Harley-Davidson® Visa Card

1.5 (338)
0.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
U.S. Bancorp
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Harley-Davidson® Visa Card

1.48 out of 5
338 Ratings
9 months ago, XUSNMM1
Crap app
Every time I try to log in I can’t. It will not recognize a newly updated password and forget about using biometrics. If giving negative stars was an option it would earn a well deserved -5 stars. The login problem has been a constant issue for months, it needs to be fixed or people need to be fired. These problems did not exist when it was USBANK. Update from September 19th. After spending an hour on the phone with a representative I thought the constant log in problems were resolved yet here we are one month later and still the same issue again. How you can take something that was working and make it unusable is beyond me. I’ve given up on the app and just use the phone to do what I need to get done.
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4 years ago, michaelspringfield
How to screw up a good app
When I was using to US Bank app to login and manage my card things were easy and seamless. Not so much when the Harley Davidson VISA was spun off into its own app. Doesn’t remember my user ID. Doesn’t have the option to use Face ID or fingerprint ID. Have to go through multiple screens to get to the account summary. Can’t view statements within the app. And the list goes on and on. This is an example of how now to make a user friendly app. I have started using the web version to log on but the web version is only marginally better, at least I can use my saved passwords. I have just about stopped using the app. On the positive side I can view and redeem points from within the app.
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3 years ago, sdanderson_51
Two months in and I’m happy
I figured I would update after reading so many bad reviews. I’m a couple of months in and it’s working fine. I can login with facial recognition and my account information is stored, as well as my bank details to pay the card off. Just like any other card. I’m not having any problems at all and while it’s not my primary card, it’s a good one to hand my daughter for small items to keep it going and so she’ll have some kind of backup…with a cool logo 😎
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4 years ago, JodyGirl#1
What a MESS!!
If there were minus ratings available, I’d use them!! What a mess Harley-Davidson made of this credit card account app. Who in the world is managing their website/app development? My husband and I have had their credit card since the 80’s, when you could only use them in dealerships. Now, we’ve spent so much time with cardmember services & technical support trying to redeem rewards and manage our account that we’re on the verge of throwing this card away!!! And still we can’t access our account or rewards when we want to purchase even more merchandise and parts. 😖🤯 Come on Harley...get your stuff together so your customers can benefit what they’ve provided to you...sales!
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4 years ago, gholwick
This app worked momentarily but for the past week it say to check network connection and try again. No other app on my phone has the issues this one has. It’s unfortunate that this app is associated with a new credit card that I cannot use due to this malfunctioning app. I can’t even get a statement so I can pay my account off and discard this app and credit card. Sad that Harley-Davidson is associated with this major malfunction. Of course the last update to this app has made it even worse. No Face ID, no real serviceability, have to go to through multiple screens just find out what’s on your statement. Too bad this app isn’t part of the 21st century.
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3 years ago, confused hog
What happened!
I don’t know what happened to this app but,it’s not good. I used to be able to log into my account and pay my bill and do everything else it was designed to do. For the past couple months something has changed. It’s really glitchy is what I’ll call it. After I get done with whatever I logged on to do or whatever the app decides to let me do and log off the screen goes white and I have to power my phone off for a couple minutes. When I power my phone back on sometimes the app will load when I try to open it and sometimes it won’t??? What happened?????
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2 years ago, OwassoChiro
Great improvement
I am not sure what the negative reviews are about, and can only assume they are just old reviews before the app was updated and improved. I haven’t had any issues (November 2022) Thought I would add a positive review since it looks like no one has submitted a review in over a year. No issues yet, same features as website, easy to navigate, recommended!!
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4 years ago, Springrock2003
User Experience Fail
By separating H-D Visa from our US Bank accounts you’ve literally added more work and made it harder to be a USB customer. Horrible idea. Terrible user experience. The description touts this as “new and improved.” How? Doesn’t remembered our passwords. No FaceId. You added a second app (that was much worse) and more clutter for users. I fully appreciate the need for “branding” here but this app is a mess. I’m not going to use two separate apps to manage accounts at one institution; I fully expect to be cancelling this account in the next couple months - and I’ve been a customer for more than 10 years!
