HD Wallpapers Spider-Man Edition

4.6 (17.4K)
26.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
8 years ago
Version OS
8.0 or later
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User Reviews for HD Wallpapers Spider-Man Edition

4.64 out of 5
17.4K Ratings
4 years ago, Ggrys
This is so cool if has billions of wallpapers for subscribing reviewing and it also has fair prices I don’t know anyone who would not recommend this game it is super super fun I am really encouraging people to enjoy the app 99 cents for a pack I mean who would not want the game it is super cool in my opinion is better than roblox and Minecraft combined So cool I don’t know why but I can’t stop playing keep making more please it is super super cool
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3 years ago, cool kid Best best best
This awesome download app now
This is the best app that exists I love it the reason why I gave it 10 stars is because I love HD I mean five star swabs and I love venom and carnage and stuff like that I mean it’s the best you’re probably making a lot of money off of us ;-) by the way I think you should add even more fanart and stuff like this in your app and please except my Feedback this app is amazing there should be more fan art
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4 years ago, Nobody awesome101
Great for kids though it only lets you download five a day. But for all you Spider-Man lovers this is perfect for you! I'm not a huge fan of Spider-Man, I'm more a Thor fan, but hey, I love this app. The one thing is that I haven't noticed and pictures of Tom Holland, but there are a lot of Andrew Garfield. I saw some people say there are to many adds but I haven't seen any!!! Also it doesn't take long loading and download the pic right away. Five star review! Totally worth it.
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2 years ago, dfcsegvsrghtr
Great app. (Translation: THE BEST APP EVER!)
There is one thing I’d suggest, TAKE THE SUBSCRIPTION AWAY😡🧙‍♀️🗡!!! I know you want to make some real money, but DO NOT EVER add a subscription. EVER😡😡😡😡. Sorry, I just do NOT like people who make apps where there is a subscription. Also, the non-subscription ones are better than the subscription ones. Thank you for making this app, it’s a great app for backgrounds.
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8 years ago, I'mCoveredInMainstream
Great and Amazing
These wallpapers are great, you don't have to buy any if you don't feel like it because they give you so many to begin with and you can unlock more with small challenges like watching a video. Even then the packs are super cheap. No crashing, annoying pop ups, or any problems, great app.
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8 years ago, Shuskdjdn
First of all this app is amazing I love it, but I was thinking maybe you guys could add in packs with some art but the art would have new and exclusive limited time art work that you can buy the, twist is that it has some of spider-man's main villains like Green Goblin, Electro,Venom,ect... Hope you guys take this into consideration but, anyway it is still an awesome app.
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2 years ago, uhfdbedivbhiedvn
Great app but just take out the subscription I mean at least you don’t have to pay for the yt subscription but even when u subscribe u can’t get the wallpapers but they are not that good anyway but it is overall a great app for Spider-Man fans.
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6 years ago, Battlefront1877
Great app!!!
This app is amazing! I am a huge spider man and recognise all the characters. It’s so easy to get new wallpapers. I have almost all the wallpapers. One thing is that you are limited to 5 downloads a day, but it’s okay because all you have to do is go a day ahead in your settings and you get 5 more.
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2 years ago, KarateChic2011
Love it, but...
I recommend this game for cool wallpapers but you can only save 5 wallpapers to your camera a day. And there are not many wallpapers to choose from, but idk if my phone isn’t working but on my phone there weren’t many wallpapers. I am a HUUUUGGGEEEE Spider-Man fan and don’t act all surprised when I say this but I’m a girl. Thanks for the game! Download now!! (Ps: thx tobey maguire, Andrew Garfield, and Tom Holland, AMAZING, NOICE, INCREDIBLE, LIVE CHANGING, 5 STAR MOVVVIIEEESSSSS!!!!!!!🕸😘😘
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7 months ago, Dj Wayne S
Amazing wallpaper app when I saw it on the App Store. It just caught my eye. I was so surprised when I saw the Wallpapers at first I didn’t know how to use it because it was I didn’t accept the thing once I accept it. I loved it. It was just the best.
