HarborOne Mobile Banking

4.8 (4.6K)
55.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
HarborOne Bank
Last update
7 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for HarborOne Mobile Banking

4.84 out of 5
4.6K Ratings
9 months ago, Hates Most Movies
Amazing customer service
I was able to correct my login information and create a transfer all in under two minutes with the telephone representative. Thank you very much you saved my life today.
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2 months ago, bsirheijs
Awful User Interface
As others have mentioned this app is extremely unreliable. Very often is is non responsive to commands, and needs to be closed and reopened several times before you can successfully login. I’ve called support several times and the only suggestion they make is to uninstall and reinstall the app .. so there is no solution or intention to fix the issue. Once the madness of the holidays is over I am closing my accounts with HarborOne .. the consistent app issues are not worth doing business with them.
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8 months ago, Pkots
Great job!
Nancy at Main St Brockton has been extremely kind to us. If it wasn’t for her we would have deposited our money in a different bank. Thank you is not enough to say to her!
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10 months ago, AliayaRose
Great App
Love how the new versions has face ID. App is great, allows me to send money, open new accounts very quickly. Definitely one of the best online banking apps I’ve used
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5 months ago, HarborOne
Excellent work
Fatima Santos did an excellent job helping me with a transfer thru online banking to a new account that was opened
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3 months ago, King Abe Froman
App is fine…. When it works.
App does exactly what I need it to. However it just keeps crashing and takes 8 attempts to get it open. Always shows the “we’re experiencing technical difficulties” message on the third or fourth attempt. Was never like this until the new style came out.
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10 months ago, Heidav
Mobile app
I do not like this newly updated app. You have to login twice before you get in because the first try it kicks you out. Takes longer for you to get into your account and the screen turns blank after login and you’re not sure if its loading or the login didn’t work. Terrible upgrade
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3 months ago, Badger324
UI is terrible !
I’ve had this app for years. While I love this bank, this app is slow to respond if it’ll respond at all. Often have to close out and restart the app 3-10 times just to successfully login. It’s a shame this hasn’t been fixed for the years I’ve had this app.
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7 months ago, Capecoddonna
Harbor One is #1!
Always helpful! Couldn’t survive without my customer service! Thank you all!
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2 months ago, MMC303
Everything you want to do with your account(s) is super easy.
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1 month ago, Lawful LULU
Extremely frustrating
App is terrible. Does not work properly. After you log in screen goes blank. Need to log out and then back in to get to Home page. This happens every time you log in. Extremely frustrating.
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10 months ago, loopyma
App is glitchy now
Since the most recent update the app keeps giving an error message to try again later. This happens like every second or third time I log in.
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7 months ago, LGO45
Great service!
Both banks and online services are excellent.
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9 months ago, MCrossey
Really. Really nice people work at the harbor one branches especially canton and stoughton
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10 months ago, S-9 !
My opinion
Good option. Thank you
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2 months ago, Nina_1969
App Doesn’t Open Well
Have to try multiple times before the app actually access my accounts
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5 months ago, pbetien33
Harbor one bank
One of the best bank in Massachusetts!!!
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10 months ago, Dacrowe7
Fix your app
Since the latest update, you must attempt to log in MULTIPLE times before you can actually log in. Freezes once you do.
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8 months ago, Dolley25
The good and fast way
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10 months ago, Matttyice9876
Could be faster
Very slow
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10 months ago, Harbor_apps
App locks out while using
I’m using the app and it locks me out while using
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9 months ago, Redneck4280
Use to love this app
Face id doesn't work half the time please fix
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10 months ago, mike ravioli
So far so good!
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10 months ago, jahehebcbdnejdjaksbdhw
It won’t let me log in with Face ID only, I have to enter Id first. It won’t let the remember me option work
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10 months ago, Ok g try B r Hth g yo
It took way to long and now it’s to late and I have to go to a branch to get money
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6 months ago, Fg resende
Good app enjoying it
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1 year ago, Milton Bradly'd
Lackluster App
Considering I’ve been a customer for nearly 30 years, I find the technical aspects of this app to be less than friendly. Every facet of HarborOne CU from customer service to in person banking and even online banking are exceptional, yet the phone app falls very short of what should be expected from them. Phone app often freezes, goes to a white screen, and/or both, with lag times that have exceeded 15 minutes before having to close and reopen app only for it to do it again! Very frustrating. Maybe one day the tech department at HarborOne will actually invest some R and D money into an app that is usable.
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7 months ago, Obj8113
New update
New update is dumb, phone got disconnected so can’t sign into bank account
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4 weeks ago, JDW.00
Face ID
The Face ID feature hasn’t worked for months. Absolutely useless
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10 months ago, Adilson89
Very convenient app…
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10 months ago, ldjdjdjsjjs
Old app better
Old app was way better
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10 months ago, windesign10
FaceID doesn’t work!
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3 years ago, Danny3572
It constantly has issues loading. It seems like every other week it won’t load correctly or won’t display my account information. Hopefully someone reads this and does something about it. This app isn’t working AGAIN today as far as I’m concerned if I can’t trust them to fix this I can’t trust them with my money and will be leaving. I contact them and they treat me like I’m stupid. This is their last chance to fix it for me I’m tired of it.
