Hempire - Weed Growing Game

4.8 (29.5K)
216.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
LBC Studios Inc.
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
15.2 or later
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User Reviews for Hempire - Weed Growing Game

4.83 out of 5
29.5K Ratings
6 years ago, Maximus OmegaPrime
I really like it although it’s very challenging
I got into this game because I have become bored with Wiz Khalifa‘s weed farm which I still play but it became to be a bit repetitive and I wanted a cannabis growing game that was more detailed in involved with the cab is growing process. You know Jessica something a little different. I happen to see an ad about the game and downloaded I was really excited and enjoy did it first I get the wording on plants select your strain breed strains clean up the city increase net worth various other things. I did get a little frustrated with the game after a little bit because being that the game is structured like a cannabis version of GTA there are certain things that you have to do before you can progress to other levels and do other things being a novice at this I wasn’t aware of how to get around it but once I read the guide which is easily accessible directly from the game it was much easier to learn what to do. The challenge and nature of the game I like because I don’t like Wiz Khalifa‘s weed farm is not a simple love pick a strain have to get some coin harvest them and start over this game actually takes thought and strategy to play which is why I like it especially since I’m starting to really get the hang of it now. Empire is a really good game for those that want to play weed growing game where you have to strategize and you want to game that’s a little bit more involved in terms of building an actual cannabis business.
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6 years ago, DebraOhland2019
Adding more content!
Updated: Hempire is adding new content to the game! It’s updating now! Can’t wait to see! I’ve been playing the game for the past year and thought I was progressing nicely, until someone in my enterprise showed me the highlights of trading in the dispensary and global market. After upgrading and maxing your factories and houses, and trailers... upgrade the town... it starts to get boring... until the trading was introduced to me! The other players used a different term, but I call it GROWTH with STRATEGY! Grow your strains, do City Hall Tasks, sell your goods in the dispensary and buy goods in the Global Market! This is where you can spend more game time, and GROW to one day reach Hemperor status! The Enterprise is great to trade with your team, but again... boring, and too limited. Has potential, but Hempire is not focused on making the Enterprise better for gameplay. Suggestions have been sent and ignored. Customer Service is touch and go! They are currently rooting the answers, which is so not cool. They are currently no addressing the issue submitted, so it is either someone that can’t read or a robot! Service used to be stellar - but it has dwindled tremendously and I have to rise to Hey - I’m not stupid and this isn’t the first time on a computer or this game! Then, I get attention by a brain! Other than that, the game has great potential to be even better - if they listen to the players input! Not for children!
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7 years ago, oxChels
It was good...(read edit)
Edit; I emailed Andrew, and he was super helpful and kept in communication the whole time he was trying to resolve the issue. I feel that he went above my expectations to make sure I was satisfied with the resolution and I deeply appreciate it, considering the bad taste I had in my mouth for the support efforts. Overall, I’m glad that I decided to stay! I used to love this game! I mean in all actuality the game itself is great, but imagine putting months of time into something and then one day, because of an update, it’s gone, including the money you spent on in app purchases....and no one will help you get it back, they won’t even return the messages. Imagine how frustrating that can be before you download this game because it could happen. My game got stuck during the update(I updated it and it didn’t ever actually update, causing an error) and I wasn’t able to access it. I was instructed by support to uninstall the app (no one told me it would delete all game progress) after FOUR days, I get a generic response from Dan, the support guy, who was absolutely NO help and even now, as I decided to rebuild my Hempire, I’m still getting no assistance from support, not even an I’m sorry. What kind of customer service is that....so, all in all, if you can live without contacting support, or needing any kind of assistance at all, download it! It’s fun! Definitely keeps you busy.
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7 years ago, zoidtron
Love it. Storage gridlock
I'm loving this game; however, after s short time your inventory will be full, everything full, which is very frustrating for things like building materials. To search potholes, benches, etc it will fill up your supply inverntory; then if an item does come out of a bench, you can't pick it up due to Inventory gridlock. Now it is impossible to make any upgrade without throwing some money at the paywall to increase space. I don't mind giving the devs some money, as I love the game; but the inventory issue is destroying a lot of my fun. If you were still able to delete items in your inventory that would help, at least for the storage supply house. Hopefully, as I progress, this doesn't keep happening! One small suggestion would be selling your extra buds for next to nothing etc. one dollar a bud for quick inventory dump. Like I said I love this game; but with the constraints of space, lack of quests at times; extreme rarity of certain supplies, and the obvious paywall the fun I could be having is turning into dissatisfaction. I want to master buds without jacking inventory! Im all about fun and challenge; but I am very concerned these constraints will force me to uninstall the app. Update !! After getting more into the game I realized this game is great and worth 5 stars. The inventory isn’t an issue for smart enthusiasts and the world market is rad.
