Hard Rock Jackpot Casino

4.7 (45.6K)
243.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Hard Rock Games
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Hard Rock Jackpot Casino

4.67 out of 5
45.6K Ratings
3 years ago, Missing my pasttime
Software Upgrade
I have been playing for approx. 2 years. Was at level 502 yesterday. I upgraded to the new version today. Logged in and have had multiple anomalies; does not allow me to sign in as an existing user, cannot adjust the screen size which is too large, cutting off lower portion of screen. New software will not maintain a new password when set up. Bottom line, I believe all problems could be easily resolved if I could speak with tech support directly via phone. I have been playing via an Apple iPad for the past 2 years and am now wondering if iPads are no longer supported.
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3 years ago, WarReady2021
Casino odds on a free game…
This is supposed to be fun but they cheat you out of everything. Blackjack is so rigged that you have to play at 3am just to have decent odds. If you play 3 hands, you can already tell what the house will have just by what cards they give you… also look at your cards they tend to give you just enough to lose by 1 majority of the time but once your balance goes up enough, the house will get 20 or 21 every time. Never seen the house get so many 7 cars 21s off busy cards… please fix this asap, this is not the actual hard rock casino, there’s no need to cheat your players like this especially when we’re mostly playing for fun… this is starting to get blatant and I liked playing the game. If we ain’t winning real money but your asking us for real money to get coins, u need to focus more on the players and not the casino. Then you send a review and too may get a generic response telling you to email someone that ain’t gonna ever respond to you… it’s all a game to them, but they want our money. I see why they had to suspend sports better, this is crook activity. If you’re going to respond to me give me a real response for all to see, not some generic computer generated one just to look like you care. And don’t ask me to email anyone so it’s hidden, I wrote a review on the app, respond to me on here also.
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5 months ago, Goodbye1098
Older slot machine
I was really upset to learn that the hard rock removed a lot of their old slot machines and put in a lot of terrible newer machines. There used to be a hole bunch of us that came to play Keno and not the new Kino machines. The older Keno machines were a lot of fun and I know at least 25 to 30 people over the years I met that just came to play keno. Even though there was only 4 to 6 machines in the main room, there were people that were just wait to play those games. All those people unfortunately, don’t come to the casino anymore. In the non-smoking room they used to be at least 10 older keno machines. and much too much surprise I was devastated when I came to Florida and so much looking forward to playing and they had removed every single machine. There is no way you can tell me that all those machines were broken as a result I don’t go very often anymore.
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3 years ago, GSquare2
As bad as live in Tampa
Poor performance. Server issues are prevalent. Games don’t load. Server wait messages occur while in a bonus results in a total loss of credits. Support does not respond. Bad & getting worse. They cannot seem to resolve their server issues. Wait message while in free spins ended up in a loss of 3M credits. Forget contacting their so-called support. Low payouts and no bonuses after millions. Just as bas as Seminole Hard Rock Casino in Tampa only void the LOUD music that is way too uncomfortable for the average ear. Opted to play social casino since Tampa slot payouts are too low to risk exposure to coronavirus. They DO NOT reward loyal patrons generously enough and social casino is not much better! Social Casino games are glitchy. Some will not load at all. Support does not respond. I DO NOT RECOMMEND after running out of available credits!
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3 years ago, Brat1980
Good game, but with a few flaws.
The good: it’s a fun game to play either when you have a few minutes, or your just hiding from the boss. Animations and sounds make it as close as you could come to the casino without actually being there. The bad: I had to install and uninstall the app 3-4 times before it would actually load without crashing on opening…still not quite sure how I got it to finally work, and when I try to link my wild card I keep getting an error saying that my card is already linked to another account. After a few minutes of fumbling around, trying to find a way to contact tech support about that, I think I finally found it but the jury is still out on that.
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3 years ago, Desarie Stanford
Not too fond of the games... kinda of sad
Kinda of a disappointment, NO KENO... AFTER PLAYING ON THIS APP FOR 3 consistent weeks, I have spent money playing it... after a while they open all the slot machine which I would prefer! Where are the popular machine ( Lock N Link) WE WOULD SEE AT THIS SEMINOLE PROPERTIES??? I'm a WILD CARD HOLDER. Not impressed, there are so many other websites that have better games... come on Hard Rock... be customer pleasing! Keep ALL GAMES AVAILABLE SO WHEN WE GO BACK TO Our favorite ⭐️ games so we can play them Again MY FAVORITE GAME on this app is ( Feelin Fruity 10 🔒457) NOW ITS LOCKED DONT LIKE THAT... especially when you're spending A lot of money $$$!
