HAR Texas Real Estate

4.8 (158.7K)
113.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
Houston Association of Realtors®
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for HAR Texas Real Estate

4.84 out of 5
158.7K Ratings
4 months ago, Justin, Thomas & Jessi
Me Castle!
Last December we found an amazing new 2023 built 2200sqft 4/2/2 brick modern home that’s perfect for my family’s needs. The HAR app made it super easy and I was able to shop around and compare homes efficiently. I am now a proud home owner again so thank you HAR and Veterans United! I got a crappy interest rate because the market was volatile 😐 Hey at least I got the best home I could find and I wasn’t getting outbid on every house I picked out because of being a VA loan like in 2022. Also I got $15,000 in seller flex spending credit from Adam’s Home Builder because no one was buying at that point, so $0 closing cost. It’s all good I’m counting down the months and will be watching the interest rates as they fall. I should be able to refinance when the market recovers and get a better mortgage payment. I got a bada$$ house within weeks of trying this go round and that’s what’s important. Good luck to those house hunters out there. Oh and buy a newly built house and save yourself from all kinds of potential problems and enjoy the new home builder’s warranty. Aaah that new house smell and all the appliances are so stainless and shiny! High efficiency AC blows cold and this house is air tight with double pane windows and brick on ALL FOUR SIDES!
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1 year ago, Mou$rat
Not an improvement at all
Much more time consuming to get to the location you are trying to access looking for a house. When you type in the location (say subdivision) and you are then taken to the "filters" page - the "filters" page moves and you have touched the incorrect place - because the page shifted - and you have to start over. I have tried everything to get filter to show recently sold houses like it previously did, but it will not show recently sold houses. Do not like the new app at all. Very disappointing and time consuming.
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5 years ago, phillipTX
Best real estate app
I’ve been using HAR for years. It’s so easy to look up properties and do quick research. I like the list of nearby schools. You should always verify zoning but it’s a great feature.. The app also makes it easy to find the nearest parks, restaurants, libraries... You can also get estimates for Mortgage property tax and homeowners insurance.. The homes for rent part of the app is great too. Every thing is up to date information.. You can research Real Estate Agents and Brokers from the HAR app. all in one app all from your phone!!
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5 years ago, JEJ291
It’s good but not great
It’s solid and worth downloading but I’ve had the app do some weird things like not being in new homes into a saved search. It just seems to reproduce the same results over and over. Also it has been unable to find a home with address search that I can find in the web. What’s tough is once you lose trust in it you’re always going back to the web because you’re not sure if your missing a property.
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5 years ago, TX legacy home
When are you going to fix the feeeze
Update- seems to be fixed! :) I used to use this app every day. We are currently searching for a house and this was my go to app. Now, while scrolling you get to view a few pictures and then it freezes. Seems like it is a glitch with the ads between pics. What is the ETA for fixing? Or do I need to in install and find a new app? Ya’ll were the best. Please fix this. I will post new review once this gets turned around.
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3 years ago, SlickWillie9119
I’m a contractor and I use the HAR app like kids use tik tok. My only problem with this app right now is it constantly will zoom out automatically when I select a listing. Causing me to rezoom in and reselect it again. I love HAR but it is quite annoying that an app that has thousands to million dollar homes has such technical issues when it comes to their program. Please fix, it is annoying.
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6 years ago, Loriely2000
Clusters Are a Terrible Idea
If you had asked me before the update, I would have given us at five stars. Are use it daily and prefer it over other realty apps. However the latest update now groups properties into clusters. Maybe that works at Morrill setting but where I’m looking near downtown Houston, Clusters only make it more complicated, harder to spot changes, and harder to find what I want. That said, I do like the new features on the map that display comparables right next to the subject property. Cool new feature!
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5 months ago, Carat253
Love it!!
This is the absolute best way to find a home or at the very least research what’s on the market and get all the details about an area that you are interested in. Even did you have a realtor, this app provides you with the opportunity to really hone in on what you are looking for virtually before you head out in person. All of the important information you want to know is included.
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1 year ago, TMRiz
app is the perfect companion for anyone looking to buy or sell real estate.
One of the standout features of this app is its powerful search function. With just a few taps, you can filter listings by location, price, property type, and more. You can also save your favorite properties and receive alerts when new properties that meet your criteria become available.
