HER:Lesbian&Queer LGBTQ Dating

4.4 (49.8K)
114.3 MB
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Current version
Bloomer Inc
Last update
2 weeks ago
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15.0 or later
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User Reviews for HER:Lesbian&Queer LGBTQ Dating

4.41 out of 5
49.8K Ratings
1 year ago, Scorpious-02
Decent App
Excellent in the sense that it brings together a wide variety of LGBT+ identities. There’s a big community and even smaller sub-communities dedicated to varying interests. Bots and scammers can be an issue, but they’re easy to identify based on their copy-and-paste walls of text (“looking for a Sugar baby” lol) and lack of verification. Just block them and move on! There’s also an occasional nude posted to the main feed, which can be bothersome, but hey—people are horny. Regardless, there should still be some moderation on that front. Some people are actually trying to find someone to settle down with. On another note, a lot of users will complain that they can’t find “the one,” but that’s an issue revolving around the users—not the app itself. Can’t expect a partner to be handed to you on a silver platter! You gotta work towards them. All in all, this is a decent app (though it’s got its small issues, as mentioned) to use if you’re looking to find a casual date or maybe even a friend. I wouldn’t recommend completely relying on HER to find “the one,” (as is the case with all dating apps) but you never know what you’re going to discover if you actively look for it. Good luck to everyone on HER! Hope you find what you’re looking for. :) —Alexis
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2 years ago, Ronreadz
I’m cool with her
Her is an ok app. It is a bit expensive and getting to your matches can be a little tricky without a subscription. My favorite part of the site is that I can use it as a trans woman to meet females and trans. Unfortunately, and this isn’t perhaps the fault of the her app, it can be tough market to meet up much with this app. I have zero problems meeting up with people on taimi and in the days when I had grindr no trouble there either, and I think I have met both more cisgender females and trans on both of those sites, strangely enough. Her’s primary user base isn’t as toxic as some others, but it also isn’t primarily geared to my demographic (although it gestures to being inclusive to a tran like me). Some of the females I have chatted with on her didn’t read my profile or said somewhat prejudicial things, but I’ve never been kicked off the app or anything. I just don’t think a lot of the women on her are looking for a trans woman, and if that’s you I don’t really know what to tell you as far as a solution. I see a lot more trans males on her than females, so I assume they are in a better position. it’s a lot easier to date men as a trans in my experience regardless of what app you use. However, I have had many likes and conversations and a few dates though her, and if you’re looking for your person, maybe you will meet her through this app. It’s definitely worth trying.
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4 years ago, Lizzy Saldaña
Needs lots of work
They need to make this app focused on REAL people... there’s too many unverified people and you don’t know who’s real and who isn’t... There’s also NO interesting people in my area.. There’s too many people looking for a unicorn.. There are lots of people in relationships using this app... I don’t understand why they’re here if they looking for 3 somes... even if you report them, their profiles are still there. I reported someone twice and I believe all they did was block them from my end.. there’s no known bugs, but I believe the subscription is dumb too... I believed that I was getting the best subscription when I purchased platinum, but I needed gold to see the others who purchased subscriptions... that’s dumb... why not make it one subscription??? That way you’re not wasting our money... with the platinum all I could do was see my likes... I couldn’t update my location or search specifically like that... I couldn’t look at the people who were “in the spotlight “ and I also couldn’t click on the people who were interested in me.. so this app needs a lot of work... its far from perfect... I also believe they need a specific button (after verifying) that someone is a black user where we can choose whether we want to date interracially... they assume for us and it’s hard to weed out the bot profiles... in all, I feel like this app was a huge waste of my time... I didn’t meet ANYONE in the 2 months that I was on this app....
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5 months ago, Sugar cookies 123
Disappointed Won’t be Using Again
OK I feel as though this app is a little bit too strict. We are all adults here. If we make a mistake or if you break a community guidelines OK flag is fair but give us a few chances because things can be flagged that shouldn’t be flagged and are flagged just because someone is mad instead of doing a proper investigation to have to beg for my account to be off hold is a bit ridiculous especially when you are part of a community that you felt. It was safe to discuss certain things. I don’t think the subscription is worth it due to the fact they are constantly looking for a way to put your account on hold, when your account is on hold, you cannot use the app. This also breaks any bun that you have established while your account is on hold. I do not feel like it is fair to flag. Every little thing. We are adults! There will be times where we will make a mistakes. We should not be harshly panelized. I feel like this is new to all of us when it comes to community guidelines I think that really no one really looks throughly at it and there should not be a penalty right off the back for it. There should be a email sent to the person that lets them know that they violated a community guideline, in other words I do feel like I met great people. I just think that guidelines should be adjusted. We are all humans and we make mistakes. Please adjust this.
