happn: Dating, Chat & Meet

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1 month ago
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15.6 or later
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User Reviews for happn: Dating, Chat & Meet

4.29 out of 5
37.7K Ratings
4 weeks ago, Areynolds317
Banned and no support
I had the app for less than 3 days. No conversations. Even did the verification process. Then suddenly for no reason my account was banned with no reason why. I contacted support and got absolutely no response and was unable to get it resolved nor as reason as to why they suddenly banned my account. Edit: The problem was finally resolved and my account was reinstated so I updated my rating. I would recommend a quicker and more detailed customer service time. The response I received stated my account had been banned for a misunderstanding and was reinstated. I don’t understand what kind of “misunderstanding” occurred but I appreciate the problem being resolved.
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4 years ago, dallaswomen
Met the love of my life on Happn
I met my best friend and love of my life on Happn a little over 2 years ago. We crossed paths 60+ times and I thought dang, this guy must be my neighbor but turns out he lived a few miles from where I did and worked. Once we connected and started talking he even saw me crossing the street with my boss one afternoon near my work before we even met. That's fate and we found out later that we crossed paths our entire lifes including during childhood, across states, and concerts, mutual interest events, and more but we kept missing each other. Without Happn we might not have ever met. No app is perfect for finding love, there is a bit of magic to it all but I loved the initial appeal that it was a more natural way of meeting the person you are supposed to be with. You could have crossed paths with the one seconds before or after them a hundred times and would have never know. This just gave us the visibility we needed, a nudge. Thank you! Forever grateful for whoever came up with this. I'd like to think my story is what you were trying to create with this app. Well done!
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5 years ago, The_blue_shoe
This app is based on a good idea, but in execution it used to be mediocre and with recent changes it’s much worse. Any dating app that’s serious about making quality connections should offer filters, like a woman choosing to only see men taller than her in her feed, and so on. There aren’t any features like this, and now you can’t even see all of the people you’ve crossed paths with unless you swipe left or right on the last one near you. If I walked by someone this morning and someone in the afternoon but don’t log in until the evening, I won’t get to see the morning one unless I swipe on the afternoon one first, which encourages half-hearted decisions, unintentional matches, etc. It means you have to waste a lot of time on this app to see who you’ve crossed paths with. What’s worse is the Crushtime game, which is still suggesting women from half way across the country that I crossed paths with a year ago or more. It shows you thumbnails of 4 people at a time and you guess which one liked you by clicking them, but that auto likes their profile, so by guessing you might get matched with someone you’re not interested in, who isn’t anywhere near your area.
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2 years ago, Tim.T2
I don’t understand
I like the concept of this app, shortlist is cool, but I have weird problems with it that don’t make any sense. I’ve had a few likes for months and when I go to the first double arrow thing to show people to match with It will show me one or two people and then say no one is in site then the next day it will show a couple more people and then say no one in sight. It now shows I have 4 likes but it’s showing no one in sight.. why doesn’t it show the profiles of the people that liked me so we can potentially match? I’ve only ever matched with two people who were both scam Snapchat bots and I’ve been on this app for around 2 years with the same results. I know I’m not the best looking but on Badoo, Tinder, and other platforms I make matches and actually talk with people but on happn that never happens because it won’t show the profiles of people who like you??
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3 years ago, hfa4real
I love this app for the entertainment it brings
Not sure what’s up with all the bad reviews - perhaps people don’t exactly understand its purpose. I have been a paying customer for several years and I just love to look at all the “nuru massage” ads, hit the person up on Instagram, correct their spelling, troll and report them. For roughly 12 bucks a month (spread across yearly subscription) you get endless entertainment as new profiles show up on your list every couple of hours. Happn, you might wanna reconsider your fake “matching” algorithm. C’mon - if I swiped through everyone at 10pm, you really think there will be 5 more matches by 7am on a Sunday morning? Yes - I am a paying customer. No - none of what I said above is untrue. Yes - I do absolutely give it 5 stars for entertainment value. No - you won’t meet your soulmate here. Yes - you might get a fwb if you pay for subscription and are very patient and careful. No - this app, as advertised, does not deliver and thus - 1 star. No - I’m not trolling; this is an honest review.
