Hero Wars: Alliance

4.5 (182.9K)
229.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
Nexters Global LTD
Last update
3 weeks ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Hero Wars: Alliance

4.5 out of 5
182.9K Ratings
10 months ago, ilracefan245
Fun if you’re willing to spend big money
So when I first started the game over a year ago I thought it was great. As I progressed and the game evolved, now it is okay if you don’t want to invest a fortune, but to be able to truly enjoy some aspects of the game will require a substantial financial investment or your team won’t last 10 seconds against a team with a few of the heroes the game has made practically invincible for those willing to invest big money. Most of the high quality teams at the time I write this have a power range of 350k to 400k. The team I battled today had one hero deal 496k in damage 7 seconds into the battle. Sadly, they ruined a once great game.***update- another year or so into the game, have increased my team power, but still extremely overpowered by the teams investing money, but with patience and tenacity the game has become more enjoyable. Joining an active Alliance on helps with building your heroes faster. But the guys spending money know that there are 3 or 4 certain heroes that you can build up and make your team invincible. Would be interesting to see 2 comparable teams battle, or completely boring due to no one really receiving any damage, or having it healed nearly immediately. I’m guessing most end up in a draw, so if you are the team doing the attacking you take a loss, as in the game you either win or lose. The other team doesn’t actually have to beat you, just not allow you to beat them.
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11 months ago, theincrediblehat
Hero wars is the best app based game I have ever played
I have been playing this game for several years now there are several things that are phenomenal about this game for starters you can literally play for years without sinking a dime into the game and have very phenomenal characters very strong defending titans attack in titans which is another key point of the game that is is great the fact that there are two totally different areas with two very different types of gameplay there’s events that happen if you do have a little bit of money to sink into the Game you can progress a lot faster but it’s not necessary over the years I’ve put a little bit in but during large gaps of time where I don’t it’s still loads of fun and you can play throughout the day most games there are limiters put on where you’re no longer able to play unless you sync money in and it will literally take playing for like an hour or more before it hits that point every day and this game gives you excellent exercise in patience as well there is no instant gratification and while you can play literally all day it is set up in such a way that like you kind of almost have to walk away for a little bit and then pick it back up in order to continue doing some of the stuff which is good because it makes you take a break but I’m rambling a little bit here all in all try this game give it a shot I guarantee you will love it
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2 years ago, PesilBennie
Super cute
It tricked me with that match the hero in the tower to the enemy. Whatever. I was looking forward to that kind of garbage game but I was really surprised when it became this game. This is similar to a Disney game. Gist you send your heroes to fight enemies to increases levels. Same as Disney game of name I can’t remember. But both are super cute. I like this game for its graphics and cutie heroes. It’s mostly afk which is also good since I’m lazy. You can buy a lot of upgrades in this game. I’m poor so I can’t but if you have extra money there’s so much cosmetic upgrades to your heroes which are really good looking. Obv the mechanics of the game are simple you can put it on auto and let them fight. Like I said mostly afk. There is a website which oddly enough lets you play on the computer the same version of the game. I signed up for a second account not on purpose but whatever I started again online. There are some differences to the website vs app. You get different heroes to begin with and different events online. Also there’s a skill level up for both app and web but the web gives you 20 while app gives you 10. Im not mad bc the game in and of itself is fun so when one game runs out of energy I play the other. Yeah it’s time consuming but it’s fun for now. I give it 5/5. The game gives lots of freebies to both accounts so it’s engaging and keeps you coming back for more.
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2 years ago, Ukthk
Good Game, But You’ll Spend Money
The game itself is really cool. Lots of variety, good graphics, and there are (at first) ample opportunities to gather items, emeralds, and coins. I will warn new players though: you can get to Level 40 fairly easily/quickly spending about $20-30, but after that, you will be stuck on Chapter 7 and it will then start becoming much more expensive to level up and progress. If you are looking to continually progress and become competitive without waiting months, expect to spend hundreds of dollars. The blockages occur first with emeralds (mostly) and energy (to a lesser extent) - you need energy to play/raid levels for items to level up characters, and you need emeralds to pay for the key things that allow you to level up your characters more strongly. Emeralds in particular are the main currency here - and as you continue in the game, the number of things that ultimately require emeralds grows quickly. Gold is also required, but is not constrained as much as energy and emeralds. I’ve been having a lovely time with the game overall, but at the moment I know I’m stuck unless I start shelling out more money. I’m not saying it’s bad to pay for things you enjoy, and I don’t think the game is bad for this reason, but I do feel emeralds get to be a bit expensive. I would play this game more voraciously if the cost of emeralds was lowered. As of now, without spending hundreds of dollars, I’m probably going to be logging in and playing more passively.
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3 years ago, FreeToPayToWin0.0
I spent 500$
This is not a free to play game. The puzzles are to make you download the game they don’t continue. Gems, gold, artifacts for hero’s and titans, equipment, skills, skins and gift of elements all cost money. All are necessary. (Grey) (green,1) (blue,1,2) (violet, 1,2,3) (gold,1,2,3,4) Show more
9 months ago, Andylawcc
Well thought out and balanced
8 hours in, this is my first time playing this kind of game, I think it’s pretty well laid out and balanced. Then the grind kicked in. 2 months in. Still good. Some new content. Starting to get a little grindy 5 months in, the grind is getting too much. 5 months in, grind grind grind. Some cool events though. Grindddd. 7 months in, still hanging on. 10 months in, it gets a little better. Whoa, one year already? Still grinding , new game modes are alright. Is it really a year now , sure, grinding for the perfect 5. A year already? Grinding for end game. What is end game? I dunno anymore. How long has it been? A year now? I lost count, I dunno anymore. Another update: I guess things are better when your guild is good. So ya, join a good guild guys. Another update , I am out of new words to describe. Update#36: what am I grinding for …update #37, ok, so Nextar does try to make the game better/feel different through out the years. Update #38: game still feel alright with new Hero’s etc. #39 : read above. #40: hope more optimization comes along. And more live improvement too. #41: QoL improvement did come along, wish there is more automation. #42 still grinding. #43 really dig the new graphics update. Can’t shake the feeling I am doing the same thing over and over again though; #44 the gui and gfx updates are nice
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3 years ago, AndiMarie85
Fun, but could use some tweaks
Overall, the game is good but as with everything in life, there is always room for improvement. Some of those include: 1. The need to spend gold on almost everything compared to the ability to earn in game is off-balanced. You can spend emeralds to get more gold though. 2. If you aren’t going to spend any money on this or watch a million videos, this isn’t the game for you. As with most free games, you’re either paying with money or time to get anywhere, nothing in life is free. 3. The Grand Arena could use some work. Having three teams is great, but without being able to see your competitor’s team, it’s hard to make a good strategy for it. 4. More titans. Just, add more titans to the game. 5. As a note to 4, there needs to be a way to heal the titans like you can heal heroes in the tower. 6. Last note: overall clarity of how guild wars works and maybe a character role indicator on the main character page would be helpful. I go into free games knowing they aren’t free so I take that aspect out of it when leaving reviews for them. For a mobile free game though, there are a lot of different game mechanics and if you aren’t good at one, you’re probably going to find one you are good at. Give it a shot, grind experience, and you’ll have a good time.
