Hamro Patro - Nepali Calendar

4.5 (1.8K)
244.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
Hamro Patro
Last update
10 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Hamro Patro - Nepali Calendar

4.47 out of 5
1.8K Ratings
2 years ago, gcbhandari
Easy view
The difference between the new and the earlier version is that I found the new one more easier to read. Background brightness is much better in contrast making easier to view. Thank you hamro patro for being more helpful and friendly. Gehendra c bhandari
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1 year ago, Heretothrere
Bug in the app
I have been using this app for a long time now. I would like to bring the attention of the developers of the app to a bug that has been there for quite a while now. In hamro patro remit, when i check the history of the past transactions, the date on the final stage is always the current date or today’s date even if the transaction was completed in the past.
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4 years ago, pra_khatiwada
Big fan, very useful app
I’ve had Hamro Patro app on my phone for few years now and it’s indispensable for me. It’s grown aptly and I see new features added with utmost care and perfection. I’m a paid subscriber on iOS platform, and I would like one small feature suggestion to be added. With all the audios, and videos, I’d like to see support for Casting features like Airplay/Chromecast, it would be an awesome addition. Cheers, 5 star for the wonderful work.
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3 years ago, ShresBris
The best Nepali app to ever exist!
I’ve been using hamro patro for years now, but only to check the nepali dates cause it is a calendar and was unknown about its other features. I knew that the writers would post blogs about certain auspicious days but I had no idea about Hamro TV, Hamro Audio, etc. Hamro patro even provides podcasts for kids to learn at home. I am so amazed with this app. Good going guys!
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5 years ago, Durga poudel
Hamro Patro review
This app is an amazing app for all Nepali people. Not only do you get the dates and the festivals, you will also receive easy food recipes to cook for the festival! My favorite part is that you can also make your own Kundali! In addition, you will also receive news/what’s going on around. This app should be downloaded by all Nepali people, no joke.
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5 years ago, GS-home
Could be improved!
For some of us born abroad this isn’t really useful, although we may be fluent in Nepali, because we speak it at home, we didn’t grow-up learning how to write Nepali. Everything on this app is in Nepali expect for the directory tabs, being versatile in this day an age would allow for more people to understand better and be able to connect with their homeland! Add an option for Nepali/English, only having it in Nepali is limiting to your client base!
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2 years ago, Mphaudar
Don’t be a sellout
I hate to post a 3 star rating because the app itself is great specially for someone living overseas. BUT lately advertisements has been excessive, to the point I stop using regularly. Totally understand that you need to generate revenue but please don’t let corporate world drive the functionality and user experience. I would have given 1 star but can’t do that to nepali entrepreneur who developed a great product.
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4 years ago, ashokwb43
Awesome app
I’ve been using this app for like 4 years now. I upgraded my phone a lot between these years, the first thing I downloaded was this app itself. There were a lot of bugs which gradually got fixed. I got some issues on widget sometimes as it doesn’t loads probably. Rest is fine .... awesome nepali app 🇳🇵
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5 years ago, Tikaram7
Can’t search the places in the kundali section
Everything looks good but the kundali function is not working it won’t let us search for the places, we have to choose one from the scroll menu but it only have some Nepal places.
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4 years ago, hunterluv
Used to be great app now sticky advertisements
I know you make money from advertising for this kind of free app...app itself is good but now candycrush and other apps which still runs on background when you close the app making this app unbearable annoying...just waiting some other app comes to the market..after read ing 3 news you have one app..that is too much ad ..nice way to say you can pay and go pro version but lets see how long that approach works in this competitive app world
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3 years ago, bishnupoudel
Too many full-screen Ads
Everything is okay, except the advertisements. Small banners on the bottom and a few in the content is fine. But there’s too many full screen ads that are aggressive and sometimes take more than 10-15 secs. All about money, ain’t it?
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2 years ago, ashwani394
Too many full screen annoying ads
Too many ads that are full screen and run for long times. It’s very annoying.
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4 years ago, Nelson🥁
Hamro patro Widgets!!!
Hamro patro is a very helpful app. I have been using it for years now . Now that we get to customize our iphone/ipad home page with widgets I would be happy to have widgets for Hamro patro too on my homepage. Hopefully you got my point. Thank you 😀
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4 years ago, Bishnu Rimal
It's useful and excellent. It became a perfect reference to the Nepalis staying basically out of nepal and those working people who have to need frequent convert date and days day to day! Worthwhile to iOS. Thank you developer!
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5 years ago, RohitChhetri
Very useful and best app for Nepalese living in Nepal and Abroad
I love using this app. It got so many features and tools which I can use & it helps to make me connected even though I am far away from Nepal. Thank you Team 👍
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1 month ago, RB Rayamajhi
प्रिय "हाम्रो पात्रो" हाल म अमेरिकामा छु र यसलाई देशको खबर बुज्ने माध्यम बनाएको मा २ हप्ता जती भयो यो खुल्न सकेको छैन । यप्स खुल्छ तर बिस्तृत मा समाचार खुल्दैन। iOS 9.0.2 मा मात्र यो समस्या हो की अरूमा पनि? छीटो update गर्नु पर्यो । Here is my another comment: Almost this app is best but when i open radio, at the same time I can not read the news papers, why? If I open any music or radio, I want to read the news paper side by side. Can you please upgrade like this way?? Thanks. -Ram
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2 years ago, Newton Prajapati
Add South Carolina for Remittance
I tried sending money from USA to Nepal. But while signing up for the account South Carolina was not in the option which why I am still not able to create my account. Please add all 50 states of US.
