Halloween Countdown

4.8 (921)
58.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
Greg Morris
Last update
5 years ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Halloween Countdown

4.82 out of 5
921 Ratings
3 years ago, ms.gachalife
Please download!
Hi my name is lilly and I want to say this is the best countdown app ever I really like it because you can import your own background music and you can choose your own character and it is very correct on when Halloween is as a huge Halloween fan I definitely approve of this app and I think that it’s amazing that everyone needs to download it I was trying to tame my iPad a Halloween theme because I was bored and I found this app last year and I was like oh I remember this one app maybe I should get it and I saw that it had improved a lot over the year love y’all good day/night/afternoon.
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3 years ago, WOWE!
Best Halloween Countdown App
Seeing all the other ones, I got this a few years ago so I don’t remember if this costed money, but regardless, I know if it was it wasn’t expensive at all, but what I was saying is you can put a picture in the background, change the color of the text, and even put your own music in the background. You can also choose between having different interactive faces that make noise over the picture, or choose to not have any. It’s a really good Countdown app for Halloween
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6 years ago, Bull sweet
Great Fun for Halloween!
It’s everything you want and are hoping for in a app like this. Never glitches, completely customizable and super fun! I love how you can put your own pictures on the wallpaper of the app and get to choose whatever music that’s in your Apple library to play every time you open it! It’s super fun and great for what it needs to be. Definitely recommend it if your a big Halloween lover like me! 5/5
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4 years ago, aileana 140963
My sound don’t work
My sound worked when I first got the app and now it won’t work and my other apps sound work perfectly fine I really hope it gets fixed bc I really like the app so far that’s the only set back
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4 years ago, L0vebug45
Download it every year
It is such a cute yet simple app and I love downloading it every year when it starts getting chilly. It’s so simplistic yet effective in its aesthetic and extras like sounds and backgrounds. Recommend 10/10.
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3 years ago, Garfield1-2323
Greatest App Ever
My first app ever and it is the best !!!! I always know when Halloween is about to arrive. Everyone I show the app too loves gets it and digs it ! What more to say than laugh like the Halloween skull. Hahahahaha !
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3 years ago, dhyggggg
It’s such a fun countdown and is worth the download in my opinion I had this in 2020 but I had to delete it for my data but now idc about data
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5 years ago, Asha1019
It’s Great but..
It’s great but if you add more characters beacause I had this app last year and not much has changed but the custom wallpaper! Simply just advice from a fan of the app
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3 years ago, Troy457765
All Hallows’ Eve
I really like this app. I’ve been using this for years. The app lets you use your own music. 🙂
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2 years ago, keypersqaud
We definitely need custom charecters
We already have custom backgrounds but, what about custom characters? We could definitely use them
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5 years ago, aarons farm.
I like it.
Always look forward to Halloween. The count down put me in the mood. From spring planting to harvest. It’s all about Autumn.
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7 years ago, xXGame LovaXx 123
Useful for what it does
It tells how many days are left until Halloween as a sprite of a pumpkin or witch or skull flys around the screen. It only crashed on me once.
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4 years ago, I❤️Halloween
Halloween is the best time of the year!!
I love all things Halloween. October is my favorite month.
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4 years ago, Nevadadreamer
Can’t access the pro version I paid for
I bought the pro version, so I don’t have to look at ads. Every year I was able to download the app and restore purchase. Now I can’t find where to download that version. I’m not able to update as I have a 6 plus.
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4 years ago, probally mad maddie
Almost perfect
Great app. Does what it needs to do well. It just could use a notifications feature. :)
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7 years ago, Kimbokimkimkim
Does the job
My only complaint with the app is sometimes it doesn't play the music that I said it to.... other than that it's a pretty decent app does what it's supposed to do.
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3 years ago, Jacksonlat
Nice App But Annoying Adds
The app itself is very cool and very customizable. However there are ads at the top that are distracting and you can't get rid of them. I'm not going to be forced to watch these ads so I deleted the app.
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6 years ago, BettyGrommet
Pretty cute
Sometimes the music works....sometimes it doesn’t. Everything else is adorable.
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3 years ago, ririholloween
Love it
It’s super cool and I love doesn’t have any glitch
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5 years ago, Kim31555
It’s Fun
Enjoying the countdown of the three major American Holidays. I like this best for the sounds and erierness.
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4 years ago, Haloween King
HALLOWEEN Count Down!!
I WISH YOU HAD different sounds and that is different and NOT ALWAYS THE SAME ONE!!👻
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7 years ago, Duchovny92
Great app!
The cartoons make a noise when you press it, silly funny 👍🏼
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9 months ago, Crystal& Wrigley
Creepy but cute. And the days are correct
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2 weeks ago, 6Pack4me
Halloween App.
Great App, easy to use and fun! Music is awesome!
