Harry Potter: Magic Awakened

4.6 (29.2K)
2048 MB
Age rating
Current version
Warner Bros.
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
12.2 or later
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User Reviews for Harry Potter: Magic Awakened

4.65 out of 5
29.2K Ratings
11 months ago, MJHT2021
Honest Review
I absolutely love the game but there’s some minor flaws and glitches and bugs, but is very small. I love the color scheme the details in the graphics, but I do wish there was more features like more clothing designs like a list and more clothes that cost coins instead of gems I wish there was like a list of clothes that wasn’t gender separated so you can pick whatever you want. The story plot in the details are very interesting. They can get a little boring sometimes first year was rather boring but I wish it wasn’t so fast I wish they had like. Do you know a graduation process or shows you go to different places more hogMeade is an open yet, so is London but I hope there’s more to come and I wish there was a better voice chat feature on the game that I wish there was more classes more clubs I wish you could explore more. I wish there was dances that were a game you have to earn points in I wish it was just something that allows you to dance without playing the game. I wish there was a faster way to earn coins and just more stuff. It’s a new game so it’s still a work in the only thing I can say is I wish there was more clothes and wish there was a longer story-lines or maybe a character love interest. I’d love to see the characters grow and change more. I also wish people could edit the voices of the their own characters and change the pitch and stuff.
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5 months ago, dillhole faggans
It’s ridiculous
8/10 for sure. It’s a set story RPG. So choice doesn’t matter click the wrong thing or mess up on a potion it will just set you back. That’s fine, I expect 3/10 when it comes to mobile games. This has a weird immersive aspect to where the story doesn’t change but how you deal with other players matters. Do you get invited into duels? Maybe a dance? Do you show up to random classes? There is a lot to do and I don’t know anyone who has paid for gear. If you work it well you don’t need to pay to win. I am pleasantly surprised with this game. Also I lucked out and got my best spell like in my 3rd day. People play so different it’s hard to tell if you’re going to step on a higher level or just get demolished by a lower one. The combat is really thought out and when you just need a break you can just chill in a room and chat for a bit. Planning was okay.. we kinda had to pull it off but we didn’t for the longest time but we eventually got it. It’s not pay to play. 90% of the people are super fun and not aggressive. Unless you get into the dueling club, that’s the place to be aggressive that’s where it’s okay I completely recommend this game. It’s super fun and free if you want it to be
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10 months ago, Cainaocungbitrung
Enjoy the game but there are more unpleasant problems than I thought
I’ve been playing this game more than a month and enjoying it so far. However, there are some issues I would like to talk about: 1. This game is expensive: I played this game in another version which is Chinese version. In Chinese version, it’s much more generous when it comes to spending your real money in the game, which I found very frustrating when I am playing the same game. 2. The duel ranking: I am at GM now and was taking me just like 100 more to be a MA. But the game makes it impossible when it matched me and my teammates with much higher rank which make me loose all the points I was working so hard for. 3. The huge differences between people who spend a lot of money and who don’t: if you don’t spend tons of money in this game, oh well, good luck with that. It takes forever for me to upgrade my book or get new cards, even though I spend around $200 on this game already. I played a lot of games, but this is so far the most ridiculous expensive game that I ever played. Other games require skills to be a good gamers, money just make things look prettier. But with this game, you just need to spend thousands of $$$ to master it. If you wonder why I still play this game. Well, because I am a huge fan of Harry Potter since I was little. I made a punch of friends on this game already. It’s fun to play but it’s less fun when it comes to spend my money in this impossible situation.
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10 months ago, MYGC_
LOVE IT, but the game is ALMOST unplayable
I was super duper excited when I saw this game had been released. It has definitely not disappointed, it’s actually everything I have ever wanted in a game mixed together. People can customize their characters, name them, PvP/duel, and roleplay. There’s also an immersive story with fun characters. I love how the game keeps its charm with the hogwarts elements (DUH, ITS A HOGWARTS GAME) but it’s whimsical and friendly for those who don’t want to pay to actually enjoy the game. It’s lovely. Here’s the problem: it crashes every 15 seconds after I enter the game. I know it’s a problem currently trying to get fixed, but when It gets to the point I can barely play the game, there’s an issue. I find it particularly common when I press to enter the Shop/Store button on the top right corner and when I want to upgrade a card in the “Charms” section. I can tolerate it crashing 5 times, it’s fine, I just enter back into the game. However, after it crashing 10 times within 5 minutes, especially after experiencing this for days, I could no longer stay silent. When talking to others about it, through chat, they said they were also experiencing the same issue. There’s so much I want to do and I want to spend hours playing, but I can’t if the game doesn’t allow me to do that. I hope this issue gets fixed soon.
