HealthEquity Mobile

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2 months ago
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User Reviews for HealthEquity Mobile

4.2 out of 5
3.1K Ratings
2 years ago, HRodz05
I like the app, however, if a service provider claims that they have yet to receive their payment, the feature to see the address details for each payment made is no longer available, making me have to call to verify details rather than quickly checking myself. Please reinstate that feature. Also the investing feature is confusing. I receive notification that a transaction is pending as if I need to do something, yet, when I log in, there is nothing for me to do. So I am not sure if transactions are being completed/handled. Thanks
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2 years ago, YouKnowItIKnowIt
Needs an overhaul
Unfortunately my company uses woke-named “HealthEquity”. The app works in a sense, but leaves way too much to be desired. It’s slow, frequently crashes, difficult to navigate, barely performs the essential functions. Want to submit a claim? Well, the app will replace the provider’s name with your own after submission, corrupting up your claim history. Can you correct it in app or online? Absolutely not. Need to attach a receipt? Better take a photo first because the app forces a square aspect ratio. Once your receipt is attached, time to submit for reimbursement. Wait, the app froze on submission and won’t respond despite waiting? Time to force kill. Want to look at claim history? You have to dig through the menus to find it. While you’re digging through those menus, you’re waiting for the app to respond to your screen taps. Now the app is unresponsive. Time to force kill and start over. Oh, the app submitted the claim twice? Well, time to login online and navigate who different screens, using different lexicon for the same concepts, in order to void the claim. I’m not sure how any of these basic features were released in this state. Did you even perform functional analysis? Did you perform heuristic analysis of usability? As a reference, the PayFlex app is very basic, but responsive and functional. Take a look at the competition and learn what makes them successful.
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2 years ago, Ms.Pippy
Going downhill!
Hello, just wanted to drop a note about my experience over the past few months with this app. I used to absolutely love this because I can quickly access all my remaining bills after insurance and pay my doctors from my HRA, HSA etc. but as of late, the app has not been working. I called in for assistance and was told that there is nobody there that actually manages the app and make sure it is updated and working. I find this very odd and concerning. It took until now for my funds for this fiscal year to finally post but I still am not able to actually use those funds from the app to make payments like I have been able to do for the past two years. This is very frustrating! The same guy that told me no one monitors the app suggested I pay at the time of service! No thank you! I want to see the items and what I owe before I pay, it prevents outstanding balances and overpayments. He then said I could pay online with a computer instead of using the app but the funds will still not process, I get an error message every time I submit with a number to call (that I called) with no resolve. Basically be advised, you may not be able to actually use your money. 😔
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4 months ago, NeedABudgetNow
Worst app I’ve experienced in years
Health Equity is used by my employer so I’m stuck with them unless I chose not to renew my HSA contributions next year. Which is very likely at this point. Beyond the fact that it took them nearly a year to tell me a particular transaction wasn’t approved because my policy start date was almost 2 months after I started my job, and the transaction occurred 4 days too early, leaving me with no option other than to reimburse them and lose the money because it’s now too late to pay anything from 2022 (everything else has been paid already)…. This app is horrible. It’s not easy to navigate. It seems like it should be fairly straightforward and intuitive. But on the off chance you can find what you’re looking for or get any of the functionality to open when you click on it, when you try to upload or attach documentation you’ll be met with frequent error messages and pages of blank information. The website through any browser is just as bad. This is by far the worst app I’ve used or had the experience of using for as long as I can recall. Makes you wonder what the motivation is behind not improving it.
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7 months ago, Radish Man
Use a web browser on a desktop computer instead of the iOS app
For about ten years, I have had my HSA at HealthEquity. I usually use a web browser on a desktop computer to access my account. As a test, I decided to use the iPad app today to submit several receipts for card transactions at a doctor. I had already scanned the receipts and placed them in a folder on my iCloud account. The steps to submit the first receipt were not as simple as on the desktop. For example, the list of card transactions showed the date that the doctor actually “applied” the payment, not the date of my appointment. The worst part of using the iPad app was that after I successfully submitted the first receipt, the program sends the user back to the “More” page where you got started. The user then needs to drill back down into the submit a receipt page to submit another receipt. Never again am I going to use this app for this task. I am going back to the web site with my desktop computer.
