Hello Neighbor

3.9 (122.4K)
1658.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
tinyBuild LLC
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Hello Neighbor

3.93 out of 5
122.4K Ratings
2 years ago, kiwiagirl1235671
Dear tiny build,
Listen hello neighbor is my life when I was little I loved playing it with my brother, and I’ve never stopped since I loved the alphas like 1 and 2 they were awesome… but then 3 and 4 came out and it was just practically the same thing then I kind of got the concept of hello neighbor hide and seek and that you play as the neighbors kids, but then he’ll guest came out and it was plain down right confusing because if the neighbor has no friends and his family is dead WHO IS THE CROW and you give no hints about it the I thought maybe the neighbor is the crow but then he got caught by the crow and then hello neighbor 2 came out and we’ll it was simply fine I mean not the best game so listen tiny build not to be rude but you have got a broken game that you need to patch up fresh ideas new designs are old green eyed mustaches gloves neighbor NEEDS to be back PLEASE take as much time as you need you game is in critical danger ⚠️ and needs some patches to fix the people who don’t even give your games a bare chance because they think they are not good enough not as good as the old days come on tiny build you can do it patch up your broken critically in danger ⚠️ game - MangleTHEgamer Ps: I believe in you and I’ve been a fan from the start ❤️
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3 years ago, C0BYCheeSe
New update is broken
I was just playing act 1 yesterday and when i was done playing i went to the app stone and saw that there was a new update that just came out so i downloaded it and well it broke the game. Before i got the update the game worked great no bugs controls were pretty good for a pc to Mobile game port and it ran smoothly no lag spikes or fps drops it was really good but unfortunately the new update needs some fixing. First of all when you look down you can see your body but the camera is slightly too low cuz when you look down your inside of your body so this is a pain if your trying to pick something up from the floor also this makes your arms and hands look really awkward. The point of view of the camera looks like your head is on your characters chest aside from that everything else is still ok and I'm not going to take away any stars since the game is perfect and i can 100% understand why the new update is broken cuz i did play it the day it came out i just wanted to get this out there so the developers know. Over all good game especially for a Mobile port normally pc games ported to mobile have terrible controls but this ported really well. Sometimes the jumping can be a little weird but it was like that in the pc verson too so yea I would recommend.
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3 years ago, Apryl's iPad
Good but act three basement is impossible!
So, I completed act 3, which was very confusing and taunting by the way, and I got the keycard, took away the chair, and removed the boards, and got into the basement. The part when the shadow man comes across the hallway is brutally teasing me. He does not come until I go IN the hallway, then he appears and jump-scares me! It’s ANNOYING! Those things you must fix. I mean it. There’s also a bug where I am on the train tracks at the front of the house, and the neighbor sees me, right? He can’t get me, so he continuously tries to hop up to me. Then he throws a tomato, and I get teleported to the ground! Please fix this. Also, In the fear school mini-game, this might be a bit of a change for a finished game, but I was thinking, maybe you could place the school bell rings a little bit further apart. I had to go during the free roaming and DODGE MANNEQUINS all the way to the door at the end. And maybe put less mannequins in fear school? Also, I cannot seem to find the guitar in act three. Thanks for reading. Goodbye. This is (name censored) signing off. Edit: I love the new graphics in the new update, but the controls are a little bit crazy since the update. Also, the default look sensitivity should default to 50%.
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1 year ago, zisbdmsnd
This game is great, however I do have a suggestion
Free play/roam. it is only in act 3. once you click on act 3, it will ask you if u wanna play act 3 normally or the free roam version. the free play will have the neighbor, and the basement will still be there, only instead, it has a disco room where you can do all sorts of things, like trolling the neighbor. the neighbor will also be friendly unless provoked; like pushing him over or throwing something at him. the fence that protects the basement will have a door. next to it is a keycard that allows you and the neighbor to scan the card. once successful, the door will open and you can go inside. oh, and heres the best part… YOU AND THE NEIGHBOR CAN DRIVE EACHOTHERS CARS TO WHERE EVER YOU WANT! you can explore the neighborhood and the city. the neighbor will be included. if you go inside a school, the neighbor will also be there, like usual. now THATS a lotta new stuff. so heres some more! the train can also be able to travel where ever it wants, too. it can also be seen at the city, the school, where ever. AND, you and the neighbor can controll it! it will also have train cars that are connected to it! maybe like 3 or 5, idk. I REALLY want u to add this to the update, and i’ll be happy. peace out yall ✌🏻
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6 years ago, blaberino
Wished it was better
I was so exited when this game which I loved watching you tubers play was available on mobile and also for free. However upon learning the the full game had to be purchased separately and was very expensive I was disappointed. However I was still willing to give act one a try but was again disappointed with all the other issues with the game. Similar to what I have all ready read the controls could definitely use a lot of improvement as it is difficult the activate certain controls most commonly walking as you just get stuck sometimes and the joy stick would not react. The upon learning that the steal series controller work for the game I got really exited as it was much easier to control. However I was again disappointed when I found out that a lot of things were not fleshed out for example not being able to pick up items, open doors or as a matter a fact activate anything with the controller instead having to use the controls on the screen. While I noticed some other problems like some of the tap controls being very unresponsive the previous mentioned issues with the basic and necessary controls made me not want to continue playing. The controls and responsiveness of those controls need a big overhaul, as well as if there is support for the controller, make it full support.
