Halide Mark II - Pro Camera

Photo & Video
4.4 (10.4K)
25.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
Lux Optics Incorporated
Last update
5 months ago
Version OS
16.0 or later
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User Reviews for Halide Mark II - Pro Camera

4.43 out of 5
10.4K Ratings
3 years ago, Left0verture
Okay, realistically, I’ll probably never use this app. I’m one of those old skool types who needs to see the world through a viewfinder. No screens will suffice (except for post prod). HOWEVER - these guys do it right, IMHO. They tell you right up front that Halide ain’t free, but give you a reasonable subscription cost and a week to see if it’s worth it. Hate subscriptions? (I do) Okay, you can buy it outright (though it IS a bit expensive to do so). Better yet - no data scavenging. Funny how so many people think everything should be free for them. Free healthcare, free education, free music, free movies, free apps. Folks, ain’t NOTHIN free. Somebody, somewhere is paying for it all, and eventually the tab will make its way back around to you in some fashion. Devs need to buy groceries too. When you find one that’s up front about it, offers a quality product and doesn’t try to soak you a week’s pay for it (oh, that’s right… you probably work for free too. My bad.) maybe crack your wallet open just a bit and show them some love.
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1 year ago, Ognistik
Good Interface but Buggy
I am on Halide’s trial. I love the interface. I really think that the interface AND the macro mode are the biggest strengths of this app (I’m on an iPhone 14 Pro). I love being able to change formats, choose raw + jpeg right there on the main screen, and I also love to adjust exposure compensation with a swipe up or down. Unfortunately whenever ProRaw is used there’s a bigger delay than what we get on the native iPhone camera. It doesn’t matter if it’s 12 MP or 48 MP, the native camera allows you to shoot back-to-back shots faster, and that’s important for me (as I do a lot of street or documentary photography). Also. The volume up button is supposed to work as shutter release, but it’s buggy and sometimes works and sometimes doesn’t. I’ve found auto-focus to be also a problem. It doesn’t auto-recognize faces as the native camera does and will often focus on objects that are closer instead. When in manual mode the controls are a bit confusing, it’s hard to change speed only without messing with ISO… I wish there was a shutter priority mode. Oh… and manual mode doesn’t work on 48 MP captures. I honestly would not mind paying for the subscription if what I mentioned here is fixed - the autofocus problems, the delay between proraw shots, the volume up shutter, a more intuitive manual mode or shutter priority mode. As it is now I think I’ll continue using the native camera.
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4 years ago, Mysterio770
I’m new to IPhone photography and I have an IPhone XR “yes I know the 12 is out “ but that’s not an option for me right now lol. I poured over review after review on which camera app was best for me as a beginner and was instantly drawn to Halide even though I was Nervous I wouldn’t understand how to use it. I went back-and-forth for about a week and all of a sudden the mark two announcement was made. I took that as a sign since Halide had already been out for a bit. With only a couple days using the app I have to say I feel like it’s one of the best decisions I’ve made on the App Store. The ability have the raw, JPEG and the mixed image is amazing Because it gives beginners the ability to actually see the difference side-by-side. The UI is very clean elegant and calm and very much appreciated by a noob like myself. I’m still in my Trial period but my photos look amazing and I cannot stop taking pictures lol. Super excited to edit some of my raw photos this evening. To all my newbies out there who may be in a position like I was where you want the best quality but you also need it to be cost effective and future proof you will not regret Halide . Ben, Sebastiaan,Rebecca, Thank you for a beautiful product and Cheers to you all.
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4 years ago, Joshua D.
From Premium to Subscription
I'm so very fed up and very, very tired of greedy and unethical developers like these two. Who make all they can from selling an app as a premium, one-time purchase. Then they succumb to greed and avarice and change their initially premium app into another filthy subscription. It's truly unethical, immoral and abhorrent behavior and very fitting of the lowest of the low crooks. This type of scummy and low rent behavior is sadly quite commonplace now among App Store developers. Then they offer a new one-time purchase of $35 dollars! Gee, how very generous, thank you so very much... I already paid for this app as a premium program. But, sure, let me give you even more money or pay you forever via the subscription plan for an app I already owned and paid good money for, just so I can continue to receive updates. Developers like you two make the App Store such an unpleasant and shady place to do business. I don't care for your dishonest remarks about why you pulled such a massive bait-and-switch by changing this app from premium to another disgusting subscription plan. Because it's simply just lies and is just saying the exact same tired, pathetic line as all the other crooked developers and businesses that pull this underhanded scam on their once trusting and once loyal customers. You should be ashamed of your seriously unethical and immoral actions. I wouldn't give you the lint in my pockets now. I hope you two enjoy all your ill gotten gains.
