Hello Kitty Friends

4.7 (2.8K)
656.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
Super Awesome Inc.
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Hello Kitty Friends

4.7 out of 5
2.8K Ratings
3 months ago, cuteadorablekitten
i LOVE this game !!! one suggestion :)
hello !! i just wanted to start by saying that i LOVEEE this game. its super addicting and relaxing. i love the variety of characters that can be unlocked through gacha, and i love the ability to merge and upgrade duplicates! the different quests give you motivation to keep playing, which i like. i also like the treasure chests that you can collect along the level path. now for my suggestion~ pleasee introduce a kuromi furniture set !!!! kuromi is my favorite sanrio character and i love the house component of the game. it gives you more to work for. it would be so cool to see kuromi themed furniture alongside kitty’s, keroppi’s, pom pom’s, etc. other than that one thing this is my current favorite game !!!!
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11 months ago, vivilh0206"2
fun, until….
i’ve been playing this game for over a year and i’ve loved it. it’s cute, simple gameplay, satisfying, etc. but as i’ve gotten further along in the levels (i’m currently on level 823 out of 2430) i’ve noticed the levels have become repetitive. i’ve found myself playing levels that i have definitely done before as i progress or play weekly challenges. not to mention the chapters repeat over and over again as well (cafe, cafe II, cafe III….) in the beginning, new chapters would introduce new blocks and challenges, but i’ve been playing with the exact same blocks and challenges and power ups for hundreds of levels now. i was able to tolerate that, even if it was a little boring, but now that i’ve come across 5+ levels that have been identical to levels i completed weeks ago in a different chapter or challenge, i’m starting to get tired. i understand that 2430 levels are a lot and they’re not going to be able to make every one new and exciting, but i at least wish they’d find new layouts for the levels. if the next 1500+ levels i haven’t gotten to yet are filled with repeats, i don’t think i can keep going
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3 months ago, akdocjen
Good game, lots of transactions.
I get it, this is a mobile game, it’s bound to happen. And honestly, it’s better than most games with the transactions! The apple concept makes sense to me but it feels unfair. At first, levels are easy and it’s hard to fail, but the further I go, I lose more and more apples and have to wait hours for them to refill. It’s obvious to me they’re making levels really difficult and sometimes impossible to complete without powerups to make you want to pay money for convenience. There are, of course, a lot of things I like about this game! I enjoy combining duplicates to make a higher level character, but I don’t think it should cost 4,000 coins. You already paid to get the characters you’re combining, why make you pay more? Granted, at least it’s the free currency, but still. On top of that, I like how easy it is to get currencies with challenges and stuff. Plus, free gachas for watching a few ads every day? I have no problem with that. Overall, great game, my biggest issue is the apples.
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3 years ago, Cid Critic
Fantastic game, but some bad problems
I absolutely LOVE this game, but it has a few problems. 1. Fewer micro transactions. This game wants you to pay for things too often. I get that this is a free mobile game and you have to make money is some way, but the tactics it uses are a little scummy. My idea to fix this is to slightly tweak the chances of getting a B or higher character, allow exchanging of coins for gems at the same ratio of gems to coins, and remove gem box capacity. Heck, if you really want to make money, allow users to watch adds for gems. 2. Change the type of adds you see. Since this is a 4+ game it should be suitable for said age group. However, the adds in this game can get really inappropriate and/or political. I suggest the option to enable personalized adds or, better yet, removal of inappropriate and political adds. Why don’t you just advertise stuff like Pokémon Go or Among Us or even other Sanrio products? If you advertised for more Sanrio products you would make more money than you would from add revenue. Critiques aside, this game is amazing. I love the feature of combining duplicates, and puzzles are fun and cute. I really hope that the issues are addressed though. I can’t wait to see what’s next for this game! (Chococat or Twin Stars, anyone?)
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8 months ago, luv4sanrio
the most adorable game ever! 😍
"Hello Kitty Friends" is an absolutely delightful game that's perfect for fans of Hello Kitty and puzzle enthusiasts alike. The charming graphics and adorable characters make each level a joy to play, and the puzzles are just challenging enough to keep you engaged without feeling frustrated. With a variety of game modes and events, it offers hours of entertainment and keeps you coming back for more. Plus, the social features and in-game community add a sense of camaraderie that enhances the overall experience. Whether you're a Hello Kitty fanatic or just looking for a fun and relaxing puzzle game, "Hello Kitty Friends" is sure to bring a smile to your face!
