Halo Collar

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Protect Animals With Satellites, LLC
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1 month ago
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12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Halo Collar

3.86 out of 5
3.4K Ratings
1 year ago, pdp33
My friendly and fun-loving golden-doodles were very spotty in staying at home. I live in a wooded area and had to leave my dogs gated on my large porch most of the time since they would often run off to explore the woods. Sometimes being gone for half a day. This was not safe for them and caused a lot of stress for me. After a lot of research, I finally broke down and invested in two Halo collars. They were both refurbished. On delivery, one initialized perfectly while the other did not. I used the Dog Park option and had a video call with a rep right away to resolve the issue. Super support team and function of the Halo app. I did end up having to replace the one collar due to an issue with it not track correctly. The return process and easy and had a replacement within a few days. The replacement is working great. The training process was a little off-kill for my dogs since I had already done some basic training with them. I did most of the recommended training with one dog and found it became more confusing to her because of the previous training. So after some basic training to associate them to the collars , I let them loose and both adapted great to the recall and mild correction. Now they have no static correction and are very responsive. They are free to roam the property and know their boundaries and are very happy dogs. I’m am stress free. It was working the investment!
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5 months ago, TaeC2012
Great Product
We love the Halo system. We have been using this product for almost 3 years now. I have three dogs currently using the collars. 2 are 100 lb Labs and the other is an 85lb German Shepherd. We live on 7 acres that is mostly fenced with woven wire cattle fence. At our Previous home, our two labs were accustomed to an underground fence system, so it was no problem for them to convert to the Halo system. Our German Shepherd was trained using the halo collar system starting at about three months of age. He learned quickly because I worked with him daily to help him understand the differences in the different stimulations and tones. What’s nice about the product is that we always know where our dogs are using the Halo app on our iPhones. Keeps them off of the fence line and from engaging the other dogs or farm animals on the opposite side of the fence or digging under. If we need to call them back to the house it’s very easy to open the app, Select all dogs with the proper tone, and they know to return to the back door at the house. We also use it when we’re traveling to with our dogs to visit relatives. We can just set up a new boundary line, walk them around to identify the boundaries, and then let them go. Just like so many other products, you do run into problems that need to be resolved, and when we have encountered any problem, the Halo team has been very responsive to provide resolutions. We love the product!
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5 months ago, MaraHLee
Our dogs have had some short range collars for the last year since it was within our budget, but finally managed to get one collar for Christmas this year. The dogs love being able to enjoy our WHOLE property now! My only con is battery drains much faster in the cold, so if we are away from home (our dogs are livestock dogs) and temperatures drop I’m worried about the collar dying before I can get home to charge it. Other than that, I have no complaints! The design is sleek, and more comfortable by far than the other collars we had. The fence feature and app are easy to manage and modify, and I love the extra training features it comes with! My favorite part of the collar itself is that it comes with 3 different nodes you can attach. Long, short, and a flat piece that doesn’t poke your dog’s neck at all. This is what we will be using once our dogs are accustomed to the new boundary, as the verbal warning from the Halo is sufficient to bring them back in, and there’s really no need for the prongs (we used them on day 1-3, and since haven’t needed them). Our dogs like to wrestle, so sometimes they’d injure themselves on the prongs. The peace of mind this adjustable feature buys is more than worth the price. 10/10 for Halo Collars! Now we can take the dogs ANYWHERE without fear, and since we go in the mountains a lot this is crucial.
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3 months ago, Mochi’s dad
Poor customer support even worse warranty-
We purchased our HALO back in the late summer of 2022. It took nearly 6 weeks to receive the item. The collar worked great until late Fall of 2022 where it wouldn’t take a charge. We were informed it was covered under the warranty to only be told it wasn’t nor was it repairable. Our pet used this on a daily based roaming over and acre on our property along with other places we set it up for. To be told it’s damaged beyond repair and/or not covered under the one year warranty without any visible damage is mind blowing when you pay this kind of money you expect a quality product and a fair warranty. To make matters worse no explanation was given regarding the damages and how they occurred. For this company and more importantly Caesar to not stand behind his product is a joke. He claims to care about the quality of life with dogs yet he has a product with a terrible warranty that he doesn’t stand behind. In the meantime our beloved dog has been under lock and key for over two weeks plus now due to the process they have in place with trying to resolve which has no sense of urgency. Do NOT purchase this item if you expect a quality product for the highest priced GPS collar on the market. Caesar - you’re a sell out!
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1 year ago, Kca38
Great concept
UPDATE: After getting a replacement for our first one because the battery was crap, well the new one maybe even worse, I take the collar off the charger and it says 13 hours (which is terrible) the dog has it on for an hour and it’s at 5 hours left, like really?!?!? I will say the gps works better on the new one I don’t have to calibrate it as much (knock on wood). I’m still giving it a 2 star for the battery it is nothing what it is advertised which is 19 hours. We have had this collar for about 2 weeks, we live on 6 acres so this was easier than trying an invisible fence that you would need to bury the fence. My dog knew right away not to go past the boundaries and when the collar works it’s a fantastic product. My problem is it loses it calibration a couple times a week, it has him completely out of the fencing zone a mile away and he is literally right outside the door so that is very annoying. My next problem is the battery, it advertises 19 hours, well let me tell you mine barely last 5 to 6, I let it charge overnight just like the instructions tell you too take off the charger and it will say 12 put it on the dog 5 to 6 so I order for me to make it all day I am having to charge it during the day, it’s very frustrating. Customer service has not even responded to my questions. For as expensive as this collar was I guess I expected the product to be a bit better than this, I’m really kind of disappointed.
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3 years ago, u nhappy housewife
All in one solution and more!