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4 months ago, THIS GAME IS JUST WOW
Very fun just one thing unclear
Ok I got this game yesterday and it’s been a blast! I’ve been able to change my character with super cool graphics and the storyline looks very promising just one thing. So when I got to Hogwarts and went through the sorting I then went to bed, when I woke up Lottie was in my dorm room and she would ask you if you wanted to go to the dueling club. And when you clicked yes then you were teleported there you can even have a partner. I don’t have a problem with any of that I’m just confused on how long you have to duel before you progress it’s kinds just match after match leveling up friendship with your partner but no progression on the story line because I’ve been dueling for like, the past 2 hrs. It’s a very fun game but that’s just the one thing I don’t know about because there are no alternate things to do. It may be that I have to get to a certain lvl or something but it would be good if you could let us know when the dualing part of the plot line lets you progress into other more interesting stuff. Thank you for reading! -♡
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11 months ago, Gargoyle37
Need Deep Pockets
Do not download this game unless you have deep pockets. At first I was able to continue pretty well, until I reached year two & that’s when it all changed. It came time to upgrade my cards, I didn’t have enough gold. I thought okay no problem I’ll just do some tasks & do some duels. I thought I would get enough gold to upgrade my cards, NOPE. Not even close. They have this gold cap for the duels, where you only get 500 gold a day & class tasks give you NO gold. If you buy the Magic Pass you get some but not near enough. I needed 18,000 gold to upgrade my cards, with a 500 gold cap & the small amount in the pass it didn’t add up to enough. Soon as I saw that I had to buy gold to lvl up my cards in order to continue playing this game, I thought NOT GOING TO HAPPEN. Times are hard as it is right now, my money is for bills, rent & food. Not, for games like this. Where they reel you in & let you play for the first part then force you pay in order to continue. People like me wanna to be able to relax & play a decent game without this “ you have to pay to play crap”. Such, a shame because other than that it’s a great game. Develop res like this don’t realize when you make players pay they leave, hence no money for you. When you make a game where we AREN’T forced to pay, players will most likely pay…hence you make MORE money. Because, they’ll buy all the other things the game has to offer.
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12 months ago, GazelleElf444
What Pottermore should have been
Do y’all remember the OG pottermore? The one where you literally played your way through the HP series? This is what that should have been. It’s an entirely new plot line, and I’d say a bit better than the HP game Niantic came out with that barely lasted two years. It is a LOT. There is a lot of content and I don’t know that this is a game I would play casually while waiting in line, and more like something i would dedicate a few hours to. It very much gives the feeling of a PC game on my phone. That being said, it is a lot for my 2 year old iPhone 11 to handle. As other reviews have mentioned, older phones will definitely struggle with this one and it is a bit glitchy. It’s new though so I’m sure those will get worked out in future updates. The graphics are nice and pretty smooth and the music is very HP, whimsical and moody. I don’t like the “card” aspect of this game though. I’d prefer to cast spells like some other games have done (tracing glowing outlines was my personal fave, I think that was how pottermore and another HP game did it, it just feels more authentic to the wizarding world). The cards just feel silly, especially in an app. Other than that, I’m very excited to see where this goes!
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11 months ago, Cozyboyjayy
Ban system stinks. Solo Exams are too hard
I made it through the ranks (Up to Platinum) with very limited amount of cards (I’ve been playing for 7 days). Now I find out my main card was banned this week, and could possibly be banned every week (player votes determine what card will be banned each week which is dumb). Do you guys understand you can not ban cards when there are only like 20 cards in the whole entire game? (I’m over exaggerating obviously). Banning 2 cards per week in the early ranks especially is asinine, save that for grandmasters. Or let players ban 1 card pre match. My friends can help me in class but not on the Exams? C difficulty is easy but after that it gets way too difficult. A difficulty doesn’t even make sense. It just screams “spend money on the game or grind for weeks! Possibly months if you want to beat me”. That isn’t fun at all. How is PVE more pay to win than PVP? In my opinion this game has a stupid amount of potential. And you guys are letting it go to waste. I’ve heard terrible reviews about the exploration update. Me my wife and 7 year old, we all play this game. It’s amazing. But at this point, I’m seeing too many reasons as to why I should stop playing right now. Before I get too invested
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11 months ago, tunesmith82
Has Possibilities
As a former HP:Wizards Unite fan I am somewhat reluctant to invest too much of myself in this new game from WB, lest they pull the rug out from under us yet again. So far, it has great possibilities but the movement controls are awkward and the basic gameplay could use a LOT more explanation. Sometimes, text appears then disappears too fast to read, rewards are received but it is not clear how to use many of them, and echo use needs a significant tutorial. Decks are recommended but only when you try to select one will it tell you you did not yet have the necessary cards. This makes no sense to recommend something one cannot use. Most annoying is the constant effort to sell upgrade packages, but why the heck would I throw money into buying items I don’t know how to use? I expect this game can, and should, get better but right now there is way too much to process without adequate information so it is quite frustrating. Art design is good, with nice options for building your character and allowing players to keep their chosen house, should they not be happy with the Sorting Hat’s decision. Here’s hoping WB will be patient with this game and will not hit it with an Evanesco before it finds it’s stride.
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11 months ago, stella136h
The authenticity of the series isn’t quite here yet.
