Hearts - Card Game Classic

4.6 (224.3K)
147.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
Fiogonia Games
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Hearts - Card Game Classic

4.6 out of 5
224.3K Ratings
3 years ago, DPat1954
Understand: You’re playing against three identically programmed computers. All three not only count EVERY card played but also know exactly which cards have NOT been played. So if you start running a suit, they know exactly which card to hold to break your run. So your table includes the BEST three defensive players IN THE WORLD! But they’re not very good offensively - they seldom run the table. Their offensive algorithms are fairly basic and predictable. But they cheat!: It’s common sense in Hearts to start the game by leading spades until you’ve forced the queen to be played, eliminating the possibility of you getting stuck with her 13 points. And the computers will do that when YOU have queen of spades. But when one of them has her they’ll continuously lead anything but spades, increasing the likelihood that you will get her….and they know what has and hasn’t been played.
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1 year ago, Ohio state fan go Ted Ginn!
Great memories
It’s really fun to play again since Microsoft stopped including games like it and solitaire and minesweeper a long time ago. The only reason I didn’t give it a 5 is because the programming doesn’t seem as fair as the windows version from 20 years ago. What could possibly be different? Well I have noticed that the computer doesn’t seem to play each one trying to win. Many times it seems the 3 agree on one player to win and make you lose, and not 4 separate entities all playing to win. Shooting the moon is much more common than I’m used to, and there are times in which the computer seems to obviously let other computer players, the designated winner, get that specialty as often as it can. Also, usually when a player is trying to shoot the moon but gets interrupted they may try to salvage the round and get out of taking so many points, however once the computer is determined to try it doesn’t look back, and if you interrupt them they will continue to play the cards in an order that would shoot the moon if you hadn’t stopped them. Overall, great game and really fun!! Thanks for making it free!
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8 months ago, musicfan357
Worst Hearts game ever!
I honestly don’t know how this game has received 5 stars from so many people. I consider myself to be a pretty good Hearts player (I usually win a high percentage of the games I play) but this game makes it almost impossible to win. They give you the worst hands imaginable, then other computer players play the card you least want to be played at the worst possible moment. I have the jack giving you -10 points if you win it. Unfortunately, they make it almost impossible to get that card. It’s like the other 3 players gang up on you. The will make it so that their cronies get the jack rather than you, even producing the card when it’s to their disadvantage, just so that you will not get it. They give or pass you hands that make it impossible to avoid getting the queen (like when they give you the queen, and maybe one other spade) and immediately start by playing spades until you get stuck. There are no other, less difficult levels (such as “easy”, “medium”, or “hard”). This game is enough to make you want to pull your hair out! Do not get it if you don’t mind losing all the time. I’m disgusted and will probably be deleting this game shortly, even though I hate being defeated and giving up too easily.
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4 months ago, nannie281
App is great but dear god, the ad!
I have used this app hundreds if not thousands of times. Love the app. I don’t know if the developers are aware but there is now an ad I find very disturbing. I have lived 68 years without seeing an animal shot and would have preferred going to my grave that way. But thanks to an ad that shows a wolf or coyote, not sure which, being looked at thru a scope on a rifle and shooting it, injuring it and it writhing in pain I now have seen it. Not sure if they put it out of its pain with another shot because I get out of it as quick as I can. This is not computer generated, it is an actual video. I don’t think I have ever seen anything online that comes close to being as offensive as this advertisement. Please get rid of it!
