Harper's BAZAAR Magazine US

4.7 (844)
44.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
Hearst Communications, Inc.
Last update
4 years ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Harper's BAZAAR Magazine US

4.67 out of 5
844 Ratings
2 years ago, Emile Vernon
... better than chocolate cake … and ice cream … and strawberry smoothie …
In case you haven’t noticed, yes, this is my favorite fashion magazine. I am also subscribed to two other fashion magazines, but neither of them make me as happy as Harper’s Bazaar. Every month I impatiently await the next issue. Hooray to the pretty pictures!!! If I had to change anything, I would have added at least another issue per month making the magazine a biweekly periodical.
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3 years ago, Mayfourteen
Harper’s Bazaar
Application allows for easy navigation. Love the ability to access past issues.
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7 years ago, anelasama
"New sleek style & design updates" totally killed user experience
I dont know what compelled them to change everything but this "new sleek design and style update" did not take the basics of user experience into consideration. As a result, i am bombarded with an annoying interface that wont disappear which is really distracting from reading ACTUAL contents of the magazine. The scrolling within each page is already confusing enough. I'd give 0 stars for the app that decides to put priority in copying Net-a-Porter instead of paying attention to the purpose of a magazine. But i cant give 0, so here's 1 undeserved star instead. Sincerely, a no longer loyal fan (who will soon unsubscribe) 👎
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3 years ago, dhdhdjdjfififj
Access Problems
This app stop downloading magazines twice. The second time was a couple months after I paid for a new subscription. The publisher had no record of my subscription and the app developer has no ability to address a subscription issue and Apple has nothing to do with this App so I’ve paid some unknown entity for an annual subscription and only got 3 months of magazines with no way of getting a refund. Don’t know if others have this issue but You might consider choosing another method than this app for a subscription.
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7 years ago, Dadalong
Do not purchase it!
My digital page I wasn’t able to open at all for error and they renew automatically as you know. It’s hard to get in count at w them, also I finally cancel via email and went to their website remembered id and password and all, however I received an email again a week later saying it will be automatically renew!! I just got off the phone w their rep, said it was only cancel paper(mail) and digital was still under subscription. NEVER AGAIN! Plus half of pages are commercial.. not much to read..
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7 years ago, JoysSoul
Do not use or purchase
Since the switch to the MAZ platform the customer experience is horrible. Providing feedback to the editor and app provided had zero results. You pay for a magazine subscription and hope to see the full page instead of nag bars on top and bottom. You also continuously jump from the magazine to yet another ad in the browser.
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3 years ago, shareefshabrown
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3 years ago, Wendy Lane Stevens
Terrible service
I have an online subscription and have had for quite a while. For some reason, I can’t get the April, 2021 issue. My subscription isn’t up. I reached out by email over ten days ago to Bazaar customer support and haven’t head anything. I am going to try to call tomorrow if I can find a telephone number. Wendy Lane Stevens
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7 years ago, Fairmont1955
Updates make it worse
I don’t understand what’s going on - the app now has a boarders around the pages that I can’t get rid of (hi, I don’t need to see the tool bar all the time, thanks) and scrolling through each page creates a lag. Overall, it’s just distracting and makes me want to wait for the printed copy. I’m not sure who advocated for this, but it’s disappointing.
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3 years ago, mattandtea
The application doesn’t always update with new issues and customer service is of no help and slow to respond.
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4 years ago, disapponinted fashon lovet
Dysfunctional site
No wonder your magazine is dying. The app doesn’t work. No customer service. Canceling my online subscription. However the app doesn’t allow me to do so. I’ll just have to refuse the credit card charge. Shape up or ship out. Bye!
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12 months ago, gloriamiami
App is terrible
The pages advance with jarring flashing and page jumping. Unable to read more than a page or two. Can this be fixed? New Apple iPad… always keep updated.
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6 years ago, Mo-Town
Can’t swipe
The latest update that was supposed to enhance the users swipe experience has cause an inability to swipe 😥
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6 years ago, Miss. Oklahoma
Simple disappointed!
It would be great to supply a user guild. I found it hard to use
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6 years ago, 3DdonnaB
Bad Issue
Too many ads all for big chunky jewelry that no one wears.
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12 years ago, sarahbelle88
Print Subscribers Can Transfer To Digital
I just want to point out that if you are a print subscriber, you can go to the Harper's Bazaar website, go to costumer service and transfer your prescription to digital. I know it's frustrating when other magazines will allow digital as complimentary, but after trying and failing to transfer a few, I realize they all had the same reasons: something to do with their contracts with Zinio. Zinio and Apple are two different subscriptions. For some reason Hearst and a few others can't manage them as it's out of their hands once you decide to go digital. But at least you have an option now! I believe this goes for all Hearst magazines because I was able to transfer my Marie Claire as well.