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4 years ago, Jane B-Eyre
Inconsistent and unreliable
Very difficult to open app or to even access your account log-in by website. Some times it only takes 10 attempts, other times it takes days. Twice I’ve been penalized with a late payment because I couldn’t log-in or open the app on time. Mind you, both incidents I kept trying to make a payment a week before my due date. Good luck reaching anyone by phone... UPDATE: for 3 weeks now I’m trying to pay my bill by ap or online. “Servers are down” is the message I receive. Now a few of my bills have been declined because even they can’t run the card.
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4 years ago, The World will end
Separate apps = bad decision
The choice to remove the Harley-Davidson Visa from the main U.S. Bank app doesn’t make sense to me. Now, I have to log into multiple apps to manage my accounts with U.S. Bank. A bank that makes it harder for me will lose my business. This app is basically a browser that takes you to a mobile site to log in, which means I can’t use Touch ID and I have to answer multiple security questions just to pay the bill. Not sure if this was Harley’s decision or the bank’s but, in the future, I will be looking elsewhere for my banking and motorcycle needs.
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2 years ago, Cheeze It!
Unable to use
This app is horrible since they changed it! I am unable to use it for n more then a month or two. Now that I have an IPhone I can’t use it at all. It’s no use complaining they act like they’ve never heard it before. Everyone I know that has it experiences the same problems. I dread calling in every month to make a payment. The benefits to the card aren’t even that good. Seriously considering paying it off and just doing away with it all together as it’s not worth the headache. Do better HD!
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3 years ago, Yesyoudid!
Won’t respond or open 50% of time
I’m like this card, especially when using it at Harley dealers for the additional discount, but seems like many times it’s not operational on the app; I go to use it and there’s just a blank white page, or I get the never ending swirling circle telling me it’s loading but never does. I can go back hours later or next day and it probably will work, but not always.
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4 years ago, JaymanJax
New and Un-Improved
This new version of the app is terrible, they took away the face recognition and the ablility to remember you user ID on this version. Which means you now have to fully enter all your info every time you want to log in. Which makes it much more difficult to QUICKLY check your balance or other information if you are away from home or can’t remember your passwords off the top of your head. The other/ older version of this app was much better, this version is complete rubbish.
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3 years ago, FiveAMFishing
On par with major banking apps but..
I tapped on request credit increase and got a message that I will be receiving paperwork mail on how to request my limit increase. So.. couldn’t just load a form or a phone number that says call us?
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4 years ago, Lack Availability
US Bank and H-D VISA mobile app
I just spent 6+ months working thru glitches with US Bank app and now H-D visa is on it’s own separate from US Bank. Now I’m experiencing problems with H-D visa. It’s not even a good app when it’s working. I would like IT people to test changes and updates before just “throwing it out there” for customers to “test” live with frustration. Too bad! Banks in general promote how great and convenient the mobile apps are spending lots of money on advertising and then have substandard products. Sad but true.
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4 years ago, johnny0h
Improved H-D Visa App
The renovated version is working satisfactory now and has fingerprint sign in capability. It had been a real pain while they were in the process of switching to this new app to the point of a customer revolt over poor performance and usability. Glad to have waited the renewal process out and can enjoy using it almost like it used to be.
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2 years ago, Dior Cowboy
I get why they make motorcycles and not apps
Nearly every month I have to re-enter all my info (that is if it decides it will communicate with the servers to verify that information), change password, go through the 30 hoops to access the application, pay my card, or check my balance. Face-ID is not difficult to implement without it kicking all your information and user data out.
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4 years ago, SM•O
Fix points redemption!
New app is easy to use. I like that I can see what is pending, I couldn’t before. However the points redemption needs work. It was so easy before to see how many points/ how much money I had. And redeem them. Now I can see how many points but not the dollar value. Please change that part back to how you had it before.
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2 years ago, pawtyking
App works
I don’t understand what all the bad reviews are about. I’ve had my HD visa since 2012, have been using this app since it was released & have never had any problems. It’s a standard banking/ credit card app & functions as it should
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3 months ago, Bluzeel
Sloppy app.
After a few uses the screen just turns white and you cannot do anything about it except delete the app. and you are back in business, for a while and it’s fine for a few attempts and the problem starts all over again and again. This app. seems to have been introduced and manufactured in a pre-school. Indescribably disgusting.