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3 years ago, $&@6:)9!;3799
Awesome game but lags and the basement is to hard
I like the game. I have been playing it for a year now. It’s a cool puzzle game. When I got the game at first, I was over exited because I saw other you tubers play on steam and the game looked cool. [Act1] At first I was scared to go in the neighbors house but then I finally went in. I turned the volume all the way down because I was scared of the noises. I finally got the red key and went into the basement. It took whole day to complete it. [Act2] the puzzles were so hard that I had to watch other people play it. Getting caught by the neighbor was so scary that I had to turn it off and play it again another day. Right when I was about to complete it my phone died and I had to start all the way over🙁☹️😣😖😠😡🤬🥵😢 Act3: yesssss I got to the big house I spent months playing it’s so fun!!! There are some lags but that doesn’t make it not awesome because you can use it for glitches!!! I got the crowbar and the key card and got to the basement of act 3. It’s to hard!!! I juat can’t get past shadow man!! It’s been a whole month and videos don’t even help but I’ll keep going. I started the game over and attempted a speed run. Now I’m stuck at the basement.
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3 years ago, Gamery67
My rating
The reason why I rate this five stars Is for a lot of good reasons The puzzles are weird And interesting The rooms a ridiculously Odd But that doesn’t ruin The five star rating The reason I love this game Is how unique It is One of a Realy Odd games I recommend It for most of you although Some Updates Don’t Change much That realy don’t Even matter Because It is already Fun so If their is a update Like a game changing Updat will 100% Ruin The game so That is one of the reasons Why i realy love This game Another Reason I because challenging Is the great Way to grow a big brain So i totally Recommend This game it is completely on the next Level This is a very advanced Game And also super unique The uniqueness Makes It even better As How hard act 4 Is i am still stuck On act 4 But the The other act Known as act 2 Is very easy The neighbor Is barely In any rooms so You can walk Down all the hallways With Absolutely No fear so I’d Say about Some of the acts As act 3 Act 4 and also act 5 Are very hard But act 3 is a 50 50 Half hard half easy But Act 2 and 1 are a absolute Piece Of cake But It is not the same as act 4 and 5 because Some of them are Hard but after all This is a five star.
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4 weeks ago, Gamer girl, the lovely one
Dear game makers of Hello Neighbor
I’m want to ask you just a couple simple things if you would please make it to where kids could change their age that way they could try a different versions that would be amazing but I do want to ask you this please let the entire game be free I know this might be too much, but I just want to ask you that I don’t know how much it cost and I really really want you to just make it free for the kids who don’t have enough money to pay for it. I wanted to know how much it is but if you can tell us and make it free, that will be amazing. Thank you so much tiny build LLC. I enjoy this review, but I do want to ask another question, how come a lot of people pay for it and get to do all the other apps not fair to others so why would it be fair to a lot of other people some people get it to get it and not realize it costs money so I just want to ask you that one question please make it free for all the homeless people for all the people who don’t have a lot of money for people who don’t know how much it cost and I know this is being brought to your attention and if you would politely make it free, that would be amazing. Thank you so much.
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5 years ago, KikiTime
Expensive and Glitchy.
This game is pretty fun for the majority of it, but to get the 3rd and 4th act, you have to pay $15! I’m not some cheapskate, but I know for a game that doesn’t even end that well and is SO hard shouldn’t make you pay that much money for the other half of the game. And even though I have the right device for this app, It can still be a bit glitchy and sometimes the screen just turns black and I can’t move, and have to restart the game. Now for the pros of this game, I give it a 3 start because it annoys be personally sometimes, but it’s still fun as it is. Basically, there is some creepy man across from your house that is your neighbor. You have to sneak into his house and find out his secrets that he holds. I think only 10+ should play thing game because it contains some little bits of violence, 1 death (maybe more), and your neighbor is just a creep as it is. Kids shouldn’t play this game, because they may get startled by the neighbor. He has the ability to trap you in bear traps, and he knocks you out and throws you back to your lawn if he catches you on his. However, you can unlock the ability to punch, shoot (with a fake gun.) and throw things at the neighbor along with other things. Also, Hello Neighbor only works on some different devices, so don’t be surprised if it doesn’t work on yours.
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3 years ago, ADHDCK1
The update broke the game
I’m a big fan of hello neighbor, and I decided to install the mobile version on my tablet. It’s also the tablet I’m using to write this review. Recently the game got updated and well, there is a lot of glitches. The camera is super low, which means you can see the inside of your body. Secondly, the new graphics don’t look that good, but I guess they’re ok. Thirdly, and most importantly, you can’t finish act 1. There is a glitch with the camera which makes it so you can’t use generators. Which means, I can’t press generator to activate the exit gate in the act 1 basement. Which means it would be completely pointless to buy access to acts 2 and 3, because you wouldn’t be able to access them since you can’t finish act 1. Pls fix this. Edit: I also found another glitch, you can’t look through keyholes. Edit 2: I just found out that you can use generators, except you have to get the dot in just the right spot, it’s really hard though. I’m probably not going to buy the full game until the glitches get fixed. Also, I found another glitch. You can’t walk, you can only run. Because of this, you can’t move while crouching without standing up. This doesn’t cause many problems in act 1, but it probably does in acts 2 and 3.
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5 months ago, EMMYYYYYY G.
Dear tiny Build
I literally just completed the entire game and LOVED it!! You did a amazing job on the alphas and the full game I have never actually played the alphas but they look great!! The game is amazing and everything you put in it. I Loved the challenges in act three and the fear rooms too. You put so much effort and dedication into the game and honestly it came out perfect. Hello neighbor two is also really good and high quality. The only problem that the game has is the neighbor not coming back!! Everyone loves the neighbor so much!! And the crow guy and the officers are great too and the game itself is just perfect. I know that there is Nicky’s diary that has the neighbor in it but please, if there is another hello neighbor please have the neighbor in it 🙏!! By the way the quality in these games (even the prototype) is AMAZING I love the whole game and everything you put in it! My brother played the full game, the alphas and the prototype and he LOVED it (I don’t know why people wouldn’t) Overall the game was amazing and sad and so good. honestly this game deserves at least 4 stars it’s amazing and pretty high quality and you guys worked so hard on it! -From: ME!!!