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2 years ago, KaylaIng
This is the SLOWEST and BUGGIEST app I have. It is painful for me to use. I usually have to try 3-4 times to get a reimbursement request submitted because it will freeze or crash that often during use. I’ve had it for years and it has only had mild improvements during that time. If it wasn’t chosen for me by my employer, I would delete it in a heartbeat. The pop up menu takes 10+ seconds to load each time, if it even does. The list of Providers only loads half the time. It crashes after submission the other half. There’s little to no information about the status of a claim or when it will actually be reimbursed. It has a generally good concept behind it, but the execution is terrible. Submitting a claim should take me only about a minute, but it usually takes at least 10 with all the bugs. Each selection will often freeze, have no options to choose from, or cause the app to crash completely.
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3 years ago, StephenTX214
Do they have a QA group?
I am an actual user (not a competitor as another review claims), and this is by far the most incompetently designed and executed app I have ever seen. I submit a claim or two every month, and every time I try to use this app first in hopes they’ve finally fixed it. Yet every month, it’s broken in completely new and “interesting” ways that force me back to the web site yet again. It is obvious nobody at HealthEquity has ever actually used their app and there is no QA being done; they just dump it on the users (trapped by their employer’s choice, which makes the competitor comment bizarre) and let them report what doesn’t work. And for every bug they do eventually fix, they break three more things. Use the web site instead, and from a desktop since it doesn’t work on a tablet/phone any better than the app does. Its workflow is almost as nonsensical, but at least you can actually get things done after a banging your head against the wall enough times.
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2 years ago, ZardozCodes
UX fail
New UI is terribly unusable. The old one was significantly easier to use. No point making it look pretty if it’s harder to get tasks done. Why wouldn’t you default the service end date to the service start date when the start date is changed? Why force entry for a provider billing address if I’m going to reimburse myself? Maybe ask first in the flow. Why force a dollar entry on the final reimbursement screen when it’s already there twice. At least default it. Why does the receipt attach camera capture want to force crop to a square? Have you ever received a perfectly square receipt? I haven’t. Why is the receipt image shown rotated 90 degrees from the capture angle? Why not allow multiple selects from the expenses list when requesting reimbursement? Or at least refresh the list reimbursement status when returning to it from the reimbursement flow. I could go on.
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3 years ago, appledad05
Getting Better
I like the new look of the app. I don’t ever look at reviews that say “worst app ever” or something to that effect. If you’re going to leave a review be constructive and provide actual feedback. The developers can’t do anything with “worst app ever”. The look and feel are nice. I like the popover from the plus button a nice look. I like seeing my total contributions on the main screen. I will take thing here that is frustrating to me. When I get emails from you about my employers contribution or my employee contribution you should have the amounts that were added. I know that has nothing to do with the app, but it’s a frustrating thing for me. I like how much easier and clearer it is to add expenses and look at expenses. Over all nice job.
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1 year ago, dkapenxusnalcornxox aheicpxn
Clunky and confusing
Like others, I have issues with lists only auto-populating occasionally, leaving me to re-enter provider information for nearly every expense. I also find the app confusing to use. I’ll request a reimbursement, see that the available account balance has been decreased by the amount of the reimbursement request, see that the reimbursement shows as paid under the expense list, see that the reimbursement does NOT appear in the list of completed transactions or pending transactions, and see that if I go to “View Details” for a supposedly- paid claim there are still three active buttons for that expense: “reimburse me”, “pay”, and “mark as closed.” So I never quite know if I’ve entered the information correctly until the money actually shows up in my bank account.
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2 years ago, cnp8119
Incredibly frustrating
I cannot express enough hope much I dread this app. Receipts must be attached to every transaction (which is ridiculous when the card emails me every time my insurance is used, whether the card was used or not... you would think they could just match things up), but that’s fine. Except that every time I tap “attach document” the app closes itself out and I have to log back in and try again. I have about six transactions I need to attach receipts to today, and I’ve logged in 7 times and only been able to attach one. I guess since they have all the power in the relationship—because if we don’t attach the receipts, they’ll just shut out cards down, and since our company chooses the FSA host so we cannot just change to a better one—they don’t feel any incentive to improve this for us. Seriously frustrating.
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3 years ago, ~CC~ in WI
Garbage app
This app is terrible. How does a person upload documents almost a year ago that payments get processed and now you say those documents are no longer sufficient? Now I need to include an itemized bill for approval or you need to pay us back? Why am I the only person on the account for services when I have dependents under the dental portion of my insurance? Why are the documents I uploaded all of the sudden blurry? Why can’t I attach documents to past payments- it says filter and nothing shows up? If this is the company that you employer uses, do your self a HUGE favor and stay in control of your own money by putting it away in your own bank or another company you can choose and investigate. After all it is YOUR money and it shouldn’t be this hard to JUSTIFY your payments on medical expenses!! Just garbage!