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12 months ago, Sk8terstar888
Impossible to use
I gave this app every opportunity, because I love the idea so much. I just moved to NY and I am constantly seeing really cute girls on the subway or just walking around town, but I don’t want to interrupt people’s days or freak them out by going up randomly and flirting with them. Happn is a brilliant idea with an unbelievably terrible execution. When I say I gave this app every chance, I mean I deleted it and redownloaded it at least four times just trying to get through the signup process. I think the devs have just given up on it tbh. This app needs to be thrown away and rebuilt from the bottom up. I can’t even delete my account now (which I finally got set up) because every page on the app just appears blank. Tried to delete the app and redownload it again to get it to work but just ran into more bugs. I guess my happn account will just exist forever more in cyberspace, it’s honestly so bad that I feel like apple should kick this application off the App Store.
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6 years ago, aconibel
Too many ads, not enough safety features
The app would pick up anyone who walked past my house or my office with this app installed — which isn’t necessarily a bad thing because I live in a small city and the app isn’t very popular here. Sometimes, the same match would frequently pass both. One match messaged — and he may have been joking, but I chose not to respond and blocked him — that he knew where I lived based on how frequently he matched with me as he passed by my house during my non-working hours. My complaint is that there were so many ads, and not enough control given to the user over their data and personal safety within the app. This is a premium feature — when it should ABSOLUTELY be standard — and the cost of a premium membership is much too steep for the app that it is. I have used better apps and paid much less for them, and safety is their main concern — you don’t have to pay for safety features in a quality app.
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4 years ago, Joey Marx
Only worthwhile in certain communities
Bottom Line: maybe good for extremely densely populated areas, but not for the rest of the world. I used the app for approximately one month. For the first three weeks I was moving around Miami, a city I thought large enough to encounter a person or two. Well, this was exactly what happened, I crossed paths with two people; two in a city of over a million. I then was on a long distance road trip going through four or five major cities (Tampa, Atlanta, Nashville, St. Louis, and on north), and I decided to check the app to see if maybe there were more users. Out of all of these places, I only had one additional “happner”. Only three proximity matches in a month? This implies either the app doesn’t have that many users, or people are conscientious about their data privacy and do not want to share their location data with the app. Either way, it was not worthwhile for me. Finally, since there were no filter criteria, it just felt like Tinder, but with no proximity range.
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3 years ago, I_am_David
This app is a Scam now
This was once a good app, I met a few cuties on here, but now they show mostly fake profiles so you don’t run out of people in your area, and there’s no way to turn that off. There are so many scammers and bots on here. Their subscription is bizarrely overpriced compared to other apps, and the women on this app don’t swipe, they just wait for paid “FlashNotes”. And they will show you like 4 people, 1 ugly and 3 hot, and have you guess which one likes you. The hot ones are always wrong guesses, and if you guess correctly it sends the ugly one a match saying you like them and you have to unmatch. I was meeting lots of women on this app until it stopped showing you people you HAD crossed paths with and started just showing you anyone within like a 20 mile radius whom you MIGHT cross paths with. I’m 14 miles outside of NYC so the app went from great to garbage with that update. There’s no setting to change it. Total shame, waste of a good concept to make such a pathetic and transparent cash grab.
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5 years ago, kubbybear01
There are better apps out there!
When I first started using this app back in 2015, it looked like a good idea. I normally spend about 99% of my time driving everywhere so my eyes and brain are focused on driving, not checking out people I pass by. This app allows you to go back and see if you’ve passed by another cute. You could also choose to have your profile hidden if you didn’t want someone to purposely pass by your house so they could show up on your feed. However, as the years went, the hidden profile feature has become a paid service along with a lot of other options. If I had to pay for amount, I would prefer to use other sites with more profile info. Most of the functions now are for paid members only. To to it off, the profiles are either fake or people claim they want a relationship but message you for hookups. Seriously? If I wanted a hookup, I would have gone elsewhere than to hookup with someone who knows where I live.
