Happy Wheels

4.5 (37.6K)
67.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
Jim Bonacci
Last update
5 months ago
Version OS
9.0 or later
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User Reviews for Happy Wheels

4.45 out of 5
37.6K Ratings
4 years ago, XxP Ï X Æ RxX
I think it’s great because you can choose characters and there is a lot of levels and what you see is true. Plus there is a level that you can make of your own and share it with your friends see if they can pass the level. You also don’t have to do the level one you can skip a level and do the easy and fun action in it. What is also good about this game is that you can probably download on other devices or consoles and don’t have to upgrade or update the game so you can save your data on the console or device. You don’t have to keep raging just because there is no internet Happy Wheels doesn’t need internet so you can play offline anytime anywhere. The only thing I don’t like about happy wheels is that there are only a couple of characters and can’t play “COMING SOON” characters so it does need some updates also you can only play “COMING SOON” characters whenever are making your own level to share with your friends. So whoever made this game please add more characters and let us play “COMING SOON” characters in original levels...thank you👌
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4 years ago, MarcMatta1
Great game, but too many ads
I personally find this game great, and it’s really fun. I’d be on my phone 24/7 playing this game if it wasn’t for the ads. Every 6 tries or so, you get an ad, which you can skip 5 seconds in, only to wait another 12 seconds while they show it to you as a preview from the App Store. And if you don’t have Internet, they still make you wait 10 seconds while they show you a blue screen showing the timer. But in that case, you get an ad every time you go to another level, and that is simply too much. Another really bad thing about this game is the frequency of updates and new added levels. It’s been forever since I’ve been waiting for the levels for pogo stick guy and the couple, but I think the developers forgot about that completely and that’s honestly a bummer. They could’ve nominated levels created by other people as the levels made for those two characters, all while adding more building features for fan-made levels. The final thing that made me change my 5-star rating down to 2 is the inability to play/explore other people’s levels. This feature would’ve kept me on this game nonstop, just exploring other people’s creations and messing around with them.
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4 years ago, KleptoCatGurl
Doesn’t update
I love this game, and I also can play this on my computer, but it’s easier on my iPad, and my computer can’t handle playing happy wheels, it’s usually laggy. But mobile doesn’t have any updates, new characters, or the search tab for levels. I’m giving this game a 4 star review, because it’s not completed, and I don’t think it ever will be. This game hasn’t been updated for 2 or more years. I’m also really confused, because in the level creator, we don’t have half of the other items that people on computers have. And we can’t do any levels on other characters because it says “coming soon” even though they’ve never come yet. But in the level creator, we can play with the characters that are “coming soon” in the level list. I really think this game needs some updates. Other than that, it’s a good game, and if anyone wants to get happy wheels because they can’t play on a computer, then you can get this game. It’s still fun either way.
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11 months ago, Frank 14283527472649183
There is one problem that doesn’t seems right so in the original game you can get off the bike and Tom hardy gets off the seat too but how do you get Tom hardy out of the seat without you get off the bike and not get rid of the seat? And why didn’t you add Santa Claus and the mineshaft guy and the helicopter guy and where is glass where are all the others that you can add in level editor? In original you can add more people that’s how sword throw was born and bottle flip how do you make something that if the bottle lands it activates something and how do you type message? This is mobile not the original that you can type in your own levels and add more people and Tom hardy can be killed and there glass and lots of other things in the original yep the mineshaft guy is the next after pogo stick guy cause the mineshaft guy is revealed in pogo stick guy level 4 cause there’s a mineshaft the same as the mineshaft guys mineshaft and the helicopter guy is next after effective shopper and Santa...
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4 years ago, Peter Sammons
Great game but limited level building abilities
This game is one of the best games I have played. However, I spend most of my time in game on the level editor and I wish that you would add more tools like where you can make a custom shape. Another thing that would be great would be if the player could make a trail for that block to follow, like in the character levels. Also make it so that weapons can be fixed please... it is very time consuming to have to make a contraption to hold them in place. I know I’m asking a lot already but do you think you can add joints? That would solve a lot of building problems. Thank you for this I have poured in hours and hours on my work and this would help so much to improve. Thanks and I hope you get to make this update. Probably unlikely considering the amount of time since the last update. I have beaten all but one level, and I would greatly appreciate it.
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4 years ago, Hawkeye madman
Good game, but here’s some suggestions.