We got the halo color for my one-year-old shepherd mix who loves to be outside. We have invisible fence but had multiple breaks of the line, each of which cost us time and money to fix. We also had a scary event where she broke out of my wife’s grip because she bolted after a deer on a walk in the woods. Luckily she came back (eventually), but we wanted to be sure we had a fail safe. The Halo solved all of our issues. On our property, it functions exactly as our fence does; I walked our property to set the border and it mirrors our existing invisible fence, functioning exactly like it so no training was required. While on walks, I am able to track her down to a couple of feet; thankfully this has not been necessary to use at this point. What I really love about the car is the extra things that we get out of it. I am teaching her to walk off leash and the collar, along with the training modules are helping me along. Also, when I take her to someone else’s property, I can set a new fence that she will stick to so we have great playdates! Halo was a great solution for us, I love that we can use one device for all of our training. For our last dog I bought many separate items and it was much more money overall so this is also a great deal.
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1 year ago, L•R•C
Great Pyrenees mom- worth every penny
Everyone says that “a Pyr without a fence will disappear”. We have 28 acres, surrounded by county forest. Our Pyrenees would wander off for a few hours here and there, but we never worried. Until he wandered off and a thick fog set in, he got lost, and didn’t come home. We found him the next day and ordered the halo collar immediately. He seems to respect the boundaries, but if for some reason he wanders off, we will be able to use the GPS to pinpoint his exact location and find him. That peace of mind is golden for me. If I had to write a complaint, I have two: One) our home has a steel roof. This seems to mess with the GPS/WiFi signal. Occasionally our dogs get warning signals when they’re in the house. I just make sure to keep their collars off while they’re inside. And two) opening the app to provide manual feedback is a little slow and clunky. I keep our remote e-collar on our other dog as needed to reprimand her for things like jumping on people and barking. If you’ve been thinking about ordering the halo collar, do it. NOW. You will not regret it one bit. Our dogs are able to go out and be dogs without me worrying. Life is simpler. The dogs are happier. Bite the bullet because I promise you it’s worth the weight of our Great Pyrenees in gold.
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3 years ago, Reapedsoul645
I love this collar.... til it quit working
I bought this collar back in February and it has been absolutely what we needed. Being able to create fences where I want them was exactly what I was looking for. Being able to see her on the map was absolutely perfect! She’s trained to the whistle sound on the collar, any time she hears it she knows to come to me. However, the GPS started acting up the last few weeks. It is having trouble with the boundaries. It’s shocking her when she’s in her safe zone. I took it off her, recalibrated it and it would work for a few days and then go back to doing the same. Now the collar has stopped working completely! It won’t charge or turn on. It only worked for 8 months! I am so completely disappointed! I loved this collar! I have sent a request for warranty and yet to hear anything. Then I got on the website that I bought it from and low and behold there are dozens of reviews posted since I bought the collar all saying the same thing with the same problems I’m having. Also, the reviews are talking about how bad the customer service is for warranty on these collars. For the amount of money I paid for this collar I was expecting for it to last, for years, and also I would expect a better customer service experience when there is a problem. I am now having to find another type of collar that will work because I can’t get any service on this one. SO COMPLETELY DISAPPOINTED IN THIS!!
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3 years ago, BNB5150
Very Functional and Extremely Happy
We purchased this as a lower cost solution to a wired in usable fence. We camp (boondock) a lot and being able to create a fence around our remote site has been a fantastic experience with piece of mind. Our dog is usually not far out of sight while camping due to snakes and other wild animals but at home he has a few acres to roam free. I can look on the app and see where he currently is but I do not worry as I know the app will notify me if he tries to breach a boundary. So far he has only been warned once at home with the sound. He knows this sound so well that it does not need to escalate to the vibration or static correction. It has also been a valuable tool in training as he is only 7 months old. We started using this over 2 months ago. I can manually give him the whistle feedback and have trained him to come find me when he hears it. We did have a hardware issue where the collar stopped connecting to WiFi and cellular. Tech support was outstanding and they helped walk me through the submission of their RMA process to have a new collar shipped out right away. So far Halo has made great updates in firmware and app releases. Looking forward to years of use and keeping my dog safe.
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3 months ago, Murphy the Irish Setter
What I was looking for
The Hallo collar had helped keep my young Irish setter from escaping our naturally fenced yard and gallivanting through the neighborhood. He is our first Irish setter and maybe we were a little under prepared for his super fast escape artist act. We have raised several Irish Wolfhounds and they had a much more laid back personality that generally respected our natural fence lines. This pup, Murphy, is not that. He was blowing through our bushes and arborvitae like nothing. If he wanted to explore and follow a sniff, he was gone. While he isn’t perfect yet with the boundary on the Hallo, he is much better. We haven’t had a complete break out since getting the Hallo Collar. Plus, the live gps and immediate warnings give me such peace of mind. I get notified immediately when he is testing the boundary and I can watch his icon and track him in real time. He’s only 8 months and we still have a lot of training to do, but Hallo has made it a bit easier and allows Murphy more free time, allowing us to work on things like recall from a distance. I suspect in time we could get him to mind the boundaries without the Hallo, but it’s not worth the risk. I highly recommend the Hallo collar.
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4 months ago, Stahr Homestead
Good Quality
I have two of the Halo 2 collars. My dogs love to spend a lot of time outdoors running our six acres, most of it wooded, on nice days. They stay in the boundaries set up by the fence. One dog hates the beeping sounds and immediately turns back. The other, every once in a while, likes to test the boundaries. I have the static correction set Very low as reminder he’s gone too far and that’s all it takes. The canvas covers keep the collars from getting tore up when they are running the woods. My son’s dog is staying with us now and his collar is a different brand, it does not have a canvas cover and had to send in for repairs as he got caught up on something in the woods and it tore. I sent it in for repairs, it still isn’t working as well as it should. The only reason I gave the Halo four stars is I would like to have the ability to create custom No Go Zones. We have a pond and a beacon just doesn’t work for that situation. Beacons are ok for the rabbit hutch and chicken coop but need the customization feature for other areas. Hope this option becomes a feature in the future. When it does, I’ll be switching my son’s dog to Halo.
