Harvest: Greg Laurie

4.6 (75)
30.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
Harvest Ministries: Greg Laurie
Last update
11 months ago
Version OS
12.2 or later
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User Reviews for Harvest: Greg Laurie

4.63 out of 5
75 Ratings
6 months ago, Kisses_Dee
A new beginning?
Loooved the app until there was an update Overnight n now A New Beginning radio service is gone 🥺 I can’t listen on my way to work anymore 😭 please bring it back 🙏
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6 months ago, Blueflower33
New Beginning
I know the New Beginning has been repeats but EVER MORNING my husband and I listen together and discuss. The 30 minutes together in God’s word is an Amazing way to stay our day together. Is there a 30 minute daily message that has replaced it? Luckily my husbands app has NOT updated yet …. Thank You for ALL YOU DO ❣️🙏🏼
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6 years ago, Ardis4kids
Sharing my faith and growing in the word
I have appreciated this app for many reasons. I work in a Christian Hospital sometimes in a psych ward sometimes with patients who are passing away and I’m able to play different sermons and teachings from Pastor Laurie. I have made a difference in my life and the life of those on the psych wards and the Terminally Ill. Thank you for creating this app
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3 years ago, chorobe
Latest update broke reading plan functionality
While the latest update fixed the error for the Scripture for reading, it broke what was working for the reading plan and audio. I used to get Old and New Testament. Now it’s just the Old. Also there is now way to go back and return to the previous screen from the date list. This is just sloppy programming.
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12 years ago, 2011RIco
Great teaching resource!!
Thank you the Harvest ministry team for developing this great tool. My favorite part is the daily devotional. Recently I discovered that the broadcasts can be saved for playback. That was a wonderful feature for a recent flight I traveled on.
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2 years ago, Babyberto3
Doesn’t work
Can’t hear any of the messages. Just says “something went wrong”
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6 months ago, AL!1
No devotion
I read every morning the daily devotion now it’s gone. I sent it off to several people that I knew would benefit from it. So now I’m down to the daily bread devotional. What happened?
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3 years ago, Bernie Gessner
Problem with playing older messages.
The app stop allowing the playing of older messages. Specifically the GO and Esther. Just get a “opps something went wrong” error. App is fine otherwise.
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6 months ago, JennaH.AZ
Update and lost content
With the new update I cannot find Harvest At Home with all previous and latest teachings. Where did those go??
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6 months ago, RealZandaar
Where is A New beginning?
The most dynamic content is the DAILY radio program, A New Beginning. Why is this no longer available from the app? Also missing is the direct access to the streaming services. What happened???
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4 years ago, Rye93fever
Great ministry
I’ve been listening to Greg Laurie since middle school and love his messages. Finally love the theme song Phil Wickham- This is the day.
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6 months ago, AllloveJesus
New beginnings?
We miss new beginnings daily message, please bring it back 🙏
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3 weeks ago, rjmoose
Crashes every time I try to open it!
Why do you need two app? Not really sure with the differences between Harvest and Harvest+ My suggestion is to merge the two apps and/or explain what the differences are. Very disappointing because you have lots of useful information on both apps! Both of the interfaces are completely different looking and work differently Please consider consolidating these apps
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6 months ago, T in Star
Where’s the Bible
I can’t find the Bible section on the new version. I used it for my daily reading
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6 months ago, guitarlizard
Can’t access “A New Beginning” casts on the new Harvest+ app!!! Otherwise I like the new look, runs well with what is there.
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6 months ago, imscottb
WHY "update" something that's working great and take all that away to put in content that's probably wonderful but NOT what is wanted?!? Where are the daily devotions,the podcasts, Greg's blog? UGGHHH
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6 months ago, randycandy01
Bible Reading Plan is Gone
I loved the old app. The new app erased the year long reading Bible plan. Is there anyway to bring back the bible to the app? I was all the way through October😢
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2 years ago, Ohnoyoudidnt9999
Links are broken
So many broken links. Please fix! Add link to upside down living series. Very appropriate now a days.
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6 months ago, pch2018
Great ministry. Useless app
Great ministry. Horrible app. Can’t access any of my saved Pastor Laurie messages. Can’t access his daily podcasts anymore.
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6 months ago, Kintaro 2
New design is awful 👎👎👎
Terrible redesign and they removed the music from sermons. 😡😡😡
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1 year ago, kraziied1
App doesn't work
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6 months ago, Morongobob
New update
Where is Greg’s Pod Cast, Daily Devotion and the Bible now ??