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4 years ago, The Simple Truth Agent
Debbie Russell
If all MLS organizations were as good as HAR - everywhere else in the country - then who would use or need Zillow? HAR is the BEST both for REALTORS and for members of the public. Occasionally, I consider moving out of State to Florida or West Virginia. However, I already know those places do NOT have the super awesome technology offered by HAR for both Consumer and REALTOR - how could I possibly go backward? Don’t think I could - too used to - many of the fantastic HAR tools.
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11 months ago, lindslovesmusic
Great for people who love emails!
Do you love getting emails every single time a house that you’ve saved to your favorites has any type of change whatsoever? Then this is the app for you! I know what you’re thinking - just disable them! That’d be great if HAR was like, idk… every single other website in the world where you could mass unsubscribe to notifications. But alas, you have to use a desktop computer to go in and manually unsubscribe from multiple types of updates from a single home. Save your time and your frustration - there’s better apps out there.
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12 months ago, goddess$
Shevette “THE G.O.A.T” Hicks
This amazing woman, was so patient and understanding with me. She picked up every phone call, every text message and she never made me feel like I was too complicated. She understood my needs and made my moving process the easiest part of my life. I am forever grateful for her. Her undeniable determination with my home search set forth the future for my new start in life.
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2 years ago, M Rhonda
She is the best!
Suzanne is the girl to list or buy your home from whichever direction you’re going in. she pays attention to all the details she’s looking out for your best interest at all times. She thinks of things that I would never think of and I appreciate the fact that she cares way beyond the call of duty. We highly recommend Suzanne as your realtor!
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2 years ago, ZYT9?S
Took away search features from previous version
I am a realtor, extremely savvy on technology but when they just did their update, they have removed the ability for a realtor to easily search the MLS. You now have to do several workarounds to potentially look up homes. Very frustrating and poorly executed.
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4 years ago, Shiloh710
Great site with accurate information
This site was recommended to me by a realtor I met during an open house. The only complaint I can think of is that there is no fill in the blank space for the search filter. I’m looking for a few acres in a horse friendly area and there is no filter for that.
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6 years ago, Taye😘😘
Houston needs a better app!
Highly disappointed. I am a single mom who work fulltime. I need the app to work at all times for convenience. I have been missing out on homes due to the app not working and me having to start over again repeatedly to delete the app and download it again because it wont allow me to search. Keeps displaying a message saying I have to be connected to wifi etc. I am already connected! With homesearching already being a pain in itself...this makes it worse! My saved searches are disappearing! I have to keep starting over!!! #Aaauugghhhhhh!!!! 😩😡😤
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3 months ago, Ladeha621
Not user-friendly
I am not the type of person to write reviews, but I’ve been sitting in a parking lot trying to get this app to work and I have to keep repeating my filters and half the time once the filters are done it doesn’t pull up the locations on the map. Very frustrating and surprising that considering the business of HAR finding a location is difficult. Seriously I hope this gets fixed soon. In this day and age of technology it shouldn’t be this difficult.
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2 years ago, PzzaPzza
Love My HAR App
I love how easy it is to use and the new features are fabulous. Have I overlooked it, I would like to be able to select the exterior color of the home so that I can narrow it down that way as well. If its not an option, that would be great to have for people who really like to be specific to the smallest of details.
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6 years ago, madhoustonian
Map cluster feature makes app NOT worth using
I use this app all the time as my family buys / sells property for remodeling. The new map cluster feature makes it nearly impossible. I used to be able to zoom to an area and see what I had already clicked on without all these extra clicks clicking on the clusters. Question for the developer- in what world do these clusters help anyone? It creates more chaos and user involvement. There are entire teams of people around the world figuring out how every user interface can be more automated and done with less clicks- why is hars new update so back in time?
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4 years ago, SoopaPoopa83
When it works, it’s great! Unfortunately...
Right now it isn’t working correctly - the little window that allows you to enter criteria to filter your search results doesn’t display fully - it doesn’t scroll to the bottom, so you can’t enter all criteria and you can’t press Search.
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4 years ago, Somewhere In Texas!#*
Love it when it works!!!
The HAR app is great when it works. Apparently no one makes sure things work before releasing new updates!You would think that you all would figure out how to keep users from encountering the same bugs...pictures not loading, clicking to open photos in larger view only for nothing to happen. COME ON!!!!
