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Handybook, Inc.
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User Reviews for Handy.com

4.14 out of 5
27.8K Ratings
1 year ago, shoacoana
Good but misleading
This is a good app. I have airbnbs and a back up cleaning source for my house and business is not a bad idea. A few things I did not realize before. When you sign up you are enrolled into a recurring plan which can be weekly, biweekly, or monthly clean or you can schedule a clean on an isolated occasion. So I scheduled a weekly clean. If for whatever reason you want to stop using the app, it charges you $99 to not keep your commitment for 6 months. Also if you schedule a cleaning and then remove it from the calendar it keeps the charges into the system to use it for another time. So you are obligated to use the money on their platform. From the cleaner’s standpoint, they are not paid high almost half of what we pay. It is a service job and does provide consistency and security but the pay is not great. Cannot reveal what they said but they used strong words. All in all I was happy to start using this app but watch out for all the catches they get you. My recommendation do not sign up for recurring cleanings or subscriptions. Do not book well in advance as they will take your money and you are forced to use it on their platform. Cleaner’s review and communication is good.
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4 years ago, FionaGrace88
Horrible way to do business
My first appointment was rescheduled due to a pro calling off... one hour before my Appointment. You’re charged $100 of you cancel but if they cancel they just throw u a $10 credit and barely an apology. My first pro was 30 min late and didn’t do half the things I had asked and listed. I couldn’t cancel bc I signed for 6 months and they charge $100 to cancel which is ridiculous. My most recent appointment was a joke. The pro said he showed up and that I never answered. No one rang my doorbell and when he did contact me it was 30 minutes after our scheduled time and I had to leave for work. After going back and forth with customer service for days they finally rescheduled my cleaning. Then they rescheduled AGAIN! Only one hour prior to my appointment. This experience has been nothing short of a headache and constant disappointment. I told them I was done with their cleaners bc it’s too unreliable and i would like to trade for one of their handy men to come fix something for me. They said no and they would only give me 50% of my money back. I am a general manager at a restaurant and I would never dream of treating paying customers like this. I’ve already spent a few hundred dollars and have nothing to show for it but two unsatisfactory cleanings and a ton of rescheduling in their end. To think I was going to have my family sign up! They would have been so upset with me getting locked into this horrible company.
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3 years ago, Kat_SWG
Worst Service I Have Ever Used
Honestly furious with this company’s complete lack of customer service and how they treat their “Pros.” I had a pro I had used several times not show for a cleaning. She communicated with me the day of, and I was fine with rescheduling but then because I tried to do it through the app they charged her a $145 missed cleaning fee (essentially the cost of the service). I was refunded but disgusted with how they treated my pro. She quit the service. Because I had a balance on my account, I rescheduled a cleaning. The new pro didn’t show, and when I reached out to her through the app, she said she had come into contact with someone with COVID (100% the right thing to do). She had notified Handy, but they had never rescheduled or notified me. I reached out to customer service but have not heard back (there is no way to call them, only wait for an email response that never comes). I canceled my plan and requested a refund for the almost $300 in my account through the app and have heard NOTHING. If I wanted to use that balance that was accrued while I had a plan, they are now charging me full price. I am an extremely fair person and wanted the best for myself and the people I’m trusting to do the work, yet Handy treats both its independent contractors and it’s customers HORRIBLY. I have been ghosted by a company that has $300 of my money. I’m at a loss of what to do, but I will continue to try to get that money back no matter what. DO NOT USE THIS APP.
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1 year ago, Pooh9
If I could give it a zero, I would. I ordered some furniture from Wayfair, had clicked on for someone to install it. It is the handyman service, OK great they’re going to come do it on Christmas, thought that was a little suspicious, but they work on Christmas. 1215 came and my appointment was at 12, I called guys like I’m running late. OK no big deal it’s Christmas. I throw him a bone. 1230 somebody comes are like hey I’m here to install your dresser now, I had two guys coming one for a bed one for a dresser. OK the guys here for the dresser no big deal got to start, he’s like oh I can do both and just get it done in one swoop. I’m like fine that’s great. Cancel the other guy. The guy is going to do the dresser and the bed. Comes at 12:30 does not get done until 630., Tells me he's an alcoholic and wants to know if he could Vape in my house. I’m like no. Then he parks in the wrong driveway and starts screaming at the neighbor, because he is parked in the wrong spot. He has very vulgar language, I’m so glad my daughter was not here to witness it. He was very rough with the materials, that I paid over $600 for and then at the end says I only get five. I’m like you only get $30 for five hours. That makes no sense, trying to tell me to cancel the other guy pay him what that would’ve been and then when I get my credit, Venmo him more money. Horrible will never do again in my life, there’s something to be said for ordering from a store!! DO not use the service!!
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4 years ago, 1Seniormaam
Do not use this app
I wish I could give zero stars. They sent a guy to do a job and when he arrived he looked around my house took pictures of the job and told me he could not complete the job because he needed more supplies. He stated if he went to the store to buy supplies it would use all of the time I paid for. I offered to purchase supplies but he said I would probably get the wrong thing. He scheduled an appointment with me to come back two days later and did not show at the appointed time. He texted me an hour later and said he had car trouble and apologized. He rescheduled for two days later. Again he did not show. I made a complaint on the app and asked for a refund since the work was not done. They refused to refund my money because he said he showed up and left after 20 minutes and they had to pay for his time. I sent another correspondence saying I was not satisfied with their response, then they said they would not refund my money because the additional appointments he made with me were not on their platform and he was an independent contractor. I asked to speak to someone over the phone (that do not have their number listed as they prefer to communicate via email). When I was contacted by phone I was told they would not refund my money because it was my fault that I did not have the supplies the guy needed and the subsequent appointments were not made on their platform. DO NOT USE THIS APP. They have allowed this guy to scam me and will not refund my money!
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2 years ago, firstcommentforhandy
Charge first, figure out how later
I was looking to schedule for professional art hanging services asap due to my art dealer bailing on me last minute, leaving two giant pieces of arts in my place. I heard about Handy before and decided to give it a try. The “booking” process was quite smooth - I was able to basically pick whatever the time slot I want (kind of strange since I was expecting to see the other party’s availability). In the end I was prompted to pay for a confirmed booking two days later. I didn’t mind paying since I was led to believe that the appointment has been confirmed. Within the next 4 hours since my payment, I received 3 automated emails from Handy stating that “we are busy finding a pro”. So there was never a match - what happened simply was: I submitted my project, paid, and Handy is still scratching its head trying to find someone who may or may not be qualified to handle my job. I quickly went to another professional service booking platform that swiftly connected me to a real service vendor and confirmed the booking and pricing. So I went ahead and canceled my booking with Handy, and without being given an option, the refund was processed as Store Credit, followed by an email containing a button with size 4 fonts stating “refund to card”. Of course I wanted the money back instead of your credit. And to only offer this option in a follow up email is simply laughable, shady, and desperate. Bye Handy.
