Happy Fish +

4.5 (977)
839.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
Happy Elements S.a.r.l.
Last update
11 months ago
Version OS
9.0 or later
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User Reviews for Happy Fish +

4.46 out of 5
977 Ratings
5 years ago, Happy fish🙂💔
The game is not bad
This game is really good but there’s a problem i wish the game try to solve the problem. Some of the fish I can’t see it it give me a question mark ?? What can i do🤔. If you solve the problem it will be the best game in my life❤️💘
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2 years ago, iReviewgames👾
Fun game, but…
I loved this game ever since I was a young boy, however now, you’re pretty much eating us out of house and home. So, I’m being as nice as I can for you to at least have a couple of activities without having to use up all of your fishbucks. I don’t want you guys in Beijing to all become bankrupt and have your app completely removed from the App Store, but you will have to use just a bit less for the activities. Also, one thing. You know the Piggy Octopus, right? What if you could have that for free if you successfully catch a pig 2 times in an activity? Maybe even a pig fish reward for catching all 3 pigs successfully. I like the Piggy Octopus aka Piglet Squid, but the point is, please gently lower the amount of fishbucks used in activities (not in the fish store)
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5 years ago, janaooy
Happy fish
Oh my gosh I like this game so much I even love aquariums and fish so the game is just like for me it’s the best game ever and I like the little cute fishThey’re the best so I wish you upload this game because it is the best from fish from connection from everything is so great it just needs a little network and it will be voala and even since I liked the game I uploaded it in my sisters iPad and they told me it’s the best game they’ve ever played so this is the game for kids adults like I like it so much thanks for the creators of the game❤️💕
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2 weeks ago, Gamelovercool
So this is my second review
Like I said in my first review I love this game. However I think you guys should added where we can breeding fish, and hatches them plus there should be world chat and this game should also have either clan or guild where we can help each other players in the game especially in the guild or clan. These should be added in the updates. 🥰
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5 years ago, Izayacity
Great fish game that has been online for ten years
The game contains more than a thousand different types of fish. The artwork is beautiful and audio is very relaxing. After level 15, you will get the access to playing in-game activities which are actually mini-games. English translation is sometimes poor but it’s still enjoyable to play.
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4 years ago, Bokharacarpets
Can't open it
I'm a VIP customer and playing Happy Fish for many years but since last month I can't open the game when pushing the icon just white color window open for a few seconds written on HAPPY FISH then close without entering the game, what to do now.
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4 years ago, くまーるさん
Glitches. Please fix
Every time it gets upgraded ( like seasonal updates) there come glitches and bugs together. And it usually takes days for the developers to notice the glitches and have them fixed. This time ( 2020 January ), we are unable to accept music band’s requests. When we try to accept it, the app gets crashed and closed. Please fix this asap and have a place where players can actually contact. Thanks.
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6 years ago, Amentz5
happy fish
I like the game I like how you get to have friends this is my favrit game the one thing I dont like anout it is you have to shake when the crabes come and if you say you dont want to play the fish are sad but other then that the game is pretty good ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
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4 years ago, vinxoxo
Customer support
I love this game and I just got addicted but recently after doing the diary quests my phone crash and everytime I open the princess’s task it crashed, unable to do any quests my leveling stayed stagnant and progression became really hard I contacted customer support via the app and I have yet to gotten a reply the game is good but customer support could use some work once the issue is resolved I’ll Change my rating to 5 stars
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5 years ago, kakido64
Happy fish
Can someone please let me know if they are having problems with there game I did new update and now can’t get into my game keeps kicking me out
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6 years ago, Starry504
A long time ago I got this app and got lots of fish and high levels. Now that I’m back I don’t have it anymore. I was wondering what I can do to get my stuff back.❤️❤️
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6 years ago, AtelierGreyson
Fun but in app purchases
This game isn’t really supported in the us. It was once downloadable from the us site but now it is trickier to do so. The game is addictive and the English is difficult to understand esp for the activities to win new fish. It becomes addictive to keep up on this game and there are literally hundreds of things you can do from collecting gems to shaking a crab. You can get a fair amount of unique and cute fish without spending actually money which is in the form of fish bucks
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6 years ago, Mommafelicia
Started the game and then it said there was a download. Did the download and now the game freezes all the time. Have to delete and redownload the game each time just to play. Ugh it’s a good game but getting annoyed with having to redownload it all the time just to play about to give up
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7 years ago, xDeathMark
Help me please
I cannot log in into my main account it was lvl 69 FeelsBadMan :(((
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5 years ago, Richard12138Z
Great game
This is a great game I played before. Just please make it compatible with iPhone XS Max. I’m trying to redownload this on my new iPhone, but I can’t get through the tutorial because the button is simply NOT ON THE SCREEN.