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10 years ago, ChrissyG
Digital is the way to go!
I never thought I'd be the type interested in a digital magazine version, but it's perfect for on the go! Plus I can read it at work and look like I'm busy, which I am! I had to update my ipad to get it to work but it's flawless.
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12 years ago, smartblond
You want me to pay extra for a digital issue… I don't think so!
I agree with the other reviewers. This is crazy, most magazines now will offer a free digital copy with print subscriptions. I just received my September issue which weighs quite a bit. Is not convenient to carry it everywhere with me. Get with the program most of us are carrying iPads, tablets and smart phones. In order to have things for convenience. This is ridiculous we should not have to pay again for digital subscription. I also don't tend to lug big heavy magazines and newspapers with me anymore simply because I have enough to carry during the day. Is one of the many reasons I have an iPad. Every other magazine I have offers a free digital subscription for print subscribers. As one reviewer put it so well you're going to end up losing customers by not conforming to this as I said it is ridiculous.
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8 years ago, Suzetta Marie
Harper's Bazaar app
I want to like this but the process of transferring to digital was strenuous. Then to confuse matters another app acted as if they were the Harper's access and I downloaded that one to find they didn't know I already had a subscription. There is so much print content in the magazine that it is difficult to read and enjoy on my iPad. I have felt guilty for a long time over the use of so much paper in the print editions of magazines so I probably will continue a digital subscription but much of the fantasy and pleasure is lost. Will I be able to archive ideas and images from the magazine any more? That will be a great loss to me.
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12 years ago, Sarah Abeo
No access if print subscriber?!
When my current print subscription ends I will not be renewing for another year. I subscribe to 5 or 6 Hearst magazines and I will be canceling with the magazines that don't give print subscribers access to the iPad edition. Just so everyone knows, ELLE magazines are a part of the Hearst magazine group and they allow you to download the magazines if you're a print subscriber. If anyone knows what other Hearst Magazines allow this feature, please post which ones. Thanks.
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10 years ago, Demariq
Nicely Digital
Enjoying mag on screen especially classy high fashion able to zoom in around and through. Thought I would miss pear but no. Actually excellent and easy to skip what do not want to view. Thank you! DMari
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9 years ago, blatfink
Best app among the magazine apps I've tried
I love that you can save and edit the page or photo you like. I enjoy the scrapbooking feature. The content is topnotch as well. Wonderful app!
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12 years ago, amb_d
No free access for print subscribers? Ridiculous.
I wish i could give a zero as my rating. I enjoy the ease of carrying just one item with me (my iPad) in lieu of carrying several print magazines along. And now I find out that I'm not able to have free iPad access for my Harper's Bazaar OR Food Network print subscriptions? They MAY offer print subscribers access at a future date and at a DISCOUNTED rate? They must be crazy. Doubt I'll renew my subscriptions. Thanks for nothing, Hearst!
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12 years ago, twinsmomin2001
no automatic download as advertised
app to use in Newsstand which advertises automatic download in background over wifi but it doesn't...please fix because we (consumers) don't have time to have the iPad open in this app all day to download each issue because if you close the app to do something else then the download stops :( terrible hassle especially when this is a paid subscription
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8 years ago, Donna_rose
Love Bazaar
I love everything about this app, but I particularly enjoy the feature that allows me to add pictures to my private Pinterest inspiration boards.
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11 years ago, Sharon M Fling
Love it!!
I absolutely love bazaar on my iPad. I've had it for years in paper and have now been a digital subscriber for the past 2 years; I prefer digital!
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10 years ago, Arthur Court
Love it!
Always has been my favorite fashion mag, and now I love that I can create an album and share right from the app. Loving it!!!
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11 years ago, Tazaal52
This is why magazines are dying
I just got a subscription to HB and apparently you need to pay extra to read the magazines on an iPad you already paid a subscription for. Why does it make sense for me to pay twice when everyone now uses tablets for everything?? CondeNaste allows you to do this. This is why print is dying b/c publications like HB can't keep up.
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11 years ago, bprimuslevy
Issues will not download
I purchased a yearly subscription. The issues will not download. Instead, I get an error that something is wrong with my Internet connection or their servers are overloaded. Nothing is wrong with my connection, all of my other connection intensive apps are fine. Get your act together or cancel my subscription.
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11 years ago, Mack7654
App not worth your time
This app doesn't allow print subscribers to download the issues as part of the print subscription plan. My other magazine subscriptions do. I was very disappointed to find that out after I downloaded it. If you want an extension of your print subscription this is not what you are looking for.
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12 years ago, Funnyduckling
Get with your competition!
No digital compliment to my print subscription?! And you're offering a discounted digital version someday?! Big deal! I stay current with my news and style by carrying my iPad these days instead of lugging multiple magazines and newspapers. Hearst will be left at the curb if they don't step up and offer the digital mag for their print subscribers!
