Head Soccer

4.7 (89.4K)
209.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
D&D Dream Corp.
Last update
7 months ago
Version OS
9.0 or later
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User Reviews for Head Soccer

4.73 out of 5
89.4K Ratings
4 years ago, mwg y
I love this game... as you read the title i have cried from this game... (currently crying as i type) i love this game, ive been playing this game sense my childhood. Later on i forgot about this game, i got it back 2 days ago and i had such a nostalgic moment there... now the reason this game made me cry (not in a happy way) was because of the mode “fight mode!” I was playing it and i was trying to beat it... i got to the golf man (im pretty sure he’s the last one) and in the first attempt, i had 17% left and he had 15% left i was about to use my power, but then all of a sudden it says K.O!! (The man who throws weapons didnt have one thrown and the golf man didnt have his power) and it turns out that it was me who died... i starting tearing up thinking i was not gonna get there again... i use a revive (1 left) i do worse than last time but i manage to cut the ties with me having 6% and him having 22% i was like, just gotta use my power and we win... the ball hits me as i equip my power, KO with my health still at %6... i lose another chance to win again... i start raging and on mg last attempt (no more revives left) i completely lose... So what im trying to say is... can u please fix that bug? I noticed the bug before but i threw it off because i wasnt on the last stage... but if it happens against him??? Thats bad plz fix it
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6 years ago, Pitallas
Great Game For a Long Time
This game has improved so much and I’m liking the characters and power ups so far but there should be some control on the power shots where you can actually reverse and not just make the character disappear. I was thinking if your gonna make the character disappear like the new characters seem to have different styles of power ups, they should have some limit in making the character disappear if the character saves two power ups. I was also thinking an add in buying skill points in DEFENSE at the shop. For those people who struggle with getting hit lots of times with power strikes you won’t get sent flying or disappear out of the stage. A very neat thing would be EVOLVING the old characters or any character who doesn’t have multiple rating stars because I like the first characters too as much as the new ones and they deserve some upgrades in looks and power ups as well and that would change the minds of people of not just wanting to choose the newest characters like always. Please take my suggestions into consideration. Overall you guys have made one of my favorite games even cooler and entertaining.
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5 years ago, Joseph Al-enezi
Pay soccer
This game is fun to play but to get new characters that is the problem, to unlock new characters there is 2 ways , fist is to pay , pay a lot , like really a lot , to unlock some characters you will need a big amount of points, how to get that ? Of course pay for a good characters you will need points equal to 20$ , however there are an op ‘over powerd’ characters and to unlock theme you will need to double the price of coure , maybe you’re asking yourself why don’t get the points from the challenges in the game without paying, unfortunately that is won’t do it even if you are expert in the game challenges won’t give you enough points to even play some mods in the game ! , like if you hoping to play a mod called death you play with strong op characters and you will have to defeat 8 characters each after another without getting yourself even one defeat , and if that happens you will have to either play the whole stage again or pay 5000 points, asking yourself again why do i need to play this mod ? Because at some point of the game when you want to play with new characters the game tells you that you must finish death mod ! , and if you choose the second way to unlock character which is to do the characters challenge, that’s will be a big problem for you most character challenges are just insane tells you to do something are mostly impossible for you to do , it seems like the game are just pushing you to pay more !,
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6 years ago, Tommy C boss
Borderline pay to win.
This game is not very good to put it bluntly. Why? The reason why is because certain aspects of the game like upgrading your character takes a very long time (later on) and the fact that to unlock Asura, a very good character, you have to beat him in certain ways. However, one of the ways is you need to beat him once by getting more than 10 goals. This wouldn’t be a pain besides the fact that every time you want to battle Asura, you need to pay 50,000 points. This is stupid. Every time you want to try to play him, you see a 50,000 point paywall to even play against him. Although there is an option of watching an ad to play against him for free, this is stupid as well. The reason why watching an ad on purpose is stupid is because every time you lose trying to beat him, you need to wait for an ad cooldown. You build up so much adrenaline while playing against him, until you lose or don’t get an arcade achievement to unlock him, then you waste 4 minutes waiting to battle him again. I feel like the system of paying points to battle a character is stupid and flawed. And i feel that the upgrades get a little too expensive eventually. If you want this game, consider that you will get very aggravated while trying to unlock a character or upgrading your abilites. UPD: i have finally unlocked Asura. it took way too long.
