4.6 (20.2K)
66 MB
Age rating
Current version
Optime Software LLC
Last update
6 years ago
Version OS
8.0 or later
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User Reviews for Hangman・

4.56 out of 5
20.2K Ratings
2 years ago, I love the game but,
Best Two Player Game Ever!!!
Hangman is the best two player game ever because you can name player number 1 and then player number two with any name. I love the top because it says hangman and I love the wooden style of the background. I love the pink chalk around the words “ enter word for ___ to guess. and I love how if you actually press on some thing you can go back to menu because it has the menu sign and if you actually want to start a new game you can press the new! only one thing I wish would change is that it had infinite ♾ words to put in for could be like “ I had a bagel for breakfast and a egg,strawberries,and milk.” overall I love this game is the best two player game ever!!!! go get it in the App Store.
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10 months ago, Judy in Upstate NY
Good game!!! BUT -
I like this game a lot. The game is fun to play. JUST A SUGGESTION!! It seems to me it would be easy to add definitions - can you do that? There are lots of words that I recognize but cannot define. I also think it would be improved if you eliminated three letter words and four letter words; there are often many options for those, and it is just a matter of guessing which ones you have in mind. The game would be better without that. But the big improvement would be definitions.
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6 years ago, Eyehasnotseen
More Game Options
Hangman is an enjoyable and rewarding game. I wish however it provided several program options. 1) At conclusion of each word spelling provide a simple definition as a learning tool. Sometimes I can spell a word but not know the meaning. If I want to know, I must stop the game and look the word up then return to the game which may waste several minutes restarting. 2) Let the user select whether to play with words made of four characters or less. There are often several correct letters for the last outstanding letter of words this short. In these cases, the contest requires the user to guess the authors intent which is usually the most obscure letter. This is a different form of entertainment, not depending on spelling rules or common spelling practice. Thank you!
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4 years ago, &@mark
Excellent, but
Very enjoyable, but with an occasional bug which sometimes begins a game at or near the end of a game in progress (which I never played.) For those wanting a dictionary to look up the meaning of a word, an iPhone has one built in. Go to the widget screen (the screen to the left of the initial home screen) and simply say or type the word as a Search. It’s true that the three and four letter words are frustrating, but you can choose to start a new game instead; the skipped game doesn’t count against your total of wins and losses. Finally, I want to thank the persons who come up with the words for their care. I have played thousands of games, and have never found a misspelled word - unlike many reviews.
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4 years ago, nenonani
This is awesome
It’s awesome because you play against relatives and friends. Another reason why it’s awesome is because there are no adds. which is great because then you can keep playing and playing without stopping. Also you don’t even realize that you are playing for HOURS. That happened to me once. You can also play against the computer or iPad or whatever device your playing on. That is why it’s awesome. Thanks again for no adds! 😃📱❤️😊🤝😁
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3 years ago, pi awww
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5 years ago, L.B the app master
I love it 🥰❤️💚💙💜💗💗💗
I love this app it’s my favorite hang man app I’ve ever had! I love the look of the game (a chalkboard) and you can choose a category (such as food, geography, and animals). I just wish that after you win the game they show the word on the box that says you won and gives you an option to look at the game without the box.
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5 years ago, COUSIN FOR LIFE !!!!!!!
Maybe a little more
I think the game is really fun and there is not to many adds which is great but I think they should add a little more to it like more people can play or you can put in your own word with other people if you are thinking about getting it I would say yes if you want a easy simple game and no adds but if you want a lot in a game and more stuff and more detail I would not thanks for reading this and have a wonderful day bye 👋🏽👋🏽👋🏽😀😀😀😃😊😊☺️
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2 years ago, Bob Paulson
Fun, but one weird glitch
I really enjoy this version, especially the cheers when you win. But fairly frequently, when I quit the app before guessing any letters of the next word, I reopen the app later and find that it tells me I lost! Not a big deal when you consider the problems so many people face, but just kind of weird.
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6 years ago, dobgold
Good but...
The game itself is a lot of fun. My issue is saving scores. I've been up in the thousands and when I open it up again the score had been reset to 0. This has happened time and time again. If this were fixed I'd change it to 5 stars.