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3 weeks ago, M A R V E L
The app is essentially a scam. After using it intermittently for about three years with my Facebook account, I was suddenly banned. When I contacted customer support, they claimed I was banned for creating and using a fake account. I asked for mor details, as all my information is genuine. They then demanded my government ID, which I refused to provide. I asked them to delete my images and profile, but they responded that they couldn't because my account was banned. They holding my personal information without my consent, which is a violation of privacy. It's absurd that they label my profile as fake but won't delete it. Horrible app. Also the process itself, you won’t meet anyone basic, bunch of people who will match with and never say hi! Some even you never cross path with because they are in a different states or even countries. Do pay nothing for this none sense basically a scam and please check other reviews.
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5 years ago, bloodrubies45courtney
This app has an over abundance of pedophiles and it also highly complicated when it comes to figuring where or how to cancel a subscription once a user can no longer afford it. Now I have an annoying and unnecessary expired subscription from this app that keeps me from downloading other apps. Even free apps can no longer be downloaded due to having a hard time canceling the subscription and deleting my account. I have an expired bill with no current payment method to pay for it which is why the Apple store is keeping me from downloading apps until I get a job again to pay off the debt. It is much easier to only log out of the app and that is just plain irritating. Not only is this app disturbingly horrible when it comes to safety, due to the fact that when I using this app I received a lot of 50 year olds attention with me only being 18, but it also shouldn’t have such a pricy subscription that is difficult to cancel.
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3 years ago, PHUKWAV
So there was a profile I had pop up in my suggestions or what ever you call it. I IMMEDIATELY pressed the x to decline (thinking it takes that “option” out of my cycle of women to choose from forever). Few days later I receive a like or crush whatever it’s called. I spend a few hours trying to see if there’s a way around it from forcing to me purchase an upgrade to view this mysterious person. I leave it alone for a few days and return to see it remembering that there was no way to see who it could be. So I cave in and spent $25 to find out it was the very same person I just declined who is not even of the orientation I desire. Where’s the filter? Why should I have to pay to view someone who likes me for me to be mad or let down? To those who read this I have a very distinct look about me rugged, slightly well groomed, very masculine...you wouldn’t think I liked anything other than a woman with ovaries and a uterus. How do I get my refund?
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4 years ago, Stumpus
One of the attractions of this app was the less likelihood of scammers, but that proved a false belief. I had two "crossed paths" at 4AM and 5AM. I was also asleep at these times. There is no way anyone was out at those times, let alone the people that showed up. Let's just say they would be at high risk of harm in this area. In spite of knowing it was bogus, I went ahead and crushed with one, and it was very obviously a bot or someone that did not speak English natively. Aside from that, I've had zero "crossed paths" with anyone, and this is in a metro area! It's bad enough that the app is now showing me people outside any reasonable area. I love the idea. I just wish more people were using it and scammers would just find something else to do. Oh I forgot. I also had a person show up that was very obviously underage, which I found quite disturbing.
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1 year ago, Mitch Conner81
Mostly catfish accounts
This App was good several years ago, mainly because it’s not saturated with too many users so better chance of getting matches in a given location HOWEVER, it is clearly now overrun by catfish users , and Happn as company seems to have nothing in place to address this - they may even be encouraging it to get a steady flow of temporary users been trying it again recently for a month - every single match is the same pattern, they don’t actually live near you , ever, but quickly want to get you off the app onto Whats App or google chat for a Video call - if you are dumb enough to actually get that far don’t complain if your phone gets hacked because what’s App video calls make your phone vulnerable to hacking. The uniqueness of the app has nothing in place to prevent geolocation spoofing - the entire premise of the App has been hijacked by hackers - Don’t waste your time !
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5 years ago, Yuki Kubota
Love the idea, too many fake profiles in LA
I thought the idea was brilliant and just started using it less than a week ago. I cannot believe how many fake profiles there are on this app. (I’m in LA) This app may be okay for people who want hookups and non-monogamous relationship but definitely NOT for someone like me who is interested in finding a long term relationship. It also does not require you to provide much to start profile which means you may only see their age, first name and pictures only. I don’t even know how tall they are... Since i had to report a few fake profiles, I wrote the company using “contact us” option about my concern (fake profiles=users’ safety), but I haven’t received any response. I have heard about fake profiles targeting men but never women, until this app. If you are going to try this app, I would highly recommend not paying for the membership option but just do it for fun, nothing else.