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3 years ago, Duke Konrad
Hero Wars review
Okay, it’s a gattaca game, if you don’t like those we’ll take a hard pass. Okay so you like gattaca games? Then this one is pretty entertaining. By far the deepest character progression of any of these games I’ve played, layers and layers of things to improve your characters. Quite a few games modes and different characters shine in different roles, a good sign. So with any of these games is it pay to win? So I did very well without paying anything but it is obvious that if I were “competing” with someone money could push one of us ahead easily, so you can have fun free to play but money is going to make moving up way easier. They have a vip system and vip rank 1 is the one that really matters, it gives unlimited instant auto battles, very nice. You can get this by spending $2 so not bad.. I bought a $10 gem pack when they were on a x4 special, this was hugely helpful and I don’t see spending anymore on the game. I don’t see anywhere in the game where a lack of spending will stop me, it will just slow me down but I don’t mind that at all, these games are a fun diversion for me, I don’t need to be a “top ten” player on a mobile game… All in all I say if your a gattaca fan try it out, it plays fast and will have a few features you wish the devs of other gattaca games would take notice of(hey raid their take on a hydra boss isn’t rocket science…).
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5 years ago, Jwg1980
Fun and Semi-Casual
I have been trying to find a fun game that doesn’t consume your time and money. The game does offer instant completion features, however you will have to purchase a pack to get unlimited raid tickets to do so or earn them each day in game. I have paid $1.99 to get these unlocked and that is all. Otherwise the progression is reasonable. The graphics are pretty and funny. The characters are very cartoonishly designed but still nice. I do recommend giving it a try to at least level 50 before you decide. I think the $1.99 was at least worth it to speed up grinding that would otherwise take several minutes. The basics are to gather heroes and later on titans to farm items and resources to level up further and summon more playable characters. Team synergy is very important especially in arena areas where it is on auto. I have 20+ heroes and while I do primarily use the base team I received when first starting the game, I also try to split resources to make well balanced alternates for further progression. One thing I do like about this game is the fact it shows you who needs something, where to get it, and takes you there with one click. Overall I think the worst thing I have found is the difficulty level increases abruptly, and it took me several days to get moving again due to the energy and gold limitations from trying to play as free as possible.
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3 years ago, Lokuhcxdd
Worth every penny
And yes I do spend a bit of coin on the game. Hey, even game programmers need to get paid every now and then, and I have enjoyed this game for quite awhile now. I usually just get Valkyrie favor, as that seems to provide the best bang for the buck. I do sometimes spend on soul stone packages, especially the super titan packs when they come up. Yes, at times it can be a grind, especially when working to create the gear needed to promote your heroes. But even then the game is still enjoyable and I have spent many hours over the last year playing it. I have finally reached the max level of 120, but my hero’s and titans still need more work. They introduce new hero’s into the game from time to time, just to shake things up a bit and keep it interesting. This game carries the Official Grandpa Seal of Approval. Yes I am a grandpa twice over :) And they open up new servers on a regular basis. The last time that I checked, and it has been awhile, there were over 400 active servers. To give you a rough idea, I am playing on server 116, and my brother started playing, but he is on something like server 450 or thereabouts, so you don’t have to worry about trying to compete against players that have been building their hero’s for over a year. So, what are you waiting on? Come on and join the fun.
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11 months ago, Channel 34
My Hero Wars Experience
The game is entertaining for an idle game. The management gets a tad silly fairly quickly. You’ll spend money to get anywhere fast. Ads for daily grabs are worthless and a waste of time. A 30 second ad to get 10 energy, which won’t even get you two tries at most campaign levels, is the type of typical tomfoolery of these types of games, and this one is no different. I’ll never understand why, with the monetization that these apps get for these ads, never get you more than a couple pieces of pixel candy. I joined a guild on my server and then discovered that aside from the GM, I was the only active player. I quit that guild to look for a more active one, and none of the guilds had more than two actives. Some of the guild activities benefit from having many mates attempting the event (killing the hydra heads, for example). You are always getting new characters, but beware, you’ll overload yourself with trying to level them all up too useful levels. My biggest complaint is the PvP ranking system. You’ll advance to a certain spot and then never get past it because the “random” opponents that you can choose from will be significantly higher levels/power rankings. I haven’t won an arena battle in weeks because I never see opponents that are even close to me. It’s fun but keep it casual.
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1 year ago, StemmytheFrog
Really fun game for what it is, but the ads are slightly misleading
So the game you’ve seen in the ads is and is not Hero Wars. Can you play a minigame where you do quick math to fight monsters and save scantily clad women? Yes. Can you play a minigame where you pull pins to get the lava to fall on your enemy and the gold to fall on yourself? Also yes. However, that is not really what Hero Wars is. Hero Wars is a real-time RPG where you have a team of five heroes and you watch them fight enemies while strategically periodically activating their abilities to swing the battle in your favor. There are probably about 30 levels of each of the mini games from the ads, and the rest of the game is upgrading and fighting with your heroes. Personally, I like games like this and I enjoy hero wars a lot. I’m starting to hit the plateau phase of these games where upgrading heroes becomes really difficult, but Hero Wars constantly has events that makes getting rare resources and money to buy resources easier. It’s a well made game, not one of a kind but definitely a better one of its kind. If the Hero Wars team is seeing this, you should add a button to shuffle all owned skins for a character so I can see all the different skins I’ve bought for Hero instead of always having one unless I go in and change it. Not a huge deal but it would be nice.
