good and doesn’t look good, so I’m ready for my haircut and new style.
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3 years ago, Jessiejerbear
Love it!
Since the pandemic, I, like a lot of people have been growing out my hair. I’ve always had pretty short hair, now after almost a year of growing it’s past my shoulders and I don’t know what to do with it! This app gives me the freedom to try out new hairstyles before I head to my hairdresser. I love it!
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3 years ago, little.red_riding._hood
I mean…
My face shape is either a square or a circle. There’s no doubt about that but it kept saying that I had an oval face?? I took it many times but it still kept saying oval (my face is FAR from oval) I tried the hairstyles too, I feel like they’re kind of outdated and I would have liked to see more of them, but that’s okay I guess. It would have also been nice if the hairstyles were adjustable to your face.
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2 years ago, Julia 👎
Dumb app
This app is so dumb and stupid. First you have to take a pic of your face and it gives you your “face shape” but it changes every time. Then you try on these ugly hairstyles that look like freaking cartoon hairstyles. I thought it SHOWED you how to do a cute hairstyle but no All it is, is look at your hair in different colors when you can do that on Snapchat filters or something. Do NOT waist your time on this ridiculous app. It’s not worth your time. Hope this helps
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1 year ago, CP's wifey
Just getting started
Just started using this app but after reading some reviews I had a pretty good idea what the app is about and what to expect. So far am enjoying using it and experimenting with different hairstyles.
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6 years ago, Teachingismysuperpower
Fun! Helpful!
I was trying to figure out if a hairstyle would look right on me and this app helped me identify what face shape (heart) I have in 2 seconds! Then I was able to play around with different looks inside the app (fun :). I was also able to tell what styles would be appropriate on me by looking at photos of models with heart shaped faces—very useful!
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4 years ago, lovermuckin
The best hair app out there for hairstyles!
I just turned 53. I need a change! There are so many great styles to choose from!! It is so easy to use too!! I can’t wait for this pandemic to end so I could have it done now!! I will be sure to post pictures the minute it’s safe to do so! ☮️💙😷
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5 years ago, laTigresa001
I saw a wig online that I really liked but wasn’t sure if it would fit me & I came across this app & it has helped me out a lot with what type of wigs I should get for my face type. Thanks! I recommend it to anyone who’s unsure of what type of hairstyle they should get.
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6 years ago, soskwowkw
A little confusing
I think it is confusing like at first is said unidentified face then it told me what face it was after a couple try’s also I don’t know why you have to buy a lot of the things but at the end of the day I decided four stars for those little reasons.
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3 years ago, cg981495
Love this app!
This is the first hairstyle app I've found that is both easy to use and can accurately show different hairstyles on my face. It also very quickly identified my particular face shape so I could find hairstyles that would best suit me. And it's FUN!
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3 years ago, brianvosburgh
So far it’s been decent to get a good idea what certain styles will look like. I recommend it when you’re trying to find a new hairstyle to change up your look.
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4 years ago, D Danielson
Great app!
I want to cut my hair short but couldn’t imagine how I’d look. I’ve been able to try on some styles that I thought I’d like and I don’t, and some I never thought of that look great. It’s also just fun to change around the looks and colors. :)
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4 years ago, MelC55
Hairstyles for Your Face Shape
Just downloaded the app. I have long, silver-colored hair that has not been trimmed in almost a year. I have had the same hair style for several years and I am looking for something new. I haven’t used the app yet, so I will update my review.
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4 years ago, lynne707
Trying new hairstyles
This is much easier than getting my haircut and then letting it grow out again or getting it colored and not liking the color. It gives you a pretty good idea of what you look like in a specific hairstyle. I’d like there to be more variety though.
Show more
4 years ago, Putzes
Super fun and user friendly app
So easy to use and I love the experience it provides offering instant views of hairstyle and color allowing to make a change in looks knowing what will work for you! Kudos for this app!