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4 years ago, JohnnyIsland
Do not pay for this application until you read this
Phone being used: iPhone 11 Pro Length spent with application: 1.5 years I first started using this application on my iPhone X, over a year ago. It was probably my favorite camera go to app. It really used to feel like the company was thriving on a great idea that had never been seen on an iPhone before and they took the time to fine tune it. A lot has changed and here is its current state. It has now turned into a very hit or miss application. The app crashes from taking a depth photo and from that, the photo taken is never saved. Most of the features will crash the app as well. Even switching from different camera lenses will crash the thing. I feel like the company has realized they are at a loss for innovation. They are no longer spending resources on R&D let alone basic maintenance hours. I’m sure we will start to notice less and less updates, until it eventually gets lost among the rest. Please do not waste your money. Wait for them to prove me wrong and make the necessary bug fixes. FYI, A typical active company has two week sprints. At the end of each sprint, an update is pushed to insure continued application maintenance. Feature releases take a lot longer and are usually multiple sprints but bug fixes are not.
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2 years ago, PhelineCat
Four years on… (unusable, I guess)?
10/22- Looks like I was quite negative about Halide 4 years ago. It seems a lot has changed. I probably had version 1.x.x then. I’m methodically examining apps especially cameras (why waste time w/bad photos?) and notes (love Apple Notes but it can crash every 30 seconds!) I appreciate the trial and outright purchase. Like everyone else I despise subscriptions but these are inexpensive enough annually I’d pay. ASAP I’ll try this (with iPhone 11 Pro Max and/or iPad Pro 12.9 5th Gen) and see what happens. Bumped up to 3⭐️ from 1🌟 for optimism, updates, cheap subscription(if you do them), chance to buy. ——————————————— 6/18 Even with a new 6+ with few apps installed it still crashes. I forgot it even exists until I was looking for something to filter out all reds to get a dog’s perspective on things. I suppose I’ll take my dog’s philosophical perspective on this app and just let go... ———————————————- Earlier...Constantly crashes on my 6 Plus so I'm unfamiliar with it; all I've experienced with it is like it's any other basic decent manual iOS camera app. There once was a manual but it’s obsolete. Maybe I'll delete other apps until it functions, pepper the devs with questions, or give up.
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3 years ago, Zatise
Top of the world!!! Nothing better!!!
First thing first; I have been a user from day one. I started taking pictures on my iPhone as a hobby, but I had no idea what I was doing. I took a photography class in college and someone told me about this app and it’s been magic and great times ever since!!!! It’s frustrating to see people get on her and bash these people about their own misunderstandings of what Mark 2 means for mark 1. As someone who purchased the app early I still get to enjoy the features of this new app for no extra charge!!!! Most devs try and force you into buying the new app because they drop support for the old on, not these Devs. Updates until Dec 21 is fair. The functionality and ease of shooting has allowed me to take some breath taking shots, I have even started making picture books for my friends. I love the tutorials within the app, would be cool to have a section were you offer classes on how to shot with a mobile camera, It would make the subscription model more appealing to those who may not want to go pay more than the original cost and help to bring in Mobile users who may feel intimidated by all the features or just want to learn mobile photography, you could even offer a subscription for the classes alone if advertised correctly(worked in sales for a few years now, I know how to sell a product especially one this cool). Anyway 5 stars!!!! Amazing app and I’m looking forward to your future. Keep killing!!!!
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3 years ago, GIULIO SCIORIO
Halide is easily the best pro camera app on iOS hands down. There’s a lot to like for enthusiasts and pros like myself. I subscribed in the past but didn’t feel I was getting enough to justify the sub. What I’d like to see is wireless tethering with iPad, better stability and faster operating speed. I’m on a 1TB iPhone 13 Pro (I upgrade yearly) and even with apples top iPhone the app is slow to launch. I’ve lost more images than I can count and often have to rely on the default camera app. I have a feeling iOS 15 is somewhat to blame here. If I could wirelessly tether, that alone would be worth the price of subscription. As one who’s helped major camera companies move into mirrorless I’ll tell you that the iPhone is good enough for pro shoots. I sold my pro gear a few years ago and have been fully on board with iPhone. Just need tethering to complete the what I need for pro studio shoots.
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5 years ago, emenamore
XR Camera Dream Come True
I’m a designer and DSLR photographer, so the camera features on my phone is a big deal to me. When I upgraded from a 6, I was torn between the XS and XR. I’d been gravitating toward the XR due to the colors, battery life, price, and better lowlight photos, but was devastated it only had portrait mode for people. I heard about Halide finding a solution to this problem, so I went with the XR and bought this app. I took a photo of my dog and I’m in love with its ability to pretty accurately map out data for bokeh shots. My photo went straight to the default apple photos app, and reads it as a portrait photo now so I can adjust the blur like I can on people portraits. The only setback is not seeing bokeh in live mode, but it’s no biggie and who knows what exciting features future updates will bring. Thank you Ben & Sebastiaan for using your intelligence, skills, and talent to make a camera like this for the iPhone XR. Buying this app finally made me 100% happy with my decision to get the phone I did.
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2 years ago, 73537282
Halide no option to buy it outright
The fact that this is a yearly subscription and they don’t have you an option to buy it outright is a shame. The app is great for people that want to get into photography with the manual controls however I’m going to compare it with the best videography app. Filmic pro, is one time purchase app and the developers have been working just as hard as these guys giving you manual controls, Vlog, different aspect ratios, you can even link your app to a gimple and control your phones camera manual controls from your gimbals devices button controls. You can remote control your device from another device like an iPad and see that your recording to see how you would look on frame when the iPhone camera is facing you. You can record with the front and back camera at once if your blogging and recording something I front of you want to show later in post. It has presets, you can you pro res videos you can do Timelapse with controls the list goes on and on. The best part is that you can ACTUALLY OWN THE APP.