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6 years ago, Yiohu
I LOVE this game
This game was my childhood, I used to play it every day after school. Just recently it popped into my mind and I redownloaded it. Let me tell you, this game is so fun!!! It’s tough at first, and many of the reviews are complaining about overpowered characters, but that’s the fun in the game, plus I have a guide to get up to that “over powered” level. First, I start by unlocking Argentina, the one with the fire dragon shot, you on lock them by winning against 12 characters in the arcade without using your power shot, relatively easy. Next, I use them to unlock Germany by beating 12 arcade characters without letting them score a goal, a tough challenge, but definitely doable. Germany is probably one of the best characters in the game imo, if you jump and use his shot, it’s almost certain to go in. From there you could unlock Spain to unlock India, to dominate fight mode, or you could just win league after league and rack up points. Honestly, the game is pretty hard without a mid tier character like Germany, but once you get going, it’s hard to stop. TL;DR unlock Argentina so you can unlock Germany, a character who makes the game easier.
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6 years ago, ReatiaryMink_671
A Frustrating... but Fun Game!
The game is fun you can collect characters,hats,costumes,and pets! I loved this game when costumes and pets were not a thing yet. So when I downloaded back there were new characters,hats,and modes. It’s really hard to unlock most of the characters but some are easy... There are sometimes when a character is able to be unlocked when you watch a certain amount of ads and I liked that. The new fight mode is hard I finally got a pet after how many tries but after I kept playing it got more easier. The pets are really expensive! I mean like 3million points for a baby chick!? I mean it’s already hard to unlock a pet why make them even harder to get? Next are the hats I mean I know some can do damage to your enemy but an afro for just 300,000p I mean it doesn’t sound like much but i mean like it’s really hard to get a lot of points. I like how they add new characters and other things over time, so keep up the good work. But the reason why I say it’s frustrating is because when you lose to much times you can get mad and bugs are the most reason. When I use this wrestling guy I get kicked out of survival sometimes. But it’s a great game keep up the good work!!
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2 years ago, ndjdksnhrosmdbdksndbbdkdjd
This game is perfection.
This game has been and will forever be my favorite mobile game. The fact that this game is still getting updated many years later makes me ecstatic, I really appreciate the effort over all these years. I see other reviewers writing about how expensive everything is in the game and makes the game pay-to-play, but I STRONGLY disagree. although the prices are staggering and I will not deny that (newer characters costing $60-90+), it is simply not the point to buy the characters with real money. Buying them is only a second option that is not at all necessary, the beauty of this game is the endless challenges to obtain new characters, never allowing you to be bored. Yes, of course many of the challenges are difficult and time consuming, but I would much rather have a game that challenges me over a game that has no difficulty, theres no reward in that. Reward in Head Soccer is so satisfying, after obtaining a character you once thought impossible to unlock, now ready to be played by you is a feeling like no other. Thank you, Head Soccer.
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5 years ago, BrennenReviews
Masterpiece 😁
This game is really fun if you either have a lot of free time (say, on a plane) or if you just like sports. That being said, there are some things that need to be fixed. First, my friends found this one thing in the mini games, that if you mess up and leave it is possible to start at the beginning again. That makes it really easy and people starting to play will get the wrong idea. Second, (and this is my opinion) the baseball mini game is way too hard. I play on fight to get the characters, and I can never do the baseball one. Finally, I think there should be more online options, and a ranking system.I know this is hard, but when you get all the characters it’s kinda boring just to do the same things over again. Overall this is a really good game. To anyone who is just scrolling through the reviews you need to get this. Thanks for reading my review and have a good day/night/evening.
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6 years ago, Bersmuel
Great Game But Frustrating
Head soccer is definitely a good time waster and I could spend hours upon hours playing it, but there are a few things that make me want to delete the game. One of the problems I have with this game is that the CPU’s are just unnecessarily hard and almost impossible to beat. This is why I can never win death mode. Another problem I have with this game is the point system and unlocking things. A majority of the characters are impossible to unlock and you don’t get nearly enough points to unlock anything. The challenges they make for some of the characters I know they purposely make impossible so you either never get them or you have to pay for points. The last complaint I have is that the controls are terrible and sometimes don’t even work. I have an iPhone XS and the screen for the game isn’t nearly big enough. It doesn’t have to fit the whole screen but already full it up 75%. The buttons are so small that sometimes I hit the wrong one and most of the time the jump button doesn’t even work. I hope you take these in to consideration. Thank you!!!!