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4 years ago, JCLorden
Not accurate - but potential game changer
Right now the GPS on my collar is not accurate enough for me to put this on my dog. In some cases the collar location is off by more then 10 yards (yes, YARDS). I have also observed the collar giving boundary warnings when we are well inside of the “fence” and heading towards home. This shouldn’t happen per the instructions and is very confusing for the dog. Using the indoor training beacon, I experience similar problems of inconsistency. At times my puppy can literally touch the beacon with her nose for a few seconds before it goes off, other times it goes off at the right time (1-3 feet per the instructions) but continues giving warnings when she is more then 10 feet away and fleeing from the sound. On the good side, my dog responds to the collar’s signals with incredible consistency. The return whistle sound has become my best recall command. I have been told that a new firmware will be pushed to the collar in the next few days that should solve these problems (I have 0.1.42 right now). I will update this post with details after the update. Also, customer service for me has been great! The team is responsive and you can tell that they care. We are in a testing phase right now so I understand some of the issuesAnd I’m happy to be part of a group trying to get them straight because if this works it will be a game changer for me!
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2 years ago, homerhero3
Halo collar review
We purchased the halo collar for our beagle. We live on 40 acres and have crop fields on our property. The halo collar is probably the best investment we could have made for our dog. It gives him a better life because he is free to roam. I set his fence and he can do whatever he wants. He has never even tried to go outside his fence. The other great feature is when we take him somewhere off property we can make a new fence and he is good to go. The dog actually likes to wear the collar. When he wants to go out, we pick up the collar and he actually perks up to put it on and off he goes. It is great to track him with the map on the app and always know where he is. He could be in the middle of the corn field, look at the map and feel secure by knowing exactly where he is. It might have been more expensive than others but to us, and the beagle, it has been worth every penny. We love it and recommend it to anyone who sees it. The customer service is just as good as the product. We feel that halo representatives really do care about us as customers and are always on top of issues promptly. Highly recommended!
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1 year ago, 2dogsonafarm
Great concept when you have good service
We have a farm in a rural area but on a busy road. I didn’t want to run an underground fence since we have so much acreage. Halo was the perfect solution to keep the dogs away from the road…in theory. First off, the collar works. And I love all the different correction options. We have a very large fence area that give the dogs a ton of freedom. And when they approach the boundary they get the correction (just the whistle) and they stop and come back. Perfect! My only issue is if you have less than optimal cell coverage then the tracking doesn’t work. I believe the GPS still keeps the dogs from escaping the fence area so essentially it is doing it’s job, just not with all the options. And for the amount you pay I don’t believe it is worth the cost. We also had one collar stop working after a couple months and we didn’t get the insurance coverage so we were outta luck. Definitely our fault, but the crazy initial expense, plus the monthly subscription payments and then to add insurance payments on top of that just seemed way too much. Basically the product does its job but had I to do it again there are definitely far less expensive ways to keep track of your dog.
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1 year ago, kblaquiere
Halo is a life saver
Our pup Duke did not respond well to his first wireless fence. It was expensive, but the quality was not good. We had to stop using it, because despite training, it was making him aggressive, so we had to take a break from using it. Then after we started using again, it started to change fence size erratically, and eventually started over heating, both the transmitter and the collar when charging. The charge cable then melted inside the collar, so we had to stop using it. Eventually, we decided to splurge on the Halo collar, and I’m so glad we did. For some reason the GPS is slightly off from the picture, but once I figured it out and adjusted his fence accordingly, there have been no issues. Works great and the freedom it provides is so great. I love that we can use our phones as a controller, but this takes a little longer to link up and send feedback than I would like. I wish there was a dedicated controller to send instant feedback, like our e-collar, but that is the only minor complaint. We absolutely love it. And customizable positive and negative sounds is so great. -Keith
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7 months ago, Woofcountry
Great purchase
We really hesitated before purchasing these collars because of the price and we weren’t sure how effective they’d be for our two Pyrenees guardian dogs. We can’t say how happy we are we took the chance and tried them. The dogs were super easy to train. We didn’t do the indoor training as they very rarely come inside. We put them on a leash and walked the boundaries and if we heard a beep we’d pull them back to us with lots of encouragement and a treat. Within just a couple of days they knew where the boundaries were and respected them . As with any electronic item there is an occasional hiccup but the folks in the dog park are super helpful and will walk you through any glitch you may have. In our case it is mostly user error. 😊 We live on a farm with a large acreage and these collars have kept us from having to have a gate across the driveway. We have a lot of farm equipment, delivery trucks and bnb guests coming and going and a gate would have been a pain to say the least. These collars keep our sweet dogs safe and have given us great peace of mind. Highly recommend.
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1 month ago, whatdo you accept
Now our dog only gets to ride in our car
Before we had the halo collar, we lost our Husky Rottweiler mix several times because people stopped on the road and picked him up thinking he was lost. We had an E collar on him to help teach recall, and that helped before the halo collar, but we had to be watching him for it to work, of course. With the halo collar, he’s on his own but we can check where he is anytime. We have 20 acres so we set the boundary within that so he can now go anywhere he wants without us being there all the time to make sure that he’s safe. We even have a path that goes through our property that people use to walk dogs on, and he will greet the dogs and follow the people up until his boundary and then he stops every time. Make sure that you do a thorough job of training your dog to the collar and you won’t regret purchasing it. I really like how it gives feedback if the dog does break the barrier and come back as you can program it to say things like “good boy”. I also like how you can talk to real people via the computer if you have any questions.