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2 years ago, KittyGirlChloe
Best camera app for iOS
iPhone 13 Pro user here. The native camera app is excellent, but Apple’s image processing really cranks the sharpness, contrast, and saturation to the point of being a little silly. The cameras on this phone are capable of taking amazing photos, but the over processing can really turn a detailed shot into a noisy one, especially where foliage or fabric textures are concerned. Halide does what Apple should’ve - they’ve taken Apple’s existing image pipeline and cut out some of the extra processing. Deep Fusion and Smart HDR still apply, there’s still excellent noise reduction, but the haloed edges and unnatural colors and lighting are gone. The result is a softer, more DSLR-like photograph. Halide isn’t as smoothly polished as the native app, and there are a few UX quirks and bugs that I hope get smoothed out over time, so it’s not my choice for most day-to-day shots. For art though, it’s Halide all the way. Totally worth the money.
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3 years ago, savedabuffalo
Highlights completely blown out on iPhone 13
I want to start by saying this is my go-to camera app. I’ve used Halide almost exclusively ever since I first discovered it around two years ago, and have achieved great results with it thus far. However, I’m writing this review because I recently upgraded from an iPhone 11 to an iPhone 13 and haven’t been getting any detail in the highlights whatsoever ever since making the change to the 13. I mean the highlights are completely and literally white. If I were to take a picture of the same sunny scene, one with the Halide app and one with the native camera app, I’d still get good detail in the highlights using the native camera app as opposed to the same shot taken using Halide. I’m assuming it’s just a temporary issue due to the release of the new 13 and I’m also hoping an update can fix the problem soon. Just wanted to bring it to their attention by writing this, in case it hasn’t been brought up already. Otherwise love this camera app.
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5 years ago, Keyur82
Issue with Raw files was iOS 13.0
Issue with raw files not being handled properly was an system wide issue with iOS 13.0. It has been fixed on iOS 13.1. All in all I am happy with Halide. Now that I can save photos in both raw and jpeg formats, I have the flexibility of either playing with raw files or use jpeg as it is. Generally the results I get buy editing raw files are superior (better colors.) Darkroom integrates nicely with Halide, I with premium upgrade on darkroom was little cheaper than $10. Anyone with iPhone should have an option for capturing raw files. Until Apple integrates that in built in camera app, Halide is an excellent option. I like its smart raw capture more than other manual camera apps. It doesn’t offer lot of granular controls, but I like it for keeping it simple. ProCam 7 offers more manual camera controls, but it can get little overwhelming. Halide over any other manual camera apps any day.
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1 year ago, NikonGuy81
Great App with a Few Caveats
I really like this app. The RAW quality is fantastic and the manual control is excellent as well. The portrait mode leaves something to be desired: the quality is excellent but as far as I can see there is no way to adjust the depth of field the way you can in portrait mode in Apple’s own camera app. The developer’s website claims you can load an image shot in portrait mode in Halide into Apple’s Photos app and adjust the lighting and depth of field from there. The lighting can be adjusted but unless I’m missing something the depth of field cannot. The macro mode is cool. It defaults to 2x zoom when you use this mode but I get the impression this is essentially just cropping the picture. I don’t see much of a difference vs. taking a closeup in Apple’s camera app. If these features were addressed and implemented this would be a five star app for me.
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6 years ago, Darylbldwn
Finally. Unlimited Potrait Mode on XR!
I am a Chef and Take pictures of my food constantly. When Apple released the iPhone XR, it wasn’t a well known fact that the Portrait Mode on this phones camera only worked on humans. I was not aware until after I upgraded. I felt that Apple was making a huge mistake. Now I had to scramble and find an App that would bring back the unlimited potential of Portrait Mode. Halide does just this and more. This App takes beautiful pictures. It is so far above Apples camera App that I hid that one and use Halide for all of my pictures. However, one note to everyone considering purchasing this App. Research the App before buying. Go on their website and read everything. If you buy it and start snapping away, chances are you won’t understand what this robust App is doing and your photos will NOT look like you want them to. So read up on it. Highly recommended App! Thanks!
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4 years ago, el pintor777
Customize feature, and more white balance flexibility
Has anyone else had the same problem I have on my iPad pro 11” when going into ‘customize’ on settings? I see how I can move the icons around in order to choose which are visible and which are hidden. The problem is that I cannot get out of that mode. The broken circles and icons keep dancing around. Even when somehow they stop, I can’t get back to the basic camera mode unless I shut down the device and start over. The other thing I wish I could do was have more flexibility with the white balance. My main purpose for using the camera on this device is to photograph my paintings. It seems that the red is off. And when I change white balance to cloudy day, the colors all look the same as in Automatic white bal. The subtle grayish purple hues in a distant mountain, for ex., are being captured as grayish or bluish gray, lacking warmth. Yes I can edit later, only with varying success so far though, on the Photos App. Well, maybe I’ll learn more about editing a raw photo, but I personally would prefer take an accurate picture rather than take a flawed one that needs to be edited later. Halide’s camera is far superior to the Camera App on this iPad, and I’m a brand new user to both. Working my way through the 10 day program and learning a lot, but thought I’d write a review while these things were on my mind. Thank you for reading. A reply would be great!