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4 years ago, WyoBronco
No Dictionary
I bought this game for my daughter who isn’t fluent in English to improve her English skills. Unfortunately this game doesn’t have a dictionary included so you can literally type “ZBLRG”as an acceptable word. My daughter quickly figured out that she can play with words in her native language, which basically defeated the whole reason for me to download it. This game is fun but not very useful as an English educational tool
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5 years ago, super-girl369
I like the game because it’s a good app to play for when your bored but you could fix one thing it glitches and sometimes the game is rigged I mean that you make up words that don’t even exist and even when they are real words you don’t even spell them rite
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5 years ago, Pink0505
So Much FUN!!!!!
I love hangman because you get to do one player or two players and for two players you can get to guess that word that they wrote and for one player you could pick a category and there is options for you to pick!!!!! That why it is so fun!! Lexi Pink
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3 years ago, 12365479965
I sure would like it if we had a choice of the display fonts and keyboard. I’m used to a typewriter format and I find the letter font visually eye confusing. It would be great to have a silent mode for playing. I don’t like turning my volume down because if forget to turn it back up when I’m done playing. Otherwise I love playing this!
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7 years ago, Belandris
I was forced to switch games because my old wasn't updated. This one satisfies my need to guess the word. But I find the school chalkboard setting childish and some of the letters are hard to read. Especially, the letter P. Also sounds are annoying when you win ( kids cheer) or lose ( a guy saying, "aw" ). So I play with the sound off. One thing I do like is not being timed while I'm figuring out the word. My old game had a time clock.
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7 years ago, SassyBadger
Great game
I like that the set-up allows me to play with a friend. I don't use the word bank because I prefer to read a book if I am alone. Some other apps don't give you the choice of making up your own words. Thanks for a good time.
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6 years ago, Baby-draw
Pretty awesome!
I haven’t noticed any problems with this game, except that the word “nacotic” was the word I was supposed to guess. My phone doesn’t say it’s a word, google has nothing to offer (except did you mean: narcotic), and I’ve never heard of “nacotic” either! That’s the only inaccuracy I’ve found, and I play it all the time. Great game!
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6 years ago, ncjicjfjdjejfjfuhcjhhdjdj
I love it
Omg I love the app and it is so awesome 👏🏾 send me a unicorn picture and if you can send me a free phone I tell my Whole school about this app and to play and I have 827 people in my school and I will tell my whole family about this app so do we have a deal
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3 weeks ago, cactus jck
Thanks for making this incredible game
I love this game more than I love my girlfriend sometimes because I’m able to play it with my girlfriend and stay entertained I’m done now love you👍
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9 months ago, Xxbbppmm
Fun but bad font.
While playing this with first grader we were having difficulty deciphering the A from the R. I looked to see if we could change it. We ended up having to write some of the words on paper.
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6 years ago, TeresaT7471
How good do you know your spouse?
On Christmas night 2018 my husband and I were completely exhausted from all the holiday running when I suggested we’d play a game. We chose hangman and realized after 20yrs of marriage we think exactly alike!! LOL
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4 years ago, Mintie the Hunter Slime
It’s good for the whole table
It’s an okay game that has little ads to me and is good when my family and I go out to restaurants. I’d say 5 stars because it does what it is supposed to do. Have a satisfying hangman game.
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2 years ago, SharkPoolLollipop'sAunty
Fun with kiddos!
My nieces love playing this with me. We’ve been playing it for years now. We love choosing our own words and sometimes give category hints.
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6 years ago, Nicely wonderful
Hangman’s review
I think hangman deserves a four and a half because it’s fun! But I don’t love it, its better than some other games though. What would you say about hangman and how would you rate it?👑or💩
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5 years ago, shebebster
Using the hard words, this game is not only fun but challenging and even worthwhile in terms of strengthening my vocabulary as I take time each day to play while I decompress.
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7 years ago, yrrb
Good game but you need luck AND skill
Classic game and a good way to pass time that makes you think but not too much. Only one notable complaint- the three and four letter words are not gauging your vocabulary rather your luck. That's really annoying.
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5 years ago, raven-blackie
I love it ❤️ (only two bad things)
I just got this game there are a lot of words to try and figure out (but easy mode is not that easy and every time I win it takes forever to get back)but besides that that it’s a great game
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6 years ago, Solace12
Great games that make u use your brain cells to help restore human dignity. We’re live in such a closed up world now, so games like this are refreshing to help people interact and learn the language of talking again.