Harry Potter : Magic Awakend is an amazing game, With exceptional graphics and gameplay mechanics, Along with the good stuff the thing is they keep adding more and more to the levels and story and the “Coming soon” stuff .so what could be bad in such a game with such a outstanding community? Problem 1# Well known: The controls: Everyone would like to log in, go to the dorms and add a friend but thats not the case. I’m usually playing with my Potter Head friend (not to say I’m not a Potter Head) And then we take up at least half an hour to try and figure out how to share a dorm. All I’m saying is make sharing a dorm or even a server and adding friends easier. Problem 2# Not many people know but what I’d like is,Stay with me here: You hop on to your probably fantastic broom and then you peek a glance of the map “If I’m at Hogwarts then how to get to Diagon Alley on my broom? Well you can’t. That’s right, you can only get from one place to another easily via map. Sadly. For know that’s enough from me By the way I’m literally ten. Bye 👋
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12 months ago, 🐈Kitty🐱girl🐈
Almost perfect :)
I’ve been playing this game for hours, trying out everything, looking for bugs, and generally having a blast. I particularly love the Dance Club, the rhythm-game-esc controls are super fun and addicting. I’m surprised by the lack of bugs I’ve found as well. The only issues were very small, one being where the sound will occasionally cut out for a minute or so, and the other being a glitch where the character is automatically put onto their broom after a cut scene. So nothing that affects gameplay, luckily. The only issue I’ve found is that you can’t change your character’s gender after “selecting” it in the very beginning. When I was asked to pick a character to base on, I just picked a character I thought was cool, not thinking they were gendered for you. Long story short, I’ve been stuck being a “boy character” and I have no way to change it. It’s not detrimental to my enjoyment of the game, but it’s definitely annoying and I hope an option to change gender is implemented. Overall, this game has an amazing start, and I’m looking forward to seeing how it grows and develops as more people play :)
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11 months ago, froogo is gay
Amazing Game
I’d give this game a five out of five. It’s a great game. The art in the game is absolutely amazing! I love the way the artists portrayed the characters. So visually appealing! For the actual gameplay, I’d say it’s pretty fun. Dueling is pretty fun, I just wish that there were some more spells. Also, I feel like the Legendary cards aren’t even that good. I have fiveish legendary cards, and I only really use two of them. I’d say that most Epic cards are better than a lot of Legendary cards. For the story line, it’s fairly easy to keep up with and makes sense. Some duels during the story are really hard though, even if it’s just your first year. I don’t have a lot to criticize about this game, it really is great. It got a bit boring after a few days of having it, but that’s just the nature of having games. There was one bug where no matter what I wrote in the title or motto of my social club, it was called inappropriate and I couldn’t start one, but other than that, it’s a great game. 10/10
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12 months ago, 兰玲娜
P2w, not much content in game
This is the 4th day I’ve been playing. I have completed all story. Spent several hundred dollars. Now I’m stuck. I can’t pass forest levels. There is no way to progress faster. Can’t replay previous levels because there are no more rewards. Classes don’t help with coins or charms. All there left to do is dueling people or dance all day. There are not many task left to do. The achievements are full of stuff that are not yet unlocked in game. I love the visual and the art style of this game. It made me start to watch Harry Potter movies for the first time. And I’m impressed that the world in this game is just like the movie. I just hope there are more features to play, and be more friendly towards f2p players. Also please fix the bug about typing problem in chat where you can’t move back to edit and your message got sent automatically when you hide the keyboard instead of only send them when you click Return, and random audio playing in shop. Also please add more language like other international games, thank you very much. This game has great potential.
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10 months ago, gayweed
Takes Up Massive Amount of Space
this game is dope, ngl. but the amount of space it takes up is insane. it says it takes up 3gb, but each day it downloads more and more, lil bits at a time. i've been playing for about a month and am only just starting year3, and the game is taking up over 10gb on my tablet. and, if it doesn't have enough space, then the game simply won't even open so i've had to uninstall almost everything else on my tablet to make room for this. i'm at the point where I only have one more app I can uninstall before im out of options and won't be able to play this game anymore. makes me glad I've never spent more than $10 on it. won't be spending more, because it seems i won't be able to play much longer. while i appreciate the attempt to bring an intricate game to mobile apps, theres a reason people save this level of game power for consoles and PC. not only is it inherently inaccessible to low income people who can't afford spacious devices, but this isn't sustainable. it might start with people like me who have a smaller amount of space on our devices (32gb) but, at the rate of space accrual you're going, your entire userbase is going to be having this problem within a year.
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12 months ago, GameDem0
Great game but still some glitches
I never write reviews but I thought this game should get one. I saw this game on Tiktok when it first came out. I didn’t get it right away but I wish I have done it sooner. Getting the game and finally starting to play it, I was so excited to see that they let you build your own character as well as having your own voice! Even the npcs have their own voice and speak to you. At certain times however, there are a few glitches and bugs. Like once, I was doing a guest and it just restarted the whole quest. Thankfully it was in the beginning and I wasn’t that far into the game. Another bug is if you have a owl on your screen, they’re letters but you can’t hit them. I had to close the app to restart it. But other than those, and I know the game is still in development and working out the kinks, I think this is a top notch game! I’m already addicted and I love the story line! Wonderful work!
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11 months ago, JRGamer145
They stole from me
To be honest, I really, really liked this game for a lot of reasons, mainly the animation, story, and voice acting. But when standing in the checkout line at the store getting some Funions, the game glitched out and sent me to my Home Screen. I didn’t really care at the time, because this happened to me a lot. But when I go back to keep playing, it asks my age. But then I clicked “enter Hogwarts” and the cutscene you see at the beginning of the game starts playing. Then I realized that somehow, my progress and account was deleted. This is VERY disappointing, because I collected every Legendary spell and summon card and the Hermione Legendary companion card. Do you how tempting it have golden keys and not using them? And saving all the gold you possibly can to buy Orb of Water, without spending a dime? I spent time to get those cards, so to make sure the same thing doesn’t happen to you, I’d recommend not getting to deep in to the game or spending any money before this is fixed. BTW, I’m 12, but should definitely take me seriously, or this might happen to you too. Can you imagine working hard to get one special card and it being taken from you? So listen and be warned.
