Hearts: Card Game

4.7 (68.6K)
272.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
4 weeks ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Hearts: Card Game

4.7 out of 5
68.6K Ratings
4 years ago, ok - here
Finally! a 5 second ad option
It only takes a few seconds to know if you’re interested in an app ad or not so giving the option to skip after 5 seconds instead of having to put the phone down for the torturous 30 seconds of the same stupid ads is awesome. I actually play this game way more because I know I’m not going to have to waste so much time waiting for the forced ads to finish playing. I’ve also downloaded a few of the actual ads that interested me so it still works. They Hearts game itself is also the best out there! The graphics are great and the animated facial expressions and sound effects of disappointment when they don’t get good plays is entertaining 😂. Makes it more real feeling. Hopefully more games will follow this company’s example of balancing ad time with play time. I rarely play other games after having to watch 3 or more 30 sec ads after a few seconds of playing a level. So nobody wins there - no ads can be played if I don’t play the game - right? Keep up the good example. I love this company’s Spider card game too!
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4 years ago, Artjax1
Almost Perfect
This is the best hearts app without question and it has earned a 5-star rating. Having said that, I only play it in the highest level/most difficult mode. I wish I could report that all of its “ability” is due to its AI. Unfortunately, in my opinion that is not entirely the case. I believe it “cheats” some of the time. The reason I say that is not due to the way it plays, but in the deals received and cards passed that are consistently perfect fills for the cards you passed away. If you are an excellent player the app will know you are getting ahead or too far ahead and you will get a deal with no spades or just a King or Ace of Spades that you have to pass and the you will receive the Queen of Spades on the pass without any backers. This is even more evident on the “no pass” round. If they fix this and make it a straight program, it will be exceptional.
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3 years ago, P-Naj
Decent game play. Ads are ANNOYING
Game play isn’t bad. Ads BETWEEN EVERY HAND is awful. A paid version would be so much better. The ads hide/disguise the X or >> button to move past them to the next hand. Those buttons are also really small and can take a few tries to hit. Seems like they’re a little “predatory” and designed to get you to click on the ad and not easily be able to close it out. That coupled with the excessive ads makes it very annoying. At most, ads between each game would be tolerable. I’m still early on, but it seems like the game has the typical AI issues where your “luck” seems to kick in when you need some point or have been struggling and then there are games where you can win even with good strategy. Overall it’s fun. Fix the ad issue and it’s at least a 4 star review. UPDATE: Contacted customer service about the annoying ads between each hand. They responded quickly, to their credit, but did not offer any solutions. Only asked if the ads were inappropriate or offensive and what I could do about them. They also said they would suggest an ad-free version to their development team. It’s clear they want to make money off ads rather than make a fun and enjoyable game. I DELETED THE GAME
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4 years ago, WINurse84
Giving It Another Try
After writing the 1st review below, I was contacted by the developer. I have reinstalled this game and tried it again. No ads between each hand! ORIGINAL: I play quite a few Mobility Ware games and enjoy them all. I stick with them because I like the graphics and ease of play. However, I've noticed that compared to games I play from other developers, your's have more frequent ads. Okay. Part of life, right? But if you think I'm going sit there while this game is interrupted by an ad between each and every hand, I'll take a pass! There's no way to get a flow going and I have better things to do with my time. I finally learned how to play Hearts, though!! ❤️ AMENDED: The quality I've come to know from Mobility Ware is in this game. I've enjoyed learning to play it and appreciate being contacted by the developer about my consternation regarding the frequency of the ads. I tried it again just now and went through an entire round without an ad break! Yay!! 🥳 To be clear, however, I consider anything that stops game play to be a disruption, because I still have to wait those few seconds before I can tap the X, which wouldn't really be that bad if it wasn't hidden in one of the corners half the time. And when I tap on this symbol >> >> I'm often taken to the App Store to download the ad's game, which is not acceptable. So, we shall play and we shall see!! Ads between games? That's okay. Ads between hands? I'll find a different version.
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1 year ago, knitlady58
Correction: Love the app…but ads on phone on annoying
The ads when playing on the iPhone are after every hand and often cannot be closed without getting out of the game. It appears on the iPad the ads are much better. They only appear after every game and are easy to close. Perhaps the developers can look into this discrepancy. I like the game so much I would pay for it….but if a pad option is not ever going to be offered please change the phone app….Thanks. Correction: The ads on the iPad are the same as the iPhone. Unfortunately the ads are after every hand. Definitely breaks up the flow. Please offer a paid version or change the ad model to after every hand.
