Hanscom FCU Mobile Access

4.5 (919)
45.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
Hanscom Federal Credit Union
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Hanscom FCU Mobile Access

4.46 out of 5
919 Ratings
5 years ago, JAndrewT
Would like to say its Great, but . .
One problem I have is being able to print a page, maybe it is there but I haven’t found it. In some cases a pdf file is ok, but sometimes I just want to capture the pace. I often use a screen capture but am not able to always get all the information on one screen without scrolling; and that takes two screen shots. And it is not possible to scale the data down to fit it all on the screen. Another issue I had/have is the way the programmer and I differ in our logic. When the software was updated, some or all of the preferences weren’t carried forward. Ok. The default was for elimination of paper copies of the monthly statements (and I prefer paper copies) but we were told that the settings could be changed. Tried that and wasn’t able to see (verify) that the settings were changed back to paper statements. Tried it a few times and finally had to call customer service to make sure it was changed and that we would be receiving the statement in the mail. One more thing: it would be useful to be able to go from one account to another without having to go back through the dashboard. Maybe a ribbon with tabs for checking, saving, etc. would be easy to add in a future release
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6 years ago, Bharris7775
Mobile check deposit
I don’t like that I can’t use mobile check deposit from this app. I have to download another app for that and it has poor reviews. What was wrong with the way it was done before? I have chosen not to utilize the other app. Check are now deposited to another account in a difficult bank. Bring back mobile deposit into this app.
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6 years ago, IRon Dragen
Pretty smooth performance
The app rarely, if ever, crashes. It’s perfect for most of the basic banking actions. I think it would be cool to make the app a little smarter though... I’d like the ability to set notifications for real time updates when a card is used, or have a more descriptive interface that gives information on what each option entails (almost like a tutorial for us younger or even first time bank users). I also feel like the app’s transitions could be a bit more seamless, or at least appear to be. The transition from screen to screen feel very old school and bland. This app ultimately does what it’s supposed to do and I’m happy with it. So 5 stars it is.
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5 years ago, CFinckler
Worst Banking App EVER!
It’s 2019, isn’t it? If so, why does this app run like it was made 10 years ago? The app is soooo antiquated. For example, in order to make a payment on a loan, I first need to write and photograph a check for deposit into my Prime account. From which (and only after the check clears 4-5 days later) I then need to return to the account to transfer funds from my Prime account to my loan. Yes, part of the problem may be due to Hanscom’s self-imposed loan payment process, which is absolutely ridiculous. However, the app doubles down to magnify an already horrible customer experience. Every month I dread using this app and wish nothing more than for it to be magically upgraded to being somewhat user friendly. But, I’ll only hold out hope for so long, and before long I’ll be forced to switch banking to a company that at least uses technology from 2015.
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5 years ago, Courtchauncey
Hanscom Federal Credit Union is Awesome
I’ve been a member since 1980. When I moved to Florida to live near my daughter and her family I was concerned how HFCU world work out with the move. My fears were for naught. I’ve had nothing but fabulous service from hundreds of miles away. I can do everything from my iPhone or computer. All I miss is interacting with the fabulous folks at Hanscom or Devens. I recommend opening an account with them if you already haven’t. Since I wrote this review Hanscom credit union has redesigned their app. It’s better than before. They have added using your finger print to sign in. It’s a convenience you will love.
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5 years ago, Farming the Day Away
Love Hanscom FCU
I have been banking with Hanscom for many years now and love this financial institution and this app! I have a checking account, saving account, personal loan and car loan with them...and my child has a savings and checking account with them! I get me direct deposit 2 days early and have had nothing but GREAT customer service, loan rates and account promotions ALL the time!! The app is very easy to understand and navigate and account information is easy to access and always current! I am a proud Hanscom member that uses this app every single day!! ❤️
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6 years ago, Durkee Rd
Checking Account Feature
I have a bank account app that allows me to enter checks I write that have not cleared on my electronic checking account page in a section called pending transactions and the program maintains a running balance, when the check clears the program deletes the pending transaction. So this really is my transaction register in electronic format. It encourages paperless banking activity avoids overdrafts because I know my uncommitted balance anytime.
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6 years ago, APL3
Easy to Use
Great app! user friendly. Fast accesible using bio metrics finger print signature for secured access. Application has a dashboard for viewing all accounts balances at a glance. Intuitive options and fast foto deposits feature. Great tool for ipad and Iphone. Though I hoped had a better bill pay to external accounts and a quicker feature of transferring electronically cash to external bank accounts using Debit cards or credit cards. AP3
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5 years ago, aigbeovucgeixh
It was much better before. Transactions appear then disappear making it extremely difficult to keep track. My balance goes up and down about 5 times day. It makes it very difficult with two people using this account for things to be changing so often. I want my transactions to come out and stay out. I have a $300 dollar purchase leave and return 3 days later. Basically messing up my entire finances. No one balances a check book anymore and i refuse to based upon an awful app. If i didnt like this bank as much as i do i would consider leaving over how ridiculous this app is.
