Haunt the House: Terrortown

4.8 (1.1K)
183.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
SFB Games
Last update
8 years ago
Version OS
7.0 or later
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User Reviews for Haunt the House: Terrortown

4.8 out of 5
1.1K Ratings
4 years ago, Daniella super cool 101
This game is the best because my kids ALWAYS played this game when they were young. The loved it so much and they always talked about it during lunch! Until they stoped playing it and found new games.😢But a few days ago, one of my kids said to her older sibling, “Brother, remember that one game with the ghost and you had to scare them away?” He said,” Yes, it’s called Haunt the House, why?” She said “ I remember it and was thing to download it!” He said”You should but I think it needs money now” She said “ I’ll ask mom to download it for me!” So she did and is playing it ALOT!!!😂 That’s why I think it this game should earn 5 stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Please give it 5 stars ⭐️
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5 years ago, Supersnivy777
I love the game
Here’s a few suggestions on the game if it gets any future updates more characters or challenges would be great only one story fells like a super intriguing part adding more to the other games would be great it also doesn’t have a ton of replayability so when you finish the game it can fell sorta stale maybe adding more ghosts or a puzzle element like kill everyone or have everyone go out of windows or maybe a ghost achievement system when you kill a person in a unique way having more costumes for the player would fell super rewarding I see a lot of potential in the game but i sadly don’t see any updates welp ever way your games super fun
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2 years ago, A person. Yay.
My childhood
I played this game back when I was a kid on my computer and had been wanting to get this game for forever…. Now that I’m an adult with adult money I was more than happy to support the creators and finally get a chance to buy the game <3 I had a lot of fun playing and getting achievements, it brings me back to the old times where I would sneak onto the family computer and play this game at night. Thank you so much for creating this game! I plan on buying it on steam as well to show further support for the developers <3
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2 years ago, Spookiibats
Little bug
First off, this is one of my most adored games, from when it first came out, to on steam, and now on mobile! Once I saw it on mobile, I had to snatch it right up! Since I started it up on mobile, there is a little bug for the raven on the carnival stage, it freezes up while music still playing. I had to force close it to bring it back up, which luckily it saves where you left off. Since that was my first stage and first bug, that’s all I can report on right now.
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7 years ago, Hilda 1983
I love!!! This game personally I think it's great. I first I loved it loved it loved it so much and I still do but I just wish the Game was for free and trust me it was worth it I mean you probably took a long time because you no every object has something I can do and to make that game must've taken a long time but I just wish you could like customize your ghost you know that would make it a more interesting you know since it cost so much money you know and when you complete all the levels it gets kind of boring but other than that it's a great game and every once in a while I will play with it
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3 months ago, bentley_the_shinigami
This was my child hood thank you
This was my childhood that I’ve forgotten but now it has resurfaced into my life again and I just want to say thank you for making my childhood memories so much better I’ve remembered playing this game on that website called “Friv” and not only this was my go to game it was special in my heart So I just want to say thank you for making this game that I’ve enjoyed playing 🍜
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3 years ago, Ornateye
Amazing, but short
This game is amazing, I love the idea and I think it plays out perfectly, scaring groups of people at once is immeasurably satisfying, and chasing a single person around the map makes you feel like a real ghost (or maybe I’m a sadist). My only complaint is that the mechanics get old after a while, and all the different campaigns take no longer than a few days. If I had to change anything, it would be to add more environments, and maybe an ability that lets you posses people. Other than that, this is an excellent game with high replay ability. Definitely worth the money.
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6 years ago, Lizzie_1908
Nostalgia overload!🤩
I remember that I played the original web browser version of the game and I loved it! I remember also playing terror town and I loved it. Seeing that there’s two different ghosts and two different places is amazing! I especially loved the North Pole level. The ghost is so cute. I hope you guys make more levels and new ghosts that go well with those levels. I’ll definitely say that was two dollars well spent.😊
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1 year ago, batman9001
Haunt the house
This game is the best I love it I loved the pc one when I first saw it but when I saw it as mobile I had to buy it just had to and then I never deleted the game because when I do get bored sometimes I do come to this game and this game is the game to go to pass the bored time it’s a 5 star game I love it so much I hope it can be updated soon tho
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6 years ago, zelda_sara
Worth the purchase, but...
This game was worth the purchase, but I wish there was more. The train level could’ve been split up into three separate levels for instance. Still playing but I do wish there was something new. Maybe change up the number of people you have to scare out? Awesome game though! The PC game was the entire reason I downloaded it
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7 years ago, Rigyogy
Fun and awesome!