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5 years ago, Trexxrawwr
I really wanted to like this app
First of all I’ve probably downloaded this app and deleted so many times forgetting each time why I deleted it in the first place. Which shows you I really wanted to like this app. I really did!! But the fact that I will be swiping and run out of “swipes” and it won’t let me swipe for 14 hours unless I upgrade to premium is just bonkers. I get running out of swipes it happens all the time to me on bumble and tinder. But to have to wait 14 hours is just ridiculous. Also it constantly notifies me when someone likes me but when I go to look at my likes it tries to make me pay for premium again!! I get needing to make money but I’d rather have ads pop up and have some certain exclusive features like swiping back have to be paid for then pretty much everything. Also I know with tinder and bumble it only notifies you if you both like eachother I’m constantly getting likes and other notifications pop up on my phone with no way of turning the notifications off on this app and I don’t need my phone blowing up all day. I feel this app needs a bit of a facelift maybe take some tips from tinder bumble and hinge cause I happen to love how hinge has a ton of info without being crazy like ok Cupid which seems like it’s never ending questions. I wish I liked this app but there’s just so much wrong with it. 😕
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11 months ago, Hello Kitty Girls
Okay app, idea is great but execution is questionable
I like the idea of an inclusive LGBTQIA+ dating/social app to make new friends and find potential partners. The app has a lot of features that give users options to meet people in many different ways. But you have to pay for over half of it. Limited swipes until you are cut off and told to wait 24 hours to browse again (unless you purchase Premium or Gold). Same applies to deleting likes (many of which are bots or fake profiles). Adjusting settings pertaining to changing cities, viewing people you’ve liked’s posts, and going back to a previous profile you may have accidentally skipped SHOULD be free, but ofc it’s not. This concept often results in users having no choice but to purchase Premium or Gold, and many reviews I’ve seen says it gives no option to cancel the subscription. Seems like this company doesn’t actually put users’ needs as a priority and just want money.
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4 years ago, christa141
Too many fake ‘likes’
The app is simple and easy to use, but way too focused on trying to get you to subscribe. I can understand withholding the more premium features for those who pay the money, but I draw the line at being sent fake likes just to keep me “interested” in the app. Every day I’d get likes from several women who had maybe one picture and no profile information. After a couple times returning the like and sending a message (which of course there was no reply), I realized something was up. If these were scammers or catfish, I would think I’d get a reply. So I did some interest research and I discovered that some dating sites/apps will send people random likes from fake profiles just to give the user the little endorphin hit you get when you get like. They are trying to keep you hooked and entice you to pay for the subscription. I suspect some of the likes I got were from other users too; saw a few that were clearly trying to scam. I was very happy to see the app removed their profile quickly, so that’s a plus. I was also please with the ability of the app to delete all of my data and remove my profile when I decided I was tired of getting likes form so many fake people. I can only assume that my data was really deleted, but I suspect they will just end up saving my pictures to use in their fake profiles.
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3 years ago, joey19787
Thank you HER!!!
I could not give a better review. I was on the HER app for 3 years. In the 3 years on the application, I was kicked off 5 times for people believing I was a cis gender male and not a trans male. I met a few nice friends on this app, from my best friend to my future fiancé!! This is my primary reason for providing this testimonial. The last time I was kicked off HER, the HER team gave me a 3 year subscription plus unlimited match events. It was about a month and 3 years later; and I finally met HER on HER. I met the one!! Yes; the one we all wait for and gush after! We are now one of those happy success stories! I never thought I would meet "her" ever, BUT HER made it happen!! I could not be happier! My son and I finally have the family we have dreamed over and I have never felt happier. The happiness has trickled to my family and friends and we are all awaiting the special day!! It would not be possible without HER and the wonderful gift to this transman of free membership due to the discrimination. Thanks for taking care of the discrimination and thanks for helping me meet the woman of my dreams. She is a keeper and our love story will go down in books, thanks to her!
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10 months ago, 2kool kid
So far so good
Well, this is actually the first time I am opening myself up and this app seems I could be perfect for me. It is a little too expensive, but I’m gonna try it out for a month and see how it goes. It’s super easy to set up but I wish it was cheaper and a little bit easier to move throughout the website but other than that I’m happy so far. Update: Wow I’m actually even more impressed with HER. I’ve never had a developer take the time to write something on any of my reviews whether it’s been positive or negative. What does HER do? Not only read my review but took the time to send me a thank you note! Now that may seem insignificant to some but for me positivity isn’t something I’m around all that much. Reason #8,000 why I’m on a dating site😂So when I hear it I do my best to acknowledge it and send positive words back. It would be great if I met someone through HER but even if I don’t, I’d still refer HER to anyone looking for an open minded genuine love friendship and even just people to talk to. Thank you HER for making me feel noticed and putting a smile on my face! 💛
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2 years ago, bloodbunniez
It’s changed a lot
HER is one of the more customizable apps within the dating scene—with questions and communities and badges. It allows one to really dig into their own character and get an insight of others before making a decision on whether or not to swipe. It also is one of the only dating apps I’ve experienced that prompts for questions when no one has made a move. However, things have changed from the first time I got the app to now. I’ve deleted it and redownloaded it on multiple occasions, and before you were able to get a preview on people who liked you in your activities with no subscription—so long as it was in the beginning of the list. You didn’t have a limited amount of swipes per day, let alone likes, and premium costs were cheaper. Now it feels as if it’s making things harder to use unless you have the money to dish out $25 a month. The limitations make it very undesirable, with the customizations just barely doing enough to balance it out. I just wish it was easier to use without emptying your bank account, like it used to be when I first got it a year ago. Has a lot of potential but is becoming a cash grab.
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2 years ago, hydratedb
I want to give this app a better review but
I’ve been on her for over a year. Not that I’ve been looking for that long, I just went over to tinder and date a dude for 6 months. (I’m bi and genderqueer and poly) What I like: I love that it is inclusive of polyamorous, kinky, and BIPOC folks. I like the little questions on the profiles. What I think is breaking the app: Her sends me notifications about things I could not care less about and there is no way to change the settings. I don’t want a notification every time I get a like. I don’t want to know about special events. I just want to know when someone on the app messages me. No one responds, like almost no one. When I used this app last year I had several lovely conversations that led to one or two dates with one person. This year almost no one responds. I message everyone I match with and usually nothing. I think this could in part be connected to the issue I listed above. Unfortunately, as cute as this app is, it doesn’t work and I have already moved on to tinder again. I would rate higher, but if the app doesn’t work, it doesn’t matter how the features function. I gave back a star after seeing the responses to the reefs giving one star, trans women ARE women.