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5 years ago, ooface
Guys, just buy a better credit card!
Hi Tiny Build! I heard that it costed $15 dollars to buy the full game, but my dad seriously just bought it and didn’t give a heck about the price. I just, screamed! I got frustrated that ACT 3 was very hard, but I finally finished it! The problem was when I tried to stop the train near the pipes you climb, then jump on the train to the roof, I tried stopping the train and getting out, but it started moving again and threw me out, like teleporting me. But then I realized I could just go to the place where you can start the train, and stop it when I feel like it was there, it takes a little long time, but it’s possible. The shop gets annoying when one of the items get you killed, and the the dummy’s keep chasing you, but a method I use is that I know the items that don’t get you killed and you can just keep on using them everytime your doing the shop, and in the double jump mini game, if you miss all of the paper airplanes, there is a other way that takes a lot of attempts to finish, but it’s possible. I love this game and thank you for releasing it on mobile! I wanted to play this all in my life! Thank you Tiny Build!
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6 years ago, Bunnylover476
Here’s the thing
I love this game and I bought the full version which is expensive btw. Anyway I have gotten up to act three and I keep having to start over because important items keep glitching out, once I get the red key, it randomly disappears from my item bar while I’m playing and since I haven’t used it yet and it’s lost I have to start over. Just a few minutes ago while I was playing it, I had the umbrella and was riding up against the edge of a wall as I dropped. Then it made a weird noise and after I made it to the floor, it was not in my hand. It showed up in the item bar but it wasn’t in my hand I couldn’t tell of it was open or closed. I’ve started that level over about five times now and it’s really obnoxious, I’ve found a loophole for the problem with the key, since the way I play involves getting the key first, I hold onto if for awhile, so instead of holding it I just dropped it in my house. The game is awesome and I love the concept, I know it’s a great game, it’s just that the mobile version has some issues.
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4 years ago, user (;
Allowing more access to the game and levels
This game is famous and cool but it could have more access to the game I would like it if you could play the full game with out buying it because there are not a lot of people that have much money and I don’t think it would be a bad idea if there were a free full game on the next season of the game but all I want is to make it better because I don’t have that much much me and it is mostly because I don’t know why a free game has in app purchases when it is free I just want something to make things better but for the most part this game is awesome and interesting and fun and amazing it’s the best of most games well in the top rate rope of games like bendy and the ink Machine and five nights at freddys and g mod and the only reason I’m righting this review is because it wouldn’t be fair if everyone had this game and the other people did not have the full game and there just dying to try it and that can’t it’s not because I don’t like the game I just think everyone would be happy if the full game would free but they love the game creep it up and I’ll be back with another review 👍👍✌️
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2 years ago, DragonPieces823
Good,but needs a lot of fixing like really really bad.
The game is fine but here’s a list of things you need to fix on the new update.(1. You can’t walk you can only run and that gets so annoying in some cases.(2. The foot steps you hear when step or land on don’t match like how does on other consoles or pc, so it’s better if you fix that to.(3. Turning on friendly mode will just turn friendly mode off and that’s really annoying for the players who can’t play that well.(4. The room puzzle in act 3 won’t work because the guitar won’t stand up correctly without falling down.(5. Turning off friendly mode gets upsetting for those who want a challenge because he won’t even set up traps or cameras at all.(6. You can’t break windows in your own house which is kind of a bummer for some players.(7. In act 3 the main gameplay cutscene where the neighbor is hammering the planks on the basement door you can’t see the neighbor which is ridiculously confusing.(8. You also need to edit the outside world(Land beyond the barriers)because it’s not as detailed as it is on console or pc, so please fix that.(9. Lastly fix the spelling mistakes on everything that has letters being swapped around to how it’s supposed to be spelled correctly.
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1 year ago, hv. ytfytfytfytf
Oh my God
I didn’t go to house but I did that do you wanna go to 5 star Ville was because I wanted a five star review and the neighbor where where was the neighbor. I didn’t know where it was! I’m pretty certain alien. And I’m not really sure who’s million but I’m pretty sure he’s pretty nice guy I want to be nice I mean mean mean mean mean die he died and you’re gonna joke and he never died so I’m pretty sure if I go down the basement and pressure is murdering a kid or a man or a woman. And I saw the house and in the hold explodes and you hurt was my head is my head and textbook I just got that from a song Willy Wonka or touch a pick a song it’s from you know it’s catchy so as I was saying I saw the house I wanna know stores lamp no I actually stole his lamp that’s funny so when he saw his lamp I’m like oh my God! What a i’m like oh my God look at my god what the heck what the heck is going on who is this guy who is this guy who is this guy so when I was really long is not my house I went in he he saw me he went in his house I followed him and I wasn’t close because if I go to close he’s gonna kill me no kill me kill me he’s gonna go on silence I kill you!
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3 years ago, REeEeEKSSss
Overall Good Game!
