Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery

4.7 (1.2M)
250.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
Jam City, Inc.
Last update
4 weeks ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery

4.71 out of 5
1.2M Ratings
1 year ago, c o b r a kai
So fun!
Honestly, this game is great! I have always been a person who likes games that have a lot of plot and storyline, and this game definitely checks those boxes. Making your way through your years at hogwarts, you make friends and enemies, increase your magical knowledge, and stumble upon some secrets along the way. The energy, however, can be frustrating at times. I never spend money on games, so sometimes it’s hard for me to complete classes or story parts. Also, once study sessions are introduced, the game gets a little frustrating. But, don’t worry! I struggled with that too because I was like “omg I hate these so much!” Because they really don’t do anything. But developers, can I just say how much better it is when you make the study sessions 6 stars instead of 9?! Even when you have multiple classes to complete, for me it just took a lot of irritation away. I would really appreciate it if you kept it as 6 stars for study sessions. It would be great, because progressing through the story is always so fun to me. If you ever end up ditching the game because it is just too annoying with the energy and study sessions, I recommend going back in and giving it another try because I did that for multiple weeks but now it’s much more fun. You kind of just have to be patient and persevering at some points, but once you do, Hogwarts Mystery is a blast for people who really enjoy being in the wizarding world! (Sorry for making this so long! 😅)
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2 years ago, carolBaskin😝
i love this game so much and i am obsessed with it. i love how you can do side quests and be on the quidditch team and it has a different story than the main one and it doesn’t change what happens in the main story. the only thing i would change about the game is the amount of time you have to wait to get energy. four minutes is a lot of time to wait for ONE energy. if you’re gonna make the wait time that long, at least make the amount of time you can do the class or whatever it is you’re doing at the time. or make it like “wait four minutes and get two energy” or whatever. another thing is the waiting time for tasks. i’ll wait eight hours to do a task and i’ll do that task in five minutes and then have to wait another eight hours to do the next task. i know it’s good so that you don’t finish the game in a day or something but you wouldn’t even be able to anyways cause you have to wait four minutes to get energy. i love this game so much and have read all the harry potter books so i love that this game is set before the time of harry potter and that you’re in charlie weasleys year, (I LOVE IT SO MUCH CAUSE CHARLIE IS A BOSS) and i also love how you can do whatever you want to do and i just love this game so much. i DEFINITELY recommend getting this game. you won’t waste your time getting this. (and it’s free so it’s even better). i love this game so much. thank you for making it. whoever made this: you’re my hero.
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3 years ago, Nnick sdp
Awesome Game, But I Have Something You Can Improve
This game is perfect! I am addicted to the story because each chapter is a new adventure! Don’t get me wrong, but the timed events that you must finish have awesome stuff in them, especially when you get the prize at the end. But, the only thing is, the timed events NEVER even GIVE you enough time to finish them, and you guys are the one who makes the energy the biggest problem, no offense. Either you guys fix the energy problem, or do not make the timed events timed, otherwise I would have second thoughts on a five-star review. Maybe you can make 1 energy every 1 second! Hahaha jk. But please fix this, this is a wonderful, addictive game and it would make it even better if we have enough time to finish all the wonderful tasks and adventures that you have for us! For a better experience for the Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery players, such as myself, please put my statements into thought. I know how hard it is to fix glitches every day, and to work with picky people. Please do not put me in that category, because I just want the game to be better so you guys would be successful! Thank you for your time and patients. It makes me really happy to know that you have read my improvement statements. Thank You for This Wonderful Game And Adventurous Journey That You Made for Me And All The Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery Players! I’m Sure That We All LOVE This Game! Once Again, Thank You!
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1 year ago, awsumsousom
Cooking, but the waiting time…
First of all, I want to say this game is so beautiful, everything looks so cool and the way they move and everything happens is so awesome. It makes me so happy, it makes me feel like i’m really at Hogwarts. But a major flaw is the wait time is literally crazy, for example I’ll have to wait 8 hours for one quest, i finish that one in 5 minutes then i have to wait another 8 hours, so ridiculous. Another thing is the charging time for the lightening bolts take so long. It takes four minutes just to recharge one and that it takes me forever to get full, mostly if I’m not on the app. The timing is insane because it’s equivalent to a work or school day without me being able to do one quest is way too over stretched. I think it takes way too long, it needs to be reduced to maybe even four hours, but that’s still a lot in my opinion. I don’t understand the point of making us wait so long. It makes me wanna stop playing the game because at some point I just forget about it and I wanna play the game for more than five minutes at a time and then wait another 8 hours then i get to do another five minutes I mean it’s just too much waiting. I’m definitely not a fan of this and I really hope it gets to be improved. I love this game it makes me feel like I’m part of the Hogwarts castle I really love it a lot and I wish the time was just reduced, it feels unnecessary. I wish the BEST for this game and I 100% recommend it to harry potter fans!
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2 years ago, @sissysissister
Awesome, but..
Ok so this game is amazing, it’s good for Harry Potter fans, and fun, but the reason I gave this a 4 star rating is because of two little reasons. 1: The energy. I’ve seen a lot of reviews complaining about this, and now I know why. 4 minutes?! That’s a little absurd. I’m just sitting on my couch waiting to get one energy, and I can’t even use it. Could you lower that down a little? Also, when I just can’t get anything done because of the energy, I need to wait 1 to 2 hours for the task thing to end. That gets annoying and I just exit the game and come back two hours later. That really gets annoying. I just want to play the game :/ 2: The gems. I can’t for the life of me get enough gems to buy anything. In the avatar store, you can buy things for coins, or for gems. I can’t, ever, get anything that I want from the store because all the things that I want, you need to have enough gems for. Also, when I get to finally earn gems, I only get like two or three. Anyway, that’s all from me, if you could fix the things I listed that would be great, but if not, I can deal with it. But for right now I’m going to keep this at 4 stars until you fix at least one of those things. Edit: So I’ve been playing this game more and I’ve noticed that you’ve added more events which get you more stuff, and I’m grateful for that. I’ll be changing this to a 5 star review. I absolutely LOVE this game, so great job.
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Best Harry Potter Game Ever! But...
So, by far this is the best Harry Potter game I have played, and I love graphics and attention to detail. The tasks are fun and for the most part the time limits allow you to advance. The storyline is interesting, and there are so many things to do! There is just one problem, don’t worry, it isn’t a glitch, it’s the energy. The energy takes 4 minutes each to recharge, and the energy limit you have is 28, taking a little over an hour for all your energy to recharge. This can be a problem during tasks, especially when they require all five stars. Personally, I think you should lower it down to 2 minutes, that way the energy can recharge faster, and we can finish the story! I know that with the energy limit, the company can earn more money, but I should think that they already get a lot from people spending money on rubies, so they can customize their wizard. Sorry if this assumption is wrong. Either way, this game is great, and I hope to see many awesome updates in the future! It would deeply appreciated if I got a reply, but if not that’s ok. (QUICK UPDATE: The Halloween Feast and the Lone Wolf adventures have inspired me to request an adventure. Can you make an adventure where it gives us a chance to become a werewolf? Kinda like the Animagus adventure with a limited time period and stuff. But it would be SO COOL if we could do that. I hope you will seriously consider this.)