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6 years ago, celestialchibi
Please! Gameplay wise, I would give it 5 stars but if a game's support is lackluster, it doesn't mean anything if you run into problems. Case in point: I finally decided to do a Facebook login to see if I could get extra apples a day since you can send them to each other. Either this mechanic isn't figured out on IOS or the app itself, but the add friends button literally did NOTHING. But that wasn't the worst of it - the app decided that I was to restart the entire game now Facebook logged in and I LOST MY ENTIRE PROGRESS. Even when I tried to recover my old, sans-Facebook progress by logging out, it couldn't remember it. So now I have a new game with crappier characters thanks to gacha luck that I didn't even mean to happen in the first place!! Maybe tell players that you erase their progress if they use a different login! And apparently it was all for nothing since I don't even have the ability to add friends and get more apples!
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1 year ago, FSUMErmaid
Amazing game!!
This game is so fun - like I have been playing for a month now and I am obsessed with this I aways have loved sanrio and I wanted to play a game about it and I found this and loved it! The characters are so cute and you can unlock so many! I made my mom download this to because she also likes sanrio and all that stuff and now she also really likes this! It’s fun how you also get to spin a weal every day you join! You can get many different kinds of furniture for your sanrio characters house! This game is just amazing and there is barely any ads! 🫶🏻🫶🏻
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1 year ago, pickachuvivi
Amazing but some flaws. PLEASE READ
Okay, one of the flaws on this game are the apples. Its honestly not fair and I wish that you didn't have a limit on how many times you can fail. Also, please get rid of losing an apple when you exit a level. A couple more things, the gacha is too expensive. All the good ones are 30 gems which is really unfair. And when you DO pay those gems, you often get a really common character and it is disappointing. One more thing, I wish that there is more Kuromi characters (yes I know she’s not an original but still.) besides all that, this game is fun and it would be even better if you add or remove these suggestions! Thanks 🎀⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
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2 years ago, marie !! ‼️
such a good game !
i just downloaded this game and i’ve been SO addicted 😭. this game really is fun and it’s really cute bc it includes sanrio characters. the only thing that i could say that they could add, is less known characters ? i think adding lloromannic would be a nice addition !! just more characters that are less known. other than that, the game is really time consuming (in a good way) this is a game that u definitely won’t be bored of !
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11 months ago, isis walker
I absolutely love this game BUT i cant add any of my friend? My profile picture is just a blank icon and there a few other bugs. For example the gachas for specific Sanrio characters i was hoping to take a look at the drop rate of them and clicked on ‘Info’ button and the button did even open anything. I want to keep playing but not being able to socialize or customize more than just the character i use will make it get boring because i want to see how much my friends are playing too.
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6 months ago, moonzbeam
Good game , just needs more
I love the game and the stages so far, i wanted something similar to sailor moon drops but this will be close as i can get. The first thing i looked for were how many characters they use and I'm very surprised that its very limited. Im a big chococat fan and was a bit disappointed but expected also surprised that cinnamonroll isnt there too. Id like to see more Sanrio characters in this game. I feel this would be more popular if it did. Very easy to play and enjoy the feel of it so far.
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4 years ago, 🍫🍰🍫🍦🍫🍿
OMG Thank you for making this game it means a lot because it kind of helps me with my math and it helps a lot with my puzzles I love puzzles but I don’t know how to do them in real life I know how to do puzzles games on the phone but real life puzzles I don’t do very well. And now I know how to do real life puzzles and I love puzzles now I play it everyday and when I forget I wake up and start playing and can never miss a gift. It’s the best game ever and you don’t have to change anything!
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2 years ago, ♥️Cassette♥️
Happy and Calming: My Favorite Mobile Game!
I love both puzzle games and Hello Kitty so I really love this game! I like to play it when I’m nervous or trying to fall asleep because I find it makes me calm and happy. I love collecting characters and finishing up little tasks and things. Lately I’ve been having a hard time finding a mobile game I keep longer than a couple weeks but this game will be around to stay! Great job :) 💕🤍
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5 years ago, AnotherBlockheadsFan
Overall fun, addictive, and adorable!