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8 months ago, NNesbit
I changed my opinion
When I had originally reviewed the game, I was not only unhappy with my experience, but also thought that all of my progress had been lost. I reached out the customer support and actually got a dedicated customer service rep who replied to me, cared about the issue, genuinely seemed to be empathetic, and overall just wanted to make my user experience better—with no strings attached or lack of communication. Showed me there are actually developers who care about their game. I’ve never spent a dime on this game and I still move along with the story. The game often gives pretty decent rewards if you’re patient. The only issues I now have with the game could be labeled simply as “feedback ideas”. Ways to remove shed items from the board when you’re out of storage. Allowing Wendy to build more than one thing at a time. Cmonnnn lol. If she’s a progressive business woman, then surely she would consider hiring a crew to help her with her contracting business 😂. I’m being playful, but seriously, other than tweaks for updates in the future, this game is just too much fun. Thanks Devs!!
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7 years ago, Prowler7272
Great game...... except
Edit 3: Well now we are back sliding. I was thoroughly enjoying the game again and then they go an mess up the Hempire Cup. They make it harder, which is okay I guess but then they take away 2/3 of the reward you get for playing in it. I see the end coming for my playing this game. Oh well there are thousands of game apps out there I am sure I will find another I like. Edit 2: Also forgot to say earlier that I contacted customer support once already for an issue I was having and recommended this as an alternative to a completely negative review they were very helpful and mindful of even a very low spender like myself give them a chance to help you before you go off on them. End Edit 2. Edit: " The following issue may have been resolved. I was able to log on and collect my winnings in the Hempire Cup within 15 minutes" End Edit. This is a great game I love playing but I still think they might need more servers. When the Hempire cup ends I can't get on my game for at least two hours because it keeps on telling me I've lost Internet connection which is funny because my Facebook works by slot machines work and all my other apps work. Now I understand this is a fairly new game and I'm hoping that they're working on getting more servers to handle more traffic I'll continue to play it's just frustrating when the Hempire cup ends and I can't get anything done
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6 years ago, Aneieydbd7862
Quests and money. Please read!
I love hempire, I’ve been playing it for almost a year now. I complete quests fairly fast, and then I finish them all & just stop playing the game. Their isn’t anything very fun to do when there’s no quests. I would really enjoy to at least be able to redo quests I’ve already done, I love the game but I end up waiting way to long for my liking to do more quests. Also, I have SO much money and nothing to buy. I’ve bought literally everything I can with my money and still have 30 mil to do nothing on. It’s be nice to be able to spend money on things like upgrading the town itself and making it look more fancy or whatever you want. But really, anything I can buy with my money would be great. I’ve bought all plants, cars and trees that I can and there isn’t much else to buy with my money. EDIT-WHEN WILL THE NEXT UPDATE BE? I’VE RAN OUT OF QUESTS AGAIN. (Not meant to sound angry just need to make it noticeable😂) I hope you guys see this and make changes as soon as possible !!
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7 years ago, Thinkinallthetime247
Totally Awful
I’ve played this game for a month or more and I have a lot of property and a car and I lost my trailers and everything else due to a update! I can’t believe that I wasted my time on this game it’s very unfair that you do an update and I can’t get that update on my iPhone in the Apple store without losing everything because I had to reinstall the game! I’m not interested in starting all over on this game now, I’m out! I spent a lot of time getting to the level I was at with this game , I’m very disappointed that I lost everything! Please don’t put other people through this Update I’ve chose to keep playing his game however I wish I knew why I’ve had to lose everything on it ! It’s kinda boring now playing it but on level 5 now it’s a slow process to get the to level I was playing at it’s why it was such a bummer that I lost everything because my game was blocked due to the needed update then I had no update option in the App Store showing so I was told to reinstall the game it’s how I lost everything now! But I’m gonna stay just an still sad I’ve lost my building and my trailers and my city hall building and the friends I could buy from too! Update: I wanted to say the developer returned my game to the 26th level I was on and I really want to thank them! I spend a lot of my free time playing this game and another one I have too!
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5 months ago, Aetherius Rex
Please make an update where it’s easier to have a profile picture
Overall a very fun game a good way to pass the time. I do have a complaint about the difficulty and lack of information on getting a profile picture in the game. I guess you have to link an your account to Facebook to get a profile picture. It should also be noted that I am using iOS. I tried linking and unlinking my account to Facebook multiple times and then it wouldn’t show my picture or other people’s pictures. I tried linking it to a different Facebook account, however this was not possible. Then I tried to link with my Apple ID, and still there was no profile picture. Then an admin in the Hempire discord server said that I will only have a basic account without a profile picture if I chose to not accept the App tracking print at the beginning of the game. Now I can no longer link to a Facebook account and the only option under the “connect” option in the settings is “delete account.” I wish this aspect of the game was more user friendly. Please fix this game devs.