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14 years ago, justbeez
Great app for your daily walk.
Harvest always does a great job producing high-quality content, and this app is no exception. I love the videos (I watch a lot of them on their website already), Greg's daily devotions are a great way to start your day, and being able to get to his A New Beginning radio broadcasts even if it isn't on in your area is great . . . it's like having pastor Greg in your pocket! I'm really excited that they included an Evangelism Tools section (click Tools on the bottom) to help me share my faith, and I think the "I'm not a Christian because... (answers for skeptics)" section will be a huge help when people ask me those difficult questions. I might not ever have pastor Greg's gift for evangelism, but I would love to make an impact in the lives of my family and friends. Great job Harvest; I can't wait to see more from you in the future!
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12 years ago, roxtarmama
This is an excellent app! Normally I am not one to listen/watch sermons on radio or tv, but I don't mind Pastor Greg Laurie's voice. His teachings are awesome, but you already know that. As for the app... it is great quality! I have no problems with it. I love that you can stream LIVE events & you can access many great past teachings. My favorite thing has to be that it runs in the background! I am able to listen to a teaching while doing other things on my iPad... essential for a busy mama like myself! This feature alone will cause me to listen to teachings more than I normally would.
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9 years ago, My A/c Company
Daily must
Thanks to all involved in the creation of this app. It is my personal daily must use app. I'm not always around the radio when the show is on in Dallas; I'm grateful that I can always open this app & still hear the days message. Also, the volume on this app seem to be higher than most others, which helps when I've got to work while listening. Archives, devotionals, messages, I could go on & on with the useful things in this app. It's a blessing to me daily. Thanks again Harvest ministries.
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11 years ago, Christiemerrill
Fix for current crashing problem
I emailed the developers of the app and they have discovered the problem with crashing on listening to downloaded messages. There shouldn't be any problems with downloading messages from this point on, but if you still have messages downloaded that were causing the crash, they should be deleted and redownloaded. This solution worked for me: 1. Navigate to any item detail page where there is a Listen button. 2. Tap on the Listen button. Now the user can access the now playing screen without it crashing. 3. Tap Downloads. 4. Tap Edit. 5. Delete any messages you had previously downloaded. 6. Navigate to the messages you want to download and download them again. There is an update on the way to fix this so that this workaround won't be necessary.
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8 years ago, haeL44
Life changing
This app has helped my husband and I understand so much more from the bible. Greg is sensible, down to earth and even funny. He helps to teach Gods word in ways that we can understand and relate to in our every day living. Through this app, through Gregs teaching, we have learned soo much and have drawn much closer to God. The sermons are good for traveling and the videos are good for watching at home. This app is awesome. Greg Laurie is awesome. God is awesome!
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11 years ago, PJ Birbmom
Amazing App with so many tools and resources
What a blessing this app is! So many resources, from the bible (in audio too), devotion, daily bible reading, all the current bible studies, tools for evangelism... it goes on and on! Pastor Greg brings great clarity and understanding of God and His Word in his teaching. There are the occasional hiccups with things not loading or stalling, but closing and relaunching the app or pressing pause/play fixes the issue 😊 I use this app throughout the day
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8 years ago, Daejahhlovee
Love it.
I've been listening to Pastor Greg off and on for over a year now. I came across this app through a letter they sent me in the mail. Very helpful app from bible passages to daily devotions with a press of a button. I love that there is a option for the bible to be read to you, you can play it in the background while searching the web. Love it! Thank you.
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14 years ago, fidus achates
Greg Laurie brings Christ teaching just right up at your door!
Don't waste s chance of knowing Christ. Time for the biggest choice in our life is right here and right now! Our souls wrapped in the bodies need food that this app can help you to get and utilize. Get it now, use it and you will see your life will be totally different. And it's going to be an everlasting life!
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8 years ago, bhrodey
This app makes hundreds of the most amazing sermons and messages available right at your fingertips for free. Harvest is a phenomenal ministry and the fruit from this ministry and from Greg Laurie is proof of God's hand and grace poured out. Very anointed. I wish more non-believers could just have this app. It would be a great start to learn more about Christianity to make a decision for Christ.