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3 years ago, Robdv
Extremely for pay to win players!
Everything here needs money. You can play for free but you will just end up in frustration, and punching bags for those who pay. Drop rate for free to play is also low. They always come up with things for you to pay for. Hard work, grinding, and doing all quests won’t get you far. It will take you 10 years to reach what can be accomplished in a month by those who pay. If you plan to pay just by small amounts, it still won’t work. So for this game, it’s either you go all out or stay away. Skills don’t matter here too. Just put all your money in and max all characters, you will be undefeated. No real need to plan your team synergy and strategy once you pay for everything to max. Guild dungeon is impossible to play to 150 titanites if you aren’t paying. They have also added more way to increase the strength of the Titans by paying more which greatly increases the gap for non-payers. Still a game of pay or don’t play. New things added for Titans which will further increase the gap for heavy spenders and free to play. Truly a hardcore pay to win game with only money generating income in-mind for developers. Honestly, there are a lot games out there where you can spend heavy with more in-depth game story and quests, balanced chances to play with non-spenders, grinding choice for non paying players, skill and analysis dependent games, and a lot more which is entirely dependent on your taste and playing style. I just don’t recommend this game at all.
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2 years ago, LARPSTRONG_Carter
Grind or pay
The game overall is great pretty basic very much like a lot of games out there has some fun elements great graphics my only concern is once you hit a certain level the grind is ridiculous to get specific items that when you first start you get left and right once you get your characters over that home then those items are so much harder to get for no reason seems to me like it’s all about the grind or pay to get gems to get the stuff you want. Update after 2 weeks of play. At this point the game is almost unplayable without paying money. You find yourself needing items to upgrade heroes that are say blue which means rare but not the most rarest which is purple or orange but I’m pulling purple and orange items during missions consistently but no blues and I find that these blues are the ones you really need to upgrade your heroes and there’s so many of them that you need you’ll need one to create an item that used to create another item that used to create the final item to put on your character just upgrade them and in the end you take close to 1000 action points or whatever they’re called to do this which means it takes a week to get one blue item but during that time frame I’m able to now create 15 purple items which is great to be able to use later but in the end the grind up front was bad the grind after two weeks is impossible if you got money and you want to pay I think the game is great otherwise waste of time
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3 years ago, ZidaneT711
Great game
This game is great (though not perfect) it is possible to progress through to the end game without spending money, but it will be at a much slower pace than those that do spend money. (So pretty much pay to win at a faster rate-a large portion of our guild members do not spend money and we are still in the top 3 guilds on our server). The guild wars are set up in a way that emphasizes communication and coordination between members(which is something I like). All of the hero’s have their own feel to them and do not feel bland. I like the titan system, but a few new titans wouldn’t be a bad thing to have a little more choice in viable teams. The one thing here that needs work in my opinion is the chat system. When trying to chat, it is very easy to send incomplete messages and many people do so often. Also there is no private message feature(which in my opinion would be helpful in preparing who you want to use for the guild wars, and for reminding them that they have an attack left. Or for just getting in touch with people in general because messages get lost in the chat system easily. All in all the game is great(and I have no issues with the in app purchases because the company has to make money for the games constant upkeep) but I would appreciate an updated chat system!
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1 year ago, Shdw739
Eats your money
I really love how this game gets everyone spending lots of money. It advertises as free to play and then it uses all sorts of psychological manipulations to get people to spend money. Gambling. Scheduled rewards. Social pressure. Frustration from not being able to win. Some people have spent 10s of thousands of dollars just to make the game fun and competitive. And what is really enjoyable is that even though I tell people this they still continue to spend tons of money. Everyone who doesn’t spend money gets to do nothing during the guild wars because no matter how strong their skills are they cannot win a single battle because their overspending opponents who don’t know anything about the game can easily vanquish them. So bust out your wallet if you really want to enjoy this game because you are going to need a double mortgage. They are always coming out with new content to make you spend more to keep up with everyone else. If you are smart you will stick with subscription based games which are reliant on user contentment and will make adjustments to the game better. You will only find they make adjustments to the game to get you to spend more.
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2 years ago, Classychristoff
2 stars because
The game is fun. The minigames you saw in other apps last for three chapters then disappear. It seems like every week something is going amiss, and the dungeonmasters are handing out free (x, y, z) to compensate (which is thanked). My issue is with the campaign getting difficult. I feel like this game (was going to just say campaign) is strategy based, but when you attempt to strategized based off of the enemies shown - and then get into the level and find 4-5 heroes NOT SHOWN, and then get stuck on level 9-6 for two weeks (the example), you begin to get the feeling the dungeonmasters ...are in it for the money given the costs of purchasing heroes way/etc... the tower is also messed up but that's another issue. I'm miffed about all this and still play- but when the dungeonmasters are busy 'livestreaming' character fixes (like artemis) and the games core levels (because it seems the games money making is within guilds/events and such which I CAN RESPECT) are broken- and when they are showing adds from games like Kings Throne which displays NSFW and suggestive content and Hero Wars markets as a 12+ game...makes me want to quit. Monster (not hero) bios and details on what and how they are attacking would be LOVELY- maybe i'm missing that somewhere within the game? 'Hex' creature makes me want to slap the darn candle off its head. Looking forward to some resolve on this. Thank you for your time.
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2 years ago, perry the rodan
Hero Wars
Interesting game. Enjoyed playing. The limitations are frustrating. I’m off and on anymore. While there are some interesting twists and events, the rest of the game isn’t as much fun as it first was. Artwork and graphics are still top notch. I’ve gotten VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY unhappy. I level up characters, but the game makes the levels even harder. It always seems that just when I can play with ease, your game wratches up the boss levels to just beyond my character limits. The tower for example, at one point I would as able to clear all the levels, then suddenly, the levels doubled in difficulty. Now I can’t get much more than halfway, if even. I have quit playing the Tower. Also, I still have an issue with the two arenas. I can’t keep up with the big money spenders (or your beta testers that have the best stuff). There is always a core group that is always ahead of the main game, and us mundane players can’t hope to beat them. I understand you want to make money. But like all of these games, you sacrifice game play for max profit. Sorry. I’m not enjoying some of the game, and it won’t be long before I’ll have to drop it as well. I don’t mind being challenged, but hey! The game should be fun too. I am close to deleting the game. And I have spent a few hundred Dollar$ on this game. With nothing to show for it. I hope you are happy with your creative endeavors. It’ll be all you can have.
