Hancock Whitney

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Hancock Whitney Corporation
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6 months ago
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11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Hancock Whitney

4.83 out of 5
54.8K Ratings
4 years ago, pop vegas
Update App to IOS 14 Please?!
I currently have the newest software IOS 14 from Apple and I have not been able to use my banking app for nearly 3 weeks because of it. Every time I tap on the banking app it tells me that my device does not meet the minimum security requirements for the application. I have never had problems until now. Now it won’t it let me log on the website using safari either because it thinks I am a fraudulent person when I am entering all the correct information in. It locked my account because of it. Can you please update or fix this issue because I would like to see my balance and my transactions?
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3 years ago, Kayak patty
Worst bank app
I don’t know how anyone can give this app a good rating. Transferring money never seems to work. And you can’t tell if the transfer has gone through so you don’t know whether to try again or what!! There have been times when I thought it didn’t work and I ended up transferring more money than I meant to. Other times I thought it worked but finally gave up and wrote a check because no money was transferred. The only way to look at transactions over a month old is to look at the pdf statements. The app only shows transactions for the current month. That’s very inconvenient. I don’t think Hancock Whitney is a bad bank but their app and website really are the worst. I decided to try the website since I was having so much trouble with the app - what a joke. However, at least the website told me the transfer didn’t go through and to try again later - yeah right, like it’s going to work later!!
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2 years ago, Rollinsnjade
Needs a lock feature
Since becoming a member of Hancock Whitney I have yet to have any issues, this is one of my favorite banks I have ever been with. My only issue that I have found is that this app does not have a lock feature to lock and unlock our cards. I have just had my card stolen and I feel like if the app had a feature for the card owner to lock the card then I could have prevented someone from making a fraudulent transaction on my credit card. This also would have saved the bank the trouble of opening an investigation to dispute the transaction. Hopefully somebody with the app sees this review and can possibly get us a new feature added to let card owners lock their cards in case they lose it, and possibly save them from having somebody spend money off of their card before they have a chance to call it to replace it.
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6 years ago, LondonLyric
Great Modern Banking App
This app is great it has come a long way from where it used to be and it easy and very simple to use. I know it will continue to get better a time goes on but I would like to make a suggestion and it maybe already in the works. Please add the ability to cancel, freeze, or replace my debit card within the app & peer to peer transfers. I have a nephew in high school who I help out with different activities and it’s would be easy if I could just transfer or send him money directly from my app being that we aren’t on accounts together. Thanks for being a great bank!
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3 years ago, MotoX4FuN
A banking app the locks up is useless!
Try this Mr/Ms Developer; open the app and click the dropdown menu on the top left and then click “contact us”. Does the app stop responding for you like it does for me and EVERYONE I know who uses this app? For context, I am using an iPhone 12 Pro on iOS 14.4.2 Also, why is there not an option to dispute a charge from the app??? This seems like it would be a basic feature of any low budget banking app, yet your app does not have this feature. Why? I recently had 3 back to back fraudulent charges for the exact same amount at the exact same online store made to my debit card and I had to make two trips to my local bank branch in order to dispute the charges. For some odd reason, the bank refuses to let you dispute the charges while they are pending when the money is still in your account. They REQUIRE you to let the transaction post and for your money to LEAVE your account before you can dispute the charges that you KNOW you did not make and you KNOW are fraud. It’s ridiculous! Now I’m stuck waiting for MY MONEY to be returned to my account. If the option to dispute charges was available from the app, maybe MY money would still be in MY account. What say you Mr/Ms Developer?
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5 years ago, Pdurdeb
Constant Problems!