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6 years ago, bad9ja
Very disappointed
I have being issuing this apps to make deposits, but all through today the apps stopped working. I have deleted and reinstalled the app 3x today and yet could not get it to work. I checked the Bank’s website for any information relating to the Apps not functioning today but no information. I am really disappointed!I leave miles away from the closest bank and this check needs to go in this week!!!
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5 years ago, dee perry
From Florida
I have had an account with HFCU for over 20 years. The app makes my live so easy since about 15 years I have been too far away to ever go to an office. I can do everything from this app I have ever needed to do. Could not be easier to do what is needed year after year.
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6 years ago, Luv14bball03fosho
Works 1/2 time
When this app does work I love it. But almost every other time I go to use it it just won't load. I have to delete the app then re download and have to wait for an email to register my device every time. I thought it was my phone but I got a new one and it's doing the same thing. Please update!
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5 years ago, Chana911
Great Service and wonderful bill pay app
I enjoy online deposits and the ability to access a teller from any credit union no matter where you are in the United States. Furthermore, all my transactions are archived and I can even retrieve copies of my checks. Hanscom Federal Credit Union is a highly efficient financial institution.
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6 years ago, Joe fitzy
Great features but problems
Very often under maintenance and not working. When logging in a message will be displayed telling you when there will be maintenance to fix problems and that message is pretty much there all the time. Plenty of great features that work successfully when able to log in and view accounts which is most of the time
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5 years ago, ElektraR
Could be better
This app is good but it needs work because there is glitching especially when it comes to checking the card to see how much you have on it. The app glitches on things that are pending or ends up taking things off like they disappear or something and it ends up either taking out more money than it should which leaves you short handed when they reappear on the app again.
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6 years ago, joe from cumberland
Consistent and user friendly
I just completed a 6-month deployment to afghanistan. Once my identity was properly established there i was able to use the app to manage my family’s finances remotely. I am very satisfied that the system is safe to perform any banking function we require. Jude jordan
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6 years ago, RobF70
Hanscom FCU App
This online tool is straightforward and easy to use. Account balances, check deposits and recent transactions in the palm of your hand. So easy you may make too many transfers in a month, make sure you know your account limits. Truly a branch office at your disposal.
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5 years ago, Debra Caren
Best Bank App Ever!!
Hanson has developed the best bank app I’ve ever used. It’s intuitive and has all the functions I regularly use easily available. There is no need to hunt through an endless number of drop-down menus. Quick, intuitive, easy to use, and comprehensive. Love this app. Love Hanscom!
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6 years ago, citygirl28
Super Convenient
The HFCU app is so easy to navigate and convenient. I appreciate being able to check my balance, keep track of transactions, transfer funds and more right from my phone. I would be lost without this app.
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5 years ago, 35 years a member
35 years a member
Secure; easy to use; gives necessary access to one’s financial history - allowing the member to track past expenses and organize future expenditures. Continues the tradition of excellence we have come to expect from HFCU, as we move inexorably into a new era
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5 years ago, LargEasyRocks
I have been a customer of HANSCOME for more than 15 years. The level of customer service has been consistently exceptional each and every time I have interacted with them. I would definitely recommend them for online or in branch banking.
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6 years ago, JustAKidfromME
It would be 0 stars but I had to put 1. It’s sad because I think this credit union could be better if more investment in technology. I liked getting my money before the deposit date but I’m in the process of closing my accounts as the app is not up to date with locations that do not exist. My husband can’t have his own login to look at our joint account. Went with Navy Federal as the app is friendlier and 24 hour customer service.
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5 years ago, O_oKeepEmLookin
Great App
Love this bank. I like how easy it is to transfer money. I like how i was able to set up amounts to set aside every pay. I like how easy it is to sign in and check statements and things. No extra charges and what not. Love Hanscom
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6 years ago, MonkeyBiz427
What's with the negative reviews?
I don't know what everyone is complaining about. This app works great for me...on my iPhone 6S with iOS 10. I never have log in issues and all the features work as they should for me. Keep up the great work HFCU! PS: I'm NOT a HFCU employee. Lol
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6 years ago, Mydjsoundlights
Friendly use and up to speed with latest
A friendly use APP, up to speed with the latest. Well setup to find what I need within an easy to understand lingo . Bottom line!! It just work ! Thank you HFCU.