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5 years ago, Dmnb
Great Game but it could be Better
Why does everything cost so much? If were to download the game today it is going to be hard beat everyone because they keep adding new characters. I have been playing this game for the past 2+ years and I was hear when there was no Asura (I think thats how you spell it). I just think that if u are going to make things very expensive give us a better reward when we win. I understand stand the game has to make money but don’t punish the people who grind the game out. I actually unlocked a lot of characters when I had my old phone. But when it got stolen I downloaded the game again but I didn’t have any of my favorite characters to play with. Another thing is that we should be able to modify the power ups for a few of the old characters. For example the first character instead of just a regular power shot he should either jump and shoot on an angel. And we the player should make that choice in that moment. It keeps the focus and the competitiveness of the game intact.
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3 years ago, Cool dude53578😎
AMAZING, but a few flaws
This is a very fun and addicting game that I would definitely recommend. There are a few flaws tho. First, is the way you unlock characters. For me it is pretty difficult (but not impossible) to unlock new characters. I’ve loved this game when I was a kid and I almost had all the characters but I got a new device and it didn’t save. I just got it back a few days ago and it’s been fun trying to get them all back. Maybe make the game less hard to unlock characters? Anyways it’s still a great game and I think you should download it. You may want to spend a couple dollars to get Thanos or hulk! The other thing is death mode. I think it should be 5,000 points every revive and it doesn’t go up the higher stage you are. Also its kinda frustrating when you spend 1 hour getting to stage 21 then you lose 2 times and you go back down to stage 1. Maybe make it easier to get that far???Anyways, thanks for making this game developers and I hope to see more updates in the future! 👍
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7 years ago, Eider897207
I place 5 stars to be seen, but I would give it none if I could. I had this game back when I was in high school (5 years ago) when the game was developing. Me and many other of my friends were addicted to this game as to how friendly and easy it was to compete tournaments or get new characters. Of course there was always challenges when we wanted to achieve more rare things or characters. However, I got a new phone and didn’t really download the game until now. I admire how far the game has come but now it’s nowhere to be friendly, is really rare for me to win a battle without fighting an over powered character. I stayed determined and kept pushing on trying to win anything for the past month but I’m still at square one with nothing achieved. This game has a huge potential but there’s no way newcomers can enjoy been beaten non stop specially for those that have never heard of this game before.
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2 years ago, Bob5914
Amazing game but it would be so so so much better if you updated like the special effects.
I have been playing this game for so long and I absolutely enjoy it very much. But the thing that I would recommend for the company to do is to update the game more. And I’m not just talking about adding new characters. I think you should update like the way you play the game. Maybe add new effects or change the platform of the controls in the game to make it look more modern and up to date. Like the way that you have the platforms in head basketball look newer and more up to date than the controls for head soccer. If you guys would do this, I am 1000% certain that the game will be so so much better. Please D & D company please do this. It would make me and a lot more users very happy. :)
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2 years ago, aarrghghhh
I used to play this game a lot when I was younger and I loved it. I recently remembered it existed so i redownloaded it to find that there are a lot of new characters that weren’t there when I played before. They all have powers and costumes that make it nearly impossible to win because they make you disappear, fly in the air, etc. So even if you happen to block the shot you get scored on anyway because you aren’t even on the field. It is extremely frustrating because, in order to get other characters, you have to play in the tournament against characters waaayyy above your level. Their powers are too over the top and its so unrealistic to beat them with lower level characters, but you cant earn the better characters without beating the impossible ones because we never get put against the normal ones in the tournament anymore. With that, I can’t even upgrade my character because everything cost so much and it takes forever to gain points especially when it is impossible to win. PLEASE FIX THIS OR I WILL DELETE THE GAME AGAIN.
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6 years ago, Grisly33
This game is very fun and the different aspects of it are cool but there are so many bugs and I want to either break my phone or delete the game. I have some great characters for example India but sometimes it’s just impossible. I was playing survival on round 58 and I go up against the guy who’s power shoots underground then comes up, when he uses it and right where it comes up is where my pet is. The ball glitches and disappears, I thought it would just respawn but I looked and saw that it was under the arrows buttons just sitting there so I had to back out and go back in and when I did the other guy had full health again, I didn’t. The glitch then happened again and I had to go back out and do it again the guy again was back at full health and I was at three. He scores one then I finally beat him but now I’m at two lives in round 59 and I end up losing. I was so frustrated I contemplated deleting the game and probably will. That is just one of the many bugs but please, FIX YOUR GAME.