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2 years ago, hyhuhf
Overall good game. One issue is with prices to buy stuff. If they were a lot cheaper I would purchase more and be able to play longer which is good for the game but as is I run out of energy, diamonds, and especially gold very quickly each day and have to stop playing. Again really like the game just wish I could play more for long stretches and not have to wait to get gold. Wish as you leveled up that you could get bigger prizes like more gold, ruins, skin stones, etc. seems a lot of days now I don’t do much. The glitches have been fixed so thank you but I have never received anything for all the issues I dealt with over those several months. Can something please be done. The new titan artifacts are ridiculous. How can there be people with max teams all ready, you really screwed the pooch on this one. I will never spend another dime on this game unless this is fixed. Artifacts should be burned not white little small events would be OK but you shouldn’t have to spend several thousand dollars to match or titans. I would rather buy a house with my money. Other then screwing up the game with Titan artifacts you also made them cost way to much gold. You really need to lower price to upgrade or make it easier to farm gold. It’s getting crazy and you will keep losing players.
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10 months ago, Follower of Christ Joe
No problem until there is a problem
Before your automated message says I’m sorry your not enjoying the game, I am enjoying the game just not how you treat players. The title says it all. Game is fine until there is a problem. Right now the top player on server 772 who I assume has spent the most money on our server had a problem with Nesters beloved TapJoy. While being disputed Nesters has all but disabled the account and we are now going on 15 days. This doesn’t only affect their account but the whole guild as this player can’t participate in guild wars or Global. They say if you’re VIP 10 and above they get to you quickly, but as you can see that just isn’t the case. Some suggestions on how to handle this situation better might be to not allow the player to take advantage of TapJoy offers while the dispute is ongoing. If you want to take it a step further do not allow them to make purchases until it is resolved. Locking most of their account seems extreme considering you are the one taking all the time here. What are you going to do when you finally determine TapJoy was wrong? “Oh sorry, please accept our apology and this 500 emeralds for your inconvenience.” I would understand if you thought the player was cheating and they were not responding to you, however the 15 days is all on your end and TapJoy not responding. Why should players be punished for your inefficiency?
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8 months ago, Dugal the Magician
Good game
It’s definitely pay to win but has some great competition and distraction from all the crap in the world Should be able reset skins and artifacts like you can gift of the elements because you do a lot of dumb things before you understand but overall a fun game. Nice game definitely an escape from reality from this crazy world Need to be able to transfer skins and artifacts from one hero to another Need to be able to use gold to buy skin stones Merry Christmas Happy New Year get down get down and pull your panties down all I want to do is get my huh huh into you merry Christmas Need an Andvari skin with a beer mug drinking with knockout smash Need to reset all items on any hero at anytime Max testing for Mobile would be appreciated I Am We Tall Did Vip should include Valkyrie favor Our current vip points should count for these events that make you earn vip points Should be able to trade in vip points for emeralds skin stones artifacts coins fairy dust for titans You are valuable and important to me Let us trade in excess vip points for emeralds,skin stones, artifact coins, etc. I am we talk did Yes good Omg need an emerald sale now please the best 1234 get yourself on the floor
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1 year ago, Deems64
Somewhat disappointing
Ads show mini games (puzzles) - even in the ap store. Really is a war game. Progress is easy initially, but the higher you go, you can make very little progress without spending money. The only mini games I’ve seen were the first couple of days. I have no problem spending money on a game I enjoy, but it is disappointing to be forced to spend money to make a decent amount of progress. You need items to level up your heroes. When you need 5-10 of an item (on multiple heroes) and you do 20 quests and only get 1 maybe 2 of the item, that is sort of pathetic. Regarding the grand arena, the only battles offered to you are against players with 10-40k power advantage over you. It is no wonder guilds have so many inactive players. Apparently, folks get tired of it between level 30 and 50. If you don’t care about advancing and are just out to kill time, the game is okay. *EDIT* - after play for nearly 2 years, I have found I enjoy the game. If you have patience on upgrading, you don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars. I spend about $10 per month. There are constantly events to help you grow - you just have to grind. Still, a lot of lopsidedness in match ups for arenas and wars.
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2 years ago, Nah_Olos
Good game… some issues with the ads though
Not overly heavy with ads, but if you choose to view them and have your time viewing it counted, the payoff is worth it. The problem is when you do choose to view them, you’re not guaranteed to get the reward for viewing it. I also have noticed that ads will run in the background. There has been a handful of times, where l’ll hear the music for the ad, playing over the sound of the game. It’s not every time. But it’s enough where I stopped going for the daily bonuses all together because of it. I mean, i know it’s only a 30 second ad, but when you compile them and you’re adding 10 minutes of your day just watch advertisements, the reward doesn’t match the effort put in to get. I get the feeling that the company is still collecting the as revenue for all of those attempts that go no where, so nobody’s too bothered to fix it. The Hero and Titan building is an easy enough process and you can absolutely level someone completely without spending a dime. It’ll just take a bit longer. But as your grinding for endgame level characters, the satisfaction of getting there without spending anything, is so much nicer. It’s not a perfect game, but it’s a god time burner until something else comes along.
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9 months ago, Multi-lingual
Devoted Player
When I first joined the game, I just added it to pass some free time. This was probably around three years ago. I paid some money to level up my titans so I could join in on the war. Once I found my guild, they took me in like family and I met some interesting people from all walks of life from around the world. From that point on, I felt a part of a bigger team and strived to remain among the top of the rated players on the server. Later the game was restructured and merged a few servers. This dropped me down from top 20 to over 100, but my dedication to my team and our synergy kept me coming back. Fast forward to now, the game is challenging to win wars. You needs dedicated players on your team. We have some players that don’t pay to play, but it takes strategy. For those who have money to spare, you could spend thousands to be competitive, especially later in the game, but there is still potential to just grind and build the best teams, particularly with Heros. I have spent more than I would like to admit, but the comoderatery of the team I am with has kept me here. Whether paying to play or playing for free, the game still has potential. It is all up to your dedication.