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4 years ago, Hezzie'sGirl
5 Second Ads!
I’m so glad I downloaded this game! Hearts brings me back to my childhood, which helps relieve stress & soothe anxiety, so I love being able to play it on my phone. The stress relief factor is doubly increased by being able to skip all ads after 5 seconds (some seem even faster, but perhaps that’s just me?). As another reviewer stated, we don’t need to watch a long ad to know if we’re interested in the product, & I’m far more likely to try a new app if I’m not annoyed by ads for it. In fact, I downloaded this after I read that review specifically because I could avoid irritating ads. Thank you so much for this feature-I hope others take note!
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2 years ago, purdyc
Master Level
This is a great game, well designed. Until you get to the Master level. Once i got there it changed. You start off in about 20th place and are pretty far back, 1500 points. The leaders, top 5 don’t change their score for months. But once you get into the top 5, it changes. I got into the top 2, then the number 1 and 3 continually had point increases that are not possible. I’m sure these are computer generated players. Once, the number 1 player went up about 50 points in 10 minutes. That is winning 12 games in 10 minutes, coming in 1st place 12 times. You can’t play 12 games in that amount of time. Enjoyed the game, got within 20 point of #1, but not worth it any longer, will move on to another Hearts game.
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4 years ago, Gela1234567890
Few probs
I have a number of mobilityware games and they’re great. I sought out a Hearts game made by mobilityware bc I’ve been so happy with other games by them. This was a great game to begin with, but Later it seemed rigged against me. I’d get repeated consecutive hands with the Qspade or always get it passed to me or my cards would be so high I’d always end up taking the Qcard. This especially happened when there was a particular avatar at the table (for me it was an alien). This happened so frequently that I hated that avatar being in the game and it took the fun right out of it. Second problem, I like to listen to music while I play but the ads cut out my music. If it was an ad every once. In a while l, like after a game, it would be fine, but there’s an ad after every, single hand, which makes it impossible to listen to my music. I get the need for ads so that’s not my complaint. The last problem is more about me and less about the game. The undo makes it easy to cheat. I have a hard time resisting it especially bc I’m always getting the Qspade card. I’ve deleted the app and found a different Hearts game I like much better bc it’s more balanced and has no undo. I’ll always be grateful for Mobilityware version though bc it taught me how to play Hearts.
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4 months ago, The Fritillary
Suggestion for points
Hi, I’ve been playing this game for a long time. I only play on competitive with a 50 point cap. Now that you are deducting a point if you lose the game at this level, I want to suggest that if you win the game with 0 points, you get the loser’s deducted point, so you would score 5 points in this scenario. I rarely finish a game with 0 points, so this would be a bonus point that would not be awarded very often. I’ve won a 100 point game with zero, but it is even harder to do in that game. Thanks for considering! Love, the Butterfly.
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2 years ago, RickRizzle214
No option to remove ads?
I want to give this app 5 stars because it’s really fun and has some great features. But there’s no option to purchase the app for a couple bucks so that I can remove ads… I don’t want to find another app but at this point I’m going to do that, unless they update this feature. Ads are annoying and it’s worth paying even up to $5 to never see them again. They don’t go away at the tap of an “X” button like they should. It’s like 4 layers of waiting 5-10 seconds then skip, waiting 5-10 seconds then skip, etc… until you finally get back to the game. Ads occur every round and some games can go quite a few rounds.
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4 years ago, tony Hearts
I enjoy playing your game. Some suggestions: When I am deciding what cards to pass, the 3 “other players” (actually symbols which are normally visible) become dark. As a result, I cannot know which player is where - unless I use paper and write a chart. It would be so much easier for you to keep the other players illuminated. When all the hearts and Q of spades have been played in a particular hand, why require me to waste time playing out the hand? The same - if me or another player is automatically going to take all of the remaking tricks (including, but not limited to shooting the moon). Again, a big waste of time when the end result is already known. In actual play with real people personally present, when one player realizes this, she or he will show their hand and say “it’s over”, and then go on to the next hand. I’m willing to put up with your time consuming advertisements. I would appreciate your efforts to eliminate time consuming “finishing of hands in which subsequent play will not impact the points in the hand. Thank you for reading this.