This game is very fun and a challenging game. If you like horror games, but not too scary this is a game for you! It is also a puzzle game. So, if you like horror, puzzles, and fun, you will surely have a fun experience while you play this game! It is kind of like a horror game because sometimes, you can get jump-scared when the neighbor catches you. It can also be kind of a horror game because of the music and screams that come from the game. The screams are in the beginning and it scared me lol. Anyways, it’s also a puzzle game because you have to find a way to find things, escape, ect ( et cetera ). And finally, it is fun because… all of the reasons I gave you (horror puzzles). If horror and puzzles are still not enough for you, you can also do things aren’t puzzles. Well, it still is a kind of puzzle, but you can also steal stuff from the neighbor’s house and use it to decorate your house or just for fun ( for example I am trying to take EVERYTHING out of the neighbor’s house hehe). So, I think that Hello Neighbor is a good game, but what about you? I hope you don’t get too attached!! 🥸
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3 years ago, peachyboba2811
My Review on Hello Neighbor,
Hello neighbor is a game were your neighbor is a creepy guy. He chases you out of his house you find things and knickknacks. To open the basement. You eventually find out he has his children and other kids in his basement as, throughout the game you see SIMMING posters ( missing posters with letters mixed up.) The SIMMING kids turn out to be his own children . And there is a demon kinda ghoul in the basement as well you end up fighting,. Over all, I think that it is a game that is suspenseful and eerie. I do think it’s wrong that it even is kids in his basement, because it’s his own kids, and I know he’s supposed to be messed up in his head. But also the game , maybe shouldn’t be for kids, it says 9+ , in my opinion I think it should be at least 12 + some kids know more than others - but it should be still. Also , I don’t like how you have to pay for different chapters . Like some people don’t have enough money . And I think they should change some things like, The kids in the basement could change to a secret door in his basement that leads to something like, a cool laboratory that leads to him destroying the world, but that’s just my opinion . I really hope I helped 🌸 . -
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2 years ago, Jarocha
Great! But a few things ❤️❤️❤️
I honestly love this game and I’ve been playing it for 3 year probably and I have always loved this game since 2019! But I have deleted a few times, 1. Because of my storage, 2. It got deleted when I added it to my mom, dads,sister's phone, 3. Is a topic I’m about to talk about next. It’s not that I hate or dislike the game or anything but i just don’t like how you have to purchase the full game for a over expensive price! I have always wanted the full game but it’s too pricey and I don’t think it should be like this because one can get tired of playing the same acts over and over again every time. Some people I know bought it but that’s not the case. I just want you guys too lower the pricing. Besides that, I think this game is bomb and should deserve a spot on the best games leaderboard.💓💓💓 this game is nostalgic and gives me good creepy vibes :))) Thanks for reading this! **if you’ve even made it here from the beginning of this very long review** but thanks again! 🙏🙏🙏😊😊😊 have a great day/morning/evening/night/noon/afternoon/etc. ✋✋💯
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1 year ago, grey the dude
Why hello neighbor is great on mobile
While most people on the Internet would disagree, I really like the Hello Neighbor franchise. When I heard it was coming to mobile I was pretty excited. So I knew it wasn’t gonna be as good as the copy on Nintendo switch. And then the day came of the release, and I finally downloaded it, and to my surprise the mobile version pretty much fixes everything that Consol versions do wrong. It fixes like half the glitches, the graphics are better than they are on switch, it’s just so good. I do feel like $15 is a little bit much for acts two and three, their great and all, but $15 is a little bit pricey. But, overall, this is a great game, and I have every single hello neighbor entry that was released on mobile on my iPhone. Which makes me bring up another question, will hello neighbor 2 be ported to move at some point I know it just came out on Consol and PC in steam so would mobile be the next step? I would love to play on my phone as hello neighbor 2 just blows out of the park.
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3 years ago, SuvegEli
Recent Update Causing Seriously Frustrating Issues
The game is brilliant. I have played the whole this straight through 5 times now experiencing only minor glitches that, while frustrating, did not really have much an effect on gameplay or the ability to progress through the game without having a good time. The most recent update has created a glitch that is unbearable and makes the game nearly unplayable. You now view the map through your characters chest rather than his face. When running you can see his hands way up above his head. The map does not accommodate for this error. To pick up an item no one must aim a few ‘virtual’ inches below the actual item for the system to know that is the item you are interested in. When running it feels like you are a big big running through the grass as the grass is as tall as you now. Sometimes if you restart the act, or let the neighbor catch you, the glitch will go away only to come back again next time you are caught. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE fix this issue. This game has brought me so much enjoyment and I find it difficult to even play it anymore.
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3 weeks ago, Catalina&Eleazar
Catalina and Eleazar
Thank you for creating hello neighbor in such a good game for a lot of kids. It is totally appropriate and I just want to let you know that I love this game. I’ve been playing it for like a lot of years now I don’t know how many but I’ve been playing this game with my brother I am 11 my brother is five and we’ve been playing this game for a long time. I teach him how to play it when he was one and we played this game all the time on my PS five and he plays he plays on the on the PS five as well it’s really fun and we actually passed a game on the PS five and it was just so amazing and we’ve got to the part where Helen neighbors house became bigger. And I and I had all the roller coasters and all of that I just wanted to say thank you for creating such a good game and I hope you can create more hello neighbor games, so thank you for creating hello neighbor. Have a nice day. hope your day goes well. Don’t never stop your arm creating of games because we love hello neighbor, so thank you goodbye
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5 years ago, Matatattat
Could have been a 4 or 5
I downloaded this game on my ipad and loved it, could not get enough of it. But then while playing act three is started getting buggy. First i would fall through floors, randomly die, and get caught when the neighbor was no where in sight. But that all pales to when all if sudden the game crashed and erased my saved game. Now it is a short game and i greatly enjoy it so i wasn't too upset at having to start over, but then I tried to download this game using family sharing onto my son’s ipad. He saw me playing it and was very excited to play it on his own device. Now, ipad 2 mini is clearly listed as a device compatible with this game on the app store. But multiple downloads of this game have proven that this is simply not true. So now I get to deal with a saddened young child who was excited to play this game and doesn’t get to because of what, I don’t even know. The only reason I am even giving this app a 2 and not a 1 is because I intend to keep playing it on my ipad at least. Though, if i lose my saved game again I will promptly delete it and make sure tiny build never sees another dime from me and try to forget that I spent money on an incomplete product.