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9 months ago, Cope_angel88
Not what is advertised, WAY better! come see!
This game is amazing. I absolutely love it. It has kept my attention longer than most mobile games which is a pretty impressive task. Building strategy and working as a team is what makes this game the most fun. It isn’t about just going in and pushing buttons. However, if you plan on starting this game, be prepared to spend some cash. Maybe even A LOT of cash. When I first started playing it was manageable as free to play and there were little ways to try to keep up without breaking the bank. The longer I’ve played I’ve noticed the events changing more and more to force paying to win. It makes players grumpy and changes the whole attitude of the game. People no longer play for fun, they have more invested so it becomes serious. It’s a tragic turn of events. I’ve seen so many good PEOPLE stop playing because things just aren’t fun anymore. I really wish this game would go back to being about fun instead of just making money. I understand devs have to make money to work, but there’s a point where it’s overboard and changes the dynamic of everything.
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3 years ago, Deez guts doe
Pay to win and the ADS are fake
Great game to start off with. It is extremely well balanced with the way the characters and teams work but like the title says it’s “pay to win” meaning if you don’t spend money this game is going to be extremely difficult to keep up with and if you can’t handle it then people in your server will stomp all over you with their super high level characters and it will be even harder to get anywhere then because you won’t get “guild wars” rewards because no good guild will want you (your too low level due to not spending money) while the ones who do spend money will get into those good guilds and get a massive amount of rewards. Another thing to note like I said in the title “the advertising is fake” not a single ad they show has anything to do with the game. If anyone who works for this company is reading this then I highly suggest changing your ads because when I got the game I almost immediately changed my mind due to the ads and the game not matching (it’s usually a good sign the game is a terrible game and is just trying to deceive people into playing a game they know is bad). With all this said, I will say it again, this game is very enjoyable.
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8 months ago, Roni flor
The game is interesting and challenging. The only issue I have is it is constantly crashing. But I love the wars and my guild. Definitely addictive, but fun! I have met awesome people that keep this game entertaining. But wish I didn’t have to spend so much to move up. Global Championship is great so far and Yasmine is my favorite hero. Would love to be able to assign spots in Global Championship. I do like that glitches are fixed pretty efficiently. Although sometimes there’s a lot of problems with the app making proper connections to the internet. Must have strong will to not spend money. Love that we can assign attack spots in all wars. Wish changing servers didn’t cost money. The new game mode they just added is great!!! Just like the mini games that made me download the game to begin with! Love the new discounts and training mode. And the city gate! Need more levels! Hate the new hydra shop so far. I need to be able to buy more artifact coins or at least when I exchange Titan artifacts be able to directly exchange them to artifact coins instead of hydra coins. I spend enough money on emeralds. I will not spend it on this.
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2 years ago, CandeeMichelle
Money Pit
Ok so the graphics are good, it is a decent action/adventure game and lots of characters. You are going to get through to level 50 with at least 15 characters accumulated in less than a week. Then suddenly you’ll be lucky if you can promote 1 character within 4-5 days time. Everything starts going at a snails pace with minimal progress unless you start pushing out cash. And I mean the big bucks because whatever you buy will be spent within minutes and it will have only accelerated your advancement by a couple days (but then it slows right back down). And finally the events that look cool but are anything but! Take the current Nightmare Alley for instance how can you be nearly a level 75 but can’t beat the very first battle??? Like tried it and just waste all my entries and I’ll get no rewards because beating level 1 is impossible! Then when you report anything and wait for the tickets to be responded to, you’ll generally just get an oops sorry you’re unhappy with the game please leave feedback on our resolution. Ummmm saying sorry but not actually doing anything is NOT a resolution. Needless to say I spend thousands on certain games that I’ve played for years but I won’t spend that kind of money on games that do the stuff above. Good luck and happy gaming!
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2 years ago, JNON111223
Addicting and Endless Pay Walls if you plan to win.
Started this game thinking it would be a fun quick game to try with the full intention of not playing more than an hour or so and then I was hooked early on. Now I’ve been playing for over two years and can’t stop because I’m so invested at this point and I’m finding that it is incredibly hard to progress without paying outrageous amounts of cash. And by outrageous I mean people have paid thousands to stay on top. Real games like COD and Halo don’t even cost that much and that gives you a real 3D experience. This is just a 2D phone game with basic animations. I could see $10 for the lifetime of the game and then let peoples hard work and determination govern who is on top but putting everything behind a pay wall is ridiculous. Or better yet have servers for people who pay to win and servers for those who don’t. Personally if I were looking to start playing I wouldn’t. It is fun for a bit when you can progress quickly without paying but by the time you’ve played for a while they have trapped you it’s hard to break away.
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4 years ago, RLeoneInJax
Support leaves much to be desired
The game is nice looking, but often enough times there are game mechanics that don’t operate as described like immunity from attacks. Also, the game has so many layers of unnecessary complexity with all of the different currencies / exchanges that have to take place. Plus, the mini games are a selling point, but they seem to stop after chapter three. If that’s a glitch, then the support hasn’t responded to my report from last week and no resolution is in sight. The game heavily weights those that are willing to pay for the upgrades, but it stinks for those disadvantaged. I find it strange that the visible metrics on which to determine ability to win battles are not as useful because I can punch above my weight based on group power rating in one area and lose based on the same metric in another area. In addition, the weapon and armor rank upgrading system seems silly to have to get the same item from one rank to the next, so does the character have to turn in these materials only to then go find them elsewhere? Weird? Plus, the ratio for obtaining items versus attempts seems to be way off as I can battle 6 times and only get one character card even though each of those battles was 12 energy, but that could just be me since I’m only giving them ad revenue instead of direct revenue.
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3 years ago, Stephanie5170
So Many Fun Things to Do!