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11 months ago, Abcdefghijklmnop❤
Love it the game
Love this game play it mostly everyday, but I feel like it need a change. The change should be that the energy shouldn't be recharged for 1 every 4 minutes its just not fair. I think it should be less than that so that people could have more time actually playing the game instead of wasting the time to regain that energy to continue playing. I feel like I would enjoy this game a bit more because I don't have to wait to recharge to continue playing. Also feel as though there shouldn't be the necessary need to earn stars and waste more of your energy and time just to start a class to learn a new thing. There should also be an easier way to adopt all the animals that are requested for the side quests because getting the amount of books needed is unethical because you don't really earn them a lot within the game it self. Also think there should definitely be more better looking outfits that don't cost that much within the game. I hate wearing the same old boring cloths I have/have earned. I also feel like there should be more wand options as well or at least wand appearance. Seeing as though the answer you pick at Ollivanders is the same 3 answers/wands you get like everyone else. It doesn't make it as unique as one would like it to be Love this game but makes me not really want to play it as often as i want because of those things.
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3 years ago, nitroheadun1261
I love it,but there needs to be changes
I was so excited when I got this game because I am a potter head I even showed my teacher ( also a potter head). And I was so close to getting to year two but I made a bad choice between two characters. Then I couldn’t do anything in the game since I didn’t have high enough attributes and I had already completed my classes. So I got rid of the game and I just recently downloaded it again and it gave me my same profile. I loved all of the things on my profile but I still couldn’t do anything so if you could make a thing to change your mind or something that could help me out I’d really appreciate it. I’d also like to say something about the Hagrid quests, I love Hagrid and all of the creatures but I can’t even afford the fairies because of how high the book price is. So if you could make the book prices a bit lower I would really appreciate it as well and I bet other people would too. I’d finally like to add the energy. It can take a long time to build up energy and when you earn energy and it above twenty six you can’t earn any more which isn’t quite fair since I would like to make sure I haven enough. And if you could make less of a timer for one energy it would make the game much more efficient. Thank if anybody is reading this I hope you take my ideas on to consideration have a lovely day,evening, or night.🙃
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3 years ago, SuJuGurr
Energy is Lacking
I will say, for the most part this game is very well done and entertaining. I love the time limited side quests (although I suspect I won’t be doing them as much once I go back to working in an office instead of from home, unfortunately). However, the biggest pain point for me is the energy. When I started the game and I figured out that you would increase your max energy with flying classes, I was really excited. Since you start out with 25 energy, which was enough to get you through a one-hour class in one sitting, I was really looking forward to a time when I built up my max energy to 40 or so, in anticipation of being able to start doing three-hour events with only one sitting. Alas, this is not the case. Once you start increasing your max energy, the energy required to a task increases too. So now, my max energy is 38, and it takes me about 35 energy to do a one-hour task now instead of the 25ish that it did before. If the energy required increases too, then what on earth is the point in increasing your max energy at all? I get that you can go longer until your bar refills, but even that is a hindrance if you have to wait longer than you would have before to get the same amount of progress. Jam City, if you could please change the game to go back to the original energy requirements for tasks and make it actually worthwhile to build up max energy, I would be extremely grateful. (And please make it retroactive for players already well along in the game.)
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3 years ago, HP, PJO, and HoO fan!
Love the game, but I have some suggestions
As a hardcore Potterhead, I love how Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery puts you into the world of Harry Potter! I absolutely love all the options and how they are always adding new customization options. With lots of hair colors, hair styles, clothing options, and dorm customizations, you can make the story YOUR own journey in the Wizarding World. I have a few ideas for upcoming updates. If you are uninterested in my update ideas, you don’t need to read the next paragraph. :D As I said, I have some ideas for future updates. 1: Friends. I know that Hogwarts Mystery already has computer generated characters that you can befriend, but I think it would be fun if you could befriend real people to do certain missions and events with. Me and my sister love to play this game but we want to play together sometimes. Like, in game together. 2: Energy. I think that you shouldn’t have to wait a full 4 minutes for 1 point of energy. Maybe like 1 or 2 minutes for 1 energy. In my opinion, it’s kinda ridiculous to have to wait a whole 4 minutes for 1 point of energy. And another thing is I think if you choose for your character to say something to keep them out of trouble (like telling a friend that they shouldn’t go somewhere) you could just walk away. Although this might mess with the way the story is so maybe not. Thanks for reading! Sorry it was so long.
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3 months ago, Kaidyn B.
Could be better by….
I really think it unnecessary to only give you one energy after you wait 4 whole minutes it should give you at least 3 or 4 cuz then you have to wait so long just to finish a class and it gets boring and also you need to reward more books to get animals and at least be able to get a pet when u first start that was a bummer for me because I didn’t get a pet and I was looking forward to it because you know Harry Potter got one when he first came and also why don’t you get to get your broom at the start that’s also a bummer BUT! On a positive note I love how the story just unfolds itself like “ keep playing to unlock this” I love how that just adds adventure and excitement to the game unlocking new things and playing to earn them and I LOVE how it keeps track of what u do through the years and I especially love how you can play them back to remember and it just such an amazing game i really love it I dust wish we were able to get on the train that’s another thing and also I really wish that you could walk by yourself like not have to move your screen we’re u go kinda like Roblox like you control your character to go were you want it and I wish the teachers talked a little more but YOU OR YOU GUYS put a LOT of work and detail in it and it is amazing BUT PLEASE DO SOMETHING ABOUT THE ENERGY I almost deleted the game because of it sorry for making this not long but amazing amazing game I will continue to play😇
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4 months ago, Avery 9 year old UWU
You’re a Wizard Harry🪄♡
I love the game! It’s fun to make your own Wizard Story♡And I love it! Now I just have a Few suggestions and Questions…When You’re running low on Energy you have to use the rest of it to Finish a task but when you try doing your task it says you have to give 1-5 Energy (At least I think…) and sometimes when I run low on energy,I have a small amount of energy left so when I click it it’ll say that It costs you like-For an example,It says you have to give about four energy and you have only four left and then when you give out the Energy you have zero now,So then let’s say that you still needed more to finish like a TON and you have Zero so you can’t finish so then you have to watch a whole bunch of Ads and then if it’s a bigger task to do you have to wait for LONGER. So what I am trying to say here is that we need to have a bigger energy bar and a Shorter timer for the energy bar…Like maybe the Energy should be at 100 Energy and Because Then people don’t get much game play because they ran out of energy so they have to wait longer and longer to play again… And it’s honestly not fair for us having to wait longer and longer to get more energy and lose energy in a short amount of time and those who do pay for more energy just lose the energy all over again and I don’t think that’s fair. But after all the game is amazing!♡
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2 years ago, Owltor
Fantastic except 1 thing
This has to be the best game I have played in years. I love the storyline, but I love the fact that I can play alone, and not have to have friends or an alliance to do stuff with. The one downside to this game which has hit me in a major way this week is the dueling. I have had no problem being able to make my way through the dueling tournaments over the past 3 months, but I am a second year student with high ability scores because you can repeat your classes, which you need to do for the High Marks event. But now all I am getting is year 5 and 6 to duel which have spells out of my reach, and I am constantly being stunned and am not able to stun them. I will not hit the milestone for the new spell and will miss out on the books because of this. I guess they do not want to receive any more of my money, so I will stop spending on this game which I did fruitfully the past two months. I have no problem spending when things are fair and fun, but I should not be matched up against people 3 to 4 years above me all the time. The fun has just been taken out of the game on this part, and my daughter is starting to have the same thing, so there is even more money you will lose and she will quit before I do. Great job at that. Other than that with the books difficult to come by, is the only other issue. Great game otherwise.