Okay, this game is REALLY fun, I’ve been playing it for years, but here’s some suggestions you should do: 1: Less Ads. ———————————— There’s so many ads, it’s one of the #1 problems I have with the game. I know the developers gotta make money, but at least make it so that an ad plays every 7-12 minutes. It would make the game more fun. ———————————— 2: More tools/abilities in building mode for mobile. ———————————— Okay, so I’ve seen people make levels on mobile, and computer, and computer is way better when it comes to building tools and abilities. There’s way more tools on computer, and more abilities, I just think the developers should make mobile building more like computer, it’d be more helpful. ———————————— 3: More characters to choose from. ———————————— Okay, so I think there’s only Wheel-Chair Guy, Bicycle Dad, and Pogo-Stick Guy, and Segway Guy on mobile, yet there’s Santa, and the Lawnmower Guy on computer, and not mobile. I wonder why that’s a thing, because all they have to do is add it to mobile like they did computer, simple. Not saying it would be easy, as I know nothing about creating games and scripting and stuff, but I’m saying, if you can do it on computer, why not on mobile? ———————————— Those are all the suggestions, thank you for reading, have a good day, goodbye. 👋
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7 years ago, Avi Spector
Good game!
I love this game. However, there are a few small problems that I would like to see changed. First, it would be nice if the game was synced with iCloud. I play the game on two devices and there is no way for my progress to be shown on both devices other than doing the levels twice. If the game was sync with iCloud I wouldn't have to do that. Second, there should be a feature on the game where you can watch a walk-through of the level or scroll through the entire level so that you know what you have to do. I think that this would be really helpful. Last, I think the level should have periodic check. So that you don't have to restart the entire level when you're done. Other than those minor problems, I really like the game and I play it all the time!
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4 years ago, Vash Milam
I really enjoy this game
I grew up with happy wheels on the PC and I couldn’t get enough of it even though it did get a bit boring with the constant having to do EVERYTHING over again, and the fact most of the levels were all the same thing like Ball Throw, or Sword Throw, or Pogo Fight, it’s not that it isn’t fun it’s just repetitive. I still go back and play sometimes and when I got an iPhone I got this game as soon as I could and what would you know it’s super fun but I feel it could be better, if people were able to publish the levels they made, and a few bug fixes here and there but other than that this game is really fun, and seeing that you had made new levels genuinely made me excited to play again and I really hope you make more soon. P.S. The fact Timmy can’t die is just straight up wrong.
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6 years ago, @nebx9000
Pretty Good, But Needs Work
I love the game itself, easy controls, and it has a fun concept. There are a few things I’d change though. 1. I'd hope for more updates. The game rarely gets updated, so once you’ve complete everything, there’s not much left to do, other than the level maker. This is where number 2 picks up 2. The level maker is hard, especially on an iPad, iPhone, Kindle, etc. I’d love if it wasn’t so hard. The layout seems a bit weird, and it’s hard to make levels. 3. I wish you could play fan made levels on the app, and you didn’t have to go to a website, and use a computer. 4. I want more settings! There are very little things you can change, and there are very little settings. It’d be nice to maybe have other ways to operate your controls, like if you were left handed or something. There are other things that you could add in settings to make it easier for each player. 5. Too many adds. I get that you need adds to run the game, but maybe not so many. I get you can pay to remove them, but 1.99 seems like a big price to pay for so many adds. Not a big deal, but it’s just something that gets on my nerve after a while. This game is great, and I’d definitely recommend getting it. It runs smoothly, but I feel like there’s a lot to be added before it hits its max potential.
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6 years ago, Ruckus2.0
It WAS perfect
This game is awesome! The real deal... although they should’ve added the same levels list thing as online. I also worry that when all the levels are made, the game won’t be as fun( also the updates come rarely) . I WARN U!- do not play this game with WiFi or cellular on- the adds are everywhere and usually 30 sec with no skip option. Play offline! ALSO- lately there’s been an annoying bug when when u press a button it doesn’t respond so u lose! Even though this game is awesome, it has flaws, but I still really recommend for the original gameplay and option to create your own levels! UPDATE: A few seconds after I sent the thing above I realized that they are missing many characters( bummer) UPDATE: I realized that there is no way to share the levels u made other than handing the device to someone. There should really be a friend section where u share levels with people u know! UPDATE: I just realized that the thing where the controls aren’t responsive isn’t just a glitch. It’s a total RUINER! I can barely play the game now! A few months ago, I never had this issue, and until this issue is solved, I’m lowering the rating to 3 STARS! COME OUT WITH AN UPDATE THAT SOLVES THIS PROBLEM!!!!!!!! Wait make that 2 stars, and if not fixed soon then it will be one; literally cannot play the game right now!!!!