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3 years ago, gardeviance
Not a well thought out service
This app doesn’t correlate needed services to actual capabilities of service providers. I had bought two packages from Costco which included mounting of two separate TVs as well as running lines inside of walls. When the service provider arrived, which by the way was 2 1/2 hours late, they did not know how to run the wires in the walls. In addition to this, they didn’t know how to even attach the TV to the mounting bracket. I had to show them and actually use my own tools, and time to show them how to do it. Obviously this application does not do enough direct correlation and now I have to seek refundFrom Costco and at the same time pay the service provider separately for the work that he did actually do which was just mounting a single TV instead of two. It’s just going to be a rather unfortunate experience both for me, the provider, Costco and now handy as well. Update: I received a reply that states essentially, thank you for this reply and we want to help all you need to do is contact us. Seems so strange to me. I’ve just spend several minutes on your own internal feedback location (no one contacted me) and then again here on apple (which is public and now, they reach out). Speaks to the culture and real motivation. I won’t be using this service again until I hear from a trusted source it’s fundamentally changed it’s focus away from scaling and more toward quality
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2 years ago, german_girl_with_curls
I should’ve learned my lesson before…
I had a horrible time with this app last year. I was living in Washington state, and I could only ever get one house cleaner in particular to show up for booked jobs. The rest would not show up, not reply to my messages, and one guy even started the job and collected the money but never showed up to my apartment. I swore never to use this app again, never. Then, my husband and I moved back to Denver, and I am finding myself needing cleaning services once a month again, but all of the local cleaning companies here are incredibly expensive, and I just don’t trust any of the other apps because of my previously bad experiences with this one. Well, I got an email to receive a one time cleaning at a set price, and I thought surely there’s no harm here, I’m not locking myself into a plan. Well… I am sitting here as I type, messaging the housecleaner 30 minutes later, asking if she’s going to show up. I have already emailed and asked for a refund, and hopefully they will comply this time since I am not locked into a contract. I’m just mind-blown at how unreliable the Handy cleaners are how difficult the app has been historically, especially if you are locked into a contract and then getting screwed over by the cleaners not showing up. The one cleaner who did show up for me was amazing, and I was sure to tip her incredibly well every time. This really is the last time…
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3 years ago, DannieMarie8
I hired a “professional” through the Handy app to hang wallpaper on one wall in the nursery. This “professional” had only hung wallpaper ONE TIME in her life. Did she admit this before the job? Nope. Partway through? Nope. Not until $616 of wallpaper had been ruined, glue somehow spread on parts of the ceiling, glue all over my stone floors and electrical outlets, glue all over my ladder. Only then did she give up hanging the wallpaper and say “sorry, I don’t really know what I’m doing.” How did Handy respond when I emailed them? Perhaps a refund for the service I didn’t receive (the professional left me with a little over half the wallpaper hung using MY blue masking tape, falling off the walls, not cut correctly or anything. The glue covering both the front and back of the wallpaper. Falling off the walls. I have photos.)? Perhaps an offer to send out a replacement professional to do the job I already paid for? NOPE. They just said it’s not their fault. They LIED about vetting the professionals. Lied about the Handy Guarantee. Their solution? $100 credit within the app for the next service I book. Yea. Like I’m ever going to use their app again 🙄 They scammed me out of the money for a service I didn’t receive. Now I’m out the cost of the wallpaper and must repair my ceiling, walls, and stone floors just to get back to where I was before I hired through Handy. And my baby is due in 3 weeks. They royally screwed me over.
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3 years ago, Tlow12
I wish I could give this app 0 Stars too!
I should have read the prior reviews. DO NOT BOOK ANY SERVICES THROUGH THIS APP!! We booked a deep cleaning service. They quoted us around $200 for the job and we pre-paid. The cleaning company then came out to our home and said they had no idea how big the house was and charged us an additional $800 for the job. I clearly stated the size of the home in my request. Handy didn’t even bother to respond to our email regarding the issue. They don’t even have a customer service phone number to speak to a live person. The cleaning company did a good job but we certainly paid more than originally quoted. We have a second job already booked with Handy today to have 2 painting pros come out to complete an interior paint job. We clearly said the job was for 3000 square feet of work and Handy recommended two painters for 6 hours of work. We clearly stated that we needed a ladder 10ft or larger and we would be providing paint. We paid close to $1500 for this job. So far one painter has showed up and she said she doesn’t typically do painting and did not bring tape, tarps, or a ladder. There is absolutely no way one person with no paint supplies can complete this job. Of course I have received no response from Handy after repeated email attempts (because they again, don’t have a live person to speak with). We will be disputing these charges and warning every person we can of what a scam this app is.
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4 months ago, whiskeytangofoztrot
Not developer but company
Just to state that the developer is not the one star rating . It’s the company itself and their business practices . The developer and app are right on track and appreciated for their efforts to make this easy for people to get the help they need. Thank you for your efforts but the company itself has no integrity or accountability for the theft of wages and of Accts that have booked services and were charged illegal fees . Someone from this company should step up and handle this publicly and the truth would go a long way to gain back the trust they lost by being greedy and assuming that the pros who do the work were too stupid to do anything about it . They banked on pros being unable to pay for attorneys or too lazy to follow through. Neither applied. Handy/Angi- pay your workers and show some empathy for what you did . Stealing is taking something that does not belong to you. They should be charged with theft and if they owe over $950 then they could be charged with a felony and face jail time . Why is it that companies can do that and they don’t face anything but pain people back like victim restitution but why isn’t there any type of sentence imposed there just curious, I know can’t put a whole company behind bars, but someone’s responsible for it whoever passed down this memo to not pay people and not take their calls, and in the complaint seriously, should be at fault
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3 years ago, gagsuusggshsjs
On my first attempt, they cancelled with less than an hour before my scheduled time. They state they will not cancel with less than 4 hours notice, which is apparently not true. When I was able to reschedule, their worker broke my bed.. twice. The second time ruining it. I called to get a replacement while he was supposedly calling Handy. He stated that someone would be contacting me within 24 hours and I would have 2 workers next time. No one reached out. I decided to get a refund. It took weeks to figure out how to manage this as there is no direct way. They initially would not do a refund and tried to just offer to have 1 worker come out, which I declined and finally got told I could have a refund, but it is going to take 3-4 weeks to get. When I told them this was unacceptable and kept pointing out how it was their worker who ruined my bed and I should not have to wait over a month for even the most simplistic result, they continued to refuse any sort of actual help or compensation. Finally, they told me I was banned from the service. I had no intention of ever using them anyway, but the fact their answer to solve the problem is to withhold my money and ban me without any consequences for the person who caused all this to start just shows how unprofessional they are. After multiple exchanges, nothing has been resolved. This is truly a horrible service.