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3 months ago, Amys407
Halo collar 2+
We have tried everything. We live on 63 acres and our guardian livestock dog kept running towards any pack of coyotes when she heard them nearby. When I realized what she was doing I tried training her myself, then I hired a trainer, nothing worked. I was about to list her for sale as she wouldn’t stay near her heard and protect them, Instead she left them to go find the coyotes and left our animals vulnerable. The trainer put her on a correctional collar and that got me thinking. What if we had boundaries for when I’m not home that she can be corrected even when I’m not here? So I started looking at gps collars. I took days reading all kinds of collars. Nothing compares to halo. I love the real time tracking and that it warns her. We walked her around a small 10acre boundary everyday till she learned her spot on the property. She now stops at the warning. This collar is amazing. We would recommend to anyone who is having problems with dogs running off. I’m saving up to buy one for our other livestock dog. Our dog is doing better and now stays with her livestock they way it should be.
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3 months ago, Jatman1979
Genuinely Surprised
We live in a very rural area with a lot of property (about 60 acres) and were skeptical about Halo’s ability to both track and protect our dogs - who were constantly gone for hours on end without our knowledge of where they were. However, not only does Halo track the dog’s positions, it also provides several layers of feedback to them in the forms of sound, vibration, and a shock (all of which can be customized) so that your pet has ample time to turn tail and come back towards safety. For us - living where we do - the GPS doesn’t track the position at every single minute, but works well enough most of the time to give us a good understanding of where they are and to provide feedback in real time to the dogs if and when they breach the fence line. I will also say that you absolutely need to take time to train the dogs with the collar, but that training is only for a short while and is well worth the payoff. We now have dogs that stay within our property bounds and can be summoned back to safety with or without our knowledge of where they are.
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2 months ago, Toller Time
Wonderful, positive way to train
Thank you, Halo, for creating a positive, economical, fun, way to train our dog and keep her safe. If you follow the video training, this is truly an easy solution to implement! And it’s fun training for your dog, too. We have a family home out of town, and we love the ability to set up multiple fences to keep our dog safe wherever we go. I would have rated Happy at a “5,” but we have experienced that, especially when there is a lot of cloud cover, the fences can “shift.” I do not recommend keeping the dog collar on in the house with the fences on at the same time. We have had a situation where the collar was giving alerts when our dog was simply sitting in the house and the fence line was at least 50 feet away. When fence lines shift, it can be scary for her to get alerts where she’s typical calm and resting. It takes time to “re-train” after this happens. I do realize it’s GPS / dependent upon technology but we now always turn the fence off if she’s in the house, and then triple check that the app is showing the correct location of her collar before we turn it back on.
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5 months ago, Real-time Dan
Extremely satisfied with result
We reached a point with our new golden doodle where it wasn’t practical to keep using a tie out to let him outside but our property isn’t conducive for a fence. I was skeptical at first if this would work on a smaller yard that we have but it has performed extremely well. It takes some trial and error at first and adjustments to get used to how to set up the boundary but we got thru that pretty quickly. Our dog will divert from the boundary at simply the first sound or vibration so we don’t have to give much feedback level. The kids also trained him on the whistle button so when it’s dark out and I can’t see him I just push whistle and he comes right in from wherever. The above was enough benefit to be worth it to me but an added benefit has been the ability to use this at our folks house and other locations we travel to often. No extra work and our dog hears the same beeps at this locations and just turns around. I realize not all dogs are the same but for us this has been a very good product. Thank you!
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2 years ago, H@1962
Outstanding Customer Service!
As an early owner of this product, I’ve been very happy with the Halo collar and will leave it to other reviewers to sell you on the product. This review is specifically about the outstanding customer service I encountered when my collar stopped charging. I don’t know why it stopped working, but it did, and I was dreading a long and confrontational argument (as is usually the case) to prove that I wasn’t the cause of the failure. Instead, I got a very friendly rep who listened (!!!) to me, asked a few questions to verify that I was the person that had bought the collar and she asked for the receipt number. I was told they would follow up with an email as to how to remedy the situation. Less than an hour later (again !!!!! ) I received a RMA # with with a pre-paid shipping label to return my collar. Three days later, a brand new collar was delivered to my door!!! Wow, hard to find that kind of customer service these days. I will recommend the collar any day of the week, but the customer service makes Halo the no brainer choice to this hi-tech product!
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2 months ago, zgcracker2
Mostly effective
I would recommend the Halo collar without reservation. It is excellent piece of mind. We have 2.5 acres so a fence or traditional wired electric fence weren’t great options. We also go to visit family regularly and being able to set up fences anywhere is amazing. Well almost anywhere. The Halo has limitations in small properties, especially where property lines are close to the house. During renovations we moved into a rental for 4 months. Having the Halo was great but the porch was less than 8 feet from the property line and would go off when she was in the house. Additionally our dog is very fast and will chase squirrels across the boundary line into the neighbors yard. The halo does not react nearly quickly enough, especially when she sprints out of the door and will not give a response until she is way, way past the boundary. Lastly, the max shock value doesn’t seem to bother her at ton and she is just 30 pounds and built like a greyhound. When she is determined the shock doesn’t keep her from crossing the boundary. Overall I love it and don’t know what we would do without it.
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2 months ago, BestAppOverall
I wanted to love it…
…and I might make some changes so that I do love it. 1) Pins constantly come loose, and have dropped out of their holes. The collar is actually rubber, which is prob working the pins out. But it’s not slowly..it happens immediately. Miss a day or two of tightening these pins…they’ll fall out. 2) I have two German shepherds, so ordered the collars accordingly. The collars are big enough to expand to a horse’s neck..I’m not kidding. So what to do with that extra rubber with the really nice metal ends? You have to cut it, bc the pins have to be able to screw in completely, and there’s just too much extra. 3) My other training collars lasted 1 1/2 to 2 days. These will not last a full day most of the time. Depends on where you’re at with the training, what notifications your asking to receive, etc…which is all necessary to train them. Sometimes, I’ll head out at midnight to check the property, and want a dog to accompany. But collar is dead sometimes. 4) Screws that hold the collar together…refer to #1. I’m going to try Lock Tight on both the pins and screws. Hopefully, that’ll work. 5) Would be nice if we could record our own voices, rather than use Cesar’s. I’m a woman.
