Hearts Card Classic

4.2 (2.1K)
50.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
Games By Post LLC
Last update
8 months ago
Version OS
12 or later
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User Reviews for Hearts Card Classic

4.22 out of 5
2.1K Ratings
4 years ago, GggMmm..
So far, Very good game..
UPDATE: After playing numerous games at all levels, I would consider this to be an outstanding version of Hearts, especially the Standard and Pro levels.. Hearts is a game of strategy, so it does matters how you pass the cards to set up your hand. Plus, during play you have to be willing to take a few hearts if need be to avoid getting the Queen of Spades or a bunch of Hearts later. True, the AI players will usually pass high cards (that is normal), but if you set up your hand properly, you can nullify most of them... Most important, learn to count and keep up with which of the cards that have been played, it can help you to determine which card you should play.. A few minor AI glitches (mostly in the Basic level) that will make you scratch your head, but overall a pretty good game.. I have played with a lot of people that do strange things too, that will make you scratch your head and wonder why they did what they did.. So when the AI does something “stupid” it comes down to a coding issue.. As far as Ads are concerned, you either learn how to deal with them or not.. I do agree with others, there is no reason that political ads should ever be shown in an App. No matter what a person’s political beliefs are, I could care less. The App Store is not a political forum and in my opinion, users should not be bad mouthing either opponent... So please, for the sake of everyone, be respectful and keep your nasty remarks to yourself..
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3 years ago, angry hearts
Hearts review
This hearts is fun, breaks up my long hard working days. I appreciate a challenge however sometimes it’s almost as if the games are staged. Each one has to win Exemouth a number of times or each one has to take the queen eczema number times. I don’t like this aspect of the game. I don’t mind losing when I feel like it’s been a legitimate loss. The shuffle of the cards are sometimes questionable because I have to start with the two clubs nine times out of 10 games if not more than that. So that’s proof to me that the game is so what manipulated. Other than that I really enjoy the game as well thought out well planned I just encourage you to let people take the cards were they fall don’t plan to Hans to the point that we can memorize them. I would recommend this game to anyone and tell them it’s a great hearts game certainly one that I have enjoyed!!!
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4 years ago, SJGust
Have only tried standard so far
I just put this on my phone. I have the new Apple SE so the screen is small. Just for general appeal, I wish turning the phone would let me play the wider screen area. DO REY ME should learn to play better before complaining about the cards he gets. It appears that he just wants it to be easy. (HaHa I just assumed HE🤣). I always keep the queen and hope to get it when it isn’t dealt to me. It lets me control the game better and play my higher cards knowing I won’t take the queen. You can’t shoot the moon without it! The same strategy applies to the hearts. BUT that’s just how I play. I really like seeing the running score. It’s embarrassing to admit but I do lose track. I also like the gray out of cards that can’t be played. It’s a little thing but I find it easy to tape a wrong card. The ads are annoying! I accept ads because I am playing for free. The problem is that some of them are really difficult to get rid of. I’ll probably look to see if there is a version I an pay for. I also have this company’s cribbage game. I chose them because I have enjoyed their cribbage game on my Kindle Fire.
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5 years ago, Arangryth
Loud LOUD ads
The game itself is fine. The cards passed is unimaginative but all in all ok. It’s the loud video ads after every hand. I get there will be ads. I’m ok with that. But I have my device on mute and still after every hand I get blasted with the very loud ad. Even when I try to mute the actual ad with the volume icon, it takes forever to get it to mute. I admire the military advertising for people to join. I have no problem with that. But after playing a few hands, I’m a basket case with this ad with guns firing and loud noises and the voice....and it’s the same loud, jolting ad every time. Over and over and over. I can’t take it. And on the occasion there is a different ad, it’s usually a video ad as well with the same problem. Only rarely was there an ad you could simply close out immediately. One should have volume control on one’s own device even when using apps with ads. I hate rating this game because of obnoxious ads but Deleting....