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3 years ago, Schmagoot
New games & coin changes
Well it’s been a few days, and you know the old saying “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it!!” Well change isn’t always for the better! I believe you had a good thing going, but the new format is not fun right now(I’ll give it a couple weeks, if it doesn’t get better I won’t play anymore!) Gradual change is better than all at once! Plus you can’t give a loyal player less money on bonuses! Especially a person who plays almost every day! So I’ll keep you posted.
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5 years ago, staicee1726
Open up the different machines
This social casino is one of the ones I have found let’s you at least win, they then take it all back, but at least there is the thrill of winning, so rare in social casino gaming, most of them are so desperate to get you to buy chips they don’t let you win at all and they are stingy with their chips.. I have a feeling this one is not an exception but I just ran out of chips so I won’t until my. Bonuses refresh if they are stingy with the chips. But it takes way too many levels to open up games, come on give us something, if you are going to take away our ability to win and keep it, at least give us more variety in the games we have to play.. 👎👎👍👍👎
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2 months ago, Ca$hier
Great games but beware
Love learning the games and they are well done but if they can cheat you out of coins they will. The minimum bets are increasing all the time and they preset your limit at a ridiculously high amount like 900,000 coins a pull (they only give me 400,000 every 3 hours). The games can be unstable and I often get booted out. I relaunch the app but instead of setting my bet to the last recorded bet of the 45,000 minimum, it sets it at 900,000 again! One pull and I’m done unless I buy coins. If I’m lucky and hit a nice jackpot, my funds are wiped out immediately afterward. I’ve won 15 free games without a win. So enjoy the games but beware and prepare to be frustrated.
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4 years ago, nannynewner
I love this game I could only wish you might bring in more Keno games. Like the four card or the twenty six card or all that are available. The more I play this game the more I love it. It would only get better if you could get four card keno or the large game I think it plays about twenty games at once. I hope the next time I upgrade it will have all the games mentioned then I will never have to leave my house again. I love this and I will have every game I need or play right here in front of me I truly will be set for life.
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5 years ago, Caasg42
Fun - But don’t count on the free coins
This app is typically fun and allows for you to get free coins with which to play. Sometimes you will win big and can keep playing on the free coins, but more often than not you will have to make a purchase to keep playing. I’ve used other casino apps where the free coins last much longer and don’t require purchases anywhere near as often, but those apps may not always have the best (or most realistic) games.
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4 years ago, Ethel la ru
Hard Rock Casino
I’ve been playing in this casino for a few months, now my favorite casino. This casino has really unique games and bonus free spins, a lot more fun than any of the other casinos I play in. When they open all the “Locked” games to everyone, you can play for hours and never get bored. Thank you for the fun casino games. I have recommended to my friends. Complaint: ever since Apple did their last software update, all of the slot machines are in slow motion, not very fun.
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3 years ago, Bellagrits13
Won’t load games-support team is useless
Apple store should remove this app until they can figure out how to fix it. It does t work and should not be offered In Apple store or google play ! I continue to have bugs with this app on my iPhone pro max 11. I’ve contacted help support several times but they cannot solve the issues and I go round and round. They offer no real trouble shooting and just close the cases time and time again. Horrible support team. I am unable to click on the regular slots section to play games. The only thing that works is when I click on features game on the center icon. Why? Can someone figure this out?? Help - support team certainly can’t. Please help.
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5 years ago, jldutton
So Much Fun!!
The reason I downloaded this app is because my husband & I took our FIRST trip in 15! Years without our kiddos, for our 15th wedding anniversary, & chose to go to the Hard Rock in Biloxi, MS. We literally had the best time in recent memory, and the Hard Rock facilitated that. We gambled, ate delicious food, had a wonderful waterfront room, and experienced absolute excellent service the entire time. It’s a trip that we will remember for the rest of our lives. Shout out to a Patrick, the best floor bartender/server EVER! Cannot wait to come back!
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4 years ago, TwinColeyWoley78
These slots are truly fair game and you do have lots of winning spins it’s so exciting to play these games . I’ve never been more excited to see Hard Rock have an online casino app in my life . I highly suggest you downloading this app. I’ve been playing for several days and I haven’t had to purchase anything, so if that helps you they honestly have great payouts . You will not regret it, lots of fun. Thank you Hard Rock Casino.
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2 years ago, ShelbyHootie
Fails to Deliver Coins, No Response from Support
Once again, purchased coins and hearts and they were not delivered. This is completely ridiculous and needs to be rectified immediately. I’ve (attempted) to purchase coins. Sometimes the amount I purchased was delivered, sometimes the full amount was not, and most recently, the entire purchased quantity was not delivered but the money was taken from my Apple account. I’ve contacted the app’s support ‘team’ multiple times in multiple ways but have received zero response. I’d rate this a zero if I could.