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2 months ago, Mindbender222
Happn is now the worst dating app of all!
Happn used to be pretty good because there were real people on here and you could meet them. Now it’s overrun with bots and scammers. The likelihood of matching with a real person here has become low. And Happn keeps asking me if it’s OK to track me everywhere. Yeah, right. It’s a complete waste of time to use this app now. I contacted support about this, and they pretend not to know anything about this problem, making claims that they work very hard to keep fake accounts off. While some other dating apps have figured out a way to keep the bots in check, the approach Happn has taken is to let them take over. Update: I tried again in 2024 and it’s just as bad as when I wrote this original. All of the recent reviews saying that it’s full of fakes and scammers are accurate. Whoever runs this app really does not care about the user experience.
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2 years ago, laleklk
Not worth !
I can say for sure that this is absolutely not a good dating site and it is not worth using. one of the reasons is that the support service is not qualified to do their job. They banned me for nothing !!! and when I contacted with the help, the answer was that the reason they blocked me was that I was advertising something 🤦🏻‍♀️ I have never advertised anything in my life on any dating sites and happn is one of the dating sites that banned me for no reason and did not help me with recover my account! we don't need a dating site where if you've been blocked by mistake, it's easier for them to write nonsense than to help restore your account!
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1 year ago, mattitude42
App is okay but lost the option to restore purchase
I do enjoy this app somewhat, although I agree with some others that more fake profiles seem to be popping up. But also, I recently had to reinstall the app and I’ve been unable to use my subscription because there is absolutely NO restore purchase option. I’ve reached out to support and except for one email asking me for more info, they have been unresponsive. So I’ve gone almost half a month at this point without access to my premium subscription, which is ridiculous. Not sure how they removed such a pivotal feature, nor how Apple allowed it either. UPDATE: I’ve added back a star, as Happn support resolved my subscription issue after posting the above review.
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1 year ago, Parker J. Williams
App Crashes While Rearranging Photos [Updated]
I'm trying to spruce up my profile after it's been disabled for a few months, and I wanted to remove a few photos and add some new ones. But anytime I try to rearrange the photos, the app immediately crashes. This is frustrating, because now my main photo is set to one I do not at all want to be my main photo. Please fix this bug. UPDATE: I'm honestly not sure what changed or fixed it, but I finally managed to get it to work. It's not necessarily the most active or popular seeming userbase in my area, and so likely won't be using the app that much in the long run, but at least the basic function of adding/uploading and rearranging my photos isn't crashing it anymore.
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3 years ago, Hop along with your friend
Blocking location = lots of spammers
This app allows people to hide their location where people crossed paths so all I have been getting is spammers claiming to be deployed overseas!! This app has so many spammers and creepers that do not actually live in my home country! This is a complete lie to the entire concept of what this app is actually suppose to do, which is find and meet people that live near by you!! What a scam of an app this is! Is it even legal to charge people for an app that allows fake people out of the country to create profiles on an app that is based on actual live cross connections??
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4 years ago, Steve..4785
No People on this app!
I work downtown a major city in Texas and live a few miles north. I’m around a highly populated area of the city constantly, but the app only found a few people I could match with. There simply was not a lot of people using this app. Other dating app have clearly taken the bigger share of people in the city. The interface was also full of ads wanting you to go premium including some in your messages that you could not delete. The interface is not simple or visually appealing. Overall not a great experience and a waste of time to set up a profile just to run out of people to ‘like’ in a couple of days. If you live in a big city and run out of people to like in two days, it’s because nobody likes the app. Plus I’m sure girls find the premise to be a little creepy since it shows you a map of where the other person was.
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1 year ago, Srum
2nd times the charm? No, it’s not.