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1 year ago, milok9starr
Lots of members, but $$$
I joined Her hoping to meet more LGBTQ women for friendship or more, and there are a lot of us! The app seems really popular, and people seem to interact with my profile more than on other platforms which is nice. But I do have a few issues: the user interface is a bit glitchy. Multiple of the same profile tend to show up when swiping, causing errors. Takes a few swipes left for the same profiles to go away and bring up someone new. But the biggest problem that actually steers me away is the price for premium. I don’t know when dating apps became so expensive! $25 a month is the lowest option, and you don’t even get to see your likes if you purchase it. You have to do the higher tier. I understand having to run the app and support developers, but there are in-app ads AND multiple paywall tiers? It’s so excessive and predatory. Using the free version you can swipe freely but only get access to like 10 likes every 24 hours, so you get notifications that people are liking you but you can’t do anything about it. I’m sharing my thoughts here just for a shot at a free trial to clear out my notifications.
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3 years ago, JustMeAshe
Literally found my soulmate
I downloaded this app by recommendation of a friend to branch out and exploring my pansexuality more than I have been able to in the past. I had been in a string of bad toxic relationships with men and wanted to get to actually branch out and feel out the part of me that liked girls. I really liked the app and I made some friends on there but the biggest thing that came out of this app is my now girlfriend of 4 months. I didn’t expect anything from this app, was going to just keep things casual but this girl is literally my world, my literal better half and soulmate and it’s been probably the best 4 months of my life. We live 2 hours away but the distance doesn’t matter we always find the time for each other and make sure we both know how much we love and care for one another. Tbh I don’t think I would have ever met her if it weren’t for her app. It allowed me to meet someone outside of my small town and it’s been the best thing to have happened to me truthfully. She is truly my best friend and my world ❤️
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3 years ago, stmado634
Do better!
There are way too many profiles without actual pictures of the person, too many couples looking for a threesome, and too many cishet men. It’s also hard to take a genuine pause from the app because sometimes I need a break and don’t want my profile still being seen by others, but how do I ensure others can’t see me anymore? Log out? Delete account? And deleting your account is a minefield. There are legitimate safety concerns for queer women, where we’re already hypersexualized by men and we’re leaving up identifying details up on our page (first name, pictures, age, etc.) that these individuals could potentially try to find out exactly who we are. The last straw was when was a biological male, identifying as two spirit, very very masculine presenting, he/him pronouns, and considered himself straight was a MODERATOR in my area! What?! This is an app for women (cisgender and transgender) and non-binary people. Although stating they are two spirit, this did not feel appropriate at all. As a lesbian woman, I just want a safe place away from predatory men and couples, where I can find that right person for myself. I’m so severely disappointed with this app. Not that other apps are really any better for us queer women, but I expected something more from an app called HER.
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2 years ago, Siobi-Wan Kenobi
My Rating/Review Could Change
UPDATE: As you can see below, the developer asked me to email them my info. But the website says duplicate tickets slow down response time. And I clearly stated that I had already submitted a ticket. So what do I do? Also, I noted that many reviews here are negative because they were banned for seemingly no reason & the support tickets were ignored. I hope my support ticket isn’t ignored, but I’m concerned, given that it seems my review wasn’t thoroughly read. ———————— I was partway through creating my account when I was told I was suspended for suspicious activity. How could I violate the rules if I haven’t started using the app yet? I submitted a ticket with a screenshot of the suspension pop-up notice (which shows where I was in the profile-creation process. I’ve read several reviews that say they’ve had similar issues: blocked for seemingly no reason and support tickets ignored. Should my situation prove to go differently & I can actually try this app, I will review the actual usability & merits of the app. But blocked for suspicious activity while trying to create a profile or being unable actually to use an app even once would rank 0/5 stars. Unfortunately, I have to give HER one unearned star.
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5 years ago, XS16
I want to believe in this app
Finding an app that caters to a bisexual woman is hard, HER is one of the few apps that are legitimate. I have deleted it several times after telling myself I don’t need a relationship right away, but I always find myself re-downloading it in hopes of getting lucky this time around; the app itself is appealing enough to return to. Dating is hard, this app gives me hope as I’ve actually talked to some pretty amazing women. However, the lack of things you can do without premium is more or less disappointing. You can swipe and chat, but that’s about it. There’s a stunning woman who liked me, but without the premium, I can’t view her profile and I’ve run out of swipes just trying to look for her without paying the money. After just graduating college, having subscriptions to these things are hard to keep up with. And the premium trials are nice, until your 7 days are up and that $14 is staring you in the face. You know you want to because you have total faith in the app itself in providing you the chance to meet incredible women, but it can be a bit much for those who are wary of their money.
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1 year ago, justalilguy001
MUCH improved!!
