HGTV GO - Stream Live TV

4.8 (45.8K)
107.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
Scripps Networks, LLC
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for HGTV GO - Stream Live TV

4.81 out of 5
45.8K Ratings
5 months ago, retired and grey
Why I love
Hgtv. I have been watching HGTV right don’t know how long I think right at the very beginning I watched more houses being decorated rebuild and build it’s just a fun place to be on a cold winter nights and days. When I was surviving my cancer surgery, I watch HGTV as many times as I could, and during exercises, it was a thing that was in my ears and I could hear David laughed. I have now just rediscovered HGTV on my iPad with a joy because now I’m retired and I’m freezing to death so I sit by my love fireplace and watch HGTV on my iPad. It’s great some old ones are good. Some of the new ones are better. It’s all a different story to me now, so whoever thought of putting this on an iPad thank you thank you thank you you are the nest.
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5 years ago, Arrowverse091
Entertaining, but has flaws
I gave 4 out of five stars, because in my experience the quality was great! I love that I’m able to watch HGTV on a mobile device. However, my iPad does not have data so I’m not able to watch on the go, unless I’m connected to WiFi, which isn’t always easy to do. Another thing I didn’t like was the amount of adds, 6 adds every time which is 3-5 depending on the length of the show. Also, they play the same adds almost every time, not even mocking, that’s why the adds get so boring. I came to this app to enjoy watching my favorite HGTV shows not 10 minutes in total of adds. I do understand where they are coming from, this app is free and adds help with payment. So, I like watching, and getting first dibs on the shows, but it really isn’t for on the go (which I assume would use a lot of data), and the amount of adds is infuriating. I’ve heard about the add problem before, and I wish the network would do something to change it. If you don’t mind watching 2.5 minutes of adds every 5-10 minutes, then this app is for you!
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6 years ago, ajkoci
Just doesn’t work!
I was super excited to see that I could get all episodes and seasons on demand for my favorite shows until I actually started using this stupid app!!! It’s so touchy and I swear it has a new annoying glitch every couples of weeks. Last week it started to just pause right after the commercial was over and I couldn’t press play to get it back to where I it had stopped. So every single time I have to stop casting, close the dumb app, re-choose the episode and try to manually drag the bar to what time I need it at. However, it redoes that 1 min and 60 sec ad over again even though I just watched it and then often it will then pause and not work again once the ad is done or it will jump ahead to a place I didn’t ask for! Today I got so sick of it doing this that I am now writing in my two star rating! I love HGTV, but come on just have your app work! Also I love how all the ads will stream perfectly but the actual show can’t seem to work and often is laggy 🙄 and it’s not my internet speed, I have 60 mbps. I hope someday you can make it work!
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5 years ago, Ecomom2013
Too many disturbing ads
I like the shows on HGTV, but have to wonder how many people are working behind the scenes, as the hosts never appear to be very dirty when working in the yard. The app is okay when it works. Sometimes, it shuts down and I have to relaunch. The most disturbing thing about the app are the number of pharmaceutical ads. The big pharmas don't care a whit about people getting well and are only out to make money. I don't understand why some doctors don't look at the whole person--diet, stress, exercise, lifestyle-- and instead prescribe drugs that mask the symptoms. Wake up! The body sends signals to let you know that something is wrong. A rash is the body telling you something is wrong on the inside and instead, I see an ad for a cream for a rash that suppresses the immune system. The immune system is overreacting for a reason. But I digress...get rid of the pharmaceutical ads and that will improve the app greatly.
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1 year ago, CodyPickett
Terrible App UX
This app has an awful user interaction when it comes to watching content. The auto “play next episode” always starts too early so you end up missing the last minute or so of the show. If you accidentally exit out of the show in an effort to not auto play next, you can’t jump back into the episode where you were. I scenically exited out and when I tried to go back in the episode restarted. I had to watch an ad to even get back into the show, and then had the X32 fast forward to the last 2 minutes of episode, but I miscalculated, and stopped a few minutes too early, but too late at that point, I had fast forwarded through a commercial break (which I already saw) so I had to set through the 2 minute ad break AGAIN. Then after that I fast forwarded to as close as I could get to where I left of, BUT WAIT, I fast forwarded throught ad break! So, I had to watch 2 more minutes of tv same ads. So, unlike every other streaming app on the planet, THIS one penalizes viewers with 6 minutes of repeat ads if you accidentally push the wrong button and exit out. It’s absolutely wild that I’m 2023 an HUGE company like HGTV and their parent company would allow an app with functionality circa 2009 to still exist. I recommended they revamp this app and fire any and all development associates that have worked on it thus far. A bunch of HACKS.