I’m always having constant problems with the app. From it saying that I’ve enabled My Balance on another device, which I haven’t because I only use one phone too look at me account, to it saying my credentials are wrong. Again not true. Also it’s all the time not keeping up with my purchase history. It will go back and forth saying what I posted on my account 3 weeks ago and doesn’t show up what I have purchased the day before! Hancock needs to get it together. I’m tired of having these problems and if they can’t fix these problems. I will switch banks, so I can have an app that keeps with up with everything and doesn’t give me any problems like this one has. Absolutely awful and stressful. Good thing I’m able to keep it all on my calculator on my phone. Get it together Hancock!!!!! 🤬😡
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3 years ago, JJFatwork
Hancock Whitney needs to update their compatibility information. This app does not work for banking or even get on the list of apps in Settings once it’s installed. All it does is make an icon that shows a splash screen that won’t go away and let you get to the login screen. I’ve tried installing, uninstalling and reinstalling, rebooting — everything I was told to do during more than an hour of my time on the phone talking to 4 different people, including someone who was supposed to be an IT guy who told me it had to be my iPod’s fault because the app was working... A brand new, fully updated 7th generation iPod that had already happily installed other apps. The app also would not work on my fully updated 6th generation iPod — same symptoms. They finally admitted the truth, that it doesn’t work on iPods. Really? Then stop offering it to iPods on the App Store.
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4 years ago, TechRoar
Fine But Not Actively Updating
The functionality of the app works as intended. It’s quite convenient and stable. But I will say whoever is working to keep this app updated, isn’t providing them as prompt as they should. iOS 14 released today, and I can’t even open the app because they didn’t update it to meet the requirements for users to operate it. It’s extremely annoying. Edit: It took about a couple days, but they’ve made the update to be used on iOS14. I just hope in the future, they have these ready on the day of new software releases. They have plenty of time to prepare beforehand and people rely on these services being available.
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3 years ago, Kelleys Island
In a time of need & beyond
As we moved from Cali to Biloxi after selling a house the brokers noticed Cali did NOT send complete closing costs😞. We were panicked, however Jamey (bank manager) Cindy & Jamie (bank employees) meet with us right away. The caring & kindness they showed us from the first phone call to sitting down letting us know everything will be ok was AMAZING. Unusual circumstances made for a wonderful and happy outcome. We closed on time with check in hand. I can not say enough about the GREAT team at Hancock Whitney downtown Biloxi branch. Please thank them for Gordon & Kelley Pettis
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1 year ago, Low vision
Good except for the login process
Setting up Face ID is cumbersome at best and the app somehow loses the capability between logins. I finally get get it set up and verify that it is working. The next time I go to use the app it is no longer working. NONE of my other financial or other apps do this. If I am away from home and heaven forbid that I might be traveling, I am stuck. Because passwords need to be so complex these days I can’t be sure that I remember them correctly. There is the possibility of being locked out of my account at night or on a weekend if i guess or mis-type. You need to figure out what your competitors are doing to address security and fix this problem. It happens on both my iPhone and iPad.
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5 years ago, DCB1
Very good, but can be great
I am very pleased with the service I receive when I visit the Whitney branch that I conduct business at. The employees are very helpful and are always professional and have very positive attitudes. The only complaint I have is that the checking account that I have with Whitney bank does not earn any interest. If it did, I would have rated five stars and would not have a negative comment. I am certain it can be done because I have a similar checking account with another bank that I bank with and each month my checking account earns interest and that is a very positive deal for me.
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3 years ago, 10johnnytiger12
Stephen Mills
Stephen Mills did an outstanding job helping me when I opened a new checking account here in Petal, Ms. He is knowledgeable, professional, and very helpful. He was impressed with my 790 credit rating, and helped me open a new credit card account, as well as obtaining a debit card. I’ve been a long time customer of Hancock Bank, and I’m hard to impress. But Stephen Mills deserves kudos for his cheerful attitude, demeanor, and genuine care in guiding me through a difficult financial situation.👏🏼😎
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3 years ago, Jaymake1
I have been having this app for about a year now. The app seems nice, until I have to make a payment. I’m unable to for some odd reason. Payments on this app are “transfers”. I can’t use my external bank to pay for my card with this bank on the app. I have to log into card manager, which takes a little extra time. I wish I was allowed to use my other bank to pay for my card on the app. I’ll make the rating for this app 5 stars easy soon as it able to do that, bc right now it’s convenient & it’s not at the same time. Missing that one important step that I could use.
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5 years ago, MsTia6886
Not good!!!
