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User Reviews for HEIC Converter

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3 years ago, ybp123
The Greatest HEIC HEIF Conversion App
I use this to create a JPEG version of about a thousand photos from my phone each month to JPEG so that my gallery database can organize them, without needing to convert the original higher quality files to JPEG during import. It is mind-blowing how fast this software is, with top quality results as well. And it brings over all the meta data as well. Simply incredible. I did have it crash one time when trying to convert hundreds of photos at once, so I try to keep it under 250 photos at a time now. The design is so simple, it gets out of the way and does it's job, like the best designs do. I have been meaning to write a review for over a year, and I finally am doing so after noticing the app was updated when checking the app store for updates. I absolutely highly recommend this app with no reservations. If only the author would do an equally amazing conversion app into the HEIC format!
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5 years ago, Ethan Jan.
Works extremely well, and east to use
I recently started using Google Photos to backup all of my photos and have an easy way to get my phone photos onto my computer using the cloud. I doanload my photos for editing and sharing often. This app is extremely lightweight and so easy to use. I can select all of my files from a photo download (mov files included) and it will only convert the heic formats, and doesn't give me an error message for the mov's, which is very nice. A promp for location comes up before the conversion begins. It default chooses the location for the JPG formats to be the location that the HEIC files are coming from - a small touch, but very convenient and nice. I definitely, 100%, reccomend this app for anyone who needs to convert heic formats into the more universally used jpg format.
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2 years ago, sag23~
IT NOW AUTOMATICALLY deletes the old HEICs. Just makes it soo much nicer! Just one more step I don't have to take. Usually I would wait to write a review but I have done my tests, and *it works.* Just time. Beautifully, and simply. Just a plain window that says "Drop HEIC images" and it converts right in the same folder (which I wanted) or another if you wish. Has a reasurring count up to 100% circle,reassuring me it's working. At the end, the old HEIC/HEIF's are higlighted, and I can just deletete them. It flagged a MOV file and said it couldn't translate it, but it waited while I deleted it, which is fine. I previously used a Quick Action workaroud , but it took me a long time (and blood, sweat and tears) to set up, and... the new iPhone update crashed that (apparently) as the phots are now HEIF instead of HEIC. Am extremely grateful to this developer (and others) who create simple and useful fixes for free, as a public service. I just want my Apple products to play nice together, without having to figure out what to do after a forced update causes me another problem. So thank you, Sindre Sorhus!
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1 month ago, Andreea4234
simple and amazing
As an architecture student with an iPhone, I often need to convert images from HEIC to png or jpg. I used to go onto sketchy websites before. This app is customizable and convenient. I can choose a default location for my converted files to go and whether I want png or jpg files. I can click and drag images or open the file system from the app to choose photos. I have it so it quits once the files are done converting (very nice feature). It integrates so seemlessly into the mac interface that it feels like it should come with iOS. I recommend this simple tool to anyone, even if you don't need to use it as often as I do.
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2 years ago, NoSleep4U
Works great when it works
We took about 3,000 pictures on our Iphone on vacation. When I got back, I found that I couldn't access them on my old PC. Found this converter and was able to drag and drop my files for converting. Unfortunately, several times it crashed without explanation. Sometimes it worked for blocks of my pictures flawlessly, sometimes it gave me an error saying it could write to my disk. I found I could not just try again without closing out the app and restarting it. After several tries and about 5 hours, I finally got everything converted. It seems to work quickly for small blocks (less than 100) but if you try to convert 1000 at a time it has real problems and works ssssoooooooo slooooowly. 1,000 took about 3 hours and missed almost 60 files (without explanation).
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2 years ago, Bovaah
Life saver
I just started a new job, well a new career to be exact. I began home inspecting and i take up to 250 photos and inspection. I have begun to use google phot because the other inspectors in my company all use it to share pictures and all the jazz. There is a software program we use and i couldnt use anything other than JPEG in it. I was getting extremly frustatrated with the process i had been going though to get the pdfs, not to mention the time wasted. This app has saved me so much frustration and time. Also couldnt be more simple to use!
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4 weeks ago, Csgonder
Great Job
Honestly it was so hard finding a free converter! This one is amazing. I don't know if its fully free or has a limit. I only use it a few times a week for online school. My purpose is converting phone pics of homework assignments or other random things from heic to jpeg. This allows me to submit my assignments easier and without drama. Thank you creators for making this app. If you have other apps like this one that might be as helpful for other things please feel free to reply to my comment. Always looking to make my life easier ya know!