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7 months ago, Mmaarryyeelleenn
Not water resistant/ trees interfere with transmission
Our halo collar has been reliable. It has transformed our dog’s life for the better on our 2 acre property. It was easy to train her, it does take some diligence on the part of the owner. The training sessions available thru the app worked well. We do have a pond which our dog goes into everyday all day long and the collar is not as water resistant as we would like. We need to cover the charging port (with flap closed as tight as it gets) with duct tape, tap any small amount of water out that might seep thru, air dry, and hit it with a little canned air every night before we charge it. Before we realized that the charging port was not staying dry, the collar malfunctioned, would be patchy, and even delivered the maximum correction when the dog was well in a safe zone. Our property is lined with tall trees, both deciduous and pine. Those trees seem to make border definition slightly variable giving the dog more leeway at times, less at others. After she learned the warning correction it was less of an issue. Overall, the halo collar has been a very good experience for us and our dog.
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1 year ago, Lizzard 69
Great Training for Owner and Dog
Overall I am very happy with the Halo collar. I went through all the training with my then 2 year old ACD. I use this at my home so I wouldn’t have to install a fence. He almost always responds to the boundary warnings by turning back. He has gone over the boundary when chasing a ground hog. We’ve done refresher training, been using the collar more than a year, and he’s back on track. Just under a year my original collar stopped charging. I’d plug it in and nothing. Halo customer service replaced the collar under their warranty. All has been good. The only reason I don’t give 5 Stars is there are occasional GPS issues. There have been at least 2 occasions where I could not use the collar for a few days because the collar was not working correctly. I do find the more consistently the collar is used the better the GPS. I have not yet had the opportunity to try a Halo fence at a different location. I do feel confident enough in the training and the product that given the opportunity I will use the Halo collar at a new location.
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2 years ago, Jhale69
Terrible product and customer service!!
We bought the Halo a few months back while still going from winter to spring. I completed the training on the app while I waited for better weather to set up the fence. During better weather I tried setting up the fence multiple times. The app always showed the collar very far from where my phone was. The fence never sent back appropriate signals. Looking online I tried to re-calibrate the collar many times. Customer service has been extremely difficult. You call a phone number only to get hung up on my an automatic operator. They say to go to the dog park which is a zoom type meeting with one on one customer service. I have been in the dog park once. Every other time has been waiting for more than 30 minutes. Only to never get in. The one and only time I was on the dog park, the person helping me thought there might be a hardware issue but wanted to run through some basic troubleshooting first. I did all of that and still nothing works right. Again trying to get a hold of Customer Service is mind blowing difficult. I cannot give into the dog park, I get no response for your email, the customer service phone number quickly disconnects you. At this point I am just looking to get a refund
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4 months ago, retrofrugalista
COST exceeds frustration level
$700 collar that gets half the battery life promised and inconsistent connectivity isn’t my idea of a good value. The first collar was great 18-21 hr of battery life and decent connectivity unless he went down the hill and lost connection. The first week the charging port bent because the casing made it difficult to connect the charger so we requested a replacement. I believe they sent a refurbed collar because it NEVER fully charged and never connected well. Now I get 12 hrs of battery after two weeks and it won’t connect to my dog even when he’s close enough for me to SEE him. I can’t use the communication tools to call him home because it rarely connects to my phone. It doesn’t track him now even though the original collar did. customer service is telling me the battery is low because it’s FORECASTING battery use. I think the connection issues are causing the battery to drain. Update: I’ve owned the halo collar for two and half months. They did send me a SECOND replacement this week, finally someone agreed that there are connectivity ERRORS. The collar they sent connects much better BUT it only has a 10 hour battery life. 🤦‍♀️ Seems to me they are recycling other people’s problem collars as replacements. Its very frustrating.
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1 year ago, Home owner and mom
We ❤️ our Halo 😇
Boomer our SC Wheaten Terrier reminds me of the old looney tunes cartoon dog sitting on the hillside watching the sheep… he just wants to be outside and watch, herd, sometimes terroir-ize the goats and chickens… he is able to have most of our 23 acres to be “free” to roam with his Halo collar. He is so smart the training was easy. He has blown through the lines a time or two to play with a friend ;) but thanks to the notification on my phone I know right away- and most importantly WHERE he is! I know which direction to head to round him up. Usually though he’s already headed back thanks to the settings (call back whistle, Caesar’s warning “go home” or something funny) and then….an optional adjustable zap if need be). Customer service has been easy and great too! We had a collar “die” and they replaced it under warranty. Love that I can adjust the pins to avoid the hay fields during certain times of the year! Haven’t tried it on vacation yet but knowing I can is cool. Overall very pleased with this collar! So happy Boomer can roam happy and safe with Halo!
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5 months ago, Finn’s best friend
Amazing option for containing you dog in a space without a fence
We live on a couple acres close by two rather busy roads. We got a new Weimaraner puppy that could not understand the boundaries no matter what we tried. One time he had crossed a busy road at the bottom of a hill and that is when we bought the Halo collar. We are now able to set his fence where he has over two acres to safely run and play with neighbor dogs. I no longer have to stand outside and watch him therefore he get more exercise since he can stay out longer. The halo collar has been a game changer for our family. It allows us to take Finn more places such as baseball games and the lake since we can create a quick fence. I have recommended it to several friends (a couple have purchased and love it too). We have had it two years now and it still works great. My only wish is that the battery would last a couple hours longer on a single charge. It tends to run low by evening. Definitely worth the cost.