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5 years ago, Pay up or Fail
Great Game But.....
I’ve always loved Harry Potter! I read the books, seen the movies, and was fascinated with all the magic and the idea of going to a school for witches and wizards. I think this game does a great job of including people into that world with the accuracy of the characters and the story elements. However, there are things you should definitely try to improve and fix. I think the first one is the energy and the constant tapping on objects to fulfill tasks. In a way it reminds me of the sims mobile except it’s Harry Potter themed lol. But the energy tank is not enough and it is bothersome. It doesn’t make me want to play the game more it’s just this thing that gets in the way of the fun I’m having and almost ruins it. This is a story based game, and the energy issue gets in the way of enjoying the story. With the sims it’s ok because there is no story really. Your building something (the sims life) so it’s different. I could barely even finish one class without running out of energy. At least the sims gets you through a few events lol. And then the vigorous tapping isn’t as bad as the energy but finding a way to make things like the class activities to be more interactive would be cool. The last thing I’ll say is that I know this game is fairly new and hasn’t been out long. So there’s plenty of time to improve. The sims did it, for you it won’t be any difference. When these issues and little annoyances are fixed you’ll have a lot more people playing.
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3 years ago, Cooper1357902468
It’s great until...
This game is very fun for Harry Potter lovers or people who are interested in witchcraft and wizardry. I have had this game for a while and enjoy it thoroughly, but there are some things that I think would be better if changed. First off, the energy. It makes sense that you need energy to complete tasks, but what doesn’t make sense is how long it takes. It takes 4 minutes to get one energy, which doesn’t do much, in the case that you need 3-5 energy for most tasks. I think that it would be better 4 minutes for 3 energy or something like that, or they could have it 2 minutes for 1 energy,if that makes any sense. The second thing that I think should be changed is redownloading it. I got the game and enjoyed the game for a while, then stopped playing it, due to the issue previously discussed. I was going through apps that I haven’t played in a while and deleted this app. I later got it back because I kept seeing ads for it and decided to try it again. I let the game load up, and it automatically resumed where I was previously. I wish that it would restart your game, rather then resuming it. My reason why is because I forgot what was happening in the game, so I wanted to see, but I couldn’t. That was quite confusing. I also had chosen the wrong house previously and tried to do it again, but because of this issue, my house choice was permanent. Also, if you chose the wrong action, you can’t go back and change it.
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4 years ago, unicornvolleyball
Improved so much ❤️
I have complained a lot about the energy but it has improved so much since I have and a lot of others have complained about it. So it doesn’t look like they are gonna take away energy 🙄 but they have improved it so much, it will now let you watch a add to get more energy which I love I have watched a lot of adds but that’s not a problem for me because I don’t want to pay money to buy energy and they are making money by me watching adds to get some (how I see it, it is a win-win) but there is a little problem it only lets you watch so many adds and then it doesn’t let you watch them anymore :( but that isn’t the main problem it takes 4 minutes for the energy to charge up to ONLY 1 which I think is ridiculous and so does many other people I think it should be 30 seconds for each energy to fill up and I think that would be way more efficient because not everybody has the time to wait four minutes for just one to fill up when you have a lesson that only has an hour to it and you can’t keep on checking back so a lot of times I will lose the lesson and have to start over and then I lose all my energy again doing that and then it just starts over so I never really get a lesson done so it would help if you reduce the time a little bit but other than that it’s is such a good game and the developers deserve some credit for how well this game is made ❤️😍
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6 years ago, Airfield munch
Almost* Perfect 🧙🏻‍♀️
This game deserves a five star rating just because the creators did such an amazing job at making Hogwarts, the entire app, look so amazing and on point with how the school actually looks. I was immediately addicted to this game as soon as I downloaded it months ago. I love that you can make your own custom witch/wizard. If you’re a Harry Potter fan, being able to choose your House is a big deal. The story starts and you’re hooked. I’ve read the negative reviews and most people just don’t want to pay for anything extra. That’s fine. This game does not require you to buy anything for you to be able to move forward. But if you love the game, want to buy some extra gems on a sale for some extra energy, then don’t feel guilty about spending $5-$20! It supports the game, helps bring updates faster, and helps the creators expand the game further. All for FREE! People need to stop complaining about getting an amazing game for free and that they don’t want to spend money or wait for the energy to refill. Just support the game! If you love it, support it! If it was a popular Xbox game, you would be spending $65, plus whatever the season pass was, PLUS a monthly fee to play online. I’d rather spend $20 on Harry Potter and hope they expand the game or make a second game. Our money really does help bring us amazing entertainment with this particular team. They’re awesome!
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2 years ago, RennyRiot
Stability issues are still prevalent
I have written several reviews and contacted the developers multiple times for the connection errors in the game and i always get the same answer that i need to clear the cache. Clearing the cache does not improve my games stability. I know im not the only one with these issues because my friends that played the game have had the same issues and it was enough to make them stop playing because they could never get very far into the game before it became a storm of connection errors. I can play the game somewhat but what normally takes a few minutes to complete such as playing gobstones or meal with a friend takes me 20-30 minutes to complete because i have to go through the connection error message 30-40 times and i get maybe 10 seconds of connection before im back to verifying my connection to the game and this has been going on for well over a year now. I miss out on completing lots of events or getting to start them or making progress into the game because of these issues. And i am disappointed that the developers have been ignoring these issues for well over a year. There seems to be some sort of bug in the game that prevents a stabile connection for enjoyable playing and there seems to be no desire to fix it with each update that comes out it gets harder and harder for me to play because the connection error messages become so frequent that an hour of “playing” is really only 5 minutes of actual playing the game.
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4 years ago, Tgwolfy918
Good game, but...