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5 years ago, viki vixen
Love it! Except for one thing.
I truly love this game. I like the stories about the various people (potheads, family, creeps, dealers, cops and such). There is only one thing I don’t like, but I’m sure it will never be changed by the powers that be over this game. There are also several bugs still, but nothing so serious that it messes up my game. When I’m playing it makes me want to smoke a joint. This is quite a sophisticated app. The images are amazing - doesn’t look like it was drawn by a child. There was clearly a lot of thought that went into this game. There is a lot to keep the player busy until the player has upgraded everything, then there’s not a lot left to do beside grow, harvest and fill orders. I have a long list of suggestions to improve the game if they were ever interested in hearing my suggestions, but I doubt it. Can’t blame them. This is their baby.
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4 years ago, rubyslippers876
Has Potential but Frustrating!
I loved this game for two days. Then I got more and more frustrated. You need to gather a lot of supplies to level things up, but you only have a limited amount of space to store them. I was constantly accumulating too many supplies to store, but I didn’t have enough of any the things needed to actually level things up. As the game progressed, more supplies were added and the problem got worse and worse. The Dispensary didn’t sell things very fast, so I had to delete a lot of supplies. Getting rid of the supplies messes you up too when you need them later. And the worst part was that if your shed was full and you couldn’t add to it, the materials that you left out in the “world” would disappear after a few minutes! So you couldn’t collect them later even if you needed them. I was often left not being able to do anything. And I didn’t want to make deals or fix things because then more supplies drop that you can’t collect! It was just really frustrating and I ended up deleting the app. This game has potential, but needs a bit of work.
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4 years ago, ska7471
I like the graphics and gameplay just poor structure
It’s a good game but you’re also limited on the inventory you could hold for upgrades for example shovels buckets and light bulbs so if you picked up stuff you don’t need yet (because they’re rewards for making sales with a character) and you’re full and an upgrade for your shed needs is almost fulfilled all you need is a bucket and you get one as a reward you cannot pick it up because you’re inventory is full and doesn’t let you move forward with your upgrade of YOUR SHED that ALSO WILL BE MOVING YOU EVEN FURTHER but instead it was made to cause a stalemate I also seen they ruined the game on a lot of new reviews I wish I had seen the old version ALSO I FORGOT TO ADD IF YOU DONT PICK UP THOSE perks like shovel bucket watering can, etc they disappear and now you gotta hope you get another maybe 4 days down the road and you hope you’re investors isn’t full you really need those items you can’t let them disappear because of them not being able to bought or made they’re just giving in sales so it screws you over need to fix that
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5 years ago, Symmetry888
Everything is great except for one error
I love this game! It’s very entertaining and a good balanced challenge that keeps me coming back! I love pretty much every aspect of the game except for one error I have been encountering with after having the dispensary open. Whenever I have too much in my storage and want to choose to delete an item from my storage, one of the main characters says that because I have my dispensary open I don’t need to be deleting items. While that’s nice and all, I also have no immediate space in tree dispensary most of the time, I try to leave room but just can’t all the time. So whenever I try to delete an item, the same message keeps repeating, telling me that I should use the dispensary. This seems to be a coding issue I really think should be fixed. I’m losing really nice items I need to continue playing the game when I “clean up” the neighborhood. I’m really hoping to see a developer response, as well as a correction to this bug!
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6 years ago, Cflynn92
Fun for awhile
I had fun with this game for awhile until it got to the point where growing became irrelevant to progress. It became more about collecting items than playing the missions. The missions had a nice little story to it, but then it just became grow 100 of this or sell 5 of this once they ran out of story. All in all I spent about 4 months on the game, but at the end I just found myself logging in every 2 or 3 days because I needed to get like 100 items to upgrade something, and the reward just didn’t feel like it was worth the time. Edit: I went back after taking some time off and it just still feels like inventory hell. I can’t progress in the game because I’m out of inventory, and every time I sell inventory it’s just filled up with useless garbage again. I really wanted to give this game a fair second chance, but I can’t stand a grind, and I’m not even sure what I’m grinding towards. The beginning of the game is the strongest part of it, but it lacks any sort of depth or sense of reward after the initial story.
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4 weeks ago, Certified Vampire
This game is really fun!
A bit of a mental challenge. A little bit of learning. A lot of fun! The game provides multiple separate story lines that steer the gameplay as much as anything does. Decisions lead to consequences and then more decisions. Like a big... wheel... going around and pulling your attention along as it goes. Challenges of different sorts require players to keep a number of details close-to-hand for the times that call for developing and improving one strain or another. Microtransactions are actually kept to a minimum (compared to other apps). It is nice to be able to play a game without being reminded EVERY THREE MINUTES that the developers and coders behind this game are desperately poor and cold and hungry and that, without your help consisting of a contribution to the charitable fund called "Broken Coders".