Tried to give this app another try but it’s completely unusable and full of bot accounts. The feature that is cool, the passing by profile thing, can easily be faked. A location I was at, in the middle of no where had a person happn by me which would never be where I was lol. Because the property is a job site owned by the company I work at, no one’s allowed on-site but workers and it’s far from a side walk so they can’t say that’s what happened. The profile was even verified. The 2nd account I was chatting with was using pictures from a IG account, I found by searching for the image. After questioning the account they blocked me. It’s full of fake profiles and bots, etc. I shant be downloading it again. I doubt anyone has met anyone through this app that’s legit. But I could be wrong.
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5 years ago, jeffitz
Changes, Changes, Changes...
This app has largely taught me that people seem reluctant to meet people who may live near them, at least in Los Angeles. Too much accountability involved when the person you hoped to ghost is likely to show up in line for coffee maybe? Both amusing and a disappointing testament to how people treat one another in large anonymous urban environments. Regardless, the two stars is not due to that, it’s because the format of the app seems to change almost daily. I understand the developers are trying to devise a format that pressures people into purchasing subscriptions, but it’s too much change to get used to, and the real solution might be to lower the price of a subscription to something reasonable. $10 a month is probably reasonable, but not as a yearly lump sum of $120.
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2 years ago, Cobori04
Something broken
I’m in the US and saw the app does not show the state where potential matches are. My closest big city is Boston, so if I’m shown matches there, all profiles just say Boston, United States, instead of Boston, MA. It’s the same thing with other small cities and towns, the state doesn’t show, which makes it hard to know if I’ll ever be in a location where I can cross with someone. Also, I live in an area with a good 155k in population, more if the surrounding cities/towns are included, but never cross with anyone. I often get shown matches 30-60+ miles away or possibly other countries, but not in my local area. It would be hard to believe that people in my area are not aware that this app exists. Is the app broken?
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5 years ago, 95828rb
Not Safe for Women!! What were the developers thinking?!???
So last night, a guy said, “I’m 800ft away from you”. I looked at his profile, and I didn’t see distance, just number of times we passed. He said, I can see you but you can’t see my location because I pay for premium. Upon more research, users can only turn this location feature off by paying extra money for premium features. This is targeting women’s safety, it’s only a matter of time before someone gets hurt! Not to mention women are statistically underpaid and less likely to afford premium features. It’s only a matter of time before someone gets hurt! I liked the idea of meeting people I cross every day, but I’m not going to use an app that requires me to pay more for basic safety features. I DONT recommend this app for women!!!
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6 years ago, WillVenture99999
Too many ads. The new layout is terrible.
There are as many ads on this app as there are potential people to connect with. And, that’s not even counting the multiple pop-up ads that spring up every few minutes. I’m not opposed to an app trying to make money, but it feels like I’m opening an advertisement app which every now and then I might see a girl to connect with - instead of the exact opposite happening, which should be the case. More importantly, the new layout is terrible. This app is obviously trying to look more like tinder and bumble. The best thing about the old layout was that it did not look like those apps. So, what this app has turned into is a Bumble/Tinder want-to-be with at least 20 times as many advertisements as either of those apps. Don’t waste your time.
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3 years ago, Freakin A already
Escorts and Prostitution disguised in a dating app
The vast majority of the women on here aren’t in the location it says they are. I’m fact they’ll always ask you were are you located first then say they are too. Many times I’ve made up random cities that I’ve never been to and they say they’re there as well. Always wanting to move a conversation to WhatsApp or Snapchat. Did you know that that majority of the fake profiles are created by men in other countries merely trying to get you to let down your guard and send them money via Cashapp or other electronic payment apps. Sad that these dating apps allow this behavior and do not monitor the people. If they’re caught ban them by banning their email or phone number from creating a new profile.
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7 months ago, flextara75
Mostly fake
It’s a novel idea, but there are many profiles that are talking to me from china and they always want me to switch to another app or they want my email or phone number, so they are probably gps spoofing. Another type of fake is they will say a lot of really nice ambiguous things for the first day, then respond once per day after that with just one or two words. I think this type is actually some form of bot by the developer. I flag between 5 or 10 profiles per day but i don’t know what happens to them after that. Another type of obvious fake is the wording of the profile is always EXACTLY the same as others, if you pay you get access to people that have liked you but 90 percent of the profiles on here are fake.