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4 months ago, Jason Mark
Buggy and clunky
Log in submit reimbursement sometimes it shows up. Some times it doesn’t. Sometimes you get a keyboard sometimes you don’t. Sometimes you submit something three times before it shows up and it shows up twice. I went through hassle of adding provider with lots of info so I don’t have to add it every time but it doesn’t show up later. Instead one of my kids names shows up instead. Which I suppose makes sense (in a weird badly programmed way) because when I entered my kids they didn’t show up until I restarted app, then they showed up fine. All the time stuff doesn’t fit on the screen so you’re scrolling for basic buttons. Checkboxes don’t look like checkboxes so you end up missing stupid things you have to check every time “yes send the 5th thing I’m getting a reimbursement for to my checking account, just like the prior four.” Stupid “I agree” checkboxes all over the place that don’t look like checkboxes. Desktop is much easier. Still has some stupid stuff but at least it seems tested and like the people who designed it have actually used a desktop computer.
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10 months ago, Johnthunder
Good, but could be better
Overall, the app is very useful for keeping track of my health spending. I like the notifications for when my card is used. However, the app is slow and take a minute to load, especially when first opening the app. I also wish I could see my “transactions that need attention” in the app like I can online. It’s annoying to have to log in online when I’ve got the app on my phone.
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3 years ago, MBRO95
QA A/B testing...I think not
StephanTX214 said it best, I couldn’t phrase it better myself considering his review and his comments on another 5-star review (HOW IN THE WORLD, btw). The old app was an absolute crapshoot but it kinda worked and was MUCH more streamlined than this new version. The providers storage/logging/database (idk what to call it cause it never worked) has never and still does not store information on previous providers that would make it much easier to submit claims. Most folks see the same care providers...I, for one, LOVE entering the same information over and over again for each claim. I can’t even begin to describe how much of a step backwards the new app is... 1) Cluttered UI 2) Terrible user journey to submit a claim 3) Terrible user experience 4) What’s a pop-out? (Sarcasm) This is the most outdated component I’ve seen. 5) Throw all the information you can at me, in tiny font. Yes, it’s productive for me to look at. I get lost in the sauce of my HSA every time I open this app. It oozes with creativity, and practicality. The streamlined nature of it is truly remarkable. Do you guys do ANY SAT/QA/A-B testing? Surely, NO ONE would’ve chosen this new layout over the old. Jeez o man this is a shameful development shop.
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3 years ago, DNCRGRLJO
Better but not perfect yet
I believe when you leave a review, it offers suggestions of how to improve. When I see reviews of “it’s the worst app in the world” it’s unhelpful and probably a competitor trying to lower scores or someone that doesn’t actually want you to fix anything. This new app is a big improvement from the old one. I’d like to see easier filtering for “expenses”. but balances, investments and uploads are greatly improved. Login works great and thanks for fixing the face scanner. I look forward to further improvements.
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2 years ago, Sefo[w]
Just not good
I do not understand how this app is rated so highly. Simple things like capturing receipts and submitting claims just don’t work. Simple workflows are convoluted and buttons look like simple labels. Whomever designs this app either hates their customers or just doesn’t understand good UX design. All of this is applicable if you can even get the app to work. Submitting expenses causes freezes. Eventually it starts to ask you if you want to remain active and even if you say yes it keeps popping up asking. Eventually it logs you out and you lose everything. I haven’t been able to submit one reimbursement via the app. Please spend sometime testing this thing before you push it out for people to use. Folks funds are locked behind this garbage. Do better.
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2 years ago, dolphin2450
Confusing to Manage
Functionally, I love using health equity for the investment side of my HSA. For what it’s actually supposed to be used for, (health payments) I find it to be extremely confusing and buggy. It’s not clear how expenses, documentation, claims, payments, and reimbursement actually work together. I’m scared that I won’t have documented a payment/reimbursement correctly and that I’ll face issues with the IRS down the road because of this. The receipt capture part of the app is also not very helpful. When taking pictures of receipts, it ends up trying to crop them in a “square” format that cuts out a significant part of the original image. When have you ever seen a square receipt??? I certainly haven’t ever seen one.
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2 months ago, ruffhouse5
Updated Review: Deleted it. Just doesn’t work.