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6 years ago, Bethster513
I put in a request for some yard work. I was provided one person and from his description i gathered he was not a lawn care person but more of a tile/carpentry guy. I decided to just go ahead and book him as my job was weeding and didn’t require an expert although it led me to believe this organization doesn’t have many pros to pick from. Then 5 minutes before his Friday morning scheduled arrival time he cancelled and Handy sent me a notice that they could have someone there on Monday. And then there was a ‘cancel booking’ button. I decided I would just weed the yard myself over the weekend. I thought that was the end of it until Sunday night I noticed I had a notification that a different pro was scheduled to show up Monday. Since I had cancelled the booking I was like “what the hell?” So again there was a cancel button on the app. So again I clicked “cancel booking”. Again I didn’t think anymore of it until some dude shows up at my house Monday morning to pull weeds. I had already done the work and cancelled the booking so I told him to leave that I was sorry and that I had cancelled the booking and he should have been notified. Bottom line: handy charged my credit card $83 and told me sorry there was a misunderstanding and that I could have a $10 credit on my next booking. Sorry Handy, there won’t be a next booking and I’m going to fight this. I strongly urge you to not use this app or their services.
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3 years ago, handydisastsr
Horrible experience
Do not use this service! I have scheduled numerous times. Every time, I make sure I’m home in time for the scheduled cleaning. I consistently get a message that the pro cancelled. Yet, the pro was never assigned. It’s extremely frustrating and ties up your schedule. Today. They assigned a pro and after an hour of waiting she was a no-show. This was the second time this has happened. I don’t usually give a negative review, but this is outrageous. They either cancel at the last minute, day of, so you have zero time to get someone else to clean and it’s usually when you have an event and you’re counting on your house being cleaned. If that doesn’t happen, they schedule a pro and the pro never shows up. I called the pro and she knew nothing about it. This entire company is poorly managed. They think giving a $10 discount for their constant mistakes and poor management will replace the time you wait and the predicament they put you in when they cancel at the last minute. I’m reasonable. I understand that things happen. I’ve given them many chances because I run a business a know that people are not dependable. This is outrageous. Unless you have a leisurely schedule and lots of time, don’t bother with this service. You’ll consistently get a false email saying g the pro cancelled at the last minute when in fact a pro was never assigned.
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3 years ago, neo031162
Unreliable, bad service
I booked a cleaner to help me get my house ready to list for sale at 8am. I took off of work, sent my two and four year olds to the grandparents, and had my realtor coming at 3pm to take photos for the listing. There was 0 communication from handy in the days leading up to the booking checking if I had any needs or questions, or confirming/reminding me of the appointment. It never told me exactly who was coming to my house either. Then at 7am on the day of the appointment, I got an text that their “pro” had called off at the last minute. They had automatically rescheduled my appointment for 8am on Easter Sunday. I told them this wouldn’t work and I needed someone today. They couldn’t provide anyone, so they gave me a $10 credit, and refunded the $241 for the cleaning as credits to my handy account rather than to my bank account. I had to ask them again and they did finally refund to my bank. You can only email them never call. The app says to expect a response within minutes but it’s more like hours or days and the auto response says they’re having longer than expected response times. Truly terrible. The icing on the cake was the bot that rescheduled me for Easter morning. Facepalm. My experience was so poor, I will never use this service again. Handy had a few chances to make things right when things didn’t work out, and made the wrong choice every time.
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5 years ago, SRR8675309
Complete Fraud!! No one shows up, but you still have to pay to cancel.
So far in the 6 weeks I have used Handy, not a single scheduled appointment has shown up for the actual booking date. They magically ALL have had an emergency 30 minutes before the scheduled time and cancel. (Please know, more than one week there were 2 cancellations in the SAME week) Then the service rescheduled to another day only to have that person cancel as well. Or reschedule for 2 days before the next scheduled cleaning. When someone finally showed, he spoke zero English. (Was a good worker and very nice, could only communicate through google translate) There is ZERO support. You can only Email, and they do not call you back. After being incredibly frustrated week after week, i asked why there was no phone support, they said they didn’t offer it. They will however, charge $99 to cancel a service that they have yet to provide. I’m more frustrated with the amount of time I’ve spent planning a day to be home only for no one to show up. They told me today, that everyone is an independent contractor, they can cancel anytime they want. There is no way to tell if someone is actually in my area on the day I book it, or even if they live near here. Meaning if they pick up 2 jobs on the other side of town this one gets cancelled. I have no idea how this company has been allowed to take advantage of customers like this.
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4 years ago, Kkearron16
As someone who worked for them it is a horrible set up for both customer and worker but not for them. You do not get a number to call so if you have an issue on the job you send an email and do not get a response to 3 hours later. If a move runs over you must ask the customer to add time on the app but the problem is most customers do not set up work through the app or are unaware the f how to use the app. So basically if you work over time that’s given you are not paid for your work and they have no answer for except thank you for your work. Instead of simply contacting the customer and asking do they want the worker to continue working or stop within time. There only response is to leave when the time is up not only does it make you look unprofessional it also leaves the customer with an unfinished job. They also take 40$ if you have to cancel a move. If you show up and the customer is no where you’re expected to wait 30 minutes. It is the worst app system I’ve ever seen.
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5 years ago, cherierobinson
Horrible company!
I hired someone to come clean my house. This girl shows up 20 minutes early and clearly seems confused regarding the Handy requirements that she’s to follow. As soon as she started vacuuming and mopping first, I knew this wasn’t going to go well. She proceeded to “clean” my house but I didn’t know she was mixing up her own cleaning concoction that included powder bleach. She then asked me if I had a toilet cleaning brush she could use because she refuses to transport one in her car...toilets did not get cleaned. She placed every single item of laundry in my laundry room in the washer and left it there but didn’t tell me. She used a paper towel to clean my stainless steel refrigerator and left swirl marks on my brand new refrigerator. Her bleach mixture stained/bleached my carpet and my shower curtains and she left this solution on all my countertops...didn’t even wipe them down! The list goes on! Handy has done nothing but given me a $20 credit which is a joke compared to my damage. I’ve asked to cancel and they want to charge $99 to cancel. Today I get charged $183 and discover there’s someone scheduled to clean my house tomorrow! No,no, no!!! So I pay the $99 cancellation today plus get charged $15 for canceling less than 24 hours plus $183 for a cleaning that I got charged $15 to cancel but they want to apply it to a “future” appointment!! Good Lord! Don’t go through my nightmare, just don’t even sign up with this company!!
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2 years ago, Vlkers54
Absolutely the most unreliable service I’ve ever experienced across any industry.