I’ve played so many of these types of games, one I even compete at a very high level on, and I can say, speaking from a long history of serious experience, that this is one of the best games of its kind out there. It’s simple enough to learn without much confusion (most of it anyway, the glyphs and artifacts can take some a wee minute to get the hang of), and it offers a variety of things to do. Great thing is that I can play as little or as much as I want without any problems of missing out on things or running out of things to do. That’s no easy feat for any kind of game. I’ve been addicted to this one since I started, and, yeah, I spend some money on it, but that’s because I wanted to, not because I needed to; and only because I was impatient. There’s things you can do to prevent you from needing to spend money, so all you need is time and patience and there’s nothing I couldn’t do without spending money. I’d recommend this game for anyone that enjoys multi-faceted adventure games, as this one rises above most, if not all, games of its kind. Soooo much fun waiting for you in it!!!
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2 months ago, VillageGirl14
Engaging and fun game!
I have never played a mobile game like this that is a fighting, RPG, I usually prefer logic/matching/arcade games, but the ads with the math battling intrigued me. The game started that way, but until you beat levels with 3 stars for each area that game isn’t an option. However, what made me stay was the fun, inventive cool characters, the strategy of when to use their powers, and all the side games of the Arena, Tower, Outland, Titans, and more! I keep playing for the desire of more and new heroes. My favorite hero so far is Maya - she is the only one I have so far that heals. I started playing this game less than a week ago, and I’m already on level 34! I’m hooked. Been playing in my spare time. And this game is anything but boring! It’s been easy enough to play without being over easy, and does take some strategy. I wish the instructions were more clear, I had to google a lot. For example, no matter how much I level up, some of my characters health isn’t as increased as others. Only complaint is clearer guidance on how to fully play, where I kinda had to just wing it.
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9 months ago, Indy Buck
Good game
This game is addictive. There is so much to learn. The Guild portion is team oriented, which I didn’t catch on to for several weeks. You can play without putting any money in which is great. The key to the Guild is having team mates that participate in 4 key areas, Guild War, Hydra, the Dungeon and activity. If they don’t, they need to be released. The chat session could be improved. It would help to have a split window that translates to another language. We have guild mates from multiple countries such as Japan, Italy, Turkey, Spain, USA and France. One window would have the chatters language and the other the language of the user. If someone leaves the Guild, but comes back within two days, their guild info should flow back in, I.e. champion status, guild war lineups. Another needed improvement is showing which champions fought each day. Need more Guild activity reports. However, the game management is money hungry. They just adjusted the pricing higher saying it is for currency exchange adjustments. They create new features and at first offer them for sell. There are multiple advertisements that they are getting paid for already. In summary great game, but pricey.
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3 years ago, Bonokov
Feature overload
Game is fun enough to start, gives you a few heroes to level up but after awhile you realize the recurring theme is in-app purchases (a lot) to really progress past the first couple upgrades. You start with promotions (items from battle rewards), rarity/stars (which can’t be leveled up very far without in-app purchases), and skills (from gold). After a few levels, the game introduces artifacts (in-app purchases) and then skins (in-app purchases) and then skin investments to increase stats (in-app purchases), then glyph enchantments to increase stats (in-app purchases), then elemental gifts (in-app purchases)…you get the idea. Anyways, you get to lvl30 and join a guild only to find that now you have to also build a team of elemental titans that also gets unlocked and leveled up similar to the original heros (more in-app purchases). It honestly feels like the developers tried to include as many feature enhancements as possible to drive more in-app purchases. Personally I’d give the game a 1 star rating because of the obvious greed explained above but it never claimed to be a F2P game, in fact early on, you get the feeling that it’s going to take real world money to progress so I’m setting on 3 stars.
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9 months ago, Jesus's Step Father
IWhile the game gets easier, It seems your left with very little to do, other than competition in arenas. Still takes way too long to get energy to play longer. Even the FREE ENERGY given during time frames isn’t enough. It doesn’t seem great, it’s way too little, and it isn’t even enough to play without a cost. I spent more money of dollars on it as well as emeralds and still it wasn’t enough to get all my hero’s to the top level fast enough. So all- n -all the cost is still way too high! Although there have been changes. There should be more giveaways! Especially for the ones like myself that spent paychecks on this game. The whole 4x emerald deal is a joke! ( due to the Violations on privacy!!! ) and still not enough given even still! There have been some changes since my last response on the cost, with some reasonable things changed, but still not enough! My hero’s aren’t as high as I believe they should be at this point. The amount of money I’ve spent so far, should be offset since I’ve spent over or dam near 10,000 dollars by now!
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11 months ago, baksmade
Addictive game requires $$ to fully appreciate.
Not sure that’s a bad comment or good comment, depends on your financial status. I’ve been playing for about two months. I have about 100$ into the game and am a top 50 player (top 25%) of players on my server. I started a guild and we are second place on our but tour guilds power will be determined by how active your guild of 30 players abre and how much money they are putting in the game. It’s mostly a game where you fight other players in arena or join a guild and fight them for points to buy more stuff for your hero’s. The better hero’s are hard to level up. The longer you play the harder it is to have a decent team of hero’s as everything gets more expensive to level up your hero’s if your not laying out real money to make it easier. They have ways of getting in game cash called emeralds, watching infomercials and buying third party items thru app called Tapjoy. But your still using real money to enjoy the game. To have a party of hero’s fully powered up I’m guessing it’s probably near $1k to get 10 of 50 available hero’s at full power. Download if you have money to spend otherwise pass.
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3 years ago, madnoofflinemodewah
It’s a scam game, false advertising, prays upon addiction in children..
Pay to win, unethical and prays upon mental illness and children. You’d think Apple would know better, because they are extreme liberals and use buzzwords like “equality and inclusivity.” Oh, and they hastily deleted my first comprehensive in depth review about the severity of this NASDAQ scam app. This is a falsely advertised game and they were sued for it so as a justification for not being taken off the App Store they included those fake puzzle games but just for two “chapters.” Thought the game was all about puzzles… apple makes money from this app though, so by that double standard what they’re saying is that this app is ethical and allowed to mislead. Their customer support is a joke and do not refund the accidental purchase of their virtual currency which isn’t even trade-able, you literally can only use it yourself and in the game, it’s not real money.. this company has merged with Russians and they absolutely make nothing but excuses and will not talk directly to you. This game and all those “energy” pay to play more games need to be removed from the App Store. This is not the American way. Americans should only have fully playable games, not these manipulative class warfare games where rich people who can pay for more in game features, get to stomp all over poor people.