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2 years ago, JayParty4
1# 🎮📲= Number 1 game on phone
THIS GAME IS THE BEST GAME EVER!!!!!!!! I love this game so much it’s even more fun than Minecraft Seriously this game is AWESOME my favorite ever made and one cool thing you can’t put it on easy which is pretty cool and no hints so you figure it out on your own which that is also cool and this game over all is cool best ever and the second one is being made which is also awesome I paid full version and I’m so happy I did I set a stopwatch on each act to see how fast I can finish it all of them are awesome but Act 4 is awesome I love it when things are giant especially when they are the bad guys and I TAKE CONTROL OF MY DREAMS AT NIGHT AND MY FAVORITE THINGS TO TURN THEM INTO ARE WHEN THERES A GIANT AND HES HUNTING FOR ME and my favorite part in my dreams is to make them eat me don’t know if that might sound crazy to you but yeah it’s true and other than that my other favorite dream to have is Hello Neighbor so yeah hello neighbor is awesome in so many ways thank you so much Tiny build I 1000% recommend this game😃
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6 years ago, Skyman # 13
What Happened
To start off, not saying I hate the game, the game is actually a neat concept. But I feel like you changed so much to the game, to the point where it looked like it was rushed. The art style before was great, let get to my point. You did not have to make those changes. I was really hype for this game, when I saw the announcement trailer, I thought it was going to be the best game I have ever played. But then I saw some negative changes, the AI of the neighbor didn’t do what was promise to us. The AI never cuts you off, it would just continuously follow right behind you forever, and you never can escape. When it “,learns from your every move,” the neighbor just put 16 different cameras at one door, he’s really buggy as well. But I did love the idea of the giant house, it freaked me out. What happed to the neighbor throwing chairs out the window to get threw it I thought that was cool. I can’t list everything I want to say, but I hope you read this, not in a negative way, but in a way to go forward in the future for other games you will be making. I love the idea of it, but there were some bad changes. Thank you for reading!!! 🙂
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4 years ago, Geoff and Lisa
Hello neighbor is awesome
So even though it said that It was available on the iPad mini 2 And it wasn’t It’s an amazing game even though I had to get my computer out and I can’t play whenever I want because my mom is at work on the computer because of her working from home privilege I can only play it at night but hello neighbor is an amazing game I love the designs and the neighbor of course it’s so cool being able to like go through this world where The cops don’t get called on you when you break into houses but it’s an amazing game even though it was expensive and I couldn’t afford it in embarrassed fully asked my dad to buy it he was cool with it it is a fun game and I like that there’s good jump scares. It’s a fun game it’s not like a real real horror game and I like that it’s easy for everyone and 10+ because my mom and dad were in allowed me to play it if It wasn’t it is a very cool experience and I love all the games even the pre-outfit was super good I love this game and I cannot wait to finish it!😃
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1 year ago, great!!!!!!!!😀
Pretty good
Hello Neighbor is a popular stealth horror game that was released in 2017. The game is set in a suburban neighborhood where the player must navigate and sneak into their neighbor's house to uncover the secrets and mysteries he is hiding in his basement. The game's unique selling point is its advanced AI system, which allows the neighbor to learn from the player's behavior and adapt accordingly, making each playthrough unique and challenging. The graphics are well-detailed and create a creepy and suspenseful atmosphere that effectively immerses the player in the game world. The gameplay mechanics are smooth and intuitive, allowing players to easily interact with their surroundings and progress through the game. The game also features a strong narrative that keeps players engaged and motivated to uncover the truth about the neighbor's dark secrets. However, some players have reported that the AI can become repetitive and predictable after a while, taking away from the game's initial challenge. The game can also become frustrating at times, with players dying multiple times as they try to find the right solution to a puzzle. Overall, Hello Neighbor is a well-designed and enjoyable game that offers a unique and challenging experience. Its advanced AI system and strong narrative make it a standout title in the stealth horror genre. If you're looking for a game that will keep you on the edge of your seat, Hello Neighbor is definitely worth checking out
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6 years ago, Zickano
More issues than I thought.
I loved the concept of the game but honestly I feel like the ball was dropped. The controls are extremely bad at responding that it actually sometimes gets frustrating to just walk. Once the game starts working a little more smoother, other issues start to occur. Items clippings through other objects, your character getting stuck, AI jumping between very smart to drastically dumb. There’s really no consistency with this game. I honestly wish this game to try and get nice updates, because the way it is now, I can get why others are also a bit disappointed with it. Some complain about the graphics. However, I feel like the game is just really stylized and the art style is fairly recognizable(which is good!). I don’t mind the graphics/art style at all. Though at some part it looks like the items/layout is rushed or lazily done. I honestly wish there were more details were added into the game. Heck, I’m honestly fine with an entire remake of it’s done write. They just can’t leave it at it’s current stage. It feels more like a game in Alpha stage than a complete game.
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3 years ago, gamerboy207
This game will go down in history. I have a steam copy of the game on my computer but would like to share my thoughts on my iPhone. All of these reviews saying “expensive!” And “waste of money!” Are absolutely bogus. I do believe it is a bit of a waste of money on a mobile game or a iPhone game but 99% of these reviews obviously haven’t played the pc version of the game. It’s much more fun, easier to control, no ads, no paying for more content ect.. The game on Steam gives you full access to everything ever included in Hello Neighbor. You get the full game. This iPhone version is definitely a waste of money if you’re going to buy the game on a computer. So please, if you have a windows computer at your home, download Steam and buy hello neighbor from there, it’s MUCH easier to use all around and much more to do. Such as adding mods, creating mods, exploring more of the Hello Neighbor universe and much much more. Bye!