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1 year ago, MajicEightBall
Will be returning our collars
Great in theory. Appears to be a very flawed product. First, the beacons are total junk. I haven’t read one review that says otherwise, so I assume it’s known they’re totally worthless. That should be evidence enough that you’re not getting what you pay for here. But that would be ok if the collars gave consistent feedback at the fence, but they don’t. I’ve tested them every which way possible. With WiFi, without WiFi. Adjusted fence locations and settings. Just doesn’t work. Sometimes it gives feedback, sometimes not. Almost never when and where you would expect it. You simply could not train dogs based on the performance of this product. Way too inconsistent. Seems fluctuations in WiFi, Bluetooth and LTE signals confuse the collars. I suspect these may work where there is very little interference or only one type of signal, but that’s just not the case in most suburban settings. The collars appear to have disrupted our other streaming devices as well, but I can’t verify that. I only know we have had new and unusual connectivity issues when the collars are connected to WiFi. Needless to say, based on our experience and other similar reviews, we will be returning this purchase immediately.
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2 years ago, Zeba and Karen
Halo + collar and support
Very dissatisfied with both! The collar is amazing when it works and horrible when it doesn’t! Goes anywhere from 1 to 6,7 days and pet pin gets stuck on boundary and continues to give feedback to dog! Or it will just start out of the blue and start giving feedback in the middle of the yard! Or I can be sitting on my deck with the dog next to me and watch the pet pin move on the ap out of the boundary! I’ve called the dog park numerous times! I have done exactly what they have said over and over, I have read all the articles and completed those tasks, still it starts going haywire at some point! Then Mathew told me we would have a meeting and would get this collar working! It was to be on google MEET. I downloaded app and I was the only one there! I emailed him, called the dog park again they said he wasn’t available even after I explained I was to be on a meeting with him! This is awful! It’s not that I do not want collar, I just want it to work and be able to trust that it will keep working with out me watching the app in fear of my dog getting unwanted feedback when she is doing nothing wrong!!! If someone provides me with actual helpful support I will be more than happy to update this rating! Karen and Zeba
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2 years ago, rhmsbaby
Great when it works right
We have 30 acres, and the halo collar is wonderful…when it works right. My dog learned the cues very quickly and he obeys them consistently. The problem is he will get warning and return feedback randomly while he is well within his boundaries. He gets visibly sad when this happens and doesn’t understand why he is getting the beeps when he knows he is “headed home”. We praise him heavily when this happens so that he isn’t so sad, but it is frustrating. We did all of the steps that customer support had us do, even sent in the old collar for a replacement, but with the same results. Customer support finally gave up, too, saying that even the new Halo 2+ wouldn’t do better. This is confusing to me because the problem seems to be gps issues. We still pay the monthly fee and use it because when it works, it works well. It is just very inconsistent. I asked for a 2+ since I ordered this collar only a few weeks before the release of the 2+, but was told no. We have a new puppy, and I am debating getting her a halo, too, or trying the new company that just now came out with a rival system that does the same thing to see if it is better.
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3 years ago, tfes1
Works well for me!
I am not one to write reviews on anything. After using this collar for the past month, I felt compelled to write one. I have 1 year old lab that is very active and she likes to run around in my big yard. She was out on the road for the third time in two days when I decided I needed to buy this collar. I am happy to report that I no longer have this problem. I am amazed how well this collar is working for me and more importantly, it keeps my dog safe and in my yard. Pretty easy to setup and use. I sat in my house and laid out my fence-it really was that easy! The battery lasts just about 10+ hours. As of today, I haven’t found an on/off switch; I end up charging it throughout the day when the dog is inside so it has power at night. I like the fact that I can track my dogs whereabouts on my phone through app. I have now recommended this collar to two different people with active dogs. This is way better than burying a wire or having a tower that emits a radius that the dog is confined to. (And it’s portable!) It is really working well for me.
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1 year ago, z..v..mm
Freedom Necklace
We named her collar the “ Freedom Necklace”. I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND this for anyone…. I adopted a super smart golden/setter-Female (approx 3) to travel with me. She’s always been free (doggy door and fenced yard and could wander and potty at will. Where I summer is over 50 wooded acres and not able to fence. I trained her for a couple weeks with the collar so she’d be used to it… simple training… just using the manual corrections (Volume loud) Now if she gets to a boundary she immediately stops and runs back to me….. exactly how it should be. We have 2 fences here. 1 for regular time by the RV and an expanded one for wandering around the garden …. It’s awesome! I thought the price was a lot at first glance but 1. It was less than my cell phone. 2. Less than the stress of her getting lost and depending on someone to find her chip and call me. 3. WAY less expensive than an Emergency Vetrinary Visit. I do pay for the $10 a mo insurance. That’s important and I pay for it on my phone too…. It’s a cell phone that runs around all day on your dog….. that’s my reasoning.
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2 years ago, Big Broke Dad
Halo collar on my Boomer.
The Halo collar is the best thing we could have done for our best buddy Boomer. My wife and I have grown children and and we have been blessed with wonderful grandkids. Whenever we go see them we take our precious Boomer and we set up a fence in there property as well. The Halo collar allows him to enjoy all the family get togethers without having to be tied up. He has his freedom and we have our peace of mind. It’s the best thing we could have done for Boomer and our selves. I installed a doggie door and leave the garage goor about 3feet open during the day he can come and go as he pleases and we have the peace of mind knowing he is safe and sound. The neighbors have spent twice what we spent on an underground electric fence and it only allows there pet to be secure on there property, has to be tied up every where else. We are thinking about getting Boomer a companion you can be rest assured if we do we will also get a Halo collar for he or she as well. Thank you Halo collar and Ceasar Milan. Hope I spelled it correctly.
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3 months ago, Energetic Labs
Works and is easy to set up
My dogs we already trained on an invisible fence and beep training with remote collar so the training and transition was seamless. I love that you can adjust a fence after you create it. We have had to adjust our home fence twice for precision. We haven’t traveled with it yet but will this summer to both populated and very remote areas; we will see how that goes. We live in an area with good cell service in the burbs. Our home yard in a 1/2 acre in a subdivision. We have had one instance when the warning was altering us during the day and our dog was in the house. We started taking his collar off when we are not home. I wish that I could use my app for basic command reminders inside our house and yard. Sometimes I need to go back to the remote training collar with our 10 month old pup. He’s still learning. The training videos were very helpful and easy to follow. We paid full price and 2 weeks later they ran a sale. I would’ve appreciated a price match. It’s a lot of money, but worth it for us so far.