UPDATE July, 2023: Tried again on a whim. Nope. The app is useless. Simply WILL NOT let me log in. Changed my password multiple times. I can log in on my computer, but the app continues to tell me that my user name and password is wrong. Even when I log in on the computer, it makes me verify my identity EVERY TIME. Clicking “remember this device” is a waste of a finger click, because it never does. I wish my company would switch FSA vendors, and I’ve told them that. Every time I try to log in it gives a message that an error has occurred and the issue has been logged. Tried it on multiple days, but same issue each time. I can log in on my computer fine. The app just doesn’t work.
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2 years ago, RilianPuddleglum
As bad as the website
I am told I need documentation for my expenses, but finding the place to upload and attach them is all but impossible on both the site and the app. When I finally find it, it doesn't work. Sometimes I find expenses that require documentation but I was never notified about it, and on one list it says approved, no problem, but on another page is says it needs documents. I cannot figure out how to use this account. I'm just going to pay for my medical expenses and if they have a problem with it, come find me and I'll give them my documents and they can upload them to their own d*** files. I sure as h*** can't figure it out.
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11 months ago, thesmoogler
Super buggy App
The app randomly saves providers I have entered previously and then when I save them for a second or third time the app doesn’t save the provider so I constantly have to add the providers each time I’m looking to do a reimbursement. Secondly I just ran into an issue creating an expense and then seeking reimbursement. The error said I had to have a value over “0”, when I clearly had 114 as the value to be reimbursed. I then tried to save the expense to see if I could come back later but it didn’t even save the expense. Absolutely waste of an app in my opinion. I’ve worked for small start up tech companies who have produced more stable apps than this.
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3 years ago, emarlin
Where can I go downgrade?
Sure the app is prettier, but that is far less important than functionality. This version continues to list unpaid but pending bills as “new unpaid” until i close the app and log in again to fetch data. The payment page also auto-scrolls back up when I click the accept terms check box, then I must scroll down again to remit payment. Finally, maybe you see it as a safety feature, but forcing me to type in the payment amount is just asking for a typo. Give me the option to select full amount like my credit card company payment screens do. Fix this now or start paying customers to be your UX testing team. Horrible customer experience!!!
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1 year ago, Skyebeka
Incorrect Available to Spend Amount
I tried to pay my dentist bill after my procedure but it was declined. The app said there were insufficient funds. But according to the ‘Available to spend’ amount there was sufficient funds. When I got home I logged into the HealthEquity website. The ‘Available to spend’ amount was $50 less than what the app was showing. I opened the app again and it was still showing $50 more than the website. If the app can’t show me the correct amount it’s useless.
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5 months ago, buppy mcfoo
app works for 5 minutes at a time… most
utter garbage experience. force quits all the time. when requesting reimbursements or uploading documents, anytime you navigate away from the app to retrieve files or lookup details to enter into the app, when you return to the app you have to login all over again, and IT DOESNT SAVE YOUR PLACE. also, the app doesn’t recognize the saved bank account details on your account, so it asks you to setup a new recipient account every time you try to submit a reimbursement request. in the end, you waste a half hour or more, and get absolutely nowhere. this app is a great concept. the execution, however, is trash.
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1 year ago, Ckuk1
Still has bugs
Two major bugs. When trying to get reimbursed for an expense I have to add a new vendor almost every time even though I’ve input the same vendor repeatedly. On a rare occasion when I search for it, low and behold it’s there but not the next time. Other issue is one expense at the end of the year keeps having an error that says they are trying to fix, been that way for 2 months, still not fixed. Have tried deleting and starting new and still same issue.
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3 months ago, Golf77t
Customer service
Had a family emergency and needed to access some of my funds and Christine there at the online customer service portal did a fantastic job of getting me to the right places and directions on how to get this done. I wish the funds would have been available next day instead of 3-5 business days, but that was out of her hands! Thank you again Christine
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1 year ago, paulcalabro
Useful, but has bugs that need fixing
Not sure where to report bugs, however, I’m seeing two bugs on v5.2.3: - I purchased items with my LPFSA card, however, the transaction detail shows my spouse as the name on card. I expected it to be my own since my card has my name on it. - I’m seeing declined transactions in the transaction history view that predate when I got the account.
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3 years ago, Chops847
Way too complicated
The new app looks nice but regular expense tasks are buried. New expenses don’t show up in the app on the same day as the expense happens, so you cannot attach the receipt immediately. If you simply save the receipt in the app to attach it later there is no way to review it large enough to see the numbers outside of a useless thumbnail. The previous service my employer used had it right. As soon as an expense happened it appeared in the app moments later. I could simply take a picture of the receipt right from the main page of the app and file the physical paperwork when I got home. Easy, painless and straightforward. I had to hunt to do this on the latest version of the app.