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9 months ago, Princessj1031
I’m not sure anymore…
I was playing this game every day and I had to take a break because it was getting frustrating. I completed the years before the gameplay that’s currently going on now was released. In hard times with the economy, it’s near impossible to throw the amount of money at this game that it’s basically all but demanding for you to get fair game play. You get capped in gold for duels but yet you need gold to level your spell book. You used to get gold from the flying car, now you do not. So it makes it harder and harder to level your spell book to meet the requirements to continue playing. When you go to duel, you can CONTINUOUSLY get matched with people far outside of your ability. And then you lose all your points for nothing. It’s like, why try? So, I took a break. I came back. And there’s minor differences. Not enough that I think I can get continuous game play. I’ll get frustrated and need a long break again. Which is a shame. Because I love HP and this has so much more potential than what it’s being given.
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12 months ago, annoyed and achey
I’ve always wished I was at Hogwarts
Hi! I love the game! I have been playing every day since I downloaded it and I love almost everything! I do have a few suggestions, not that I really know what I’m talking about. I would love more hair colors/ styles and also stores to actually buy stuff at, I know there’s Madam Malkins but there isn’t very many options, and they’re kind of pricy. Also, I wish there were more options for things to do with the companions in the game, like other than just going to class or exploring the forest (which are great too) like if there was an option to hang out by the black lake and invite a companion or study dates with your friends etc. I also would love an update where after a certain level you can unlock a love interest bc in Harry Potter everyone always ends up together it just needs to happen, with peace and love 🫶🏻 I will obviously love it either way just some ideas!
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7 months ago, Barry M'cockiner
What a Waste
This game had so much potential to captivate the entirety of the HP community AND extend its appeal to card game enjoyers; however, the developers made it so that your success in main function of the game was dictated by how much money you spent. Now there’s very few players anymore because the developers thought the best way to pursue profits was demanding obscene payments for low value rewards leading to frustrations that were never addressed by the devs and the absence of players. Don’t waste your time: there’s no way to progress as a free to play player not to mention if you’re a new players there’s no hope… it’s simply not accessible to players. Eventually, the game will be barren and it’s only inhabitants will be the bugs and viruses that plague it already. They’ve prioritized profits over fixing any actual issues; complaints about monetization issues have been the biggest concern of players since the beginning and not only have they not changed but they haven’t even addressed the issue; if you want proof, just look at what reviews have developer responses. To sum up this rant, don’t waste your time or money unless they change their game soon and drastically.
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12 months ago, Mitchie Hagle
I have a Wizarding World account, and I signed into it before I started the game thinking it would connect my wand from my Wizarding World (WW) account to the game that way I would get the wand from my WW account. However, that is not the case apparently it chooses for you at random. Personally, I think this is very unfortunate because other Wizarding World games such as Hogwarts Legacy does let you connect and play with your WW account wand, even Hogwarts mystery gives you some options to choose from. Perhaps this might not seem like a big deal to some players. However, having the options to choose (especially in Harry Potter games) things such as selecting a house, wands etc. the really big things that make up the wizarding World, makes players feel like they are contributing to the way they want to play the game and it also makes them feel empowered. I hope that at some point they consider and maybe change this in the game so you can either connect your WW account to the game and be able to choose your wand that way or at least give you some options to choose from.
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10 months ago, ParanoidGhost
I love this game! Here are my few suggestions though
This game is so much fun. It super addictive and has so much to offer. I especially love how you don’t need to be a fan to play the game, yes there is refrences but I got my friend who is not Harry Potter fan to fall in love with this game. The art style, the music, the gameplay options. All so much fun. My few issues: The game crashes a lot There are tons of glitches such as the social owl shows up different every five seconds. I think there needs to be a more efficient way to get coins and gems and we should be forced to use real money. The leveling up of the spell book is a very fun and creative idea, but at the rate of income vs the need of upgrade to even complete certain tasks are very irritating and difficult to match. I really want a potions class! My favorite class is Divination but there is nobody who ever joins that class and I’m stuck with NPCs. I also really want more of a dark path option. I think that is so cool and I love the unforgivable curses! I want Nocturne Alley and when will we get a Hogsmede??? Anyways. I can’t wait to see all that this game will become and all it can offer and I intend to be there every step of the way! Also we need more Familiars!!! We need more than Owls. Cats, dogs, frogs, MAYBE EVEN LIKE A NEWT SCAMANDER TYPE OF TRAIT TO INCLUDE. Multiple animals. A collection. Etc etc. sorry I got a little excited lol
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12 months ago, Nortadoes
So far so good
While this game is a little bit PTW, you can definitely progress without putting money into the game. The battles are fun, upgrading cards isn’t too much of a hassle, I wish there was more ways to get cards faster, but I already have over 20 with less than 4 hours played. Including some really good cards. This isn’t like any of those games where you have to spend a ton of money to just get one good card, I completed a few missions and got a mythic Ron Weasley, without spending money and without having to fill up the entire event. Ron is guaranteed after 30 pulls but I got him in 15. It’s not hard to build a deck and I like that about this game. If I could change a few things, would be the prices of the gems and bundles, I would pay to play this game as it entertains me. As of right now I will not spend money on this game until it gets cheaper and has more content!