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2 years ago, Aconitum Columbianum
Once Great App now hobbled by Subscription Issues.
I really want to give Halide Mark II a perfect score and previous versions of the app were absolutely worthy of that. This App is the most advanced Camera App for iPhone- period. I also use Filmic Firstlight which is a great App however Halide is better for some of the types of photography I do (Macro). However he current version has locked me out of the App twice now when I’m out in the field beyond the reach of WiFi and Cellular Service rendering the App useless. I get a pop up to start a trial version and it never gets beyond that screen. I had to ultimately reinstall the app to fix the issue but who knows for how long until it crops up again. If I’m out taking pictures I expect my hardware and software to perform. If it can’t do the job I’ll be forced to look elsewhere.
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1 year ago, Foolio
Was a good app now selecting photos doesn’t work.
Despite the app telling me I can continue using the app I paid for, it seems the photo roll screen doesn’t even load a photo when you tap it it’s a black screen with stuck spinner. When you press to select photos in the roll, the app (which once again, I paid for) spams a pop-up trying to get me to subscribe to a camera app subscription… You can Force Touch and then export an individual photo, but that’s it. That’s not the functionality I paid for. I started using the app (that I PAID for) again after a long hiatus only to discover it’s been nerfed (?) unless I add another subscription. At least it can still go directly to your phone camera roll, but honestly can’t imagine subscribing when it’s partially functioning. I tried to make this my main photo taking app for a while, but eventually it just found itself in a folder with the built in app
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2 years ago, BecomeAPrime
A once amazing app.
I am a long time user of Halide. I don’t open it often because I’m not always trying to do everything in manual but as a professional photographer of 10 years it’s nice to have the option and Halide is the one company to just get it right. That said with updates freezing I feel like I’m left with an ultimatum of pay $60 and get updates for who knows how long (because there is no specification on how long they’ll honor it) or go monthly which as a hater of subscription services I hate to do. What I fear even more is what happens when I decide I don’t want to be monthly anymore…? do I lose the new widgets? Do I lose the app altogether that I paid for back in the beginning? I hope the company comes out and makes the wording more clear and maybe adjusts the pricing. $60 for a phone app is insanity unless I’m getting in writing promises updates and guaranteed in the pipeline future features for years to come.
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6 years ago, billykwokhk
Best camera app that can be even better
I like the intuitive control of different parameters when taking photos. The app focuses on just taking photos without bloated features like filters and editing tools, which keeps the interface very simple and clean. I prefer editing my photos on Snapseed or Lightroom. The Smart RAW feature works quite nicely as well. However, it would be even better if exposure time feature can be fine tuned. First of all, when the shutter speed is low, the preview becomes so laggy. Second, the max exposure time can be further increased. Currently on iPhone XS, the max is 1 sec. But sometimes when taking photos for light painting or moving scenes like waterfall, it’s necessary to have even longer exposure time, possibly with a help of a ND filter for mobile phone lens. If such improvement is done, I would have no excuse not to give 5 stars.
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6 years ago, crushed
Definitely the best camera app out there
Love the app and the thoughtful gesture based approach to adjustments. A couple of suggestions that would make this even more awesome. In landscape mode the slide up to adjust exposure compensation doesn’t work. Instead it took me a while to figure out that the gesture has to go left to right. The last image thumbnail from the camera roll is seriously distracting from the rest of the beautiful interface and also when I want to only ‘see’ the scene in front of me. Maybe a button to access my roll would be better. I don’t know about others but my thumb naturally sits at either corners of the screen irrespective of orientation or which hand I use (I am ambidextrous:) would be cool to allow customizing placement of the shutter release button like we can customize the quick bar. Just my wishful thinking!
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3 years ago, Kalani Helekunihi
My default camera app.
I am a professional photographer and usually have some very nice gear with me whenever I am out. But, whenever I am shooting with my LUMIX S1R, my iPhone 12 Pro Max with Halide is also right there as well. Surprisingly, the iPhone will more often than not get the shots that I keep most often as people let their guard down in a way they don’t when a large lens is looking. Halide gives the quality and control to let me match the color and tone of my other cameras with RAW shooting, combined with features missing on my other cameras like zebra bars, color meters, and a customizable UI so I can hide stuff I won’t use behind a collapsible menu. Very happy to have such a great camera app available, and this my replacement for the built-in camera.
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2 years ago, EdLewis2
Profesional app works well with Adobe work flows.