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1 year ago, Veeronnica
Locked out too often
I am just tired of being locked out. Once I open the App if I don’t not position my face for ID recognition I only have 2 attempts after which am locked out and have to call customer service. I can’t even get pass to change how I access the app. This is becoming very frustrating 😠
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3 years ago, annafunygal
Bill pay feature not working
I noticed there was a recent update on the mobile app 3 days ago. I just tried yesterday to setup auto pay for a couple of bills and the app freezes once I get into the payee screen. Never had an issue before. I have since deleted the app and reinstalled and am still having issues. I called HarborOne and the say no one else has complained and that the issue is my mobile phone, I have an iPhone 8 and the software is up to date. Don’t know why there is an issue with just the bill pay feauture. Bill pay through the site itself is fine though. Sadly if it doesn’t work I will just have to delete the app ☹️
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5 years ago, JimVec
Updates May 2019:: The inability to zoom a check image is mind-numbing. In addition, using the password login page as an (outdated) legal CYA board is aggravating. Perhaps your idiot programmers should actually try to USE the app on a daily basis. A two-part review. Does the app do what is advertised? Yes. Sort of... when I try to access statements, unable to zoom/shrink, and unable to go back. So - great for seeing balances and transactions... great for photo-scanning/ depositing a check... But - using location information without EXPLICIT end-user knowledge is a huge privacy issue. Now the bad - EVERY RECENT UPDATE RELEASE MANDATES INSTALLING A NEW VERSION OF THE APP. That is unacceptable and reflects an abhorrent lack of programming finesse. If the app programmers cannot write an app that is at least one version backward-compatible, that is just dreadful. Outright prohibiting an older version from running, on the release of a new version is poor customer service, and reflects poorly on the business vision of HarborOne. This is client/server design basics... There is no excuse...
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2 years ago, 1290player1
I used this app for a year without any issues. It was my first online banking account. However, a couple months ago I started getting those notifications of my session expired when logging in or just refusing my credentials. Well, customer service told me to remove and reload the app and I must say, that did the trick! Now I only need to remove and reload the app a couple times a week. No problem :(
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4 years ago, Kahlilah246
The only thing that I don’t like is.....
Ever since I bought the newest iPhone 11, I cannot deposit my checks. It does not work on the phone and it freezes. I can only deposit my checks on my old iPhone 6 and even then, sometimes the app closes by itself. My concern is that I may write “mobile deposit only” in the check and then find myself stuck by having to order another check since I would have to void the old one, all because the app won’t work.
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3 years ago, Dylan Raczkowski
The app literally doesn’t work
For the past 3 weeks i havent been able to sign in. I get a white screen that shows a loading symbol and you can wait as long as you want nothing will happen. I deleted the app and reinstalled it and still the same thing. Its really frustrating when you cant check your balance.
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10 years ago, Hxgsxjcuvjd
Love having it, makes banking super convenient. I think people are confused about login because it is NOT the same as your online banking info. You have to make a new account for mobile. I've had no problems. Perfect now that there's mobile deposit.
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9 years ago, Slatemeta
Scrolling doesn't work.
I'm trying to scroll down while looking at my account activity and every time I lift my thumb the menu slides over from the right. Did they even test this? Based on their inability to make an iPhone app which is easy, I have no confidence in their ability to keep my information secure. Therefore I am finding a new bank. Sorry guys but I hope you didn't pay another company money to make this app because they robbed you by taking your money and making a terrible app.
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3 years ago, Acidrop
Bug Additions
This app works about 80% of the time. New update fixed that issue, so now I can’t log in at all however I also don’t have to look at the awful situation happening with my finances. 5 stars.
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4 years ago, Ron Dilly
One of the worst apps I’ve ever used
I think this might be my first review ever in the App Store but I cannot hey pass how terrible this app is. It is the most unreliable app I have ever used and frequently doesn’t load on my phone. I’ve deleted and downloaded it many times because of these issues but with each update, no bugs seem to be fixed. It almost makes me want to switch banks as my local bank was bought out by HarborOne anyway.
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12 years ago, Barbie3784
Version, have been waiting for this! Love it!
I've been wondering when this would be available and I'm so excited it is! I know I can always go online, but this is so much faster! Thanks Harborone!
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1 year ago, 🌹<3 hola ✨
App needs work
I’ve unfortunately have needed to uninstall and reinstall this app too many times to get around certain glitches. Besides that I have no other complaints
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1 year ago, TheLurg1687
Desperately needs updating
I just downloaded this app and it’s not even optimized for the iPhones since the X (which was released years ago). It’s also hard to navigate and doesn’t allow for payments on e app. This is basic functionality all other banking apps have. Please update and/or redesign! It’s really bad!
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3 years ago, winkee76
Delete & Reinstall
Have been having issues with the app not loading. Deleted and reinstalled it and seems to be working properly so far. Hope this helps!
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11 months ago, YlM18
Online Banking
Every time I log on the screen goes into a loading mode causing me to delete the app then to reinstall. Very frustrating.
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3 years ago, Patkkmm's
Would be great if I could get into my account
If you like banking apps where you can’t get into your account this is the one for you, for the past 2 days I haven’t been able to get into my account and it is ridiculous, but I will say that when you can get into your account it works fine
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4 years ago, wking-cma
Buggy Security
The latest update replaces a bug using fingerprint ID with a bug where it prompts for a phone call or text for about 80% of all logins. Also the times in the user activity log are way off now (more than a time zone) and/or entries are missing.
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