I’m a big Sanrio fan unlike most girls in my grade, but once I showed my friends games like this with Sanrio they love it 😂 I absolutely love this game its just so...I can describe it but it’s amazing and I’d definitely recommend download it, the only thing I don’t like is how the events are a little too challenging. I get it’s supposed to be hard but I’m a beginner and on the hello kitty princess event it expects me to clear 200 something balloons with like 19 turns. It kinda upsets me. But overall I’d definitely recommend it so much fun! Hehe (๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵)
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7 months ago, Emerald chapel
so right now i am in traffic on a road trip and i was scrolling for games and i found this game i instantly fell in love with it also bonus points NO ADS AT ALL this is the game that's keeping me entertained and calmed also i LOVE hello kitty/sanrio so yea recommend for all the puzzle hello kitty loving people this is for you 5 stars also if i could go higher than 5 it would be 9 billion!! thank you so much game devs best game ever!!!!!💖💖😍
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5 months ago, the-mariah
Previously, I wanted to give this game four stars because it’s really fun. However, very recently I came across a level that heavily resembled a swastika. I emailed the game developers numerous times about it and they ghosted me which shows extreme neglect for game players concerns. if the creators of this game show such sickening level of carelessness, then they don’t deserve to have a platform point-blank. This should be unacceptable to everyone. As for proof, I have all of the screenshots plus video recording. Yes the game is fun but play at your own risk. I suggest skipping it altogether if you respect all cultures and religions and have a 0 tolerance policy for xenophobic representations.
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3 years ago, Lanipho
I LOVE THIS GAME!!! I definitely recommend to everyone because this game is so friendly, cute, and amazing! I can play this game all day! I love all the Sanrio characters involved definitely adorable! It is so fun to play and they have the most adorable costumes for the Sanrio characters!!! And I recommend to everyone, I think everyone who is in love with Sanrio will definitely be in love with this game. If there were a hundred stars then it will be a hundred stars!☺️❤️
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3 months ago, deeznuts and ur mom
its such a cute game !! if you like sugar rush type games and hello kitty or cute things, this is such a great game to play. i recommend this game for hello kitty lovers. ALSO this is such a good game for long car rides or rode trips, + if you like decorating there is a decorating feature in the game as well, i like playing this game while listening to music(music doesnt stop once entering the app which is a +)
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5 years ago, JKittyJKat
More Characters Please!
Fun game. I’m not the best at blast puzzles so, at least for me, maintaining a decent supply of currency is hard. Collecting standard characters only takes coins, so that’s okay. However, collecting premium characters, decorating the house and continuing a failed level take diamonds which I can’t seem to earn enough of. Also, I would like to see Little Twin Stars & Chococat added/more Sanrio characters. If you are good at blast puzzles and love Sanrio, then this game is for you!
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5 years ago, njnjhchhh
I love it so much!!❤️❤️
This game is very entertaining. I’m a ten year old kid and personally would think that this app is a great way to entertain a kid. Especially when you are on a flight or are on a long road trip. It’s very easy to understand the rules and how to play it. It’s simple but it’s not boring. It’s very fun and I think it’s a great way to entertain your kids with. I recommend getting it. And it’s free!
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1 year ago, M.J.K Lover
Great game but plaseeee😫😫😫😫
It’s such a fun and addicting game that you just can’t give up but I’ve run into the issue where it says that my network is not working and that I’m not able to click on anything. This game is greta and would be five stars all the way, but every time I try and join the game it just won’t let me play. I even tried turning my entire phone off and nothing happened. The people who made this please fix this problem ASAP!!!!
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3 months ago, pufftuffeuffraf
Great game! My experiences
I downloaded this like a week or two ago and I’m already on like level 45. This game is addicting when I have nothing to do, I love the cute characters but it’s a little hard to get coins and gems besides quest which I’m not a HUDGE fan of. But overall 5 stars cause it makes me entertained overall
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10 months ago, TreCon2k
Fun but stopped working after a week
This game is fun and super cute but after a week of playing, I tried to open it and it just says “loading.” My daughter isn’t having any issues opening it, and no one is having issues with opening other apps. It’s just a game but kinda frustrating when I have some time to burn and can’t play.