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5 months ago, Vickyssssssssssssss
This game is getting harder
I don’t know if I get this right, it’s getting harder to achieve higher points for Hempire cup, dunno if the amount of starting buds is reduced or if it’s the chance of getting multiple buds from wheels are reduced, as a player who played for several years, I can’t imagine how I was able to reach 6000+ point on the cup, which now seems totally impossible. Now with level 20 on the wheel and max luck without wasting any buds, you’ll only goes up to 5800 top, and you know how hard it is to reach level 20!! Besides, it’s definitely harder to level up in the distribution center now it requires more than just strains. Just a suggestion, if you wanna keep you player motivated and excited, give us enough rewards and credits, its supposed to be the longer you play, the higher level you are, and the more easily to achieve higher accomplishment and to renew records, not the another way around.
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1 year ago, Justinflesch
Can’t sync my data
I’ve been playing Hempire for a couple years now . I’ve recently bought a new iPhone 12 Pro Max so I wanted to sync my data. I click on my account when it shows up when I first start, but it says I don’t have internet and it makes the game crash. I have data on my phone and it pulls up my account, I’m just not able to get into my account that I’ve spent so many hours on. I really enjoy this game and I want to keep playing. I’m just not able to at the moment. Please fix this error. Edit: I found a work around on the sync glitch. Instead of signing in when it first asks you to sync data. Go through the tutorial and the sign in through settings, it might make your phone crash like it did mine. But when I re-opened the app, I’m back in my old account. So if anyone else has this problem, try out my method.
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7 years ago, Splattastic!
Dont update!!!
I must start by saying i love this game...but unfortunately the new update takes away some things and then you need vip to get back some things you lost...i have no problem paying 6 bucks but you should get more instead of taking away then making people pay to get back...the despensary now has less slots..meaning more commercials and you have a vip slot..see even less buying options being alot of people will not get vip and cannot use that slot as well...i do like that they have expanded it..however..what you lose vs what you gain is not worth it..stay on the older version until they balance it to make it worth it for vip status...but i love the game...it is qreat..except for the new update..... The brand new update with the new weed in wheels is amazing!...they really sped up the game and it gives a much better game experience!!..thank you!!..excited to see what is next
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3 years ago, Hippygocowgirl444
Nice flow and soothing game play
Been playing for over a year. I’ve never had to spend money to make progress, and diamonds are really easy to earn. I have never had issues with the game crashes or not loading. It has a nice flow to it and the graphics are bright and clear. However, I’m at a point where I’ve updated most of the buildings and only need a couple items to finish those, but they are really hard to come by. It definitely takes a lot of patience! It takes a really long time to earn cash and to level up. It would be great to improve the fences, trees, bushes, etc. easier. That part really doesn’t make sense to me. I also think the mutagens are pretty worthless. More buildings, products, and strains would also add a lot to the game.
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4 years ago, riles1969
Rigged game and very mundane
This game is fun in the beginning when you are building the houses, etc. After you finish building everything it gets very boring. You will also notice that materials you need to build things become very sparse or non- existent. But when you buy diamonds the items suddenly appear. When you play the train game, it is amazing how quickly another player that was never signed up just suddenly appears and flies by your score. There is no way anyone could unless they buy tons of diamonds or it is rigged. I swear it is rigged by the designers of the game playing against you. They want you to buy more diamonds. Once you buy more diamonds you will see that the other player you are competing against ( the game designer) score gets higher that yours. Just a sneaky tactic to get you to buy more diamonds. It is like the designers ran out of things to add to the game to keep players coming back. Do yourself a favor and don’t spend a red cent on this game. The game designers are con artists!
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5 years ago, jn1365
Good but theres a few tweaks
The game itself is good it’s in depth fun and user friendly (for the most part) but there are little things in the game that are so annoying. There a week competitions to see who can breed the best weed and that’s cool and all but the spinner wheel that is used to upgrade the weed strain is actually stupid. If you dont lands on something good you wont ever 99.8% of the time the wheel lands on some part of the strain i dont need upgraded and you can respin but the respin will almost always be right where the original was or 2 cm away it barely ever changes and is probably the most annoying thing about the game especially when your in high end competitions and need to upgrade your strain which gets more difficult and takes more time the better you upgrade your strain. It needs to be fixed but this game barley listens to what the people want from my experience.
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6 years ago, SPOHair
Great game, but...
I really like this game and it keeps me coming back throughout the day to check on my plants and make sales. I like working to upgrade the different shops and keep the town in good repair. But there is one thing that keeps me from giving it five stars and makes me want to chuck my phone across the room every now and then. The breeding of strains needs to be fixed. It is so frustrating to have two of the three properties of your bud upgraded fully and struggle to get the spinner to land on the third one. I get that you want us to spend diamonds every now and then and I don’t have a problem doing that, but after spending an increasing amount of diamonds on extra spins and not getting anything for it I want to delete the game. I have enjoyed the game enough to spend money to purchase diamonds and would probably do so again in the future, but not if I continue having to waste so many of them just to upgrade my stains.