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10 years ago, Rested Atl
Much better!
Much better since the last update! Easier to view my fave mag now (finally!). Thank you for listening to your readers!
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11 years ago, Scorpio35us
Charging Print subscribers......
Why should print subscribers have to pay for the magazine on the iPad? Until this changes will delete this app. May even think twice about continuing my print subscription. I really wanted to give this app no stars but you have to give 1 which is more than it deserves.
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11 years ago, Bryn Mae
this was just ridiculous! Waste of time downloading this! No previews, and the design is just plain tacky. DO NOT DOWNLOAD. I have the print version but have no idea how to get the digital version on my iPad even though when I subscribed it told me I get the digital version as well! I am not paying for both digital and print of the same magazine!
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10 years ago, Siddhalee
I love Harper's Bazaar magazine....and this is the most convenient way to read and get it! I don't know what else to say really.... Other than, I love it!
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9 years ago, NJ Love
Love it!!
Fashion and beauty with easy access. Love the cropping and album option! My personal Pinterest
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10 years ago, Great Skate
I was forced to update this app before being allowed to buy a new issue. It now says wifi only for downloading new issues! I have a 3G and 4G plan only. Since I don't have wifi at home, I won't be buying any more Harper's Bazaar! I'm not going to go sit in a crowded coffee shop every time I want to buy an issue! Bye-Bye!
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12 years ago, T&C mag subscriber
Pitiful excuse for an app
It costs more EVEN if you are a hard copy subscriber to get a year's iPad app!!! Oh why would you want to pay double plus for this magazine when others offer FREE apps to their hard copy subscribers??? Time to get into the real world and theirs "customer service" people are surly. A treat to do business with this publication!!!
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12 years ago, JenniferGiuffre
No digital edition for current subscribers
Every fashion magazine I have has a digital access edition FREE for its current subscribers. You guys need to offer this ASAP. I read all my mags digitally and leave the prints for my clients to view while they wait. Condé Nast has this market cornered right now.
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9 years ago, Pinterest!Pinterest!
Read Harper's Bazaar wherever you go!
I can take Harper's Bazaar magazine on my phone and read it on the go!
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12 years ago, LoyalPandora-er
THE NEW VERSION CLAIMS YOU LISTENED TO YOUR CUSTOMERS TO IMPROVE THIS APP FOR THEM BUT WE STILL HAVE TO PAY FOR THE DIGITAL VERSION. THAT IS DEFINITELY NOT "listening to your customers" AND I WILL NOT RENEW MY SUBSCRIPTION TO YOUR MAGAZINE UNTIL DIGITAL VERSIONS ARE FREE TO SUBSCRIBERS! Why is this the ONLY magazine app out of the 4+ that i use that does not let existing print subscribers access the new issues for free? BULL. I am always traveling and can rarely sit down to read the print version.
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11 years ago, Glitterlust
"Oops. Something went wrong"
Can't really review this app, as it never lets me download purchased issues. Downloads (after an eternity) then crashes halfway through unzipping the file. Maybe an update should come out soon, seeing as every review is about crashing issues.......
Show more
10 years ago, Shop maniac
Mag addict
Love this issue- love the app! Smooth and very well updated! Enjoy having as travel companion! 😊😉
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11 years ago, Stylgirl
expecting print subscribers to pay is bizarre
I've been a loyal print subscriber for at least a decade. Paid print subscribers should not have to pay extra for the app! Not good customer service!
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12 years ago, Reallyme
No digital
I can not believe that you don't offer free digital for print subscribers. That is awful for those of us that travel for work and would like to read and view the magazine during our wait times.
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12 years ago, divs16
useless for existing print subscribers
I am an existing customer of harpers bazaar's print edition, however found no link to get access to the online iPad edition which is a tad disappointing. for existing print subscribers, this app is absolutely useless!!!
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11 years ago, Tantrum42
No free access to print subscribers
Do you seriously expect your loyal subscribers to pay double for the iPad version? And they say they are working on a discount, very generous of you! InStyle gets me both versions for free, I guess I won't be renewing my subscription here on either version.
Show more
12 years ago, CorleenH
Nothing for current customers
Can't believe there is nothing for the print subscriber. A promise of a discount someday doesn't cut it. Remember that it's cheaper to keep your current customers than to constantly look for new ones.
Show more
11 years ago, Queen of Prussia
After trying and failing to download the digital version free as should being a print subscriber, I saw other reviews saying the same thing. Yes, get with the times, Bazaar folks. I'm not paying for the same issue twice either!
Show more
12 years ago, Msmeredithblack
No love for the print subscribers
It's such a let down that you can't get access to the digital version if you already subscribe to the print version. This seems to be an outdated practice that needs some updating to stay in the game.
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