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ZOOM Corporation
Last update
12 months ago
Version OS
8.0 or later
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User Reviews for HandyRecorder

2.29 out of 5
102 Ratings
6 years ago, BradPDX
Too much like silly hardware it imitates
The Zoom HandyRecorder app attempts to re-create the interface of the popular Zoom handheld recorders (H4, etc.). While cute, that is a lousy idea - it brings over all the limitations and quirks of the hardware, too, such as not being able to name files or share them with other apps or services. The UI gives you completely different and equally bad views in portrait or landscape mode, and is filled with wasted space. Zoom should remake this as a real iOS app that takes advantage of what pure software can do. Drop all references to the hardware and do it right. The companion iQ5 and iQ6 mics are great and deserve better.
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7 years ago, Murphs139
Haven't even opened yet
And I bet the clicking others are hearing in their recordings are the result of "clipping" or recording level being set to hi... Another said they had "play with it to get the levels right... I'm really looking forward to getting back into the game of recording the live music, with permission of course / my own listening pleasure. Tape many a show with Sony d5 (later Addison Sony d7 amd Casio) and the tried and tru Nak 300s as well as some stealth... Things seem to be much smaller now a days... Went to see Ziggy other night so funny how everyone try's to record video on phones, yes some does come out well, however most I witnessed could stay still or could stay quiet. Anyway, looking forward to Laying with this app will post another review when finished. Any others who have suggestions for latest equip/software/apps, please reach me at barneymiller139(at)gmail dot com
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2 years ago, imark77
Looks nice doesn’t replace fire
I have been using the app called “fire” for a long time now it is since been discontinued and I can’t find an equivalent for newer devices. Thought this might do looks nice and I’ve had it for a little while now. I tried to use it in a pinch and found out it doesn’t see any input Although unlike the app for the F8n you can actually open it and demo the app sort of. Wait never mind I tried it on my iPad and it worked I don’t get it is it just not like my iPhone or like me I’m confused it will use the device is microphone on the iPad but I don’t know what’s up on the iPhone.
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10 months ago, subplane
Five+ years of an abysmal app
Five+ years of 1- and 2-star reviews that are still going strong to this day. Another example of a big corporation who doesn’t care about their customers as long as the physical product sells. (The mic itself is great, so it does sell.) The app is terrible. You can’t name files. You can’t edit them. The upside down interface for recording is useless because they never bothered to update it for the iPhones’ notch and pill designs. (You also have to dive to the bottom of the settings to find it.) You can’t stop and start recording on a single recording. There are way too many unnecessary tabs and weird places to access important things, like getting back to the main recording screen from a tiny “home” icon way in the corner furthest from your thumb. Unless you truly need WAV files (which I don’t want taking up my iPhone storage anyway), just use Voice Memos, which captures the high quality stereo audio perfectly in a thousand times better interface, with way more functionality.
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5 years ago, localfreshvibes
Terrible app
I'm sorry to say that I've had a very hard time with this app. The iq7 makes a lot of buzz noises, I'm not sure if it's because of the phone or what is causing it but the more I use it, the worse it gets. The app makes it hard to share and backup files. Could never figure out how to register my email with it so I can email myself the files. Also, listening to it playback in the car, as soon as the voice memo was done the player automatically went into monitor mode. The feedback was so loud and sudden that I almost crashed. I hope that a future version resolves these problems, but voice memos on the iPhone is a way better app than this thing. Don't waste your time with it
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5 years ago, PinkElephants!
Thoroughly enjoy
I bought the iQ6 about a year ago and use it mainly for field recording of ambient sounds. I have used it to record my acoustic guitar ideas so I don’t forget them and it does not disappoint. I would like to find a way to rename the files from within the app- and find a way for Bluetooth output support. I like recording while being able to monitor- but I would like to be able to share the mix immediately by connecting to my Bluetooth speakers or Bluetooth hub that is connected to my Eris 4.5’s
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4 months ago, Phantasmo
No longer compatible with latest ios17
I understand the lightning is an outdated format. But like many here I used to use my zoom microphone for recording video and audio and I'm sad to find out it's no longer working on iOS17 with lightning enabled devices. Used to be my favorite recorder now no longer functions. Please bring back compatibility!