I really like this game. It’s fun, interesting, it’s got great graphics, and it has a good storyline. However, I think there’s a few things this game could add to make it a truly 5-star game. The first way it could be improved is by making the game more interactive. Instead of just tapping on things to use energy, it would be great if we could actually control our character as they do things. This could still cost energy, and it would make the game more fun for the players. Additionally, it would be great if we could customize our Animagus form. In both the books and the movies, Animagi still have defining personal characteristics in their animal form. This could be added to the game through a one-time customization when you get your Animagus form, where you could then change your fur/feather color, eye color, and other characteristics to look more like yourself. One last thing I think could make the game better is diversity in the romance options. It would be nice if instead of only having six people to pick from, you could choose to have a crush on any of your friends. If this isn’t possible, it would at least be nice to have Bill as a romance option since I believe you can have a crush on him early in the game, but he isn’t available for the dating side quest or the Celestial Ball. Whether or not these things get added, Hogwarts Mystery is a great game, and I highly recommend it to anyone who loves Harry Potter.
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5 years ago, Hogwarts💙💙💙💙💙
Good Game- A couple of problems
I love the Harry Potter game! Getting to experience the magical wizarding world is truly amazing! However the game does have a few problems... One would be that the energy only goes up to 25. I find myself in the middle of important lessons not being able to finish them because I am out of energy. The game should give us more energy or let us buy energy with our coins, not gems. Second would be that no matter what decision you make, the story ends up being the same. You can not take your own path. Third would have to be that the game restricts certain areas of Hogwarts until you can get into a different year in Hogwarts. Fourth is that after you have completed all 7 years, there is nothing more to play. The game ends just there. I would have liked it to continue with choosing a new career in the wizarding world. Finally, fifth would be you have to complete 10 long chapters in order to move on into the next year. It should be at least five chapters. I think this is one of the reasons why the game does not continue afterwards- because they ran out of space to add anything else. Overall though, I do like the game because it takes you on many different adventures around Hogwarts. I do recommend this game, but please be aware of the consequences! Also just a side note: I recently got glasses in the game- and I realized everything you do, Rowan does as well. Different outfits, accessories, and even pets.🙄
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4 years ago, Vadikka
This game is so fun. Relaxing and keeps you coming back for more. Even if you don’t have money to spend you can still progress. However, sometimes when I watch the daily reward ads, they do not register an award, even after watching the entire 30 second ad through. Also noticed that “energy” doesn’t fill up sometimes if you leave the game running in the background of your device. Almost like the timer stops. I left the game for 40 minutes, came back and energy was still zero. Also if your “energy” isn’t on refill timer, the extra energy you can collect around Hogwarts doesn’t count towards refilling your bar. So that’s not very nice, oh and don’t bother playing Gryffindor House because you will always be in last place in “events”. Another strange occurrence is while doing tournament type events with 25 other people, a random new player will show up in the list and suddenly be in first place, pushing all the original people down or people will disappear all together only to show up hours later. Or you will be neck and neck with someone for first place and suddenly they are 1000 points a head of you which is impossible in the full marks tournament. Last thing, Hagrids storyline is designed against you. You will never have enough notebooks to “adopt” creatures. The Cruppy story was angering considering you spend over 3 hours wasting energy just to find out there isn’t a puppy left for you. That angered me. Don’t buy into their greed unless you have money to burn.
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4 years ago, DANCE4EVER!!!🌸
I’m absolutely obsessed!!!🌺
This is an AMAZING game!!! I love it so much and literally play it everyday. Although it is very interactive and fun and makes you feel like your an actual student at Hogwarts, there are some things I wish you could do. First off it is a bit frustrating that for some story parts of the game you have to wait about 8 hours to do. Second is that it would be nice if you could pick when you get to do the special events, like host the student from Beauxons, or befriend a werewolf. I am almost done with my second year and realized that I might not get to do “ Christmas With The Weaslys “ The last thing is that I am very confused about when you get to learn lessons that aren’t required to move on with the story. I was thinking the other day maybe that’s what you learn in your 7th year. Because in the little book icon were you see the lessons you’ve learned, there is nothing for year 7. This just some feedback that I hope will make the game even more fun than it already is. Thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope this helps. I’d also like to add that I Love that you added the quittich option... I’m sorry if I spelled that wrong. I saw that there something new coming and I cannot wait to see what it is!!! I recommend this game to everyone, even if you are not a Harry Potter fan, and I think this game will make you one! 🤗
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10 months ago, KannaVrier
This game is super fun, but could use an couple adjustments
I have really enjoyed playing this game, it has a lot of cool things you can do to make the game more fun and has a variety of character customizations. However there are a few things that I feel drag down the experience. I have noticed that many people are mentioning how long it takes for energy to recharge. It’s also very similar with how expensive adopting mythical creatures. They cost so many books, and it is hard to get that many books without spending a lot of money. While this isn’t something that bothers me too much, it definitely seems a too long. The thing that bothers me the most are that some events are super hard to pass. I have noticed that with some tasks it is extremely hard to pass even if you meet the recommended level of courage, intelligence, and empathy. I’ve been struggling for a couple days trying to complete the full moon rising event, but have been stuck on the dual because even though I have the recommended stats I keep failing. I would be fine with this if it was because I picked the wrong move, but I have had a couple where I made the correct choices except for 1 and because of this I loose before I can get the opponent to half health. Since this is a chance thing like Rock Paper Scissors I feel like it is a bit too difficult. Especially since it costs 200 gold for each try.
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6 years ago, Strikewillow
No way to go but up.
This game honestly has a strong base to build on, it has interesting side quests right along with the main quest. I like the inter house friendships. It’s pretty clear choice does matter in the game if only a little. It would be nice to see a bit of variation in every players story. It doesn’t make sense that Snape would hate on a slytherin or McGonagall would favor one for extra lessons. Both were pretty known for their own house favoritism, but I digress. The game itself is fun for the short while we get to play it at a time. I think before a new game decides to start panhandling so aggressively for money it should build its player loyalty first. First it would be cool to maybe do some extra activity to earn back some energy, the hidden energy tokens only go so far, maybe scrub some cauldrons for Snape to earn back 5 energy. Polish broomsticks for madam hooch, obviously you can’t do these tasks all day every day to earn free energy we all would have graduated long before now, maybe pay 200 gold for each task you can do something for each teacher related to their area of study. It would keep wait times down and players happy, and once the players run out of gold and energy then advertise a gem pack to them for a slightly decreased price. I’ve got several other ideas that would benefit both player and Jam City, but there isn’t enough space here for all that.
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5 years ago, Agelina N.
Great Game! However has a couple problems
Hogwarts Mystery is such a fun, exiting game! I love the friends you make, challenges you must over come, and how well the developers made Hogwarts. In fact, Hogwarts looks a lot like it in the movies. Something I loved was how they made Peeves. It’s so cool! They did a really good job using the clues in the books to make peeves. One thing I wish could change is the energy bonuses. I dislike that you have to wait 4 whole minutes just to get 1 energy bonus. If you don’t want to wait, spend your gems. The thing is if you don’t have enough, you have to buy it. If you are like my friend, who’s parents won’t buy you anything. I totally understand! Otherwise, you should play this game. I also enjoyed that I was able to pick what house I was in. I’m a Hufflepuff so I was able to just pick Hufflepuff. My other friends who are in the other houses showed me each of the common rooms. They are spectacular!! In my opinion, my favorite common room is the Hufflepuff common room. It’s so cool! You’ll love it! You don’t have to pay very much for anything, Unless you want to support the game, witch in my opinion you should. I wish that you could pick your own friend in the beginning because Rowan is very nerdy and kinda ravenclaw ish. But anyways you should play this game!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you for reading my whole review and yeah, maybe I’ll see your review
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9 months ago, Shh... I'm on the phone!