Absolutely the most unreliable service I’ve ever experienced across any industry. Not only do “pros” cancel last minute or don’t show, they do a horrific job (mainly have used the service for home cleaning). However, if I rate the “pros” low, they know my address and I fear for me and my family’s safety as we’ve had a couple questionable post-cleaning scares. I’ve had at least a half dozen people cancel on me last minute, leaving us in a bind to get the place cleaned ourselves during apartment moves outs or prior to family events/holidays. “Deep cleaning” service is worthless, as it’s just more time added but the quality is still absolute crap. It’s truly astounding how awful this service is, how unreliable it is, and how the company does nothing to fix it (except a refund and $10 worthless credit for next time). There are never any ”pros” available in my area (the most populated city outside of Chicago) so the “pros” coming in are from not-so-great far away areas, always have an excuse for why they are late, smell like smoke or weed or booze, and never come with cleaning supplies so I’m scrambling to find ours and provide. Honestly, I’m shocked Handy is still in business. Have given the service plenty of opportunities and each subsequent time is worse than the last.
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3 years ago, JosieMonB
Handy Review
While my pro did a good job, I was disappointed in the overall experience. I scheduled to have my children’s swing set assembled, the first appointment I paid for two hours, the gentleman could not finish and explained it was a two person job. I really liked how well he worked, so I asked if we could schedule again and how many hours, he said two, so I scheduled another two hour job and notated that it would take two people. The gentleman arrived promptly on the second appointment and began to work, but rather than two hours, it would take him four and a half hours, and he still didn’t finish due to nightfall. The gentleman explained that the company was supposed to assign a second person whom never showed up, and he would have to come back. I asked if I could schedule him again he said yes and it would only take 30 minutes to an hour to finish. However, I would later have to compensate the pro for the extended time( understandably). I didn’t realize that I would end up paying a total of $533 in total so far and the job is still not complete. I had to cancel the third appointment because it was for a minimum of two hours and it will only take thirty minutes and daylight to finish. The swing-set did not cost as much as I’ve paid for the service.
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3 years ago, 312homeowner
Extremely bad experience, bad company
Handy seems like the answer to all homeowners, apartment dwellers and anyone who isn’t handy and just needs a little help around the house. Let me be clear: IT IS NOT. I bought a package of three 3-hour cleanings for my new 3 bed/2 bath owner’s unit spread across two floors. When the gal got here, she said her instructions via the app were to clean the first floor, which was designated a 1 bed/1 bath (it is not). She said she doesn’t get paid by the hour, only by the scope of the place, showed me how much she’s gets (only 30% of the billing), so the other floor didn’t end up getting cleaned. LET ME ALSO BE CLEAR: I put the blame squarely on Handy. They sold me something that could have never been carried out as promised based on the way the company contracts with service workers. When I reported the issue to Handy (via email bc they ONLY communicate to this way with customers) they offered me a $5 refund for a bill that was hundreds of dollars. And my final point: Handy’s own site references something called “The Happiness Guarantee” and that if the service / experience wasn’t up to par they’d “make it right.” I don’t call $5 making it right. Neither do I think Handy’s customer service actually cares bc they still have not responded to my latest email. I was sold a bill of goods. DON’T make the same mistake as me.
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5 years ago, mash_motifs
Does not stand behind their service, steals your money,
Beware: when scheduling a cleaning you are not “booking” a cleaner. You are asking that a cleaner will pick up your job. The “booking confirmed” email doesn’t actually mean what it says. If no cleaner picks up your job, no cleaner is showing up. But the app never tells you no one has picked up your job. Big party? Airbnb turnover? Good luck. Their “help” line is an email address (or snail mail. HA!) where a new person responds every time you message them. You have to re-explain the issue every time in the hopes that whoever will respond gets your issue and will help. Which they didn’t. A $10 credit does not make up for the fact that my rental wasn’t going to be cleaned and the only way I found out was that I checked the app 2 hrs prior to make sure I had booked a cleaning. Additionally, they rescheduled the cleaning that wasn’t going to happen for a later date. I canceled my membership prior to this cleaning, but was still billed the $140 bucks for it! Again, the only way I realized that canceling my membership did not cancel the cleaning was that I got a notification 2 hrs before that the cleaning was going to start... at the house where I had Airbnb guests at the moment. This app is just a glorified dating service that matches you to a potential cleaner. No guarantee of service or reliability. And good luck trying to get a refund.
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3 years ago, patient and vigilant
You really need patience and vigilance
All of the negative reviews are spot on accurate with what you will experience. And yes I find myself not able to cancel unless I forfeit ~$90. So I changed cleaning to weekly hoping they can find someone to come and clean. Each week I go through one of these 2 scenarios. Either Handy reschedules until they issue a credit for the service or, and this has only happened twice within a few months, I have a scheduled cleaning person and they don’t show. The vigilance part is you need to text, call, and report straight away. I have always received my $ back thus far but would really like to have my house cleaned. I do see help wanted signs everywhere due to Covid so certain Handy is struggling as well. I’m glad I always get a refund. Maybe by the time my contract is up next year I will have found a cleaning person. Wish me luck. Handy should allow cancellation without fees of contract if no cleaner available after a few months. The constant struggle was not what was agreed upon when signing the contract. Follow up. I received a reply email from Handy apologizing and requested to please send my complaint to an email for assistance. I did. The reply was in short “sorry for the inconvenience but you agreed to the contract and will be billed the $90 if you cancel before your annual contract is up”.
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3 years ago, BLUWOLF008
THIS IS THE WORST COMPANY PERIOD. I recently bought a greenhouse through wayfair and did the “expert assembly” because it seemed easier. My first appointment, a dude showed up and asked where the other professional was…. I didn’t know there were two people who had to come for the job… and he left. I had to reschedule a week later and two people came and did the work. My bad actually. They did half the work because Handy has a 4 hour time limit apparently. So I had to get another appointment and the same problem happened as the first one. The worker even told me that Handy was a scam and to never use it again! I had to reschedule for two days later (still waiting for this) and I specifically requested for two professionals. Only one popped up on my app and i had to go back to their stupid customer service to let them know. The guy told me that two professional will be there by tm and I just need to wait. Bottom line, this company makes everything long and tedious. I’m doubt they will give me a refund and I can’t even call them BECAUSE THEY DONT HAVE A CUSTOMER SERVICE NUMBER!!! THEY KNOW PEOPLE WILL COMPLAIN SO THEY DONT HAVE A NUMBER. HANDY IF U READ THIS U CAN IMPROVE UR TRASH SERVICE BY ACTUALLY MAKING A NUMBER THAT CUSTOMERS CAN REACH YOU AT. Just don’t use them at all! After this greenhouse is built, I promise u I will never use this app ever again!