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6 years ago, m.e_303
Is this really the best option?
Difficult to believe that this is the best Zoom could do with creating a recording app, or that they put much effort into it at all. I’ve encountered so much frustration with this app that dissuaded me from continuing with recordings. File management is terrible, Soundcloud upload continuously fails, cannot send decent-length recordings over email, and the list continues. It would be awesome if this app captured date & time with the recording, and ideally GPS location for field recordings. Also would just love to be able to rename my recording. These features are not beyond the capacity of Zoom. I hope they do better in the future
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5 years ago, Arcing ger
So close
Could be an excellent utility. From my perspective it comes up short into areas. Sharing and editing both need tweaks. Under sharing it provides two options that are less than helpful. I would like to see “copy“ and or “AirDrop“. In editing, It seems to be lacking the ability to cut out/remove and unwanted sound in the middle. I do like that you can continue recording and there’s more to like about it. But in my workflow it needs to have those two features updated.
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6 years ago, Jalapeño hvdjs
I used this app along with the mic to record a rehearsal and zoom doesn’t tell you that despite allowing you to record in .WAV format, the export limit is 25MB per file, making the quality recordings stuck in your phone. I spent 3+ hours re-recording them into another older digital recorder and that was a waste of time bc the Zoom app loops playback so it recorded the same hour long rehearsal 2.5 times. Use the mic with a different app. Mic is great and works with your iPhones camera and audio recorders. You don’t need this app it’s trash.
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5 years ago, fthenicknamethingjeez
Last IOS Update screwed it up!
NO FEEDBACK FROM ZOOM WHATSOEVER - 1/4/19 Post below was made weeks ago. Was working perfectly. Part time audio engineer with lots of zoom products. After last iOS update though there is no input recognition. Will not pick up any sound at all. Adjusted gain, nothing. Uninstalled reinstalled and still nothing. I checked my phone's settings (Xr) and there is no microphone permission! Zoom, Apple just made you look bad. Now instead of going to my trusted zoom product I have to find another app that works.
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7 years ago, MattDaleEditor
Powerful Professional Simple
This is the second TV Pilot I’ve edited where all the voice over is done using an iPhone with this App. I send the script, the talent go somewhere quiet and read, I have them in the timeline in seconds. We bought the Zoom external mic but you don’t need it. Great app.
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3 years ago, MisterFox
Not Even Worth The Time To Download It
This app is literally just a play/ploy to get you to buy their hardware. You can’t use it without sending your recordings to the cloud (email, iCloud, or SoundCloud) and the Pro version doesn’t let you find the recordings made within this version. If your intention is to publish whatever you record without any editing whatsoever, this is your app. If you prefer to process (or even normalize and crop) before publication, this is something to be avoided.
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6 years ago, Front412
Using the IQ7 in mid-side mode requires you to use this app, which would be fine if this app had any decent sharing options. The only way to get audio out of this app and into your desktop or another iOS app is via soundcloud or email. Apparently they’ve never heard of Dropbox, airdrop, AudioCopy, audioshare, or Audiobus. If they would add basic sharing features I’d find it far more useful. I just want the raw m-s recording to process later, but that’s not really possible with this.
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5 years ago, cookie_lover_69
Not recording anymore!
I LOVE this app. I have been using it with my iQ7 mic for years and have enjoyed every minute of it... until I updated to iOS 12. Now my old files will play, but the record function doesn’t seem to be working anymore (with or without the external microphone). Please advise so I can get back to the awesome that was this functional app!