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3 years ago, Two Big Bouncers
Program Has Glitches or it Cheats
Generally, this is quite a fun App. You do go through periods where it seems unfair and almost every round, you’re either dealt the Queen of Spades or another player gives you the Ace and King (or the other way around). But that’s kind of balanced out by other periods when you’re not dealt or given any of those 3 cards. My main complaint is that there seems to be a couple of glitches that have the appearance of cheating (especially when you come off worse). I’ve seen this a few times now, while playing the game. 1 - sometimes I have played the high “trump” card (e.g. a Jack of Diamonds, according to the suite chosen by the first player) and another player (say, “Michael”) has put down the Queen of Spades. Then a couple of hands later, that same player (“Michael”) has put down a card of the same suit (Diamonds). So, hold on - why did “Michael” put down the Queen of Spades when he still had a Diamond card ? Just to stick me with 13 points ? 2 - sometimes the winner of the hand isn’t the player who put down the highest trump card. For example, I’ve seen “Jerry” win a hand with the 10 of Clubs, when “Barbara” put down the Queen of Clubs. Why ? Is is because one or other of the A.I. players has already been chosen to be the clear winner of the game ?
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3 years ago, natashaspy55
Enjoyable and Surprisingly Fair
I've read all those reviews about how the cards passed are not fair but that has not been my experience. I may lose a hand but I most often win the whole set. I've played gin rummy my whole life and, sure, you get passed high cards but that's what happens in real life gameplay. The other guy is trying to get rid of their high cards, too. This is the fairest card game bot I've played against which makes it very enjoyable. There are too many ads but unfortunately every app I play now has too many ads. There is a trick for bypassing them if you have an iPhone XR or newer but if I post it they will delete this review. Play with it and you'll find it. If you do figure it out it works on every game.
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4 years ago, Denise800
Poorly designed
I have also noticed that, when I pass 3 cards, I will either get those same three card suits back or I will get high spades. And that really is 9 out of 10 times! I also just noticed today - after weeks of playing - that the game scores are not adding properly! If you hit the ‘scores’ button, the game scores will appear. You can hit the back arrow back to game 1 and, moving forward, you can see that the prior scores plus the current game scores don’t always add up! I was chasing a competitor knowing exactly how many points ahead he was. And - oops! - his score was totaled incorrectly! And I see it’s not an occasional mistake. It’s very often. I’m done with this game!
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4 months ago, Markybay
Pretty good
I haven’t played other Hearts apps so I don’t have anything to compare it to. I don’t have a problem with the way the boys play. I am okay with losing. My main goal is to try to shoot the moon every hand. That said, there are a few features I wish there were. It would be great if there were a TRAM button. It’s in exciting to have to play out the rest of the cards once a shoot the moon has been done, or when I know the rest are mine. It would be nice if there were a pay option to have no ads for life. I won’t pay for the subscription, but I would pay a one-time-fee. That being said, the ads can be skipped almost immediately so they’re not that bad. I wish there were an option to select whether shooting the moon added 26 points to other players or subtracted 26 from your own score. I don’t know if this was a special rule in games I’ve played years ago, but it was nice because it allowed you to make a comeback. With this game, if any bot has more than 84 points and I am not in first place, it’s sometimes not worth it to try to shoot the moon because I’d lose anyway. It takes away from the excitement.
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1 year ago, Lunch Bucket Art
Play ♥️‘s It’s GOOD for your heART🎨❣️☮️
I forgot how much I enjoy this card game! It’s fast! It’s FUN! I am tired of seeing people living in poverty NOT getting the help they NEED! I don’t want to see GUNS‼️ I don’t want to see soldiers getting killed & then turn up alive in the next installment! I despise any type of GAMBLING‼️ I am a vegan & I do not get any enjoyment from FISH eating smaller FISH… & getting points for getting larger & swinging their SIZE (POWER) around… I do not like WAR☮️… I do not decorating games… I do not like ads about “Take THIS PILL & you will be thin FOREVER” I do not eat anything with a face or that has a MOTHER! I do not want to see the elderly depicted as fragile & out of shape. I do not want to see the police department depicted as evil! Police women & men should be RESPECTED‼️ DRUGS…that are chemically produced using household ingredients have got to be eliminated! The conditions of slaughter establishments NEED to be exposed…(I hope there are no… GAMES for that exploitation!) Spiritual beliefs are PRIVATE! Oh…I am really enjoying this card game‼️ BE KIND❣️ Praise our Heavenly Father🙏🏽🙏🏼🙏🏾💙 ☮️♻️🚭Go Organic❣️
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2 years ago, Lindanphx
Scores don’t alway add up
Fun game and since there’s no instructions it’s a learn as you go situation. Occasionally my scores will be a surprise and I began looking at them closely at the end of each game. It wasn’t my imagination. Occasionally when I have a zero score at the end of a hand the game will then show high points on the very next page. This very thing was written about 2 years ago so they’ve have plenty of time to correct it. Personally I’m going to explore other Hearts games.