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8 months ago, Lamb2112
Slower notifications and approvals
Prior to the last update, I would get notified the second anyone in my family used a card to access money. Now it can take up to a week. And our use of the card just sits in the list with parentheses around it this whole time, getting rearranged as the week goes by. I realize this may be more of a system issue than an app issue, but when I saw that the most recent update was 2 months ago, it seems to be related perhaps.
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4 months ago, jnezzy
What happened?
I used to like this app, but their redesign is so so so awful. Seriously, please fix it. I actively dread having to open the app now. Not only is it insanely slow, but the whole expenses section is incredibly confusing, and you have to jump through a bunch of hoops to view your card transactions, which is all I’m trying to do 90% of the time when I login to the app. Really, is there a single human out there who logs into the app to view each individual stock trade in their HSA investment account more often than their card transactions? Next time try taking to actual users.
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1 year ago, anfickwmbf
Unable to submit reimbursement/save provider
I have had so much trouble with this app. Wage works was much better. When I go to submit a receipt for reimbursement I get to the page that asks how much I want reimbursement for and I put in the amount of the receipt but it won’t bring that total to the bottom so it keeps rejecting saying I have to have a value greater than $0. Also, it never saves my provider which would be really nice since it’s a repetitive one we use. It’s been like this for months. I tried updating it with the new version but it still doesn’t work.
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2 years ago, Zcalanderbou
Health equity is worse than ever. Frequent requires proof of charges despite saying “health system” on charge. In the past they never required this for obvious healthcare related charges. On top of that they nickel and dime you. Im slowly watching my HIA fund go to 0 as they charge a $5 a month account fee. This publicly traded company is no better than the big banks. Update. Cant say enough about how terrible health equity is. They are requiring additional documentation for every transaction. Such a hassle. Even when the charge has hospital in the name. Not even worth putting money into to FSA, having to deal with these simpletons.
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3 years ago, Bellestinian
Very good app, much better than most benefit providers
The HealthEquity app needed a serious update, and in recent months that is why HealthEquity provided. Is it perfect, no, but it is way better than some of the other benefits providers apps that I use. It does appear that they are still working out some of the bugs, but it is improving very well. The fixes for FaceID are welcome as well as the document upload.
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3 years ago, mickey10-4
Great App!
I love this App and company! The app is very user friendly and I’m able to access everything I need including being able to reimburse myself through a direct payment to my bank account. If for some reason you’re not able to figure out what you need though the App, the customer service department is fantastic! I’ve never had a bad experience! Keep up the great work!!!
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7 months ago, Birdless in PDX
Really Awful App
Buggy, clunky, unintuitive. Makes you repeat steps you’ve just completed, and you still can’t submit the expense. Camera function will automatically crop out crucial information from the receipt you’re required to upload, resulting in denied claims. I’m tech savvy but this is horribly un-user-friendly. Unfortunately my employer requires us to use this company, so I tried the app thinking it would be fast and easy. Wrong. Save yourself this headache by submitting claims online, rather than fighting with this sad excuse for an app.
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9 months ago, MsMissey
Pls fix this app
Our company has been using health Equity for years. Unfortunately, the app has little improvements during that time. It frequently freezes. When you enter in expense info, it will freeze and not list the amount of the expense. You have to start the entire process over again. Since the new update, it’s deleted my external bank account info. Each time I try to add bank info it has an error. I haven’t been able to input an expense for weeks using the app. Pls use a Q.A. Process to fix these errors. It is a big waste of time for users. Thanks
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11 months ago, The Anthony D
App is entry level basic and needs serious work.
Considering how important the information entered into HealthEquity accounts are, this app needs serious work, especially with uploading documents. It will assign notes for docs onto other documents with no way to change. The app shuts down when you try to open an uploaded document. Other than that it’s okay. This application should be stepped up to banking institution level.
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1 year ago, gEYEzer
Worst app ever
Here’s some constructive criticism for you. Make it simple. Most people use this app to get reimbursed. Have a button that says GET REIMBURSED. Then the user can enter the information and attach documents. The way it is now, I have to enter an expense. Then I have to request to be reimbursed for that expense. Why else would I enter the expense? Too many steps for something that should be easy. The app just doesn’t flow. In fact it seems like they make you wade through all of these steps in hopes that you don’t do one, then when the year is over, they get to keep your money.