Coins, energy, and dueling
So I love this game, but there are some things that aren’t okay. First of all, you get coins as a reward for literally everything, but the only things you can spend coins on are clothes. And there aren’t nearly enough clothes to choose from, and half of the clothes are still locked or take gems. So you end up with like a trillion coins and not much to spend them on. Secondly, the energy thing is killing me, and this is particularly because recently I earned 65 energy, and it wasn’t enough to make it through a level. If something takes so much energy that you start with double of the 28 energy the meter shows, but you still can’t finish the level, something is messed up. Also there are times when I just can’t do anything because I’m out of energy, there are timers on things like having a meal with a friend and dueling, which is not how a game should be, there should not be times where you can’t play for multiple hours. Lastly, I was dueling today, and was at full health. But then I got hit with a spell that STUNNED ME FOR 4 TURNS which meant my opponent hit me with tons of spells without me being able to hit them or heal, and I died before I even got a turn. THERE SHOULD NOT BE A SPELL THAT IS UNBEATABLE IN DUELING. Also, it’s totally not fair because I hadn’t even unlocked that spell so there was no way I could do it first or anything. It may sound like a hate this game, I actually love it, there are just some issues that bug me.
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6 years ago, SkittlesWolf12
PLEASE READ: Love this game but needs to change....
Okay so right now I’m a first year and everything is so amazing!!! I love everything about this game! The graphics are awesome! But.... this game needs some changes.... First the energy NEEDS to CHANGE ASAP! It’s horrible.... ONE ENERGY takes FOUR minutes REPLENISH?!?? Are you serious??? The full meter is 25 and in order to wait for 25 of the energies to replenish and that would be about 100 minutes of waiting which is hmm... about OVER an hour???!? That’s RIDICULOUS! Please get rid of the whole energy thing or at least reduce the time to wait for them to replenish! Besides the lessons or things to do uses energy only talking to people on there doesn’t. You should have something fun on the app to pass time or something that’ll give you energy. And if you have to “unlock” it in further years or chapters then that’s incredibly stupid. I think first years when you immediately first start out should be able to do quick mini games or activities or something to get energy. I understand that the pets can give you energy and I’m trying to save up but this is still ridiculous. Also I don’t know a lot about this app but if there’s only a few lessons and stuff for charms and potions then that’s very sad unless there’s more in year 2, year 3, etc. but if not plz add some more.... otherwise it doesn’t feel much like Hogwarts to me.
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6 years ago, catpapi
So fun! But... UPDATE
I love Harry Potter and was excited to play Hogwarts Mystery. It’s a fun game, but the excessive amount of micro transactions make it annoying. I don’t that menial tasks have 3h limits to complete. I prefer 1h, as I can complete a star or two and then wait out the time. I like that we now get to do other things like play gobstones but they take several hours to reload. I dislike that one task takes up an insane amount of energy. If I sit down during my busy day to play, I don’t want to constantly wait for my energy to reload in order to get one task or class done. That being said, if developers lessened the amount of energy that goes into one task and decreased the time limit for side quests to one hour again, it would be more enjoyable to play. Update: Okay developers I see these updates, I see y’all doing your thing and I appreciate it. You can now watch ad videos for 3 energy points and for gems, classes and tasks are a bit easier to get through, the dormitory, the attribute points with purchases and pets!! I like that you can interact with friends to earn gems and energy points. I don’t LOVE that they’re capped at level 10 and after awhile all you earn is a clothing item so I hope to see more friend options! Even some older book characters come up? I’m sure the game will get better with time and I’m looking forward to all the great updates!
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6 years ago, one23dee
so much fun, but has it’s drawbacks
I really enjoy this game and have been playing it a ton since getting it. Having grown up reading the Harry Potter series I love being able to be apart of it in game form. Only things I wish is that the energy amount that you acquire was higher than it is. I find I go through it so quickly, right in the middle of lessons. I know it’s probably so that we either have to wait it out or buy more but still wanted to mention it. I also wish there was an option of buying gems or energy with the coins we earn in lessons. This game is very heavy in the micro transactions direction and thats it’s main drawback for me. Since it takes so long for your energy to replenish you’re put in a position to be more inclined to buy gems and use them for energy since storylines depend on finishing lessons so much. This adds up very quickly. I would think there could be a better middle ground for this. I also understand the developers have to make money but as a consumer I felt the need to bring it up. I rack up coins very quickly but would rather use them towards gems or energy rather than clothes. I also wish there were more options for creating your character. I hate to compare it to something else but for instance Bitmoji has added more hairstyles and colors since it first came out. Probably a bit harder for this since its animated but I wish there was a bit more variety. Otherwise love the game!
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6 years ago, Problemed Person.
Uhhh... What?
This game is good. But it is a cashgrab and a tap and wait for hours on end. Yeah the personalities of the teachers are accurate, and the graphics are great. But this game needs to chill on the money and the 200 gems FOR A HOUSE COLORED SCARF is INSANE. And 6000 coins for weirdo glasses, normal glasses 200 GEMS TOO. Some of us want our character to be like us! Like the customizable American girl doll thing. I myself want my character to be with glasses and not have to wait until I’m like on the sixth year. The game is great and all but behind the mystical greatness, the prices on things are too much to handle! Please put the prices on stuff down! I am begging you! The energy is crazy too, four minutes for a single energy. I am pretty sure that 25 is the whole bar, the amount of time to fill up the whole thing is 100 minutes. That’s just for the first year that I have not passed yet. But 100 minutes is, you guessed it, more than an hour! So while you’re waiting for the bar to fill, you have time to get distracted and forget about it. Your two hours of waiting on a lesson is over and you have to do it once all over again. I’ve had this happen three or four times with the Winguardium Leviosa lesson with Flitwick. It frustrates me every time. So I have to do it again and when I get to about the third or fourth star, it’s all gone. THEN THE WAITING GAME STARTS AGAIN. The energy and the pricing ranges are my problems. The rest of the game is fine with me.
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3 years ago, Cloud6663803
Really Fun But
This game is great because the story is captivating and feels very interactive. Much more customization options now too since I last played. But my god is this game cash grab. Literally have to wait 4 minutes for 1 energy(because yes, games like this have a catch and in this case it’s an energy system). That wouldn’t normally be too bad except most tasks on average are 3. Some are 5. You may think “oh well that’s still not terrible, right? Right? Except yes it is. It builds up overtime and just feels so exhaustive to wait for energy to refill. Now see, most people would just play something else in the meantime while they wait for energy, except guess what? You can’t. If you take your eyes off this game, it’ll cost you. All activities have a time frame for completion. Either that or get the max stars you can (which requires a ton of energy). This is because if you don’t try and get max stars, not only do you not claim bonuses, but you also risk having a negative impact on the choices you make and thus, costing you your reputation later on in the game (which matters alot and you’ll see why). So overall, not terrible, but tweak the energy system (which I know you won’t do because I’ve seen literal hundreds of reviews requesting the same thing, only to not even get a response from you guys). (I mean c’mon. You can at least respond no instead of making poor customers wait for a dev response that’ll never happen).