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3 years ago, nickname0175
Score Disappears
Since writing the below review back in December, they managed to make the score disappear even faster. It is impossible to review the final score. That is, don’t play the last card, take a up if coffee, and then expect to see the score. It will be gone. You will not see an ad, but, you are not allowed to see the score either. Hmmmm. Game is fine on all three levels of play. In fact, each level is of a different mind set. So, it challenges for a while. After a few months, East is boring, Standard - you can shoot the moon 3 times a game, sometimes 4 in a row depending on that last deal, Pro is more evenly spread out at 25% 1st, 2nd, 3rds and 4ths. Issues: My biggest gripe is that the final score disappears after a few seconds. It disappears in favor of shuffling card images that no one benefits from seeing. I like to look at the final score for longer than that, review it round by round, and mentally replay them in order to learn. That brings me to my second gripe, the ads. They remove the final score so that you begin a new game right away. It’s all about the ads, which are between every hand. AND there is no way to mute them if you are listening to music from your phone via Bluetooth. The ad will blast through the Bluetooth speaker.
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4 years ago, W. Plinge
Excellent game, but . . .
The game play is authentic and very entertaining. It will make you think, but I have not detected individual personalities operating the other three players. However, it makes little actual difference as all plays are logical and well supported in the game. Only one thing is a little pesky. Almost all of the ads which support this game are brief and interesting—I have acted on a couple of them, but there’s one ad that is a real pain in the tonsils. It is a very simple jigsaw puzzle game which displays an X very infrequently. It makes it almost impossible to get back to the game. I have had to delete the game several times to get the ad to lose its death grip on the screen.
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3 years ago, J. Frances
Hearts pro
I’ve played a lot of hearts on line and appreciate knowing where my level is with this version. Because of AI I had to learn to pass high cards mostly which can make Hearts boring and predictable. But I love the AI skill at playing hands - very enjoyable and this version is up there with the best. I just started with this version so will hold off on 5 stars until I’ve played more hands. Looking good so far.
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2 years ago, IamGofer
Great game
I’ve played several hundred games on this app. The play is pretty realistic. All in all very enjoyable. I’ve seen others comment on the ads. I’m very glad the political ads stopped. One of the reasons I play this game is to get away from the politics plastered everywhere else. I will say though, that the ads here are much better to deal with than other apps. It’s rare that one must make more than one click to exit the ad or that it lasts for more than 5 seconds. This is a quality app. Thanks for your hardwork and attention to detail.
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2 years ago, fjfjfkffkfkfjf
AI players know what suit I want to clear out
Dealing is fair but the passing of three cards is not. Obviously the game AI players know what I want to do because every time the suit I want to get rid of some cards Ex: 2 clubs and a heart. I get passed to me exactly 2 clubs and a heart. How about 3 spades…guess what…I get three spades passed back to me. I can understand if this happens a few times per game. But every time? Totally unacceptable I win all basic and standard players. Boring. I play pro and find I get cheated. The dealing is funky but the passing is ridiculous. It’s obvious the pro level is rigged against human players. I win 1 but Isabel wins 6? What fun is that. Also cannot stand the ads after each game. Lose the ads or you will find players deleting this ap
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3 years ago, mommaD130
Playing game
I started playing this game about a week ago and I thoroughly enjoyed the challenge, however the game does learn how to play and you’re not just playing one player you’re playing one computer three times and he cheats! And the only way to cheat bag is to start a new game, I don’t think it’s right that the computer picks one of the three other players to win the game and has all three players working together to meet you and set you up to lose they literally play hand-in-hand like teen which of course they are, So good luck.
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2 years ago, Auburn1159
Wish it had a shot the sun feature
Would love a feature where if you win every hand during a round you shoot the sun and gain a 52 point cushion vs 26 for shooting the moon …. and a feature where the jack of diamonds is worth a 10 point reduction is also a fun feature I have seen w/competitor versions - but overall a great game
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10 months ago, Owipad
Great game… but
I really like this game. It’s fun and challenging. My issue is that over time, the ads have gotten longer and longer and the game is becoming unplayable. The time between hands is just way too long. Because I play mostly at night I like the dark background for the board, but then the ads pop up with a bright white and flashy background, kind of defeats the purpose.