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3 years ago, Andy 100979
Same cards dealt all the time
I get dealt similar or identical cards all the time. Can’t tell you how many times I’ve been dealt or passed the Ace, King, and 5 of hearts several times in the same game. That is one example. Same thing happens with other suits. Also, as many others have mentioned, the 3 computer players play collectively against you. If you shoot the moon you will take massive points on the next hand 19/20 times because you will be dealt a horrible hand of which there is no escape. The cards are not dealt at random. Rather the cards seem to be dealt at different difficultly levels based on the players points and what happened on the prior hand. Ads are super annoying and pushed on every hand. After playing this for a couple weeks I deleted it. I’m not going to pay for the app when the hands aren’t dealt at random.
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2 years ago, bolsafeadeagua
Watch for sleazy ads
In general this is the best hearts games I’ve played. It’s fair (even if you think bots cheat) and just challenging enough to be addictive. One bad problem: a few of the ads somehow manage to bypass silent mode and will be audible unless you turn your sound to zero. One ad for Viola’s Quest is so sleazy it continues to play even after the ad finishes and plays in a loop until you reboot your phone. It’s hard to see this as anything but intentional. I’d love to see an auto-finish feature just to speed things along. Other than that, the game is great as-is. Update: The Publishers Clearinghouse ad doesn’t time out and the button to close it is nearly invisible.
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2 weeks ago, 10000nicknames
almost good
When the game is not controlling the random deal it is very entertaining sometimes you win sometimes you lose. Unfortunately, too many times, the deal is not random – it is obvious the game controls the distribution of the cards so that there are several games you cannot win no matter what. this is not a random deal and so I've already removed the game from my other devices because it's just so stupid. it is not entertaining to play a game which the programmer has his finger on the deal in order to make you go nuts because no matter what you do how you play the deal is rigged. I sometimes think that these programmers are anti-American – their goal is to frustrate people and make them go crazy. When I use these software products that are jilted in this way, I delete them.
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2 years ago, amblewalk
Fun but a definite pattern of win and lose
I enjoy it knowing that I will lose a number of games (cards dealt, who wins and how many times and in what order). For example, if I win two or three times in a row, I know my time is up. I’ve predicted who will win next pretty accurately. It’s mindless but not too mindless so a fun pastime at a doctor’s office or somewhere like that. Win I’m getting dealt bad hands consistently or a decent hand when someone else just happens to not have that suite, I just settle in for the loss. Sure enough. Happens that I lose close to every hand even with a “good” deal. I just lose fast and get it over with. Then, I start climbing the winning ladder again. Just pay your dues. Hahaha.
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4 years ago, BrootPhorse
Typical for an AI
The game is okay, but not like playing a real game against people, mainly because it always plays as three versus one (and you are always the one). If you are trying to shoot, the opponents will (correctly) try to stop you, but if one of the AI players is shooting, it is entirely up to you to stop it. The other two players do not adjust to the threat. The other players never attempt any strategy to deliver points to the player with the low score, they play every hand as if the score is a four way tie. This type of coding is typical for hearts games in my experience, and the rest is reasonably well coded, so I still give it four stars.