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5 months ago, PagelPants
Peace of Mind!!!
This is my second time trying these collars. The newer version is 1 million times more reliable than the original. We recently moved from the country to town and these collars have given us peace of mind for our 3 dogs. We no longer have to tie our dogs up in the backyard. Will even take our dogs to the park and set up an area for them to play there as well. Overall they work great. We’ve only had a couple issues. The GPS can get off at times and the collars will start going off inside the house because it thinks our dogs are in the street. The redesigned prongs for the new collar doesn’t stay screwed in so we’ve already had to purchase a replacement pack and the covers for the collars are not that durable for dogs that play hard. We’ve had one replaced because it was falling apart within a month and we have another one that’s falling apart already. We’ve had our collars for around 3 months. I definitely recommend these for anyone looking for an alternative to digging offense.
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3 years ago, RMAFM
Our dog has been freed!
We live in a small condo community of single style homes with small yards. Our cockapoo was living a stunted life of being tethered with 30 ft leash to our back porch and patio. We spent more time untangling her from plants, chairs, and bushes than enjoying our time out back. The collar was our hope for a normal life. It was the best thing we ever got. After setting a fence on the app and some training with the very thorough program, she now joins us outside and we ALL enjoy it. If hesitant, don’t be. The customer service is unbelievable. I have called and emailed with questions and always got a timely response that solved my issue. All our issues were us not getting it. The additional live zoom trainings by the actual owners were great. Could ask them anything. Still working on our dog training, as a squirrel or deer still is enticement for her to blow through the boundaries, but she starting to hesitate on it. She needs Time. Give it a try. APP training is great. Thank you HALO for freeing Zoe!
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4 months ago, msFourEyes
Halo has Saved the Lives of Three Dogs
We have three Great Pyrenees to keep the coyotes off our 40 acre ranch, but apparently 40 acres isn’t enough land for our dogs. LOL Our neighbor runs cattle on thousands of acres that our dogs very much enjoyed chasing. Our neighbor was very patient with us, but it had gotten to the point where his cows were in danger of being injured by our dogs. So, I locked them up while we searched for a solution. While locked up, they were extremely bored and chewed everything up. Luckily, this only lasted for about 10 days. We were researching during those days on what to do. We found the Halo collars and ordered them. As soon as they arrived, we relatively quickly figured out how to use them. Any questions we had, the dog park staff helped resolve immediately. Each dog responds differently to the collar, and each one of their collars is set appropriately. We did buy the data plan, so we would know where each of them are at any given time. And luckily, our dogs respond to the whistles to return and the static corrections are not really necessary. Our dogs are now able to roam our ranch and do their “job”. Our dogs no longer go near the fence lines with only 2 days of training!! Not only us, but also our neighbor gives these collars a five star rating! These collars have really saved my dogs from being shot from chasing our neighbor’s cows. We highly recommend these collars to anyone with dogs with boundary issues.
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5 months ago, J Tradewell
My Goldendoodle always finds it necessary to run as fast as she can as soon as there is a gate left open or a crack in the door. We would chase her all over our neighborhood through yards and busy streets cringing every time there was a car coming. After exhausting all other avenues, I was searching for a wireless fence and came across the Halo collar. I didn’t want to spend that kind of money at first, but after a couple of more close calls, I decided it was worth it. It does not just magically work out of the box. It does take some training but within 2 weeks of training when I had time, my dog understood the boundaries. She has gotten out of the gate a few times without me knowing, but I will get a notification that feedback was given and I’m able to go outside and check on her. I’m happy to say that she stays in the boundary and does not try to cross it. Now I don’t have to worry about her getting stolen or hit by a car! I’m very happy with my purchase!
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4 weeks ago, k_m_h93
Good for most of the time
So I wanted to love these collars and I do sometimes. I was able to get the custom perimeter around my house/yard that I wanted. I also love that I can take the collars on the go with us camping. Things I would love to see improve: my dogs get randomly corrected while they are in the safe zone multiple times a day so it just causes them confusion, the battery life isn’t great, the app is so slow if I try to use it for a manual correction it works sometimes. Since the app is so slow I bought a beacon to manually correct them when needed and that rarely works and you can’t use it for only one dog, it beeps them both. Also, after paying so much money for them, you only get warrantied for replacements if you pay more for it. I didn’t know that and was a month too late to sign up once I figured that out. The metal prongs on the collar always come loose and I’ve had to replace 4 of them in the past year. I don’t think I will buy again once these ones quit working because they are so expensive and just don’t quite make the price worth it.
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2 months ago, Crainz5
Love this collar!
We live on 21 acres in the woods and our black mouth cur loves to explore and run off and sometimes not return. We had a neighbor call us and let us know he was with them. After a few times of having to track him down we had a friend tell us about the Halo collar. This is quite literally one of the best investments we have made. We easily made a border around the entire wooded property and we know that Boone is safe inside of it because we can track him. We are worry free now when he takes off and he’s never gone outside of the boundary since wearing the Halo collar. This is a game changer whether you have a big yard or small because you can keep them in whatever boundary you set. We can take him on vaca and reset the boundaries wherever we are. Do not hesitate to get this product. They stand behind their product. We have our monthly subscription and had an issue with the collar which they fixed immediately, great customer service!
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2 years ago, Meagha-mp
Great product for LGDs!