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3 years ago, cccdffddddddddddd
Coolest game ever
Hmmm I am going back and forth with the car I don’t have any car to do so if I don’t get to get you call you can you have it me I don’t know how much it will get me to get to it and get back with me yay me I don’t have any car to go get me a call and robot car are The coolest then this game
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1 year ago, Chessaaa🪐🤘🏼🕷️💫🕸️
So cute🕷️💫🕸️
This app has such good features and good quality wallpapers for free, unlike lots of other apps! Even though you are limited 5 downloads per day, it is very worth waiting for these amazing pictures! 😁😁
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2 years ago, Jamespearce88
These wallpapers are sick:)
I love this song and I even subscribed when I didn’t even watch the videos I’m sorry that I don’t watch the video I’m gonna start now so this is that is so cool I love this app even you it has no ads wow😀😃😄😁
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4 years ago, Dudleygooseberry
Love Love Love This App!!!
This is a great app, it has a few adds and the wall paper is great! I would really recommend you, trying this app If you are a Spider-man fan like me you will LOVE this app. It has pictures from the Spider-man movies and great comic book art. LOVE this app!!!!!!
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2 years ago, sjdikflfld
This app stinks
I really don’t like this app the pictures are too big for my screen they should fix it I really like the backgrounds but most of them you have to pay for or most of the picture doesn’t fit in your screen and I am a big Spider-Man fan he is my favorite marvel character and that may be surprising because I am a girl but all in all it’s a good app but they need more fre options and smaller pictures
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2 years ago, mr. duck Junior
They have some of your favorite Spiderman‘s in there and you can use them as your wallpaper which is pretty sick because my favorite spiderman is Andrew Garfield and they have all of it and this app is just amazing and I love it
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5 years ago, gussymomo24
Why this is better than other wallpaper apps...
This app is great for many reasons, they give you a great amount of wallpapers to use. Another is they give a chance to get others you couldn't get, from the mystery present. Also I LOVE Spider-Man.
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2 years ago, thanosman8
Beeeeesssssstttttt app ever
I want to say that this is awesome I just downloaded this and It’s the best but where is some advise don’t make most of the wallpapers to be unlocked by making people pay money. But besides that it’s a good app.
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4 years ago, shekboy 12347
Amazing app! But...
The app itself is great and there are sooo many wallpapers to choose from. My only complaint is when you try to get a free pic by watching an ad, it never works it always fails to rind an ad and gives up. But that’s it
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4 years ago, ultra instict sonic
This was the best walk paper app of my life!
Ever sence I down loaded the app it changed my life on phone, it has lots of wall paper. I love this app a lot. I love spider man it is the best thing and this app has spider man! I love the app so much that I would never delete the app!
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3 years ago, LPMcBride
I loved it
It is really good because the background it looks really realistic and nicely designed for kids like me avenger lover’s + Spider-Man is my favorite avenger and every single one has a great story to tell and it is a great selection of pictures.
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2 years ago, suweiii
Good app
Only if they could add more wall papers and not pay for extra ones would be good and also not just choose five each day only if they could add more you can choose each day.
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2 years ago, de Spider-ManZ 69
Very high quality
These are amazing their are no pixels in the photos which makes them stand out and pop
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6 years ago, Logan_Music
Better than the rest
This app has great pictures in great quality. You don't even need the other packs because there's already so much to choose from. I was surprised.
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2 years ago, NathanIdk
Honestly pretty good app
I really don’t know what to say about this app I mean for what it is it is a 4 star from me the only reason that it is a 4 star is because you have to do certain stuff to get new ones
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5 years ago, uvhey
I love Spider-Man
So I have tried some of this apps before and it didn’t work,this one is different! I love it,buuut if they could make a search thing where you could search up the wallpaper you might want! It would be awesome. Aside from that this app is amazing!
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5 years ago, sophiej 727
Too many ads
I understand that some apps like these will have many ads but whenever I try to scroll through the wallpapers it keeps on showing me the same ad over and over again but despite the ads I like the art work but not the ads so much.
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4 years ago, Omegastrom67
BEST GAME EVER but I found a error now
Please fix this on the next update if it okay we’ll I was looking for pictures for a thing and noticing this Error the Arthur on it media please fix it
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5 years ago, Potato Peyton
Love it
I haven’t had it long, but I really like the app. It has a lot of good images and it’s really easy to put up as a wallpaper. There were even ones with Deadpool and Spidey. As a very big Spidey fan I think this is a great app for Spider-Man wallpapers.