Halide is the first truly professional level camera control app (full manual control &c. easily accommodated) I have tried for iPhone. Given it has an accurate watch app for remote shooting and it has a very useful iOS 16 Lock Screen widget, this app is ahead of many competitors. Halide fits perfectly in my work flow. I have iOS set to send photos to Adobe Lightroom for post processing and cataloguing on both Mac and iOS. I laud the lack of editing tools in Halide as I do all my post processing in Lightroom. Non Lightroom users can post process in Apple Photos. There is clearly no reason to have a bloated program with redundant tools. Needless to say the ability to shoot RAW (DNG) is greatly appreciated. Keep up the good work. I look forward to the addition of time lapse shooting in Halide.
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5 years ago, soundtechguy
Great app, but has issues..
From a perspective of having almost every feature a photographer would need, this app does nail it. From complete control over focus mapping and shutter speed control, to 2 types of exposure levels (including automatic) and RAW capture, Halide’s got it. However, I have been Extremely disappointed in the depth (portrait) feature. With the app boasting amazing portrait photo capturing and support for my iPhone 11, I thought this app could outperform the standard iOS camera app - I was gravely mistaken. Portrait photos taken with this app come out with a clear outline of where the app tried to blur the background but before it even gets to that it often fails to even recognize the background of any object (including humans)! I feel I shouldn’t have to use the standard camera app after purchasing Halide for it other great features yet, I find myself opening iOS’s stock camera app Half of the time. Not a great situation for an app which I paid $7 for :(
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1 year ago, Oldthinker
The “App of the Day” description makes no mention that it’s subscription-based
Update: the developer’s attempt at a passive aggressive response to claim that I simply *missed* the info is lazy, given that they simply copied and pasted it from their boilerplate response to the other folks who were misled by the App of the Day description, which, again, doesn’t contain that info anywhere, anywhere, on the page. Presumably they hoped to simply leave that glove slap and move on, but they now just look silly. While the regular AppStore description does have a note at the very top that this app is not free to use & that it requires a subscription, a great many recent downloads of this app were a result of it being featured as App of the Day, and the description in the App of the Day entry doesn’t make any mention of it requiring a subscription. And since you can download directly from that place without ever going into the normal app page, you can bet a great many people were misled as a result.
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2 years ago, sjjslrbeheiisdbbe
Pretty good
I downloaded this app cause researching online showed it shoots in RAW and it’s a way around the Deep Fusion apple automatically puts on your photos that I rly don’t like. But you can’t zoom in much. I understand after researching online there’s no zoom because after 2x zoom it’s the same quality and you can just crop the photo. Right. But if I’m taking 50 photos I don’t want to have to go through and crop every one to see the end result…. Which is why the zoom exists past 2x on most other apps lol. Won’t be continuing to use this app because that’s a key feature missing and it makes it too time consuming and not worth it. Also the app functionality is very confusing, it just has icons with no explanation of what they do, and weird swiping you have to do to even find the settings or other features with no explanations on how to do it
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3 years ago, danny11143
Missed when they offered it for $30
Update #3: Zero sale periods in sight, easily replicable with ProRAW in native camera app. Come on folks! Update #2: After being completely flabbergasted by me for following up on their request of showing them old marketing materials where they still listed the old price, they moved the goalposts and said they "kept true to their word". Best they could come up with, instead of honoring their old price. New Year's Resolution: list when your promotions end with a date? 🤔🤔🤔 Just a thought! You'll do well by your customers. $30 waiting for you on the next sale! 💸 Update: As requested, I took the developer up on their offer and linked an article by Ben Sendofsky where they list the old (launch) pric e. Apparently price since then increased to $36, and now $40. Ah, they did the subscription thing. Then they did the "raise price and show the lower price in marketing materials" thing. Ugh 🤦‍♂️. Worst of all it's Christmas and they raised the price, Merry Christmas folks!
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3 years ago, SamTheRocker885
Best camera app I’ve ever used
This app has it ALL. It NAILS the user interface, allowing you not just manual control, but it makes that manual control intuitive and quick to use. This app has FOCUS PEAKING!! This is one of the best things anyone could add to an app like this. For those of us with not the sharpest eyes, this helps a LOT. My only gripe is how long it takes to process each shot before you can look at it. I’m not sure if it’s the app or iOS so we’ll see if it gets fixed soon. Still worth five stars. This app makes my phone feel more like my pro-level camera that’s laid out and designed for people to make quick decisions about their shots on the fly. Recommended for any serious photographer wanting their phone to do more.
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3 years ago, Idontwantanickname8763
Tell me the price upfront.
EDIT: I’m increasing the stars, not because of the app, I never tried it. I still think the pricing is too high for what it is. However, I gave a poor rating because I thought they were hiding the price. Apparently there is a way to see the pricing in the app store that I was unaware of. I increased the stars because I didn’t want to leave a negative review with a false premise. I’m also guessing they have decent customer service. $50 for a lifetime purchase of this is ridiculous. If you just put the pricing out I could have saved the time trying to figure it out. Eventually I downloaded it to get the pricing and deleted immediately after seeing the price. This isn’t even the top rated camera app and the other’s are all under $10.
