Hay Day

4.7 (560.3K)
229.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
3 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Hay Day

4.69 out of 5
560.3K Ratings
4 months ago, Ilovemusic_216
Best farming game!
I’ve been playing this game for over 5 years and even if I don’t play consistently, I always find my way back. (I’m Level 46) This game reminds me so much of the OG Facebook FarmVille game and I love it. Btw the crops do not wither away on this game! ;) this is not a pay to win game in my opinion, I’ve spend maybe $50 in diamonds in all my years of playing just because I wanted to, not because I had to to advance levels. Of course most of the decorations/houses/trucks that you can buy to make your farm look unique are for diamonds but it’s not necessary. I haven’t noticed many glitches when I’m playing, so I think the dev team is pretty quick at fixing issues. One complaint I have is I wish it was easier to be able to expand my farm. You have to collect SO many different items to get more space. 🫠 and that getting the colored tickets was a bit easier. All the extra animals like cats, dogs, and horses all cost a certain amount of tickets to get them roaming around on your farm. I’d also mention that I don’t like how the storage is set up, like I have so many different decorations/fencing that it’s hard to see what I have because you have to go through the store tab. Not big complaints but they do bug me. But overall, this game is fun, once your high enough level it will keep you very busy!
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1 month ago, Jbarnt1
2+ years
I have had this game for over 2 years on and off. Overall I enjoy the game, there are plenty of individual tasks as well as “derby” or group tasks to accomplish with other online players. The game is updated regularly and during the holidays special tasks/in-game activities occur, which is a fun touch! My rating is 4/5 stars for the sole fact there are a couple of “improvements” I would love to see within the game: 1. An option to lock/close the farm store front to sell items to fellow farmers in our neighborhood. Sometimes we are not online at the same time and would like to sell specific items to another to help them out and although I don’t advertise these items in the newsletter, other farmers still intercept and purchase the items before my fellow farmers can. 2. The gift catalogue where we can purchase a package with tickets we have earned from helping other farmers outright makes me mad!! Although it shows potential items and then the possibility of a random item, it is ALWAYS a random item! If it is going to be random, just advertise it as such, not as a potential to get an item you would like, but never receive! 3. If a farm needs help/the advertisement is shown in the newspaper, it should only be shown if it isn’t an option for the neighborhood to fill. It is so frustrating having the “help” derby task and wasting time visiting a farm to only find out you cannot help/fill orders since it is only for neighbors to fill.
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1 year ago, Judy-Reno
Lowering my rating
I have enjoyed this game for years. The obvious greed of the developers in the last several months is the reason I am reducing my rating. They are withholding previous deals to purchase the diamonds necessary to play at a high level, where hiring Tom and being able to speed up tasks require diamonds. They added a $4.99 per month feature that gives good benefit, but adds $60 to my annual expense. I used to be able to spend $70 to purchase 4000 diamonds twice a year, bringing my annual cost to $200. Now, I am not seeing the $70 offer. In the Valley, they are making it impossible to complete all the tasks by not having needed resources available without paying diamonds to allow more movement. I settle for not finishing all tasks everyday. This session, my team may not make the requirements to gain benefits at the end due to lack of “chickens” to capture. An Easter production feature that is short-lived would require 20 plus diamonds to be more useful. There are increasingly frequent offers that would take more money now. All very off-putting and making me think of leaving the game. Benefits of the game for me are the social interaction with teammates, interesting challenges to manage production and resources to maximize outcomes, and the beautiful graphics. I am 82 years old and able to play off and on during the day which makes achieving goals doable. I believe the mental effort I must expend keeps my mind sharp. I am a CoLeader on my team.
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3 years ago, Cookiegirl5674
LOVE LOVE LOVE, but one change PLEASE
I absolutely love this game, I’ve been playing it on and off for years but only recently started playing it seriously, and there’s a few things I want changed but major one is I wish they would make an update that double checks with you before spending diamonds. A lot of the time I’ll play in between doing things so I’ll be in a rush and I’ve had multiple instances where I’ve accidentally clicked an option to pay diamonds to replace crops or whatever it is, even when I dont need to. I wish they would make a screen pop up before you spend diamonds asking you if you’re SURE you want to do that action. Especially for newer players diamonds can be really beneficial and when you spend it on accident like that, it can be really frustrating. Another change I’d suggest is adding a search button to the daily dirt, or categories to make it easier to find supplies when you need to fill a boat or truck order. Although this might make it a little leas exciting, the daily dirt is 80% indigo, wheat, strawberries and other spam crops, and very rarely can you find expansion items or ingredients for orders. And I also know Tom is used for this service but he costs a lot in diamonds which isn’t accessible to new players and only available every 3 hours after a task. which goes to waste when you’re sleeping, at work and/or school, or are busy with other responsibilities.
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7 years ago, AngelaLyfe
Wow! I love it!
Okay so I have been playing this game for 3 years now! I really, really love it! When I was younger, I downloaded this game because I saw animals and I am in LOVE with animal games! I played the game and I didn’t understand and I only made it to level 6 back when I deleted and completely forgot about Hay Day. When I was looking through my purchased games, I noticed hay day and I was like, “Ohh, I remember this!”. So I downloaded and started a whole new game. I am on level 14 and I am so addicted! Every time I get a notification like; “Milk is ready to be collected!” Or “Your animals are missing you!” I click the notification so fast and spend as much time as I could on the game. My favorite animal on the game (so far..) is the pig! It is really cute and chubby 😻 and when I tap on them they wave! How cute!! Everything adds up to the game and everything is homemade! We harvest crops, use those crops to make goods, and get money for selling them! Everything grows in the game and nothing will ever stop growing! I also adore the way we can chat with other people and trade! It’s a really good way to meet people and help other farms out. I am in a neighborhood and I am really good friends with everyone in the neighborhood. I also like how the game isn’t cruel and we don’t slaughter the pig for bacon, but we do put hem in a machine and take their fat! I really love this game and I hope updates will come on their way soon! Keep up the good work XOXO ~Angela’s Farm
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Would recommend, but have some suggestions
I love hay day! Don’t get me wrong, the game is an amazing thing to play when you’re bored or when your looking for an entertaining game to play! But, I do have some suggestions…. I wish there was trading in the game. FAIR TRADING (btw). Like, say you need something to complete and order, and you have a friend (or just someone in general) who is willing to trade with you. You give them something they want or need, they give you something you want or need. Now, I understand some people might get scammed, that’s why I have an idea on how they could do this. You see, I believe that they could set up a system where people that are on your level (or around your level) could trade with you. The reason I say people around your level is because you can unlock certain things on certain levels. And it just wouldn’t be fair to players who have spent time on their farm trying to get to higher levels if some people could just get a huge jump start. This could help you complete tasks and overall make the game just that little bit better, or at least in my opinion. But, no matter what, I love the game. I’ve been playing it for YEARS now. I do recommend it and if you have it, you know the thrill of playing the game!