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6 years ago, Djjdhsjjs
Cheating game (reasons below)
- computer runs down clock while it’s winning, sometimes even when the game just started, and the computer wins because it had more than 100 xp to start (part of the game, but computer exploits this advantage to make you lose by running out the clock) - computer makes you lose your costume/body attachment at the beginning of the match so you cannot use the advantage that comes with having it - computer does not acquire accurate amount of damage at times when you score a goal or attack it so as to stay alive longer and have an unfair advantage - computer makes you acquire more damage than normal to make you at a disadvantage with your health points - ball can sometimes go through your character in order for the computer to score a goal on you - computer character can become strong enough to become immune to your power so as to prevent the ball from going in, without having any costume/body attachment on - computer can make the ball more likely to go in your own net for an own goal, regardless of which ball is being played with - weapons thrown into the middle are less accurate for you when used on your opponent and very accurate when computer uses it on you - computer will pin you into your own goal until it gets power to cause damage - once powerful character such as the silicon valley character (golf) and czech republic character (baseball) are unlocked, they are not as strong as the computer characters And yet I’ve still won 54x
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7 years ago, 5@2585/@)."6:6".6.@6:7.
I am putting five star so it can be seen. I had this game a few months ago. I deleted it afterward, but before hand, I played a ton. I unlocked most characters and upgraded pretty much to max and got a few SS rank hats( which are really hard to get) I was forced to delete it to get a new phone. And when I did, I figured everything would save over from my old one, and it didn't. I then said, ok, there is an iCloud save button. So I hit the button, and it says "not save iCloud data" . I have no idea what that means, but it didn't save over. Later, I went into Game Center to see if my old data saved in there. I had a bunch of achievements that I had on my old phone. I just think it's a huge disappointment that it saves to gamecenter, but can't save in the game itself, even if I hit the 'iCloud' button. :/
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4 years ago, Just shamed
I have play this game almost 7yrs and still no new characters just the same old same characters and just few new characters. Also why pets? Y’all just made it worst. Who adds a pet in soccer game knowing trying to win doing achievement for example win without power up, jump, kick, and etc... plus the new characters are aggressive, their power are insane and impossible to counter attack. I can’t even do achievement on survival, head cup, death, and many more... because the new characters hurts us with their special move and not even touching the ball. It giving me stress and mental breakdown trying to complete achievements. The old version was better, easier, and fun. This game use to be fun it help me clam down, relaxed and made my day. Till the characters came insane and also and when are you going to add all the countries. There are 195 countries and y’all guys got 68 and 126 left to go I bet you y’all guys didn’t thought of that. I really am disappointed of you. Just try to make the game better at least.
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2 years ago, Soccergirl lina
Obvi you can guess from the title I love this game, this game is amazing and I am a soccer player so it’s fun to play. Since I’ve known about this game that was 4 years ago I have been addicted recently I made my brother addicted to this game too he loves it and tried to get me new characters. As of now two of us are In love with this soccer game. Me and my brother both play soccer in real life and really enjoy this game also how your guys characters powers are cool. My sister is also addicted like this but with the basketball version. I love this game dearly much and just now decided to write a review for it I don’t know why. But I love this game and I never want it to go away. Download this game it’s so much fun. I do sometimes get frustrated but I still play it. TRUST ME. IT GETS ADDICTING.