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8 months ago, moejack70
Need to be able to trade or use potions Have about 1.5 million of them that can’t do anything with. Anything that is used in game for level up or anything else for that Matter needs to be able to trade in for something else. Artifacts as well! Still like the game just needs a few tweaks! Still like the game! But have lots of items still can’t do anything with like some low level artifacts need to be able to trade them not just sell them for very small amounts of gold Also need to be able to exchange artifacts for other stuff Same thing! Stuff cost to much Lots of items can’t be sold traded or turned into something else It would be great if their was some kind of trading or gifting to others in your guild Still like playing! Still need a way to trade or exchange stuff I’m maxed out on and can not use. Still have lots of lower level artifact metal essence and the other that can’t be sold or traded and only one hero to use over 20,000 Just sitting there Still need to be able to trade lower level artifacts in on different things Lower level artifact stuff! Need to be able to sell or trade for other stuff
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4 years ago, True duelist
Fantastic game!
I do enjoy playing this game! I love collecting the heroes and the many different ways you can level them up! Sometimes the battle system seems a bit unbalanced, especially in the tower battles! They should get progressively harder as you advance up the floors of the tower, but instead they’re just completely random! I might battle a full team of level 50, purple rank heroes on floor 1, and then a team of level 47, blue rank heroes on floor 2! Seems a little backwards! I also think that instead of skipping “floors” based on the number of wins you have, you should be able to skip “battles” based on the number of wins you have! For example... winning 2 battles in the tower should get me to floor 5; skipping the battles on floors 1 and 3, and claiming the prizes on floors 2 and 4! Instead of winning 2 battles only getting me to floor 3! I’ve also noticed that some of the battles in the special events have been severely unbalanced as well! But besides all of that! This is a very enjoyable game! I’ve always enjoyed these grindy kind of games! It makes the leveling up worth the work! 😄
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2 years ago, DaddyBodyScotty
confused to continue playing
Over the last few months I've spent nearly $1000 too be competitive for my guild. Most of which was spent in just the last few days to take advantage of the artifact event. Some how, despite this fact, I am in worse standings after my reward hour battles in arena and grand arena. I blame hero wars completely. There is no way to test teams at the higher level on mobile! How's is this possible? Why is this the reality?! That's a lot of money to just"blow" on a team that I tested using precious emeralds at the lower levels and was good against meta teams, internet teams, all the popular teams! That is soooooo much money I spent that could have been spent on other heros had I known that those teams change at the top. Level differently, play differently! Another dumb feature you guys have where you can't see the leader board and even SEE the teams at the top off your server let alone prepare for them!! Compounding the original problem exponentially! Damnit I'm so mad with you! Where is the compromise here to where you take care of a loyal customer, who, to this point has been a whale spender and big supporter of your game? Give me one good reason why I should stay or I'm taking my money and daily play to Albion or raid legends! Sincerely one disappointed customer Scott
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4 years ago, Conradd30
Would give it 5 star if these were fixed.
Great game overall. Just a few minor things that I wish to be fixed. Definitely the tower needs to be fixed because I’ve been playing a solid 6 months, pretty close to everyday and never have I made it to the top of the tower, I honestly don’t even know how many floors of the tower there are, just should start the level one floor with an easy win instead of an 80,000 team power... Also I like being able to have a bunch of heroes that are upgraded and pretty decked out (only way you can even attempt to make it far into the tower) but it’s really hard to do once you get into the violet ranks and like level 60+ because it’s so expensive, it cost like 300k gold to get one piece to equip on your hero and you have to get all 6 before you can promote your hero and each mission gives you only like 1000 gold. So to try and keep up with even 5 heroes (full team) is extremely long. It would be better if it didn’t take as much energy to do one mission and it gave out more gold per mission. Or maybe a gold rush event type deal? Still play it pretty loyally just a few things that I think should be fixed.
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2 years ago, The MIT
Stealing Money through broken platform
The App has been broken for iPhone since it’s last update. About 20-30 times a day the app will glitch and force a restart. In the middle of a campaign battle it will force a loss. This loss carries a penalty of 2 energy. I have paid for energy potions and emeralds which both pay for energy. I have reached out to the Hero wars zendesk email help and they have responded with AWFUL customer service. I’ve never dealt with a company before that has basically told me to go F myself over like a $5 reimbursement. It has become a huge issue for me, not because of the money...I have spent hundreds in the game and can simply get Apple to refund my money for their theft. It is an issue because no one should be allowed to handle a customer this way. 1st the techs lied to me saying this wasn’t happening. Then I provide them with proof, oh yeah this is happening, we don’t reimburse this. I don’t care if you normally reimburse something. If your mistake costs me money, you pay for it, not me. They refused to let me speak to a manager, saying uhhh we don’t have a manager....HA! These guys are insane with how they think they can treat people. Mine isn’t the only story like this, but what would you expect from a game that started off of a bait and switch campaign.
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4 years ago, DAJ ssi
Fun, challenging and not complicated
I have enjoyed playing this game and started looking for free to play game. This game could be played without spending much but it would be a very hard to have enough gold end resources to be competitive. You would end up a very high level weak player. There are nice free daily bonuses for energy and great free rewards in the campaign if you check the Facebook page to find out where the bonus is located. I will keep playing and try to keep spending down. The skins are great for a bonus to hero but too expensive in my opinion and for a free player , 5000 skin stone cost for just one skin unlock is way too much! Thank you for the events and for making a great game! I just wanted to update my previous post and drop my review from 5 stars to 3 because I have been billed incorrect amounts for I game purchases 4 different times!!! I am considering dropping it to 1 star... I keep getting automated canned responses that just state the Terms of Service and that the company doesn’t issue refunds. I will take it with my card service provider and Apple to get refund but it’s sad that they don’t take care of their players better.