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3 years ago, scaret13
Best game ever
I love this game it is so much fun and thrilling. A love act 2 it is great and sweet. Basically you have you house on top of hello neighbors because he can’t catch you to easily the only way he can catch you is if you pull the lever that leads to down stares and you break all the windows down then we’ll it’s most likely he will come in we’re you are. Plus you have a tree house sort of but not just yours so careful. The funny thing I find is that when the neighbor is chasing after you and you are running and you look behind you see his face it looks so serious it’s so funny so then I laugh super hard but then I don’t know we’re I’m going and we’ll he catches me lol. Hello neighbor is a awesome game so awesome that their is going to be a second hello neighbor and the pre alpha is out now and we all know that their is hello neighbor hide and seek which is harder then hello neighbor so I hope their is a hello neighbor 2 soon!I LOVE THIS GAME
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2 years ago, PurpleGho
Used to be good
I like this game it is really fun for me and I love the jump scares but I don’t like how it changed after all the updates. Like the grass just looks weird becus they long and big and I don’t like how now I can’t open all the cabinets in the kitchen. I also didn’t like it for a short period of time becus in act two I wanted to escape using the trampoline but when I tried to jump on it there was like an invisible barrier so I was just floating on top of it. I also kinda wished that they continued the dreams in act three unsteady of only putting them in act 1 and 2. Another thing is I didn’t like the fact that they changed how the controls work in mobile, like it took me a while to get used to them becus I was already so used to how they used to be. Other than that u like the game a lot and I have hello neighbor hide and seek and secret neighbor. I would recommend it to people who like jump scares and just messing around with the neighbor. 😁
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5 years ago, BlondieBlue11
SO frustrating
I LOVE this game I even play it a school! It is a real challenge to get the red key but even more a challenge to escape the basement! But let’s get to the point, I worked SO HARD to get all this progress and ready for the next act but when I FINALLY escaped the basement this HORRIBLE NIGHTMARE came on to my screen saying I had to buy the full game! I even got my friend into the game with me and we had a blast! And that ended because of the price! I in my opinion am very smart with my money and I would never spend my money on a game that costs 15 DOLLARS that bull crap to me in my opinion it should be free sense we 1 downloaded your game 2 took a chance on your entertainment and 3 took our time to play your game and be devastated! Sorry if I sounded rude but I am really heartbroken that the game has to end for me. It’s up to you to fix this problem and mean MILLIONS of more kids could play sense the full game would be free! Thanks SO much for reading and hopefully I made you have a change of heart. ❤️😁
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3 years ago, jdhbfdjdn
Why it 2 star
The game is great but there’s on thing I really hate is the controller, everytime I jump and bang my head, it like the world in hello neighbor is icy, everytime I jump it feel like I was on icy floor, and also, this game is like pay to win, well pay to pass, act 2 and 3 need 15$? Really? Like no one is gonna play your game if your gonna make people pay for the acts, and also on the basement, I don’t even know what to do. Like bruh, when I got to basement, I was running in circle knowing nothing. I already download this game for a few days, wnd today I deleted the app from my phone cuz of how annoy the controller is and how confusing the basement is. And also the hide and seek one, I need to watch the whole cut scene to play the game? I skipped the cut scenes and it didn’t even let me play and I was stuck in the cut scenes so I had to go on yt to search. Overall to put it in simply word of what I’m saying is that this game shouldn’t make people pay for acts, and make the controller like Roblox where when you bang your head, you won’t slip off like if your on a icy block
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2 years ago, Hang she
Life is very hard like A maze
OK the first time when I play this game I found it out it wasn’t that scary but the first thing you need to know number one about this game is it is a giant maze house hello neighbor into go to the basement this game is kinda just like granny do you know like when you have to go onto the basement and hide in the car videos of a lot a lot a lot like years ago anyway The only way to win the game is to to the basement and then probably escape the house I don’t remember how to finish a game you can sit out for yourself in the beginning before you start playing the game or you can probably figure out what to do if you don’t read the subtitles but that’s OK if you can’t read it go out of the game or raise the game and then go back in the game you just continue what you were on during the game OK so in the first review I saw someone wrote this game is good but not the best but do you know what that actually is true and I agree with him so just try your best and try to enjoy this game all right bye😜
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2 years ago, FirestatsgamingYT
Broken physics and thanks
Dear tiny build I hope you read this message hello neighbor is very broken in act 3 the neighbor can go through the gate leading up to the party room and it makes it very hard pls fix this and will you add back in the lockpick and barcoded unreal engine missing script and if you get in a closet and the neighbor dosent even see you get in it he can get you it’s so broken btw thank you for lowering the price of the full game from $24:99-$14:99. . Well I just found more broken things #1 in act 3 when I opened the yellow key door nothing i mean nothing was blocking it it was unlocked but I wouldn’t open #2 the lockpick in act 3 the secret it spawned where I couldn’t get it at all #3 the neighbor is so glitchy he’s always getting stuck running back and forth for me lol
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2 years ago, Monster1029
Ezra's title
I love the game you can say that I really did but I feel like this might not go to the store really well but I feel like you should be at the end of the game after all the comments you can be able to like explore the whole world whenever the neighbors house is tear down I think it will really add a good thing to the game I would really like is that what they would do that. And like add like new things to the game and also like you can add like everything in the game so you can basically do whatever you want with your house I personally to me I would love to have a option to like play the game after his house is tear down just give you like every single thing in the game because I would love that and you could if you wanted to you could like Adventure and we're not adventure like decorate your house of all the stuff they give you like the whole like you get everything you can decorate the upstairs I know it doesn't go of the store right but I'll just like it if you wanna do it.