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3 years ago, MirandaB16
Makes it so easy to use my accounts
Love this app, have had an account for years and use the app a few times a week to check our balances, get reimbursed (since we need to get an additional HSA debit card but haven’t yet...) and see how our investments are doing. Love that everything is in one place and I can submit a receipt and be reimbursed almost instantly. Super easy.
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3 years ago, NECT1101
11Jan2021 Update - Touch ID Working
Update: the biometrics is working perfectly with a recent update The Touch ID (i.e., BioMetrics) hasn’t worked for months. Error message mentions it’s because I may have recently updated my credentials, which I haven’t. I’ve deleted the app, reinstalled it and tried turning BioMetrics on again and again, but it only stays functional for a few hours
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3 years ago, bobrown101
App update is nice
I personally use the app for my HSA. I feel like most people in this position are probably using the app to check their balance, or request a reimbursement, so I would focus development effort on improving the user experience around those key features. Before the app update faceid didn’t work which was extremely frustrating. That was easily my biggest request and now it is functioning
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2 years ago, Van Helsing 65
Updates usually breaks some other features.
Most of the times app works great. Easy to navigate, and a overall nice appearance. After last update I cannot make a one time contribution without app constantly asking to choose a verified account. This feature has worked ok in the past. I’m using an iPhone with latest update installed. I deleted app and reinstalled. Rebooted iPhone but same problem. I might have to wait for next update.
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3 years ago, Painted Toenails Blue
I’m very very grateful to the people that put it together this app. Because this is very easy to use shows exactly what your spending amount is and where it was paid. Also notifies you of when your HSA funds is spent every time. Also gives you paperwork for the end of the year for insurance and taxes and altogether is just a great app!
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4 months ago, Jennivere
Needs an update
The app used to work well but lately I cannot create expenses and pay them out. The app does not bring up the list of providers all of the time and it doesn’t populate the expense amount once I get to the payment page. I’ve quit and restarted; no help. Usually when apps get buggy like this I go out to the App Store and realize there is an update that I need to take, but in this case there is not one. Please update the app. I much prefer to use the app than to go to the website. Thanks!
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4 months ago, Mac1749592
Nothing works
I have been using this app for so many years and it is awful. Things take so long to load. Often the icons in the app don’t load at all and it crashes regularly. I have submitted requested receipts for the same date of service multiple times, but it must not show up on their end. Because I keep getting emails that it wasn’t done. They canceled my HSA card because they didn’t receive the documents I uploaded 3 different times! The web browser works. But this app must have been designed by a child or high school dropout.
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10 months ago, Olgafromstl
Poor user experience
Working with the app I find it inconsistent in displaying correct information, for example asking for EFT details when these are already in file, and not showing the option of EFT when it should be available. Additionally, in order to navigate and find info in the app you have to put the “developer” hat on - it’s not intuitive and information is hidden or appears in counter-intuitive places. Finally, the navigation requires many unnecessary clicks.
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1 year ago, Cfeedgley
App does not function.
If I could leave zero stars, I would. Don’t bother downloading, just use the mobile web page, because that’s what you will end up doing regardless. App will only successfully load the main tab (which takes a huge amount of load time, regardless of wifi connection strength). The “expenses” tab causes app to freeze and force quit. The “pop out” tab’s buttons are not deploying correctly and clicking any of them directs user to the automatic contributions page regardless of which option you select.
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6 months ago, Hitmam12345
Can’t request reimbursement
The latest app version 5.25 didn’t solve the issue when entering an external account information for a fund transfer. I had no problems getting the reimbursement transferred to my external bank account until I upgraded the app about a year ago. After the update, somehow the bank information got deleted and asking to add an external account. Upon hitting the link, there’s an error message saying can’t add an external account and call the customer service. Really?
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2 years ago, Peelage
Took away my benefits, customer service hangs up
My company switched over from WageWorks, which worked pretty well, although kind of hit or miss, I at least got my commuter card. This company emailed me saying no more WageWorks, apply for something better. I applied, and haven’t been given benefits from my job for 3 months now. No one knows where I went apparently, and my company says they sent information over to HealthEquity, so they need to provide the benefits. Long hold times, and the app they keep telling me to use instead of calling can’t even locate me.
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2 years ago, Pshah1800
Terrible user experience and terrible insurance claim processing
I recommend that you make this app go through user experience testing more thoroughly. It asks for account number twice, then it asks for “agree” with the terms which is not clear that one has to check before proceeding, also the date of service takes the current date instead of keeping it blank and this one may not notice and accept what is there. Terrible user experience as it is not intuitive. The website is much easier to use.
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