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2 years ago, coolfriendcutie
FUN GAME 😀😀😀😀😀😀😀
This game is really fun you can easily find everything I love this game I can find the rules and then I know how to play but it’s a little hard for someone playing it on the first time but when you get in to it it’s really fun. The first time I played this game I lost and I didn’t really get it but then I read the rules and I understood it. I have the game Hearts and when I read the rules it sounded like the same thing so I understood it better. Like the title says this is a really FUN GAME!!!!
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2 years ago, RainyDay0123
Understand you are okay a computer, psh 😂
It doesn’t matter that you’re playing a computer. The creators can decide an algorithm and despite playing just fine on other apps that have long since disappeared and winning at least a few hands here or there, there is no beating this computer. Apparently the creators are not humans themselves or they would be understand human psychology and realize that if someone is inclined to win at least a few times they’ll be more likely to play, thus watching the ads to help pay for their app. I’ll take ads any day as I understand their necessary evil, but not if I don’t get the satisfaction of winning at least 1 out of every 100 games. Delete.
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4 years ago, Bartemis Maximus
I like the game, but it cheats
I’m not exactly sure of the algorithms, but occasionally the game clearly gives the player unusual advantages and disadvantages. I suspect it has something to do with your rate of success... too many losses and you get a run of unusual and unlikely wins, and the same if you win too often. It seems to let you win enough so that you stay with the game, but not so often that there appears to be no challenge. Net... the deals are not random in the same way a physical shuffled deck would be. The game always knows, and adjusts accordingly.
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1 year ago, gidget18too
Getting rid of the QUEEN
The computers don’t know how to give the queen to the low person, they just drop it whenever they can. They also don’t know how to protect the high guy when they pass cards or don’t take tricks. I realize if you are the low man you would want to get the high guy, but it doesn’t help you win if you’re not low and push the high guy out. This game would be much better with real players who could think.
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2 years ago, EODROB
Great until…
This was a great hearts game. I never had a problem with the game or suspected that the computer was overly “smart”. My only complaint is that recently the ads have become a big enough problem that I deleted the game just now out of frustration. The ad problem is that no matter how careful you are to hit the “X” it continues to open a link in safari OVER AND OVER every time you try to close it. That’s enough to make me delete it and find another after a couple of years beating up on Barbara, Jerry, and Michael. What a shame, it was fun.
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8 months ago, sandyleeslp
Stop the Apple Ad!
I love playing Hearts. I know the house rules against the player in your game, but it’s still fast and fun. Recently your Apple Ad causes a glitch and stops my game before I can finish. Touching the little x on the top of the Apple ad f doors not make it stop so I may continue my play. It’s maddening! I stop playing the game then have to wait a longtime for it to disappear. Please delete or fix this ad. Thanks
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2 months ago, Cardsharque
I’ve played hundreds of games of Hearts with this app and enjoyed it. Recent updates have hurt the game. I’m a very good Hearts player and probably win 40-50% of the games and I’m close in most others. After recent updates I haven’t won in 9-10 games. Most of the losses haven’t been close. After the pass, the AI is close to two suited and either take them all or take nearly nothing. My cards are mostly in the 6-Jack range. I can’t take them all and don’t typically have many low cards, so recently I’m taking the queen a lot. Hopefully another update fixes this issue.
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4 years ago, Fontsohard?
The game clearly lets me win
It would be nice if there was a low, medium and high setting for the game. Sometimes the game clearly lets me win, for example I will lead a 6 of clubs. The player to my left will throw the queen of spades (13 points). The player to his left will follow suit with the 8 of clubs thus saving me the 13 points. Then in the next round, I can see the the player that threw the 8 of clubs also had the 4 of clubs. But they didn’t play that 4 of clubs card when it would have saved them 13 points. They clearly let me win.
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5 years ago, Yajgib
Artificial difficulty added.
I’ve been playing for several hours now. Artificial difficulty is definitely added to this game. After noticing it, I tested it by repeatedly starting new games and seeing what cards the AI passes on to me. If you try to get rid of a suit from your hand on the opening pass, the AI passing to you will load you up on that suit 9/10 times. If you don’t try to get rid of a suit, you’ll get passed high spades instead. Every. Hand. Aside from this, it’s moderately fun and the artwork is nice. But shame on the developer for not making a truly fair game.