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6 months ago, g0thm0th
I love this game
Its super cute and fun. Would recommend if you love hello kitty/sanrio, and just want a cute game to play when you're bored. I play this game a lot, it's fun and cute but my only issue is I get stuck on levels for daysor even weeks because I can't get an item I need to clear a level. Other than that I think it's super cute, fun and a nice game to pass the time when you're bored. <3
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2 years ago, silkybonnet
I love this
This game is honestly so very time consuming and fun to play, when I’m outside and get bored I play it. As a Sanrio lover I enjoy too. Very fun game, Nice gameplay. Very relaxing, calms me down when I’m nervous💖 Thank you for making a game like this, sure homescapes is fun but I prefer Sanrio for many reasons like the advertisements aren’t complete lies. 💕💕💕 I love this game❤️
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5 years ago, Univiv182
So the reason why I love the game is that THERE TWO of my FAVORITE CHARACTERS in it!! They are Hello Kitty and Gutetama because they’re adorable and so is the game! And what I also wanna say is that the levels aren’t that hard but when I saw HOW MANY LEVLES THERE ARE my mind exploded and when I kept scrolling up my finger got tired and I was only at 200 and I’m not even there! But I just wanna say the game is amazing!❤️
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2 years ago, Topsy-Turvy Hellfire
I love this game!!
I have always loved Hello Kitty so finding this game years ago was so great!!! This game is really fun!! My only issue is that some of the ads shown when watching an ad to het free spins are inappropriate for this family friendly game. I wish there was an option to pay for removing ads.
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1 year ago, car <3
Super Cute!
I've been playing this game for around a week, and I adore it. I say the game is very simple and fair, but for some event levels it's almost impossible to beat without spending diamonds or watching videos for more turns. It can be challenging but nonetheless it's still very enjoyable ☺️
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3 years ago, Idk what to put here. ;-;
Very fun and cute game! A few suggestions
Very fun, cute, and enjoyable game. I just suggest you add some sort of storyline or more characters. But I understand that’ll probably take a while because those things cost money. Other then that a lovely game. I recommend you play it if you have some free time and you like all things Sanrio.
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6 months ago, My favorite game!!!!!!!!!
Amazing my favorite game
This game is amazing you get to earn characters and be them! It’s just like candy crush but better I’m I huge hello kitty fan and I think if you love hello kitty and a challenge this is the game for you! It’s also a no WiFi game so at school I can play it with no problems!!
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5 years ago, TheRealMe56
I love this game 😝💕💕❤️
I love this game! Some of the levels are actually quite hard I’m stuck at one right now and like I don’t really mind I’m more here for the characters. I’m a huge fan of Cinnamoroll and in my opinion you should like add a unit gacha for him on March (his birthday), once for player with a low chance of getting a S or even an A or B, but it would be a nice change same for Kuromi.
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6 years ago, RicardoGD
So Kawaii!!
So kawaii! Everything is perfect about it! I used to have an older iPad, and, well, it glitched a lot. I couldn’t enjoy the game at first. But now that I have an iPad Pro, I realize that this game has it all!! It has great graphics, adorable music, and it’s fun for all ages. I haven’t even found a single ad yet! Thank you for reading this review!😝
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7 months ago, Mochi Kim1234
I love this game there’s not many ads and the details in this game is amazing! The Sanrio characters are adorable! Everything on this game is really unique.I also like how you get free stuff every day you log in (to get some cool items) This is definitely the best game I’ve played! 💗Keep up the good work💗
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4 years ago, link522
Kawaii and addictive~!
At first I thought it was gonna be another one of those games that’s filled with adds and doesn’t live up to what the pictures show, I was extremely wrong 0-0! It’s so fun and addictive, usually I’m not the type to write a review but this game deserves it!!!! Very cute especially the little gacha.