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4 years ago, HektikLyfe
Membership - Bummer
Now this means ads, locked features and updates/downloads to tools you can’t use. :( I wish you had created a completely new app and left version 1 alone for us who bought it. RESPONSE: *completely optional* subscription that takes you beyond the “core” features. Which you can only subscribe to within the app through ads you use to self promote. Or is it locked out features we have to bypass? Either way not upgrading. Subscriptions are dealbreakers. I already bought the app. I’m sticking with it and not upgrading just to be exposed to promoted features I can’t use unless I pay a monthly rental fee. 👎🏽 RESPONSE 2: I’m not asking for added features or continued updates. I’m fine with the app as it was. I paid for it and I’ll stick with it even without updates. I appreciate you taking efforts to keep yourselves employed. I was looking to purchase a product, not a service. No refund necessary and no membership needed thank you and good luck. If you create a new dramatically different ONE TIME PURCHASE APP I’d be happy to support you. Memberships are gross. Camera+ did it without memberships. So can you if you really wanted to. Changing from one time to membership without giving customers the option to choose any way you phrase it is shady. I see many apps going the membership route and I see myself purchasing less apps DIRECTLY because of it. Guess that’s just the way of things.
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5 years ago, Ethys20
Very good, but...
I love this app, I’m new to photography and this is a little more than what I probably need to use for starting out but I don’t mind it gives me more time to get experience with a more advanced camera. My only major problem is that the depth feature is not made for people with glasses. When using portrait mode on the camera app installed from the get-go on my phone it works excellent. But when I try to use the depth feature on Halide It can't correctly focus on my face and blurs through part of my lenses on my glasses. Other than this the Halide app is amazing and works exactly as it is supposed to. Definitely, a five-star experience when the issue I have with the depth camera feature is corrected or when find the solution that doesn't involve taking my glasses off. Love it!!!
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6 years ago, GoodMusicPlease?
Everything you need that gives you control over the camera that you wish you had, now you do. I’ve deleted all of my other paid and free photo apps. None have the functionality and control nor the display that this app gives you in such a neat and tidy display that just works 100% of the time. Plus the Devs are constantly working on making it better, how I don’t know, but an update comes around every once in a while and it just makes it a little bit sweeter to use. Thank you guys and gals. Even though my iPhone 6 Plus may be old at least my pictures look great. It’s lightweight, but it packs a hell of a punch! I’ve had this since version 1.0.1 and have loved it since day one. I love this app is my favorite photo app!
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5 years ago, somecows
Warning: Major flaw - can lose your photos
This review pertains not to the features and benefits of Halide, which many others have covered. It is a warning about a serious problem. I downloaded the app a month or two ago and use it on an iPhone Xs using up to date software. Three times now I have used it to take photos of important events and at the end of the day discovered that none of the photos were saved to my phone. They just weren’t there and were permanently lost. To clarify - at other times, the app has worked fine. The problem seems to occur intermittently and without warning. The only way to avoid it is to constantly check my photo roll to make sure photos are being saved, which obviously is not practical. I like this app but cannot use it for this reason - It is a fatal flaw. I did contact support about this issue and they were aware that it has been a problem in beta versions of iOS. But I am not running a beta version.
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3 months ago, Ooogsaafholsten
Is it better than stock camera? Value wise… not even close
Is it worthy of 5 stars from anyone on earth? No… absolutely not. Nowhere near perfect. Not even remotely close. Does it have to be nearly perfect to charge what they are charging? No… I don’t believe. At first it was good. With Sandmarc lenses it’s just nice to not have issues and bugs with the constant auto correction and lens shifting irregardless of the settings. But this is just totally messed up at this point. I cannot focus on nearby objects ever when any instance of darkness comes to play. They do not employ good usage / I don’t even know if they employ at all… the best feature of the stock camera … which is night mode and night focus…. So they just got it all wrong. Horrifically wrong. And honestly what I once thought was a perfect camera on my old phone is horrendous on a newer iPhone… 14 and up. Both my fiance and I hate it
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3 years ago, タダヨシ
Too spoiled
This is definitely a nice app, and I love the manual controls to give me more control over what I'm doing. It makes a huge difference in helping me get the look I want. It's just that if I'm really taking this time to set things up I might just grab one of my camera bodies and do the same thing faster. There are two things I'd wish on this app: white balance off a color checker and to remember all my settings when I close and open the app. When I pick up any of my camera bodies, all the focus, exposure, and white balance settings are the same as they were when I last picked it up. This doesn't necessarily remember and I have to set it all up again after I quit the app.
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6 years ago, Jae Keitamo
Ecstatically Updated Review!
Update: About a day after leaving my initially unhappy review, an update was released. More than that, though, is that I recurved a response to my review to personally let me know about the update. First: Brilliant customer service that they would reach out to let me know about the update. Second: The update fixed the issue I was experiencing; I now see what all the fuss is about with this app! I submitted my info for help via the app regarding errors I keep getting and got an undeliverable message back so at this point I’m incredibly disappointed with this purchase. The app gets great reviews but when I take a portrait photo, it can’t be recalled because of an error. I’m just gonna get the purchase refunded.