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2 months ago, Spoiled247gal2
It’s really good but has a problem I think you should unlock things when you first start the game but it is a good game to play and it’s a free game too play and it is fun for children
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2 years ago, EwokMomma
First of all there wasn’t very much free hairstyles, and some colors don’t work or change to that color. There also isn’t enough hair colors. I downloaded this app thinking it would be a good reference for my stylist but it ended up not being realistic. Very disappointing.
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6 years ago, He equips the called!
Round or ???
This was my first try at using an app like this. I was frustrated at first trying to figure out to reshape the wigs while I was riding on a train. Then I began to have a lot of fun experimenting, which made the ride to a lot faster. I still haven’t decided on the best do, but will try a new look next week.
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2 years ago, dfkm39
Easy to use
I’ve only had the app two days and am using the free app. I was able to easily find my face shape and try some recommended hair styles. I’m considering purchasing one or two packages to see more options.
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2 years ago, Shepp828
Must have!
This app is the best! When you’re in the mood to change your hairstyle, you dont need to flip thru endless amounts of magazines trying to find the right one.
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3 years ago, Tender Heart NC
So far so good
I’ve just started using this app for the first time and so far it seems easy to use …. There are quite a few hair styles to try. I would recommend this app over others to be sure.
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3 years ago, CarmichaelM
Don’t do it!!
I downloaded this app after reading reviews. I usually don’t leave reviews but I felt I needed to on this one. This app is a little difficult to use but once you get the hang of it it’s ok. I paid 2.99 for the app and still had ads. There aren’t enough styles to warrant paying for the app. The styles aren’t very good either. I would just say stay away from this app and don’t waste your money.
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3 years ago, Mllorah
Love the ideas and so easy to use!
This app is great for trying out different hairstyles and colors without having to actually change my hair. And it’s so easy to use.
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2 years ago, UCflo
A fun app!
This is simple to use, and it really shows how a hairstyle will look! It comes with a good selection of styles, and there are lots more purchase. It takes the guesswork out of picking a style!
Show more
2 years ago, ggirl518
A great tool!
Definitely worth trying out. I was too scared to cut my hair shorter without being able to see an idea of what it would be like. The app helped me feel more comfortable to do something radical and new.
Show more
6 years ago, Doctor-Zeke!
Fun for my wife and I
This app seems to work so much better than the others even on line hairstyle websites. The color change, sizing and AI face shape recognition are a big plus. Makes the others look like bad photoshop.
Show more
2 years ago, CThibault
Good fun, better hairstyles than some other appa
This app has better hairstyles than the other apps I’ve tried. I wish the interface was easier to use but it works just fine.
Show more
2 years ago, Billow buttons
Let’s me b creative without committing
Worked well to try out completely different options with color and styles
Show more
4 years ago, beige plains
I’m new to apps such as this one.
I’m still learning about the app. I do like the ease and accuracy of the face measurements. I’m still exploring the various hairstyles. I just unlocked the diamond pack for writing this review and look forward to trying those styles as well.
Show more
3 years ago, LollieRot
Do it multiple times
I took pictures multiple times and usually without moving my face in anyway between takes. My results would alternate between square and oblong. I downloaded the app because I couldn’t figure out if I was oblong or round, so in the end I got what I needed. (I know I’m not a square)
Show more
4 years ago, Cosmosticon
Super Easy to Use
This is super easy to use but I think I took the picture too close: all the hairstyles were over my eyes if they were in the correct position otherwise. I did get a lot of laughs out of it so it was worth it. I’ll probably try another pic to see if it’s more accurate but it’s fun anyway.
Show more
4 years ago, Kmb.B
Very helpful
I’ve been trying to decide on a new hairstyle but wanted to be able to get an idea of what it would look like before I committed to it. This was a great way to be able to do that!
Show more
5 years ago, Ambie79
Big help
My child has such a hard time picking a hairstyle this was amazing to be able to show her what it would look like before it was done thank you so much for your help!
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