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6 years ago, vampireguy13
Needs bigger time stamp
Needs bigger time stamp for screenshots- the people have spoken 🧛🏻‍♂️✊🏻
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6 years ago, Kris in Michigan
How can you not love Halloween?! Fun little app to count down to one of the best days of the year. 🎃👻
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6 years ago, Nanas Nightmares
Great way to count down to Halloween!!
Love this countdown
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6 years ago, cupcakeeeeweeeewwwwwwwjdjdd
Halloween countdowm
I love your Halloween countdown ap. It’s awesome. I will b a lifetime user! Happy Halloween
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6 years ago, Pollypeace
Pretty good
It does what it’s supposed to.
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7 years ago, SPUSCUS
Thanks so much greg! I love halloween and this app.
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7 years ago, ACFire13
Halloween Countdown
Best Halloween App I found!
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7 years ago, im ms. AWESOME
This app is GREAT! Bc, 1)the countdown is correct! 2)The music is awesome 3)THIS IS THE BEST!! EVERYONE GET THIS APP!! (Plus Halloween is my favorite holiday!!) :)
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6 years ago, jb4135
Halloween countdown
It’s really good get it is totally FREE not a busy YAY !!!!!!!👍🏻👍🏼👍🏻👍🏼😃😃😃😃
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4 years ago, Zeofactor 9
Hooray for today
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6 years ago, Tiffany Virginia
Halloween countdown app....
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8 years ago, Taco wolf 14
Get it
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9 years ago, JohniCakes
I love Halloween!!! Which makes this app so great. I love that I can randomly stay updated on how many days to go. Additionally I love that I can customize which picture and which music I want to play and that there's not an unnecessary amount of pics and sounds to overwhelm my decision. It's overall a nice midday reminder to put a smile on my face.
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1 year ago, HENLO HI HELLO
Acturate this game is-YODA
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13 years ago, mushumashu
Rate of this app
This is a great app because if you forget when halloween is you can just look at this app. You can just look at the calendar but you have to do all the counting and get lost doing that but with this app it already tells you. Peace out!!!!!!
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13 years ago, zombiearmyleader
Halloween countdown
This app is one of the funnest and easiest to use. The music is amazing and sets the mood. Also the features are a snap to set. Being able to set your own pictures in the background is a blast. The floating skull that laughs every time you touch is never gets old. Great job Guys.
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13 years ago, Alix and Charlie
Like it!!!
I really like this app I think it's very convinient (that's not how u spell that is it!) the skull is a little wierd and and grafics (again with the spelling) are kinda cheesy but oh well I kinda like it like that lol!! Oh and I LOVE the music and the way you can just kinda customize it so it's unike!!! Good job!!!
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14 years ago, #1 iTunes Critic
Yeah ok...
It's great to know how long until Halloween but it's kind of lame. It only says days and there's nothing customizable either. I got a free app for counting down until Christmas and it says everything including seconds. You can also change the music and stuff too. Sure this is free also, but I wouldn't expect any less from these "countdown" apps if they all don't cost any money. This review basically explains it all.
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14 years ago, Benz Itunes
Halloween countdown
I think this app is great for Halloween lovers, because it gives you the thrill of Halloween coming and is very fun! I also think other people will love it to because you can put your music on it and touch or shake the screen to hear creepy laughter and see the eyes light up!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The best countdown for Halloween!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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14 years ago, Oxen4
 Kids LOVE this 
My kids love this app. Everyday they check to see how many more days until Halloween i do agree that if you could change the sounds and skull it would be even better
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13 years ago, BArbeeGrapes
Barbee Grapes
I love this app! I am a Halloween nut that decorates every year (40 some years). I check this app all the time because I know how much time I have to finish my Halloween projects. I try and do something different every year and this app keeps me on schedule.
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8 years ago, Cicholsb
Halloween countdown
The new features are great! I noticed when I select music from my music library it will not play especially when I listen to music from my music app. So I have to shutdown this app and start it again for the music to play. Same with Christmas countdown. Thanks
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9 years ago, Senandndbdd
Really nice
I like how you're able to customize the music, background, and character. I show my friends this app. This is a pretty basic app but the creators took it to a new, cooler level. I can't wait until Halloween
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13 years ago, Sleazer
Does what it says
Tells you how many more days left till Halloween. Couldn't ask for a better app that does what it says since a majority of them don't -_-
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14 years ago, Genghis Kon
Pretty Cool
I think this is a nice utility to have on your Iphone or Ipod, but it could use a few more features, such as a pumpkin or ghost instead of a skull, and you can change it in the settings. Overall I give it 4 and a half stars. PS Abby:):), How clueless can you be? It's an abbreviation, not a typo.
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9 years ago, Ldog756
Cute app! My kids love it!🎃
It is a simple little app but it is cute and fun and I like to show my kids how many days are left until Halloween at an absurd amount of days away from the actual date
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