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4 years ago, iTunes essary
it’s ok
I recently re-downloaded the game after not playing it for a while. It is a fun game, I will say. But I only have a few problems with it. One is the amount of advertising it has in it’s own game. You have to pay for “Energy Orbs” or wait for like 2 hours. I usually don’t mind waiting, but the lessons in the game, for example, Charms class, only have a two hour limit, which means that you have two hours to finish the lesson, or you have to start over. Most of the lessons also require more Orbs than you start out with as well, which annoys me. Another problem I have is with the limits on the lessons, as I said before. They don’t give you enough time to completely refill your Orbs, making you HAVE to pay if you want to get “5 stars” on the lesson. Recently, since it’s Christmas time, I was invited to the Weasley’s for the holidays, and in order to get to the Weasley’s, you have to ask professors what their traditions are, ( Snape’s is enjoying a nice quiet snowfall on Christmas Day ) and then you have to learn spells and stuff to make gifts, and I knew it was going to take me a while, which is fine, but little did I know there was also a time limit on this one! It only gives you about two days, and if you don’t finish in those days, you just can’t go. And now I’m sad because I don’t get to see Fred and George :( I will say the game would be fun if you were willing to pay 30$ every time you wanted more Orbs to play. Thanks for reading, I usually never write reviews lol.
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4 years ago, nerdsunite
Love this game but it has some big issues
I would love to give this game 5 stars but I can’t. The story is great I love the game. the idea of the app is good but the energy thing is ridiculous. I cannot go to an event without using all my energy so I have to wait and there are so many events to do so most of the time I am not continuing the story just trying to get enough stars just so I can START the lesson so I can continue the story. It takes way too much time and I just want to continue the story. The amount of gems it takes to get a good amount of energy is ridiculous and getting gems is hard so then you have to buy gems for a ridiculous amount of money. You also have to use gems so you can start an event. Or you could wait 8 hours. That is ridiculous. The creators are obviously trying to make money but I am not spending a single penny on this game. This game isn’t even finished, I saw another review that said you can’t get past year six. The game is filled with bugs and I keep getting kicked out. One time it took a month before I could play. Creators: Finish the game please! Still gonna keeps this app on my phone and play but if something doesn’t change soon I won’t spend anymore time on this game. Other people have the same complaints but I still had to write this review. Creators need to see the complaints so they can fix the game. P.S I would love if you guys could let us switch houses. I accidentally picked Ravenclaw when I should be in Gryffindor. Just a tip!
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6 years ago, CT Mom 12
This game has an interesting plot and clever features. I disagree with some of those who find the energy wait times and such disappointing; while they ARE sometimes painful, I think they’re fair in providing an incentive for spending without being too disruptive in their duration; you can still interact with the game and make progress in a meaningful way every day for free, and the hidden energy replenishes in a reasonable amount of time and is a fun feature. The price points for the gems are still a bit high; a lower price point would promote more buying. My biggest source of frustration in this development period is the fact that the full game has not been released; it currently ends near the end of year 3. Had I known this, I would likely have been more patient rather than spending gems to progress more quickly. Hopefully there will be some compensation for this in future releases. I also take issue with the button features when running out of energy; on several occasions I have accidentally hit the button to spend gems without intending to; I would like to see a confirmation window with a button in a different screen location before gems are spent. I think the game has potential, and look forward to future releases, but will not be purchasing further gems given what I now know. Without the criticisms above, I’d give the app 4-5 stars.
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6 years ago, Smiles:)!!!!!
Great game! 💯 would recommend.
This game is super fun, the graphics are great, and the story is engaging. I love the characters and all the little details. If you are a Harry Potter fan, you will love this!! It’s perfect and is a truly magical game. (The rest of this review is a few suggestions for the creators of the game and contains a spoiler for year two of the game.) A few thing that you (as in the creators of the game) may want to consider is making people’s whereabouts match with the storyline. For example, when Ben is missing for a awhile he still appeared in the common room before I found him. Also, when Rowan got injured and was in the hospital wing she still appeared in potions class with me. Also, having more to interact with would be super fun! Like how certain objects can give you extra energy when you tap on them. I’m not asking for more object to give energy, but making all the paintings move or do something when you touch them and having the people around have short lines that they say when you touch them would add even more magic to the game. These aren’t problems, but adding those little things will really increase the experience. Also, I think you should think of more stories we can play though so that we can play this game again and again with different stories. Just a suggestion! Overall, well done! I love this game!! You guys did a great job!!
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1 year ago, TealFox013
I love this game, but…
Ok, I really do love this game. The only problems I have with it are the energy, and the empathy/knowledge/courage. The energy only has around 25 for you to start with and it takes four minutes per energy. You have to do missions that require energy fairly often, and so whenever you have to wait four minutes for one, I think that it is an excessive amount. The empathy/knowledge/courage thing I also have a problem with. I think that it is a really cool concept that you can kind of make your character have a personality based on the things you choose. However, whenever you are doing a mission where you have to have a certain number of courage or knowledge or empathy otherwise you can’t beat the level, it gets really annoying. I am currently on a part where you have to talk Rowan into doing something with you, and my empathy is at a ten, but my courage and knowledge are both at eights. I physically can’t beat this even if I get every question correct. This is because I have to have at least a ten on each of the traits. I have no problem with the ads seeing as how they don’t come on too often. If you have read this long review, thank you very much!! I DO think that this is a good game, it’s just those two things. Thanks again for taking the time to read this. 😁😁😁
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6 years ago, TATPE3771
Most of you’ll have seen the problem with the very limited energy system so I’ll just state some improvements that can be made that won’t throw away the concept of making money from these interactions. First off, you could add more quests early on that give the plus 1 energy capacity which I thought would be more frequent after the first given one :( . Or, you could speed up the energy reload timer just a bit. At the moment I believe it’s 3 minutes? I’m not entirely sure but it’s around there and that’s just for 1 energy. I can’t even finish 2 star missions with 28 energy and the timer for each mission is a bummer cause sometimes I just can’t get back on time with enough energy to finish and it resets leading to the grinding resetting. Story is intriguing. Gameplay is eh. The focus and spell casting is alright. The dueling sometimes feels weird[4 straight offensive for example(I kept choosing sneaky hoping for something else)]. I was kinda let down by not quiz to see where you fit in but I guess the internet has a bunch if I really wanted one. The competition for points was a bit disappointing for me because I’m at this moment have scored the most points for my team(ravenclaw) 2nd place atm and my team is still last ;(. Could you add something like top 10 contributors overall get something cause right now it feels like even if I continually get the most points my team will never make it due to less people.