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3 years ago, Papi Jay 69
Its a good game but there is a few problems
This game is fun and I recommend it to everyone who downloads it but I used to play this game when I was in 7th grade now I’m a junior in high school but the characters weren’t OVERPOWERED back then I just reinstalled the game and now the characters special ability are just ridiculously overpowered like we can’t even encounter it and the new fight mode and death mode you have to use 5k points, Whats the point of that. And last thing is there is pets, there is this one pet that looks like a diglet from pokémon or if you don’t know what a diglet is I’ll say it looks like a groundhog but it sits in-front of the goal it’s like a goalie. My bad last thing for real this time hats there are some hats that are annoying and the only way you can win them is by like getting SS+ in survival
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4 years ago, Zachary Stichweh
EXCELLENT GAME! I just wish that the updates came sooner and they would expand the amount of game modes!!! PLEASE keep adding to this game! I think you could benefit and profit from maybe adding a season pass or monthly subscription like other games but make it .99 ¢ as opposed to 4:99 like other games. Maybe add custom skins for different characters and a leveling system with rewards. Also a character for winning fight mode without hurt would be a ridiculous challenge but well worth the payoff. Maybe a redesign of some of the original characters' powershots because theyre relatively weak compared to the new ones. Ive been playing this game for almost 6 years and still love it. Please dont stop adding to it, its your most successful game for a reason!!! Don't let it fall by the wayside please
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5 years ago, 5H4RK60DN4D0
Great game but frustrating and kinda unfair
This game is very entertaining I’ll give you that I highly recommend it if you like to pay to win or if you have a lot of time in your hands. I won’t lie I’m addicted I’ve known about this game for 4 or 5 years and it was great, it WAS great. For some huge fights you have to pay a lot of coins which is very hard to achieve and if you leave the game or lost the match you have to pay again until you win. But if you don’t care about having to use coins over and over again in recommend it. I love this game and I will never delete it but please try to fix the issue of paying over and over again. If you do care of wasting your coins then you should still get the game. THIS GAME MIGHT BE THE BEST DOWNLOAD I HAVE DOWNLOADED. THANK YOU FOR THIS WONDERFUL GAME.
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5 years ago, ChillSmart
To the guy who was talking about this being "Pay to Win"
Why Asura? There are so many other characters to unlock before that to make it much easier. For example, you can get into the amateur league for free and easily by just beating 33 characters. There you can unlock India, a great character. Also, Asira is hard to unlock for a REASON. If everyone was easy to unlock, then the game wouldn't be as fun, and everyone would have good characters. Plus, you get 50,000 points from playing fight mode and 30,000 for just the HEAD CUP! It isn't that hard to get points if you take the time to win one of these. The game isn't pay to win, and there aren't even ADS LIKE EVRY OTHER GAME IN THE APP STORE!!! Only optional ones. Honestly, this is so little a "problem" it's not even funny.
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1 year ago, Mathiaswoof
Head soccer
First of this game was most of my childhood. I have been playing this game since I was 4. So I’ve been playing this game for a really long time I really enjoy the head cup in this game and have won the head cup like 60 times. I remember the first Time I was on the podium it felt so good after never placing what I want this app to do is to make some double elimination tournaments because sometimes I barely lose to the guy that wins the tournament and he destroys every one else and I could have easily taken third place and probably a lot of people would like a double elimination tournament better than the single elimination tournaments. So I would appreciate it a lot if you guys would make a double elimination tournament
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2 years ago, jpconnelly13
Add a disable button?
Game is really fun and a journey to unlock all the creative characters. The one thing I would suggest is being able to add a disable button? To elaborate when I try to unlock a character I have to complete something without jump or kick etc. And sometimes I’m far into the journey when I accidentally press kick or jump or whatever button I’m not supposed to use even though I didn’t mean to! For a potential update I would suggest adding a feature where it won’t let you use the button specified and of course being able to turn it back on when you’re done completing your task. Just a thought, love the game!!
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1 year ago, sgmoose
Great game, horrible updates
The newest headsoccer characters are ridiculously impractical. This is one of the best apps in the app store, but for certain challenges they are literally impossible because of the messed up designs. I don’t know who made some of these characters but you can’t even play against them, especially with any restrictions. Certain advanced characters have power shots that last so long that it allows another power shot to load for them by the time the animation is finished. This means that they have unlimited power shots, and you can’t even play. Anytime they touch the ball it goes into a 10 second animation thats way too long and that happens 5 times and the game is over. It is an unbelievable issue that needs to be fixed. I don’t know if this was intended or not but I’ve played this game since it came out and it is ruining the game. Please fix this.
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6 years ago, BigB0311
Love, bb
To everyone at D&D Dream Corporation, thank you. You will never fully understand what this game means to me. I picked it up around 7th grade when it was EXTREMELY popular. After that i had deleted and re-downloaded it a couple of times. I always just keep coming back to it. I am now a juicy freshman in college and the game is the only one I have downloaded. There are too many aspects of the game that are overlooked. The amount of style and creativity and NUMBER of characters is insane. To their voice, their ultimate, their start up, everything. It breaks my heart to know that the game isn’t as popular as it once was. Everyone that took part in making this game should be very proud of what they have accomplished.
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5 years ago, Rista03
Game is Legendary ,But maybe new MIX mode ?