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5 years ago, Tigger_lilly
Just kinda confused
Hey everyone, so I'm having an issue regarding only certain objects in the game, and the objects aren't any of the new ones you recently added in. Which I love the update and how I can see how long a crop will take to grow because I always forget so that is so helpful, thanks. But my issue is with purchasing items, specifically buying axes or saws; not with diamonds or real money, but with in game money. I've notice that for the past day or so whenever someone was selling an axe or a saw in their stall and I bought it the animation of the saw going to my barn would appear; but then I would go to my farm to try and cut down a tree it would say that I don't have any saws to do the action. What I would do is I would go back to that persons stall and see if it was purchased and it would say sold. I know things can be bought out right from under you by other players, so I assumed that was what was happening, but in Greg's stall when he is selling those items I also buy them. Again the same animation appears so I would try to cut down a tree and it would say I don't have that item. But I'm pretty sure that no other player can buy from someone else's Greg. I might be wrong, but I thought that every player gets their own Greg's stall specific to where they are at in the game. Again I could be wrong and someone just keeps buying things from under me, but I don't think so. Thanks for the help !
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1 year ago, Trippin'withKate
Would like to see a warehouse!
I have been playing this game for many years. I have read the other comments and ideas and agree with all of them. The one thing I would like to see is a warehouse for storing building items, expansion items, saws, etc. Expansion items take up a lot of room in the barn. Many require 90 or more of 3 items and then only give you 50 more slots in your silo, barn etc. That is a lot of items for very little return. I would also like to see a hardware store that building and expansion items could be purchased for coins. It would be a lot more fun if you were able to upgrade or expand buildings a little easier. I spend a lot more money on this game as I it is the only game I feel like I get any worthwhile return on what I spend. I would like to add here that I am retired and on a fixed income. I don’t have a lot of extra money to spend. I always hire Tom to help out my game. I don’t like the Valley season as it hasn’t been open in some time and I keep getting gas for it when I can’t use it. Seems senseless to me. It also takes forever to get the zoo animals and some of the farm animals that require tickets from the farm pass. That is the other thing I always purchase. The only reason I give this game 4 stars instead of 5 is because of the items I’ve listed. Thanks for the upgrades! Keep them coming!
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2 years ago, Lori Sumner
I have a love/dislike relationship with Hay Day
First, this is the first game I ever downloaded when I got my first smart phone…about 10 years ago…maybe more. I played it every day pretty steadily. Then I stopped and started, stopped and started for a while. Here’s what bothers me and why I stopped for a while:I’ve played every day, several times a day for a week and I’ve received only two land deeds. I have maybe three or four. I need 12, 16 and even 40 to 60 for the land across from my farm. It’s dang near impossible to get deeds. The other thing that bothers me is, it’s also dang near impossible to upgrade my barn and silo now. I have plenty of two items and have been stuck with only 4-5 of the third item for the longest time. The last thing that bothers me is it’s again dang near impossible to get diamonds. I would really truly appreciate if the developers would make all those easier to get. Now, I love that the crops don’t die if you don’t harvest right away, your animals don’t die if you don’t feed them and so on. We all can’t be on our phones playing games all the time. So that’s a major plus! I love well everything else about playing the game. I love being able to buy rabbits and puppies and kitties and donkeys and such. I quit playing the other farm games and really don’t need to have another one other than Hay Day. But it really does need to have those few improvements for me to keep playing long term.
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4 years ago, Cade Wagner
Ideas to add
My aunt is level 131 and she plays everyday she just recently got the squirrels and was disappointed that you can’t make anything out of it except like peanut butter. On behalf of her and the rest of us I think new foods need to come out for the peanuts, what would be cool is if you could get a puzzle piece collection for foods. I think that another cool idea would be to make the hay day pass for gems instead of money because I am a free to play person and when I redownloaded the game I was so happy that it kept updating and I was so happy to get the pass but found out that it was 5$. Also I think it would be cool to have a hunting range it wouldn’t be to kid friendly but I can think of a ton of animal meats you could add and new recipes! Can you also get new style cats and dogs? I don’t love the design of them to much. I think what would be awesome is if you added more club things, like club boats where you have to work as a club to fill it up first to get a certain amount of rewards! Fishing needs a new something it is getting boring over there, you could add like a secrete farm area where there are different things you have to re-build or like mermaids that could give you pearls to make rings and necklaces out of. I have to tell you that I’m level 27 so if I bring up something already in the game I’m sorry. Hope you take my suggestions and I love you supercell keep up the AMAZING work!!!
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3 years ago, cupcakego
Great game, a couple suggestions
I LOVE THIS GAME!!!! It’s awesome. But I do have a couple suggestions. First, I think there should be two newspapers. One for products, and one for helping. You should be able to filter levels and types of helping tasks. For example, if you are at a low level you should be able to click a certain level maximum. Because at level 19, it’s really hard to find help tasks you can complete. You could disable this during derbies with help tasks if you want. Second, you should be able to earn more things with coins. For example, for every milestone in your roadside shop you should get a new box. So like 5,000 coins made you get a box and then 10,000 coins made and then 25,000 and so on. It’s hard to get diamonds without purchasing them so if you could get more things with coins that would be good. Lastly, I think that you should be able to give cats and dogs treats. For dogs, there should be a way to get bones. Maybe when you open chests there’s like a ten percent chance. For cats you should be able to get actual fish, so like with fishing maybe there’s a ten percent chance you get a whole fish. And they should be rare so when you give it to a pet you get like 5 diamond or 1000 xp or something. I hope you consider my suggestions!!!!