I think haunt the house is an epic game for 3 bucks! And 4 long game modes your sure to get 30 hours of enjoyment off! Best game I played in a while off the App Store, the game has one of the best animations on the App Store no ads, it’s great. Gameplay is really fun and so addictive too! The price is probably the best on Store. I mean, a game a quarter of this size is selling for ten bucks somewhere. And this is the best.
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4 years ago, Kritical Miss
Can’t believe I found this again!
I used to play the browser version all the time on my school computer in fifth grade... Four years later and I just remembered the game, so I looked it up and found out that there’s now a full version! I was so excited to be able to play this again, and I love it so much! I’m so glad I remembered this game :D
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5 years ago, Katiebug305
I’ve always loved this game
Totally worth the 2 dollars. Me and my little brother used to play this game all the time on the computer. Got so excited when I heard a mobile version came out. This game has no bugs, It’s entertaining, and it’s not just a play it once then your done game. You definitely get your 2$ out of it.
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4 years ago, AVerySadPlayer 😔
Dragged out, boring, and repetitive
It took me 52 minutes to beat the first stage. That’s a long time considering all you’re doing is taping the screen a bunch. It became VERY annoying trying to scare people off the train because they scatter like ants when they get scared (run in every direction) but they mostly run TOWARDS the thing that’s scaring them which doesn’t make any sense. Very repetitive. I think this game has such a high rating because it gives most people nostalgia from playing it on PC a while back.
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2 years ago, Kyokiro-Sano
My childhood game!! :D
I remember playing the first map on a really basic home desktop PC back in 2010 and as I got older I tried to find this game again but couldn’t for the life of me. I’m glad it’s made it’s way to mobile now since I strangely enough find the game very therapeutic.
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3 years ago, Pusheen1006
A good o’ classic! 👍
I really liked this game as a kid and I still love it! I don’t like how you have to pay to play it but it’s fine. I’m not to bothered about that. I like that there is some new levels to the game, I don’t like the minor changes to you’re ghost each level, but it’s not that big of a deal. Love it, still a classic, 10/10 👌👍
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4 years ago, NiCkAmE iS nIcKnAmE13
I used to love playing this during math class...sure, it was the oldest version and I wasn’t doing my homework but it was worth it. I love the new levels and the new scares! I also love being able to look back onto the haunted mansion and reminisce about the good ol days lol. Please download this, it’s worth the two dollars!
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6 years ago, Pinkpenguinpajamas
I love it!
I love this game! I’m so glad they made it an app, I really missed it when my computer broke. The only thing keeping it from five stars for me is the fact there are some glitches. In the House level, I haven’t been able to complete it a few times due to guests getting stuck. But other than that, I absolutely love it! I love the different ghosts and layouts! :)
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2 years ago, spookyegg567
My childhood and my new favorite game
I used to go to primary games and play this but unfortunately they don’t have it on there anymore and I was so devastated. But now I have it and it’s actually better than the one on primary games 😧 I love it!
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6 years ago, GioRx7
Good game!
I know this is a good game but someone said you have to pay for it? I didn’t pay for it because I got it a long time ago I think when we didn’t have to pay and now I can just re download it also super awesome game keep up the great work!!
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2 years ago, kakhdiajnsjcjs
Me and brother always played this game when I was young and playing it now brings so many great memories. I could play this game for hours but I hope they add more soon this game is also great for Halloween. I can’t stop playing it’s so addictive.
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2 years ago, fnaf wold
Best game I played this when I was four after my dad left and I completely forgot about it until I finished and then the train game came out and then I forgot again but there needs to be more
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3 years ago, IAmCRAAAZzzzzzyyyyyandNUTS
This game is so amazing! I played and loved it when I was little and I still do! This game is good as ever and I’m being honest with this review! The ghosts and the dogs and the cats are so cute everything here gives a creepy cute vibe and the colors look amazing ! I Overall I love this game !
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7 years ago, Coil_Whine
Scary Good
I had played the PS Vita version before but this version blew it out of the park, with Snipperclips developers SFB Games adding 3 DLC campaign levels into the mix and achievements to add some much needed longevity in this fantastic yet brief spook-em-up. I really enjoyed this game however, it's short but sweet and its gameplay and controls are super intuitive. Well worth $3!
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3 years ago, Prettyfreakinawesomejen
This game was completely nostalgic. I remember first playing haunt the house when I was 9. It was the best game ever and I always wondered if they ever did anything with it. Thank y’all for making this! Download this y’all! It’s worth it!
Show more
3 years ago, Wade Dalton See
Amazing 5 stars for life
This game really brings back memories from when i was little i played it all the time and im suprised its its still alive today even though you play the dead
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4 years ago, t e a & r a i n
The game is amazing!
I would like to say that the game is amazing! The only thing I wish for is the ability to, in Terror Town, play with the other ghosts, unless I can already do that and just don’t know about it.. Like I said, the game is amazing!