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3 years ago, ummm... i dont know?
It’s Okay,….
This game was super interesting when it first came out. I remember playing it and really enjoying it. I recently downloaded it again just to see what has changed and let me just say I’m not super impressed. For starters there are a lot of bugs. When you open a door that your standing to close to you get thrown. If you pick up something a few moments later it will be out of inventory, and sometimes I’ll accidentally drop or pick up something because the buttons are so close together. And you can’t even pick up certain things because they are glitched. Also there have been many times I’ve been thrown across the map for jumping on something or standing on a box or something. This game is also very hard to follow and figure out and there really is no plot to be resolved or followed. Mobile is not ideal for this game because it makes it a lot more difficult. I think it this game has plenty of room for improvement. But in all pretty neat game.
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3 years ago, #stargirl450
Pretty good, but some things you should know before you get this game
Super fun, you have to pay for act 2, 3 and 4, which is super annoying but I didn’t pay for it and now I have the whole part one entirely mastered and I can play it in five minutes. So now I just mess with the Neighbor and make no progress. The graphics have updated and it looks so much better now. But it still glitches and will randomly throw things or shoot u off the app, but that’s pretty rare. And once I glitched out of the map limits and got a prize for it, but I haven’t been able to since. It’s super fun and easy once you’ve played it like a 100 times like me. So overall, great app. Super fun mystery game. And amaze graphics. They just need to fix the glitches. Oh and also, if you delete the app. You progress stays. So I delete it and then download it back all the time. Hope you enjoy. And have a great day. Thx for reading my review, Bye 😘
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2 years ago, Wisesloth154212
Act 3 Tutorial part 1
Ok once you figure out act 2 and exit the yard. You go outside. Get to the back of the house. PS: bring a chair or 2 boxes and get the green apple 🍏. YEET IT at the lever. Or just use your bare hand😝. Go inside after you flip the switch. Go to the very end. Go up the ladder. Jump on the: things that are next to the stairs?. MOVE ALL THE STUPID BOXES OUT OF THE WAY. and then you unlocked the magnet room with the green key. Btw you need to break the windmill to turn the magnet off. Anyways go to the stairs next to the ladder. Jump on the lamp above the stairs. Jump through the hole in the gate. flip the lever. To open the gate. Go to the only door that’s unlocked. Find something REALLY TINY. YEET IT AT THE STUPID LEVER. Get rid of the stupid chair in the way of the door. Go through the hole in the floor. Grab some stuff. Anything. Stand on the wood platform. Throw it at the lever. GO THROUGH THE DOOR to the first mini game. Part 2 Coming soon!
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8 months ago, Nicholas Maldonado:)
Dear tiny, build your game is really good, but I’m just gonna tell you about some flaws
So overall your game is awesome but do you know your game Hello Guest right so when I try to play it like this is really no I just hasn’t been happening but high click onto it starts loading for like three seconds then it just throws me out of it. It happens every time I try to go into it but it lost for three seconds kicks me out and it was my favorite game until this happened. I know hello neighbor is my favorite game and this is not the other hello guest this is the whole guest that sound mobile and I really like your Hello Guest game but there’s somethings wrong with you. I hope you will fix it because I miss playing it because it’s my favorite game I love playing Hello Guest. Thank you for your awesome games tiny build I hope will you you will keep making better and better games every single day year stuff. :)
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5 years ago, Nikolai#2
Why not more acts so more interesting stuff happens with the neighbor
Ok so In act finale I know **SPOILER ALERT** We fight the shadow man facing our fear and we move in to our old house and the neighbor is in the little house with the shadow man there has to be like more acts to know what happens like if you play PC of the mod of the subway that might be part of a act maybe but to the neighbor like will there be another dream in the player or the neighbor comes face-to-face to the player and his house gets repaired and makes new floors also the basement add like wood, red key, key card and more about the shadow man there has to be more about like the neighbors children what if the neighbor had a son and became the shadow man maybe that’s why and hope they will make more stories of some acts in the future please and thank you!! 🤗🤗 👍🏼👌🏻 And hope the creaters: TINYBUILD can think of these ideas for and do it for the game hello neighbor for all consoles
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5 years ago, AND HIS NAME IS JOHN CENA!!!!!
The game is so so fun! But, there are SOO many glitches, it’s so hard to pass act 3! Every time I’m in the train trying to control it, I, out of the blue, just die! The screen goes black and next thing I know , I’m hearing this sound of some one getting beat! Screaming! It’s an awful sound! And so random!! After I hear that I’m back in my house and I can’t move! I can’t get past a certain point! So I end up having to restart. There have also been times where I can’t get out of the train! I’m literally stuck!!! I was stuck in the middle of the train tracks. Also, once, the neighbor was at MY house!! Trying to turn off my power or something. But of course, I took that as an advantage and snuck on into his house😌 there have also been times where I’m just playing normally and I hear the sound of the neighbor catching me! But I was no where close to the neighbor! Again, I end up back at my house for no reason. I just have to keep restarting and restarting. So it is hard to play, it gets frustrating. Please take this into consideration. Thank you. 6-7-19
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1 year ago, just Broken!
Please help
I remember when hello neighbor was actually good and people loved it. But now it’s a complete mess and it’s really not the same that it used to be and the amount of bugs is insane. The game basically decides if it what’s to run or not and for a pc game transferred into a mobile game. You did good but it could be better. For instance some of the most common bugs I see are keys and certain objects don’t spawn making you have to restart the whole game. Or when you try and load the game it will crash and crash and if your lucky it might load. An example of this is yesterday when I tried playing it and it took 18 times for it to load. And then there is this other random bug where if you walk towards a big pile of items the game just freezes or it crashes. And all of these bugs are making the game almost unplayable so please developers if you are reading this please bring the game back to what I used to be please. We’re counting on you.