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3 years ago, DylanPlayzz87
amazing bug but here is a idea
So me and my girlfriend have been playing this game for a while now and we love this game we lay here for the last two hours every night before bed playing in selling stuff back-and-forth. The one good thing I think you guys could add to the game would be if you guys are neighbors or friends I guess you can say you should be able to trade items back-and-forthWithout having to sell them to each other and when it comes to the newspaper how are you fine items to buy I think it would be cool if there was a search section so I can search up Cow feed or pig feed or any feed for any animal in it shows me what’s there for now and on top of being able to search I think you should be able to turn on an in game notification it’s linked to the newspaper the let you know when an item is being sold so let’s say that I need feed for my animals considering nobody ever saw that on there you should make it where I can enable notifications for the in particular item so it notifies me anytime somebody sells that and runs an ad in the newspaper. but other than those two ideas this game is really really fun and for anybody wondering whether they should play this or not I would highly suggest it just make sure you have enough time to play it because it is very time-consuming
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6 years ago, Amtair
Hay day
This game has a lot going for it, and it makes 2.5 million dollars a day! That being said I make things pick them up and they are gone. I spend a little money on the game so don’t like to be cheated. It has the derby and global events that really are fun but they give crummy prizes like they can’t afford to give you anything. Then they have things you can buy like Holiday things to decorate your farm but they all cost diamonds, you get a small amount of diamonds but everyone buys diamonds, really, again they could have a couple holiday items for coin. The cool thing about the game is the interaction with animals, water, town folk, etc. and it is just beautiful for the most part. I’ve played for some years stopped for a year because got tired of making things that would disappear. But I’m back and still enjoy the game. The customer support team is awesome if you need them. The real down side to this game is it can waist more time than anyone really should have. The up side is it’s a blast to play. And if you get into a good neighborhood it’s really fun. I can only give four stars because I think they should give way better prizes for global events, And the Derby’s too. It seems like it is a greedy game, that doesn’t have to be everyone spends some money on this game. 2.5 million a Day this game makes, so you know it’s fun, and addicting.
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2 years ago, fkthismad
Horrible customer service
My farm pass reset today back to the start! I paid real money for that farm pass and was supposed to have it for 4 more days and it’s gone and restarted. I have videos and screenshots of the error. It happen after I got the maintenance recently On my farm. Also in the valley my rewards are at 0 and I’m unable to spend any of those items that I worked towards. I had almost 1000 of each blue, pink, and green gem and I believe the pink gems were over 1000. I was going to purchase diamonds today to break open the valley piggy bank and buy the rewards for 1100 gems each and now it also says my piggy bank has 0 gems in it aswell. I have spent a considerable amount of money on this game on my account and also on my wife’s account and I’m not happy with these maintenance effecting so much of my farm on two separate things I worked hard for almost a month lol n each to achieve the end goal. My farm pass has reset and also I loose out on the entire valley I worked so hard for an entire month. My truck and my house also reset back to default. So the items that I bought from the builder girl that visits weekly were also a waste of my money! I tried to report the issue from the game app and it will only allow me to talk to “Greg the farmer” and he is not helpful at all!! I’m so mad I could spit. My wife and I will no longer spend a penny on this game and the developers and owners can look into my account and see it’s quite a bit monthly.
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3 years ago, Sebasshmackt
I like his game a lot
I like it a lot I’m even playing it with my family I got everyone into it this game doesn’t have any issues beside the fact that u barely make profit with the bots that come up to your farm and ask for items that take a long time to get for so little coin and they only give u 5xp no matter what u sold them which I think is ridiculous. Another is the truck orders there needs to be better prices because they too ask for a lot but give u very little and it seems it’s not based off the value of the item, it seems to be a randomized price system them orders and doesn’t feel like I’m making much profit. You developers should put a compost machine so u can throw out unwanted produce that u accidentally over farmed and we can use it to make our crops grow faster. I like this game a lot don’t get me wrong but the fact that all the stations aren’t building and just over sized cooking stations throws it off I find it difficult decorating at a budget because the buildings look ugly u should make them into houses that have fences already like the dairy station I really wish the next update includes all these but I’m just reviewing and I doubt u guys read these so thanks. This game is good and I’ll continue playing it I just really hope u guys take this in consideration.
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4 years ago, Will henry12344678910
Very good game and want developer to know
I love this game so much it’s honestly the only game I play. This is not like clash of clans were you build upgrade help your clan battle etc. The thing about this game is that it is relaxing, competitive in some ways and teaches people how to run a farm and be helpers. It also takes so much time to not put down your phone because your farm can become so big. I’m only at level 15 and there is a lot going on and this is not what clash of clans or boom beach have. Speaking of level 15, which is the only recommendation I have for this game, is that it is really hard to get gift cards because sometimes people don’t give you them. Also people in your neighborhood or your friends might not have cargo to do because they aren’t high enough of a level to have it or you just can’t give it to them because of the stuff you haven’t unlocked. Lastly, the reviving of the plants is really rare because people would almost never have dead trees or it would be really rare to have them. The recommendation is to make it easier to get gift cards. If I’m missing something 1 it’s because of my neighbors not telling me how it works and 2 please tell more information about the gift cards to me so I could enjoy the game even more. PLEASE RESPOND
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5 years ago, longshore1993
Great Leisure Activity
I’m 58 years old and am no longer into aggressive gaming. Our son is a software developer and that’s his gig. This is mine. My wife and I have been playing HayDay since it’s conception. I love that this is a game that you can return to after short or long get away breaks and have it just the way that you left it. For awhile there, there weren’t any changes and it became a little boring. But lately you developers are always coming up with new ideas that make the game more pleasurable each and every time that I return. It’s calming, relaxing gaming at a pace I decide that I want it to be. Whether it be at home, work, or the doctors office this is the go to game for us. Keep up the great work. Lastly one suggestion. When you touch on the town visitor requests coming from the train town it currently shows what each visitor needs which is great and much less time consuming than visiting their town to check. What I would like to see is when you check if a town visitor request is filled, and it is, that you’d be able to simply touch the filled request form and go right to the visitor in the train town. Keep up the great work, we love this game and have hundreds of dollars invested into it because we love it that much!
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1 year ago, TheFPK
It’s so fun, but…
I really enjoy this game, but there are many things about it that fill me with rage! They really want to get your money. They make it extremely hard to acquire things (like vouchers) that are used to purchase things in the store (like animals and decor for your farm). There is also a specific type of voucher that are extremely rare to get without purchasing the Farm Pass which is a $4.99 pass that you have to purchase. I was considering purchasing the pass but then I found out you have to renew it each month, I’m not about to spend $5 each month! Another issue I have (that is very specific and promoted me to write this review) is that I just spent the majority of my coins to purchase a machine that is crucial to my game. I was ready to jump right it and start using it, but the machine will take one day and seven hours to build. I feel like real people could build that faster. The problem is that everything in this game takes so long. I understand things taking 30 minutes or even an hour, but I feel like anything over a day is extreme. I’m getting really sick of having to wait for things to be ready to use or plant. It’s a game and it really takes the fun out of it. Overall, this game has many fun aspects and I am slightly addicted! There are just things about it that frustrate me on the daily.
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6 years ago, briawnuh
Fun game but could use a little help.