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7 years ago, ADD THIS TO IOS PLZ
I really like the editor part of the game but all the good things like levers, rotation tools, watermelon, pistons, glass panels, buttons, cannons, timers, text boxes and other characters besides the main character are all the things I would like to have included in the level creator. I love too make levels on my iPhone in my free time and afterwards I let people at home and at school play them. I let my friends play the levels I made and they were surprised to see how good I am when it comes to creating levels. One of them said I should work with the company and make levels for the iOS app that is something I would love to do. In conclusion this app is a good app although it would be better if the things that i listed at the top would be added to the level creator part of the app.
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4 years ago, 367872
Good but it needs a couple of updates.
I really love this game, like I like using it a lot because it allows you to play some levels and even make your own, but however, I think it would be good with a tiny bit more things. First off, I would like more things that you can place in the levels (from pc), like glass, triggers, and even people that you can place down. Number Two, I would like to see more characters implemented in the game that you can put inside levels or make levels for them, (I.e lawnmower guy, helicopter guy, irresponsible mom, etc.) After all, This is what I just wanted to say, and I hope it is not too much to take care of. Also, Congratulations for reading all of this, Hope you stay safe!
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4 years ago, LqBlurx
Beat every single level
Fun game beat every single level you guys put, you guys need to make more levels out there and fix a lot of bugs, I can point out a few, when your in replay mode and press the take a picture button it crashes the game, when you made a level in level creator and want to share it it crashes. And you guys need to add more customization to level creator and make the levels online like happy wheels on flash. Making this big improvements plus new levels could boost your money and game to a lot more people. Oh and another bug, when you enter happy wheels it brings up the MAX mediation debugger every time which is about ads and very annoying. That’s it, hopefully you guys listen and improve it 👍
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4 years ago, The Game Ballz
The game is great and has no adds
This game is amazing and I think it’s a very time consuming game to play while in the car the levels are hard but as you pass more levels you usually can catch on. I love the fact that you can make your own levels and that you can choose a character to go with a level. The game rarely has any adds I’ve played games that had adds every 10 seconds and this game has one add on occasion that you can always skip. The one thing I think it needs is more levels because you will go through the levels quickly.I give this game two thumbs up and definitely recommend it for mature kids 13 and up.
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3 years ago, DarkWarrior076
Game is fun but too safe and one sided
As a huge fan of the computer version I have to say this in my honest opinion. When I meant it’s being too safe is how it’s not being messed up and messed up at the same time and the messed up part is what made the game hilarious (like having the passengers die by accident for example the kids and so on.) You guys gave them just one sided obstacles rather than the ones that the fans made in the computer version. I understand they’re might be slight complications but honestly if I introduced this game to somebody it wouldn’t be on the app. I bought it of course to support the maker and it’s good to have a game to pass the time with. So I give it my honest score above.
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6 years ago, corkjupiter8721?
Thank you so much <3
This game I’ve been waiting for years just for pogo stick guy to be added and now it’s here I Don’t care how often you update the game as long as you put good content in and I understand it’s hard to program a good game like this but I know you can make IOS and other phone platforms better than the pc I watched jacksepticeye play this on pc for 5 years and it looks really good and I know it’s possible if you can do this for pc it should be easier for iPhones also it took you so long to make pogo guy a part of the game I thought when you added it I thought it was a bug from testing but now I know you guys can make this game the best game ever! ,thanks from a huge fan,<3
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2 years ago, enteranicknandyournickname
Level editor needs to be worked on
This is a great game and one of my favorites, I just wish it had all the stuff in the editor as it does when you play it on a laptop or something, like chains, coins, glass, cannons, etc. another thing is when you make an item “sleep” you could be 6 inches away and it still activates the item. when you change the background to the level you’re making, you should be able to see it whilst still in the creating section, or at least have a setting for it. I’m a massive level editing nerd though so, maybe it’s just my opinion. good game though, 9.5/10 😋
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4 years ago, Roman Turczyk
A few bugs and glitches.