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1 month ago, Coach_C50
Pretty good
I enjoy this game. The only drawback is it locks up on occasion. I tried deleting and reinstalling but I still experience occasional lockups. Just a few minutes ago I had an advertisement lock up with 1 second left. I rebooted my tablet and was able to continue my game. Even with this issue I like the game.
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1 year ago, PepprRs
Great game!
Have played almost 4000 times! In three sessions after losing connections! Quick and fast. Only bummer is not being able to lead hearts after queen is down unless another heart has already been played. Players are pretty consistent which allows you to determine strategy!
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5 years ago, Clhiuncdka
At least it’s free
Ads after every hand & have to go to silent mode on phone to quite them. Game also cheats, when you get set up to shoot moon with a lot of hearts & hi cards & play the ace and king of spades on the second & third rounds and the player that looses most of the time plays the queen of spades and takes 13 points on the fourth round & leaves you holding nothing but all hearts from ace down it adds up to a cheating game, there’s no other explanation. Like I said “at least it’s free”!
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5 months ago, WLYIII
Hearts game problems
I have frequently been in the middle of a game with this version and after the last hand is played and the game continuing, subsequent deals are discontinued prematurely and I have to restart that game !!!! This can also happen after playing just one hand! Very frustrating! Please fix this problem! It has been going on for some time!!! Thanks! Eliminate this premature game ending problem and I will rate the game very highly! Thanks for correcting this glitch!!! Lee Young
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2 years ago, The Wasabi Queen
Great Game!!
I’ve played several versions of this game and I definitely love this one the best! It’s very realistic and the different levels offer a good base learning of the game. You can turn Hints on if you’re a beginner. I do wish the hand played would clear a touch quicker but too small of a detail to matter. =)
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4 years ago, liorlando
I have tried basically every other hearts game online and this is by far the best. They really do all the graphics well and i've never seen any mistakes made in the scoring like some other games. Also, they have different versions like pro, standard, easy to find the one that suits you best. This is my favorite hearts game so THANK YOU for making it so well:)
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7 months ago, abiesfir
Does not refresh
Have been playing and enjoying hearts for some time. However lately it does not refresh after a hand is played. Thought my version was a older version, so deleted and installed the current version from your web site. This current version is again not refreshing after a hand is played. Please fix so I can get my daily hearts fix
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3 years ago, jpdouglass
Age appropriate
The game itself could be good for 4+, but some of the ads are definitely not. Should be cleaned up if you want this to be a family game. Also a button that allows you to claim the remainder of the points, would save a lot if the hand is obviously over. Update: Some of the new ads have the the X-out symbol so close to the open symbol that it takes several attempts to close out the ad. Then it takes you to a new ad. I’m deleting this app.
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2 years ago, mrwwg
Charlotte and Isabella Reign Supreme!
There is no strategy. I have played this game before and removed it for the same reason I am going to do so again. This game is rigged; the high percentage of times that I got the Queen of Spade is ridiculous. Isabella or Charlotte have won far many many more times than Dixon. Certainly, more than I have been able to. I do like a robust challenge; however, I have seen no difference in this game. I am sure that my review won’t necessarily be seriously considered for improvement. Perhaps, I will return again.
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5 years ago, g kaye
Thought it was good until...
I started with easy play and found it almost impossible to lose. So I began playing the next level and noticed something. The number of times I was dealt or passed the queen of spades while having fewer spades to cover began to increase. I mostly finished in 2nd place but won several times. Then I played pro and what a change. I was either dealt a queen of spades with one or two cover cards or dealt a few high spades and the opponents played spades until I was stuck with no hope of shooting the moon a majority of the time. I would win a hand occasionally but finished in 4th place 90% of the time. The more I played pro the more often I was dealt and passed cards that made it virtually impossible to win. I reset my statistics and played 10 games finishing in 4th place 10 times. What a cheating ridiculous piece of junk this game is. DELETE IT
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4 months ago, Singing Painter
Learning Hearts
I’m learning how to play hearts through this app. By touching the “hint” button, I can discern how the game works. Looking on Google for strategies, I discovered more about how much fun this game can be. Keeping the game simple and clear as in this app, I’ve been able to learn quite quickly. Thanks!