The newest update that came out a few days ago has quite a few bugs in it. 1. The loading screen! It takes way too long and it never used to be that way. Like when I flip through an ad and see something I want to buy, I click it and it takes 2x longer than it used and by the time it fully loads to someone’s farm, the item is already sold and cleared off the page. No it’s not my phone service which I have unlimited data and use WiFi anyway. My boyfriend plays the game too, he has a completely different phone service and we tested it without using WiFi and does the same thing with him. 2. When helping people with their truck orders, I submit my items in their box and it says that “Greg” helped them instead of me. I’m not sure if it’s just a minor glitch in the system, but I can’t tell if I helped them or not. I don’t see why “Greg” would help them when he’s a NCP, but I’m not sure. That’s not too much of a problem, just don’t wanna get cheated out of my rewards if that’s the case. Otherwise this game is entirely fun and addicting and I’ve been playing it for nearly 5 years. Just please considering fixing any glitches going on and make a newer update so the loading screen isn’t taking so long. That’s my biggest suggestion. Thanks again!
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2 years ago, 29&3!7/)?2!&;
I’m revising because I’m not so sure it’s a glitch that causes these issues rather it is likely intentional. I tried to make a purchase from a roadside stand and got the message I didn’t have enough storage. I had less than 400 of 450. I was trying to purchase qty of 9. I had to upgrade, used resources I needed for other projects. It’s intentional and disheartening. I love the game, but recently I’ve encountered several glitches. I tapped to add feed to my barn, but it never showed up, I collected eggs for the derby, but the count collected didn’t change. I think it is a really jerk move to have any item cost more every time you buy it (fencing). That’s absurd. It is also absurd that the storage in the barn and silo are not one for one. I can put 15 barn items on sale but only free up one slot for the barn? Provide more ways to get building supplies if you are going to do that. It would be awesome to have an extended select option to move multiple items together. Ideally we could store some production lines (juicer, smelter, etc.). Some items are really similar- pumpkin and carrot pie; silver and platinum. It would be awesome if those were identified in the roadside shops. Please, stop right there if the response to any of the above is that you want it to be more real. I have a job, kids, a spouse, and bills. I don’t want to create another world where life isn’t fair/even and the bosses are pushing me down. I play this game to escape that reality.
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1 year ago, vaje. dbdbennand
Don’t get me wrong, I love this game. It’s overall wonderful. However, I struggle a lot in it because of the way the barn works. I have 175 slots in my barn, and am still struggling to even pick things up from my machines. This is because ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY FOUR OF MY SLOTS are taken up by extra upgrade materials, shovels, dynamite, axes, etc. These items, especially the upgrade items, reeeally need to be stored elsewhere because the amount of storage they take up while being too valuable to sell and unusable until I unlock more things/get more of other upgrade materials (which I have no space for) is ridiculous and ruins the fun of the game for me. In addition, I also have to store my animal products and food in the barn. Because of all this, I have zero space for actual products like cakes or shirts. Storing your stuff should be a challenge, but not to the extent that I only end up having room for enough items for a single truck order and my animals remain ready to be harvested for hours because of my lack of space. Phew, long rant. Other than the storage issues I adore the game, but fixing/changing them would make is so much better.
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1 year ago, Pear$haped
Love the game but one thing
There is a few things that I would like to see change in hay day. First off, I wish that in the newspaper you could search things up to make it easier to find things for boat or truck orders. That’s not a big thing It would just make it easier. Another thing is that when you want Tom, it costs a lot of diamonds to hire him and when you do his recharge time is way to long. I understand that people would abuse the opportunity but 2 hours seems a little to much. Honestly this is a great game although supercell has been greedy with their deals. In the shop it costs a lot of money to buy diamonds. There isn’t much of an opportunity to get diamonds from chests or the mine and I do love the diamond gifts that they give once in a while but there hasn’t been very many lately and I don’t want to spend 100 dollars for a couple of diamonds. I also wish that buying pets did not take as many vouchers as it does because you need them to make lures and it is hard to find the ones you need. A great way to relax I would recommend this to anybody who wants an escape from the real world to hop on a nice farm. I’ve been playing for years now and I haven’t been that disappointed or frustrated by this game. Ps. Great graphics
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5 years ago, Prokshit
The shop revamp
Revamp the shop for gods sake, it’s been like that for such a long time. It’s slow and unintuitive. Redundant animation and slow to open and frankly a huge missed opportunity. I spend almost 60% of the time inside on the shops, visiting a shop and buy goods is my most done and enjoyable moment but that dread after seeing the animation and the unreasonable amount of wasted pixels for the shop entries makes me so mad. Here is my suggestion, show a small icon of what’s inside of the the shop seller entry and show smaller icons of the items inside that shop. Everything can be condensed in that square of one entry. Items get purchased in seconds it’s frustrating to see the “banner” item is corn and when you enter it’s like all the other good stuff. Some who are lucky will open that and other people just cruise through and don’t get the items. From a business perspective if a person gets what he is looking for then they ll have fun and want to spend more time playing this game and will be even more willing to spend money in it. Please I urge you to send more time on making some QOL improvements like this instead of adding features like the truck thing which doesn’t seem to add any really value and makes it more cumbersome to get items. This is such a phenomenal game and everyone Regardless it age and gender enjoy playing. You guys owe it to them to make this game worth their while.
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2 years ago, Cotton@candy
No help and support for the valuable customer/players
My Valley shop is not working. I can not buy an item with my tokens. It’s shaded and not available. I do have enough tokens to buy it. Just don’t understand why I can’t buy this item that I have tokens for. I have a screenshot photo for proof if you put the attachment on here. I’ve been having a lot of issues with hay day lately and yet no help or support from you. If you scroll up on my messages you will see. You guys keep sending me back to the beginning of the querie every time I submit my messages. It’s very frustrating and I feel that hay day is showing me that I am not important. I’m so upset at this because I’ve been playing hay day since they first came out and I’ve poured money on here to support you guys for years and I can’t get help back because my hay day isn’t working right! Please fix my valley and my hay day app. I’ve done everything from deleting hay day, reinstall the app and rebooted my iPad. It’s like a normal occurrence for me. Lost a few decorations in the past when I get them from the mystery mailbox. My hay day glitches and I see my items disappear. If this message does not help me… I will leave hay day. It’s not worth my time and my money. For those interested in playing hay day…. BEWARE!! THIS GAME IS NOT THE SAME ANYMORE!! Too many issues on the app and you get no help from real humans in support when you do have issues. Not worth it!!