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5 years ago, MissMonnett
Proposed fixes
I enjoy the app. The full site version was allowing too much spam to pass through including a page re-direct. That doesn’t happen in the app. However, it would be better if homes that were removed from a favorites list would actually come off the favorites list.
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2 years ago, stiffman123
Accept Defeat
HAR App Team, You must be aware of the terrible reception of these recent updates. There are regular users and licensed agents/brokers who are directly telling you that this is terrible and that they're switching to your competitor, Zillow. If your own members and supporters are switching to Zillow, then I would imagine that it's time to revert back to the old version that had little to no complaints. At this point it seems y'all at HAR have no intention of satisfying your own customers/members. You're literally losing business and traffic due to this obsession w/ the new user interface. It's terrible. Accept it. My listing traffic reports on HAR vs Zillow are about 50/50 now. Before the update, there was significantly more traffic on HAR. It's very evident that people are reluctant to even open this app now. Fix it or go back to the old version.
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6 years ago, J. Somich
Log in Issues
I can’t seem to get logged back into the app. It has a message that I have exceeded the number of log ins which is incorrect. I called into HAR, they said they were working to fix the issue. It has been several weeks and I need to have the app back on my phone. I need resolution to this issue.
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4 years ago, OurNewHome
Area searching
While there are a lot of filters it would be nice to be able to customize the sq ft to a desired size and would be nice to be able to search a certain tax rate other than that the app is good. Would also be nice if the posters actually posted recent photos and facts. There’s been a few with photos that are really old and the homes look nothing like the photos used. Kind of a waste of time. But that’s not HARs fault.
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2 years ago, Hacker-Man
Houston Relators Can’t Shut Up About This App
I don’t understand why, because the UI is the worst out of all the real estate apps. They constantly insist on using it over Zillow, and every time I tell them “ I don’t use the HAR app because the UI is hot garbage” They cringe and beg and plead with me that it’s info is so much more accurate and it’s better for home searching. The mortgage calculator function is limited, it doesn’t cache any of the data you put in. Every time you go to a new listing you have to input your mortgage information all over again. You can’t just open the app and look at houses in an area. You have to change all the parameters, the list is exhaustive, and the results that come back don’t show as a list, it shows as a map. It’s just clunky. I just hate this UI and I refuse to use it anymore.
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5 years ago, A1-Star
Good app, but needs improvement with search results.
I initially really liked the app but the major issue I have is the search results on my filters. If I select a price range I would assume all the homes in the range would display, but they do not. I change the max price (within the original range) and new homes will appear in the results. It’s time consuming. Will probably revert back to using another app.
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5 years ago, cndn5
Will lose your search if phone locks!
One problem with newer versions is I will do a search and if phone locks then when I unlock phone the app will go to Home screen and have to enter search all over again. Older version would open to where I left off!
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2 years ago, LLB1990
GPS is very slow
If you are driving in a community I’m sure that’s not a problem, but when you are searching for communities to search it’s not possible to find the right place to turn traveling on the back roads.
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2 years ago, Daktari K
Accurate and up-to-date
This is a great app for homes and properties in the Houston area. I love the fact that it’s very accurate and up-to-date. It reflects status changes before other real estate apps. It provides all the info you need to make informed decisions.
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3 years ago, Ksparks29
So many design flaws and bugs
Geez, this is the worst designed real estate app I’ve seen. I wish my realtor wasn’t forcing me to use it. It has all sorts of quirks, and even if you favorite listings it’s not very clear how to find them - just extremely bad design!
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3 years ago, cin®
Can't live without it
Last update remove my Favorites from folders. Crashes frequently and it is harder to access. I hope this could be improved in the next update.
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4 years ago, Maggie9710
Pictures are showing smaller than ever
The update made the pictures look so small due to the top and bottom grey strips. This needs to be fixed! Please look at how Zillow’s app shows pictures and learn from it!
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5 years ago, James Hahn II
Perfect for rental searches
Downloaded, searched, found great properties, and connected with realtors in minutes. Came to write a glowing review and was surprised to see all the 1-stars. Perhaps others are using the app for wider searches? Either way, it does exactly what I need quickly and easily. Cheers to the developers!
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4 years ago, Mrsksr
I’m certainly glad we have the HAR app available to us. As a real estate broker I do find it useful, but it’s not as “user friendly” as I would like...however, with time and updates I have found it much easier to use.