Update: Nicknames are back and I love it. But now the memo section when making payments has disappeared. A memo box only shows up when a physical check is being sent. I still need to make a memo no matter if payment is sent electronically or in paper form. Please put it back!!! I still hate that I cannot see more transactions on the Transactions page. My balance is clearly evident on the account summary page so why does another “enhanced” balance need to be taking up space on the Transactions page. I want to see TRANSACTIONS on the Transactions page not a bunch of nonfunctional headers and limited scrolling. SO FRUSTRATING!!!
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2 years ago, Travlena
Can’t schedule CC payments!!
All in all Whitney’s banking app is pretty good. However, one aggravating issue is that you can no longer schedule one time payments of your Whitney credit card. You have to pay it on that day. There is a calendar where you should be able to pick your payment day but it hasn’t worked in months. Sometimes you just want to schedule a payment so you don’t forget if you are going on vacation. Frustrating that you don’t have the ability to do something so simple and available on almost all other apps when paying a bill.
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6 years ago, _BigLexxii
Love Hancock Whitney!
I have been with Hancock since I was in elementary school, when my parents opened me a minor savings account. I have never had problem with Hancock Whitney. If I have a problem they solve it and if someone is trying to hack my card they are already on it. Using this app helps me to know what’s in my bank account and allows me to transfer money if I have to. I’ve had a great experience with Hancock Whitney and hope eventually everyone else does too.
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2 years ago, samusmccloud
Great if you don’t need notifications.
This a good and very user friendly app. I am able to check balances quickly, use face recognition, and transfer funds. The big issue is notifications. I have notifications turned on for all settings and nothing. No notifications are sent to my phone at all or until it’s days later and it’s too late. Example: amount dropped below amount set for a notification. It caused me issues. When that is fixed then I can happy and honestly give 5 stars.
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App Updates
EVERY TIME the app has updated, I’m forced to delete the current app just to download the updated app instead of the app letting login to the updated version. That’s EXTREMELY inconvenient AND ANNOYING!! No one has time for that especially when you have as many passwords to remember for work and personal apps. The app also gives error messages all the time. If you’re trying to make your app more convenient and easy to use, you’re definitely failing in this department. I love my bank, but this is an issue if I’m in a pinch and need to login quickly.
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11 months ago, PattyAnnSmithMoore
Best Bank in Service and So friendly
This bank has given me back hope for How A Business CAN be run!!! So nice to see! Good people. Ready to hop up and help anybody. Very friendly and courteous! And then of course they’re very good at banking. I am so thankful I moved from another bank, a really big one in the area that just robbed me monthly of money I didn’t have. Thank you so much for being in Mandeville! P.M.
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5 months ago, Oloverboy
Using Hancock Bank banking app
Bank with Hancock Whitney Bank is always excellent and the Bank’s mobile banking app is just as great! It keeps track of all your accounts at Hancock Whitney as well as keeps a running account balance of daily account debits and deposits. It is always good banking with Hancock Whitney, as well as the early payment notification for direct deposits into an account at Hancock Whitney Bank.
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5 years ago, Certifiedfancy
My Experience
This Branch is the best, their employees are always and I do mean always willing to go out of their way to make your learning their on line portal to better benefit you and keep you up on your financial status as well as your business accounts for they truly understand we only want our lives to run smoothly and safe. It’s awesome to know they have the same thing in mind too I love my New Orleans branch on Holiday Dr.👍
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6 years ago, Cadillac "Nash Roberts" Jack
Whitney (Hancock) Legacy Account
This is my “Go To” financial institution of choice having been with them as a legacy customer for decades. Always receive the utmost personal, professional, and friendly treatment whenever I have questions or need help of a financial nature. I can highly recommend their customer friendly checking, savings, and bill pay policies also. Looking forward to finishing my time on Earth with Hancock/Whitney’s assistance. Thanks.
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6 years ago, Etang713
Satisfaction guaranteed
Whitney Bank has provided a helpful and convenient service by offering a friendly staffing and easy-to-use online application for transactions. All questions are answered with patience and understanding of my limited banking experience. My experience overall has been excellent when considering the attentive service for my customer needs. Whitney Bank will meet your needs as well.
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5 years ago, Needs Billpay Support
Not perfect
Unfortunately the app is unable to show the user what ebills are pending in Bill Pay. I’ve had instances where I did not see that a bill had been received because I was only using the app and missed the payment. To see what ebills are pending, the user must log on to the website. Be sure to check the website - do not rely on the app if using Bill Pay.