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4 years ago, Orgnjello
Latest version needs work
Took away Face ID, and makes me log in every time. Also removed the rewards, so I have no idea what is going on with those. Please add those features back. Overall, the new version looks pretty straightforward, but an upgrade should not take away basic and useful functions.
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2 years ago, mski$&@38,?48
Worst app ever. If it’s not frozen, every time i log in i get locked out. Can’t defeat questions. Won’t let me just use a password to log in. Sometimes it locks me out before i try to log in. Can’t use face id. Every time i enable face id next time i try to log in it won’t let me use face id. The H-D website is not much better. I will be eliminating this card from my life. Shouldn’t be this difficult
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3 years ago, traveler1_1
Used to be good
This was a fantastic app, easy to use, and simple to make payments,see rewards, etc. now it’s just garbage. On the off chance you can get logged in, it’s miserable to find anything. But it’s rarely a problem since logging in is almost impossible. No Face ID, it won’t remember login name, and when you do type your password in it still isn’t going to log you in most of the time. Avoid this like the plague.
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1 year ago, 2XXlmnop
Why not provide me a new iPhone?
This App will not allow for older phones that only update to iOS 12.5. Seems too many updates and unnecessary functions make this App inoperable for older devices. No option to override either. Bad system not only forgets Fingerprint ID, it will not download earlier App version, so essentially I’m locked out from using this App on iPhone 6 with iOS 12.5.
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1 month ago, ¡PW!
Worse App Ever
Spent over an hour speaking to a rep for login issues. Finally had login issue fixed but low and behold the very next can’t login without having to reset my password. The app never remembers passwords or facial recognition. I would have to say I’m very disappointed in this app and who signed off on the app change from the original app clearly needs a new profession.
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6 months ago, JBurney
Deserves 0 Stars
The security requirements to log in are way beyond anything approaching necessary, pushing this app and any features that may be potentially useful into irrelevancy. Fix the issues so people can use the app without being automatically frustrated by the experience. This is one of 6 different credit card apps I have and the only one I have complaints about.
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8 months ago, short end
Problem prevails
Will lock you out of the app when you need to view your purchases or review a sale several times a year and then refuse help over the phone for this existing problem so off to the bank to straighten it out! Puts me on edge weather to cancel this card. HD needs another banker and push these reviews back up where they should be!
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4 years ago, Nathaniel Kirk
What happened?
This new app makes me want to cancel my card! No fingerprint recognition, constantly have to enter user id, doesn’t remember device and list goes on.. Why do I need to download the pdf statement, leave the app to view it, only to come back to the Harley app to be told my session has timed out and have to re-enter my credentials? So aggravating. It wasn’t like this on the previous app. This app needs some serious renovating.
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4 years ago, MVBSD
Time to drop US Bank
Looks like it’s time to drop US Bank. Used to be able to do everything from the bank site. No more, let’s just take away any convenience that the customers have. Chase is still a one stop shop. Will be transferring all my funds there and cancel the US Bank card as well as my checking and savings account.
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3 years ago, kyleknighted
Every negative review is correct
They’ve taken everything USBank built to create a seamless experience and ruined it all. No other app on my phone forgets my face but this one can never manage to remember biometrics so you have to log in manually every time. It’s a dumpster fire of a credit card app and everyone in charge of this change should be removed from their position.
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4 years ago, TeamGermain
Can’t remember my device ID
With the new version it can’t remember my device and I have to manually log in all the time and I can’t even select remember my device that option is grayed out. When will the next updated version be available for this current version?
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4 years ago, RektOps
Face ID Support added
The latest update added face ID support which makes the experience much more seamless and smooth. The app design still looks kind of awful, like a bland mobile webpage, but the Face ID support is a big step in the right direction.
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4 years ago, craigffb
HD visa
Better then last version but still needs some work. Please allow for quicker log in with phone security features. Also it would be nice if charges and payments/refunds were listed as different colors so the were easier to identify in the list.
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3 months ago, Jagrhryrhrh
Get your app together before you start losing customers
Face ID won’t work to login. Been like this for almost a month now. Very frustrating. About ready to get rid of this card and app unless you guys can fix it and bring it up from 1.5 stars, you really must not care about your customers.
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4 years ago, Cheri0523
Updated app
Since the last few updates and the fact that H-D Visa moves to its own app, I am missing the ability to use fingerprint as my log on. I have so many passwords that it is fortune hard to remember which one to use. Not being able to view my statement is also frustrating. Needs more work!