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1 week ago, thebirdman7
Incredible game so far
Very impressive game. I’m setting up my personal space — aligning and placing in there is really tough. A nudge would be tremendously helpful. I love the ability to size many of the items like paintings and Herbology containers. Also when you place things on top of other things and then access them you end up standing on those things — it can be a bit glitchy to get off, or turning something the wrong way and ending up behind the wall when you access it. Hopefully these things will be fixed. I wish it were more clear how to obtain some of the wallpapers and flooring choices but I assume they will eventually show up. Also when you are new and you play in areas where the deck is created for you to use — I was frequently not familiar with some of the cards and it can be tough to know how to play them. Great fun though.
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12 months ago, sanelram
Exactly what I was looking for but…
This game is so much fun! I really think the art style reflects the wizard inch world in its whimsical angular way. I do wish that the animations were more detailed though. Maybe it is just mine, but I’ve been stuck on this one thing where it won’t let me enter some secret hideout; I just keep getting reloaded into my dorm. I also wish that we could dorm with other genders. What if my friend is playing as another gender? Also want more types of skin tone and hair color. Why are most of the options white? Also, the outfits are super pricey. Another thing that would be nice is if I could buy potions ingredients. You have to go to the forbidden forest for them, but there’s no guarantee that you will get them. I spent a lot of time in solo and group explorations and never got the ingredient I wanted. Maybe a way to upgrade you deck to have more spells in one deck? Or have more than one echo? These are just suggestions, the game is a lot of fun.
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3 months ago, wngag
Immersive Wizarding Experience: Harry Potter: Magic Awakened
Harry Potter: Magic Awakened truly immerses players into the magical world we've all come to love. From the spellbinding visuals to the intricate gameplay mechanics, this game offers a captivating experience for Potterheads of all ages. The attention to detail in recreating iconic locations from the Harry Potter universe is commendable, making exploration feel like stepping into the pages of the books or frames of the movies. The character customization options are extensive, allowing players to truly craft their own wizarding identity. One of the standout features is the spellcasting system, which feels intuitive and responsive. Mastering spells and dueling opponents provides a satisfying challenge, and the strategic depth keeps gameplay engaging. While the game offers a captivating single-player campaign, the multiplayer aspect adds another layer of excitement, allowing players to compete against friends or team up to tackle challenges together. However, there are occasional glitches and server issues that detract from the overall experience. These technical hiccups can disrupt gameplay and cause frustration, but they're thankfully not too frequent. Overall, Harry Potter: Magic Awakened is a must-play for fans of the franchise, offering an immersive and magical journey into the wizarding world. With a few tweaks and improvements, it has the potential to become truly legendary.
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12 months ago, Progamer99996666
Love it, but…
I’m a really big fan of one of their other games, Harry Potter hogwarts mystery, but this game just seems next level. The problem is that after the first night I wake up and can either stay in my dorm room or go to train in the dueling club, I can’t do anything thing else. I’ve tried doing every I could on my end, I deleted it and redownloaded it multiple times even tried on different devices, nothing is working. The game is just kind of unplayable at the moment. But I got like a little sample just seeing the art style and all the characters they have in the game and a bit of where the story is going. And I really really want to be able to play and experience all that and it just seems super amazing and fun. And I know it’s not just me that having the problem with being stuck in the dorm room. So if you can fix this that’ll would be wonderful and more people could be able to play your amazing game.
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12 months ago, braedenmonster
Two major issues
TL;DR while the art and gameplay is fun, I have zero audio, and did not receive the promises pre-register gifts I’ve enjoyed the graphics and gameplay, but I have two major complaints. The first, and most important, is that I have zero audio. I did go into the extra downloads thing and downloaded everything, including the option “audio” (and why audio is considered an extra instead of a feature bothers me). However despite downloading the audio, I haven’t gotten any. I’m a little bit into the game, having just started the first flight mission, and haven’t heard a single sound, and have had to rely on subtitles. I don’t know if this is a universal issue or something wrong with my account, but it’s very frustrating. Second, I pre-registered, and have gotten none of the rewards promised for doing such, which sounds kinda greedy for me to complain about, but again, it’s either an account issue, I don’t understand something, or a issue that needs fixed
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11 months ago, Keatynn
Year 3 update
Honestly, the new update is okay. Love that we got yr 3. However, upset we cant buy or trade items (gold nuggets/keys/pink gems)for gold coins. I feel that the new updates for the forbidden forest was kind of unnecessary. It nice, but wasn’t needed. Definitely need to bring back getting gold from the ford anglia. We would also like to see quidditch, more options/ways to earn/buy more clothing/hairstyle options. The rewards for dancing should also be increased bc lvl 5’s are atrociously difficult with little to no reward. The duelling club should also have more rewards based on rank and card proficiency. More dorm and personal space decoration options would be a bonus. More spells and other ways to upgrade them besides just gold coins would be awesome. Otherwise, I absolutely love the game and I’m kind of obsessed! Been logging in everyday for the last 23 days!
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11 months ago, be_inspired_26
Very Good!
Overall, I’m already very interested in continuing this game further. I don’t have much negative to say about the game, the only thing I can complain about are the bugs. I’ve read some reviews, and it seems like only some people are struggling with bugs as much as I am. In fact, I’ve run into a bug that won’t allow me to continue my progress, and I only just arrived at Hogwarts! I’m not sure if I’m the only person dealing with this bug, but it send me to the very bottom of the moving staircases, all the way to the bright yellow glow below. I can’t move or do anything, and I’ve refreshed my app multiple times. This is not the first time something like this has happened, either, as about every third cutscene, all the characters will be frozen, and nothing I do will fix it. I’ve had to refresh the app a few times to continue the story, and hopefully I can get past this bug that is currently stopping my progression.