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11 months ago, karma credit fan
How do I receive money sent from Zelle to me
I have tried several times to receive money that was sent to me yesterday. I can see where I can send money but not accept funds that have been sent! The individual who sent it says that she can see the transaction is pending and needs me to complete the transaction however I cannot locate the funds. Can someone help me clear up this important and urgent matter? I can’t give a fair rating until I have the experience! Thanks for your immediate attention to this matter!
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3 years ago, sockpuppetatlarge
Well that’s just swell...
that you’ve apparently undeveloped an app that I’ve used for quite a long time for a bank that I’ve used for almost 30 years (have held an account with this institution before they were bought by Whitney or Hancock) into something that I cannot even update on my phone. Used this app as recently as this afternoon but now it just simply will not update and effectively rendering my online banking to be nonexistent. Awesome job folks, I guess I will likely be looking for a new bank at like 9:01 tomorrow morning. Sleep well developers, you knocked this one out of the park...
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4 years ago, ktl62
Bill pay/loan payments
I need to have pending monthly set of bills totaled or separate from all others. Show total amount of money being paid out with each set of transactions. Also transferring money to pay on other loan accounts is not easy to use or understand and I can’t see my history on any previous payments or any previous transfers.
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1 year ago, whitney phillps
I have a suggestion you should allow someone to deactivate their card if it gets Stolen or a payment was made that the person doesn’t recognize. Overall good app and bank. Oh and ignore all of the critical reviews to whoever checks them. Just have a great day and don’t let the bad reviews ruin your day.
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4 months ago, Brad Mallett
Whitney and Hancock
You guys need to get to versions for a aggressive more account. What’s needed to be able to deposit cash in the atm to the account instantly it’s there. Second thing is to be able to lock the account. From the hand held mobile advice. That’s just 2. That would help the increase of business you would earn new clients and protect the old. Sincerely. Brad. Mallett.
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8 months ago, Whiteknight2356
App Bug-Transfers
App works fine. Wish there was an iPAD version. There is a bug when completing a transfer. After the transfer is complete, if you click the icon for accounts, you get caught in an endless loop of making another transfer. The only way to get out of the loop is to hit the menu icon at top left and select accounts from that list.
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3 months ago, SusieLC49
I have always been very pleased with the service at my local branch on Ryan Street! From the moment the tellers greet you as you enter the lobby to the officers that step up from their desks to answer any questions or help with an application! BRAVO to the positivity and professionalism at my local Hancock-Whitney! Thank you for all you do!
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7 days ago, PirateWatchingInWindow
Payments take FOREVER to post
Why does it take SOO long for a payment on my loan to show up as “pending”??? Every other bank/credit card app I’ve used a payment shows up instantly. With this app, you make a payment and it disappears into the ether for 4-7 business days. There’s NO way to see if you’ve made a payment until it posts! It’s infuriating and has resulted in me making duplicate payments multiple times. I’m uninstalling this app and just making paper check payments at the bank because that would be faster.
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10 months ago, Koala Gabby
Like Hancock Whitney - don't like the app
I love the service at Hancock Whitney but I'm not happy with this app. I could have sworn the app used to give you notifications of purchases but now it seems it doesn't. The text /email alerts don't alert until the next day so this is completely unhelpful for preventing fraud. Also, the app should allow you to lock your card. These are important features most banks have. By the time I know my card is lost or stolen all my money could be gone.
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3 years ago, Oliver T. Cat
Worked up until this morning
I use this app everyday to check balances move money between accounts etc. I like it but this morning I could not login because inaccurate credentials. I have changed nothing. Just tried to check my acct balance like I do every morning. I deleted the app and reinstalled and was able to get in and answer the security questions and enable Face ID. Logged out and couldn’t log back in before of the same issue. IDK.
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3 years ago, ElderRanger
Newest update rendered the app unusable.
New update told me to update the app before I could look at any of my information. I updated the app and now it’s telling me to check the version of the app and make sure it’s all up to date and standards are correct. It’s all correct and I can’t even see my account fundings or anything. Y’all need to fix this problem real fast because if I can’t see my funds or make any transactions. It’s going to mess with my life when the update has guaranteed bug fixes but all it managed to do is make the app unusable. Fix this before I switch banks.