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1 month ago, cgworld
Needs a lot of work
The fact that you can’t name your files in the Zoom app is puzzling and the main reason not to use this app. Trimming tracks is also difficult. The fact you can only do certain functions in horizontal mode is a bummer. Zoom, please rework and update to make this thing more useful to musicians.
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6 years ago, sphincter89
Won’t allow stereo recording
Despite plugging in a stereo mic that other iOS apps (eg Voice Record Pro) allow me to record properly in stereo, the auto detection feature of this app only allows mono and there is option to change it. Developer: if you respond I will gladly upgrade my review. Your “Support” link doesn’t provide support info. I’ll just use another app for now. Good luck.
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4 years ago, poshsoup
For what it is, it’s great. Negative reviews are probably user error. Using the higher end external mic attachment requires a bit of research on decoding your signal to get out of it what was intended but that’s exactly how it’s supposed to work even in a studio so...
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6 years ago, saxymoni
Fan of Zoom products, but...
The app is clunky, awkward, and worst of all, there’s no option to upload files to Dropbox or share via Airdrop. That would make a huge difference. I can get over the clunky app, been working with Zoom products since the original H4, and love their recording quality. I want to continue to support.
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4 years ago, BBMM6
A lot of noise
Terrible app, I know my microphone works fine because I record on garage band on my phone with it and it sounds clear. This app is the problem, I would not be able to record using this app and have any usable recordings with the awful noise i get with it. Zoom’s website says they are aware of the issue and are working on fixing ir but this is since November of 2019. Still waiting....
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5 years ago, illyoo
Not working
It used to work well, but stop working recently. I re-downloaded it and it turned out not asking for access to my microphone. So, apparently it doesn’t have the access now and is not functioning at all.
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4 months ago, Buddhas Palm
Devs - heed the reviews
Im looking to update my old TASCAM iM2 mic for iOS to avoid having 2 separate devices. I saw the ZOOM iQ series mics and decided to see what the app reviews said. What I see is a long list of reasons I should not buy anything from ZOOM, so I guess it’s back to TASCAM iM2 until I decide to buy a separate device. When the time comes, I will now avoid ZOOM products at all costs.
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4 years ago, marslasar.com
Unproductive, please update!!
Not being able to record with the amazing video quality on your phone is not productive and is a big let down. Also, not having “airdrop” or “wi-fi” sharing is very unproductive when recording WAV’s to your phone. You guys need to get current. This is a wonderful idea but seemingly archaic technology, takes me to the 90’s, emailing hires audio files??. Please update!!
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4 years ago, a Nickname 76
Doesn’t work
The app doesn’t seem to work at all. The mic works in other apps, but this app, that I was looking forward to using for its compatibility with the mic, doesn’t work. It shows it’s recording, the mic lights show it’s picking up sound, but now levels show in the app, and no sound is recorded. Now I need to decide if I should just return the mic and figure out a different option.
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3 years ago, Chess improver
Didn’t work until reinstalled
V4 did not pick up any sound from the iPad internal mic. I deleted and reinstalled the app and it seems to work now. Very strande but I hope it continues to function.
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5 years ago, Flub27
No Longer Supported
Loved this App, and bought the Zoom stereo microphone for it. Developer no longer supports it. I can still record with it, but no more firmware updates or direct posting to SoundCloud. It’s terrible for consumers when companies do this. At least the mic works with GarageBand and my digital pocket recorder. If it worked like it once did I would give it 5 stars.
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7 years ago, Bernardo Fuller
Higher Quality
It would be great if this app could record in 48kHz / 24 bit. I don’t see why they couldn’t add this feature, since the “ShurePlus Motive” app already does this.
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5 years ago, theRealSirshannon
Years out of date and no export features
This app is a few years out of date. UI doesn’t fit phones anymore. The only export options are email (won’t work because files are too big) and Soundcloud 👎 Don’t waste your time on this app and don’t buy a Zoom mic because then you’ll be stuck with this app.