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6 years ago, KymJLM
Hello developers! I love this game and I love the new update as well! Naming my animals is what I have always wanted in Hay Day and I’m so happy! I was wondering if maybe these few things could be added: naming sheep, cows, pigs, goats, bees, and chickens would be awesome! I already have a few names in mind, Naming the visiting frogs, birds, butterflies, and foxes would be incredible too, because I have so many ponds, flowers, and bird houses and the creature visit extremely often, maybe make it that the animals are like pets and don’t leave and are nameable, Changing the color of pets like you can change the color of building or maybe pet outfits and choosing if your pet was a male or female would be probably one of the best updates! Also maybe adding more sanctuary animals and pets like Siamese cats, huskies, German shepherds, Clydesdale horses, llamas, spotted bunny for pets and maybe zebras, wildebeest, warthog, meerkat, gazelle, and rhino for sanctuary animals and if your ok with carnivores lion, cheetah, jackal, hyena, crocodile maybe the carnivores could eat bacon or something? Also could you please lower the outrageous price in vouchers for pets and make it able to trade vouchers. Sorry for the long review 😅 Thanks for reading!
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2 years ago, Lizanne_g20
Banned my account
I’ve never written a review before but I don’t know how else to contact them and get an immediate response. I love hay day and have played it since high school. I stupidly used my school email address to set up the account and lost it when I graduated a few years ago. I set up a new account but was still curious if I could get my old account back. I contacted support through the app and they were super helpful at first. When I voiced concerns that I couldn’t find my past purchases from my old farm they bypassed my question of if there’s anything else I could do. They immediately banned me for 31 days for “trying to steal someone’s account”. I’m not some kid obsessed with the game so much that I want to steal someone else’s work. I’m an adult. I had my sister help me sign into the old Apple ID I used and now I have proof of my purchases. Since I’m banned, there’s no way to contact them until my 31 days is up. They don’t make it easy to contact them without being signed into the game. Would love someone to help me instead of accusing me of something I’m not doing. Thanks Update: After my 30 day ban, I sent my receipts that I found to see if they would accept them. I’m now banned permanently. This is ridiculous, I did what they asked me but they couldn’t find what they needed and banned me. I would’ve left it if they told me they couldn’t find anything, but they just banned me instead.
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4 years ago, blueberrymaxman
Game is crashy and inferior copy of township
I’m not even to give this game any pros...because there are none. If you’ve ever played township, then played this, you’ll learn that this game is nothing but a pathetic copycat, and worse in virtually every way. Collecting animal products is also a hassle, as well, as if you spam your cursor over them to get the materials quick, there will inevitably be 1 or 2 that your cursor doesnt seem to hit perfectly on the nose, so it doesn’t count. After having multiple times of spamming the cursor over creatures and this same thing happen, I’ve just come to live with the fact that I played a better game before this. There is also a lot less to do than township. In fact, I play both games and only return to this one when crops are ready. The only interesting thing about this game is the newspaper and gathering mats that help to build up your barn and silo. But even this get old, boring, and irritating. People camp that newspaper, so you have to quickly spam through the pages to find someone selling mats or they’ll be sold within a few seconds. Everything about this game was just copied from Township. Even the actions of farm animals are so blatantly copied, it makes me gag. For instance, the pigs point to their mouth when you’ve harvested them and they’re hungry. Exact same thing as township. Don’t waste your time playing this trash. Its like a poor remake of a classic. I’d give it 0 stars if i could.
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3 years ago, Netsie1
Enjoy playing but needs changes!!
Update. Glitches since latest update. Can’t but daily deal in the newspaper. Update: like the new options to customize, but just wish you could go back to ones you have purchased. I don't want to buy anything because you can't revert back. It's a waste of coins, vouchers or diamonds if you change something. Enjoy playing the game but stuff really gets expensive! Please lower the prices for buying the machines to make stuff. I've leveled up but can't afford to buy them. It's not like it's easy to make money on my farm. Also HATE the gifts given for the gift cards! I spend days saving them because the max is only 5 a day, and then spend 35 only to get a stupid flower that I can buy for less than 50 coins or a flower that I have 50 of!! Also used 35 gift cards and got a TREE that I would normally use an axe to cut down!! How dumb of a gift is that!!! Every time the tractor comes up as an option in a gift, I save to buy it because I don't have it and it's a ridiculous amount of coins to buy it! Of course I never get it and I have been playing this game for years!!! Change the random gifts so we can get better stuff! I'm NOT spending real money on this game. Tom should be also set to use in a better way. Every 2 hours makes it impossible to get all the uses out of him in 24 hours!
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4 years ago, randomdonutdevourer
Really fun but could use a few tweaks
Ok so, I really love this game and play it all the time with my friends, but I have a few suggestions. One, I recently leveled up a unlocked “Edit Mode”. I thought since everything else has a tutorial edit mode would have it too. To my surprise, it didn’t and I still have no idea how to use it or what it even does. Secondly, I really don’t like how a lot of stuff costs diamonds. I get that you can buy them in the shop, but some things cost more than 20 diamonds. Also, when I am waiting for crops to grow, plants that take 4 hours cost 8 diamonds. I feel like it should be a diamond per hour because a lot of kids play this game as it’s pretty simple, but some may just keep wanting to buy diamonds from the shop and it’s not fair. What I mean by this is it’s really annoying when other people have a load of coins just by using diamonds. Plus, the store has decor that you need 50 diamonds for. Lastly, add more ways to earn coins because there’s only truck deliveries and your road-side shop in the beginning. The store has a lot of cool stuff to add to your farm but costs a lot and it takes a while to farm coins. Please don’t take this too negatively because I do still love this game and can’t wait for all the cool updates!
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4 years ago, Amberandmike1010
Worst customer service I’ve ever came across
This was mine and my hubby’s all time favorite game. We’ve spent countless amounts of money on diamonds and specials they run every now and then. Well today after doing the update to my phone last night I was locked out of my iTunes and apple account. I logged into my heyday and it said that I had fraudulent charges against my account and I had a negative 179 diamond balance. I contacted iTunes and apple and was told that it was very weird what happened and that it was a mistake and they fixed my account and I was able to log right back into everything without any issues and they explained to me to contact HayDay customer support and they would surely clear this up without any issues. I did. They refuse to help me in anyway. Wouldn’t point me into the direction of anyone else I could contact except apple even after I explained I’ve already spoken to them and they admit it’s an error. So now I’m out of all the money I’ve dropped into this game because I refuse to play a game that rips people off and refuses to help in any way. Plainly told me they wouldn’t do anything and was willing to lose paying game players to rip me off the measly 20 bucks knowing I would of dropped it right back into the game in a week. So yes it is a fun game but if you ever run into any trouble and have spent money they will NOT do anything to help you in anyway but let you leave and think nothing of it
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6 months ago, Koopstina from Zooba
Really good game!