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2 years ago, tigereye1017
Poor customer service
The game itself is fun to play most of the time. But it also awards you “hearts” as you play (or you can purchase them) that can be traded in for rewards. I had 50,000 hearts saved up and tried using them for dining credit at the local casino. My balance was used, and it said I would receive an email about the dining credit. I never received any such email, and despite sending NUMEROUS messages to customer support through the app, I never received any replies. So no dining credit, AND no hearts. Play with what’s free. Don’t waste your time with “rewards”.
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4 years ago, jking77777
It’s ok.
It’s a fun app but I have a hard time with these type of casino apps wanting you to pay when you can’t win anything. I live by Hard Rock Tulsa and it is not a part of this casinos franchise. It is Hard Rock but owned by the Cherokee Tribe and not affiliated with the national franchise for some stupid reason. I think these apps should incorporate a prize store or some type of benefit of winning something for all the money they want you to spend for those of us not near there listed casinos. Never bet high you can’t win any jackpots won’t ever happen been playing for 2 years and nothing! The more you bet the less you win to get you to buy there stupid outrageously priced credits.
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4 years ago, Xcitement!!
Fun but don’t expect any rewards!
Have some good games to play but it takes forever to earn hearts. Then even after doing so it takes a ton of them to earn even 5 dollars in Free Play! Not surprised seeing this from the Hard Rock seeing that they don’t even give you a free drink although they are raking in the money. If you just want to kill some time then by all means play, however if you are actually hoping to win something of any value then do something else with your time. My wife and I have both played a ton (and she has spent hundreds of dollars) and doesn’t even have enough “Hearts” for 5 dollars in Free Play Lol
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4 years ago, Manny Canha
PLEASE READ!! Warning!!
I brought up to the contact department my issue with the software games freezing all the time. During a 40 free play spin with tons of coins I lost bc being on WiFi and cellular it was not on my end! They gave me 1 million chips. I have spent $1,000 in chips and they gave me that and it costs me probably 100k that already because it happens all the time! Also, they had a good buy on coins and I started doing their max bet like a million and the payouts weren’t the same percentage if the amount was lower!! They also won’t let you go back down even if you don’t have enough chips for your level to keep you buying. Highly upset
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3 years ago, platanon2012
doesn’t work on ios 14.4.2
After i downloaded the app I opened it and it asked to enable notifications I said no like I always do with all apps (i don’t like to get annoyed) and the app doesn’t even open it crashes. I clicked on app support to file a bug report and there no place to make one that’s why I am giving a review if you don’t like this then make it easy for people to contact or open support tickets you make a lot of money when we go to your casinos pay someone better to develop your apps they represent your brand. Anyways that has been my experience with the app so far
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6 months ago, Brudget2
Was disappointed
First visit to the Sacramento location on Christmas Day. Food is ridiculously expensive. We chose the Hard Rock Cafe, $40 prime rib with a scoop of mashed potatoes and some green beans.. no choice of soup or salad, no bread offered. No food court or “fast food” available. I want to spend my money gambling, not on high price food! It’s crazy. Buffet was$60 per person. Mostly penny slots, few good $1 or quarter machines. No cocktail servers around the slots..Didn’t see any blackjack tables open by the time we left at 5:00pm. It’s not as nice or as much fun as Thunder Valley.. I’ll stick to Thunder Valley.
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3 years ago, Games don't pay when you win
Not paying when winning
New updated app was supposed to be ready today. I understand there are technical issues. However, played the current games and finally hit a big win, but my winnings never were applied. Serious issues with the site. Don’t waste your time.
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2 years ago, smishail
Need more coins
They start you off with very little coins that will last you 5 minutes, if you don’t purchase coins you’ll have to wait and try again tomorrow since collecting gives you maybe 35,000 coins which is enough for 7 or 8 games at the lowest bet. Winning on this is nearly impossible, I bet let’s say 5,000 coins and I win 40. Bonuses are so rare I can play for weeks before getting a bonus or a big win. I like the games but disappointed at the app. The coins are free, don’t be scared to give a little extra or make the game win a little more.
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5 years ago, Newslady1968
Can’t link players card
The game is like any other slot game out in the world. If you like to play slots you will like this game. I have no complaints about the games themselves but it is advertised that players will be able to link their Encore cards to their account to earn coins and real rewards. I have tried several times a day for a week to link my card but it doesn’t work it times out and tells you to restart the game/app. Get that glitch fixed and I would rate the game at 5 stars.