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4 years ago, Sundance222
Works well
Just downloaded the app and the UX is great. Easy sign in with recognition features as expected for financial apps. No complaints and would recommend.
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2 years ago, Danny3572
Terrible App
First facial recognition stops working all the time and you have to fully log in 2nd notifications are seriously delayed like seriously you’re talking couple days and this Has to be fixed immediately this is how fraudulent activity gets caught. Very disappointed they would put the Harley name on this App.
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4 years ago, DMClements
If only zero stars were an option...
No option to remember my login name. I get asked my security questions when I log on, get asked again when I try to pay my bill. You guys need to follow your competitions lead and work on making your product easier to use instead of harder to use.
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4 years ago, MattB.
New NOT improved! Horrible Experience!!!
As so there’s have noted the login process is horrid. No Face ID, since they split it to 3 steps it’s longer than necessary and if you type one wrong you have to go through it all over again. It only gets worse once logged in! I’ve been a UX designer for 15 years, this would never be acceptable anywhere I’ve ever worked!
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4 years ago, Dhcyvkdiskmchvif
No Touch ID? Seriously? I have to remember my personal ID and password? That is literally 50 total characters and symbols. I can’t even use the normal US Bank app as they block you if you have the Harley card. I basically went from a usable app I’ve used for over 8 years to one I can’t even log into. Way to go team!
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4 years ago, DebbieMusgrove
Worst app ever
This app will not remember your login ID. No fingerprint recognition. Purchases/payments/credits do not appear in real time like it did when the account showed up on the US Bank app. Some serious work needed to be done before rolling this out. The charges, credits and payments are all black text. This is terrible! We go from a nice US Bank app to this app that is so bad.
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4 years ago, CueBall46
Junk app
The previous H-D VISA App was easy to use, facial recognition and or finger login, but now you have to input everything manually. Also The US BANK app no longer lets you access spending as it occurred so you have to wait a few days till it’s added to charges. Way to totally ruin an app with this current iteration.
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4 years ago, sheilarf
worse app i have ever used
Don’t understand why H-D card moved away from US Bank. this app is way behind the technology curve. Multiple phone calls required to fix issues with login. no touch ID available! This app is so pathetic, i am going to cancel the card and go with a more reliable company. Not worth the hassle for the H-D points. Extremely disappointing!
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4 years ago, akamojo
Updates make it unusable
The last of the updates for this app has made it nearly useless. Save your time & do not download it. I’ve gone ahead & removed it from my device since I have to go to the internet site to do anything... “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” was NOT followed here. Way to go fellas, you totally screwed the pooch with the “update”
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3 years ago, NJ-WA-PS
Less reliable than a pan head
When this card was taken off of the US Bank app, and you need to use this app to access it, it went really downhill. The support is horrible, the app is glitchy, and it’s all too often asks me to react to confirm all of my information. Only, to not recognize Any of the information that I enter. This app is GARBAGE
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2 years ago, Hugihshufucbfy
I normally do not do reviews, but this app…it is beyond dysfunctional. Every time I go to use it, it won’t even open on my phone unless I delete and re-install it. What’s up with that! Managing my HD Visa cards was so much easier and convenient when I could do it from the US Bank’s mobile app.
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4 years ago, The10man81
Horrible! Customer service worse.
Old app alerted me before the credit card machine even said approved to purchases. New app texts me. 2 days later. AT 3:15 AM!!! Called them and they were no help. Still doing the same thing. This app needs a total rewrite and they need to put the accounts back on the old app until this one is ready. VERY DISSATISFIED!!!!
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4 years ago, SwaggRacer
No FaceID?
Why would you remove the credit card from US Banks mobile app and then take away every feature that should be standard on an finance app?? The fact that I have to log it manually with no FaceID and that it doesn’t remember my device is beyond me. Please update and fix the app and I will gladly change this rating.
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2 years ago, Phalanx332
Handy little App
Good app; no issues and easy to use. Does everything I need it to do.
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4 years ago, JimP-SMHD
Needs improvement
Took away easy login e.g. face recognition or biometric. Can not access or redeem rewards. I do like the page setup on completed and pending transactions. Improvement is still needed to equal what we had, when a change is made you hope it will improve not step back. I believe we stepped backwards.
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