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2 years ago, deeaasssdffcx
WAS good but
I liked the game but it doesn’t update, there’s only a few levels so it got boring. But that’s not the problem, idk why I got to one person on a level and I spent half an hour or more on the one person alone trying to get the person to go but they never left. I closed the game, it was a good game but after that it kinda made my day worse so it was a little of. A waste of money
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2 years ago, Jaminn._
Love this game
Played this since I was young on armor games back when it was free. But none the less, It’s so cute and fun! Definitely recommend paying the extra dollar.
Show more
10 months ago, MVBAI1977
Brings back memories
I remember when I was young and came home from school I would go straight to my computer and play this game for hours😀
Show more
6 years ago, #yoloswag13
Great! But a bit too quick!
This is amazing! It does great justice to the PC versions of the games. My only complaint is that the ghost movement is a bit too sensitive. And the pause button gets in the way sometimes. And also, could you add the special Game Grumps skins as a paid add on?
Show more
6 years ago, Madskullz96
If you played the original online then you will love this game. My favorite is either the "Terror Town" location or the "North Pole" location. Of course the train and original house are also fun. Definitely worth the cost.
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2 years ago, So whatever 💩💩💩💩
The Nostalgia
I used to play this game on flash all the time, love that it’s a mobile game now. Very well produced and it brings back memories of grade school. I wish more people knew about this game.
Show more
I’m in Terrortown and have scared everyone out in those 3 stages. I’m in the museum and it says I have 1 person left, but I don’t see anyone to scare, so I’m just wondering what to do. And it does take a long time to scare people especially when they are scared and won’t just leave.
Show more
7 years ago, fish lover 59
There are so many things to do but it's not the same you can go out side of the house but before you were not able to leave the house but now you can but it's fun and a good game
Show more
1 year ago, Monster5667
Totally worth paying for especially if you already know the game and missed playing it. So much fun with no ads. More games should be like this.
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3 years ago, 🥨☀️ glowing dumpster hag🥴
Haunt the house
This game is really fun but sometimes it’s really hard to get the people out but if you go into rooms I have the most people and scare them all the way then it’s gonna be easier
Show more
3 years ago, AcidTrain57
Great game
Knowing you can’t play the game on pc anymore now that it’s on mobile that I know of I can live my childhood over again and it’s worth the price👍🏻👍🏻
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5 years ago, Starr Wolfii
Such a great game
You have made it clear that this game is one of your best! I really want you to make more though. There is this one glitch were the children will stay in place but still walk in place. It’s weird. Please fix
Show more
7 years ago, Nolamamma
Fantastic 😁
I love this game because when I started playing haunt the house, it was on laptop but now that it is on mobile I can play whenever and wherever!👍👍👍👍👍
Show more
7 years ago, Avatargriffin
Fun game but needs more
This is very fun game but what would make it really fun is if there are ghost hunters looking for you as you haunt it gives you an obstacle while trying to get people out of the house.
Show more
7 years ago, Monkey_Selfie_
I loved playing haunt the house. The art style is just my type and it's fun. I did get stuck once because it said there was a person left but that was the only problem.
Show more
3 years ago, Tian.H
Very nice :] 👏
This game was very very well made and I love the designs! This is entertaining so I gave it a 5 star rating. I’m very impressed with this game. Great job to everyone that participated on making this game :]
Show more
8 years ago, Ann the Angel
Really Fun
I love this game, Even if it is Kind of Old. I wish when it was made they put more Levels in the Game. I finished the game pretty fast sadly. I wish they was another game, Like A follow-up to this Game, Or a Sequel.
Show more
7 years ago, sheena4221
Fun game
It's fun and not too scary for kids it's very fun to complete all levels and you don't run out of things to do very fast I think that this game it should have a five star rating
Show more
2 years ago, gennyDuh
Nostalgia at its finest but..
The only thing I have to say is how I don’t like when the scared people get stuck around the house, so you’d have to spam an object for them to even move
Show more
4 years ago, Leslolita
Real nostalgia
I remember when I played this on Dad's old computer and there was only the map terror town, now I can have it on my phone everywhere I go! Five stars
Show more
3 years ago, thissucksgettinganame
I’ve been playing nonstop!!!
Download please you won’t regret it I’ve been playing ever seance I got Haunt.t.House. It is amazing download and play it’s fun as heck so play!!!
Show more
6 years ago, Spindily
I want more!!!
This game was amazing and beautiful and worth every penny for its gorgeous art and game design. I just wish they would update with more content and levels.
Show more
2 years ago, EliseWidow
Too many bugs
Not worth the money, it bugs out on all the characters and you can play the original free online! Unless they fix these bugs I don’t want it!
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