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3 years ago, Mmgfyc
Much better than the others
Unlike the other hearts games available, this one does not constantly deal itself padded hands and approach every round as though the player has his/her cards turned around so that the other players can see. This is by far the best hearts app that I have found so far simply because it doesn’t constantly cheat.
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4 years ago, MelodyMcB
This is great!
I’m having lots of fun playing this classic. It’s my new go-to. Everything is great except sometimes I notice that the other ‘players’ try to stop me more than they stop each other. Once a ‘player’ shot the moon and another ‘player’ could have stopped him several times, but didn’t. Yet they always stopped me when they could. Very sus. Other than that, it’s great!
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9 months ago, Schmuckateli
Upgrade killed me liking the game
Had an upgrade today and 1, it changed the layout of the game. It does not look like it shows in the App Store anymore. 2. The game is now filled with endless advertisements. If you want out f the ads you have to pay a monthly fee. Bugger off. 3. Loved the game before the upgrade. Off my iPad after I write this review. I think someone lost their mind. Goodbye.
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5 years ago, NOT brain dead!
Stupid moves make me crazy
My “opponents” in Hearts are clever enough to sequence playing cards of the same suite to attempt to foil my unfolding plan, and sometimes foil my plan. Good for them. So why are they SO STUPID on these two situations: 1). When one of the other two opponents is OBVIOUSLY making a run at collecting all Hearts and Q of Spades, they gleefully comply by not stopping them through their sequence of cards played, though they all attempt it on me. 2). When the Q of Spades has been played during a Diamond lead play, they STILL drop the Jack to get the -10 points when the could have delayed with a lower Diamond they have in their hand. They’re so bent on grabbing the Jack they don’t care that they end up taking a net of +3 points instead of the desired -10. Stupid!
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2 years ago, dnaiiwhshs
Hearts Review
Great game, engaging format, can change colors. A LOT of ads! One of the addswas extremely triggering to me, and it was repeated multiple times. It was an advertisement for melting body fat in a month, to decrease weight. As a person in recover from an ED, this was extremely painful to look at. Please just let me play cards in peace without thinking of stupid numbers on the scale. I couldn’t figure out how to report it and I just had to skip it everytime, when I had already seen the ad and been triggered.
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2 years ago, Dagney14
Hearts enjoyment
I don’t appreciate that I am playing against a computer. I would much more enjoy the competitive challenge that my appointment was one who would take the opportunities of my mistakes rather than simply move the cards of three hands to win a game. The computer hand should be as close to human intelligence as is possible in downloading a competitive game!
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5 years ago, YeloCAB
Good game
I really enjoy this version of the game. I bought the paid version, otherwise the ads are really intrusive. Someone commented about not saving the game when exiting, but I have not experienced that. Some suggestions: have the option to hide the point counts during the game so I can train myself to pay attention to who has received the hearts cards/how many have been played.
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3 months ago, Princess Pajamas
App broken since last update
I’ve been a premium subscriber for a couple of years, and have enjoyed playing this app for stress relief. However, since the last update 3 days ago, the app has been broken… it no longer advances to the next round of play unless you force-close and reopen the app. I’ve reached out to the developer with no response. I’m very frustrated, and until I’m assured that they’re aware of the issue and working to fix it, I can’t recommend this game and will be canceling my subscription.
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10 months ago, ?!1q
Fun to play, but rigged to lose
I love playing cards of any kind, but it’s a little much when most reviews state that it’s rigged. I have been playing for three days and can already see the patterns and I know exactly how each hand will play out. Mostly, the computer wins. However, if you don’t care and just need to waste time, it’s ok. Edit: Had to give up and delete it! Completely ridiculous that you will lose after winning one hand, until you have no chance of winning the game. The fix and cheating is far worse than any benefits this app may have!