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7 months ago, peppermintrlr
Steam Worthy
The game style reminds me of a stylistic game like Little Nightmares. It’s beautiful, and I’d love to see the character customization branch out into different body types. I chose to be in Slytherin house, because I came out of the womb and every single quiz game says I should be in it. So 3 other characters are in Slytherin when clearly they were made to be in different houses. I mean Cassandra and those freakish twin boys are in Slytherin and only one character now isn’t in Slytherin. And it doesn’t make any sense. It’s supposed to be like oh the golden trio, except it’s 4. And we’re all in Slytherin??? I feel like depending on what house you choose the storyline should change. The characters shouldn’t all be in the same house, if I went to Hogwarts I would be very confused on why all of my friends ended up in Slytherin, because most of my friends are definitely Hufflepuff.
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11 months ago, Tiny Reader
It’s Ok
Honestly, it's a good game to play casually. Like, 10 minutes a day. If you don’t space it out, you’re going to fly through the actual content like I did. Now it’s just a waiting game for Year 3. A lot of bored dancing and running around trying to find chests. It also got really hard REALLY quick. Year 1 was fine, but going to Year 2 and now waiting, everything costs a LOT. Leveling up your book costs WAY more gold than it should, and you NEED to level up your book and cards if you’re ever going to defeat anything in the game. Even little things like the Dancing Club gets hard. Once your dances are at level 5, they’re nearly impossible to do because it goes SO fast. There’s also some MAJOR bugs in the game. Almost every time I open the shop, the app crashes. It also glitches and freezes during duels and dances, which of course only makes them harder. It also overheats my phone really quickly, and I have to put it down after maybe 15 minutes.
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11 months ago, LeroyUzimaki
Amazing game for HP fans!
Seriously loving this game! Been about a week but the combat feels amazing if you like card games like hearthstone or magic the gathering but alive. Visually it’s really good. Lore wise it’s great. Has a lot of your favorite characters with fresh twist and new faces for its own story. Best of both worlds! If you are looking for a fun mobile game and want more HP after Hogwarts legacy check this game out. Room of requirements amazing for customization! Cosmetics great! Game play great! Yes it’s a mobile game so don’t think there isn’t a P2W element if you looking at it competitively. That’s in EVERY mobile game. But you can play the game f2p and still enjoy it. You’ll get stuck and need to farm up over time to get stronger and eventually progress through it. It’s how these games work. But if you looking for a new mobile game to kill time with and love HP. This is the game for you!
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12 months ago, Velv33ta
Addicted but…
Okay so I really love this game. I’m a big Harry Potter fan and I just love how unlike hphm, in this one you don’t have to wait for five hours just to take one class. I can play for awhile without getting bored. I also very much appreciate how it’s not just a cash grab where you need to buy everything you want with real money. The graphics are fun, the characters are great, and there’s lots to do…but at the same time the game is still very unpolished. I know the game only released globally June 27 but still. There is SO much lag. Like, it’s really annoying. I’m also a bit upset that there seems to be no information about when year 3 will come out to play. I thought you could already, but I don’t think it’s working for me? Overall, this game is pretty awesome it just needs some work to stop being so laggy.
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1 month ago, lemah1
Global players being left out of events
Global players are being left out from events and honestly making the game so much worse. I look forward to these fashion additions and prize opportunities so much because everything else in the game has severely slowed down. I already feel as though the game is becoming very stand still and can only be highly playable when new school year updates happen, but between the lack of events that have extremely limited win rates of prizes, to the lack luster side chapters (this current one feels like we’ve seen and done nothing in the story and it’s almost finished! No sneaking around, no missions other than teleporting to somewhere on the map for a quick dialogue or cut scene, and no fun battle features) I’ve been a long time player since around release time and I just can’t believe developers are giving such blatant neglect to the global servers despite our efforts to tell them we would very much enjoy and engage with the events. Fix it moving forward for the sake of your loyal players who want to see this game succeed!!
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11 months ago, Anacronism
Expensive and getting more so
If you just wanna see what they do for story, you can see it all eventually. But if you wanna be competitive or finish all the side stuff or get all the cards, be prepared to shell out hundreds of dollars. Not only that, but the recent update had multiple changes explicitly to make it so that even cheap or efficient ways of getting those things are no longer available, meaning it’s wholly intentional and likely to get worse. Yes, I’m upset that they changed it so that their newly released card can only be bought with money, not with in-game earnings. As to the game itself, it’s reasonable but not outstanding. It’s in a weird spot where the graphics are decent but obviously meant for mobile, the gameplay tries to be a story about kids learning a levitation charm one minute then throwing around fiendfire and crucio in the forbidden forest the next, and all of it wrapped around trying to earn enough gold to actually progress (which is deliberately harder now, unless you spend $)
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9 months ago, Firstz class
Lost account, progress, and money after the maintenance
Seems like it happened to many people that they lost accounts after the maintenance. I saw it on another community group and they didn’t even care to help. I thought this game is going to be the only game I love to play, so I spent money on the game to buy things because I enjoyed playing so much. After the maintenance, I unable to log back in and it turned out that I lost my account and all progress I made. Contacted their support, provided everything they asked for. It’s been a while then they said they can’t help anymore. I still don’t understand why they committed they will help, but they won’t. They keep changing people to deal with problems, and they don’t even pay attention to read their team just said earlier. If you just want to try this game just for fun for a short minute, yes, it’s a good game. But I would not recommend to spend any money or much time playing because you might lose all of those after they have the maintenance, and they won’t be able to help.