I used this app maybe 4/5 years ago and it quickly became a joke in my queer community due to the unsavory amount of fake sexworking bot accounts and the glitchy UI. I made a single friend that kept showing up "in my area" somehow but happened to be a whole country away. I got a new phone with more space and redownloaded after seeing the new look and my mind has officially been blown. I would say it's 90% more user-friendly and the app itself has been made very well. Virtually none of the past glitches (profiles repeating endlessly, images getting stuck, messages not loading, the app backing out of something before you're done) AND THE ENTIRE USER BASE IS ITSELF AN UPGRADE!! This app going from a scattered handful of real lesbians to every single queer creature out there is amazing. I downloaded it three days ago and have made a few friends already, in my area and with similar interests/worldviews/lifestyles. amazing work, what a healthy evolution of a virtual social group 🥰 way to take it beyond hookup culture (without removing the option entirely heh) some of the notifications can be a bit obnoxious and the way the matches work once matched is a little hairy, but especially considering I am on the free version i am astounded. not gonna lie you gave me everything i needed and i will probably never pay for it (though i never planned on it). the free version has a lot available and anyone who says otherwise is using it wrong. -applause
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2 years ago, eligibleBach
Dumber and dumber
This app literally gets dumber and dumber. The fact that I have my age preference set to a certain limit and “HER” completely ignores it. I have it set for 30+ and they show me people 20, 24, and etc. The app is called “HER” yet it’s full of men, real men and trans men. The fact is that their are men on an app for women. Dumb. I literally just got on the app scrolled through eight people that “liked” me and the app told me that was enough for today😂😂, 8 people. The developers move like they are going through bankruptcy, like they’re broke. They are so desperate for money. Would not recommend this app. App is also getting full of Bisexuals and their partners looking for unicorns. Bisexuals and their man, again on an app for lesbians. 🙄 I wonder if a man is actually running this app since the app is so intrusive and filled with men who think that lesbians want to date them. Lol @ the response 😘. No response to ignoring age limits. No response to why you try force men on lesbians. No response to charging more and getting less. No response to why your site is turning into a unicorn site. Lol. I’m very much aware that the app isn’t for me hence my review lol. Why even call the app “HER”, it’s misleading lol. Good luck to you all.
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3 years ago, butterbutler
So far, so good!
I have long, long dreaded spending time on dating apps: they just never felt like the place where I could find people I actually jived with (perhaps because I’m the type of person who unironically uses the word “jived”) How could I expect to find people I was compatible with on an app that was not compatible with me?? But even after just a short time on Her, my experience has felt so different and positive. Despite trying searching for queer people on other platforms, I don’t feel like I’ve matched with such a wide array of people before. There are hook ups if you want them, but I really appreciate that other forms of camaraderie appear to is given equal weight, from the outset. If you want to participate in the modern social and dating scene, but don’t want to feel trapped by expectations that may exist in other relationship apps, I highly recommend Her. But really, the biggest difference I think is the people. I don’t know how you did it, HER, but keep it!!
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2 years ago, ndoubleaz
TERF app TERF team TERF community
Posted a post op chest pic as my profile pic, Im a transman i wanted to let ppl know from my scars since they often flag my account for looking like a cis man. This time my chest pic was community flagged as a nude and enforced by the HER team who deleted my account for being topless. LOL I contacted their support team and they wanted me to remove my male chest pic because of nudity?! Warned me my account will be deleted again if i didnt. So tell me how is this a trans inclusive to have my chest treated as if i had no surgery sounds like some conservative transphobic crap. HER shouldve banned the folks that falsley flagged me since they were creating a non inclusive environment and harrassing a transman…HER claims to be a safe space for trans folks who have transitioned but instead they seem to side with terfs and ban trans users. Read all the negative reviews and judge if u want to support this trash. I joined this app stupidly named HER cause there was one positive review here from a user joey something who says he is a transman who found love etc but now im pretty sure thats a paid review to trans bait. Theyve been trans/queer baiting and causing the community more harm than good. Should be sued. For the devs: The support staff im in contact with is Samantha J
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2 years ago, C88J
Great idea but needs improvement
Too many functions require premium. If you cannot use most of the app in the free version how would one know they want to purchase. At the very least sexuality and location filter should be available to free members. Also the spam accounts matching and messaging about being a sugar baby are quite annoying and time consuming to report and block there are so many. The idea is great for the LGBTQ+ community we need this, also to that most of the community especially the trans part of that save so much for transitioning that even $15 a month is steep that is more then a gym membership just for a possibility you might find someone attractive and compatible. I love the idea i think a little more access and why do the amount of swipes matter to whether you have a subscription. Would not take so many swipes if there were any available filters to be used. Such a waste of time to go through and then have to wait so long before even trying to find someone compatible let alone within reasonable distance.
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2 years ago, Lonely Transwoman Seeking Gf
Not the worst imo
So I have had some fun on this app, but there are definitely some issues. I wish there was some cheaper affordable version of the premium. The starting plan seems to be kinda pricey. Also, the constant notifications for things that no one would want to get are a big problem considering there’s no option to modify the notifications like that (at least not without paying like $25 a week! Or a longer term subscription at a lower weekly rate), and this problem definitely leads to lots of women and enbys just turning off their notifications and therefore not being able to get relevant notifications like whenever you get a match, or a messsage, or something you would actually want to be notified about. This unfortunately leads to a ton of missed opportunities for meeting and interacting with interesting women :(. But I do like that there is no limit on the profile bio. And there are NOT many options for dating apps for queer women, especially women who are interested in women and enbys. I hope i get to find what im looking for
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10 months ago, christ lover 333
Great app
It's a great dating site. With its user-friendly interface and a wide range of features, it offers a seamless online dating experience. Whether you're looking for a casual fling or a long-term relationship, this site caters to all your dating needs. One of the best aspects of this dating site is its advanced matching algorithm. It takes into consideration your preferences, interests, and personality traits to connect you with compatible individuals. This ensures that you have better chances of finding someone who truly shares your values and interests. Additionally, the site provides a variety of communication tools to help you connect with potential matches. From private messaging to video chats, you can easily get to know someone on a deeper level before deciding to meet in person. The site also offers ice-breaking questions and prompts to spark interesting conversations, making it easier to break the ice and establish a meaningful connection. Another standout feature of this dating site is its strong emphasis on safety and security. With a team of dedicated moderators and advanced user verification systems, you can rest assured that your online dating experience will be safe and enjoyable. The site also provides helpful tips and resources for practicing safe online dating, ensuring that you have a positive and secure experience. Moreover, this dating site boasts a diverse and vibrant user base. Whether you
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3 years ago, Mrs.Robinson2021
Love At First Swipe!!