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4 years ago, alnovena
Pretty good
Game has decent playability. The ads aren’t too bad being 5 seconds. You don’t feel like all you get done is watching ads. Ai could use some polishing. Like not always leading spades when they aren’t winning. They end up drawing out the queen on the last place player when they are in 3rd place and they lose too. Not easily programmable but doable. Also. Can you add in an option to use the jack of diamonds for -10 points off your score. Makes it so much more fun.
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6 months ago, Eric_Steel
Don’t play this game. It cheats
The AI in this game cheats, it will let you win, but as you progress, it with force you to lose, where hand after hand you will be forced to eat the Queen of Spades. You are playing the computer one on one, but you get 13 cards while the computer is playing from 39 cards and also knows exactly what cards you have. The last straw for me, I was dealt no spades. The player to my left passed me the Ace of Spades, making it my ONLY spade card. I opened with the 2 of clubs, player on right wins with Ace of clubs. AND THEN PLAYS THE QUEEN OF SPADES. I only had the Ace of Spades, so I had to take the Queen. But who leads with the Queen of Spades in the second trick of the hand? An AI that knows that the player has only the Ace of Spades. I deleted the game after this dirty trick.
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4 years ago, Carp Finley
Decent game. List of issues.
The number one problem with the game is the bots don't pay attention to the score. They will happily give the queen to the high man, even when that puts him over 100 and makes the bot doing it lose the game. Similarly, a bot will shoot the moon even though low man is more than 26 points lower, and shooting causes high man to go over 100 and the shooter loses. An annoyance is that the game keeps telling me I've progressed a level but the levels are completely meaningless and have zero bearing on the game. Please get rid of them. When someone achieves 26 points before the hand is done, play is interrupted for a long animation about shooting the moon and then you still have to play out the remaining meaningless tricks. Just dump the cards or something. I wish there was a way to review the previous trick. If am distracted for a tiny instant the cards are gone and I don't know what was played. This is personal preference of course, but I loathe how the game vomits cards all over the screen when a game ends.
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5 days ago, CWeinmann
I’ve enjoyed this game for years and appreciated that the ads didn’t inundate the game. But recently, I’ve seen ad after ad for Match Story, a truly terrible game. The premise is usually a pregnant women is rejected by her boyfriend or a woman with a child and baby tries to give the baby away before wandering around in a frozen wilderness OR she’s running away from a boyfriend and looks obviously abused, and the new girlfriend kicks the baby right before it’s mother falls off a cliff. You may not choose which ad appears, but this game is so offensive that it ruins the enjoyment of your game. Please do something about it.
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7 months ago, Me1me1me1
If you love long ADS - get this game
So many long ads, many which require closing several times before you can proceed with the game. Only get this game if you love seeing adds after every single round. **I received a message (from MW, I asume), saying that all ads were less than 5 seconds. That is a LIE! Don’t fall for it. I’ve used my timer, and several of the repetitive ads are at least 30 seconds-that’s after Every Round, not every game. Not to mention several attempts to [X] close the ads. It could be a fun game, but too much time waiting on long ads. I agree that I’d pay 99¢ for a game without ads. You will continue to lose players if you don’t listen to all the complaints.
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7 months ago, nancyntn
Sometimes frightening
I have this for the second time. After a round and these annoying adds come up that I have no interest in whatsoever, however I can muddle through them. Royal match is the worst and the longest. “Help Me”. The little man says. Oh gosh. However this box has come up for the second time. Clean my system or it will crash. Told be I have 39 junk files. Makes me want to get completely out of these games as it is really a app to install. Sounds threatening. After I get out of it I have no sound with the game . Except on the ads! If this doesn’t stop with the threats I will be finding out who to report them too.
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4 years ago, The Sly Silver Fox
Fun ... at first.
Added this game when it popped up as an ad in between a round of another game. I never played hearts but was intrigued enough to download it. At first, it was a lot of fun and enjoyable to play. However, once I got past level 5, I would always end up with the death card and maybe one or two higher spades ... to the point that it was impossible for me to win a spade hand and I ended up with the extra 13 points almost every ... single ... time. Nope ... DONE! Too bad because even though there were a lot of ads, you were always given the option to skip out of it after about 5 seconds (instead of 30 like a lot of other games). Just wish the cards weren’t always stacked against me.