I used this collar for my LGD (farm dogs). I had the first version on 2 of my dogs. It works very well. I did have a problem with a charging port that customer service helped me with. (The black collar I think works betters). Only flaw to version one was the battery life. I would wake up and charge and put it on my dog again. Then take it back to charge around night feeding and put it back on just before bed. (Was a lot of work). I then upgraded to the 2 version. Bought the black collar. Battery last a lot longer and much better. However, I have found the collar will use a preventative when my dog crosses the line but sometimes they are still getting a preventative when they are back in the fence. Either hiding under a vehicle, the barn, or something interfering with the satellite gps. But it does stop eventually. I do check for updates regular incase there is a bug. It’s only happened once before. But works great to keep my dogs inside our 75 acres mountain land. Lots of trees here and it works well!
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2 years ago, efry28
Frustrating support and collar pairing issues
I really wanted this system to work as it had amazing potential, but unfortunately it has been nothing but trouble. It started with poor GPS accuracy, then it would not pair to WiFi. In the process of trying to deal with this the collar was removed from the account in an attempt to hard reset everything, but now I can’t even get the collar to pair to my phone! Every time I attempt to add the collar, I get an “App Error” that’s say’s “ Please try again later. If issue persists, please contact Halo customer support” Which brings me to my other major qualm with this company. The support is very bad. It’s impossible to talk to a human directly, as they want you to use the ticket chat. You send a message and they send a canned response 5 days later at 5pm before they shut down for the weekend. I paid $1000 for this thing and they can’t manage to staff a phone line so I can get some tech support?! I hesitated to write this because I really wanted this thing to work, but so far it has been a $1000 paper weight. I’ve reached out multiple times to support and have gone almost nowhere. Because of this I strongly recommend against getting this app and collar.
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7 months ago, Jackie Watson
Love our 2 collars!
Love the Collars! My 2 Gordon Setters took to the training very quickly. I allows them to run on our 2 acres without us putting up a fence. We live on a lake and have a weird property line, lots of turns and jags, so a fence would be difficult and block the view of our lake. I can keep my dogs out of the water when I need to (partially frozen ice) but let them down there when we are swimming or fishing. They are young and require a lot of exercise. My male will regularly run 14-16 miles in a day on our land. This tires him out and makes him happy! I had an issue the first few weeks, but a CSR walked me through the solution (user error) and it was an easy fix. I had a problem with a function of the collar about 6 months in and a CSR worked with me, on a Sunday on a holiday weekend, to find a solution and then she followed up to make sure it was working and I was happy. I truly couldn't be happier with my 2 collars. Almost one year in and loving them still!!
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1 year ago, ratchet80
Halo collars
I just wanted to write a review as I was skeptical of this system. I didn’t want to put an underground fencing in. I thought this would be a good choice then underground fencing, but didn’t know what I was getting myself into with the price. When we got the system, it was easy to setup. Took a little trial an errors to get the perimeter set up. Now it is where we want it and it is continuing to work to keep our dogs in our yard. Just recently we had an issue with one of our collars charging. I look inside the collar charging port and it was chipped. I spoke to a couple different dog park customer service representatives and they were very nice to me and started a warranty on the collar. I sent it in and they sent me a replacement collar with no issues due to damages that weren’t caused by us. Again no issues with getting help or receiving my replacement collar. Very user friendly with customer service and with the collars. Definitely recommend this system!
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5 months ago, ewatts1979
My fur babies enjoy life more with Halo
Halo has been a lifesaver for my two rambunctious boxers. They were only allowed to roam in certain locations in our fenced in yard with a shock collar on because they quickly learned how to dig out of the fence. Multiple occasions they have dug while I was sleeping. So I started my journey in searching for the right collar for my girls. Halo training was very informative and helped me understand how to effectively train my girls and not set them up for failure. Now they are trusted to run throughout the whole yard and even next door to my sisters house without pulling out a leash. They both respond well to their boundaries and come back to me when I use the whistle call. They are less destructive when inside because of the beacons that are placed around the house to keep them out of places that they would get in trouble. All in all I have no complaints and I would speak for Tilly and Journi by saying they love having more freedom.
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1 month ago, jen sand
Faulty and bad service
Halo… it’s for the halo your angel dog will have after the GPS and collar stop working and your dog goes running away and gets sent to heaven. Gps does not work. Our dog has still gotten out around our fence and gone thru the waterway up to the highway. Praise God he hasn’t been squashed yet. But it’s his savvy not Halo we can thank for that. Halo no disconnected service from our collar and has sent no info on the whereabouts of the replacement. Multiple replacements, this one has taken 3 weeks to get resolved and there is still no tracking of a new collar. I’m sure they will charge me for the “replacement” even though its not been sent. The collar says the dog is with me when he’s not, and not with me when he is. And inside when I see him running outside. This is our 2nd one and the same issues end up happening. The “dog park” support is a joke. Notes from one phone rep can’t be found by another and visas versa. You can’t get a call back EVER! And the dog park registers you for an appt 2 weeks out. Who needs support in 2 weeks? Our dogs need us Now. This 1k collar is such a giant joke around my dog’s neck. I was trying to keep him safe… now I just want to keep my sanity.
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3 months ago, Nap town killa
Ok, not worth 700$(edit)
To start, the gps works, but is not accurate. I used the collar to set my fence posts. He learned quick from the tones where he could and could not go. That worked for a few hours, once he learned that the static didn’t much bother him, he ventured where ever he wanted to. So I checked the feedback on the prevention, long story short I turned it all the up as high as it would go and his response to it was mute. If didn’t really effect him at all. I had high hopes for this collar and hoping to keep my dogs on my property. But I will be sending them both back. Edit-Customer service is horrible. Heir response time and punctuation on details sent is let us give you money off. Or a free month. Once you say no the ticket is deleted, I asked how to send both collars back since their website says I didn’t purchase one of my collars off the website. I bought both collars at the same time on the same ticket and they won’t respond. I hope for some people this collar works, in the right situation and you have no issues. For me hey have not worked correctly and I’m still a week later waiting for a response on how to ship them back.
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