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3 weeks ago, RaviReesing
It gives me every news and information that I need to get and need to know. Added feature on news is awesome.
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2 years ago, Shabdapoudel
Has gone from good to worse !
The amount of full screen video ads, seriosuly is something that reminds me of some scamming app. Seriously, what happened to you guys, were you this greedy for money, that you have background running app ads. Getting money from ads is one thing, and annoying people of video ads is another.
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5 years ago, Kamal Gyawali
Hamro Patro : instant information
This has been a quick and easy information provider on most of the current issues and incidents. We get news any time any place from Hamro Patro. I use mobile opening it . I love reading Hamro Patro.
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5 years ago, Gopal basaula
Nepal’s complete news and update
Hamro Patro is such a apps that helps as a google page for Nepal’s important daily news, exchange rate, timing and calendar and entertainment. I love it and it attracts with good and needy info. It’s like a platform for Nepali encyclopedia ....
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3 years ago, Saiee Grace
Helpful app
I would have rated 5 star but ever since these adds started to pop up it’s irritating specially when you are in rush.
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4 months ago, 9841466
Not able to post issues in App Store
I was trying to post a issue in App Store but I was not able to do so. And when I am trying to open the settings in the app I can’t find the settings option in the app. I was trying to update the new version of the app through the settings but I am not able to do so.
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2 years ago, I L shrestha
Hamro patro
Very very smart n updating on news n other essential materials which is very useful to our daily life ..thank u hamro patro making me addicted to ur app..
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5 years ago, Ramby62
Must have app
Hamropatro is the most useful application for our day to day life, it gives information about what you need
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2 years ago, shiwakotidk
Best App
One of the best and well managed app for all the Nepalese who are in Nepal and abroad. Single app with everything that we want get in our day to day life..
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1 month ago, EUKRISHT
Hamro Patro
I love the Hamro Patro because I often use it to get answers to my various queries. I have been helped by this app many times. Thank you for providing such useful and handy App.
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2 years ago, Karki1724
what happened to widgets showing Nepali Time ? The updated version doesn't have it. Moving to Nepali Patro app now, shall recommend Nepali patro to my friends as well.
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5 years ago, kanchiiii
Very helpful to know about the Nepali news as well as Nepali market
I like it. It helps me to know about Nepal more so helps like it is a tool for our connections.
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5 years ago, Someone who don't use FB
Requesting feature update
The app will be more useful if there was a feature to add and log events as well.
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5 years ago, Cre@tive
One touch info centre
This app is easy to use and user friendly with useful tools in a single platform.
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4 years ago, Ashok Ghimire
Very good
Very good to use this app which provides us latest information including Nepalese language and culture, easy to use.
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2 years ago, Mandip.Luitel
Still see ads, even though I’m paid subscriber.
Poor management and quality control, other then that app works great.
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4 years ago, Dev Dai
Best app for Nepali’s.
Great useful packages for all social human being including student and religious. No extra words are needed to explain better real better app. I love this .
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4 years ago, pmoktan
Put some more options
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4 years ago, Samridha
Great app
This is a great app with overall everything included in one single app, it’s worth the download and I’m sure ya”ll be satisfied with this app... keep up the good work HAMRO PATRO 😊😊
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5 years ago, Madhu1203
Hi I’m Try this at oNce.
This apps is great, everything together and easy to use. Nepali Calender, Latest New, RashiFall and Many more, organized at great ways.
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5 years ago, Raj Gautam
Change of apps
Change is good but we were habituate in older apps.
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4 years ago, pjsah
Crashes immediately after opening
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3 weeks ago, mani pratik
It is very useful app for all Nepalese people.
A great app for making our day complete.
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2 years ago, pocketbooktraveler
Used to be good
This app was a big connecting piece for the Nepalese living outside to Nepal but now every 5 sec an ad pops up. Even if I just want to check the calendar, I have to go through an ad first. Beginning to look for other options now.
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3 years ago, hsjsjwkow
I am really unsatisfied with your app because it doesn’t shows any important events dates on calendar like other Apps ( Nepali Patro ). I wanted to look when was the date of dashain but it was totally confused as there wasnt any dates mentioned so hope you update it .
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3 years ago, durga ghaley
Better than other your so good excellent.
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3 years ago, id33ps
Complications for apple watch
It should had complications for apple watch. Definitely would be useful.
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5 years ago, Apple603
If you could app Nepali songs and keep it up to date. That would be great.
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1 month ago, posetivenesd
Too many advertisements
There are too many advertisements. Advertisements are good to run a business but too much can be harmful. If you don’t want to see them users should have options and
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3 years ago, Raxmeei
Very handy app
We live in US and this app has been very useful to us. Thanks 🙏
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5 years ago, Govin Timsina
It’s really nice app where we can find everything. Enjoying the app
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5 years ago, HRegmi
Very nice job. It easy to find our feasts and festivals in an iPhone living far from motherland.
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5 years ago, Sagar76
Getting better every day and loving it.
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