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1 year ago, C. Breeann
Staring Over, Round Two
I found this game many years ago. Essentially, I beat the game, got bored, and removed it from my then device. It has been a few years and the beautiful UI still comes to mind as it is hard for games to keep my attention. Trailer Park Boys is the only game I still play from the first round of Hempire. I’m partially disappointed that I cannot pickup where I left off after reinstalling (maybe that capability was integrated later?) as I can in the EGG game when I get a whim to crash the the processor on my phone as I’m leveled so high the multiplier is to much for the phone. Moral of the story I’m starting from scratch and I’m loving every moment. I love games that I can play. Not games that play me.
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5 years ago, $ProGamer$
#1 weed game on the App Store.
This is by far the #1 weed game on the App Store and the only reason why I am rating this a four is not because it didn’t earn a 5 but because it has so much more room to grow. The first thing to mention is the strains. With there being only 9 strains in the game it would be awesome for you to bring out even more of the popular strains to the game to give you more to do. The other thing I think would benefit the game would be to be able to trade or sell goods to friends instead of just having to you use the market which I don’t find very helpful when I rarely see anything I’m actually looking to buy. The number one thing I would like to see in this game though would be to rearrange the town and really make it yours. I think just these 3 things alone will make this game that much more entertaining and would benefit the game overall.
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7 years ago, HendershotBleak
Impressive updates.
I played this a few months ago and it was fun at first but quickly became very frustrating. I decided to try it again after reading about the newer updates and I must admit they have vastly improved the pace of the game and how engaging it is. The developers or whomever is in charge of social media helped me recover my original account so I didn’t have to start from scratch. All in all I’m quite happy with it. Yes it’s easier if you pay but it’s not required to enjoy the game. My only advice for players is to prioritize upgrading your crop and item storage as soon and as often as you can, otherwise you will be frustrated. Lights and cooling should be after that as they help you grow more and upgrade your plants. Once you get access to the global market it should be smooth sailing. Happy growing! Cheers to whomever helped me recover my account.
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5 years ago, colerodes
A good game, but needs updating
This game has a great idea to it, working your way through a community and gaining respect as well as profit throughout the journey makes the game appealing. I just am not one for timed games, having to wait so long for something to be done in a game I want to play makes it more challenging to really enjoy it. There’s also items that only pop up once and are basically impossible to get any other way or just never pop up and you have to wait to either save gems to just buy it or forget it and not upgrade which kind of destroys the fun in the game. I currently am having such a hard time with the storage, I have spent a number of days trying to get a shelf from bins all while having no room for storage and continuously Having to sell items that I need. If this doesn’t get fixed or at least looked into then I really find no point for me to continue playing.
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6 years ago, asinclair91
Becoming more frustrating
I was definitely having a lot of fun with it at first, but now it’s getting to where it’s impossible to level up... because there are certain things you have to do to be able to level up but which you can’t do until you’ve leveled up! (Like selling more buds and other products, but after a certain amount of sales per customer, those customers are locked until the next level.) I’m all for a bit of a challenge but it’s not fun when it’s that bad. Then there’s the lack of storage for buds and tools. In order to increase the storage of any shed by just a little bit, you have to have the room for the right tools, which means you end up having to delete or sell tools you need for other jobs and it’s never ending because you ALWAYS need more storage space. I’m just getting annoyed with it. I need more storage and more ways to level up.
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7 years ago, NotFootballSavvy
I changed my mind
Everything was great, I loved this game. I got up to lvl 18/19 and then the Hempire cup hit. I thought it was the coolest thing ever that you could just make your own strain and improve on it. Then everything changed once I got the new greenhouse. After the greenhouse opened up I'm expected to take care of all these new strains with one pot. I had the Weed on Wheels deliveries to attend to but they were all the new strains. I can't grow them anywhere else but that one pot, I can't grow them fast enough, and I can't sell anything because I did all the people deals, so I'm supposed to grow one pot at a time until I get three pots FOUR LEVELS FROM NOW. I think that was a terrible move and has strayed me away from everyday grind. New strains are cool, the limitations are not. I wanna grow and sell but all I can do is grow, grow, grow, grow, AND THEN SELL, which is obviously a hard right turn and makes it less interesting.
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6 years ago, Shay-tay
Are used to love this game! I would play every day. Myself and other people playing the game all agree: this game needs and expansion! After playing for a couple of months, the game has become monotonous. I am board. I want more of this game. I’ve run out of new things to do and now feel like I’m stuck in limbo. The ranks take a LONG time to get through. It’s simply isn’t fun anymore. It has gotten stagnant. Please add an expansion before I grow too bored to care. On a happier note, I think that the game is very well-designed. I truly feel like the developers have a passion for this game and they want the public to enjoy it as much as they do. Gems are not difficult to accumulate. Unlike other apps, it is clear that the developers are not stringing me along and hopes that I’ll pay more money. That is one of my favorite aspects of the game.