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2 years ago, DTipps
terrible file management
There is no way to change the sample rate, and the three ways to export files are to upload them to icloud, upload them to soundcloud, or email them. It can’t email larger files, get ready to fill up your icloud storage
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10 months ago, real markoekv
Best IOS audio recorder
Great sound and features even without hardware.
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7 years ago, OddeoFryed
My grandma’s got better file sharing skills
Seriously!? Who shares field recordings via email and Soundcloud any more? Email? How about maybe DropBox or iCloud support? Otherwise, the few features the app does have seem to be stable... Email? Seriously?
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6 years ago, GRepublican
Boxes your audio
If you plan to do anything with your audio files, use another app. With all of the error messages and lack of function, it’s impossible to upload your recordings to any medium. Email uploads will be blocked for size and sound cloud uploads receive the error message 422. Great hardware, TERRIBLE software integration.
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6 years ago, forvalaka
Needs work
Clunky interface; no way to scroll through recorded tracks, no editing tools, not even the most rudimentary. Can’t even rename tracks! Worst of all is the export; can only send files out via email or to SoundCloud. No way to send to another app. No updates in over a year.
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3 years ago, qashto
Great app!
a glitch occurred that prevented me from recording but I did a reset and now it works! great app and I am very happy with my iQ7 device
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3 years ago, Xoooop
Has potential
The app use to work ok, now it will not record with a working mic, just hear clicks and then stops recording.
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5 years ago, Delphyne
Files transfer requires iTunes/Catalina
It’d be a mediocre app if it let you access your recordings via the Files app. However, the only options to get data out is to email it, upload to SoundCloud, or plug into a computer. As such, it gets the lowest possible rating.
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6 years ago, uberdeutsch
Very buggy. Don't use this app with their mic.
Along with the ancient design, removing any file created out of the app is very limited. Tried to upload via SoundCloud and kept crashing due to the app's inability to upload any file over 25mb. Frustrating and completely useless for my purposes.
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5 years ago, Mmmmeti
:(((( please !
Does not work with version 12.1.1 iOS Please update the software handyrecorder
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5 years ago, Hdidksns
App Updated
New app for iOS 12 or later! So excited!
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4 years ago, RyFly1226
Cannot Share Audio
It continues to fail to share the audio file no matter what way I share it, rendering my expensive Zoom recording device completely useless.
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6 years ago, rb__
Would be better
Missing a few features e.g. export to apple files and icloud.
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5 years ago, Tiny Chum
What happened?
Been using this with a zoom mic for years. Suddenly, on deadline, it stopped working and it appears it doesn't have permission to use the phone's microphone. Is this being fixed??
Show more
4 years ago, Matt Maraldo
Doesn’t work properly
I wasn’t able to upload my recording via email. Hard pass. Really wish this one worked.
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6 years ago, Cloud1229
Not working on iOS 12
If you install this app on iOS 12, it will no longer ask access to the phone’s microphone, thus cannot record anything.
Show more
5 years ago, bradpaulp
No sound input when using newest iOS update
This won’t work at all when using the new iOS update. Zoom hasn’t updated the app in over a year.
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3 years ago, njhtx
Recordings are empty since the V3 update
Can someone help me troubleshoot this? I am using the app exactly as I always have, but ever since V3 came out nothing but silence gets recorded. There is no wave form or anything. Help!
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6 years ago, AP554
Why did I get the microphone?
App won’t let me download to SoundCloud or email the file. Feels like the microphone is worthless. Will you refund me the microphone because this is pointless
Show more
6 years ago, martin2230000
Won’t output to Bluetooth
Made a recording, but won’t play back via Bluetooth speaker, even though everything else does !
Show more
4 years ago, @ab_alobaid
Static noise and old app
It's bad It have static noise while recording Are planning to fix the problem or I throw it away And also the app is very old like app from the 90s
Show more
2 years ago, KC59harley
Doesn’t work with 15.4.1 IOS
It appears this version doesn’t work with the latest IOS
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