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5 years ago, Cait_D89
Only 1 episode before I have to uninstall and redownload...
The set up of the app is fantastic and I want to love it. I was so excited to start using it. The problem, however, is that I can watch a single episode without issue. As soon as the episode finishes, the app freezes up and cannot load anything. I have tried closing out the app and restarting it, but it eventually either times out and says that something went wrong or it just stays frozen on the intro/load screen with the HGTV logo. Restarting the device does not work either. The only solution is to uninstall the app and then reinstall and download again from the App Store. Then I get to watch one more episode before repeating the process.
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7 years ago, Jogie1
Can’t access cable providers
I previously was able to watch the shows through my cable provider. Now it only lists 8 providers and the More Providers button does not work. Very frustrating. Was a 5 Star and when fixed will return to 5 Star. UPDATE: contacted customer service. Their response and it worked. “If you'll go to your iPhone or iPad's settings, then scroll down to TV Provider and select it, please turn off the switch beside 'HGTV'. After this, please close the app from running in the background of your device then reopen it. Then, when you select Sign In within our app, you should be able to select your provider to sign in.”
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6 years ago, MetAl/mASter
No longer recognizes Direct tv now subscription
I’ve had Direct Tv Now for almost a year and have been able to use my Direct Tv Now subscription and link it with my HGTV app. The app says my DTN subscription does not allow me to access this content. I have the second tier (live a little I think is what it’s called) and DTN says that my subscription does let me have access to the HGTV app. It’s also on there list of apps accessible with subscription. The app has red keys besides almost all of the shows. I’ve always had access until about 2 weeks ago. So I don’t if it has anything to do with there update or if their blocking DTN customers?? I contacted DTN and they put a ticket in but I have not heard anything back. Getting very frustrated. My wife watches this channel the most out of all our other channels!!! There is only so much chip and joanna gains that you can watch before it just becomes old hat!! Really wish they would get this fixed!!!!
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4 years ago, A Cicco
I love it but...
I love this app so much it gives me all my favorite home improvement shows and house hunting shows. But there is a few things that I think you could put on it number one is that is you need to put all the episodes on. Some times I have all ready seen the episodes or just don’t want to watch it. The second thing is that you should not have to sign in every locked episodes. IT IS A PAIN!!!🤬🤬. So please fix that. But I love that it has all my favorite show and so much more. I love that there is a variety of channels so if I like TlC and Hgtv I can watch both of them. There is not just one channel like other tv apps. No one thing you should make is a on now button. Thank you so much!! Bye!!👍👍
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5 years ago, SuZ@nne
Good app but
I like the shows but when I am playing the shows it goes on commercial and gets out of synch. There is one commercial in particular that it gets to and as soon as it starts playing the video and audio get out of synch and you can’t get a good picture again so what is the use of watching it. The app support needs to either find the glitch in the app or the bad encoding of the commercial and fix it if they want people to use the app. Also, wish HGTV would make a show about eco friendly home improvements ie adding solar panels to a home, improving insulation, switching over to led lighting, smart programming to reduce energy consumption such as smart blinds things like that. Granted this has nothing to do with the app and is not part of my review but if the app makers could pass it on that would be great.
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4 years ago, kmwieb
I don’t know what has changed but it just spins looking for the cable provider. Last night I successfully logged in and it took to a Discovery Channel site. There was no way getting out of it. I used to be able to stream and watch programs with ease. Lately it has been impossible to watch anything. I have tried to delete the app and reinstall. Sometimes this helps but invariably the same problem reappears.
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5 years ago, Tami7410
Love the app
I watch the app all the time because it offers so many shows. I like that it offers a large variety of shows that may not be on the schedule to broadcast that month. There are 2 things I don't like. Sometimes it is difficult to log in with your provider. There is a glitch there because sometimes Discovery channels log in comes up instead. The other thing is the commercials are VERY repetitive. You will see the same commercial 5 times in 1 show and sometimes they play the same one back to back. While I don't like these two things it doesn't keep me from watching the app. I watch HGTV using the app probably at least 2 hours a day - sometimes using the app to watch live TV.
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2 years ago, ffguy2
Apple TV app is awful
The HG TV app on Apple TV is quite simply the worst app out there. Nearly every day it forgets that I’m logged in with DirectTV, locking me out of every show. I get an error message when I try to log in again. The only workaround is to delete the app entirely then reinstall. This problem has existed since I started using the app. It is truly shocking it hasn’t been fixed. UPDATE: as the developer response suggested, I contacted support about this issue. The experience was laughable. It took four emails back-and-forth before they could comprehend that I was using the Apple TV app and not their website, even though I stated this clearly from the beginning and in all subsequent replies. Finally they could not solve the issue at all, referring me to some mysterious upper level support team who I never heard from. The issue persists. Negative stars!