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4 months ago, RayneEmpire
Lost account
I have been playing this game for over a year, even transferred from a different tablet to an iPad with no issues. All of a sudden last Friday 2/23 my account was no longer logged in. I tried multiple times to connect my account and wasn’t able to get it working again. Promptly sent a message to support, I have been eagerly waiting responses (24 hour delay typically) to try and locate my account. We are now on day 5, (2/28) and still no account found! I have a message back from support, but of course the chat refuses to load and is on the infinite spinning wheel of doom. I am so frustrated that support hasn’t been as helpful and giving the same typical response of what was your enterprise name, what was your account name? Y’all I set this up OVER a year ago how am I supposed to remember?? There has been many other issues recently but this takes the cake!
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4 years ago, Acaciabug
Can’t upgrade, so no progression
Edit: All fixed! You have a great support team!!! Edit: I’ve emailed and am waiting for a fix now! :) So I'm currently having an issue where I can’t upgrade grandma’s house so it is able to produce chocolate. I’m level 27 at the moment, and I was confused on why I hadn’t found the blueprints for the house upgrade, and googled it. Level 21 is when the blueprints unlock for this upgrade, apparently, and I don’t have them in my inventory. I think perhaps the blueprints disappeared when I completed a quest - as upgrade materials do after they have been sitting out for a while. Basically I’m stuck, and I believe there should be a fix of some sort to prevent this from happening. Looking forward to future fixes for this.
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4 years ago, SMT1213
Play this game daily
I enjoy the story line of this game and all activities you do in the game! I lost my process after switching phones and was so bummed because I was on 35. I started a new game not very confident I’d ever see mine again. I wrote into support and heard from them the next day! They asked me to provide answers to things about my game like what level I was on, what I named my last strain in their hempire strain competition. I was kinda stuck though not confident in what litle info I could answer. The next day I opened the app and the message popped up “found your game and loaded it! I was so surprised. It was a wonderful interaction from support and not one I thought would actually have turned out with my game being found!
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1 year ago, triggered karen
Everything changes, grow or go…
Ive played since 2018, just before LBC took over from the original developers in January 2019. So yes, there have been massive changes and fixes since then. We could play for free, mostly, and the game was much more simple. There formed a great community of players from all over the world, and we had a cafe INSIDE the game to get to know each other. Friendships were formed. Then they decided the third party company cafe wouldn’t work with their updates, and moved the cafe to Discord, which has broken the community because it just does not work to foster communication between players. I’d be putting 5 stars if we could have that cafe community back. But good developers and artists and everyone else needed to build on the basic game of course increased the cost of business, and as a business, employees must be paid. LBC is a business, not a charity. So, here we are now in 2023, with bright shiny new things, more buildings, city expansions, nearly EVERYTHING people asked for…but it comes with a price if you want those things, so don’t cry about the cost, either just play free, and slowly, pay to move faster, or find somewhere else to play.
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4 years ago, SMS909
Good game but.....
Fun game and good time waster but like all “freemium” games they definitely bait you into spending money. The most obvious of this is during the hempire cup events when your trying to get a good score. You can actually see the slider glitch and slow down before you get a good result in most cases. Its their way i believe of getting you to use up diamonds and purchase more. This is almost always the case especially if you have diamonds already. They go quick during this event when you keep seeing the slider glitch and slow down before a good score. Outside of that complaint its a fun game and if you dont spend and dont care for a high placement in the cup then i highly recommend it. If your the type who gets easily addicted to spending you will lose a lot of money lol. Enjoy!!!
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5 years ago, lisajarwal
The train update is good but changes in prices for everything is really annoying
The train update is a really good edition to the game. I’ve been playing the game for a really long time and was waiting for the update just like everyone else who addicted to this game. I love that more variety of hemp products that have come in the game now. (I’m in Level 51, 38 M net worth) The only thing I don’t like about the update are the changes in rewards (which used to be in diamonds according to ranks), the crazy reduction of prices of products in dispensary for products and the changes in the components making of certain products (like milk and cake). It’s really disappointing for old players and annoying to experience such drastic changes in the parts of the game that didn’t need changing. Over all a really good game.