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1 year ago, Mamajojol
A lot of fun, but.. Several issues where won coins are lost. Switching from desktop to app cost me my time bonus - over 100k. Got booted out of a game during a free spin cycle where I had won 60k coins so far - I could never get back into the game, I’m the app or on desktop. Support wasn’t helpful. I know these are fake coins, but I spent real money a few times as I love to play these games. Hope they fix the bugs. I will be glad to test…
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2 years ago, LisaRidgid
Hard-rock casino game awful
This game is awful! It has screwed me over several times. You play and get up to over 2 to 4 million have over 10k in hearts and then they start you all over from from the beginning! Lose everything 😡That has happened only about 3 times. You spend money on the game and they take it but then screw you! I have written there support team and never get a answer! I will not be playing this game anymore it’s rigged. I would NOT recommend this to anyone. Also they did the samething to my husband! Sorry game.😡😡😡🤬🤬
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4 years ago, Carlos Cesar Alves
Games Review
I do like the games you guys have available online but the selection and quantity of games available at the high limits section it is extremely poor. , and the players should also have the opportunity to suggest the games that could eventually appear online since the online games should mimic the games available at the casino . Ss
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3 years ago, old time gambler
Get your money back it is sad!!!
I do not like it —it seems like the crappy Caesars site which I stopped using. Where is video poker ? What happened to old coins and hearts ? Does not recognize my players card. I give it one of five stars. A real loser of a site. I cannot send only cancel Accidentally hit a second star cannot remove it
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8 months ago, KKFar1
Server is always disconnecting
Really enjoy playing slots online, but sometimes it takes forever to open the game. I’ve had to delete and restore a few times. It will take a while to connect to server while playing. I have no issues with other games I play.
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3 years ago, The Riddler from Bitman
Good Game
Hi, I’m The Riddler from hit comic book and movie series Bitman. This is a fun game because I immediately won a lot of fake money. I usually have to rob banks for money just like The Penguin and Scarecrow. Thankfully, now I can make fake money through gambling on slots from the convenience of my home. I’ve given up my life of crime and now I write riddles for kids in kindergarten. Thanks app!
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9 months ago, CrystalWill03
I can't even play anything on this app, every time i open the app it crashes sometimes after a few moments but usually it's within seconds. Very frustrating especially since I made a purchase of hearts and now i can't even use them. There is a "help desk" for app support, but from what i have seen it's just more like a FAQ section with articles thrown in. How would i get in touch with someone who could actually maybe help me with this issue? That's what I wanna know! It's such a shame too cause I've loved hard rock for years
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3 years ago, FL Home Searching
New App upgrade
My experience has not been good at all since upgrade. I log in, screen is not compatible size to see all features or the full game screen. NO daily spin wheel anymore. The play denom is so high now I really can’t play here. I use to like this. Maybe it’s now just not for iPhones? If players log in with no daily spin, I would think most will just log back out. What was the goal on this project? What were you trying to upgrade? It’s just so user “unfriendly.” I’m playing on 2 other sites instead and I hope this one improves.
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2 years ago, MsJenAries
Unable to log back in
I signed out of my account and tried to log back on but it gives me an error and says that it’s not available in my state. I had my account linked as well as my Hard Rock Wild Card but now it’s not letting me log back in. Fun app but now I can’t seem to get it to work.
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3 years ago, #1Greedygirl
Good games
Some of these games are fun. It I don’t like the slot machines. I don’t know how to get credits toward my play at Hard Rock Casino. Good time wasters, all.I I don’t like the new format. It’s cluttered and full of junk but I don’t want to play. I also don’t like the fact that I am limited in the amount that I choose to play for. I play the card games.
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3 years ago, Justloosing
FUN ! to Play!! ~ & Learn!!!
Slots of FUN! Always gives me a little break from the day! +++ I’ve never played table games because I didn’t understand them. With this app I’m able to play table games with points to get a better handle on real play and decide which ones I really like without losing my own cash.
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3 years ago, Pandablogic
Terrible. Go back to previous hard rock App
The “new” app is filled with bugs and many games that used to be accessible are no longer accessible. High limit room and games area is also no longer available unless you spend coins or money. Terrible App.
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3 years ago, Begghhbf
Worst slot game on the App Store.
sorry excuse for a mobile gaming app. We’re not going to acknowledge that these are tighter than RL slots, we’re going to focus on how absolutely unplayable the game is, unbearable serves that constantly disconnect making the app time out and having to restart, very dated and slow design. Honestly I would recommend playing literally any other slot game on the App Store. The game feels cheap, constantly crashes, and WHEN it does work. It’s god awful slow hardly responsive. I love the hard rock, but won’t waste another penny or another minute on this sorry excuse for an app.