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1 year ago, aka love hangman
Loving hangman
I love hangman bc it has free WiFi and it’s so fun when you go somwhere so that’s why yuo should love hangman and download it to love you I love hangman bc it’s so fun to do when your bored and it has free WiFi
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7 years ago, TheFantasticNarwhale
I like that there's one or two player mode. But when I play one player it asks me what category I want to play so I clicked on holiday and the answer was punch. It didn't say holiday food and drinks. But other than that it is pretty good.
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7 years ago, CharlesArn
Fun game!
I can't believe how often I figure it out! Of course, I have it set on "easy for dummies!" Thanks for the good game... Four years later – still playing it!!
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7 years ago, Big Sinner Sam
HANGMAN is like so totally awesome dudes. It's a bummer if you get like a really short word like 3 or 4 letters then it's so so hard to solve. But Kowabunga I just love this game. Play it my friends and you'll be so fandagulous.
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9 months ago, Killaswitch
Fun way to quietly enjoy time with a friend. I was in a seminar that was very boring and hangman 2 player kept my coworker and I from going crazy with boredom!
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4 years ago, Juliet Depaz
Great Game to play when you are bored!
The thing I like about this game is that it’s very fun and entertaining, you can play it with your friends as well! :)
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5 years ago, canyonwoman
Improve Your Mind and Have Fun
Great way to have fun while improving your vocabulary, especially on “hard” level.
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3 years ago, zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz....ttttttt
More options
Would be nice to have more than 10 characters and to do more than one word
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6 years ago, 😚😜😓
Why I like this
I like hangman cause when I was little I was always in the hospital for my back surgery’s and I started playing it ever since
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4 months ago, Swati Basu
Best game I have ever played
Better than wonderful, this game is so fun than I ever imagined that you would have to get it. I love it!
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7 years ago, Ccccclllllaaaaasssss
This game is awesome
This game will blow your mind it’s so fun if you love hangman or interested in playing but I think if your kids get board this is the right game for you
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9 months ago, jhfhdoegryiebwtrijrgirkvdiel
Best Hangman You can Find But…
This is probably the best hangman ever. But the hangman is kind of hard but other than that this game is great!
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3 years ago, Rando6236
Category and Words Don’t match
When playing against computer, the categories and words do not match!! The category was Holidays and the word was Rolls.. really rolls? Food cAtegory, the answer was HOT that isn’t even a food. Wouldn’t recommend 😒
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3 years ago, www abc ya9
This game is the hardest game I’ve ever played And it’s not because I am bad at words it’s just hard I am a master at reading words but this just isn’t it 😭😩 If your a kid do not play this hangman it’s so hard I can’t even guess 3 words or even a 3 or 2 letter word 😞 I been doing this for hours. And hours. And I haven’t win 3 YET 😭😩
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2 years ago, mae crystal
The great game
Do you love this game I know I do you should video me and post it so others can play it
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7 years ago, cinzia33
Too Much Fun!!!
Don't you love playing Hangman, but you always need someone to play with? Well, here's your answer!! This game is so easy and so much fun to play!!
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5 years ago, Gabriella46!
Love it
Whenever I play with the computer it’s always not to hard but not to easy! Best competitive game!
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5 years ago, maleahcarter
This an amazing game. Good for car rides and very time consuming. This game was a little slow even though I have service, but other than that it is great
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4 years ago, khfukdmzykrfhgsyrdkfdhtk
This is the best game ever and the only problem is that
The game does not give you clues but other then that it is worth it
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6 years ago, fgdhefg
“This game is fun when it comes to playing against a friend but when your playing one player it is not so fair. Once I picked the holiday category and I lost and the word ended up being boil that’s not even a holiday.”
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6 years ago, crystalspringwater
Could do better
This app does not do the best it could to bring the incredibly fun game of Hangman to the screen. However, it is entertaining as a pastime and this app is recommended by many, so choose what you want.
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5 months ago, phantasmical
Why does it want to paste off my mail CONSTANTLY
I never let my apps take control over my system if I can help it. I have been playing this for a long time… and suddenly it is asking for personal stuff and after I say no, it keeps asking me. Deleted.
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