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4 years ago, Amberpatterson
They sent someone on the wrong date to my house and not only that but the cleaner who showed up was not who I requested. I have been trying to get in touch with them for over 48 hours now and have had NO SUCCESS. They responded upon my initial inquiry with an email in which they had offered to let me speak with someone by phone. I wrote back saying I wanted to talk to someone by phone and since then (2 days ago) I have heard NOTHING back. This whole experience has been EXTREMELY FRUSTRATING and fairly stressful. They have already charged me for the cleaning which did not take place and I am now waiting to see if I’ll ever get my house cleaned or if I’ll get a refund on that incorrect date (their error). I HATE THAT THEY HAVE NO PHONE NUMBER. It’s also an outrage that when you click their “bad experience, let us make it right ” link it asks you why you were unsatisfied with your cleaning professional! As if to assume it’s automatically the cleaning professional’s fault that I’m having a bad experience. There’s nowhere to click to express a TERRIBLE EXPERIENCE with the app/ it’s customer service team. UNBELIEVABLE. I will certainly cancel my account ASAP. The only reason I’m giving 2 stars and not 1 is because I feel sorry for the cleaning people. The guy who cleaned my house was ok (not great TBH).
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5 years ago, RC760
Less than one star
I’ve used Handy numerous times albeit with problem after problem with their software. They don’t publish a customer service phone number so it’s quite frustrating to say the very least when an issue arises. I was recently erroneously charged because I rescheduled a housekeeper booking so I emailed their customer service department and received a response that was unbelievable in that I will have to pay full price at $153 when and if I reschedule. I was able to convince the CSR that I wouldn’t allow that to happen as it is tantamount to fraud, he agreed and said I would have a refund in 3-5 days, well I didn’t receive the refund so I disputed the charge with my bank. Another issue is the “cancel” button on their application, it doesn’t work! The pro is still dispatched! Then there’s an issue with pros not showing up when scheduled with less than 30 minutes before they’re confirmed! On that occasion I was allegedly given a 10 buck credit to my account yet I never received it. Currently I’m trying to reschedule a pro that I booked through Wayfair to assemble a product I ordered. The date and time that Handy rescheduled evidently cannot be rescheduled! So I’m having to cancel it with Wayfair. My best advice is Handy is anything BUT handy. They’re lack of customer service is alarming and the consumer complaints endless. Avoid them at all costs!!!
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6 years ago, Mellyangel
Charged for cleaning my own house
Initially the first 2 people who cleaned my home were pretty good. However, during the last month, I have had three incidents where I was charged but my house was not cleaned appropriately. One time the person became suddenly ill, but I was charged anyway. I had to contact handy to get a refund. They did respond immediately and I was issued a refund within 3 days. Another time, the person arrived and left a full hour early and I still had to dust and do other cleanings because it was incomplete. Today, the person allegedly showed up about 45 minutes early. They claimed there was no one home- in reality there was someone home to open the door. I am now being told that “as per policy” they can only refund half of my fee because the person set aside time to clean my home. So I should pay you for not cleaning my house, for stating that you arrived when it is absolutely impossible that occurred because there was someone home?! I am thoroughly disappointed and disgusted- basically I just paid someone so that I can come home after a long week at work and clean my own home. And I signed a 3 month contract so now I can’t cancel u til the 3 months are up. I cannot wait until They are done because I am Absolutely done with this! This is the second time that I have tried handy and had challenges. Absolutely do not use them!
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6 years ago, NRVU
Terrible app
I’ve had issues with this service since I signed up. The only reason I’ve stuck with it as long as I have is because I found a great cleaner through it - before finding her, I kept dealing with cleaners canceling on me the morning of scheduled cleanings. This happened the first two times I tried to use the app, and the customer service I received was extremely disappointing. Since then I’ve had issues scheduling specific cleaners (the calendar feature in the app is extremely confusing), and when you do schedule a specific cleaner based on reviews, it’s often switched to a different cleaner without notifying you of any changes. This just happened to me and the new cleaner assigned to my scheduled cleaning says she has 4.5 stars, but when you click her name it says “no reviews yet”. So you switched my cleaner to someone who has no reviews, without notifying me? Really bad experience. **Received a ridiculous response from a developer regarding the above review - saying “Some pros are new and even though they don't have a rating yet it doesn't mean they aren't good at what they do." First of all, this is a service I pay for - I should be notified when the cleaner I’ve selected has been changed. Full stop. Secondly, how can a pro have 4.5 stars if they haven’t been reviewed? Is this a bug, or is the app intentionally misleading its users?
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2 years ago, helenegiselle
Do not under any circumstance use this service
I made the grave mistake of signing up for a six month subscription to Handy. So far, I have had five of the six cleanings, and all five have required me to exchange between 4 to 16 emails or calls with the company trying to retrieve money that they have overcharged me. They will fight you every step of the way trying to convince you that their false charges are correct. They are extremely reluctant to refund you the money that you are owed. They will either tack on extra services you don’t want to increase the bill or raise the hourly rate without any notice or reason. Cherry on top? Once you think you’ve sorted out your issue - after 10 or so emails - with one of their near useless customer service representatives, they will then set you up with a new customer service rep who has no idea what the issue is and will then recommence trying to convince you that you are not owed money that they have robbed you of. Presumably this is to discourage customers and increase their chances of successful theft. I have reported this company to the Better Business Bureau, as refusing to return owed funds to the customer is somewhere between theft and a scam. Save yourself the time, effort, money, and frustration and turn to literally any other cleaning service out there.
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4 years ago, pjoc49
Terrible Customer service
I said in the app to skip my cleaning 2 days before the scheduled cleaning. The day before I saw they had assigned a pro to come. I messaged her telling her not to come as I wouldn’t be home and had canceled it. She said I had to go through the app which I had. Well, my Handy tried to charge me for the service I didn’t get and had canceled. They said I didn’t cancel it! But they want my credit card info because it has changed since I last used them probably 2 years ago because we have done so much remodeling in our home and couldn’t have them come). I want to cancel my service with them and they won’t let me! Believe all the bad reviews you have read. I’ve had the same complaints. I’ve had pros complain about the rating I gave them, too because Handy won’t pay them the full amount if the rating isn’t high enough. They get paid very little as it is. And they send pros that live an hour away to my home! This company sends me emails everyday asking me to update my billing information so they can charge me for a service I didn’t receive! They also won’t let me cancel my plan. I’m basically kicked out of my app until I let them bill me. I still have someone scheduled to come every month that I have to go in and cancel. And that didn’t even work last month! Don’t use this company!!!!!
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6 years ago, Pietroreviews
First review - I felt obligated
I purchased a bi-weekly cleaning service through Handy, and the first impression was not unsatisfactory, or insufficient at the least it was simply non-existent. First impressions are everything in the app services industry, and quite frankly I think I have to label Handy a Scam. I was charged for a service that was simply not delivered. The cleaning “professional” was scheduled to arrive and on tracking their arrival they just seemed to never move on the map. So I waited, and waited and then discovered (without any notification) that the pro just did not arrive, just simply matter of fact. There was no, we will refund or rectify this misunderstanding just, hey we charged you and didn’t deliver, so hey that’s totally ok right. I tried to reach the professional directly and the number was inactive, super helpful. I tried to find a number to call directly, this does not exist. I reached out multiple times on their forms, which state upon receiving the request they will reach out within “minutes.” If by minutes they mean never than that’s accurate. Either way, I do give businesses the benefit of the doubt and I never write negative reviews because I believe mistakes happen, and they should have an opportunity to rectify the situation, but that ship has sailed. I will be cancelling my services immediately, if I can get anyone to respond back.