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4 years ago, Some-guy-with-a-smartphone
Good but one suggestion
I really like the app. The only thing that would make it better is a default quality and save location. Dragging files in and having them immediately convert without the need for user intervention would be even faster and better. I suggest having a preferences screen that let's users choose the following. Checkbox: convert automatically (unchecked by default so users aren't confused). Quality: Default to highest. Location: Let users pick a folder OR choose to save in the same location as the original HEIC file. Thanks!
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6 years ago, mispb
its free, it works
I don’t write many reviews, but I felt that since this program was free and it works, and it has so few good reviews, I should write give it a +1. There are probably a dozen ways this program could be better, and if it was better, I would be very willing to pay money for it. But its free. There are no ads. And its super basic. And there is nothing wrong with that. The biggest thing that bothers me is that I want the converted pics to go in a different folder and I have to pick that every time. Would also be nice to be able to right click the picture in finder and choose “HEIC converter” instead of this drag and drop thing. I’m sure the developer has many good ideas on how to make it better without me removing a star. Give it a decent review if you find that it works. Don’t be a hater and don’t be picky.
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5 years ago, 1893462
simple easy to use and exact
installed today. converting HEIC files to JPG or PNG is simple. Choose files within a folder, drag to program, it opens up FINDER showing you the path and folder your files are in. I just created a new folder within same folder for the newly created JPG's files. Click convert and it is fast and puts the convered files in the new folder leaving your original files instact. Caveat is that it will only convert HEIC files and you get a warning if you are trying to convert other than HEIC and stops the file drop....SO only drag HECI to the program.
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3 years ago, Mati Danish
Better and Faster than taking a screenshot
Hello, i am a high school student and i take my photos in my iphone and airdrop it to my mac to put them in a google slide. but the problem is that slides does not accept the HEIC format so i had to take a screenshot by pressing Command shift 4. When taking a screenshot the image loses quality and it woulf take a long time by lining up the edegs of the photo. but with this app, i can just drag and drop and then boom, the jpg version appears in my downloads!
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4 years ago, Criminality
This is just terrible. First, it opens to a screen that looks like a 1980's dot prompt input with no real direction. Then you figure out you drag and drop, yet everything has to be from "photos" app. What? Then you go to the Photos app, and like me, you probably have all sorts of photos everywhere because you have no real idea how your MAC stories things, how to properly open folders, etc - unlike HP or other computers that are, well, simple. That said, this NEVER works. Another issue, finding out which of your photos is a HEIC file versus JPG or whatever you want it to be, is always a hassle. Frankly, given it is in the computer, I should be able to just CONVERT ANY HEIC photo, but I cannot. Who wants a dumb HEIC photo that cannot be read or even sent (at times) to others? Another dumb thing Apple has done, create a file string that is unusable to anyone but the end-user (Apple owner). Classic Steve Jobs.
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4 years ago, LAtoLV
Easy to Use and Fast
This is a great app with a clean, simple and easy to use interface. The drag and drop from a Finder folder to the HEIC Converter window works great. But the best way for me is selecting Open With...HEIC Converter from the context menu (right click on an HEIC image file). Defaults to JPG and Best Quality (which is what I usually want). All I have to do then is select the folder I want to put the JPG image in and click Convert. Simple and Fast. Great App worth paying for, but it's free! I plan on donating to the developer.
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6 years ago, SirEmeraldKnight
This really works! And its FREE!
This app is perfect for converting HEIC to jpeg. You can choose to do a single photo, or you can choose up to 100. It's really simple to use. Just drag the photos to the box. Select the convert button. A prompt will ask about the resolution you want to save the photos at. Then it coverts the photos and conveniently ask if you would like to store the photos in the folder they came from. Really easy to use and its free. THANK YOU!
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3 years ago, dan.337
Free and Fast
I was skeptical at first and even more so when within one second it said that it was finished converting over 35 photos. I looked in the folder and BOOM! they were all converted and in the same high quality. Seemingly there was no loss in quality. The app didn't ask for any unnecessary information or permission. 5 stars and only great things to say!