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4 years ago, Jenniqtip
So sad
I love the mobilityware apps. I enjoy this game except for the very frequent adds. If they happened once a game instead of once a round I wouldn’t mind. Also if the adds didn’t force close my audio book I would not mind. I understand the need to make money for a company, however with this model I cannot support the company because the game enjoyment is ruined by the adds. I am unfortunately going to delete the app. I would love to buy in sometime in the future. I would like to recommend an add free experience with paid content such as player icons and backgrounds. I would gladly drop 3-5 dollars a month this way.
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2 years ago, <0+
Loose often
After playing Mobilityware games (including spades) opponents win most if the time. Hearts I have played a long time now in the first hand almost all the time get the Queen. Same with spades. In spades when opponents are loosing they always get 100 hands so they win. So competitiveness is lost what a shame. So I guess the point is don’t be a long time player. Developers do not need to give bull crap answer. It is obvious when this happens especially in spades you can predict when they get 100 hand & hearts you know you will get Queen first hand. I guarantee it will not stop what a shame to games that were competitive
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2 years ago, Doob214
Appreciate the need for lots of ads but not for me
Played four hands before the first ad and thought “this is great!” But after that there was an ad after every hand and you spent more time watching ads than playing. Edit: After reading some of the other reviews I found out you can cut the ads short if you didn’t want to watch the whole ad. Definitely makes a difference!
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2 years ago, Movie Lover 77
No ad removal option?
This is the BEST Hearts app out there, except it doesn’t offer a way to buy out of ads. After every hand you have to wait for ads, or try to hurry it up by tapping for the arrow. Other than that it’s an awesome version, with great graphics, highlights of cards, characters and facial expressions. If you can figure out a way to wipe out the ads, I’ll give it 5 stars for sure!
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2 months ago, markwvw
I really like this game version hearts. I’m addicted to it. But I must say the computer programming knows what I’m doing. Without fail, I’ll get passed a low heart when it knows I’m looking to shoot the moon. Also without fail, when I’m short suited in passing, I’ll get the Ace, King or Ace, Queen of that suit. I’ve played so many games that I can make these statements with confidence, it’s not a coincidence. Who would pass a 4 of hearts when they are not shooting the moon? That’s why only a 4 star, not a 5 star.
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2 years ago, tcam
Ads continue to annoy
It’s a fun game, but it needs a no-ad version. Ads continue to evolve, some requiring 10 seconds and/or multiple screen taps, with the “x” to dismiss the add moving to various corners of the screen to deceive you. Clearly lots of effort is going to develop ads that are longer and harder to dismiss. One game requires too many pauses for ads. A pay “no ad” version is required. I checked this many times: some ads can be canceled after 5 seconds ss, some require more time and/or multiple clicks, with the “x” moving. It’s deceptive.
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2 years ago, iShubes
Ads Ads Ads Ads Give Us Your Money More Ads
These are NOT 5-second ads like someone else mentioned. These are “5 seconds before you can close the ad and then another 5 seconds before you can try to close the second ad without screwing yourself into opening the App Store and downloading something” ads… and they happen after EVERY round. Additionally, the game is programmed to prevent you from shooting the moon even when you have the hand to do it. On the off-chance that you DO “shoot the moon”, they make up for it in subsequent hands by giving you 13+ tricks to bring you back down to 2nd or 3rd spot. Don’t waste your time.
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3 years ago, Dimplescowan
Getting stuck
I really like this particular Heart game. The only thing is... I’ve had to uninstall and re install this game four times after reaching certain levels and or goals...it always seems to get stuck on one of the advertisements. I’ll have to stop playing losing whatever level that I’ve reached. So far that is the only problem that I have.
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3 weeks ago, buzzroll161
Entertaining but not realistic
Others have made similar comments. The game is certainly entertaining and has good graphics but it’s not realistic, similar to other games by this manufacturer. An experience Hearts player will tell you…If you are ahead, the program will deal you losers and play to them until you are no longer in front….true …live players would try to do similar but not like this and not back to back. Plus the adds are way over the top. I’ll look for something else… even if I have to pay.