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3 years ago, koulie
They steal your money then go radio silent
I never leave reviews, but I’m really frustrated with this company and had only used them since I was encouraged about their 4 star rating on the App Store. I scheduled a one time deep clean service and was never matched with a pro, so my cleaning never happened on the scheduled date. They rescheduled it to a few days later and then same thing, I never got matched with anyone then they moved it to two days later again. After this happening twice I didn’t want to wait around for it to happen for a third time, so I told them it was too late and I wanted a refund. Then they moved my service back a day earlier and I told them no, I don’t want it a day earlier I just want a refund. When they canceled this third booking (which I never asked them to schedule for me) I got charged a $15 cancellation fee! When I wrote customer service and asked for a refund they told me they’d give me credits. When I wrote back I wanted a refund and not credits, they said I’d receive my refund within 3-5 business days. It never happened and now no one is answering any of my emails (though when I was scheduling I’d get answers within minutes!) and I’m disputing the charges with my credit card company. Dodge this service entirely, they are untrustworthy and a waste of time and money.
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4 years ago, EB KAH
Do not use Handy! I wish I didn’t have to give them one star!
This is the first review I have ever written, so that should indicate the level of dissatisfaction I have with this company. I booked a pro through the Costco website (Handy must have a contract with Costco for assembly jobs) to mount our brand new 65’ tv to our wall. The pro cracked the screen while he was putting it up. I know accidents happen and I was expecting a quick resolution and replacement of my broken tv through Handy. I filed a claim report the day it happened (over a week ago), sent pictures, proof of purchase, and have called almost everyday to see if I could talk to someone in the claims department. I was told there was no way for me to get in touch with the claims department and that my case had been “escalated” and that I would hear from someone in the claims department by the end of this week. No one from claims has called or emailed. I did receive calls from people who have told me nothing useful except that they can’t put me in touch directly with claims. This morning I got an email saying now that they have not received my claim. Just how dysfunctional is this place ???? I called Costco and they are replacing my tv for free and who knows if I’ll ever hear from Handy, the company that actually should be replacing it. Costco-cancel your agreement with this company!!!
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4 years ago, IlsaTheJoe
Badly run business do not use!!
First off it’s impossible to cancel your subscription so if you’re not 100% sure definitely do not sign up for one. I signed up for six months of cleaning because I’ve been working a lot and haven’t had the energy to clean lately. Every single time there has been a problem. From late cleaners, to cleaners getting lost, to being canceled on last minute. This past time a woman never showed up to my house but they still charged me because they said that she was “in the area” she never rang my door though. And she made up a lie that a man told her to get out and no one by name lives there when my full name is literally the first name on the mailbox? So anyways I emailed for a refund and they said sure just reschedule and we will only charge you for that one so I did. And I ended up paying for both. They refused to issue a refund for the first woman even though that is what they offered. After back and forth emailing for two weeks straight they finally offered me 50% back. Wow. Thanks a lot. I paid for a woman to come to the “area” never make it to my actually address and then make up a story about a scary man who told her to leave. So then I tried to cancel and like I said at first, nope it’s impossible. Don’t get involved with this company. There are way better more well-run companies in Chicago.
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6 years ago, SuperMom3X
Good Concept - TERRIBLE Customer Service
I randomly had a house cleaner show up at my home at 7:00am. I didn’t schedule it, but looked on the app and it was charging me for her. I didn’t know what to do, and Handy DOESN’T EVEN HAVE A PHONE NUMBER you can call for support. So, I stood with this lady in my kitchen while we both sent emails to them (it said for urgent matters they would respond ASAP). They didn’t respond for 9 hours!!!! Plus, they won’t refund my money, will only give me a credit. Other issue is that I had a very skeptical girl come clean my house. She showed up 1.5 hours late telling me it’s because she “had a bad dream”. She acted like she was on drugs and made me feel very uncomfortable. She sat in my kitchen eating her lunch for a while, and kept giving me her business cards and telling me Handy rips her off, etc. I was too nervous to leave a bad rating and review since this girl knows where I live. I emailed Handy and told them I would rather give them my experience over the phone instead. They never called me! Then, to make matters worse, I requested a different person the next time, and guess who they switched it to? Yep, she came back. Same sorry...late, odd behavior, etc. If you find a good one, they aren’t around for long because Handy takes too big of a cut.
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3 years ago, very unsatisfy customer
Handy is CRAP!
If I could it zero star, I would. First, I booked my first service ever on the app and after I got my confirmation # poof!!! they sent me a coupon for 15% off for my first booking. Great that will do me now, guys. Then on the day they were due to come they texted me one hour before they were due to come to say that they rescheduled my appointment. I was mad, I feel like I should charge you $15 for canceling my appointment less than 24 hours. So I cancelled the appointment. They had the nerve to put my refund money on their credit account, so i could use it for future bookings. Really!!!! You did not even show up for my first appointment. What makes you think I want to do business with you ever again. So, as read on, I saw I could put my refund back on my credit card, so I did and they stiff me $.90. I am annoyed because I feel silly arguing for less than $1. So you guys could keep the $.90 and that one star rating as donation. You are going to need it, because unless you change how you run your business it will not last long, Also, it is bulls**t that we have to pay before the job is done, I never heard of a company do that. Also, no phone number to complaint, but now I understand because everyone would be calling. You are horrible!!!
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5 years ago, smit2324
Workers and time issues
I have used the cleaning services about 8 times and at least 5 of those times the workers have been late to show up or try to cancel last minute. It’s very inconvenient when you are relying on the cleaning services for an event or holiday or when you are planning on guests staying at your place and the cleaners are unreliable. Twice now last minute cleaners have tried to cancel and/or reschedule last minute when that just wouldn’t work for my schedule. This last time they tried cancelling/rescheduling due to “car issues” and when I submitted that on the app so I could get a refund we got attitude back from the worker stating now they had to pay the company money because we submitted that they couldn’t come at the time requested and my husband had to go to work so we couldn’t reschedule for a later time. I feel for them but then again if I were to cancel and not say it was the worker that cancelled/was late and asked us to reschedule I would get charged for having no services done in a time when I needed it. And I’m sorry but it’s not my fault the company makes the workers pay when they want to cancel or reschedule last minute and arrive hours late. Overall it’s just not reliable enough for those who have busy schedules and jobs and need services during specific times.