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3 years ago, Marita flower
I really love the game but there is only two problems
OK I really love this Game it’s super Duper amazing🤩but there is two or three problems😳 so the first problem is when you choose the right or kind of right answer it just takes away some of your knowledge or shields😟 and it’s hard to do it because I can’t convince The girl who is worried about Ben☹️ and it’s kind of hard to convince her because it just takes away your stuff and it even takes away your progress and I don’t like that please change it and make sure it doesn’t take your progress away please🥺OK so now the second problem is why does everything have to be so expensive for diamonds😳😳 because I don’t know how to get diamonds except for watching videos🥲🥲🥲everything is so expensive and I don’t like it so can you please change that☺️☺️☺️ OK so now it’s the third problem the third problem is that every single time I get in it’s sometimes like child labels something yada yada yada and I have to re-join the game😕😕😕 and I hope you read this review and I love your game but first I have some suggestions can you please please please add more people to be friends with and I want like more action kind of I really like what you done but I want you to make it even more better so please read this review I would be so happy if you did this thank you☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️
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6 years ago, Jermor8
Addicting and Fun
I think this game is perfect! It tells you a story and you get to meet friends and increase your relationship level with them as well as your attribute points. You get to dress your character and buy pets. Many people complain about the energy, but I feel as though if there wasn’t energy, you would be done with the game too quick. I love that you can make choices to increase your attribute levels, which allows you to make special choices. I also love that by clicking on certain spots you get a point of energy. I also love that by buying a pet with in game money, you get a point of energy when they are sleeping and click on them. I love that these pets are helpful. The fact that you can increase your relationship with characters to get rewards and be able to bring them with you on quests is really cool, and to do that, you must answer Harry Potter trivia makes it even better. I like that you can duel with other characters, and the way to win is to have batter attribute levels, and know more stronger spells. I also like the special events that go on that allow you to get prizes, such as outfits, gems, and coins for getting a certain amount of stars in classes before the time runs out. The only thing I don’t like about this game is the glitches. It isn’t that bad though, it never got me frustrated, and I’m in my fourth year.
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8 months ago, perfectgf14
Love this game SM but have one complaint
So I absolutely love playing this game and I’m a third year now but my complaint is that if you’re in a class/quest and you close the game (not completely exit out but just go back to your Home Screen or something)while you’re waiting for energy to refill and then come back after a while, it’ll restart/reopen the app and it resets my “progress.” For example, I was in a herbology class and I closed out and went back to work while I waited for energy. When I came back, my energy was reset back to zero when it should’ve been full after the 2 hours I was gone, and my progress went back a star, I was at 4 stars and then it went back down to 3. Thankfully this all resets your time left in class to where it was when you left vs wasting your time. I’ve had this problem happen multiple times and it gets frustrating because then I’m just back to where I was when I left and forced to wait however long again for my energy to refill. I can’t even do other tasks because I have no energy and all the things you can click on each area to get energy are reset too so I can’t use them again because I already did. So yeah not a major deal, just an annoyance. Still love the game and will continue to keep playing. lol sorry this was so long, and probably didn’t make any sense but I explained the best I could 😅
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2 years ago, ReadRavenRead
Fun but needs some work
I downloaded this game a few years ago but ended up getting rid of it for a few reasons. I do love the storyline and all the Customizations but there a few things I am still concerned about. For one I understand that most games have only two gendered options and that’s fine, but I wish I could make my character more androgynous and the clothing options for female characters are a little too feminine for my taste. Another thing is classes, I don’t know if this is a glitch but I am unable to take classes unless there is a class to learn a new spell or potion and I remember being able to do that before, it was one of my favorite parts as I liked bing able to choose 8 hours for a lesson then go to school and play during passing periods or on break. It was also nice because it allowed me to earn attribute points on the areas i was lower on. Otherwise I am really enjoying the game and I love that you can now make books even if you have to be in the later years to do it and one of the reasons i quit the game before was because of how hard it was to get books. The energy does take a while to get but I am willing to watch ads and it works out well for my schedule. I haven’t done any events yep but I hoping they are easier to get through with less waiting considering how they are only available for so long Still one of my favorite games to play and I love to quizzes we get with real potter trivia.
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3 years ago, cwg64
The Limited Time On Those “Quests”: Mainly Animagus
So I have loved the game for a very long time now, playing it and of course having fun. Sometimes those “quest” things pop up (Limited things like animagus) and I do some of it and then it runs out of time which means I have just wasted a few things on it which is not really that fair so I just brush it off. Now ever since I first saw that Become An Animagus thing I have always wanted to do it and I vowed to myself that I won’t just do a few things on it, I would try to do everything. So I did, I did try everything, but I ended up wasting ALL GEMS AND ALL COINS, for nothing. And as of now I have only a few minutes left of it and I am not even able to do the step I’m already on BECAUSE OF ENERGY. So I am now crying because of this, because I have wanted to become an Animagus in this game for such a lot time and now it’s all for nothing. My point in this review is you need to make these “quests” longer either that or make it in game time, for example: You open the game and your in the middle of one of those quests and the time limit on the quest is the same but right where you last played the game, so what I’m saying here is that they should be like when you play it the time goes down, but when you don’t play it, the time stays the same. I hope this review changes anything because this is most likely happening to others.
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6 years ago, Horselover4729
I love this but there are a few problems...
This game is really good and I love it... but the are two problems I would like to mention. The first problem I have is the energy. I know there are plenty of reviews out there already mentioning the energy as a problem, but I want to mention it too. Four minutes is quite a long time to wait for just one energy... I think maybe one or two minutes would be better, or maybe one minute and thirty seconds. I am actually writing this review right now while I’m waiting for my energy to fill because I’m in the middle of learning a spell and I ran out of energy way to quickly and it takes too long to fill up again. You could also include maybe mini games that could earn you things like energy and coins or xp. The second problem I would like to mention is the spelling mistakes. Yes, I understand everybody spells things wrong every once in a while, I probably have some mistakes in this review, but the words that are spelled wrong are pretty much spelled wrong throughout the entire game. Some examples of the misspelled words are practice(in the game it is spelled as practise) and artifact(it is spelled as artefact in the game). I’m not a game maker or anything and I don’t know how hard it would be to go back and change the spelling, so I’m not going to ask for the spelling to be fixed unless it is too hard of a thing to fix. I really hope the energy gets changed though.
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5 years ago, KEde01
Amazing but frustrating
I absolutely love this game. The detail behind the story and graphics and the accuracy is perfect. It’s so amazing seeing something I loved so much in my childhood and to this day come to life. That being said, I do wish there were more mini games that didn’t require energy. The amount of energy we receive is much too low for the amount needed to complete a task. By the time I’ve waited for my energy to refill my task has timed out and I have to start all over. I love the three mini games that allow you to gain a higher relationship with friends (the meal, gobstones, and butterbeer). I wish there were more opportunities like that, as it is fun if you know Harry Potter trivia, does not require energy, and high friendships is important later on in the game. If there is nowhere to put another game like this, then the time needed until you can have another meal with friends etc should be shorter. Right now it takes 9+ hours after playing once to play again. I also wish the tasks were more interactive as opposed to clicking on the screen until your energy runs out. I feel like it would be so much more fun if we could actually participate in the classes. I love the story and watching it progress, but I hate the energy system. Hopefully in future versions more mini games will be added or it will take less time for energy to replenish. Or ideally the energy will not be needed at all!