The game is/was really fun especially before my school banned it and everyone worked like a community. My biggest issue with the game isn’t that bad but I really enjoy decorating so I wish the daily wheel spin had more than one decor item in it and I really really wish paths could go underneath other decors or building and stuff because it looks pretty stupid when you have a path going up to your barn but there’s a little gap of grass because the barn takes up that part of the grid and the path can’t go. The paths should be on a separate grid specifically for paths if that was implemented farms could look way better and paths would all around get used more. Oh and I know HayDay is a 2D game but I believe you could still make the grid a bit like smaller so stuff can fit together better, and could you guys make the decors and building stuff turn in more directions? That may make the 2D aspect of the game look really bad but I would like to see what is could look like. So that’s all from me hope y’all devs see this and add whatever of my ideas are possible and hope other people see this and agree. Bye now!
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3 years ago, Chicks 24-7
Farm pass
First, I love this game it is very fun. Farm pass is very helpful especially for leveling up quickly but I did find one teeny tiny problem with it. The payed part and the free part are called the same thing. In other games I play that have similar events like this they call the pass something else like “the divine pass” or “the wonder ticket”. For awhile I could not figure out how to get chick vouchers and since the instructions said that I could only get chick vouchers by playing farm pass and I couldn’t see any I assumed that I would start earning them if I bought the farm pass. I did and still no chick vouchers. I know how to get them now but I still think some clarity is needed. I personally don’t think it’s the best idea to name both the free and not free parts of the road farm pass. Also, in case anyone was wondering you have to wait till the next farm pass season until the chick vouchers show up. They will be available for the players who buy AND don’t buy the farm pass. Meaning we can all get PEACOCKS! I love peacocks I’m so happy they were added and I will get the blue and brown one. I will make sure of it… Happy Farming and God bless.
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4 years ago, Bboydaboss
Best farm game, could be so much more
Oh boy, where to start. I’m Daren. My friends wife just got here so I have to make this quick. This app has been out for ten years, meaning they’ve had about ten or so years to make other weather effects as well as a clear night time. I feel bad for my animals. They could have crops that only grow at night! Lol, my wife would be one of those. Too bad I have so much trouble getting it up these days. I don’t know why they haven’t added onions yet, I love onions. As well as, weed, grapes, I think like if they like added dragon fruit and a Starbucks where you can sell dragon fruit flavored items that would be good, wheat, goat. I’m an avid player and I don’t think my demands are too extreme. If the devs put even half as much time into this game as i do, the game probably wouldn’t crash every 5 minutes. Do better. To end I want to dedicate a paragraph to how addicting this game is. They should offer free rehab for us “grinders” because I forgot to pick my kid up from soccer because I was playing hay day I’m a terrible father. I was also wondering if I could get admin. I wanna report everyone in my neighborhood lol. Alright I guess I’ll just end this here,
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6 months ago, Kirra Brailo
Awesome Game
I can't complain about anything. So satisfying, so perfect. The sound effects are also satisfying. I love playing this game, it's a perfect thing to do when your bored or on a long car ride or plane ride. It's peaceful and brings me joy, but I do have some recommendations to make new players feel more welcomed and to make the overall gameplay experience better. I think the developers should give an optional, not mandatory introduction to the game(aka: tutorial). I've been reading reviews and many people are impatient with the tutorials. I do appreciate how the developers included a free 25 diamonds at the beginning which is sweet. This game needs more credit. Another recommendation is if the developers could introduce a search bar when shopping for items. I myself in this experience, have struggled at finding items for a reasonable sale and amount, and finding items before anyone can get to them. So, I think they should introduce a search bar when overviewing the "daily dirt" newspaper when offering trades. In other words, I love this game so dearly and has been part of me for over 2 years. 🩷🐓🌾
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4 years ago, sassysuzy1
Love the game, but hate that I accidentally use my diamonds
I absolutely love this game! You can take short or long breaks from playing and either way, come right back to the game right where you left off. The one thing I hate is that I accidentally use my diamonds a lot. Just today I lost 18 of my 20 diamonds because I was tapping the screen to send letters to friends who had helped me with reviving my trees/plants, and where I was having to tap was so close to other bushes; I accidentally clicked on a bush and tapped again to use my diamonds to make the bush ready to harvest...it all happened so fast I didn’t even realize what had happened until after the fact. Diamonds are so hard to come by and take so long to build up, this is always so dang frustrating!!!! Other than this, I do LOVE this game! I do wish we could trade items with all the other farmers on HayDay, as a way to gain items you need without having to spend money, while trading an item to another farmer that they need, and they wouldn’t have to spend money either. I also wish we could have baby goats, ponies, miniature horses, ducks, and roosters/chickens as actual animals on our farm, alongside our horses, rabbits, donkeys, dogs, cats, kittens, etc.
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6 years ago, Bungeeboy
If you are okay with hard work disappearing
I have been playing Hay Day for 3-4 years. I have put up with quirks (like after collecting 4 goat cheese from my dairy it is immediately gone into thin air) I was annoyed and stopped playing for a few days. But after the latest update myself and 3 others in my family no longer get a visit from the spinner wheel truck. It showed up the day they offered 4 chances for scrolls and I was one scroll away from opening the land with the umbrella, so after missing out on my first spin I spent a diamond to spin again and got a scroll. I went to open my land now that I had the 10 scrolls, 36 deeds, 36 mallets, and 36 stakes I needed, clicked on it “poof” all of those supplies were redeemed but the wall was still surrounding the plot of land. I figured I must not have unlocked it and checked and it was still locked but I lost all of my supplies as if it was actually unlocked. I contacted Hay Day support and they replied if I sent them a screen shot of the spinner they’d give me my one scroll back. But, the truck was gone by then, I hadn’t thought to take a screen shot, and it still doesn’t even start to replace the 117 other items I used to open that plot. I am really bummed, I understand there are glitches and bugs sometimes, but this is pretty rotten.