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12 years ago, AndrewG_in_Chicago
Calvary ministries app
The Lord works partially through people. Pastor Greg and his preachings are one those people, and thru this "worth more than Gold app.", I get to be part of this process world-wide. There has never been a sermon has not helped. And this app opens an even broader, quality experience. It is a miracle and a gift from God, that it now is part my daily prayers.
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14 years ago, Dave for Him
Great App
I am on the road all day, it is wonderful to have all of these tools from Harvest Ministries in my hand to access anytime, anywhere. Thank you Greg and your development team for finding another way to use todays technology to be a blessing to the body of Christ.
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8 years ago, Hanging onto hope
Thank you
I love this app! I have downloaded it onto every phone I've had since I started listening. Whenever I'm starting to lose hope I listen to one of these messages and it always seems to be just what I needed to hear. Thank you.
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13 years ago, Rbtrojan
What happened to some features?
I love this app and enjoy listening to pastor Greg. But recent updates have lost features: 1. If I downloaded a sermon, after listening to it, I can't remove it ti make room for other media. 2. When I listen to the daily bible, sometimes the audio stops on the middle without finishing the reading of that day.
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10 years ago, Angpreston84
Harvest app
I remember as a teen, my mom would be driving us to school, Greg Laurie would be on at 8am. I heard of this app either after Greg preached at our church or from our pastor. I love his sermons! Very uplifting. I love the daily devotions and I listen in to the daily read
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8 years ago, MariLoza
Audio needs improvement
I try to listen to the audio in my stereo but it's not loud enough. I raise it to the highest possible and it's still not loud enough. Don't have this problem in other apps.
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10 years ago, jay.patzer
App Fails to load on Cellular Network
Content gets 5 stars, app only gets 1. Every morning the app fails to start because it thinks my cellular setting for Harvest is turned off. Most of the time turning it off then on solves the problem, but not always. The audio download for Daily Reading Plan doesn't always download the entire file. The Harvest material is great. I've used this app every day since it was created.
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12 years ago, arrrrt
Great to offer an app!
I love having this app! It offers quite a bit and is a real help. I confess to not being a real fan of pastor Laurie, and would probably not pick him as one of my faves, but by having this app I do listen to his messages more than otherwise, and get to filter out that which is hitting home. Thanks for offering.
Show more
14 years ago, TxPopsof5
Best App available!
Truly an app which continues the focus of 'Knowing Jesus and Making Him Known'. Thank you Greg and Harvest for opening another avenue to get the word of Christ to the world. May your ministry continue to grow a D be blessed.
Show more
12 years ago, Stevenlockwood
Awesome and easy to use
Basically lots of videos organized well and links to fb, twitter etc. good content in an easy to use and good quality environment.
Show more
7 years ago, Benjaman236
Love the App use it daily
Love the Application I used it daily. Just need some Bluetooth support while watching the videos with any Bluetooth heads phones on the iPhone 7plus you can only listen with no video.
Show more
11 years ago, Rationalresponder
Awesome app!
What other ministry is this in tune with modern technology. You can get daily devotionals, watch live messages or past ones, read the bible and much more. helps me start my day the right way!
Show more
11 years ago, Champchester
Can't listen to messages!
I have loved and listened to this app for over 3 years and have loved it. However, for the last two weeks I've been unable to listen to any of Greg's messages. They will download but the they want run. I can't listen to them. I have contacted the website and still nothing has changed. I hate to rate this app so low because I love this ministry so much! Please fix it !
Show more
13 years ago, kats410
This is a nice app for Christians. It has many different tools such as videos, sermons, and even religious information sheets. Useful for both new believers and long time Christians. :)
Show more
14 years ago, Dkhairho
Finally in the App Store!
Awesome app! I love having everything I enjoy about Harvest right in the Palm of my hand! God bless everyone who contributed to it's development! Hey gotta get a photo section soon!!! ;)
Show more
13 years ago, AnnieAnnie00
Loveeeee it!
Great messages. Messages are Sorted into categories/topics. Easy to use. Option to see video or just hear message are also available for most.
Show more
11 years ago, Ibetgg
Can't go wrong w/ this app.
I've never had problems with this app. I love listening to the messages before bed and reading the daily devotions.
Show more
12 years ago, gary gnuu
Thank you!
Thanks to all those making this application possible. I love the radio downloads!
Show more
9 years ago, eblmn7
New Update
The new update is not my favorite. When I open a devotional reading, it opens a page on the safari app. I use to just go on this app to get my reading done on the app only but I don't like that it now has to change platforms.
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