I was off and on Her a few times in 2020 but I wasn’t having any luck so I deleted my account. I decided to give it another try in January 2021. I was only on there for a few weeks when I Found HER!! It was Love At First Swipe!! We started messaging on Her and two days later exchanged numbers and started texting and then FaceTimed two days after that! When I saw her face to face through that screen that’s when I knew I was going to marry her!! I met her in person two weeks later and took her to Pacifica State beach for our first date. Two months later she proposed on my birthday and I surprised her and proposed right after. So it was a double surprise proposal on the beach where we had our first date!! Two months after that we were married on that same beach! It’s been an amazing journey thus far and even though we’re moving at Godspeed, when you know you know!! Thank you Her for my Fairytale Love story!!
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4 years ago, Jennifer!C
The BS is getting old
I’m getting really tired of this app. I’ve had this app for 5 years and I’ve only gotten one very toxic relationship out of it. It used to be a mix, but now everyone on the app either doesn’t know what they want or they just want a hookup. It’s become a hookup app rather than a dating app and it’s annoying. I know that’s beyond HER’s control, but I also have some things to say about them too. I have reported this one girl who called me horrible names because she has 15+ profiles made and they still don’t delete them. It’s out of control! Every time I go on the app, I see another one of her excessive number of profiles. They also don’t do anything to get rid of the accounts with no face pictures despite reporting every single one. I still come across them CONSTANTLY. I get being closeted, but this isn’t really an app for the closeted. It’s also unsafe because it could be a straight cis male pretending to be someone in the LGBTQIA+ community. Also, there’s no option to delete your account as it seems because I come across a lot of people with the name “deleted”. Fix these issues and I may consider keeping the app.
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2 years ago, Ari_Sammy1804
Ok but so far not much luck
The app interface and design is really nice in itself, but i havent had much luck yet. Part of it is because im awkward but its definitely not easy to click with people and find “the one” unless u were to get premium.. which is really freaking expensive. I mean who can afford 30 dollars a month to MAYBE not be single. It sorta feels like a rip off? If it were more of a popular app or had more features maybe it would be worth the price, or maybe u pay after u really click with someone, but to pay with the risk of no luck seems a bit sketchy idk. They should make their trial like, at least two weeks so people can actually experience what the app fully had to offer. I feel like that would be better for them because more people would stay on the app, and more reasonable for the people. People would have more of a chance to meet someone or actually want premium, so they’d make more money long term
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5 years ago, E_bone513
Location matters to most people!!
I think this app really needs a more accurate location option. When it comes to swiping, yea there are people in my area. But when it comes to the news feed option, I’m scrolling, I see a few attractive woman, I click on their profile and they’re 1,000+ miles away. There’s nothing one with talking to people outside your state but there should at least be an option to see people nearby on the news feed or see people further away. A lot of people don’t even choose to communicate to one another because they see how far they are and a lot of people are wanting to meet up. What are the chances of actually meeting up with someone so far away? Also please try to get rid of all the “sugar mommas” and catfishes on there please. They are a waste of space. I hope you can update the news feed to show people closer to the city that we live in to make it easier to actually meet people.
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6 years ago, emvrtz
First, I want to address a conflict I am having. I accepted the temporary 7 day free trial and it said I would automatically be charged after the 7 days... anyway it’s been passed that and I want to cancel my subscription. I’ve tried looking for the “cancel subscription” EVERYWHERE but see it NO WHERE. ?????? I’ve tried following the steps given to cancel but nothing.. I haven’t cancelled anything so I’m worried I’m still going to be charged and I just don’t want this app anymore. PLEASE HELP — leading to my review, this app was great at the beginning. It was something new and fun but then I started getting bored of it. The people I tried talking to were cool for a second but NO ONE has ever wanted to actually meet up or anything. The closest I got to meeting someone was with ONE person who I ended up not meeting. I feel like I get more luck with tinder than I do Her, and that’s heartbreaking because I had high hopes of being in a “my” community. Overall, it’s fun at first but it’s at the point where I’m wasting my time looking at my phone instead of looking at people in front of me.
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5 years ago, Lkorlando
Good concept bad execution
Let’s face it, there are a lot less LBGQT people in a given area than the heterosexuals. So After about 2 days I was “swiping” through the same faces I’d already seen, and I live in a major city. They constantly ask for you to upgrade but why would I do that when I’ve seen all there is to see? The app, like I’m sure all “dating” apps, is littered with a lot fake profiles. Pictures of beautiful women that anyone would like, but there only one or two pictures obviously looking to scam so poor innocent person. The profile set-up and editing processes also need an overhaul. If you’re going to allow “cards” to have text on them, once they are posted, you should be able to edit the card. You should also be able to move around the photo order and rotate your profile picture from the photos you have already uploaded. The “news feeds” do not have many participants which make them less than desirable to engage with. So while I'm sure a match made in heaven is possible with this app, and I applaud the concept, I really do, but I have decided to delete my data.