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5 years ago, zailadork
this is the first game i’ve ever written a review for, and i just wanted to say this is the cutest, most entertaining game i’ve ever played on my phone. i love the colors, hello kitty, and everything about it. i’ve only downloaded it a few hours ago, but i wanted to write a review because of how great i think it is. thank you for the smiles :)
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6 years ago, PoMpOmPuRiN is my BaE
I love it, but there are some things that can improve
For instance, I wish they included Chococat, and the game loads slowly and won’t work without internet. Despite all that, I personally love it, and even though I’m currently stuck on a hard level, I’m addicted. This game is cute and so much fun! Four and a half stars.
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10 months ago, lolaloa123
It seems like a very fun game since I like sanrio But I don’t know why it does not work for me It is always showing the loading screen I deleted it and reinstalled it many times but still the same problem :(
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8 months ago, Myonlylisoo
This game is so cute and fun!!
Although I wish it had my favorite Sanrio character in it, Chococat it is still a really good and fun game. I kept playing this nonstop. I even told my friends about this game because they love Sanrio too. The graphics are super good and the characters look super cute!!
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3 months ago, I love school (jk)
This game is so addicting
When I first saw this game I was like nah but then I gave it a chance and wow it was so fun every morning I get excited to play this game and I spent hours playing this game and it is my new favorite game also it is so cute and adorable and fun to play.
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5 years ago, mochegoche
Cute and fun game but
I really like this game and play it pretty much everyday however some of the challenges are very very hard, I wish they would make them a bit reasonable. Also some of these challenges are hard to understand and there is no help section to help out if you forgot the function of a new character or task.
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7 years ago, Billy Stinkpalm
Game no longer loading, no support
Just before this most recent update, the app began to freeze on the loading screen. After giving it several minutes, I'd have to force-close. I updated, hoping my bug was one of the ones being fixed, I updated. Still not loading. I tried to go to the app support web page, but only the ToS are in English. No support to be found. The game was fun and challenging, I liked characters and costumes. But if I can't even open it to play, one star.
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7 years ago, Renpai_
A very cute game. It needs, however: 1. An option to buy unlimited apples forever 2. An unlimited play level. It's possible that there is an option like that later on, but why not offer it sooner? Also the tutorials come up far too often for things you can learn through gameplay.
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4 days ago, Gabby cat 2014
Read before play
I love this game because on a vacation or trip, it’s fun to play. I play it every single day and get points. It’s super fun and relaxing for when you’re stressing. you need to download this game if you want to relax and take all stress!!
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2 years ago, ....@n1me;3d!ts..
Very Cute and Fun Game!!💗💗
This game is very cute and fun, but the only thing that is sad is the probability of getting the character that you want. If they could tell you the percentage of getting certain characters then maybe it would be better.
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7 months ago, Ari13tubby
Love this game
I would recommend this game it is so cute and is very fun to do there are Quest you could do which is the best part😊 only thing is sometimes the quests get a little hard which makes you not want to play it but when u get to the end of that Quest it is soo fun btw it is all free
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5 years ago, DementedBatman97
Harmony N. Miller
This game is so cute! My nieces and I can’t get enough of it!!! I downloaded it an played until I got to level 35. I couldn’t seem to put the phone down and I mention the prices for the packages they sale?!?!? They have great prices for gems an coins I literally can’t get enough of this game!!!
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1 year ago, CChandmadeArt
To me this game is very very fun it’s just that I feel like the special moves need more stuff if that makes any sense like a S start hello kitty only has a chance to spawn a bomb it should be able to do more but besides that everything is super fun
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4 years ago, AndreaRivera11
amazing (*´꒳`*)
so so so cute !! <3 i absolutely adore Sanrio, so when I saw this I got so excited, since I also enjoy these types of solving games. I just started playing it and I’m already hooked !! can’t wait till’ I unlock Kuromi <3. if ur looking for a fun game to play to pass time, this is definitely the one !!
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4 years ago, Ramona the sloth
tbh when you see this game you’ll probably think it’s just another candy crush ripoff, but I promise, ITS NOT. It is so much better. The characters are so cute and the levels and events are fun, everything about it is just 🥺💗 if you’re a Sanrio fan, you’ll love it. It’s addicting though 😳
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9 months ago, Gudetama 4 life
Cute app but would like Gudetama furniture to be added
I love this app and think it’s very fun to play, was kinda sad to see there was no Gudetama furniture for my house. I would really like if their was but the app still fun to play. Would recommend to a freind who likes hello kitty.
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