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6 years ago, gabnsky
Decent app but 0 stars for usability and UX
The app is ok, I’ve been a user for a couple years I have even paid for the premium service, and I’ve met people through it... but... The user experience is not good, you can’t unmatch someone by simply pressing X so their profile keeps appearing over and over again which at the end, fills up your app with unwanted or “not-so-interesting” profiles and trying to get to those new and possibly interesting profiles, takes a whole lot of time... which completely ruins the experience. If I press X , is like the app to know that I’m unliking that profile and I’m not interested in crossing paths with them again ... expecting me to block all the profiles I’m not interested in, is ridiculous.
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4 years ago, Tenth Engine
If you’re a guy dating online you know what to expect. If not, educate yourself. This isn’t a bad idea for an app but it is problematic if you live in an area with a decent amount of National and international travel. You need to be out and about for this app to be useful and that isn’t the case for many right now. Why the 2 stars? Three days before my account was to expire I started getting more than the usual amount of Likes. I’ve seen this behavior with other dating apps. Of these interested women one was on the other coast, one said she lived in the U.S. state of “Barret”, one was a flat-out fake profile (I found her pictures on a duplicate account with a different name) and one is roughly 7,500 miles away in Hong Kong.
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2 years ago, StyxFan1977
Typical liberal hang out
I couldn’t help but notice the woman who left a review complaining about how she can’t put in her “height requirements” for men in this app. Awwww, poor baby. Maybe stop “body shaming”. Typical liberals always doing EXACTLY what they claim to be against. Remember, libtards, you can do something about your WEIGHT, but NO ONE can do anything about their HEIGHT. And what man of 6’4” wants to be with a woman who’s eye level with a 10 yr old? Talk about “eeewwww!”. Prior to the Obama liberal era, it was few and far between that women (especially the “no discriminatory” liberal feminazis) made such a big deal about height. Bully, mock and body shame a little more, libtards. It’s what you do best. All dating apps nowadays should come with the disclaimer: “For liberal feminists and beta males only”.
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5 years ago, mikeg1307
Nice concept but terrible execution
(Review by a premium who will probably not renew subscription.) My main frustration with this app is that, once you like a profile, it completely disappears and then you can’t access any list of profiles you already liked. From the FAQ I understand that if I cross the person again (which might never happen) the profile will appear again in my timeline. But what if I pressed “like” by mistake, or changed my mind and now want to send a “hello” instead? Under preferences, you can see the list of all the people you “hid”, all the people you “blocked”, but nowhere can you find all the people you “liked”, which makes absolutely no sense. It’s as if people I “hid” were more important than people I “liked”...
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6 years ago, Gongetthiswellness
Suggestions for the developers
Suggestion for developers to allow people to play the game to guess who likes your profile without it actually matching you with the profile if you guess right. Also, having an incessant ad to play the game where people think they actually have a new potential match maybe does not encourage people to actually play the game. I had a bit of success after I had been using the app for a few weeks last year but that’s worn off. I really liked the idea of the app at first but I’m considering deleting and trying others as the matching has become obsolete. I have also accidentally like a persons profile one too many timed.
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5 years ago, nickm_50
Ads are frequent and intrusive
A few years ago, this app was the beginning of the most powerful relationship I ever had with another human being in my life. It was never a particularly good app from a UI/UX perspective, but the basic concept was pretty neat. Recently, I re-downloaded it and found I cannot navigate more than a few screens before being nagged to buy premium. It's too much. If clicked no the first time, I'm not going to click buy the second or third time you ask me in a span of 3 minutes. Ask me again tomorrow or when I try to do something that might require a premium feature. Don't spam me in your own app, it's beyond ridiculous.
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2 months ago, Khfhgjg589
Profiles are close to 100% fake - worse than other dating apps
Using the app feels like a total waste of time. I used to use this app in its early days. Didn’t get many matches compared to other dating apps so eventually deleted it. Years later, I tried again. This time I get a match a day. Only problem, they’re about 95% fake. And the 5% are too far away, or possibly also fake but they don’t reply so I can’t say for sure. So in the years since I last used this app, it went from being less useful to completely useless. I’m in a major US city, so no reason for complete lack of legit matches. They really need to clean up the app of all the fakes and scammers.