I really think this game can be improved and become much better with this feature: Characters are awesome there’s no doubt ,but you know I personally or maybe someone else can’t choose some characters between each other .Or maybe wanna play with both or with trhree characters at same challenge ( mode ), like : I REALLY LIKE 🇫🇮 FINLAND, 🇨🇷 COSTA RICA,FIJI, Asura and Pluto, and i know i can play them individually BUT i wanna make something like TEAM where i can put 3 or 4 characters, so i can change them next round if i want to, or to change them even in the game while its playing. I would much appreciate that feature as the next big thing in the game and most of other players too i think. I really thought about this idea and i think that it could be aded when some new update comes ! Soo then I can put my FAVORITE BEST CHARACTERS TOGETHER 🤩 . It could be called NEW MIX MODE ! The game is best in history by its category. But with this change it would be COMPLETE . ( At least for ME ) . I’ll NEVER delete it ❤️⚽️, it also represent big part of my childhood. Just so you now :)
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6 years ago, Noah Henning
Listen, I think that you have a really good game here and I almost always enjoy playing it, but there are a few bugs and things that I don’t like that I would like to talk about. First of all, there is this glitch where if you both run into the ball then the ball will go inside you, or the enemy. This is really annoying because either you own goal or get a free goal. Another thing I don’t like is that in tournaments at a low level, you can’t it’s really difficult to win any matches, they have overpowered power ups and on top of that you have a bad one. That’s really all I have to say and if you’re reading this please, FIX THIS.
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5 months ago, Nate Toll
Childhood nostalgia but can be your worse nightmare
I’ve played this game for so long and loved it I’ve been really good at it too….. until the new characters like they are cool and all but cmon after spending an hour in survival I was on stage 69 and lost to the best character in the game he scored ever single time he used his power it’s stupid like a power should help you score a goal or sometimes score one but not every dang time you use it and there powers reload way too fast… I’ve seen so many reviews on this game good ones too but they all talk about the same thing… THE NEW CHARACTERS ARE OP (and impossible to get) life was so much more simple when the the angry bird character was the last one in the game
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6 years ago, bignick321
A good game
This is a great and fun game to play. I have been playing this game since it first came out a few years ago, and I enjoy it even more now. But the reason I didn’t give the game a five star is for two reasons. The first one is something minor which is the in game price of helmets and other gadgets. The next thing that is a major flaw which is the constant crashing. I can not play the game while connected to WiFi, and even when I turn off the WiFi the game is inconsistent. Also it crashes when you change what game mode you are playing which is annoying because then it’s a fight to get back in the game to play. Other than those to flaws I love the game and would definitely suggest the game to anyone.
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6 years ago, KinggCee
Cash Grab app but okay
Over all okay game. In the early days the game was very fun and addictive. But the way it is now it’s just extremely unfair. To begin with, you start out with the worst character in the game, which Is okay. The problem is that every other character in the game is OP. They have hats that give you a really big disadvantage because you don’t have any and when you finally unlock hats and other players, it’s always the most useless and garbage ones. This game has turned Pay-to-Win and the moment you start playing you’ll realize right away that if you don’t spend real money, you’ll have a real stressful time. I was Very disappointed when I decided to re download this game. The game should definitely be tweaked so that it’s more fair and less of a cash grab. Until then I’ll leave this 2 star review just because the game is fun once you actually pay.
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4 years ago, scrappy7
Used to be one of my favorite apps
While this game has never been perfectly balanced, it has only gotten less and less “fair” over time. New characters almost always have super kicks that are nearly impossible to counter. Hats not only often have overpowered effects, but will also provide unreasonable stat boosts. Pets and body equips are (currently) less overpowered but ultimately serve to make the game even less fair. Lastly, while many of the character unlock challenges were difficult before, there are some that I am convinced are completely impossible now. All of this makes playing the actual game more frustrating than fun. I can’t recommend that anyone play this game in its current state unless you are a full on masochist. 2 Stars because the early stages of arcade mode are probably still fun.
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3 years ago, El TacoWaco
Thank you!
I’ve played this game since I was only 6 I had so much fun I got back into it a year ago and I’m so glad I did this game is perfect when you have that little time in the day making a minute last 10 in one game but nowadays almost all free games make you pay to remove ads after every game but this game doesn’t the nostalgia made it even better but as much as I do love this game that doesn’t mean It can be improved at times it does feel like it’s a Pat to win game but it doesn’t really matter to me if you’re new and want to try it out I recommend it and have a good day.