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5 years ago, Me060381
I like the game, don't get me wrong but there are a lot of problems, mainly because of the 'not enough' bravery or knowledge or whatever options, it's frustrating it truly is especially if you are just new and charge in it, I find a constant error with everything when trying to pick an option and not having enough for that option, not to mention the reset! Honestly, Pokemon games way of resetting there game is a 1000 times easier then this, I have to download apps and things I don't want, not to mention my poor little phone can handle it all! Not to mention because of the high quality there's a lot of lag, which can be a problem when doing the 'focus' part of a trial in a class, this is a large reason why I rate this a 3 star, because everything seems good, at least I hope for now it's all good from then on Well.... except the prices on everything and anything, and the energy!!!!! That's way to long for one energy!!! It's honestly annoying!!!!! Especially if someone I used up all there energy and went alone on that one event with the vines(keep forgetting what those thorny vines are called) not to mention it's a hassle, but then there's the gems, oh god the gems, there WAY to hard to get when doing this stuff! They should be easier since so much of it is used to get items!!!! VERY expensive items if I might add!!!!! It's really and truly annoying, please try and fix these things and give warnings before hand on such things
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1 year ago, Crouton1999
Hogwarts Mystery Review
I love this game, I have it downloaded on multiple mobile devices and have a different Hogwarts house to experience different sides of the story. I’m very excited to play the new Hogwarts Legacy game when it releases as I have it pre-ordered and got excited when I found out I could link my house and wand to the new game using the official Wizarding world website. As far as this game goes, I love playing it but the wait for energy kills me and limits the amount of time I would like to complete quests in. As someone who works often I can’t complete quests as quickly as I’d like to within the time limits and often it times out before I’m able to complete the quest. This game is also real money focused on rewards, which is originally aimed for children, I could see where it’d be super easy to accidentally purchase something they probably shouldn’t be. I would enjoy playing this game better if it didn’t take so long for energy stores to replenish, and I could actually complete quests in a decent amount of time before times run out. Quests requiring 5 stars to complete with the amount of energy I have seems impossible with my changing schedule. I would recommend this game to any Hogwarts and Harry Potter fan, and continue to play it as it is my favorite mobile game. ~A proud Slytherin 💚🐍
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6 years ago, FriendlyReviewer1
Review Must Read
First off great game, great quality of work. Details are amazing and gameplay is great. Every feature in the game stands out well and goes a long way. It is unique to have the questing for stars to receive clothing items as they disappear after a few days which make them unique and rare to in-game items. The creators should add more items instead of just the typical clothing items. Maybe add new hairstyles or scarfs and hats, things like that. The energy consistency works fine because I play this game consistency. There are some good updates I like such as the new pet update. This would be useful in the game. The dorm looks very plain, graphics look good but there should be an option to customize your dorm and the character looks sad, so it would be good to change their expressions. An idea would be to expand the friendships past level 10 so people can experience new things. I appreciate the story plots as they get interesting every time you progress to the next cursed vaults. One thing to mention, the gem items don’t give much bonus points after buying your clothes and gold gives a lot more, considering gems are harder to receive (once every year). Keep with the updates, and I am looking forward to continuing my progress with the game. I recommend the game very much, and spread the word to people. Edit: The 8 hour quests are a bit too long in my opinion, I would say 5 hours is plenty.
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6 years ago, BobDaPotterhead
I LOVE THIS GAME! It’s so much fun! I really like how we get to go to classes and everything, and I love how we get to have an enemy, because it’s not that fun without one. I love how we sometimes get to choose what our response is to some people! And the classrooms look so accurate! Also, I love the thing where you can press random things to get one extra energy; I often do that during classes. I also really like how you get to meet different people, and you actually get to meet Tonks, Bill Weasley, and Charlie Weasley! I have so many things that I like about the game, it’s so good! The only thing that I want to change is the energy system and the prices of things. I mean, 4 minutes for one energy bit?! And, some things that you accomplish raise the energy limit, so I’m at 29 right now, and the wait time for the whole thing to fill up is just way too much, so I try not to wait for it to fill completely during classes. But still, I would love to get energy faster. Also, the payment. Some things are just too expensive. For example, I really wanted this sweater, but I couldn’t get it because it was, what, 10,000 coins? And some other stuff cost more than 100 rubies! I really would like to get a pet faster! Anyway, the prices are really high, and I would like them to come down a bit. But other than that, this game is the best game I’ve ever played! 👍😂
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3 years ago, Poppy1999245
Fun game but also frustrating
The game is designed to make you purchase the items you need to complete the tasks and storyline. You can play it without purchasing, but it takes a phenomenal amount of time. You earn 1 health point every 4 minutes. However, it caps out at 30. When most of the tasks need at least 50 points, it can be cumbersome to do half a task and then wait for the other 20 health points to accumulate via time. And honestly, if you do purchase a bundle pack, it’s really only enough to last you one day. Who’s going to spend $20 or more bucks a day to ply this game? Not I. I’m half way through the 3rd year at this point. Not sure if I’ll just get tired and frustrated, but I sure as heck am NOT going to spend the amount of money it would take daily to complete all the tasks. Shame on you, greedy developers. Just so you know, I did purchase one of your bundles early on in the game, but it only lasted about 10 minutes of play time, so decided right then and there, I wasn’t going to do that again. I play video games on a game system that, sure, cost $60 bucks to buy the entire game, but I get hundred of hours of game play for that $60. The way your game is set up, I’d have to spend tenfold or more to get the same mount of game play. The three star is mostly about the necessity of in-app purchases, which I think is terrible. Whatever profit strategy your using must be working, but is isn’t working on me.
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4 years ago, celestial202
It’s okay but...
You will not be able to win an event, no matter how much you live on the game and the best clothing and dorm items are only available through the events. It is the same with the special events where you get new spells too, making it impossible to proceed and win without spending money, and a lot of it too. The jewels are ridiculously priced, otherwise I would have spent real money. Just not attached to my character at all since they can never win. I’m not a loser and neither is any “avatar” that I play as. Would like to see that fixed. They put out a survey and after getting feedback just added more clothes (that I’m not interested in personally) and left everything else. This game could be SO good if they just listened better to suggestions. I literally lived on this game for an event (waking up at night even) to make sure I utilized my energy to the fullest and was STILL not able to finish the event and lost out on making a werewolf friend. This is an example of ONE of the many events that I have done this with. Was able to become an animagus only because I had hundreds of gems saved up. It was also the first time they did an event like that, so of course, the following events they made impossible in order to promote the purchasing and spending of jewels/ gems.. I like the matching game so much more and I play that multiple times a day and feel accomplished while still getting my Harry Potter fix ;) Again, could be so much better.
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