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2 years ago, greathovercraft
Best game
Except for the stuff that you have to buy they have really cool wallpapers and it is also free and I love the game just the way they are well I wish they could add more wallpapers.👌
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5 years ago, An awesome drawing app to usr
Not what I expected
At first I thought this would be another app that has at least only 2 free wallpapers but I downloaded it anyway and there was a lot of good pictures on there
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2 years ago, Spartan FjT
Good but not enough free options
It’s pretty good, however all the good ones are behind the pay wall ( which you can get online
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5 years ago, Jdub456789543
I love it but...
Good app but only gives you 5 wallpapers per day I downloaded this app yesterday and now to day I can’t choose a new one so I had to delete it and get it back and got new wallpapers still a good app
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2 years ago, Blazelucas
Amazing for Spider-Man lovers
This app is so awesome it has tons of Wallpapers! And has lots and lots of options to choose from I definitely recommend getting it
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3 years ago, Love cobra Kai
I like this wallpaper
I like this wallpaper app a lot I think you should get a really really good likes and I want these people to keep up the good work and the people who made us I hope he see this
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5 years ago, Sad kid😢
I am doing ths for the wallpapers but i think that instead of makeing us have to buy or watch videos for new wallpapers you should also add the ability to share the app for wallpapers
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2 years ago, Keep It Honest Clark
Spider-Man Wallpapers
This app has very clear HD images that look great on any phone available especially ones capable of higher image quality
Show more
6 years ago, sega506
Even the theme song
I love it it was unexpected to have a wallpaper with the theme song it actually has almost every spiderman picture you can think of
Show more
1 year ago, capsfans30708
This is amazing for your phone
This is really fun to look around and see which one is the best for your phone
Show more
5 years ago, not raza
I like this app
This app is really good cause I can’t find any wallpapers of my favorite superhero but now I do , we’re has all the Spider-Man wall paper apps been all this time cause I just found it and enjoyed the cool wall papers 😁
Show more
5 years ago, london pihl
Pretty good but old.
First of all, I got this because I love Tom Holland and Spider-Man. Well..there is one thing..this has the person who played Spider-Man before Tom and I’m sure many of Tom Holland lovers don’t enjoy this. It is pretty old and has people who played Spider-Man in like 2013...please add new pics.
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2 years ago, SolarFlamesVIP
I love this app bc I can use the wallpapers for Facebook and whatever else I want it’s such a good app if you read this review then I recommend you download this app
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5 years ago, Mulah Gurl
I’ve always been really big fan of Spider-man ever since the first movie came out but as time went by I couldn’t find any apps that reach my expectations until I stumbled upon this ABSOLUTELY TERRIFIC wallpaper app.
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7 years ago, Riddyn
This app has quality wallpapers and cheap ways to get a bunch of them! Not to mention, it is easy to get free wallpapers just for watching videos! I recommend this app for Spider-Man fans who are looking for some free HD wallpapers!
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4 years ago, themcdougaldcolt
Greatest app ever
I really love this app because I love Spiderman wallpapers and it gives me all the ones I need or want. I really wish they’d upload more apps like this. This app has been a blessing from Apple.
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3 years ago, Nichzasrs
This app is very cool
This app is cool but when I rate it it won’t let me go in the next one it worked when I subscribed well that’s weird
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2 years ago, helpful wallpaper app
I was looking for an app just like this that has Spider-Man but I just couldn’t find one until I found this
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3 years ago, qwertyui0polkujyhtvdvnk yimgu
I love these wallpaper ideas. They are so fun and creative. I am such a Spider-Man fan that I choose different wallpapers for my phone from this app every week.
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4 years ago, Osmanello
Pls make all free
I want them to make all of the wallpapers free because now it's hard to get money while theres a virus and its hard for my father to get online money
Show more
5 years ago, bossatron600
Looooooove it
Been messing around for three seconds and already have a lock screen wallpaper and a home screen paper absolutely love it
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