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3 months ago, nicothunder
Spring update SMH
I am happy for new machine, but moving the colored vouchers to the tab was a poor choice. Now when I go to the lake to make colored lures, I cannot check what vouchers I have unless I go back to the main screen. Really smooth, thanks so much for making that inefficient 😠. I know there could be worse things, but why would you do that? Also, while I’m writing this, some suggestions for new machines, lemonade stand, with different flavors, soft pretzel stand, with pretzels, pretzel bites, pretzel dogs, distillery for beer, wine, mead, new town building, a bar and grill. Also, could you do something better for higher level players when they level up, 12 diamonds is a yawn, no incentive at all and every other level up, 1 crop patch? Ugh. Can you do special decorations or something to look forward to when leveling up? Also, for holiday events, try starting those earlier before the holiday, not a fan of getting special holiday decorations the day before or on the day itself. Another idea, please add more pets, no more birds, like iguanas, koala bear, beaver or chipmunk, bears. More water features please. More decorations to buy with coins or vouchers. I really enjoy playing this game, just have a few things I wanted to speak about. Thanks 😊
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8 months ago, ZapnTap
I been playing for years. Lost my original farm and to start over. Here’s the issue. I noticed like now with the Halloween competition and this happens a lot anytime your trying to earn decoration or items to expand: the issue is it will cheat you out of the item you worked hard to earn. Like now I selected to make the red popsicle and I only needed 3 to gain points toward the next prize. I already made two popsicle and now the third one was done and I tapped on it and it didn’t give me anything. It still shows only two popsicle instead of three. It does this a lot! Like there’s a glitch all the time or they set it up to keep you from advancing. It also does this when you select an item from the horse race. For example you will see a lot of people that need help with their farm but as soon as you select from the horse race to help like 10 people all of a sudden you won’t see very many people that need help. It’s like they suddenly disappear. Same goes with earning diamonds. It cheats you out of the number of diamonds so you can’t speed up an item your making or add extra slot. I’m about ready to quit playing. It’s frustrating when a lot of the items you need; take forever, hours to make and then it doesn’t count that item toward your total.
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2 years ago, tallwolf11
Great game just one problem…
I have been playing the game for quiet some time now. I understandt that the game is supposed to be slow paced and a game to play and then come back to when you don’t have any tasks to complete but it’s almost too slow. Now I great way to speed up the process of it is to lower the cost of hiring the boy who can bring items to you at a good cost. It currently costs 15 diamonds for one day of bring him, 60 diamonds for 5 days, and 100 diamonds for 100 days. Thats absurd! How can you expect a person to pay for all of those diamonds to then use it for that boy! He can only do a task for a few set of hours before it resets. Even then, you wouldn’t be able to get a lot of items out of it if you can be there each correct time. My point, lower the cost of using diamonds for the boy. Also, make it more accessible to get diamonds somehow. The achievements aren’t enough. Maybe like a watch an advertisement thing for once a day. Or put in a system of getting weekly or daily items and as the days go by the person can get some diamonds. Please take this into consideration. Pleas do!! From, Julita Kozlowska (an angry player)
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4 months ago, Gamergirl67395
Really good game!
The game is very fun and keeps you active by adding new things all the time. It’s not all thrown at you at once either you get things as you go but you don’t have to wait long or too short either! There’s lots of fun things to do like buying farm animals, harvesting crops, making pies and cakes and ice creams and much more! You can own your own pets and name them and go fishing and go into town or the valley where you can win prizes like money or diamonds or building material to upgrade items. They have a sanctuary where you can have elephants and tigers and such which is cool too! There’s a lot of stuff to do in the game so your never bored! You can shop in the newspaper ads for items for you farm as well and participate in global or small activities to win decorations for you farm or prize money and lots of other stuff. I’d love to see pet ducks and turkeys cause that would be cool. You can also play with friends and visit each others farms and help each other out or join neighborhoods and participate in derby’s by completing tasks to win rewards. Really great game and addicting too love it!
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5 years ago, #s geek
DISTURBING/VIOLENT Ads NOT ALIGNED with Hay Day, a game for all ages
Hay Day is literally the most enjoyable, peaceful, thoughtful game that is fun yet also encourages thinking and project management skills. It is great for and played by many kids and adults. BUT there is a VERY DISTURBING negative about Hay Day. I am always very shocked by some of the totally misaligned ads such as the very violent Age of Z, some mid-evil times women servants game (forget name) and Now some “choices” game that appears to be a soap opera themed game & advertises making choices about pregnancy created through infidelity & the like. So you’re peacefully farming with cute animals, then watch the little stage show/game ads to earn free things and get shocked by ads for totally non-peaceful, disturbing games. Even as an adult I am shocked and disturbed by the ads and DO NOT want to see them. For both my kids and my adult self who likes to play, I am so disturbed and disappointed with some of your ad selections for Hay Day. There are some totally inappropriate, disturbing and in some cases very violent games that DO NOT align at all with the very pleasant, peaceful, kind, wonderful game of Hay Day. Do something about this please and think more carefully about who your audience is when choosing ads for certain games. Be smart about such things for goodness sake please!!!!!
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6 years ago, Lucky Bj
Changes to the roadside shop.
I love everything y’all have done to the game but the roadside shop needs to be changed. When I try to sell items 10x for 1 coin to my neighborhood clan other people who are not in my neighborhood come and take the items before my friends have a chance, I've even tried not putting an ad into the newspaper but somehow someone always comes to my shop and takes those items. What I think should be done is the shop has two separate sections inside: one section for everyone else and the other one for neighborhood friends cause if I want to sell something to my friends I should be able to do it, not have some random people come over and buy. When I put something in my shop 10x for 1 coin other people think it’s a sale so they buy it, also when I restock the shop I’ve noticed that people stay at my shop and keeps buying everything, I would leave the game and come back on when some of my friends want something and as soon as I put it in the shop it’s bought by the same people before I got off the game. Please add this to the game, Thank You for a awesome game.
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1 year ago, Heads I win, Tails you lose
Just a Meh farm game
This game is okay. It is not great like others claim. There are so many annoyances to contend with every time a player opens the game. Everyday there is new “event” going on. That is so annoying. Every couple minutes there is a “customer” that walks up your lane and all they want is the one thing you are trying to save, and they want over half. Yes I said it, over half of what you are saving, they want. Say you are saving saws to cut down a lot of trees, better get used to many customers a day asking to buy over half of them and get ready to constantly say no. The boats always want too much of something. If you don’t spend your real hard earned money to get Tom, you won’t be able to complete boats. You may not even be able to complete truck orders without Tom. The only nice thing about this game is that the crops don’t die. I’ve been playing this game off and on for years now and I’m getting to where I’d rather not play because of all the annoyances. Even the townsfolk have gotten worse. They want too many products and not enough time to get them all. It really seems like the developers have made this so that you either fail or spend your real hard earned money. Play at your risk!