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1 year ago, P-944
Overall good computer players
Just the right amount of blocking of runs . Shootin’ the Moon is very possible but yet not absolutely easy. The computer never passes low hearts like my dad always will to block a run attempt. It also will rarely “eat” the Queen of Spades to save itself
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4 years ago, Elomelo71
Good graphics but frustrating gameplay
I can’t logic it out why in a simple game like Hearts, developers need to include a forced pre-deciding gameplay. It’s a cheating, in a way. The distribution of cards and gameplay should be based on automatic shuffling and natural logic respectively. But in most cases, I feel these factors are always illogically disfavouring the human player and focus on winning a particular game player. REALLY FRUSTRATING. It could’ve been a simple free and fair game to pass the time at ease. 5 star for sure. Even many wouldn’t bother to buy it even.
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5 months ago, Jack The Musician
Love the app, HATE the ads.
Out of all the app versions of this game, I think this is the best, by far. The UI is great, the flow and pacing while playing the cards is fluid, it feels very natural and the layout is great. I think you did a nice job with the aesthetics, as well. That said, there is no option for an ad free version. I would happily pay the five dollars, because the ads are almost unbearable. Please consider it :)
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6 months ago, Porch64
Hearts Card Classic
I’ve loved this game for along time. I’ve become upset, every time I play the game freezes after one play. This has been happening for quite some time. Is there any-thing that can be done? I’m not having any trouble with other games.
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6 years ago, Beesfree
Why can’t I buy this game and eliminate ads altogether?
I loved this version of hearts right from the beginning but the ads are intolerable on so many levels. What’s up developers, why can’t this be purchased to eliminate these. Seems pretty obvious that I’ll forgo playing it for this reason. Where’s the logic in this philosophy? I’d love a response...lol.
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1 year ago, UNC Devils
Can’t return to Hearts game
Sometimes it is virtually impossible to return to the game — goes from one ad to another. I’ve had to stop playing more and more. Very frustrating. Get this fixed, or you’ll lose users! Will stop using altogether if not fixed soon!
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5 years ago, Misaffa
Played hearts for years with friends. Your Cards passed for pro not realistic. Cards passed for easy are stupid. Can’t change names of players. AND.......I get hit for advertising of new games I don’t want between hands. Note: People don’t buy anything when constantly irritated. You are irritating!!!! Apple Store! Wake up! More advertising does not mean better sales. It means you’re being greedy & stupid at the same time!!!!
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5 years ago, ok - here
Sound effects?
The graphics are the best yet and the game feels natural but it doesn’t seem to have sound effects? I would like to hear the cards get passed out, played, and to hear the hearts get broken. Am I missing something? 5 stars once that happens. And I hate free games - ads are pointless and loud. Especially when I actually do need to play quietly. Offer pay version with sound effects.
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3 years ago, Max loves hearts
I Looked at all the Hearts games and this one wins big time. Ease of playing the scores show up nicely you can see the scores as you’re playing. All in all put together very well it’s the best hearts game out there. I couldn’t see any way of improving it
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12 months ago, Klbelle
I really like your game. I have 2 complaints. 1. There’s no place where I can turn off the sounds of the ads until the ads start playing. Also, the ads seem to last about 30 seconds each. There should be a place where you can buy yourself out of ads. Thanks. As of this date 6/24 I have deleted your app. A ad after each hand is too MANY ads.
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3 years ago, U2Jool
Give us a way to get rid of ads!
Totally dig this game. The play is great. I wish I could change the names of my opponents. And give us a way to get rid of the frigging ads. Dang! After every play? Seriously? I like this game so much I would GLADY pay to get rid of ads. Ads are the reason I only gave you 4 stars.
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1 month ago, Older but wizer
Very interesting game. But it is frustrating that if I don’t hit the card just right it drops down! What’s that about? There is no function to it except to annoy players. Just let us tap the cards without having to worry about what angle we tapped the card at.