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2 years ago, Samsam333
Good app, but unavoidable annoying ads
This is actually a pretty great app for playing hearts, but the ads are incessant and annoying and oftentimes predatory. This problem could be resolved if there was an option to pay to remove ads, but no such option exists. Even though I love this app and use it every day, I’m going to give it a 1-star rating until the developers either: 1. Remove ads entirely, or 2. Give users the option of paying to remove ads. If either of those things happen, I will change my review to 5 stars. I hope this feedback is taken into consideration. Thanks!
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11 months ago, Jup71891
Fun but not always fair
I play when I’m on the exercise bike. If the program really wants you to win, you’ll win. If it really wants you to lose, you’ll lose. You can tell after a few rounds who the designated winner will be. I can’t count the number of hold hands where the only spade I’ve been dealt is the Queen. Or, hands where I play the 5 Hearts, and each of the other players holds a lower heart. Things like that. But it can still be fun and eventually you move up in the rankings.
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2 years ago, anahbshsbs
Same ads over and over
That’s the one reason this app doesn’t get 5 stars. It would be one thing if they were different ads but noooooo the same crap ads over and over. Give it a rest already. The game itself is fun, best hearts game I’ve played. Please find a different way to play ads or at the very least play different ones. As much as I like playing this game, I’ll likely delete it. STOP PLAYING THE SIMPLE SAFE ADS OVER AND OVER AND OVER
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4 years ago, Ocaoivorew
Worst of the cheaters
I have and like many of this developers games, this is NOT one of them. If you have the queen, they lead spades until you eat it, every single time., this is not how people play hearts. Other than this, I’d give it a five, but it’s such a big flaw, I just can’t. I’ll go back and play the other one I have, not half as nice but.... actually theirs used to do this, maybe enough people complained because it doesn’t happen anymore. What I don’t understand is, why you developers think were so stupid that we’d stay with games that cheat? Are you so corrupt you cannot design a fair game? Is your own ego caught up in it?
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9 months ago, yshuaben
It’s okay
The game is okay. I beat the Grand Master 1, and it’s only been 5 or so months since the new game flow stole. When I have nothing else to do, I play the game. You won’t always win every game. That’s okay. Keep playing. I kind of wish these levels were online so that we could compete against each other for levels.
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3 years ago, antibot12345
Competitive mode
So you grind away, climbing up the ladder past 500, past 1000, past 1500. You reach 2000 and do you win? No! The previously stagnant opponents start jumping ahead of you and it appears at this point the game can’t be “won” unless maybe I play for three or four hours straight(?) , which I’m not going to do. You need to make this game winnable, guys. This is not a good strategy to keep me playing , it’s a strategy to frustrate me and send me to another game...
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4 years ago, Milkbone21
Not Realistic
The A.I. strategy is completely unrealistic, even on the hard level. It feels like you’re playing against a singular person who has 3 hands to play against you. Get used to having the A K & Q of spades in your hand a majority of the time. When you don’t, the Q will overwhelmingly be to the hand on your left. The other players do nothing to stop a computer hand from shooting the moon (STM), so believe it’s going to have to be up to you. However, that strategy changes when you’re trying to STM. Very rarely am I passed a low heart, unless I’m setting up my hand to STM. I could go on and on. Wouldn’t recommend.
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4 years ago, Bunner22
Ads are awful
I like this app except the ads they use are awful and terribly annoying. Some take forever to X out of, one has the most annoying, loud voice and no way to mute the sound. I will most likely look for a better hearts app. There are many others out there.
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6 months ago, /Beast/7
Ads, Ads, Ads
I’ve played this game for years and it’s very good, but the ads keep getting longer and longer…. OK, I know that’s how they make money, but… They say you can stop the ads after 5 seconds, and for some that’s true, but others go on and on… over 10 seconds… and multiple pop up screens to get out of… Unfortunately Apple lets this go on! My advice is complain to Apple customer service about the egregious advertising practices on these apps.
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3 years ago, Johny070
Excellent game
The reason for 5 star is the developers of this game not greedy like others. The ads are minimum and most of the time you can cancel them after 5 seconds. The competitive mode is amazing and the AI feels like another competitive person. Kudos to the developers. Keep up the good work.
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3 years ago, brynneluca
Easy but totally unfair, I’m done with it.