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1 year ago, dpihl
Cat Scan
Lux has the capabilities to create a brand new type of camera app. The shutter button (volume button?) would trigger a sound that captures the attention of cats and dogs. An instant AFTER grabbing the pet’s attention, the shutter snaps. The pet is therefore looking right into the camera when the portrait photo is taken. The next sound the pet hears from iPhone camera would be different from the first, as pets get bored easily. Literally, the same sound twice no longer captures their interest. A cutesy UI might appeal to general end users, but pro photographers need to take photos of pets too. Hence, RAW support and manual exposure and vignette and square aspect ratio are good ideas. Please make this dream a reality.
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4 years ago, Sassquatch23
Unmatched down to the tiniest detail
I’ve had Halide since the day they launched 1.0 and it’s always stood out as one of the few apps that cared about craft and design. From the onboarding manual to the way they’ve thoughtfully laid out the interface and made it feel like a true pro tool. It would also be amiss not to mention the advances they’ve made in getting the absolute most out of your iPhone camera has also been unbeatable. It is *the* app for people wanting to push their phone photography even further, with more precision, especially those coming from a film/DSLR background. Lastly, love these people that make the app what it is and will continue supporting their every photography related endeavor 🥰
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2 months ago, Link327
I won’t make this long, but I if you just bought an iPhone, I would recommend this be the first app you download, as in, set this up before you even set your lock screen. Halide takes everything that makes the iPhone camera great and lets you tap into it’s full potential. I like the app because it still allows you to take quick photos on the road, or take those shots that you spend 15 minutes setting up. Plus, it is a single one time purchase of $60! That is it and you keep it for the rest of your days! Add on top of that exceptional privacy practices and you have what I dare say is the best app on iPhone.
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4 years ago, Sarcastic_Steve
A Review Written by a Novice
The iPhone 11 Pro Max is my first foray into the iOS ecosystem so for quite a while I was just happy with the default camera app. Once I started getting interested in upping my camera game I was advised to pick up Halide and I haven’t looked back since. Even with the automatic settings applied the pictures come out crisp and the layout is easy to understand. Once you dive into the manual settings however a whole new world feels like it’s opening before you and even as someone who doesn’t understand the inner workings and possibilities I can tell how granular you can get with each shot if that’s your wish. Easily worth the price and a must have for any camera junkie
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6 years ago, bdmsb
Too little instruction
Your app suffers from the most common failure of iPhone apps: too little instructions. I know, you have “The Manual” for detailed information. It’s pathetic. It seems good to you only because you’re familiar with Halide. But I can’t figure out how to use the software. And, when I try to follow The Manual, it leads me to a seemingly random set of “Related Articles”. I want to start at the beginning and read everything. But each article I read seems to take me to a non-linear group of other “Related Articles”. And each article is a short summary without any detail. Let’s take “The Quick Bar”. It tells me how to “Toggle RAW” or “Toggle MAX” with a single sentence for each. It does NOT tell me why I might want RAW or how to manipulate it. It does not tell me what MAX even is. I take Portraits and I can’t edit the focal length in the Photos app. I can’t edit it in Halide either because I have no idea how to do it. My last photo now says “There was an error loading this photo.” Why was that? No idea. More info says: “The operation couldn’t be completed.” That’s no help. I understand that $6 is peanuts for software. But could you please produce a document that actually shows us how to use the program? I’ll pay more.
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2 years ago, app rejects all nicknames
Cannot buy or update
My wife bought Halide I in 2021 and Family Shared it to my phone, where it was most needed. Apparently Family Sharing is no longer available in Halide II, and the upgrade that the developer offered us in 2021 due to a serious bug (without mentioning the offer’s expiration) has expired. The loss of sharing triggers a serious problem, which I twice wrote the developers about more than a week ago but nobody has replied. We’re currently en route to the overseas site where I needed to use the app. The problem is that I cannot update Halide I on my phone because it was purchased with a different Apple ID than my own (namely my wife’s when the app was shareable). Updating it on her phone doesn’t makes it shareable on mine—we just paid $60 to try that. But I cannot update or even buy the app for my own phone any more without first deleting Halide I and losing all its data, whose potential recovery (of invisible, otherwise lost, but valuable RAW files) is my main reason to want Halide II. So I can no longer use Halide (because it’s no longer being shared, so I must buy it), not upgrade it, nor buy it (without losing its data), and no one is replying. And Apple Support says it’s the app’s problem, not theirs. Otherwise a good app, but poor service. —Amory Lovins
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3 years ago, Scott👨‍💻
No video mode
This app is almost a scam. You can’t even try the app without committing to a subscription. It’s questionable how this is even allowed in the App Store as Apple has policies against this dishonest behavior. If the app let users take like 20 pictures for free or record a minute or two of video to try it out, then maybe I would get hooked and consider paying the money but I WILL NOT commit to a subscription or pay a dime until I can actually test the app for free with no strings attached. Update: I ended up agreeing to the ridiculous terms and got into the app only to find there is NO VIDEO MODE! How on earth do they think this app is worth this much money when it can only take pictures and not record video! Now I have to get into my account to cancel this subscription before they start charging me before I delete the app. Of course they hope you forget to do that so they can rake in the money for their limited sub-par app.