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5 years ago, WordNerdRiss
The app hasn’t been allowing me transfer money and it hasn’t been showing the checking account as an option for transfer either. Please fix this as soon as possible. Thanks.
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6 years ago, Vehoce
5 star mobile app!
I use the HFCU mobile app almost every time I need to do banking. Most transactions are immediate. The secure messaging center is awesome. The mobile deposit add-on app is also great and they work seamlessly together. 5 stars for sure.
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5 years ago, Dave's s/o
Great app. Easy access to handle all of my banking needs.
Easy to open accounts; mobile deposits; account access and summaries. Very happy with the whole experience
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6 years ago, apple peeler
HFCU Banking app
Easy to use, reliable...they communicate when there is maintenance and stay in their maint window...love being able to scan checks and deposit from my phone too. Great job!
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5 years ago, Calypsolady
Love it!!!
I’ve been using this for years! I’m always amazed at how easy it is to bank on the go. The latest updates make mobile deposits even better!
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6 years ago, Mr Bekay
Mr K
Great customer service. Virtually never any down time. Secure messaging is answered immediately during regular business hours. Great having locations at the three VA Boston Healthcare locations, Brockton , Jamaica Plain & West Roxbury and all open early and late for working folks.
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6 years ago, dhovsssssss
Integrate everything
I wish deposit was integrated into the bank app; it's a pain to have two applications . Also, improve mobile bill payments. Apart from this, I'm very satisfied with the app and level of service.
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5 years ago, Pandora listener 2
Best credit union app ever
So easy to use login with finger print reader able to see all of my accounts at a glance, just perfect leave it alone you can’t make it better
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5 years ago, Que! Cono!
I've been waiting for you guys to make an app n FINALLY!! You came thru! It's nothing fancy but it does the trick when I need an answer right away and don't want to wait on the phone. Works great with my iPad and iPhone .Just got it but no issues so far....
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6 years ago, 44Hay
Excellent app! Allows me to conduct credit union business any time of the day — a major convenience. I have never had a problem with app and it provides easy access/use.
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6 years ago, Peter8779
Easy to use
Intuitive, user friendly. Nothing snazzy, just basic, banking functionality that works. The separate mobile check deposit app is a little cumbersome to have to switch apps, but not fatal.
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5 years ago, Amhessio
Happy to have access
I live in the city and not near too many physical HFCU branches so this app is great for me, especially the ability to deposit checks. Only missing a star because check deposit requires a second app.
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6 years ago, AndreaT:
Solid and dependable program that uses screen space well.
Needs calculator function within transactions
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6 years ago, AlexanderJack
Reliable and easy to use
I have had the app for several years. Each updates has solid improvements. It’s provides me all the access and transactions that I need online. Nothing bad to say.
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5 years ago, Citationwriter
Just keeps getting better with each update, extremely happy with it.
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5 years ago, Thouckie
Does not work
Updated to the new version and it keeps asking me for a four digit password. Called HFCU who could not help. Thinking of using another credit union after 18 years with HFCU
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5 years ago, 12394!,?
It’s good, not great
Sometimes the interface stops working or the app is slow to reflect changes. Overall it works but it could use functional improvement.
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6 years ago, Dadz Store
Perfect for keeping track of accounts
I use the app when on worldwide travel and it has been very useful for monitoring my accounts.
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5 years ago, SnyderMan32x33
solid app
Very reliable, easy to navigate, Face ID integration. Rarely any scheduled downtime, but advanced noticed is given when there will be be. The team in charge should be proud. Keep it going!
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6 years ago, medic68w40
Great app
Easy to use and transfer funds and pay bills. Now I can deposit checks fast and easy. Keeps getting better.
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6 years ago, dizzotie
Works well
Great app just would be great to be able to pay credit card bill directly from app to make additional payments through the month. I pay it off slower cause I don’t want to go to a installation to process the payment.
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5 years ago, Detective 1383
Great Appreciate
Easy to use and access! Great also to use on the road with no issues found as yet. Calls to branches are met with great assistance when needed.
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5 years ago, Chazfour
Hanscom is the greatest
I’m so happy we have an app as there have been so many times that I wasn’t near a computer but had to take care of something. Great work, keep it up HFCU!
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6 years ago, Navtikos
Been a member since 1980!
Been a member of HFCU since 1980!!! Never had an issue or problem with their services; they have always been accommodating and responsive to my financial needs.
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6 years ago, HLC012345
Wish it was a better app :(
The app and site is down a lot and I quite often find myself unable to use it when I really need it the most. I can get in to the site at times but then not see account balances. Hoping there are some updates in the future to make this better and more accessible since it is what connects me to my money.
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