3.5 (4)
13.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Harmonium

3.5 out of 5
4 Ratings
14 years ago, Harmonium afficionado
Note delays
An interesting app but there is an annoying delay between when a key is pressed and when the sound is produced.
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15 years ago, Furvel Lankman
Probably really a 3.5
I'm glad to see a harmonium app, and I'll agree with the previous reviewer about hoping for a slightly more authentic tone. I'm am however pleasantly pleased with the developer's prompt response to a question I had about the unfortunately buggy nature of the app I downloaded. So techinically I guess I'm giving 4 stars for the developer's apparent interest in making this app better in the hope that there are some decent improvements with future updates. One thing I would like to see, unless I'm confusing a harmonium with a different instrument (such as a pump organ) is some way to control the bellows. If I am mistaken about the way a real harmonium works, then just ignore that last sentance- I'd prefer to not be one of those reviewers that for example suggest an app marketed as being for organ sounds include stringed instrument sounds, rather I'd just like to see this app turn out as decent as possible.
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10 years ago, himani123
App stopped working
I liked the app first. It worked for few minutes and then it just stopped playing. I restarted the iPad and also tried to reinstall. Also made sure that the multitouch gesture is on, but still it does not work. Please suggest.
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15 years ago, PIAF 777
I like this kind of small instruments... and what a sound
iPhone is really a good thing... we can put so many interesting music software in it. This one has a good sound! I also like the harmonic tuning, it's not so easy to find.
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15 years ago, Bramsan1
Well worth the $$
Nice to have a harmonium with many features in my pocket. I also bought the Shruti from this developer, and now will search for a Tanpura.
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15 years ago, birdy-bird
doesn't even work - don't bother buying
I have the current updates and the thing wont even play! the keys won't work and it is slow to react. When it does play it doesn't even sound like a harmonium. I was all excited to get this app. because my boyfriend plays the harmonium and this sounds like a goat being run over. its a waste of money. no wonder it was so cheap.
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15 years ago, GMAN5138
Service Leader
Just bought the app and love it. I have been playing the harmonium for twenty years at devotional yoga meditation services. Keep up the good work!
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13 years ago, Krishna folks
I was looking for a pocket harmonium to practice on the run and this is awesome. I get to tune it, change the scale etc. It's a sweet app.
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13 years ago, Mohan M
Not worth more than 99 cents
Not that good. I agree with other reviewers about unimpressive sound quality/timbre, and sluggishness. It does not really sound like a harmonium. The organ mode sounds better. The user interface can be simplified and improved.
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12 years ago, Micmicmic24
Not very realistic. No way to simulate the bellows. Sounds like cheesy midi.
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15 years ago, King mostafa
Do not buy!!!!
The sound it produces is not even close to a harmonium. To make it worse, you hear little ticks once you start playing a little faster, and volume adjustment doesn't help. I also wrote them an email and never got a response.
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15 years ago, earthymusic
A must have!
Fantastic, funky, and beatifully adapted to the iphone. Sound is tremendous. Dual keyboard with sliding octave switch is perfectly implemented. Wow! Get it now!
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10 years ago, VTtrekker
Terrible sound
Sounds like an organ, not even close to a harmonium. Save your money!!! It's a shame with the heart of Vedic songs that the harmonium is used to sing, they will scam you just like any other place. It's an organ or keyboard sound only so if you want that it's not bad. It's definitely not a harmonium though.
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13 years ago, Sandy1525
Total Waste
It is not a harmonium that you ever used or heard. The sound is subdued and it does not sound like harmonium. Buy Smule instead, a piano app that is so good. The sound of Smule is good and you can create nice music. Someone is going to come out with a better harmonium app. Just wait!
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14 years ago, salo
Latency problem
Hundreds of milliseconds of latency make it unenjoyable to play. Hopefully the dev will fix this because other similar apps do not have this problem, including much more complex apps. Otherwise, does what it says and nothing more.
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15 years ago, Mrd108
Please improve
Well, I am happy to see a software which i can play like a harmonium. :) But it doesn't really sound like one. :( Hopefully the updates will make it better.
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12 years ago, tom7601
I find the music helps me unwind after a hard day on the phone. Tom...
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11 years ago, )-C-(
Well Done!
Tones true. Now I need to learn to play on a glass screen! Thanks.
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14 years ago, Fongul
Great app, if you're looking to play Indian classical music or not...
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12 years ago, AG Dasa
Not worth
I found this no where near to harmonium as mentioned. I looking for my refund. The sound is horrible. Kindly think before you buy. It is below what I rated but it was not possible to do that.
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12 years ago, indieninja
Truly horrible
Doesn't even have a drone, in addition to horrible sound. Might as well get ANY other keyboard app and hold down your own drones. Deleting.
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14 years ago, Bill Again
It sounds more like a toy piano than a harmonium. Does sort of work, though.
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12 years ago, Shruthi-box
Major disappointment
Please double check how the bellows sound and remake the whole app! I totally regret buying this app.
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13 years ago, K7TP
Very Nice
I love the idea of a portable instrument like this. Good for practice and travel. Hook up the output to an amp and you will be delighted.
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15 years ago, Dollygindi
Harmonium, Vidya Multimedia
This program should not be offered even if it were free. This was a definite waste of my time and 99 cents.
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13 years ago, Dalebjones
It's well worth 99 cents!
Like it
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13 years ago, Shri bandana
Very nice
Good job. Keep it up.
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13 years ago, Tildeslash
Waste of money!
Does not sound anything like advertised. Ripoff!
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14 years ago, eponymousdrake
Can't play melodies with any fluidity. Surprised by the delay between hitting a key and the onset of the note. Please try to reduce this latency.
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14 years ago, M_Q_R
Good for a poor man's Toccata and Fugue, for instance.
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15 years ago, Esprit de coeur
Awful, disappointing
Bad synthetic sound. Not good enough for practice or performing.
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13 years ago, rb1itunes
Hopeless samples
The customization options are good especially the tempered scale is essential for Indian classical music. Sadly however the harmonium samples are awful. Sounds more like a combination of accordion and clarinet.
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7 years ago, Bruhmovement
Worst $.99 spent in my life
Terrible didn't sound like a harmonium
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13 years ago, DrSpeedz
Do not buy
This app is terrible.. Just get a free piano app instead. Sounds like crap!
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13 years ago, Ustad2be
Don't waste your money!
Sounds nothing like harmonium!
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7 years ago, Rajesh Ashtaputre
Totally useless, don't buy.
Sounds horrible
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12 years ago, Yoga Business
harmoni...um, no
This does not sound close to a harmonium. nothing of value here.
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8 years ago, Sherryabian
Nothing like a harmonium. Waste of money.
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13 years ago, Alkumar
Very bad. Do not buy
Do not buy.
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14 years ago, AFG KING FO SHO
No good
This app is not good
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