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10 months ago, RedCardinal135
One bug that ruins it all
I am a HUGE Harry Potter fan! And when a game comes out based on it, I’m very skeptical. I found out about this game from a friend and downloaded it immediately. I was instantly in love with this app❤️! I loved the fact that you could cast spells with cards, and it made total sense too! The levels are hard but a good challenge for a young with or wizard like me! I got to ‘Decipher the Butterflies’ level and was ready. I instantly noticed that we couldn’t use unforgivable curses and he could. I thought that was weird but understood. As I was playing I also noticed that my friend’s shield wouldn’t work. I went under it, directly, but still took damage. I would conjure my own but it would break after like 3 seconds. I really want them to fix this so I can keep playing 🥺! Besides that, I really recommend this game if you’re a true Harry Potter fan like me! Thank you!
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12 months ago, Jasi♥
It’s not for me.
I love the HP universe and tried virtually every game possible in the franchise, but I can’t get into this one. I want to start off with positives though, I love the art style, and the voice acting for the girl MC is so cute. Costumes are very nice and the classes and companion system is a nice touch. Love the voice lines everyone has when doing tasks together in the forbidden forest, or the classroom. I also enjoy the roommate system and the simple decor in the dorm, it’s a nice social feature and the easy access for dailies is convenient. The negatives (for me). I don’t like that the controls don’t feel smooth, and the way you get blocked off from the story quite quickly is off-putting. The steps aren’t enjoyable for me, and losing a few steps to a cluster of 20 enemies in the way quickly makes a fight annoying. I also don’t enjoy how expensive everything is, and how little you get from the first-time packages. 300 gems for one key is a bit ridiculous, especially since upgrading a single card doesn’t seem to offer anything different that I know of. I’m not a big fan of the story either. It’s all over the place and the characters aren’t interesting enough for me to remember them. Some parts just seem too silly to take seriously when it’s supposed to be. I still don’t remember some names. I think it’s a cute game to play for a little while, but long-term, I’m not sure. The systems need some fixing.
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12 months ago, blind game reviewer
Love the accessibility, but a few tiny problems
The game seems very fun. I managed to get through the main part of the story up until getting to. I guess the main menu-ish area. But it wasn’t necessarily easy, I love the fact that notes get red, and you have a few instructions on how to use the game when you have VoiceOver enabled. But I think more instructions should be provided to tell you what to do. when it comes to making choices, because as a voiceover user. The only thing that’s on the screen is loading, and swiping down, shows actions, which I like. But I think that same voice should also, in that case, read instructions that voiceover is not reading.. Also, wasn’t able to customize the settings as a voiceover user and wasn’t able to progress past that main menu type area. I’m hoping these issues will be fixed in the future.
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7 days ago, chloedino
Love it! Questions…
This game is amazing! I absolutely love this storyline and the general structure and graphics of the game are awesome, too. Unfortunately, something happened in my game that I’m not sure if it’s a bug, glitch, or not. As soon as I got into my dormitory, I wasn’t able to go out the door and into the castle. The only thing I was able to access was wizard duels, so that’s what I did. Only, after a few weeks of doing duels over and over again, and trying to exit my dorms again and again, I found out I could not. I’m not sure if this is a bug or not, but I hope redownloading this game will help. All in all, this game is amazing: I love the game, the structure of it, and its graphics. Everything about this game is AMAZING, I just hope you guys will fix some…minor bugs. Thank you soooo much! I love this game.
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11 months ago, phat weeb
possibly the best harry potter game yet
I was plesantly surprised by the fact that this is an open world game, as well as the combat mechanics. I expected it to behave like an idle combat or turn-based RPG—collecting units and deploy them on a side scrolling scene, brute forcing everything—but it’s a fully 3D battlefield, it almost feels like a rougue-like. The combat system is very addicting, and requires quite a bit of strategy. I sped through the story rather quickly, I’m almost done with year 2 but I’m holding off from finishing until year 3 releases. There’s still plenty to do when you finish the main story, though, this game is jam-packed with features. This game is so much better than that other popular Harry Potter mobile game which is insanely pay-to-play. TL;DR - combat system is NOT mind-numblingly simple, interactive gameplay, and also F2P friendly!
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12 months ago, Freerealms5634
Great so far
Been playing for about 2.5 days now and aside from the lag I experienced when I first downloaded it due to how much space it requires, I am really liking the game! I’ve completed year one and have started year two and hope to possibly see other years come into the game for players to complete. I also really like that the developers and creators found ways to incorporate characters from the books and movies even though this is set after their time. It does make me seriously lose track of time due to getting to sucked into the game and the prize wheel can be addicting and make you wanna spend money to get more gems for spins (though games these days usually have a feature that is like that) other than that, yeah really just enjoying it so far.
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11 months ago, Deadlysevensins
They will need to really work on this one
So like others have stated it is a heavy cash grab, almost expected of these types of draw games. A lot of people get bottle necked by the gold required to update decks as the few ways of making gold free can be a total grind of many hours just to slightly update it. The game is also super buggy, closes up a lot on people and you will see chat reflect this a lot. For example I was about to kill the last boss in Deathly Hollow and it stopped working. I think the devs really need to put a little more thought if they want this game to have longevity. I play other games like this and for free users it can be a better experience for their games. With that said the story and idea is pretty fun. I finished all of it until next patch. If you get stuck there are guides and suggested build. I had to spend money because after three days of grinding gold I still didn’t have enough for what I needed to kill a boss. Hopefully this game will get better!