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2 months ago, JR WAGNER
Awesome Love it
Love the game best one out there this is literally the only game I play on mine iPad for now until they release there other game tasty buds that is a fun game to can’t wait for it to get released for iOS I recently started playing again an now when I open the app on mine iPad it says do I want to sign in with mine Apple ID all the time an which mine game is connected to mine Facebook an mine Apple ID an this is just a idea it would be nice if we could sell or trade in the legendary buds an the mutagen potion in for diamonds or something like because some of us don’t even play in the hemp cup so they are just going to waste I hope to see something like that in a Future update
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3 years ago, Albreito
cup is to unbalanced
So i been playing this game for a while and I only ever did the hempire cup once or twice I’m only in bronze league two which is only you know the second one from the worst and apparently there are people in here that have every car every everything unlocked I got a 1300 barely no one else in the league even did in the guy above me is it to almost 3K people like that should not be in the same league as people who had just started doing that it makes no sense so how am I ever supposed to advance or get a first place cup to get the keys if I have to battle people who are 10 times to 20 times my freaking league and level most unbalanced thing ever and i wont participate in another one and waste time and valuable recourses…….hope u guys adress this cuz its not fair
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6 years ago, Jeyeler
Very well balanced growth game
I really don’t write reviews. But I came back to the App Store specifically to write this review. I don’t think the developers ever even asked for review, and I’m on level 26. The game is very well-balanced, constant sense of achievement, you really don’t have to spend any money, but you can or watch ads to make the game go faster. However, It is still very well-balanced without spending any money. I even won the empire challenge and my stream is now being sold in the world market! All this without anything more than watching a few ads. I can’t recommend this game enough – it’s great to use while exercising as well, constantly engrossing. I will disclose a bias though...I grew up in Humboldt County, CA.
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6 years ago, Lucian Lobo
Times and Builds
IN RESPONSE TO DEVELOPERS MESSAGE: Yes you guys do have a way to get free gems but it’s not like other games where I can download something and get 800 gems. You guys have Flavor Flav🤣🤣 in the pawn shop offering 2 gems at a time per 30 sec video you watch.. I love this game but I feel it’s only downfalls are the cost to clean up and remove certain items and Handy Mandy... she is too slow. It shouldn’t take hours to upgrade a light fixture. I think we should be able to hire more helping hands or come up with a better Gem system that will allow us to speed her up without having to go to the extreme to earn more gems. It’s really ridiculous waiting on her.🤦🏾‍♂️ I really wish they would change that because it’s the only hint that makes me not want to play..
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4 years ago, girlygamer560
Storage problems
Im level 25 and i have SO MUCH PROBLEMS trying to store stuff. Plz fix the storage issue, make it higher! I have to get 12 chocolate and that takes like 10 buds of 2 different strains, and that takes a lot of storage. I grow the strains but then have no storage, then even though i have no storage i cant sell anything to anyone cause for some dumb reason i dont have what they want so i cant sell, and my dispensary is already stocked. What do i do? I have no diamonds, my sheds out of storage. I get stuck like this all the time! Plz fix or ill just uninstall, kind of irritating that i run into storage problems all the time. I dont have the $$ to spend on this game anyway. Besides that its a fun game! Really fun and time consuming. Just ALOT of storage problems.
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4 years ago, Leem2153
Love it but they don’t appreciate the player
Im very addicted to Hempire like some good buds but I don’t appreciate how expensive it is it makes not sense you can barely play because EVERY TWO SECONDS you have to UPGRADE Storage when literally just 5 seconds ago I just upgraded it every is so expensive they barely give you diamonds but one, you have to constantly make your weed more stronger but guess what don’t have enough storage then if god forbid if you want to sell anything because you will have two slots and if you want to buy another slot 48 diamonds when all you gave me was 2 diamonds I think I’m done with Hempire because you guys don’t appreciate your players which btw are making you rich smh such a good game to let money come between it especially from how good it it’s people are going to throw their money at you don’t choke me and rip my heart out while your at it !
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2 years ago, HtownTech
Good Game …. Period
If this weren’t a 17+ game due to the contents. Then this would be an overall great game for any type of entrepreneur tycoon. The game is fun, there’s always a reason to play, but you can IDLE tons of things as well. The best game of its genre. I think most other games are forcing people to leave 5 star feedback. Last. It’s fun even if you put down the game and pick it up 2 years later. Not much new content that I have seen. But on IOS all of my stuff is still saved AND the company/game honestly checks if you have had Purchases you can restore. In case phone swaps or other reasons messed up your game state.
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4 years ago, Che Roche
Great Game!!!
Fun, challenging and addictive. Downloaded this game during 4/20 just to kill a little time and I’ve been hooked ever since. It’s been around for a while and has gone trough some changes since the original version which to make make it better. There are a lot of approaches to building your Hempire and always something to build, grow, bake, harvest, sell or buy. Always online competitions to take part of and win even more stuff for your Hempire 💰💎💎💎. There’s a great community there where you can ask questions and even make new friends with. It’s not the only hemp growing game out there but it is the best so try it and come find me (Che GHQ). Happy growing friends! ;) Stay Safe 💜
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5 years ago, exqwizit1
Best Mobile Game
I didn’t realize it but I play a lot of mobile games. I downloaded this one while watching an ad during another mobile game I was playing and thought, “What the heck.” I did three missions and was like, “That’s pretty cool.” So I sent the link to my wife. She started playing it and ended up loving it and played it for 3 hours straight that day. It’s highly enjoyable and the progression path makes sense and the rewards and unlocks for leveling up match the effort you put into playing. I’m highly impressed with this game and LBC Studios did a great job putting together a game about Cannabis that is surprisingly ironically addicting! All thumbs up to Hempire!!