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4 years ago, weidoCC21
Objectionable ads and too many ads
The first time I tried this app, I was surprised and dismayed to find ads between each hand and particularly put off by a political ad which was full of lies and innuendo. I wrote to the app maker about the objectionable ad. I received a nice email back hoping I would try it again and report objectionable ads if they appear so that “ we can ask the providers to do the necessary with it”. I thought I would give it another try. I experienced the same thing. I don’t recommend this app due to the political propaganda in ads and the amount of ads-which becomes very time consuming.
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4 years ago, mrwwg
Fix This Game
There is something wrong with this game. The average winning percentage is off. I played at least 25 games and about 90% of the time when I could not pass, I was dealt the queen of spades. This is not real life application. It also seems that when you can pass, the percentage of viable cards are off. Why are we experiencing this? The strategy of wolf yowling at the moon works for only the opposing players and not for me. This game might be frustrating to folks who are adept at playing traditional hearts game. Make some improvements please.
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3 years ago, larrythegolfer
Fun at first
Not at all like playing the game in real life with real people. When I first started playing this game, it was fun. Now, it’s so frustrating! Obviously a 3 against 1 setup. It deals impossible to win hands and ALWAYS gives me the same suit (only higher) as the 3 cards I just passed. I thought games were supposed to be fun?! Tired of wasting my time; deleted the app.
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6 years ago, deancol
Killing my battery life
Whenever I play Hearts, the game puts a heavy drain on my phone’s battery. I’ve suspected this was happening since I installed this app a few weeks ago. I found that my battery was really low and a couple of hours off of the charger. I just ran a “test” first thing in the morning with the phone plugged in all night and the game not in RAM. The phone was cool to my touch. I then played one game of Hearts with the phone still plugged in. After playing one game, I felt my phone and it was hot. Note: the phone was not held in my hand while playing the game and was on a cool surface.
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2 years ago, barbzmad
Scoring is messed up!!
I just finished a game where 3 of us scored 26 points! I for one had 0 points and so did the other 2 players! Please fix this where it does not score wrong! I am really upset about this! The game is fine, except not when the scoring messes you up and makes you lose when you didn’t. Please, please PLEASE fix this!!!
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7 months ago, Marty Pacini
Ads are getting as annoying as possible
I find it very offensive when ads pop up that have sound that cannot be turned off without completely silencing my phone. I should be able to mute it but that bra ad and today a new one but there is no telling what they are even advertising because there is no video or photo or any visual at all. Just stupid drums playing. Please. I am NOT willing to pay to remove the ads. Allowing this obnoxious interruption is not changing that fact.
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8 months ago, sgsbsygdhd
Stick with iPad version
The tablet version is fun, but the phone version has a horrible “feature” that makes it almost unplayable. Your cards automatically move each trick to emphasize the cards that are playable. But the animation is delayed so that it happens right as you lower your finger to choose a card. The result is the card you try to press moves and you instead play a different card, ruining the hand. Why?? The tablet version doesn’t have this animation. Please take out this “feature”.
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11 months ago, yctyabc
Tough computer but it also cheats…read on-
What are the chances that if someone leads with say a 2 of Hearts the other “players” will have the 3, 4 and 5??? Seen it too many times to think it is chance. SO…I believe this game is programmed to cheat, period. It seems the other “players” know exactly which cards you have, and change their cards accordingly. Have played many Hearts apps that I can routinely win, but not this one, now I know why, it cheats!! Just caught this game playing the Ace of Spades that I had already played… Why do developers just make games that cheat?? Because they can???
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1 year ago, Majestay
Find a better Hearts game. This one is not it.
The app will start glitching when you beat their bots, then you’ll get back to back hands where it is almost impossible to not get points (I’m talking, getting hit by the Queen of spades every hand, no matter the suit, no matter what you’re cutting, getting a bunch of hearts but not in a way you’re able to Moon, you’ll see the game alter when the app glitches) The game is programmed to be VERY UNTRUSTWORTHY. Found a better hearts game with no glitches and less ads. Deleting for the second time and will not redownload. I hope EVERYONE does the same.