I love this game. There is only one thing I don’t like about it. THE BUGS AND GLITCHES!!! There are so much bugs and glitches. First one is, is that on the pogo man levels for some reason is that when you get to the second level your pogo stick just starts to break for some reason. And I had about 4 to 5 levels I had to reinstall it because whenever I went in it the game just crashed. I keep on opening it up and it still keeps on CRASHING. And like I said I reinstalled and all the levels that took me YEARS to make after reinstalling were gone. I still rated it five stars because I love the game
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6 years ago, Joeyminecraftgamer
Great game!
This game is great, but there are a couple of things that bug me. The first thing is that there aren't enough updates. My happy wheels gets updated every 2-5 months. It's annoying. I'm always waiting for you to add new stuff. You make like 2 or 3 updates yearly. The second thing that’s annoying Is that there aren't enough obstacles in the level editor. The next time you update happy wheels PLZ add more obstacles to the level editor. Also, why do you call it level editor? Why can't you call it level creator? I bet most people think you can choose a level to edit. But I like how you can change your character in the level editor. Happy wheels is a great game, but it needs more updates.
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5 years ago, AJ1426
Pretty good
Overall, it’s a good, fun game. However it is challenging and you will die a lot, which is fine, but when you are forced to watch an ad lasting at least 30 seconds after every time you die or complete a level, it gets very annoying. Even when you are not on WiFi/using data and ads cannot load, you are brought to a screen where the ad is loading, and you have to wait 10 looooooong seconds to continue. I have never seen so many ads on a game or still been forced to wait when there is no WiFi/cellular data to provide them. At this point, I leave the app and get back into it after each game, which is faster, but still annoying. This discourages me to play, making the game only somewhat worth it.
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6 years ago, DaddyKrabs
Good, but it needs one more thing...
I found this game just by looking up random games I knew on the app store, and I was suprised when they had this game on it, thank you for bringing this to the app store. The game lasts for ever with making your own levels, not to mention that the regular levels are tough. I really like that I am up for a challenge. Everything about the mobile version of this game is just perfect. I suggest you add another way to play the game where we can share levels we have made and play other levels from people that have made then around the world. Now that would perfect the game even more than it is now. Please add this to the game, it would make it even better!
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6 years ago, calcal13
Please add more characters
I really enjoy this game truly but there are a bunch of different glitches and bugs the creators have to fix I mean this isn’t worth the wait if you happen to scroll across this game and read the reviews read mine... or anybody else’s the people that say “Oh 🤗 this is a great game and everyone should play it!” Well you really should play it but you’ll find yourself downloading a different game I mean if you really want fun a happy wheel experience then go online and play that version of the game I mean until the creators actually take “TIME” on this version of the game game I recommend not playing and playing happy wheels online. Also I really enjoy making my own level but I would enjoy more choices for a level please Happy Wheel creators please, please create more characters... Please!!!!!! Please? 😁🙏🏻
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5 years ago, Stratixx
Almost a YEAR SINCE last update
For the love of god update and add more content. This game on the computer is a masterpiece. Not because of the single player, but because of the player created levels. Even if this is made there needs to be more variety in the create your own level. Things like glass, swords and more would be awesome. 2 stars since the game is outdated. If the gameplay wasn’t mediocre this wouldn’t even deserve a star. (Why you ask? Ads on ads forever) I feel like I’m trying to pirate a cracked game without Adblock while playing this.. about to make that last jump? Ad. Trying to start a level? Ad. Start the game? Ad. Looking at the app? Ad. Take off 90 percent of the ads and this will at least deserve a 3 star. Take the bugs out and it will hit a 4 star. Add variety and it will hit a god level iOS game
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4 years ago, Elcucoloco
Great but there’s not too many characters
As the title of this review said, it’s missing characters even though you can choose them on the create your own level thing. overall, Happy wheels is a game that doesn’t really make sense with some things, and that’s one of them. But it’s really fun because you CAN play as some “coming soon” characters and there’s many levels to challenge yourself with! But the thing I think is sorta dumb is that you can’t play online levels like on the PC. Overall, it’s a great game! Please update it. I’m not really trying to rush you guys, because yeah, making so many levels is pretty hard, but please, do it as fast as possible!