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12 months ago, QuackieJackie
Everything i’ve wanted in a HP mobile game!
The story itself was enough to keep me interested, so the gameplay including but not limited to duels, character customization, potion making, and broom flying is just the cherry on top! Also, the art style is BEAUTIFUL. Reminds me of Tim Burton, in a way! The card battling system is amazing. I’m a huge fan of card games and mixing that with Harry Potter creates perfection. I love how simple it is to battle by dragging a card onto the field from your deck. The voice acting as well, spot on! After 3 days of playing, I just know i’m going to be playing nonstop. If you’re hesitant on downloading, umm… why? DOWNLOAD IT! You won’t regret it. This screams “Hogwarts Legacy Mobile” and i’m ALL here for it. Great job developers! I’ll be excited to see any future updates to this well-made game!
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11 months ago, i am5164
Pleaseeee read
Ok so I was really enjoying this game I love the story and the characters and the animation of it really great! But some time the boss levels get a little too difficult like really hard even with the required level, which is very annoying and then I can’t progress with the story. I’m currently stuck on the third year and I’ve if the last barrels the one with the goblin who tries to get away it’s sooooo annoying tyryibg ti stop him and I can’t even kill him with me using all my spells and I keep getting charged at. I would love for this to be made easier because don’t know what I’m supposed to do and how to progress. Please fix this please because I want to keep playing but I don’t know how when I can’t even finish the battle. I know other lesions have been having a hard time too with similar problems including my friends.
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12 months ago, 🌘Forbidden_Luna🌘
Great! But could use some work!
The game itself is wonderful, I love the style of it and all the little characters and quirks and the detail! However, I do think character customization could be better, and more in depth to really give us the ‘personal’ experience we are looking for. That and there should be more options with skin tone and eye color. And clothes, especially clothes for those of us that love fashion. This is set more modern so I think there should be more modern clothes. As for skin, eyes and hair, I think there should be much more variety then given. Like.. maybe albino’s? I do think there should be a skin tone for albinos, eyes too. Hair needs more attention as there is not enough options! Other then all that. The game is beautifully designed, and I can’t wait to see what updates bring us!
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5 days ago, lollie9
Money grubbing.
If you’re on the Asian server you will have a huge advantage. The unfairness and “bot’ Duelers are more noticeable at the higher levels. The game doesn’t want to to play with out spending money. Once you do, then the game will block you from winning duels, tricking you into thinking you have to spend more. Once you get matched with Asian server players you are guaranteed to lose your duel even if they have lower cards. Don’t play this game.. there is really now way to “win’. The stories are weak and short. The outfits are weird and sometime clownish. The shoes are so ugly it’s scary. Don’t play this game. Don’t spend money. It’s a waste of time, money and effort. These issues are well known to most players . They even display the unfairness on the game discord servers. Retaliation against players who report bots or catch out unfairness. If I had known that there was cheating , unfairness, and even racism against non Chinese players. I would not have played.
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11 months ago, Emu432
No response
I’ve been trying to get in touch with someone in support but no one has responded. I absolutely love this game but recently I’ve been having a lot of problems. I’ve been playing this game for over a year now and there have been couple of times where the game glitches and I’ve been lucky enough to delete it, restart it and come back into the same game. I even switched phones and the same account came back. Recently I had a glitch in the game and I tried to delete the app and reinstall it, only this time It had completely reset. After trying to delete it and redownload I still can’t seem to find my past game. And now even if I don’t delete the app but swipe it away from my app history, it glitches and starts the game all over again. I also have a history in terms of buying things from this app so I also have a trail from there, if someone can get back to me I’d really appreciate it.
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10 months ago, cndncks cla cls xmamz
it could be better
let’s dive into this. i love the concept of the game definitely better than others that have been made. but it’s like every time i’m really getting into my grove and enjoying the game it starts glitching and freezing and then it just closes down entirely and most of the time it’s glitching when i first open the app AND you have to wait forever for the updates to get to do any more in the story and i still haven’t gotten crucio. i have all the other spells but that one and it’s annoying that i use the keys all the time and keep on getting the same spells over and over again. so basically while you wait a month and a half after spending a week doing the new story tasks all you can do is go to class, go duel, and explore in the forest which gets boring after a while i just wish they would roll out all the years so that when you finish one you start the next
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12 months ago, Ohgoodgrief
Constant frustrating battle
It stopped being fun after the first year. There was one scene that was very frustrating that I got past and hoped that was a fluke, but no. Every scene and action to progress further requires you to battle and each battle takes a frustrating 20-30 tries to defeat. And when/if you do, it’s mainly luck. The game is very buggy, but for a new game, I guess that’s kind of expected, I just thought that spelling, grammar and movement issues would have been addressed in beta. So after several hours of play, I’m about ready to pass on it. When a game stops being fun, that’s when I stop playing it. I had hoped for more puzzles and logic problem solving or Harry Potter trivia. Not so much. Some trivia in the classes, but not much. It had the potential to be a well balanced game for many tastes, but missed that mark. I can’t recommend it to anyone who enjoys a casual, fun game- this is not it- disappointed.
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