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4 years ago, Terrifen
Great game!
My husband and I both enjoy this game very much! I have a request though: I would like the option to review the last hand dealt because sometimes it went to a person I wasn’t expecting and I would like to see why. I was probably playing too fast. At any rate, I don’t want to change the result, just review it. Thanks! Terri
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3 years ago, Jeanne'
Nice game but....
This game is great and evenly distributed BUT the ads are insulting. There is a lady with some sort of nerve disorder that jumps up and down (and this is suppose to encourage interest?), then you have an old lady who looks angry trying to remodel. So the ads look as though they are all desperate;and don’t look inviting, and very negative, which distracts from a fun game. When the game design gets too repetitive or ridiculous I just keep choosing “new game” till the algorithm straightens out for a couple of fair rounds. This could have been a great game but..... may tire of the endless corrective efforts and just delete.
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6 months ago, Mike0420L
1000% rigged
This game is the most outrageous display of unfair play there is on the internet. The computer knows exactly how to play 3 against 1 instead of how it is meant to be played. Watch the cards you get back after passing. Note how the computer spreads out their points when you are leading. See which hands you get the Queen and how it knows when to play what. Make no mistake about it, you will lose 10x the amount of games you win. If I could put negative stars on this I would. The game is not programmed fairly, so do yourself a favor and spend your time elsewhere.
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3 years ago, shiningsee
Non-stop Ads; Insane Fee to Remove Them
It's a shame one of the best looking, smoothest playing Hearts games in the store is riddled with ads and the cost to remove them is literally insane. There's a space where ads constantly display during game play, plus unstoppable full-screen ads between every hand. Some people can deal with it, but it's too much for me. But no worries, you can pay to remove the ads and get a few additional backgrounds! What's the cost? According to a pop-up nag screen, only 4.99 a WEEK!!! Obviously Fiogonia really wants you to keep using this game for its intended purpose: An ad injection platform designed first and foremost to make money. You having fun is treated as a necessary evil to achieve that purpose. In a sane world, those priorities would be reversed, but we have been brainwashed to think otherwise.
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5 years ago, MelJoyceF
Offensive apps
I love the game but the ads that run between each round (about every 2 minutes) are often very long(much longer than any ads I've encountered with other apps), usually there is a second ad, and some of them have a disclaimer of being for over 18 which they definitely are - should NOT be accompanying an app that is not rated for 18+. I did not see any such warning before installing the app.
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9 months ago, Swoods12345
Worst hearts game ever!
I love playing hearts with friends and real cards, so I thought I’d give this a try. It’s terrible. The Queen of Spades is played just like any queen…as a high card. No effort to protect the player who has other spades in their hand. They just take the truck and take the frequently self inflicted points. So that’s stupid. But also can’t get the points right when I “shot the moon”. Isn’t that a universal scoring twist in every hearts game?? These programmers need to do a better job, study the rules and strategies, and program a realistic game! Don’t waste your time with this one.
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1 year ago, regnastterb
Ads are the worst
How in the h@ll do I have to watch a full 30 second commercial about bras in between hands!! It’s not an “advertisement”!! They are full on prime time television commercials!! This is getting ridiculous!!! I understand that you need to make money BUT really???!!! You don’t need an actual commercial in between every hand!! I’m deleting and getting the next best one.
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4 years ago, ChristianRiley
Graphics fine, game lplay average
The graphics are fine and as long as you do the paid version, the ads go away. The main issue is that the gameplay really isn’t very good. You really have to try to try to lose. Most of the time you can win, at worst second so it does get a bit boring after a while. Plus at least in the iPhone 11 Pro and XS the “queen” icon covers the hearts total for the right hand player. Fix those two things and it goes to 5 stars.
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