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4 years ago, Pat🌚
It’s works...barely
Positives first. I’ve met my girlfriend of 4 years on this app. So I will always been thankful for that. The app is a great space to meet other queer people, and if you are in a big enough city, you may find someone you connect with. Now the negatives...the people aren’t the biggest issue, it’s the UI of the app itself. 1. I have notifications on, but I can’t clear my notifications tab on the app. I have over 100 likes that have accumulated over the years, and no way to delete them. 2.Please clear out the fake scammer profiles. 3. You should be able to put in a set location, not use GPS. When I go out of town, I still want to see people from my City. And I don’t want to match with people who are only in my area for a a trip, then leave to go home. 4. This app needs better engagement. I will match with a girl, and they won’t respond for a week, becuase they forgot to check back. 5. My profile shouldn’t be shown to people outside my preferences. I keep getting likes from very young people. When my preferences are ages 25+.
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7 months ago, dinonah
Several issues with the app that should be fixed
I love that this app can connect more people with a focus on the lgbtq+ community. However, multiple issues need attention to create greater safety and healthier connection dynamic. 1) For everyone’s safety, and particularly that of women, no gender identities that are not in the preferences should be allowed to see your profile and swipe on you. Particularly, as a female interested in other females only, no males or couple profiles should even see me pop up and I don’t need to see them. A safety feature should not be a paid feature and no one who understands the vulnerability of females to male predators should have any difficulty understanding this. 2) People who receive a like can like back. The person who likes back is told to initiate the communication. This makes no sense and is likely why a lot of conversations don’t start after a match. The order should be Person A likes Person B. Person B likes back. Person A is told they are liked back and to start communication since they instigated connection.
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8 months ago, RampagingBear
Just like all dating apps-trash !!
The application itself is very glitchy. There’s also a great number of ads, which may not be a surprise to any of you. I’ve deleted and made a new account three times over the years. It’s worse each time. I say about 60% to 80%(just estimating) of the profiles are fake. This applies to all of the profiles types ( verified and unverified). It lacks diversity and discriminatively shows profiles (swiping) of individuals they assume you “look” like. A real ignorant app. It also makes fake matches with people that do not even have the similar interests as you, such as politics, habits, etc. Basically, you get matched with a fake profile. If you are looking for real people to date or just converse with, this app (along with the rest) does not have what you are looking for. It was pretty decent once upon a time. Now, it’s fallen into the same category with the others. This app just wants you to keep using and interacting with it (ads mostly) to keep it making money. It gives a false perception that there is no one out here for you. It’s just these “dating” apps are trash.
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4 years ago, kccnj2645
Lots of couples, fake profiles, scammers
I wanted to love this app, it says is for queer people, however many profiles are fake, lots of cis men ( I don’t understand why they aren’t at a straight app, there are so many other apps for them!) and couples. Again, nothing wrong of you are straight and want to do whatever, but not at the expense of the LGBTQ community. We suffered enough discrimination and violence we don’t need more at our safe space. we just don’t want to be dehumanized again by straight couples looking for somebody to spice up their marriage and be discarded afterwards, we are not prostitute or sex dolls, or a cis man who insists you are only lesbian because you didn’t have sex with him. Come on now! We think we come to a safe place only to be dehumanized and harassed. Oh and God forbid you say something to the couple or the cis man harassing you, the app will delete you for bullying even if you are a paying customer. I feel very oppressed where I need to just shut up and smile at cis man. Is this how you want to run an app for members of the LGBTQ community?
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1 year ago, Pirate056
Glitchy, Poor Functionality, Total Money Grab
I’ve had HER for years and it just keeps getting worse. It’s not actually conducive to finding a match because you have to pay to use almost all filters. You can’t even filter by basic things like monogamous or poly, wants a relationship, etc. That’s an imperative category when trying to find a compatible partner If you don’t pay the ridiculous high premium price, you have a limited amount of swipes per day. Would be no big deal, except the app glitches often and just shows you the last 5-20 profiles you just swiped left on again. So you’re not actually getting use out of your swipes. It’s all geared towards getting you to pay for premium. I get it, dating apps want money just like all other apps out there— but if the basic features don’t work and don’t even include the option to choose if you see crucial things like single people or people looking for the same type of partnership as you, it’s not thinking about the user’s needs at all.
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2 years ago, maxon3rder
Buggy, slow and confusing, but better than most
I’ve been using HER on and off for a couple of years. It is superior than most of the niche apps out there, but doesn’t rise to the level of tinder or bumble as far as how many people are on it or how well it works. It definitely suffers from the scourge of fake profiles that you find almost everywhere. It also seems to have some bugs, a bit of a lag, and I’ve never really been clear on how it’s supposed to work. I have the free version so I shouldn’t be able to see who has given me a like, but I frequently get notifications for exactly that, and the opportunity to match with said people. Unfortunately they are often way far away. Also, a minor thing, but I really hate the way it crops photos. Resultingly, so many of the users have the top of their heads Cut off in their profile pictures. I’ve met some real people, so if you can deal with the fakes and the quirks of the system, it’s worth a shot.
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6 years ago, Every Meowchat User
Suggestions and Flaws
I like the app, but there are some things I wish were different as well as problems that are extremely annoying. Suggestions: - Make the messages more clear. As of right now in your inbox the preview of your messages are either grey or black. Grey for read, black for unread. At a quick glance it makes it hard to figure out if you have a new message. I think it was easier before when there was a circle to represent a new message. - Add a small bio section for our profiles, it gives us more to work off of when looking through people’s profiles. - Also for adding events on our profile, let us search and add past events that we’ve gone to and forgot to add or for the new members who don’t find this feature. - Make adding events to our profile easier. Fixes: - Every time I upload a new pic to my profile, the order of my pictures gets jumbled up. This also happens if I change the location of one photo. And when you put them back in order you think you have but it’s only in order to you, not to anyone looking at your profile. This is extremely annoying because some pics are older than others or you simply want people to see certain pics before others - I can’t find a feedback button anywhere. Usually apps have that. HER has asked for feedback once but I was busy. Then later I have time and can’t find anywhere that I could send feedback (which is why I’m resorting to this platform).