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8 months ago, ~+~Rusty~+~
Great Game
I have been very pleased with the structure of the game and the overall playability. The frequent in-game events keep things fresh and the free daily gifts help you upgrade Heros and Titans. The Hero Wars online community is welcoming, informative and fun. Once you can join a guild, things can be hit or miss depending on your guildmates, but there is always the option to leave and join a new guild. Some reviews make it sound like you need to spend a lot a money to advance, but this is simply not true. Sure it will speed up the process, but it is totally possible to be a F2P player. You will need to play regularly and focus on completing daily tasks, but getting to level 120 didn’t take that long in my opinion. The changes I’ve seen to the game have been for the better thus, and makes me believe that player feedback is taken seriously. I have played for a couple years now and still find plenty to do on a daily basis. Whether you are a F2P or P2P player, the mobile version of this game is great.
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2 years ago, afish777
Oddly addicting
I installed this game based on the promo showing the little warrior ascending the tower. Caveat emptor - that little mini game does not exist. The game that you are installing is instead a weirdly addicting ‘rpg like’ game that is more about gaining levels and experience for your cadre of heroes. There isn’t much skill involved. The game seems to be more about colleting the little bonuses and maxing out your daily opportunities (eg 3 hydra fights, 5 arena matches, launching expeditions, etc) than anything. I enjoy the chance to keep incrementally updating my units and watching them grow stronger. There are various events as well that allow you to grow your forces faster. There are at least a dozen forms of in-game currency. You dont have to spend actual money to play but in reaity you’ll want to spend a few bucks at least once to unlock instant raids. I have tried to do some real world activities to earn in game ‘emeralds’ but have never been able to… that feature seems a bit scammish… again caveat emptor. Instead, work your way up the arena so that you can claim more daily emeralds.
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2 years ago, Amethyst Dreamer
Enjoyable Game
I’ve been playing Hero Wars for several months, and overall I find it to be an enjoyable game. The graphics are well done and there are a number of different areas in the game. What first attracted me to the app were the mini-games, which are only available with the first several mission areas. After that… no more mini-games. I also quickly got to the point where it became extremely difficult to make forward progress in the game without making in app purchases. As your characters increase in level, it takes more and more stuff ( e.g., gold, artifacts, soul stones, experience points, etc.) to level them up. It would really be nice if the amount of these kinds of things that you can obtain as part of the normal game play also increased proportionally ( I.e., no in-app purchase required, and preferably minimal advertisements to slog through). The developers will probably tell you that you can play the game without in-app purchases, and you can; however, the very slowed progress you will experience will become frustrating.
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5 years ago, msteners
100% Classic Pay to Win
Don’t let the easy on-boarding fool you; this game is 100% pay-to-win, especially once you start getting into the guild/arena stuff. To the devs credit, they have created a lot of different game mechanics, but the underlying game design is centered on making you believe that you are getting a “deal” when you spend $15 on a skin that “normally” costs $75 or when you pay 5000 emeralds (their currency, 5k is about $30 irl) to upgrade a character rather than wait. Skins are almost required in the late game as they give your character an added stat bonus. The more skins a character has, the more stat bonuses. What tipped the scale for me was their recent event where, if you completed a bunch of quests in a 3-day span, you could get cool prizes. In the past, a seasoned, diligent player could complete enough quests to get some or all of the top rewards. In this case, one of the top rewards was a skin for my favorite character as well as my top DPS character. However, the only way to complete the quest was to spend 55,000 emeralds, which roughly equates to spending $200 irl. If you want to spend hundreds of dollars on a small high, then this game is for you. Otherwise, you’d be better off spending your money elsewhere.
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9 months ago, Royal_Kira
The game itself is somewhat Ok, but if you don’t pay money, your Heroes and Titans won’t be competitive with other players for long. If you don’t have $100 or more to spend EVERY MONTH you are going to have a very hard time playing this game. This game also takes up A LOT of your time and energy. If you do not want to be dedicated to this game for YEARS, DO NOT PLAY THIS GAME. Don’t ever become a Guild Master or get roped into being a General, it’s WAY TOO MUCH WORK! Like seriously, it’s a second job that will lead to BURNOUT. It is very possible to play without buying too much as long as you are in a good Guild. If you’re in a Guild with good people this game will be moderately OK, but otherwise, please do not play this game. This game can be extremely repetitive and boring. Every mode in this game is basically the same type of boring battle. I will say, however, that the developers are trying to make the game more interesting. They have been adding unique mini games with different gameplay. These new mini games also look like the previous fake ads which are more fun than the actual gameplay. That said… Save your time and hard earned money and play another, more fun, game.
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4 years ago, Chris4571
Fun but has tons of bugs
This game is a lot of fun to play, but the bugs I have to deal with makes it almost unbearable to play. The game crashes daily (multiple times) usually when I’m doing dungeon. It’s most frustrating when it happens during guild war as you cannot replay an attack. When I first reached out to support they told me I had to delete and reinstall the app to fix the problem. Did that and it never fixed it. I have the same issue on two devices. I even went the nuke route to completely wipe my device and I made sure no data from this game was saved in my backup, yet the problem continued. Now, today the game wont even load on any device and when I sent a request to support on their website I was sent an automated response to submit the request in game. How do you do that when the game won’t load??? For someone who has spent hundreds of dollars on this game this might be the last straw for me. I’m going on 5 hours now with no ability to connect even when I switch my phone from WiFi to cellular and did all basic troubleshooting for resolving such issues. I’m beyond frustrated with the problems. I never had to deal with these persistent issues on other games I’ve played.
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5 years ago, Sloptart4Life
Fun but Potentially Could Get Expensive
My biggest gripe with this game is that the advertising that drew me in to downloading the app was completely misleading. I was under the impression that there would be puzzle-solving mini-games (as their social media ads portray), but there are none. Regardless, the game is pretty fun but has the potential to become expensive if you have no patience with leveling up and progressing slowly. Almost everything in the game can be bought with or traded with Emeralds, which translates to real-world dollars eventually. Of course you CAN earn “free” Emeralds by achieving certain tasks while playing, but it’s very easy to blow them all in one go doing basic functions in the game. They like to advertise “deals” and “specials” for buying emeralds, but these are hardly ever worth it and I’m almost ashamed to say that I have spent too much money (ANY amount is too much, really) on this game. The developers really should tweak the way characters level up to make it easier and keep players engaged. Also, what happened to the story? There was a storyline about a kingdom in peril with the first few levels but now it’s just grinding through themed areas. BORING!
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