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6 years ago, dylidoom
So fun
It’s almost like the original game and the reason why I have this game is because there is more levels to play and that I read some guys review saying that Happy wheels isn’t fun because on the level creator he or she makes a level and kicks that person out of the game and it ticks him off and it’s never has done to me before and I’m just saying that he must have that much internet and we can’t fix it sorry anyway you guys have to get this game seriously it is like the original game On level editor you can use the pogo stick guy and the motorcycle dude well I’m pretty much done so please download this game please and thank you
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4 months ago, Curryandsage
Perfection at its finest.
I was not ready for this game. The first time I opened the app, 1 AM, early September of 2023. I found this app. The second I opened it, my heart stopped. The music was perfectly composed. You could hear the action. I played the first level, and it was immaculate. I played through the whole game, and now. I have finished it. It has the most detailed graphics and the best gameplay. The not so serious UI was so fun. This game is everything you want in a free game. It makes me so happy that this game is here, so we can enjoy a game on mobile that is NOT bad. This is the greatest game ever created.
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3 years ago, Junkgamer
So this game is so good and all but there’s a couple problems. So I was playing as irresponsible dad and I seem to find two problems, one is how Timmy the little kid can’t die like how he can on computer and how sometimes with the characters I randomly explode. Also there is wayyyy too many ads, it’s kind of a force to buy ads even when you turn internet off because it makes a countdown which is annoying. I understand we need ads but at least reduce it. And also it would be cool if you could add like invincibility mods or stuff like that I would definitely buy it
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6 years ago, Madi smartypants O'Reilly
Can you make this a more kid friendly game?
My cousin recommended this app for me first but I was 8 and it’s really violent with blood and broken body parts and it’s a little weird so can you get rid of the blood and all that pls? Kids might want to play this but it’s inappropriate I heard some rumors about it from my cousin he tricked me into downloading this I heard rumors from my friends about it that it makes them uncomfortable I suggest that you make this a little more less violent because people can trick young kids into downloading and playing this it is not the safest and comfortable game my friends want you to fix it to so please that would be a pleasure and I could give you 5 stars next time if you do that for my friends and I! <3
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4 years ago, Airstrikingboss
Good game but also have a suggestion
I like the game but I know u can’t kill the child. Also a suggestion on ur website u shaped have it to where we can upload and share our custom levels for mobile on ur website because u can share them but not many people can play them, so u should make a place on ur website for us to upload and download our custom levels for mobile that would be great because I feel like making levels and share them is useless unless we can find a place to share them with others and I can find some but not many lvls.
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6 years ago, SiameseOctopi
Pretty Nice
I love happy wheels and I have since I was in 2nd grade. I’m now in 8th. On mobile there are just a few things I’d like to point out and hopefully you guys fix them. One, the Effective Shopper levels have recently been added 1-10 and the Pogo Guy is now playable in custom levels. But, when will ALL of the levels come out? And what about Indiana Jones, Helicopter Harold, Santa, and Lawn Mower Man??? Also, the custom levels aren’t the same as on computer. Please add in the next update add Lawn Mower Man, glass, and NPCs for custom levels. Those are my favorite things about Happy Wheels, and I’d love to see them on mobile. Keep up the awesome work!
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2 years ago, preston92929
My review
So your game is good…, but, it could be better, by having a system that can show you were your player will be throughout the level without needing to test it, mostly because it’s super useful for dont moves. You should also add infinite parts, but have a warning that it could corrupt the save. Also you should have a full game mode, but can only be accessed by paying for it or using ES file explorer, add a file saying that, that file is the full mode option. But if you don’t want, don’t add the file explorer part.
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4 years ago, YoBoiSnyderGG_
Good, but needs one more thing
It’s a good game, but it still needs one more thing. Add severed hands to it. When you get your arm cut off in Happy Wheels, it’s usually from the elbow, so you should add hands to it. There’s severed arms, but what about severed hands? There’s severed feet, but no severed hands? It just doesn’t make sense, because your feet are part of your legs, which can get cut off in this game, which is why you should add hands. It’s a good game, but remember, severed hands would be a good thing to add to make it better. This is my personal opinion on why you should add severed hands.
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5 years ago, Deven scanlin
Pls read this!!!