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5 years ago, J-LeTHaL-
Simple App That Works Well
Being new to Mac I noticed my iPhone's photos show up has HEIC format on my Mac. It's great for the iPhone as it saves space and retains quality but I perfer storing them as JPGs on my computer. A quick search in the App Store and this app was easy to find. I perfer it over a few others I've tried. It's super minimal, converts pictures very fast, and works perfectly. Highly recommended.
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2 years ago, Sharky206
Pretty Easy to use
Needed to convert my photos to JPEGs since I'm running an older Mac OS, and needed something. Just open and drag the photos that need to be converted, and hit the convert button. Fairly simple. Perfect for what I needed, especially when sharing photos with others who can't use HEICs. My question is....who uses the HEICs or what can use the HEICs?
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3 years ago, TLogicM
Incredible, clean application that works great!
Extremely simple and effective. This has been amazingly helpful for me! Would love if the app could monitor a folder and auto-convert any HEIC files that end up in it. I find myself airdropping a files from my phone all of the time, and that would be incredibly useful.
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4 years ago, mvgeier
Very easy to use
I just downloaded it and was very quick and easy to use. I just dragged my files to the app, it asked me where I wanted them stored, and it was done in a couple of seconds for 27 pictures. I see where there may be a default storage for the converted files now so that would make it even fast.
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6 years ago, Wes Groleau
It even works!
Unlike the UNamazing iMazing app, this one actually works. Minor flaw: why remove the fractions of seconds from the GPS time stamp? They're not particularly important, but why waste CPU cycles to remove them instead of copying the tag as-is? Would also be a valuable improvement if it had two preference options: (1) delete original HEIC; and (2) put converted jpg in the original location
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4 years ago, ludan02
The best HEIC converter you'll ever find.
I'm not exaggerating with the title, this converter is one of the best, if not the best one you can find. Online tools are almost all slow, buggy, ad-ridden junk, as are other applications. But this? No problems at all. It converts images extremely quickly and incredibly smoothly.
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3 years ago, Pokeyzilla
Fast and Easy! Very well Done
This app is perfect! There isn't anything that it does that needs work, it seems really well designed. Developer is responsive too! The only suggestion I have would be to point to an entire folder structure and have it convert all HEIC to JPG recursively.
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4 years ago, Craignb
Awesome little tool
Does exactly what you want - drag and drop convert HEIC to JPG. Works fast / perfect. Great for turning your iPhone photos into actually sendable images on things like Slack, etc. Feature request: Auto-convert any HEIC image to JPG so I dont always have to open / drag every time. If I airdrop an HEIC image to my Mac just auto-convert right in the downloads folder.
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7 years ago, PicCurator
Batch Export to PNG
Great app which works very quickly and simply to convert uneditable and obnoxious HEIC files to the useful PNG format. App converts quickly (on my base model 13 MBP) and seems able to handle large batches (though haven’t experimented over 100 pics). Just what I needed to do editng work from the huge pile of iPhone photos resulting from a party. Kudos.
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2 years ago, Computer Help Cherry Creek
efficient, no complications
This works instantly. Windows 10 required 30 minutes of work to get HEIC viewing and then you find Walgreens photos can handle them anyway. Just use this app to convert to JPG and get back to work or play...
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3 years ago, alberta, VA
Even though I've changed default setting on my iPhone--with great camera options-- so I can easily use photo "snapshots" in work I'm doing, I sometimes find my old photos, or pix friends share, in HEIC format. This solves the probloem each time in about 2 seconds!
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3 months ago, RsvlGlen
Greeat and fast.
I had HEIC Converter and had forgotten about it and needed something so I bought HEIC Converter Tool and paid for the pro. I'm surprised that the HEIC Converter outshines the"HEIC Converter Tool" in ease and time savings, primarliy because it knows where I want to put the converted image (in same place as the original).
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4 years ago, dadrummerguy
Great App
Works just as it should, the interface is nice and fast. Not laggy at all. I wish it saved where you want to put things though. It keeps trying to save images to my downloads folder even though I always pick my desktop.
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4 years ago, Libertysand
Took the headache out of converting.
Honestly, this shouldn't be an issue, why can't Air Drop just convert these over to a JPG file udring the Transfer? Easy to do but when you have several at a time to convert, it's an aditional pain. HEIC Converter is easy to use and fast when deaing with multiple files.
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2 years ago, Sixtoze
Heic Converter
This is so easy to use and has worked flawlessly for me, I have had no crashes or any problems with it, you just drag the picture into it and press convert, it will then convert it from Heic to jpeg and will keep a copy of HEIC IMAGE and the converted JPEG. It just works.