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3 years ago, Fortnite lover lol
I remember playing this game before when I was about 7 and now I’m 14 , I know not a big difference but I was scrolling through the App Store when this game caught my eye . I remembered when I used to play it and it was so fun , I downloaded it right now and it’s a masterpiece . I suggest it , it’s super fun with really powerful characters and the game mechanics are easy to use . I also seen some people say “ Pay To Win “ I didn’t find it pay to win , I found it easy because if you download the app called “ boom tank” you get this really powerful character and it makes it super easy to get other powerful characters so it’s not pay to win .
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3 years ago, coc aint good
I love this game so much iv been playing since i was a little kid and i took breaks from now and then but still enjoy it. Although some characters are just really hard such panama. Im not saying to change the way to unlock them but to add new characters that are easier. I also suggest to not keep adding over powered characters and to add a bit of the bad characters to the game like Thailand or Korea to make the game more balanced and not known for only over powered characters. And finally the death mode is extremely long i would like for it to drop a few stages
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6 years ago, gfghhgfggbvv
Stop adding more soccer players
They are so difficult to beat they have power that when it hits you can’t move and lots of bugs I was in survival round 80 fighting the robot and I wanted to know what will happen if I reach round 100 and then when I passed the robot at level 80 I got to 81 and it made fight the most hardest soccer player (before the last soccer player) and I had 8 and he had 9 he completely destroyed me with the speed power like every time I use my power he gets a new one and so on and unfortunately I lost because his power kept throwing of the stadium. So please when your making an update don’t add more soccer players PLEASE THEY ARE SO HARD TO BEAT. Thank you for reading.
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1 year ago, tastysandwich_
Don’t Redownload This Game.
I, like many of you, discovered this game years ago. It was a gem among the early mobile games, with clear progression and a fun and rewarding game loop that kept you coming back, because your skill at the game mattered. The developers ruined this game. Modern characters and store options have added an ungodly amount of power creep. A newer character’s power not only will be nearly uncounterable, but will also give the character excessive power before they’ve even gotten the ball for their power shot. You won’t be able to enjoy this game like how you used to. Don’t redownload this game. Leave it in your memory as a nice nostalgic memory of old mobile games. Try to win some tournaments to get more characters, or any of the new game modes that CHARGE YOU TO PLAY, you will see what I mean immediately.
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6 years ago, nightcloud101
Awesome game but...
Ok I fell in love with this game instantly, I play it so much. There are downsides to this though. 1, the players are way over priced and the things they tell you to do to get them, except for the Cameroon and Alien guy it’s like impossible. 2, when the other person scores with power and I try to block with my power when the ball comes out it uses up my power which is frustrating!!!!!!. Overall though this Is an awesome game to play. also may I ask if we can change difficulty levels. Easy, Medium, Hard, Pro, MLS, would be the levels and you could choose what you want.
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5 years ago, Kaizer284
Good idea, very poorly executed
I used I love this game cuz it’s simple and fun, but as you progress you realize it’s terrible and incredibly frustrating. 1) Controls are very finicky and you can’t move around nearly as well as the AI can 2) All of the AI you play against are better than you can ever be, and and it’s not really about them being more or less difficult, just more or less stupid. They will do some impossible trick shot and then score on themselves twice in a row 3) after the first few upgrades, it becomes ridiculously expensive so you can’t really improve your character anymore. 4) Your “power” is almost useless because half the time you use it, it ether gets countered or the ball ends up in you own net. It will lead to you scoring about a tenth of the time Overall, I like the simplicity but it’s not something you can relax and enjoy
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1 year ago, travis bacteria
Game is glitched
I love this game it was part of my childhood growing up. But as of right now 2023 june 8th the game crashes when you’re connected to Wi-fi or have your data on Iphone. The only way to play it is to have both of those options off which is not the best considering you have to get notifications/messages of any app. And as soon as i turn the wifi or data on even if i’m mid march the game will crash and close. Please fix this. Another thing i dislike is how arcade has to be so grindy that when you unlock a new character either by buying with points (which is 100,000…) or by defeating other opponents, you can only go against the first characters. Basically starting from 0 with any new character you obtain.
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4 years ago, the1234 nick has to change
Head soccer very helpful comment
I have a few words for this game ITS! THE! BEST! GAME! I HAVE EVER PLAYED other then Minecraft , I love this game you literally don’t even have to pay to upgrade your pet the upgrades for the character are nice and cheap not like regular games that make you upgrade 16 times for no differences then upgrade for the rest. I’m not even getting sick of the game yet. I recommend this game to every person who has low storage this game even saves when you delete it. You should definitely get this game. This would probably be the only game you would wont on your phone.