So I’m going to just put it out there that I LOVE this game. I used to play this game on my iPad, but I stopped when I was making a really cool map and my game just, turned off. I thought it was maybe the battery so I plugged it in, but it was 100% charged, I checked everything and I found out my game crashed. That was okay at first until it happened again, and again, and again. After that I just gave up on the game and deleted it. I am re-downloading this game because I luv making my own maps and the maps you can play. I hope the crashing is fixed at some point. That’s all
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4 years ago, fortniteplayer1213
Amazing Game! But Some Minor Glitches
This game is beyond words! And it being on mobile is amazing! But with every good thing comes bad things. So there are some minor glitches. The one I hate the most is where your in the level editor and it quits me out! It might just be my phone. But idk if other people are also excpirencing this exact issue. Overall, 10/10 game! Would recommend it to all my friends! Just fix the level editor issue. Like I said idk if it’s just my phone, but if the developers can, please fix it! Thanks for the ongoing memory’s! ☺️💕😘😍
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5 years ago, BigTerd89
Please read happy wheels I rated 5 stars
I rated you guys five stars to appreciate you guys for the pc happy wheels but the mobile version of happy wheels is straight cheeks. The reason I say that is because you can’t make sword throws because can’t put characters down can’t have a list of levels that were made by different people there needs to be more level making items on mobile there’s lots of things they need to add please read this comment and add this stuff people will play mobile version more for sure :) thanks for making this amazing game cya :)
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6 years ago, prince chris 32
Add pogo dude
I love this game, but I have a few suggestions. #1 I would like to kill the kid, who cares if some adults think it isn't age appropriate, that's how your game is. #2 more than anything I would like to copy the character in the level editor for a sword throw and other purposes. Pls make this happen because this is every player of this game's main problem with this, so pls add them in the game soon. PLEASE!!!!!! Also I would like you to add "lawnmower guy" if it isn't too many frames. Please take all my advise and please make these suggestions in the next update
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7 years ago, Georgio oreo
To Jim
Hi Jim my name is George and this is one of my favorite games. This game is great, but just because I make these suggestions doesn't mean the game is bad it's just things I want in the future but before you add any more levels to the characters add pogo guy to the level editor I don't understand why he's in the levels but not in the editor. 2 we NEED more objects in the level editor I had this game a year ago and I haven’t played it till now and I’m dissatisfied that this is no new objects or items to place in the level creator and I feel limited please add objects soon. Thanks
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1 year ago, sick name huh?
good but needs more items
it needs more items like a button like if your stuck upside down there can be a button that has a 🔁and you flip back up and a panel in the creator mode and it could be like the slow motion panel but faster instead of slow motion and a car you can use and the van’s lisensplate to say i am “not” a van instead for a april fools update and also make it so if you on pogo stick man however you say his name well can he double jump if you add it in the creator mode plz DO IT I SUB TO CHANNEL IF YOU HAVE ONE AND LIKE EVERY VID
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5 years ago, Dog lover!🐶🐶🐶
Dog lover🐶🐶🐶
I love this app so much! It's so fun and cool! So far I have beaten almost all the levels! This game is very hard but it's super fun and challenging! And something that's super cool about it is that when you're done with all the levels in Happy Wheels you can download Happy Wheels 2 and beat all the levels in that game!!! I am literally addicted to this app! I really recommend this for any other people! Also, there is a lot of blood and guts...so if you don't like blood and guts, you can turn it off in settings. I personally like having blood and guts on but whatever you guys want!
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4 years ago, Buttman the 3rd
I love this game it’s a really great one but the only problem is the adds 🤒 the adds got so bad that I had to pay 💰1.99 to get rid of the adds. But overall, this game is very entertaining and fun!! An other thing I love ❤️ about this game, is that the levels get harder so there not just easy and boring because a lot of games, the levels are easy and don’t get harder, but with this game some of the levels are easy some are medium and some hard. Overall this game is perfect 👌 and I can’t wait for what they are going to do with it in the future. 🙂
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11 months ago, GriffinMize2929
Amazing App! But There’s Some Problems.
I Love This App So Much! It Can Let You Choose Characters! It Can Also Make You Create A Level! However, There Are Problems. Problem 1: My Problem Is That I Can’t Play Coming Soon Characters, I Also Wanna Do A Choose A Character One. Problem 2: In The Replay Mode When I Try To Press The Camera Button, It Kicks Me Out, So Fix The Camera Button Please? 😃 Problem 3: The Last Problem Is That There’s Too Many Ads, Which Makes It Annoying, So Please Update And Fix Your App Pls? 😀
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7 years ago, Ghvuk
Add more character levels
I’ve played happy wheels for a long time on computer and on mobile. I’d even say it’s a great game, but there is one problem with the mobile version. In the mobile version they need to add levels to the characters that don’t have any. I don’t know how long I’ve been waiting for the pogo guy, biker guy/lady, and the grocery lady to get levels. All it says is coming soon. Now that my little rant is over, overall happy wheels is a great game but only if your looking to have it for a short while.