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5 years ago, no more 50 steps
Finally-an App that works
Can't stand the HEIC pix now on iphone. Costco and others cannot convert, so I have been converting 4 at a time via automator, the world's least friendly app. (tried converting multiple images, and it would convert about 4, then make HEIC dupes of the rest. ugh) Just drag and drop.
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2 years ago, coryata
I like how easy this is to use. It would be awesome if I could create a drop folder in my downloads folder and just have it auto convert and have an option to delete the HEIC files after converstion.
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3 years ago, <<>>
HEIC image converter
This is a handy tool that helps me convert the picture files my phone saves in the space saving format HEIC to something that non apple people can see, like when I am sending email attachments to customers or building inspectors.
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3 years ago, idmar
Simple and effective
The app does one thing and does one thing really well. Simple to use and great attention to details on the interface and interactions. Keep the great work and thanks a lot for make the app available for free!
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2 years ago, nicetransition
Best solution available
So many apps try to make you pay for this conversion but this app doesn't and it works perfectly. Only issue is timestamps of photos get updated - but that's understandable
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4 years ago, phud2
Works Great!
Thank you so much for making this available at no charge. It's hard enough getting pictures developed. I'm disappointed I have to take yet another step, but very greatful for how easy this application makes it.
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2 years ago, Gnidder
Great app. Indespencible for iphone users
So many of my photos are in that HEIC format. This app does what it says and does it well and fast. Just get it and thank yourself later for making the right choice.
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5 years ago, Koabunga
Does the job
Works great. I wondered what the developer got for making the software? Got this response from the developer "I just enjoy making macOS apps. I earn money on other apps. There are no tracking in my apps and there never will be."
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5 years ago, weimareiner2
Drag and drop those .HEIC files from Finder into this wonderful app and like magic they are converted to .jpg and by just clicking the default they are saved! I use it a lot! But now I found out how to change that setting in the iphone.
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1 year ago, splitsville
Does Just What It's Supposed To
Why Apple doesn't provide a native way to batch convert HEIC files is a mystery, but this little app gets the job done, no muss, no fuss. Wish all software was this clean. (this was the suggested review, but it's spot on)
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6 months ago, haddon
Simple, fast, and exactly what I needed
Kudos to the developers for making something simple that does something well. Hard to find, these days.
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4 months ago, Uku Toro
It works every time.
I have no higher praise than to say it works every time that I rediscover I need it. Wonderful easy to use interface. Thank you.
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2 years ago, Hiimnewuser
Short, simple, sweet. Exactly what I needed. Literally some simple app that turns these stupid iPhone HEIC files to JPG so they can show up as thumbnails in whatever other online program I am working with
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6 years ago, Nelly_12
Works Well
After trying and failing to convert all my HEIC files to JPG with iMazing converter, I tried this one and it worked perfectly. iMazing kept giving me invalid file format issues with some of my HEIC files. No such trouble with this app. Recommended.
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5 years ago, Tbob4
Working perfectly
I am a member of a BBQ group that is not currently accpeting HEIC photos. Obviously, photos are very important. I love the ease with which this works. I do notice a bit of a drop in photo quality but the ease of use far outweighs the drawbacks.
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2 months ago, BB's Buggie
Supre handy and efficient tool
It's way better than those online tools. Just need a second and you get your converted file one at a time. Suprerb!
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3 years ago, Mike9999999996
One Stop Converting
This App is great. Easy to use, Select multiple files in finder, right click open in HEIC Converter and boom they show up in the same folder converted. Easy as Pie. Thank you!!
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3 years ago, Dusty_Mac
Very Helpful
My wife took 2 years of pictures on her iPhone before realizing they were all HEIC and she couldn't use them on her PC. This app quickly batch converted all of them (on my Mac) to jpg and now the crisis is over. Thanks!
Show more
4 years ago, Cabidon
So fast and easy
I've been trying to move my company photos for years doing it 5 at a time and I just found this and coverted 600 pictures in about 3 minutes
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5 years ago, AJ & KJ
Converter works Awesomely
This converter from HEIC to JPG works awesomely. It converts quite quicky and is very easy to use. The picture quality is awesome as well. I would recommend it to anyone who needs to convert the photos from their phone to the jpg format.
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