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3 years ago, Debster523
Jacks or better poker
I was buying extra coin to keep playing when I was getting some decent hands, but stopped when they stopped. No fun. Best I can hope for is 4 of a kind once a week and I play every day. Now I just bet lower so I can do that. Don’t know what happened to the good hands???
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3 years ago, TampaTreeGuy
I Enjoy Playing At The Hard Rock Casino
I’m a big fan of the real casino so of course I had to download and play at the social however, I feel that the games are always extremely tight and is driven more by enticing and reeling in players to deposit money. I believe the amount of hearts needed to get free play or in exchange for social dollars is astronomical and needs to be reevaluated but It’s fun from time to time and you may get lucky. God spin!
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5 years ago, bree123432
Can’t link Facebook account
I have the app downloaded on my ipads and iphone. I was logged into facebook on my phone. But recently tried to login on my ipads and it doesnt work. I click “link fb” and the little bubble just “giggles”. Me thinking that maybe it can only be linked on 1 device, i unlink it and log out on my phone and try again on my ipads...still doesnt work. Then i tried logging back in on my phone and it now wont login... SO IM LOGGED OUT ON EVERY DEVICE🥴🤦🏾‍♀️
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4 years ago, happy camper 312
Malia D
Fun app! I like that they let you win and as long as you sign in each day you always get free coins- other games I run out of coins and game is over when coins run out. This app allows you to win at a huge variety of games not just slots but many otters and the tournaments are really exciting! They are my favorite! Great app and no complaints!
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4 years ago, Doug C Music
App a joke
I don’t know how the App Store is getting a good rating of 4.6 to this app developer. This app is a complete farce, it’s a joke, the App Store should take this thing down. First of all in the plane Blackjack, the dealer wins over 75% of the handz gets most of the black jacks or get most of the 21s. Now you tell me if this is equivalent to what you would find out a real table. I doubt it. The developer claims he was a random number generator which is a joke because it doesn’t happen. My suggestion, do not buy any chips within the app and to delete it from your phone or your ear
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4 years ago, Pattistl12345
Thank you
I am enjoying this app thank you for offering the free play . The only thing that seems to be a slight issue is that I can’t seem to get the sound to play on some of the games( not too big of a deal ) and wish I could play a bit longer. Hey though it’s free and there is a chance to win real prizes and cash!
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3 years ago, Gappin
Able to win coins without having to buy them. It is challenging to know what to bet. Love getting to choose from so many games! Only thing I wish is that players could win hearts from playing each slot game as well as coins, or turn in coins for hearts.
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3 years ago, jdhbdhfhdbdhnfbf
My new FAVORITE game!
Can’t get enough! Feels like I am at the casino playing! Great way to pass time and even when I get down to very few coins, the game allows me to get back up and win again! Thanks... I’m loving it Been playing for over a year now. I visit the casinos in Fl and can use my heart wins for free play. Love this game.
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3 years ago, villa0622
It’s my go to game even though I am up to 104 from games to pick from( and no that not 104 counting 1-104) but I still have a Lotta game options that seems to produce more points and you don’t have to wait for the points to populate so long as some of the games to it doesn’t look like much but worth playing.
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1 year ago, Mtrock21
Error linking account
Playing the slots are okay. Need to have more actual slot games you would experience in the casino. I have been trying over a month to link my players card number to the app with no success!!! I continue to receive an error message and saying to try later! The problem need to be researched and resolved!!!
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2 years ago, DZ Jacksonville
Not my choice for casino apps
I play many casino apps and this one has the least amount of wins. I do spend money on games that allow me to play for more than 5 minutes. This game no matter what keeps you in the losing end of the stick. I play my free play and at the lowest bet possible I play for 5 minutes at best. I buy a 9.99 coin pack and play for 5 minutes at best. Why should I keep playing a game where entertainment is minimal?
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4 years ago, Figs3122
Worst blackjack I’ve ever played
The slots are already mundane bc of the win loss ratio, but they don’t even try to hide the fact that blackjack is rigged on this app. Dealer always flips enough cards to just barely beat you, I believe it was 8/10 hands I lost. It’s probably the worst casino app I’ve ever played. Not to mention in order to receive the real life comps you have to spend money in the store to receive the hearts. Even that’s a joke. You’ll spend more trying to get a small comp than you would at the actual casino. All in all this app stinks.
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