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6 years ago, Eel Nosnibor
A lesson in letting strangers in your home
We tried this service and the first cleaning “professional” who came to our home was weird and made us uncomfortable. I tried to change cleaners, but they sent the person I didn’t want anyway. Not to mention they charged me a fee for changing cleaners, meanwhile the change was never processed. When her time was up she wouldn’t leave the house. We got upset with her that she refused to leave and she started yelling at us that we don’t appreciate all the work she did and she pulled out her phone and started recording the interaction. She said she records everything during her cleanings. It took us five minutes to get her to leave and she left and called the cops on US. Next thing we know we have cops in our home searching for something that was not there. It was an absurd and intense experience that happened around our child. Handy gave us a full refund and supposedly fired this lunatic. When we explained the situation and sent pictures of something the cleaning lady broke they wouldn’t reimburse us without proof of purchase. Which is bullsh*t because it was a gift we received a few years ago. Thanks for nothing, Handy. Your background check is a joke and you’re letting people who need mental help into your customer’s homes. Don’t trust strangers in your home. Period. Lesson learned.
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2 years ago, 212Chick
I used this service to book an appointment to have a TV stand I’d purchased at Walmart, assembled. I should add that, this service was booked for me, when I bought the TV stand on Walmart’s website, and I’d already paid the $80 service fee. The guy who eventually showed up to my apartment, was wearing a mask as was I. BUT, about 30 minutes into his working on the stand, I noticed he’d taken off his mask! So I said, “Sir, are you vaccinated?” At that moment, his entire demeanor and behavior towards me completely changed. He replied “No, I’m not vaccinated, I don’t believe in that!”. Literally, my heart almost stopped! I politely said “Sir, please keep your mask on”. He said “I can’t wear a mask I have asthma”!! So, for 2 hours, I sat in terror, while he worked. When he was done, I checked to make sure the stand was working. It completely was not. So I asked him to please set it up correctly. He refused and left. Two days later, I was charged an additional $100 for his “service”! I called Walmart, but it got me nowhere. And you obviously cannot call Handy. So, PLEASE NOTE: in addition to all others complaints, some of these guys are unvaccinated & will reuse to wear a mask!! How is Handy even legal! They are sending unvaccinated folks to your home!! SHAME ON YOU HANDY! Just complete & utter SHAME! You WILL be sued by someone soon.
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6 years ago, Kguiod
Money stolen, AWFUL Customer Service
I had two envelopes with cash placed in the bottom drawer of my nightstand. They were both taken. A police report was filed but that is more so that if they get another report on the same Handy cleaner they’ll have a pattern and maybe prevent this from happening again. Nobody else had access to my place between the time the money was placed there and the time it went missing. Beware of this service. I’d like to know what sort of background checks are actually done on these individuals. When dealing with Handy they had me jump through numerous hoops to pursue a claim with their claims dept (their suggestion). Only to find out (from the Claims manager Jean) that Handy doesn’t deal with lost cash. This was in the fine print when you sign on for this service. While I understand that, my complaint was in the fact that the Handy customer service reps don’t seems to be aware of this policy otherwise they wouldn’t have had me file a claim. Fast forward to multiple obnoxious emails from the manager Jean repeating over and over “you agreed to this when you signed on” and I’m utterly done with this company. Nothing was resolved and when speaking with the police learned there are numerous open cases related to complaints of theft by a Handy employee. Bottom line, Do Not Trust this service.
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3 years ago, nicetrybutno.
Do not use this app! It’s a scam.
I signed up for Handy for home cleaning services - the way it’s pitched to you is that you’re matched with a cleaner, and that they are vetted. This person then is the same cleaner you work with for however long you sign up for. For my first month, I was surprised when a person that was not my assigned cleaner showed up. I was told the regularly scheduled person was busy, which is strange bc they booked for the job so the only thing they should be busy with is this job. I let it go. The replacement did an ok job but I still had to clean up after they left. I ignored it thinking I’d get my regularly scheduled cleaner the next month. Except the same thing happened and when I told them it wasn’t professional, ok, or safe to send a stranger to my home, Handy handled it very poorly. I’m still trying to get someone to speak to me on the phone about it. Do NOT use this site - they oversell what they have to offer and ultimately don’t care if you’re not satisfied with the services or whether the folks signed up are professional or not. It’s a headache to connect with an actual person and you’re going to be stuck paying for services that were subpar or that you didn’t even get bc the Handy assigned to you is just not showing up as agreed.
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5 years ago, Utah Customer
Terrible Customer Service
Future customers spend your money elsewhere! The only reason I’m giving 2 stars is because the first time I used Handy’s cleaning service I was living in a different city and had no issues. Now that I’ve moved I decided to try using them again but it has been a horrible experience. I booked a cleaning pro for my home and when the day came I got a notification 1hr prior saying that the pro had to cancel last minute. I was then rescheduled for the following Monday. This time the pro simply never showed up but marked the job complete on the app 30mins past the scheduled appt time. I informed Handy and they just rescheduled me for the upcoming Friday with a $10 credit. Now Friday comes and once again an hr before the cleaning I get a cancellation notice with a reschedule to the following Monday. I was then fed up and wrote to customer service only to be just given another $10 credit to shut up. It seems that Handy’s approach to every complaint is to give you $10 however that’s not going to work with me. How about you actually provide a real response after finding the root cause to 3 consecutive cancellations. If there is limited pro availability in my new city then don’t offer the service here, it’s simple!
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5 years ago, Kalupsis
This app is a SCAM!!!
SCAM! SCAM! SCAM! Gave one star because could not give a zero. Awful service!!! Would never recommend Handy to anybody. Professionals picked to do cleaning service, based on good reviews, always cancelled at the last minute and someone without experience would take the booking and do an awful job that I still had to pay $118 for. Profiles of the “professionals” with good reviews seem fake. If a booking was cancelled by the client based on the change made by Handy at the last minute of the same booking date, on having a professional without experience do the service, there would be a $15 fee for cancelling within 24 hours of the booking. After letting Handy know about the bad cleaning experiences had from these inexperienced professionals, the “service satisfaction guarantee” from Handy was to reimburse me $20 just one time for awful services I paid $118 for. Customer service is the worst. There is no phone number to get in contact with, only an email which you have to wait for a response. They even have a membership cancellation fee of $99, billed no matter if you are dissatisfied with the services. The Handy app is a scam with lots of hidden fees that only benefit Handy. Again, the Handy app is a SCAM and it should be notified to all those considering to have a membership with not to fall on it.