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4 years ago, usnavycop
No support for iOS users
THis is the second review that I have posted. This one will be overlooked as well and not allowed on the App Store. They did not post this review, so that their review scores will be high. Notice, that there is all 5 star ratings, but one 1 star. Mine is no where to be found. Ridiculous. Two updates ago they alienated iOS users and did not allow them to progress in the game. Players lost the ability to collect from certain, if not all opportunities in the game. Train events were missed, or rewards were not rewarded. Have to go through support. We are not able to collect items from the City Hall, cannot upgrade any buildings, and there is no compensation for this. No being able to collect what is won/owed affects the net worth, and your bank score. I would NOT download this game until they can post on the App Store that they have fixed the iOS issue and hopefully (yea right) ADEQUATELY compensate those if us that have lost progress and left our teammates without a player that is on most of the day. They claim there will be packages sent out to those that are affected by this, but now with the new update the game does not load. How can we receive the compensation, and will it really compensate for what has been lost, missed, or not not achieved?
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7 years ago, BrynnWhoWanders
Seems creatively stalled
My first review was 5 stars - This is a colorful, engaging game. But, I just deleted the app. I started out loving it! It was clever and had a funny and relevant storyline. But now, it seems like the developers have opted to scrap the storyline in favor of a straightforward "quest for money/items scenario." Are there too many players they didn't anticipate and thus chose to forgo the story? Did the government put the kibosh on it? What happened? Where is the lady cop who flirts with the dealer? Where is the evil guy? Now it is just quest after quest- for what? Capital gains. I even gave it several levels to see if the story would reappear but it hasn't. I don't want to just do task after task to earn money. That isn't what cannabis culture is. I thought this game sort of understood that but, alas, it seems they have forgotten.
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2 years ago, Atheav
Overall I’m enjoying the game. However, there have been a number of glitches that I can’t simply ignore. There are options to watch ads to get more money or spins, but they don’t work. So you’re forced to watch these long ads that take forever to get out of, only to not get the extra spin or money. The objective is clear to get more money out of you but they do offer plenty of other incentives to get diamonds (though limited in the amount, maybe 1-2) and game money (less limited). Also, one time I spent diamonds to get an item instead of money, but when I leveled up, it took both?? Will be a while before I invest in this game.
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6 years ago, Head7474
Awesome game ( plz consider )
I have only been playing this game for a couple weeks or so and I love it. U don’t have to spend money to move forward but if u do it’s not crazy expensive. While spending money will boost u forward a lot faster it’s not required to advance. I have reached lvl 17 in just a couple weeks spending very little money! Now that I have unlocked the word market it makes things that much easier. Only thing I would like to see is some kind of watering system so I don’t spend 75% of my game play watching or returning back to the grow house to insure I get the most from my yield. This may be the case in the new grow house not sure but if so I will update my review. Keep it up awesome game!!!! Thanks, HEADMFER
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7 years ago, Bananarchy
Great game but come on..
Having a delete button that doesn't even work is an absolute slap in the face. You're saying " sure, we programmed it in there, but quickly realized we couldn't sell gems if there wasn't a constant unavoidable storage wall". You've added more and more obtainable items, yet the ones to upgrade storage space are like the arc of the covenant, impossible to find. Plus now that I've built my second grow room (which I thought would allow me to be more efficient with my growing/AC) it's practically impossible to complete orders given the fact every vendor wants some "special" strain. A complete cash grab. The game was super impressive the first few days but upon getting into the game I quickly realized I'd been swindled of my time by a game that catches your attention then drowns you... sad waste of true potential.
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5 years ago, Gie2Gie
The game won’t load after the update.
I downloaded the game. I really enjoyed playing the game. I got far in the game and it was really coming along. I enjoyed playing everyday. Until today. It said I needed to update the game. So I did. But now it won’t load or open. All my time, effort and money wasted. Every time I tap on the game. I just get a blank screen. I wish I never updated the game. But I love playing. I hope you guys didn’t crash it on purpose. I’m not into starting over. So if I can’t get my game back. I’ll just erase it out my phone. Then find a new game. I’m really disappointed that the game still won’t open days later. Plus the owner/creater has not fixed the problem or respond to the issue. Then I found out that if I delete it and download it again. I’ll lose everything I’ve done in the game. Smdh!!
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