Herring Bank Mobile Banking

4.8 (972)
85.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
Herring Bank
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Herring Bank Mobile Banking

4.78 out of 5
972 Ratings
1 year ago, Dgibsons
Debit Card
Never fails on the weekend (especially holiday weekends) that all of a sudden my debit card just doesn’t work. When I called customer service, the system is either down or the customer service person tells me they don’t access to the area needed to fix my issue… So what kind of customer service is that…. Except NONE!!! I travel quite often and have had issues with purchasing gas… Kinda pisses You off when you have money in an account that you can’t access!!!! I have several accounts and loans but once loans are paid all accounts will be closed…
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5 years ago, Celemons
Herring Bank
I enjoy keeping up with my accounts. I know my balance minus outstanding checks and other amounts going in and out of my accounts. It is an excellent bank and very well managed by Jerry Woodard, with friendly and helpful staff. The banking app is easy to move around in and manage. Thank you Herring Clarendon Bank and the branch at United on 45th and Bell in Amarillo. Hannah, the lady who helps me is fantastic. I’ve done business with my bank at Clarendon since 1971 when it was Farmer’s State Bank and First Bank and Trust and now Herring.
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6 years ago, Trish2018
Herring Bank App
I like using the Herring Bank APP to stay on top of my checking and savings account balance. The transfer function, transfers money between my accounts easily, saves time and s phone call.
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5 years ago, Is this nickname taken too!?
The app gives off an outdated feel with its interface and lagging transaction updates. I can never rely on the date of transactions because the app shows them on the wrong day. There’s no excuse for that. It’s amateur. App aside, the bank isn’t even available to link up for Apple Pay. I’ve been meaning to search for a new bank. With very few locations, an outdated app and not being able to keep up with the times (linking to Apple Pay and not having a chip) I’ll be finally leaving this bank.
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2 months ago, Ce-Lem
Herring bank approval
My husband and I have done our banking with Herring Bank over 52 years. It started as Farmers State then. Thank you for your wonderful service. Cecilia Lemons
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4 years ago, OhmGro
Marijuana business
I pay for this Account which is very expensive and I should be able to deposit all checks no limit it’s a legal business and I shouldn’t have to pay for an account but I am so please extend the limits so the are fit for this kind of business ! You don’t even match competitors ! Even Bank of America has $10,000 check limit ! and it’s a free checking account !
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6 years ago, Morjolee
Easy, fast
Mobile deposit makes having a small hometown bank as easy as supporting a big corporate national bank! Good job guys.
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3 years ago, Misszcece
Error message
Unable to login. Keep indicating about ssl certificate. Please fix this error message. I never had this issue before. However, after the update. It’s been annoying to not login and not cash my check via app. I tried all the troubleshooting with Apple. The problem keeps reoccurring. How to further assist me on this?
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3 years ago, cortezmomma
New update
I loved the old version I had no problems at all! My phone did the update , I sign on and it kicks me off saying the new url isn’t safe! I love being able to keep up to date with my accounts please fix this issue! ASAP.
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6 years ago, wpace 62
Personal Account
I love online banking because I can’t get to the bank when I need to make a transaction. Very convenient.
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5 years ago, jannylou
Herring Bank app
I use the app every day. It is user-friendly and helpful!
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5 years ago, Whtzin101
Awesome bank
Azle branch makes me feel special; like they really do appreciate my business.
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6 years ago, codyqwerty
Great app but I would love to see a thumb scanner feature.
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6 years ago, Sassylassy1
Sign on
Would love to have finger touch sign in.
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3 years ago, pollito 1314
Miguel Dena
Nice app I love it !👍👍👍👍
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2 years ago, Colorblindsir
It does not work at all
It just doesn’t open since the most recent update
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2 years ago, AprilMDom
Mobile deposit
Seriously, all day this has been down!
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2 years ago, 007j l
Not happy
Worst online banking I have. Transfers sometimes don’t post immediately and worst on fridays have to wait till Monday… I hate it
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4 years ago, Awfil2
This app is awful. More than 50% if the tone it does not work! Awful!!!
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3 years ago, Wello50
Bad app
Will not work for me
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9 years ago, 👍 FUN
Needs update
The app is very useful, but also very laggy. Wish they would update it
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10 years ago, Zack Pinney
This app is terrible. Keeps asking for a verification code and most of the time it won't send one. When it does, it says invalid. Guess I shouldn't be surprised since their website is pretty bad as well.
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