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4 years ago, happytears
Awful Customer Service
Handy does not deliver what they advertise, and are unwilling to work with their customers to make it right. My first appointment they rescheduled at the last minute - which was detrimental seeing as it was a home move out cleaning and we had to be out of the house that day with it complete cleaned. The second appointment we asked the handyman to hang our blinds. He hung all of them crooked, left holes in our walls where he messed up, and refused to fix them when we asked. The next person to clean our house only swept and didn’t do anything else. He also broke a huge mirror of ours. The next two times the professional didn’t bring a vacuum, even though we stated we have three dogs. They also left early both times. We FINALLY got a professional we liked last time. We marked him as our favorite and I made sure he was assigned to our next cleaning. Lo and behold, at the very last minute they switched it to a different professional. As I write this he is late to showing up. After each incident I contacted handy to try and get out of our contract since they have YET TO DELIVER ON THEIR SERVICES. Each time I was told I would have to pay $99 to cancel - even though I have now spent almost $1000 on services that have NOT BEEN AS ADVERTISED. The least I can do is warn anyone else - do not use handy!
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6 years ago, dutchessoffrance
If you’re looking to make money beware
I tried this app because I figure it would be a good way to make income. I have over 20 years experience in renovating and repairing expertise. The jobs you get, you don’t have a choice as to a location(the jobs are all over GA), they show up and if you don’t claim them in a matter of seconds you lose out. The app makes the majority of the money, most jobs you will get are $30,$40,$50 jobs max $90. With the $30 jobs you’re building or setting up bed frames or desks or dressers(I once saw a pool table set up for $40!!!) That’s ridiculous! With $90 jobs you’re doing a lot of repairs. Maybe 3 or 4 different jobs. This is not a way to provide for your family. It’s a way to earn small side money. The creators should check and verify whether the pricing matches the customers description of the jobs because whoever joins this must understand you are waaay underpaid. The $90 job I did should have been minimum $350!!! But once you are booked (if you put open availability) if you cancel you get charged $20,$40,or more dollars depending on how long of a cancellation you give. The good thing is that you earn some money (not much) and can possibly build clientele if that’s what you’re looking to do.
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2 years ago, sillytits
Awful communication and customer service
This is my first time purchasing “professional“ help in mounting my TV on the wall. I quote the word, professional because there was nothing professional about it. I had to reschedule my appointment twice and not buy my choice each time to handyman we’re supposed to come out because it’s a big job and only one showed up both times when I called and actually spoke to somebody with the handyman customer service, I was constantly transferred around asked for simple information multiple times, and when I explained what happened to the last individual, they told me that I would have to reschedule another appointment for them to mount my TV on the wall. At this point, I was furious and wanted to speak to a supervisor so I could cancel and get refunded the amount I paid for this “professional” service. I am still waiting for the supervisor to call me back, which I know I will never get a call. The last individual that I spoke with from customer service was extremely rude and I will never use handyman again. I’d rather have my nine and 10-year-old do the job because they are more professional than this handyman. Signing out and deleting my account with them immediately after this.
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3 years ago, every_nickname_already_taken
Awful experience
The “pro” showed up to do the job, took one look, and said he couldn’t install the light because the ceiling was too high. I had put in the note when booking exactly how tall the ceiling is. He left without doing anything, and I was still charged for the full service. We also booked a painting service. The “pro” got paint on the carpet and the staircase in our new house. Carpet will have to be replaced. He did not even come close to finishing, and shadily requested we pay him via zelle for him to come back to finish the job. He spent three more full days, which he billed us hourly for, and the painting of the two small rooms is still unfinished. There is no way this could have taken this long unless he was literally just sitting up there watching paint dry, knowing he was being paid hourly. When I submitted a help request, I was refunded 30% of the paint job. Considering I now have to pay for new carpet, I am still out $400 plus whatever it is going to cost to fix the painted carpet. I was only refunded 30% of the light fixture installation as well, even though literally nothing was done during that booking. Oh and the “refunds” are credits toward another handy booking, which are useless because I will never be using this app again.
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3 years ago, NcEMTmedic13
Read FB reviews and BBB profile FIRST!
I made the mistake of falling for their bright and shiny ads on FB, lured me right in. Big mistake, I never read the reviews before hand. So I jumped right in, agreed to a 6 month service.. (you’ll be charged a large fee to cancel before then). It’s been five days since I signed up. I still don’t have a cleaner assigned to my appointment in two days. Little did I know, these “professionals” are NOT trained employees with an organized business but basically like Uber but for house cleaning. There’s zero commitment from the cleaners to pick up your cleaning request appointment. And if no one shows, the company will tell you sorry bout that how bout a discount for your next service, or so I’ve read. I’ll find out for certain IF someone actually shows this week. This business is not what they advertise. They are not like Merry Maids. Do yourself the favor and read the real reviews before falling for their “cheaper” prices. ALSO, their customer service has NO phone number. I’ve emailed them five times with my concerns and no one has yet to contact me. If no one shows and I’m still charged, I will be filing a fraud case with my credit union. #APPLE, you need to investigate for yourself and stop supporting these crooks on your AppStore!!!
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5 years ago, Jhousergoodman
Buyer Beware!
I am happy with the Joss & Main product I received, but would never book through Handy again. The scheduling process was easy, but then the contractor showed up without the correct tools to do the job (after calling & asking to come a half hour late) and then left. I received no communication from Handy, other than a notification that my job was complete (?!?). I would have liked to call Customer Service, but they have no phone number (?!?), so I attempted to use the app to chat. My first chat session was cut off & then for an hour, when I hit the “chat” button, I got a message that said “we are currently not online”. So, I attempted to email through the app & received no response (though it says they will get back to you in minutes). When I was finally able to get through on chat, they told me they could begin looking at rescheduling 72 hours out. No offer to compensate me for the morning I took off for the install. So, unfortunately, I just had them cancel the service & asked for a refund. I have received an email stating service has been cancelled, but that I can “reschedule for no add’l charge” if I do it within 24 hours. Nothing mentioned about a refund, so I’m sure that’s going to be another chat session. Save yourself the trouble & hire someone local!
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5 years ago, SvetyD
Terrible experience
I hired someone to install wallpaper and turned out they completely lied about having expertise with this and ruined my wall- he tore off the poorly installed paper and the paint came off with it. Handy then sent someone to fix the damage and the new handyman showed up late tried to bribe me and convince me I needed to pay him more money outside of the app so he can finish the job properly. The handyman was also making suggestive comments about my appearance and was making me very uncomfortable- I had to ask for my husband come home. As soon as my husband walked through the door the handyman completely changed his attitude. I couldn’t believe the situation I was in- complete joke. And to top things off Ha day still owes me my full reimbursement. They don’t have a customer service number to call and you can communicate via email. I incurred a lot of expenses including the damaged wallpaper and supplies/labor to repair my wall. Handy has only reimbursed me for half and has stopped responding to my emails all together. I ended up hiring someone from task rabbit and the tasker showed up on time was super precessional and repaired my wall/repainted no problem. Don’t waste your time with handy- they don’t vet their employees well for skill verification and have terrible customer service.
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