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3 years ago, PikaPrue3
Good but slow and costs lots of game money 💰
Hay day is a pretty good game but it to me is really slow I really want more stuff like more pets and more places that I need to unlock and the only way to do that is level up and the more you level up the slower it takes to go to the next level. Then when you unlock this stuff you have to pay thousands and thousands of game money to get it. It is really hard get even a thousand game money in this game. Then that baby chick 🐤 thing it costs real money to get the stuff I want, like the hats for the animals. And I know that there was one time they gave a free farm pass but I couldn’t get it (for some reason) so missed out on getting the party hat. I clicked on that farm pass button a billion times and it would not give me the farm pass. I don’t if other people had this problem but all I know is that it happened to me. I know I have been focused on the nagetive but this game is fine so if feel like you can do it then get Hay Day and once your patient enough you will have the time of your life so once your at level 10 then find the Pinky and Pidi club because that’s the club I’m in and I made it.
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4 years ago, Thor4444Thor
Hay day stinks (but not a lot)
Oh boy, where to start. My wife left the house really early this morning to go “to work”. By work she means my friend Daren. This app has been out for ten years, meaning they’ve had about ten or so years to make other weather effects as well as a clear night time. I feel bad for my animals. They could have crops that only grow at night! Lol, my wife would be one of those. Too bad I have so much trouble getting it up these days. I don’t know why they haven’t added onions yet, I love onions. As well as, weed, grapes, I think like if they like added dragon fruit and a Starbucks where you can sell dragon fruit flavored items that would be good, wheat, goat. I’m an avid player and I don’t think my demands are too extreme. If the devs put even half as much time into this game as i do, the game probably wouldn’t crash every 5 minutes. Do better. To end I want to dedicate a paragraph to how addicting this game is. They should offer free rehab for us “grinders” because I forgot to pick my kid up from soccer because I was playing hay day I’m a terrible father. I was also wondering if I could get admin. I wanna report everyone in my neighborhood lol. Alright I guess I’ll just end this here,
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6 years ago, Annonomous #2
This game is awesome!
If you have time to kill and you like level-up games, this is for you. It has awesome graphics and works like a charm. It’s definitely very entertaining and fun. One of the best parts: there’s NO ADS! Unless you see the ticket by the mailbox and VOLUNTARILY watch an ad or two to get a prize. You can interact with other players by buying things from them, and you can also create or join a neighborhood. If you create a neighborhood, you and your friends can chat and trade. You can set up a sales stand and sell things. You can advertise your sales on the paper. You can load your truck with things and it will come back with money and stars to go towards leveling you up. You can also get boats and mine things. You can get tons of animals and expand your land. You can interact with your animals to feed them and get stuff (i.e. eggs, milk, bacon, wool, etc). You can harvest plants and grow trees for food. You can buy machines to make food like bread and sugar or other things. There is a newsstand for you to look at and to take part in events. You can even take part in a derby. This game is lots of fun for everyone!
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6 years ago, aeojp
Cute and fun, appropriate to share with kids
My husband and I have played this game off and on for a few years - it is fun because you can team up, it has some strategy involved without being cutthroat, and it is a game that is appropriate for our three year old to “help” with. Overall a really great game and the improvements over the years have invigorated and improved it. Suggestion - Having a “recaptcha” or more tricky diamond-spend notification. Like having to type “MOO” or something that could not possibly just “happen”. I know there is a double tap diamond confirmation, and i have that enabled, but have still had some pretty big diamond accidental spends. I spent 62 diamonds on a bagel sandwich last night as my phone was slipping from my hand - as i caught it, I hit the check mark. It is just a game, but it still feels strangely disappointing when that happens! Having it be an option to enable something a little more complicated would be great, as there is no way to undo the action within a couple seconds, even if it is something so crazy. 😉
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6 years ago, QueenCapturesKing
Been playing for YEARS and only gets BETTER!
First let me say this is not a paid review or anything like that. I’m just your average person downloading games for fun. I’ve been playing Hay Day for years and it only gets better and better. They always update the game and give us gifts that are useful for play when they do so (like diamonds). They have SO many expansions within the game that you could open up (beach town, railroad, and more!). One of the things that I like best is whenever a new season comes around they decorate the farm animals in appropriate clothing-for example the chickens wearing earmuffs!! It’s really cool😁. Another thing I like is the way the game is set up—you can play it for some time then You have to put it down to let your fields grow or your animals recuperate to give milk and eggs etc. The newest thing I just found out yesterday is at Greg‘s farm (character in game) they have what’s essentially an advent calendar in gift boxes!! My boyfriend and I have enjoyed opening a new gift every day for the holiday season and getting really cool stuff like puzzle pieces! THANKS DEVELOPERS AND I HIGHLY RECOMMEND HAY DAY!!!!
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5 years ago, Hamham7654
Support service is awful!!
I love this game but oh my gosh the support service is just so bad. I purchased three saws from Greg’s shop and immediately afterwards I went to cut down three trees but the saws weren’t in my inventory! I went back to Greg’s shop but the saws weren’t there either (because news flash to supercell I bought everything from his store). I went to the help section and there wasn’t even a section that could accurately describe the problem I was having, which I also see from here a lot of other people are having. When I got to the automated chat with support it was difficult to use because the only options they really had were based off of user errors so I just had to keep on hitting “other” before it asked me to describe the issue. I described the issue and all I got was a “thanks check social media for updates”...um excuse me I kind of want an update to MY problem aka the three saws you owe me. It then asks me if I need anything else, I hit yes because I want to give the automated system an email for me or something so I can talk to a REAL person, and it just takes me back to the beginning of the process. I’m not sure if Supercell is plain ignorant of the issue because they can’t admit they make mistakes, or if they’re ignoring it because they prefer people to buy saws and other things with real money. Either way... boooo 👎🏼
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4 years ago, Riley ranger 5
A couple bugs
I mean, I love hay Day, I’ve been playing it since I was little, I just recently started to play again, but I bought something (with real money) and it was either $1.00 or $2.00 but still, i didn’t get it, so I got off of Hay Day and waited a little bit, but then I got back on and I didn’t get it, it was this... I think starter pack or bundle, I could be wrong but it had diamonds and a cherry blossom tree and I still got neither, I went to the costumer support page, and it said something about purchases and i went to it I send a message to a... robot or something and i got a feeling that I was never going to get my stuff back mostly because it kept giving me very irrelevant questions, The second thing I want to talk about is the stalls, in my own stallI sold wood planks on accident and I tried to delete the sale, and it just took it. I mean, I would have GLADLY taken it back or at least just sold it for the money, I mean I sold like 9 so I’m pretty annoyed that I didn’t get anything out of it. Please fix this. Thanks! Sincerely, A huge fan of hay day
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