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3 years ago, i review stuff a lot
Good but problems
Ok this game is ok for adults and teenagers but for kids this might be a slight problem and another problem is that when ads show up some of them you have to literally close the app and open it up again secondly when I try to do something extremely laggy my game crashes third how come just by going up in a level makes you blow in half? This is just my opinion to be honest everything else is pretty good the gore is great the level difficulty could use some work and the characters are great and yeah for adults and teenagers not a bad game it’s good try it
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6 years ago, Hgdthcdfgy
Make irresponsible dads Son killable
Happy wheels is my FAVORITE GAME. I play it almost any time I can, on the go, or at home. However, there one new thing that does happen to disturb me and tons of other users. This is that Irresponsible dads son is literally invincible. It is a total lack of gore, realism, and mostly, HUMOR! I think that you should make it an option in the settings to make him killable or not, so us gore loving users can have our blood and guts, along with laughs, and the users that don’t like blood and guts can experience the game without it. I really hope this is Read by the creators, and hopefully my request will be a wish come true. Thank you!
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2 years ago, Younbren
Ahh happy wheels
Ah happy wheels, this game really brings me back to the times where life was much simpler, no political term-oil, no cancel culture, no recent terrorist attacks, I downloaded this game for nostalgia purposes and noticed the level editor, that was the first thing I clicked on, it’s a good editor it just needs some work, like being able to rotate fixed objects with rotation pins, stuff like that slide things around, it also needs more stuff like adding characters to the level. And more objects and things.
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4 years ago, ethandestroyer
I lllllllooooooovvvvvve haaaaaappy wheeeeeeeels
This is the funnest game I ever played. Thank you for the game I love happy wheels keep it up. Hey even tho I love the game there’s still some things I want you to fix. Like ( for example ) the adds!!!!!!! They stink I know you need adds to get moola but jeez every two seconds there’s an add. I would like it if you just lowered the add count a little bit ok. Thank you tho I wish I could say more STUPID STUFF THAT’S BIN GOING ON IN THIS GAME !!!! I can’t because I’m wasting time talking about this. So thank you for the game and I love happy wheels. Also how do u sign in I keep trying to get to the Game Center but it’s all like not signed in so yeah how do u sign in .
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5 years ago, jufrrell4
Great! but one thing...
This game is one of my favorite games on the AppStore. It is a good representation of the desktop version but there is one thing I would add to this mobile version. In the level editor, there are limited options on what to make. On the desktop version, you can add people, draw shapes, rotate items, etc. Please please please add this to mobile, then I will change to five stars!!! Also, could you make the “browse levels” option like on desktop? It is fun to see what other people make. So to sum this boring review up, I’d like it to be more like the desktop version. If you’ve read this far then 👏🏼.
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Happy wheels
I fricking hate hate this game because of how fricking hard the FRICKING LEVELS are and that it kills my phones battery so fast an that you can barely play on the phone because you can’t build anything like a jetpack and you can’t connect the blocks together and build cool stuff and how do you even build stuff with the Spikes and make them move up and down it makes NO SENSE HOW YOU DO IT. Can the owner only do it if the owner only can THIS GAME IS MESSED UP pls update so the people on everyone that’s plays can do that.
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4 years ago, happywheelsusedtobefun
When you play this game expect your deaths to be in the thousands because the hit boxes are so big that you won’t even hit one of the 50 spikes on a level and also there are SO MANY SPIKES expect at least 60% of those deaths to be spikes and the other 40% is you just randomly exploding because if your head hits a wall at even 1 mile and hour it will explode or the game will randomly glitch and you blow up and speaking of glitches some of the levels require you to break the game to beat it because some traps are too close to you also you need to play a level hundreds of times in order to know everything you need to get through a level. The only time I have fun is when I am purposely dying.
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4 years ago, Marvel Nerd 64
Almost like the computer
I Love Happy Wheels and this is a very fun version of it. I also enjoy building levels for me and my friends to play. The only problem that I have and the only reason it’s four stars is because, I feel like there should be the same amount of characters as the computer version and there should be more items when you create a level. Other than that it’s a great game and I recommend it to everybody. Also if parents are concerned about the rating there’s an option to shut off the blood.
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