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5 years ago, kiwi_cute_123
Please change this.
I wish you can use the heart to trade for the game cash.
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1 year ago, Sadone55
Can You Please…
Fix the “check your connection” message? My connection is just fine. But I can’t do the activities because it keeps giving me that error message. So I missed out on a few activities.
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7 years ago, kochthing13
I need help. My account is damaged because some how the time changed. What do I do???
I need your help
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7 years ago, Swanmy
My wish
PLEASE HELP ME, I lost my account and I need it back :( Itlvl 47 and i got so many fish like Alpacas, Golden fish and a lots more. Please, Please return my account :( I will give 3 stars first, But if I get my account back, I'd put 5 stars... Thx ;(
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5 years ago, eeeemilyyyy
In love
I love this game so much! I’ve been playing it for years and continue to love it!
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4 years ago, Lisamarie 9969
Happy Fish+
Love the game just wish it wasn’t so expensive!! And easier to get the beautiful tank backgrounds!! I do enjoy this game it’s fun to play
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4 years ago, please_fix_the_App
To many errors
The App crushed too often, and there was too many glitches and bugs.
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5 years ago, Hsu Th
This game is so kinda bad I can’t even add the fish into my aquarium it said it is full 0/0 so I tried to expand it but it doesn’t work I also can’t open the store! If you know please tell me.
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4 years ago, eduvane iris lapuebla
Why is most of my fish a question mark
Do something about the ? Mark fish
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4 years ago, charizard i wanted
You Should not buy this game 🧊FishBucks😤
You Should Not Buy this game FishBucks because If I Bought The FISHBUCKS and It doesn’t Let me Get Some So Don’t buy this game and if it works for you guys and then the FishBucks is for activates and it’s boring so Bad Choice Thank You
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10 months ago, Sitirahmah24
Happy fish is the best 👍
I love it ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ This game is so fun to play and relaxing.
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4 years ago, Seellaa
Help me plz
Why i cant see some of the fish ?
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9 years ago, Macbett
Good, but...
I like the game, it's one of my favourites but... I traded something, the flowers that you get from the spetial activities that you can do, this one was the mountain climbing one with the old fish and the long growing stick thingie to get the ticket things that you can "gamble" with Dr. Octopus to get prizes, when I traded the flower things... My flowers that I traded disappeared like I had traded but I didn't get the ticket things, it's just a small glitch but if it could be fixed I would appreciate it!
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3 years ago, I hate cookie run!
It’s little bit good...
I think the fish is cute But I think it’s hard to do.
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5 years ago, lexie5357
The game crashes everytime I open it so I’m unable to even try to play it
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2 years ago, jbb14333
Started me over at zero
Loved game but started me over at zero today
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6 years ago, AlliPrincess
I loved this game so much, but the update is so glitchy I can’t do anything!! What a shame...