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4 years ago, Khailen
Account Deleted
My account was deleted multiple times for IDK what reason. The first time I hadn’t used it in a while so I was like ok that’s fair, The second time I suspect I was reported because there are soo many scams on this app and I was just messing around with these scammers that one got mad and got my account deleted, and the third time I was suspended idk if it has to do with the verification method and I just took a picture the verification picture so I guess me with make up on and my hair done looks 100 percent different then me bare faced and ready to go to bed. This app is just weird on so many level like if it was that easy for my account to be suspended or deleted how come there are so many sugar mama scams on the app? I was literally on the app for like 30 minutes if that. On top of the when sugar mama scammer get there account deleted I get multiple notifications from the same exact person, they literally come back with the same name and pictures. Anyway apart from that the app is ok. I met some cool people on there.
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6 years ago, Luoooooop
Best so far
HER is the only decent dating app I’ve used, but I’ve used dating sites over the years. I was very reluctant to try a dating app after having dismal luck with dating sites. Plenty of Fish is garbage and OKCupid is terrible in D.C. if you don’t sort of have a cookie cutter life that looks great on paper, or are pansexual. I met up with 13 women from OKC and zero chemistry. Rarely received messages from anyone interesting. In comparison I met up with 4 people off of HER and the 4th one was the charm. She’s not my future wife but we’ve been dating 4 months and it’s been wonderful. I get tons of matches also and have a lot of fun convos when I’m bored and lonely. Plus I can upload my events to the app and lots of people RSVP to my events there. Dating is often a lonely and frustrating endeavor but I’d have to say HER is one of the better options out there. I give this a 4.5 because it’s good overall but has too many bugs.
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3 years ago, TanHam22
HER The Lesbian App for Straight People (Not in a great light either)
When I first heard about the app it was about a couple years ago. I met a lot of new female friends & dates/potential relationships. I liked how you could see the people who liked you and view their profile. The app still has that feature and it’s still cool. Nowadays, scammers are everywhere online and the developers don’t stick to a good system of weeding out the “sugar mommys”. There is concern for what the app is promoting as it is progresses. As of now, you can add a profile and label yourself ‘straight’ and/or ‘male’. I have had males like me on the app and have tried to report them for being on the ‘lesbian’ app, but I saw that you could render your profile to a straight person. So I guess this app has just downgraded to Tinder to get more money from people. If so please rename the app, there are a lot of other women who have had men get in the messages on this ‘lesbian app’. So my conclusion is that is not a lesbian app (not even close) but you can meet great people here.
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4 weeks ago, Skeptic6
HER stays true to their values!!!
EDIT: I love that HER added a feature where I can report people breaking guidelines, particularly couples looking for a third, aka unicorn hunters . HERs going to get a lot of negative reviews from unicorn hunters, but i pride HER for continuing to keep queer spaces just for us. Great idea of an app, can’t wait for it to increase its user base. This app is for women who like women only. With HER, you know that the women in this app are actually into women. Couples looking for a third, banned. LGBTQ profile questions. You make a choice on whether or not to match immediately after someone likes your profile. SUGGESTIONS: Give users option to “Super-like” profiles we really like!! video chat option, require or incentivize profile verification, stop asking new users to leave review for free Premium trial (it’s too soon for accurate review; free trial should be automatic and more than 1 day).
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2 months ago, PeanutButter_666
Can’t specify what gender/identity you’re interested in
I’ve used Her for a long time - I found my partner here and I now use it for friends and networking. There are lots of positives about this app, including the engagement from the developers and different “events”, and being able to message “matches” within any time frame after matching and not having a time limit. However, on basically any other dating or friend-making app out there, a large part of inclusivity and specifically queer-inclusion is allowing users to specify what gender or identity they are interested in seeing and matching with. It is really shocking and disappointing that, on an app that is catered towards queer individuals, there is no ability to do this that isn’t locked behind a pay wall. This is a basic feature of an app such as this and shouldn't be considered a premium feature. Lesbian women shouldn’t have to see or interact with male-identifying people on a dating app if they don’t want to, or vice versa or any other identity and preferential mix.
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1 year ago, Ducky1242
Good app
I like the general layout and it’s an alright dating app that allows people in the LGBTQIA+ community to connect with others in the same community, but it’s lacking in one key area. You can see how many people have “liked” you, but aren’t allowed to actually view the list of people, their profiles, or match with them without paying for gold. Moreover, the app only allows you to see around 3-4 of these “likes” a day in your notification tab. While you can still go the organic route and swipe until you find a match, this is time-consuming and is yet another feature that is limited, as you quickly run out of swipes that does not replenish until after a full day has passed. Personally, I am not willing to revisit a dating app every day just to get another shot of maybe finding someone I’m interested in within the restrictive set amount of swipes. This makes the app a less appealing option when compared to competitors.
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3 years ago, larncat
Bummer app
It started out fine but I don’t understand why we get a notification when any old person likes your profile. I don’t have access to the people who are 70 miles away from me! Why was I notified about them? Or about anyone who doesn’t fit into the things I’m looking for? I’ve been messaging with someone (finally a real person!) but I keep getting repeat notifications for messages I’ve already read, and sometimes, when I get a notification for a message I haven’t seen yet, I’ll go to read the message I was notified about and it’s not there. I have to wait for it to come through again before I can see a message that was clearly sent a while ago (sometimes hours?!). And yeah I agree with nearly all the other critiques about this app. Prompts to pay for things that should be free, too many fake accounts, can’t see all the irrelevant notifications even though they’re forced on you, needs a major upgrade in ease of use and let’s be real, aesthetics too. Etc!