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4 years ago, KikaParedes
Erasure of Results
May 2020: The newest update tends to forget how to run saved searches and search histories. The moment you attempt to click on one of those options, it will kick you out. Prior to the update I had no issues. The HAR app is hands down the best app for realty and real time market changes. If they could only fix the most recent bugs, my rating would change.
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12 months ago, Melissa Cook-Morris
This is been such a great help for my family as my parents are looking to move and they are in their late 70s. With me being away and helping them long-distance, this helps both of us. Thank you.
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2 years ago, EverlovingT
Update is awful
This app went from being user friendly (nearly addictive) to the point where it’s so cumbersome I don’t even want to log in. In particular, I miss being able to tap on a property and having the relevant pictures stay at the bottom of the screen. Now there’s a pop-up that takes time to click out of. It’s sluggish, too. Not sure what prompted the update but would urge HAR to put it back the way it was.
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3 years ago, nonamesothere
Difficult to use
This is the most difficult app to use. I have used HAR previously and had no problem finding a home . It has changed. It is not easy to use now. Quite stressful!!!
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1 year ago, HouBman
Website now app is amazing
HAR has been around (what seems like) forever. So grateful for the work they’ve done and continue to do. They are directly responsible for the vibrant and (almost) always growing real estate market in Houston.
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4 years ago, Stro1836
Doesn’t Work
The app freezes in the middle of a search or loading a listing all the time. Restart the app and it happens again. Happens on both wifi and data. The desktop version causes error messages all the time as well, so obviously some coding and programming issues on the developers end. I like the HAR features and how it shows results better than other home search engines; I just wish it actually worked more than a third of the time.
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4 years ago, lasverdaskimosabi
The BEST APP EVER extremely impressed
Best app ever, these are the ones I will forever chose I think- for the cost of living isn’t irate and my main squeeze isn’t a crazy eight. We will see how much we can spare with cost but we will never forget the ones that helped us in our hearts. Thank you
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10 months ago, OasisRealtyTeam
I like it.
I find it very easy to use. I like being able to move map over to next neighborhood to check out homes of out just showing. In one area.
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6 years ago, Okenkpu
Horrible update
If it ain’t broke don’t fix it. I don’t understand how these apps have it perfect and mess it up by adding extra stuff that is not needed to complicate things. Your app was perfect and I loved using it now it is horrible and you now compete with Zillow
Show more
4 years ago, jkizer82
Almost There!
Generally a very intuitive and easy to use app. Two major frustrations though: you can create but NOT rename or delete favorites folders and the unfortunate ease at which a listing can accidentally be unfavorited and then completely disappear when inside a favorite folder (a simple okay/cancel confirmation message would fix this).
Show more
5 years ago, 1648love
Up to date app.
I like this app, as with all apps, you have to spend time with it. The good thing is they post exactly when a home or rental is sold or rented out right away. It helps you better here than other apps. 👍🏻
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5 years ago, Bro man rhdbeu
It’s alright
This app is user friendly and very organized. It is easy to organize your search through its various filters. When actively searching for homes I constantly find properties and homes that do not actually exist, and have the wrong address so when I try to look at the property I have to try to figure out where it is on google maps. Sometime some filters do not pop up as an options to choose from so I cannot utilize the organization the app provides to its fullest potential. There are bugs and occasional crashes that occur when utilizing this as well which prompts me to reconfigure all the filters and hopefully find the properties I was looking at again.
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2 years ago, Me4433
New version is awful
HAR was my favorite real estate app for years. Now I find myself using Zillow. The new update is awful. If you hit search on map view and the thing zooms out and shows things for sale all over the world. Try to zoom in and move around and it’s glitchy. Add a filter in map view and the whole app freaks out again. It’s barely useable. Until they go back to the old format I’ll be on Zillow.
Show more
2 years ago, Angelin01
The Old version was better!
Maybe it could be just me but this is much more difficult for me to navigate. If they think they made it more accessible, dead wrong. All the scrolling is so time consuming and trying to locate the pdf listing is not available any more.
Show more
5 years ago, lalahahamama
Mobile app needs a little debug
App freezes often when scrolling through favorites list, or saved searches when looking for updated properties. Needs debug for those issues, but overall fairly decent.
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