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4 years ago, 7sup
Another disappointing money grab ap.
I thought this would be a cool twist to the otherwise mundane dating aps. I was wrong. Unless your a paying customer ( which isn’t cheap) the features of this ap are useless. It shows people you supposedly crossed paths with and you can “like” them, but that’s it. Only paying customers can chat. And the map feature that’s supposed to show where you have been and supposedly crossed paths with others, never populated. Just a blank map showing my location. I reached out to several people I had crossed paths with and never received a single response. It’s possible the paid version offers more and is worthwhile, but I wasn’t interested in spending money to find out.
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3 years ago, NYOG47
Fake profiles and low engagement
App’s concept is great, however in one night I matched with 8 fake accounts, half with the same photos. Many users are not active or active enough to engage with. Boost only increased my scammer matches, not real matches. Premium did nothing either. As a note, I am successful on other apps, so I feel this is an app specific issue, not me being unmatchable. If the developer put effort to reduce fake accounts (preventing users who don’t show location in which you passed from contacting, photo verification, etc) and keep users engaged, I’d give it a shot again.
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4 years ago, imnotahappycamper999999988888
So every so often I “cross paths” with someone. Sometimes it’s going in opposite directions on a highway. I bought a pack of “hellos” . I sent it to someone. She had already liked me but there is no way ti send her a message. I sent her one, did she get it? Can she respond? Who knows? Today someone a mile away showed up on the map. Why could i not like her? Why us that not possible? She liked me! So I sent her a hello. Then a little box appears and says “hello sent” or something like that. It has an x so I click the x thinking it closes the box. Nope! It deletes her. There goes the one that liked me, and a dollar. I suppose it works better with the paid subscription, but, why bother?
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6 years ago, Ecommerce girl
Ads make it worthless
Happn was a great app to connect with people. Now they’ve added full page ads that you have to watch for 5+ seconds. These ads are so frequent you can barely see your activity, matches, messages, etc. The ads are also extremely irrelevant. I’m a 33yr old female foodie that loves shopping. All of the ads I’ve seen are for gaming apps - I’ve never downloaded or played a gaming ap. Happn has 3 types of ads - in line, full page and messages. It’s also annoying b/c you receive message alerts. Then you open the app, wait 5+ seconds for the full page ad to conclude and go to your messages only to find out that it’s not from a match it’s just a message ad.
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4 years ago, SallieMeta
Scammers and taxi drivers abundant
App functionality is quirky -can’t delete people you have no interest. Customer service non-existent never got a reply to any message I submitted. If you are looking to meet construction workers, taxi drivers and security guards you will find them here. If you are bored you can spend a lot of time having rote script chats with scammers using stolen photos who live “downtown.” In the one year that I paid for, I met one live human and emailed one additional real verified person with a professional background. I turned in and blocked dozens of scammers This company should pay me for weeding them out and also turning them into male-scammers site.
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3 years ago, jmwsw
Can’t login, can’t reach support
I like the idea of the app and I’ve used it off and on for a little while now. But starting this morning I can’t login anymore for some reason. I try signing in with my Apple ID like usual but it just spins me around and puts me back on the login screen. No error messages. Tried recovering my account in case something happened, but never received an email (yeah, I checked the junk mail). Tried leaving a message with support via their website but the message repeatedly refused to send. You could say I’m a little annoyed at this point.
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5 years ago, bobofogaortari
Potential Dangers people will bill even if cancellation
I used this very briefly, found more creepy men near my home. A few people are using models profiles when you say hey your so close to a coffee shop lets meet you learn this is not the same person. Made plans for walking companion only to find a thin skinned violent much older fart. Man threatened to punch after being honest I was NOT attracted. If you like guys in town for a day hook up great! Decrepit Old men who look busted in person, than look no further this app is for you! - For what you get... nearby stalkers the app isn’t cheap if you can make sure you delete it several times. No stars if possible. Women this will put you in harms way.