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6 months ago, Jaci Nicole Navas
Save your phone space and time
I’ve heard from a handful of people that the Her app worked for them for hookups and friends. I’m glad people have found what they were looking for. For me though the app has been nothing but glitchy. If I’m on it for more than a few minutes. It turns to a black screen and exits the app even with a paid subscription. I use(d) it only because it’s easy to edit and doesn’t take a lot of phone storage. It’s rare to actually connect, because like most apps. People just match, and then no communication after. I wouldn’t recommend it though that’s based on my experience. It has only lead to a few chat conversations to nothing, and less than 3 meet ups over a year. I understand everyone’s needs and experience is different, this is just mine. It’s not worth it to be honest, and a waste a money as well as time. This month (December’23) my account has been on hold more than once. Even though I had already verified my account. Honestly the app, like most of the users on there is a scam.
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2 years ago, HER app steals your Money
Beware Paying for this App
I was kicked off and banned from HER right after I payed for the membership and was awaiting my account to be verified. They banned me saying I didn’t have a face photo but I did. Why else would I be trying to verify. I waited two months to join again. I didn’t pay until I was verified and guess what same photo I had used previously was my main picture. After I was verified I went ahead and payed for my membership. Guess what a week later in the middle of the night I was banned from my account saying I violated a rule or a terms of agreement. If you don’t agree go to the FAQ…that send you to other links that just give a ton of reasons you can get apparently banned and if you are a straight lesbian you better be open to a Trans man with a penis because if not you will get banned for not being open to the Trans Community. You cannot have preferences on this app because well if you read the rules you are not being all inclusive of the community. Good luck on this app that bans you with no explanation and keeps your money.
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3 years ago, MollyN23
Although the app is great and I love the concept of being able to meet people in your area, having to pay for literally everything is super frustrating. I know not everything is free but to only be able to see three likes id a little bit ridiculous. I joined her after a break up, looking for some friends and maybe a partner and I’m just overall frustrated and it’s only been five hours of having it. I’m a college student I don’t have the money to pay $15 a month talk to people. And I know if I don’t like it I can go somewhere else that is free but it would just be nice to at least see people who are liking me and be able to talk to them. I’d like to add they’re also not really clear how the app works. you can’t remove likes to see new likes. I got four and then it kicked off the fourth person that had also friend requested me. I am not sure how to get those back maybe tech-support can help but overall I’m just disappointed and frustrated with this app.
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7 years ago, htisch
This app should be taken off of the App Store! This is the biggest scam I’ve come across. You pay a “premium” fee, and there is no background checks on these people to safely know they are really who they say they are! I was “catfished” by these people who I thought had common interests. They start off by telling you what you want to hear, then the sob story starts and how they need money wired, or iTunes gift cards. Or how they need to get home from Afghanistan, but they can’t access their accounts over there! There’s always an excuse they can’t meet you, call or FaceTime. Yes I am one of those IDIOTS that fell for it and I’m out $500 trying to help a “soldier” come home! I am prior military, so I understand wanting to come home. I called her so called unit, and talked to a Major who confirmed this person never existed with their unit. I filed a police report, and the police confirmed this person was not a resident of that state. PLEASE heed my warning, and find a legit dating app that can assure you the people you are talking to are really who they say they are. And NO one should be asking for money no matter what their circumstances are!
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1 year ago, cursedkid909
Recommend this app with anyone looking to find their person
When I got on this app, I was looking for someone to connect with, when I finally deleted this app, I had met the love of my life, my wife, we went on a coffee date and took a chance and fell in love, without this app we may have never met. Shoot your shot, get out there and find what your looking for, even if you didn’t know exactly what it was you are looking for. I recommend it to everyone who wants to meet people, the messaging could use some work but overall the app is exactly what we needed, a safe queer space to meet like minded people. Read profiles, swipe on the ones you like, message them, take a chance and give them your number, you never know who’s looking for you, and they haven’t even met you yet. Also, happy pride
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2 years ago, _justsydney
Incredibly glitchy. So much potential.
I really enjoy this app - it seems lots of queer folks have heard of it and are using it. I've meet some cool people through it. That being said, the user experience is lacking. Firstly, the app refreshes and loads slowly. Sometimes it will take the app several refreshes before it displays accurate information on matches, new messages, the order of messages in a chat thread, etc. There is little control over the types of notifications you can receive. I can't toggle if I want notifications for new matches or new messages only, versus friend requests or other features. I wish I could give this app a higher score, but it is pretty frustrating to use and it has not improved over time. At this point, I'd be unlikely to recommend this app to a friend. It's not user friendly in its current state, and I have not seen improvements in the last year or so.
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2 years ago, tooo coool
They dont do enough of…
They dont do enough of screening profiles. This is a space for lgbtq but the company allows cis-gender men on here who are not under the trans or binary umbrella. Instead these men label themselves non binary and say nothing in their profile or show any pics to prove they are non binary but the profile bio and pics prove str8 as a pencil cis- man. When you are lgbtq you know when u are interacting with people under the rainbow. It is a vibe you get whether they are out or not. But if u want someone who is giving vibes like they are clueless to the rainbow then this is a great spot to meet that person. Too many catfish profiles, fake profiles, and fake sugar momma profiles. This app has really gone down hill in 2 years. They dont allow you to filter searches well for free. Its only distance and age you can filter through for free when it should be more. The app gets so dead that many people dont even check their messages or update their profiles in months. You might as well be on tinder.
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