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6 years ago, theneverest
Amazing Game
I love this game
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7 months ago, DawnaH59
Expensive but ok
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6 years ago, loayali
Good game
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4 years ago, traytin
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6 years ago, Kagomiiii_rr_q
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8 years ago, Jennapizz
Fun but constant connection problem & nowhere to get any help
Used to love this game , been playing for a few years. For last month unable to play much because of constant & continuos connection & loading errors. It is frustrating &'annoying. There is NOWHERE to go for help from a HF employee. The fb page is run strictly by players trying to help each other. So if u have a technical problem like I do, or u have lost fish or money you are just plain out of luck because there is NO WAY to contact the game admin. The contact feature takes u to a faq page, that's it, with nowhere to go from there. Also activities are VERY expensive & the game is set up so chance games are rarely won ... They get u to spend money on every activity ..I wouldn't have a problem w spending real $$ on the game except that ur SOL if u have a problem.
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8 years ago, Nightmare Serpent
Good but...
Ok look. Don't get me wrong here. This game is great. It's fair and very addicting. There's just this little glitch that has been bugging me. When I try to collect my daily reward, it'll tell me to check my internet connection even though it's completely fine. I even tried disconnecting and connecting again but it still hasn't worked. I don't know if it's just me, but it's pretty bothersome. Aside from that, the game is very addicting.
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10 years ago, Instagramgurl
This game is great, but y do i need internet to complete missions?? I thought u can play this game offline, so y do i need internet??? Y??? And it crashes too much. Plz fix!!!! If u fix all these things, then i would give u a five star review, but for now, 4 is all i can give u
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9 years ago, عبع
omg this game is da best me and my cousins are playing it daily and we love this game i have an ipad mini 2 and my cousins S have a galaxy tab 3 and my cousin R also have a galaxy tab 3 !! We have like the best fishes in the game !! And we are together right now!! I'll let my cousin S write .. Hello happy fish i LOVE the game it's the best and I'll My sister R write .. OMG OMG OMG THIS GAME IS WORTH IT ... Omg lol my cousins are hilarious! Buh-bye app store ( hello happy fish !)
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8 years ago, Teha
No support for this game..
I've played this game since the beginning. I've spent a good deal of money over time. Fish keep disappearing. When you try to reach support for help, you are funneled to a web page that's been abandoned for more than a year. I don't know how a game that accepts money is allowed to operate with zero support (when it says there IS support available). I'm thrilled to hear if someone has a way to contact the developer. Please.
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8 years ago, CHICKENWINGS2132123123568764
It's okay
It's okay but I had it about 2 years ago and the buttons were a lot easier. Now it's really confusing to try and find the things you are looking for.
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9 years ago, MikeRan99
Cannot collect all the gems from my fish!
Something is broken! You cannot collect all the gems in my own tank. Force quit and reload to collect a few more fish. Then force quit and reload again. And again. And again. Please fix it! Also shake only releases gems from one or two fish when 10 or more fish have gems!
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12 years ago, Haylenb
Great app!
I downloaded this app for my son but I have taken it over. the colors and graphics are amazing. Very addicting. One complaint I have is there are no explanations of the rules or what different symbols mean. Love it though!
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9 years ago, J1082
Great game if u could retain purchases
I love this game and it is quite addictive. I purchased countless fish but for some reason when I upgraded my phone I was t able to retain my original aquarium and had to start over. I have tried reaching out and it still hasn't been corrected.
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12 years ago, Betsy Cuellar
Best Game Ever
I have to say, usually I can never find a fun game that I can really get into. But as I was looking through all the other boring games I found this one and I really enjoy all the little fishys !!!🐠
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12 years ago, Ememlovesbunnys
Happy Fish :)
It may be a bit boring with collecting coins and sitting around looking at them. I do that, but then tasks come. I can't do some of them, so it's not as fun as I used to have when first playing the game. But above all that, it's fun.
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9 years ago, Avidplr
This is an amazing app it's easy level up the fish are adorable you don't need to buy anything there's promotions all the time it's just a really great app!
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9 years ago, trinarey
Love great for family
Easy to learn highly addictive. Wish the I pad version was as caught up as my phone is. Easy to learn great for kids with delays. Perfect learning tool.
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