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4 years ago, Jack_ AZ
Ads will not exit out
Every time I tap on the x to exit nothing happens. Click on x several times but to no avail. Only way I can get ad to remove itself is to hit the arrow which goes to website. I immediately close website, click back on to game and it removes ad and resumes. Good game except for the ads😩
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6 years ago, traveler9591
Great graphics/ play speed/ responsiveness. I play Pro Level. The programming where Highest cards are passed and played so long as player doesn't catch a point leaves a lot of predictability... I shot moon five Times first few games... I play another version where catching the Jack of Dimonds awards you minus 10 points on that hand.
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11 months ago, rfcvgtyhbmju
Best Hearts App
Lacks a few features that other apps have like the ability to confirm card selection before you play a card, but it’s by far the best AI out there. Other versions the players are so dumb it’s like they are trying to lose.
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2 years ago, Cstone4356
Standard too easy, Pro almost impossible.
I won just about every Standard game. The Pro setting was like playing an evil genius who controlled all three other hands, manipulating the game so that you could rarely win. There were too many times when another player would have the lowest card, meaning that you could expect to get the QS more than average, and always end up having 4 to 10 more than average. Feh.
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3 years ago, 7560ASDERTVBC
The game is very good to play with the different levels of challenges that you can pick however as I do not mind watching the ads that come up, please show different ones, not the same one for the same game numerous times. It does get a tad bit irritating. If not for this I would give it 5 stars.
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3 years ago, Seajay 101
Hearts cards
I’ve played hearts for many years. This is a very good format. I especially enjoy the the three levels of play. I have to adjust the way I pass. Each level presents a different challenge
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9 months ago, 2wicked2be
My take
The game is super obvious that you are playing against the computers. They know what you have, what you pass and its annoying. Not only that, there is no reason to have to watch the full advertisement for their other games. If I want them, I know where to get them. Just play the game!
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4 years ago, afghji555
No fun!
I find I always start with the 2 card! Very unfair. I also see, that mostly when a heart is played for the first time, EVERYONE HAS A 2, 3, 4, and 5 evenly distributed. This happens WAAAY TOO OFTEN!!! I also get the QUEEN as a single ace or as one of 2 cards too often. Do not think these cards are dealt fairly, but dealt against you too loose.
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2 years ago, JeffDobkin
Sooooo many ads - after every hand!
The interface is very good; however there used to be a 5 second ad after each hand… which I learned to live with. Now they have these nasty ads with no way around them - when you click the close box it takes you to the ad’s browser page on the internet. Too much - I finally wrote this review and moved to other games. Too bad…
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2 months ago, SA happy
Challenging and fun
The “pro” level reminds me of playing games with my family. The bot “players” seem to have strategies of passing and playing that I have guessed over many games, so I feel as if I’m matching wits with “Charlotte,” “Dixon,” and “Isabella.”
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3 years ago, ryikfechiltff
The ads make it impossible to play an entire game without completely pulling out of the game and reentering. This can happen 8 or 10 times before it will let you play. Then it starts all over again after the next hand. It was a good app before this crap started.
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4 years ago, DoctorDiver
Everything I would ask for is in this version of the solitaire game: indicates which direction you are passing cards to, running total of points for each player during the game, cumulative points during each game and player position relative to other players.
Show more
2 years ago, rrdave54
Best choice
Should be rated 5 stars all the way. Fast, difficulty levels are realistic, ads play through quickly and are not annoying as most. Best Hearts game out there.
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2 years ago, Kpar2
Maybe 3stars
The game is fun and challenging IF you don’t mind the same same same ads, (the food ones aren’t too bad), watching an idiot play solitaire for 14 seconds or hitting the little Xs on the same gross pictures and/or hitting an X only to be sent to a website ad you can’t get out of. That’s when I quit for awhile.
Show more
3 years ago, Champ Butterfly
Gave a Good Review…
…and I haven’t won a game since. Before giving my review I won several games. I win an occasional hand but have not won a game & have came in last each time. Each hand the computer makes sure I get stuck with 13 points for Queen of Spades or several hearts that is equivalent to multiple losing points. Deleting app. It’s no fun when regardless of how skillful you can play, you still lose…
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