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6 years ago, Jbugthedoglover
I can’t use it
I tried to use it and then Kay the game I pre order and when it came out it just started loading I was hoping for a notification but no and when it loaded it sat at the begging of loading mark and didn’t load it made it half way after three days so I finally gave up I mean like I deleted apps I did my best but it just didn’t work no matter what and I don’t like that it wouldn’t work and it was kinda pointless and it wasted my time! It kept sending random notifications like hello neighbor ready come play but it was still loading and it drained my battery so kit ch I was only able to use it for an hour which it is a new ph be and supposed to work for at least 4 hours minimum and it kinda wasted everything go gave up hard work in games for a waste I didn’t like the game it’s self if it worked a b t more then maybe it would be nicer then now not to come off rude but there were a lot of bugs it would disappear when it loaded and pop back up I tried to click the link and nothing happens so I feel like if the bugs and things like that were fixed I’d in joy it a bit more then.
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3 years ago, groovey unicorn
Good Yet Bad
So I have been playing this game for over 3-5 years and I love it. But I never buy the other chapters. I only got chapter 2 and 3. Never 4, but I love your house and I usually spend time in their because I played all the levels but 4. I usually move stuff like boxes and just explore the house. Yet once there was a glitch that I had. I was restarting chapter 1 and I went into the neighbors house, then he saw me and I rushed off his lawn. But he was still following me! I went into my house and he was following me STILL. I ran into every room and then left. When I went into the bathroom he got stuck in the door. After that I was so scared, so I wanted to send you feedback ASAP. And I’m gonna tell one more story quickly. I was in the neighbors house and he saw me, so I went under the bed downstairs. He went on the bed. Off the bed. Then I glitched on top of the bed and he grabbed me. Please fix these glitches
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2 years ago, Gavin Beissel
Glitches that you need to fix until neighbor
I would give this a five star review but no it’s because there’s a bunch of glitches in the updated one so on level four on the neighbors house that platform that you jump off to get into the trampoline every time I go on the edges I fall off and every time I put a bunch of items in one pile and try to pick it up it’s like my iPad glitches out tried everything I don’t want to restart because it will take forever and I kept pressing every button on there doesn’t work and I deleted it to so I saying your game is the worst ever and the neighbor could catch you for the walls to on the update and he could even see you from the other side of the wall and he could throw glue bottles and tomatoes for the walls and when you’re so high up he could still see you and then you can still catch you so this is why I deleted the game PS
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6 years ago, 44dogsnrollen
Really want to love it
But the controls are wonky. You try and open a door and it opens fine, others open towards you and it takes some wiggling around to get it open and by then, your caught, skinned and hanging by your toes while the neighbor beats you with his stinky old undies... the same with grabbing items, sometimes you grab them and sometimes you don’t.... a lot of ‘ghosting’ when trying to jump on certain items, morph through walls...seem to be too short when grabbing stuff off of counters, thought I was crouched but nope, standing, and feels very awkward...the kids age seems to be in the early teen(age)and should stand taller then it seems when at counters, feels like he is a 3 year old...I have a IP 7plus and the graphics seem laggy and kinda ‘jerky’ when trying to do certain things, def not smooth like the video example on game page:(.....3 stars cuz I love the graphics but PLZ fine tune and optimize ‘movements’ and make more user friendly and run more smoothly :) that’ll earn 2 more stars :)
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1 year ago, RileyPlayzzz
is it good or bad? and some suggestions too
This game is not bad. The graphics are good, And lag is not an issue for me. Though, the only thing i dont like about this game is the fact that you have to pay to play different acts of the game. for example. i wanna play the most recent alpha, but omg its costs like idk 12 dollars maybe. im not calling yall out but that my only issue. or so i thought. first of all, the players house is barely detailed. theirs a lot of empty rooms abd that creepy phone sound it plays. All you can do in there is smash plates and what not. for reccomendation, just block out the upstairs if your not gonna decorate it. also, the neighbor is always chasing me. can you fix the issue of the neighbor being able to see and catch you if your really close to the wall. if your the dev and read my review, thank you for reading it. Bye.
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3 years ago, duck137
Not good
I mean like I really love the game but I stop playing in 2021 But came back and the new update was not good but when i start playing it it was not that bad and I got use to it but yesterday I was going to play act 1 cause I can’t buy the full one but that’s fine right so I open it one of the button was missing and I just find out that u just press the clear button and it open the door and I’m not happy about it but then when I run the hand go very high and I’m not happy about to then I try to break a window so I took the trash can and it blocked my view and I can’t see it so then I saw the joystick button very small I mean like I would like it to be bigger I try to do everything but it can’t work but I find out how to make the hand go smaller but not happy about the new update and u got to buy the full game why would we buy it make it free I mean like u can’t buy games so make it free and make the new update like the last update
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11 months ago, Izzybellaidk
Love the game a lot
Hello neighbor is great game i love this game so much and I think there’s like different ways to get the red key or the basement I love this game so so so so so much and I love it how when hello neighbor is close to you on the outside of your screen turns like a little black and that’s when you know hello neighbor is coming and the jump scares get me all the time i got hello neighbor one day and it was fun but then I deleted cause I thought it was to hard to get the red key and was to scary idk why I thought it was scary but it was to me at the time but then I got couple days ago again and it wasn’t really that hard only the part where I had to sneak into his house and unlock the door to get the gold wrench thing so I would honestly give this game called hello neighbor a 10/10 also cause it excited and fun to play with my family it a good game
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