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2 years ago, PoeticPhoenix
Best photography app. By far!
So just wanted to say great app. Amazing! I’ve tested a lot of different apps, camera +, pro camera, pro camera 8, the native app, Reeflex and camera m to name a few. Something about the way your app processes the proraw takes and the 48mp heic files is so good, that it’s even better than apples native app. It’s manual focus is also a cut above the rest. My only complaint is that it doesn’t have a semi-manual mode and for some reason I can’t get the manual mode to work properly when I’m photographing in heic format. I understand proraw but why is heic having troubles? But if you add a semi manual mode or shutter priority mode, this app will be perfect. Love the app!
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4 years ago, Jon-Marc Seimon
I want to love this more than I do
You’re almost there. Almost. But buggy on the new Pro Max—sometimes an error when taking a snap, sometimes not showing the most recent image in the little window on the lower left—and when I tap it it doesn’t open. More vexing: the controls really aren’t that intuitive—the fact that Sebastiaan is doing a ten-part tutorial (which I’m subscribed to) indicates that there’s greater complexity (and power) in this app. But having taken the available units, I’m still mystified by the way that (for example) the RAW thing is supposed to work. I’m tempted to chalk this down to deficiencies in myself...but as a UX designer (and lifelong photographer), I know that’s the cheap way out... If you want more free feedback etc don’t hesitate to reach out. I want this to be the best camera on the planet!
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4 years ago, TXRedneck15
Basic raw camera app with nice features but also limitations
I love he fact that I can make use of the depth of field portrait mode even on the iPhone XR which has only one lens. And of course that I can take photos in raw format. Buttons and adjustments are intuitive and comfortable to handle. However, in a camera app that lets me set ISO and shutter speed manually, I’m really missing to see the automatically applied values in auto exposure mode. I want to see if the camera has chosen a shutter speed that will most likely result in a blurred photo, or an ISO value that might create too much noise. I need this information to decide if I should switch into manual mode before taking the shot, not just after. Also, the complete lack of video recording (I know your main focus is photography) makes it impossible to substitute the native camera app. There are many situations when an iPhone shooter wants to quickly switch between photo and video, preferably staying in the same app. These shortcomings considered, I’m a little on the edge if it’s worth the $9 I paid for it. I would have expected more. Update: I grew into using it as my go to camera app. Now after the latest update, and the redesign of the user interface, I’ve stopped using it. Way to ruin a good app by making it unnecessarily complicated. Bad move, imho.
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5 years ago, Phgdtbkdabtknfjdxscjdjvdj
Bought for RAW; Can’t use RAW
I pride myself on being one of those people who reads the entire description before I purchase a product. I have no idea how I missed it, but I was disappointed to discover after downloading that shooting in RAW is not available on the iPhone 6, only the 6S and later. I’m sure it’s somehow my fault for missing that information. Perhaps it should be more prominently displayed. But disappointing nonetheless. I was specifically looking for a camera app that supports shooting in RAW. I rarely spend money on apps. The rating was good. The reviews were good. Boo. I’m sure the rest of the app works great- I haven’t used it much- but without supporting RAW, I doubt I’ll explore many of the other features and stick with one of my other camera apps that already work perfectly fine for JPEG photos.
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3 years ago, Fritzy57
It’s all about the light for me
Hi, firstly I am not a IPhone user. But I did buy the Haide full version for my iPad Pro 12” I love photography and I mostly shoot with my mirror less cameras. Though lately I have been drawn to how detailed and focused my Haide App works on my IPAD so much so my eyes light up because when I shoot raw in mirror less the camera does not have power to combine files Right off the bat Haide produces, of course I learned much and how to get the most outstanding pictures out of my small pixel camera and it comes down to high quality outdoor light with the IPAD PRO 12 for me. And if they ever added the📷to their platform that would be nice to.
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3 years ago, Smit1001
Just a thought
I am just a learner/ beginner or a naive user, I just contributed to the app as I my self is a growing person in technology so support is a must. But with that said how about you guys install presets into the app which can be use while taking photos like apples photo style not to copy the feature but with your range of thoughts you guys can install a lot of pre photo shots which would be faster for a lot of people who can focus on the shots instead of settings some time. Other than that thanks for making world better I haven’t used it a lot of being an engineer it’s always fun. Keep going and happy snapping 😃
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7 months ago, NightMønkey
Halide is the best!
Any bad review you see for this app are nothing more than user error and stupidity. Learn how to use the app properly THEN write your review! They have a 10 day course (one educational email a day) that you can sign up for in the app. It’s fantastic! I’ve been using this app as well as every other app by Lux, since 2020. And have been continually impressed with the developers hard work they put into this. Because of that fact, I pay for the subscription instead of the one time purchase. Simply because I want to give them more money for making and upkeeping a great product for a reasonable price. That’s how great this app is! I do have one request: please make a lefty mode for me and my fellow left handed freaks. The same thing— just horizontally flipped. All that to say, my thanks and compliments to Benjamin and Sebastiaan for creating such a great product. I truly appreciate this app in the midst of all the poorly developed applications by greedy companies with absurdly priced subscriptions
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