It’s a shame because this app makes it easy to learn the game, but once you do, they load every single round against you, making it impossible to win. I play a lot of card games, and this one is the most unfair, and infuriating to play. They stick you with the queen of spades EVERY SINGLE TIME, regardless of the cards dealt, or the strategy you use. Real opponents don’t know who has what cards, but this game obviously does, and ensures you lose. I’m deleting it.
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10 months ago, St Pud
Aggravating Features
I really like this game. However, I consistently get almost no diamonds — fewer than I would have guessed I’d get by chance. But the really infuriating thing is that while my team’s opponents consistently try to force a nil-bid player on my team to take tricks, my partner never does. This happens even though I find he could have played a lower card, forcing our opponent to take a trick. Fix this!
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4 years ago, Woodbadge38
Ad infused
Have used a lot of Mobility games. All are just great. I’ve noticed lately the increasing number of ads, including: 1. Ads every time a hand is played, not just for every game played 2. Ads are planned to make it difficult to close them by - making multiple layers of “x” or “>>” - making the “x” or “>>” smaller and the click area tiny - making the “x” or “>>” very close to the same color as the background - making the “x” or “>>” at different places on the screen 3. Getting an ad-free game requires a yearly fee I know the purpose of creating games cost money but this is becoming like buying a package of toilet paper where the cost of the product is almost entirely in the packaging.
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1 year ago, vghjmnhfrrj
Best version for me
I have tried 21 other heart games on my iPad & this is my favorite. The smooth game play, tap a card to move instead of having to swipe it. Goals to achieve rather than just play games. Several options on how you want the game to look & how it plays.
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9 months ago, ccggvjvcuiv
So sad
I love this game however, I will no longer be playing it because of the LGBTQ and the homosexual nature of the ads is unnecessary and a little disappointing kids play this game get it together I will share this with other parents and regretfully you will be losing business
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4 years ago, Thgrs
Seriously?? Every single hand there has to be an ad?? You’re better than that! Well, I guess not. And while there is the ability to ‘fast forward’ through an ad- start to finish, its 15 seconds best case of your fast and focused. A round can be played in less than 10 seconds, the you have 15 seconds of ad, fast forward, click to close ad..... You literally spend more time addressing ads, than actually playing. Ridiculous! Plenty of other great Hearts games out there that are not disguised click bait.
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3 years ago, Mamashugena
Fine for beginners, cheats as levels increase
The early levels would probably help you learn how to play, but as you level up, the algorithm is set to make moves that no one who knows what they’re doing would ever make so you really can’t strategize. I deleted the app after I saw on multiple occasions that opponents used the same card more than once within a single round.
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2 years ago, 1stCeye
I have been playing this game of Hearts for years! Yesterday, the whole game froze…nothing moved…hopeless! So I did what I was taught. I rebooted it. I LOST EVERYTHING, ALL MY ACCOMPLISHMENTS…..ALL THOSE TEIRS…..GONE! I cannot get them back! I refuse to start from level one. You NEED to FIX this!! I lost the most comfortable game ever because you did not have SAVE! thanks…….😠😠😠😠😠
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4 years ago, maximus1950
Game is nice because the ads are only about 5 seconds and back to the game quickly. I was wondering how many levels they have in this game. After so many points you move to the next level. I’m on 200 now. What is the highest level? Thank you
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1 year ago, c9h3r4i7s
in the way
I play this game by myself against the other 3 opponents. I have one pronlem. The emoji for the player opposite mine often blocks the card being played by that player which affects which card I can play. I've lost too many hands that way.
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6 months ago, Aabc123
Ads won’t close
I have been playing this game for a while and enjoy it, but recently there are ads that freeze the game. The only way to continue playing is to reboot, or wait a few hours and come back. After rebooting every 3rd round in my most recent game, I’ve decided to look for another app. This one is too annoying.
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3 years ago, RJene
Love it but cannot move current level to my iPad
I have been playing on my iPhone and want to move to my iPad. However, I am at a pretty high level there and when I download in my iPad have to start at level 1 again. Is there a way to move this from my iPhone to my iPad? Thank you
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4 years ago, Devin Uber
Great game
Love this game! As a beginner, this is a great teaching game as well as a great game for you experienced players. I would love to see it expand to showing beginning players better plays... I usually end up with the black queen and can’t figure out alternate plays to keep this from happening!!😔
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