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4 years ago, jinjab
Best Bank
I have banked at different banks over the years and have been with Hancock Bank, now Hancock Whitney for over 20 years and my mother befor me. I have always received courteous, very helpful service from both tellers and officers when I had a question or needed help with a problem. I will never change banks as I have never had any difficulties with their servicr
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2 years ago, Alma Holezhert
As someone who wants a quick and easy way to keep up to date on my financial information this app has been a lifesaver. It provides fast, accurate information about checking and savings. 10/10 would recommend!
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3 years ago, Frank#57
The app is great but ever since the upgrade I am unable to transfer from handy line to any account, I can transfer all other accounts and also transfer to handy line, I have lost monies because of it for fees and I have called in about this a few times with no resolve~thank You
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4 years ago, mswolffan
Love my mobile banking
I love being able to do all my banking with my mobile app. All our deposits are electronic. I can transfer money, pay bills, buy online, etc. I have difficulty getting around and love the convenience. The only thing I need to go to the bank is to withdraw money and the drive up ATM takes care of that!
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5 years ago, )peat(
Good app.
Pretty nice app. Very useful, however, it seems like every time I try to use it , it must be updated to get the info I need. Hopefully these were just some "growing pains" for a new site that will slow down now that it's getting established. Also a couple of issues with not recognizing my device, which has been the same since I opened the account. Not sure about that one.
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1 year ago, kelsdin
Zelle does not work within the app. Also, the Zelle app won’t work now that it is included with Whitney bank. I pay a bill every month using Zelle. This needs to be fixed. I spoke with customer service and they stated they are working on this but it has been over 2 weeks.
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3 years ago, pamela r1071
Cannot log in on mobile banking
Ever since the update yesterday I was only able to log in one time today now I can’t at all it keeps telling me to check the App Store for the latest version I have the latest version and cannot log in at all
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3 years ago, XxFACEMANxX
Check depositing
I think being able to deposit checks from your phone is an awesome feature it eliminates going to the bank all the time ... and it doesn’t take long to clear !! That time and efficiency is enough for me
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5 years ago, tbmma
Tried to log in with the password I sign up with and it keeps saying “incorrect credentials”. I remember the day I signed up for it, I copied the password down on something to make sure I will have it. I have the same piece of paper I used to write my password and it is the correct one but this stupid app said my password is incorrect. I tried changing my password and still have yet to receive the supposed email the app said was sent. Fix this stupid app please. It’s really annoying.
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6 years ago, Wildelet now
Info please
I downloaded the app and enrolled but the “my balance “ feature doesn’t seem to work , is there something I am doing wrong ? Thank you for replying ; I did call support and come to find out there is a form that must be filled out to receive the full benefits of this app. One would think that a multi billion dollar operation would have much more detail about the process ......
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6 years ago, FP n BR
Need to distinguish personal & business apps
The app is generally pretty good. Main complaint is that there are separate apps for personal and business accounts. I have both types of accounts and the icon for each appear to be the same. There should be a way to quickly identify each.
Show more
3 months ago, kwright9842
This app has made banking so much easier. I can stay home or at work and deposit my pay check immediately. No standing or waiting in line to deposit or do any banking. I’m still kind of nervous using it. Scared of hackers etc, but I still love it!
Show more
3 years ago, turn53
Ability to lock debit card
Improvement in electronic ability to lock and unlock debit card. Also access to more internet services i. e. Apple Pay. Thank you I still enjoy being able to see account activity.
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5 months ago, SnazzyBazzy
Was great until I upgraded my phone
Never had any problems with the app on my iPhone 11, but ever since I’ve upgraded to a 15, I can’t use Face ID to login because of “unknown error” and I can’t use auto capture for the back of my checks when depositing; have to wait to manually snap a picture. Hope the devs see this so they can at least fix the Face ID issue.
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3 years ago, Zingycat
Banking made easy
I love your banking app. I can check balance in account from my phone or tablet. You have added a few new features that makes it greater, easier to pay bills online, or make a deposit.
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