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2 years ago, Loniedos
The best 2d soccer game but has changed
I remember playing this for hours but stopped when I finished everything. I would download it every now and then and enjoyed some new things but the characters have became cheesy and pay to win some are basically unblockable and I can’t imagine playing against them as a beginner I have fun playing tournaments until I see a flag I have no idea is supposed to be and has the flashiest over the top ability that actually eats up time I remember actually scoring and not depending on having an unstoppable goal fest. Look up older videos of this game people actually had playstyles that people had to adapt to now I find myself picking a OP character to actually complete challenges
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2 years ago, IXI Levy IXI
No other game as timeless as this one
I LOVE how they never updated the graphics, adds to the nostalgia from playing this 6+ years ago. Came back to this game and it is as good or even better than it was before. Lots of new game modes and characters! Last time I played there was only half of the roster that they have now and half as much game modes. I love how extremely hard it is to unlock some character. Makes it so much more satisfying getting them! I hope this game never stops seeing updates this game is timeless.
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5 years ago, headsoccerveteran
You are not entitled to give up and cry about pay 2 win.
This game scams for characters, but one of the best characters in the game can be unlocked without paying for anything. Play arcade in a specific way, and you will get the character. From there, you can unlock even better characters, which also allows you to unlock more characters. I have unlocked most beginner characters before asura, and i have also unlocked Vietnam (one of the best and latest characters to be added) and Honduras, and Bolivia, and Philippines. In less than one month.
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2 years ago, GabrielAra
Buttons bug
So I’ve been playing head soccer forever, I stopped playing and I just got back, but now my buttons aren’t working anymore. Whenever I load up the game, I have to click somewhere around the buttons to get where I need to go. And in game I can’t control my players as well as I wished because the buttons just don’t cooperate. I know it’s not my internet or anything like that. I just had a question if it is the game or if it might just be my device (iPhone 11). I love this game, I just had this situation happen and it’s made it hard to play it. Thank you!
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2 years ago, wormcol
About this game
It used to be a great game when I first played it in 2013, and it continued to be a great game for a while. I decided to get back into it recently, but now there’s a bunch of extremely unbalanced characters that an inexperienced player, or one who’s stats are low, will find nearly impossible to counter. You can start a tournament with low stats and encounter an opponent jumping high enough to get on top of a net. I even played a match against a bot who’s power bar would fill immediately after they finished using their power move. The game is good but I think this is a huge issue. I give it two stars, but if the opponents were balanced better the game would be an easy five stars.
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2 years ago, Myrikal18
New characters too OP
I’ve been playing this game for I don’t even know how long. Long enough to remember when there was only like 12 characters. Over time as new characters were added, there was a solid balance of powers. But now new characters have up to 3 different powers they can use, not to mention blocking them is confusing since there’s so much happening I can’t even see where the ball is. In trying to make new characters with new powers, the developers made a good number of them too annoying to play against. There’s hard and then there’s stupid. That’s the level these new characters are at. Leveling up used to be tough but now it’s not even worth the effort.
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4 years ago, fat_narggr
skill based mobile game? heck yeah
my cousin showed me this game a few years back and decided to install it again. for the first few opponents you don’t really know what you signed up for in Head Soccer, but then the difficulty turns up very high very fast. if you look past the fun whacky visuals, the game is fairly hard but practicing is addicting. the patterns to learn and upgrades to get really make you feel like you’re improving. this is one of if not the best mobile games out there and these developers are really on top of things
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4 years ago, this is a great game buti
A good game until you have to pay to win
I think this game is so much fun! Except for when you need to PAY to win. What I mean is, you need to play for so long just to get enough points to upgrade your character. For example, you have to play a bunch of times just to get enough points for a level three in speed. And for Asura (or whatever his name is) YOU HAVE TO LITERALLY PAY POINTS TO PLAY AGAINST HIM! And to complete the game you have to unlock all the characters on the left. Well guess what you have to do every time...YOU HAVE TO PAY TO PLAY WITH ASURA EVERY TIME! It gets annoying. I have a friend that also has this game and he says it’s hard to get certain things in the game and that he never has enough points. If you like wasting your time and money on points, this game is perfect for you 🙄
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