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3 years ago, d.
So many Scammers
I used this app in 2016 and met a great guyI dated for awhile, but just got back on in 2021, and it’s changed a LOT. Now it’s full of international scammers! Every 3rd profile or so that I chatted with was a scammer. I believe they can now use VPNs to lie about their location. This app is a total waste. Be very diligent with who you meet on here: always reverse search an image and ask them questions about local places that it’s hard to Google (they know how to Google!) Id give this app zero stars in 2021 if I could. NOTE: I report every single scammer, yet Happn let’s them get back on using the same photo with a different name. Do better, Happn!!
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6 years ago, Hffhjbgg
Interesting concept but not feasible
You can cross paths with people but depending on where you live you might not come across many, especially if you’re not in an urban area. Also, no one is checking this 24/7 as they go about their daily business. If you do happen to cross paths with someone then it usually goes to pass. Third point is the occasional feature which pops up on their app, it has you click on 4 profiles to find out who liked your profile, only problem is if you guess correctly then they immediately match you with that person without consideration as to whether you liked their profile or not.
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1 year ago, h DAT TBH
Juvenile app filled with predatory men
When deleting this app it won’t even allow you to tell the honest reason you’re leaving. You only have 2 options which are to lie to about the fact that you’re leaving because you found someone. It’s as if it’s rigged/engineering for false positives. Majority of men look like they cycle themselves through dating apps with no personality or character (something lacking in men)…. Get off dating apps and shove men into bootcamp to reinforce them how to develop a sense of value and identity and not go to dating apps to vomit themselves onto women. We don’t need more apps, need more conscious and mentally HEALTHY men!!!
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4 years ago, SergieGmail
Careful lots of fake accounts
I’ve had about 80% fake accounts make contact either trying to harvest email addresses or sell crypto currency stocks or some other investment trading scheme as part of the dating conversation. Mostly using Chinese or other foreigner profile pictures. It’s always (consistent story) that they have an uncle who is a big trader that’s advising them. Happn also allows non path crossing matching so attracts these fake account crush matches with almost no profile information. Another issue is Not being able to track who you already sent charms to is frustrating and a wa$te not to mention annoyance to the receivers.
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6 years ago, NYCoptionstrader
Very Poor Redesign and Experience
I don’t have one positive thing to say after the redesign. It wasn’t a great app to begin with, but at least it was a fluid experience. With the redesign it’s ALL ads. You will see the same ad repeated up to 7 times even after you X it out. There are essentially no matches either showing that not many people use this app. I traveled from Lincoln Center down to Meatpacking, stayed there for 3 hours, returned home, and the next morning opened the app and it said I didn’t cross paths with anyone. Do not use unless you’re planning to pay and I’d highly suggest to not do that either. Very, very poor user experience.
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2 years ago, Arzaga
It was a good app and suddenly became a bot-hub. How many matches can you get with almost identically storyline? 3,4, unlikely, but 40-50 and I am not exaggerating, now that’s impossible. When is the same storyline between a match and another, I could consider some coincidences as possible , but 50 matches in the same city with the same storylines and whats most strange, is not possible to see where we “crossed paths” right. Isn’t that the purpose of this app and if that is not, how come the only matches not showing a crossing point of reference are the bots. Anyways, app was good but no longer is. Disappointing
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6 years ago, todd999
Great idea but too much spam
Update. I lowered my score because now there are tons of full screen ads for video games and tons of notification spam that are not for real matches. It will blast you every day for their stupid dating game. Also they take away your paid credits for duplicate accidental “hi” It’s a shame because This app has a lot of promise. Let it run in the background for a few weeks and then look for people you may march with. Fantastic idea. However, there is no way to sort or filter the timeline. This is an issue in a city with a lot of tourists. Sort by most times crossed path would be nice. Filter to only show people you have crossed with 3+ times would help.. But no new features for users in over a year.... just a ton more ads... I think if they don’t do a better job of adding features for users rather than just advertisers then Tinder will add this as a feature and wipe them out. Sad.
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