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3 years ago, Conner's mom (first timer)
Always having to re-login, super glitchy
I really wanted to like this app because it has lots of the shows I enjoy watching. BUT just about every time I open the app on my ipad, it makes me re-login. I don’t understand why. Nothing changes for me. I don’t take my ipad out of my house or change networks. I will just close out the app, and then the next time I try to use it, I’m logged off. 🤷🏼‍♀️ For example, tonight when I tried to re login (for about the millionth time) it now says that it does not recognize my user ID for my Direct TV provider, but that has not changed either. Nothing has changed on my end! I can’t even re-login now. So frustrating! Additionally, when I do get to actually use the app, another frustrating point is all of the commercials that play during each episode. When I downloaded the app I was hoping to NOT have to watch the commercials like we have to with our cable. But I guess we have to pay even more money on top of what we already pay towards cable to the app developers to get the commercial free version? So, anyway, I’m super disappointed and frustrated with this app and I’ll probably be deleting it. It’s not worth this login frustration anymore.
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6 years ago, Jjjagshduxkdjsnbdjxjsbs
Commercials break
I absolutely adore most of the shows on this app. I just find myself not using it as much as I thought I would be because the commercial breaks are a little too frequent for me. I was watching an episode of Good Bones which was 43 mins and ended up getting 4 commercial breaks with 5 commercials each break. That’s 20 commercials for a 43 minute show, and most of the commercials are the exact same every break. It just started to feel a little bit like I was watching more for the commercials than the show. Like I stated before, I love the shows on this app. For the most part the app is great too, but the commercials really make me question how bad I want to watch the shows through this app.
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5 years ago, it's a party girl
Randomly locks out episodes
The app constantly locks episodes and claims they aren’t available through my cable provider settings. For example, I played an episode a few hours ago and now it’s telling me that same episode is not available and has a key icon next to it, which usually just means I need to be on the home WiFi, which I am at the moment. I expect newer episodes to be locked, that’s normal, but it will randomly do this with entire shows, so suddenly I can’t watch any of the episodes. Often when I go back to view the show within a day or two they are available again. Seems like a bug, either that or hgtv can’t make up their mind with licensing.
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6 years ago, MT40A
Latest update ruined the app for me.
Me and my girlfriend love this app. The latest iOS update to the app ruined it for us. We have directv now and now it gives an error message saying the shows are not part of my subscription. What the hell is that. I have the go big plan which includes this channel. Why is the stand alone app not letting me watch the shows I pay a monthly subscription to access through my provider? This doesn’t make sense to me. I’ll uninstall the app until they fix it. That’s just BS. I rated 3 stars because I like their shows but the fact that they blocked 99% of the content we used to watch for free before is BS.
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2 years ago, Dhcfhrfdwygdyifdyvr
Login issues resolved
This is one of my go-to apps, so when the upgrade broke my connection to my TV provider I was very upset. However got a developer response and did then follow up with app support who were very good. The issue was two factor authentication with my provider. That does need to be resolved between them to work properly, but at least now I can login. They have fixed the worst part of the prior interface, which was a little tiny play/pause button. Now its in the middle of the screen. Thank you!
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4 years ago, flowerlily1
Not the best app
It does not work well at keeping track of watched show/episodes. Not the best at allowing one to move from one devise to another and the ads are very annoying. Not the fact that there are ads. I accept that they come wit the territory but when, in a six ad slot, three of them are the same exact ad and in a five ad slot two are the same?? One is not able to pause ads. I am not trying to skip it. Just pause it when I need to walk away for a moment. So, I either miss part of the show when it restarts or I have to wait until the ads are over in order not to miss the program. Very annoying!
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4 years ago, ooollookol
Commercial for Biden
Why did I see Political commercials on HGTV. I thought that was the one channel I didn’t have to watch people tear down our presidents. I quickly turned to another channel and called friends to tell them that our channel that you were campaigning for Biden. Why! What goods does it even mean to complain about something when you have fallen into the Democratic’s whole which is ruining the US A. I can’t come up with a nick name because they are all taken, so there again I won’t know if you get this. That is the way Democrat’s get their way. I have tried 20 times and all nick names are taken. Unbelievable another way to avoid answering my complaint. There isn’t a nickname that hadn’t been taken. Send without a nick name
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3 years ago, fbdien
So. Many. Ads.
Ok, don’t judge the title, YET. I love that you can watch HGTV in one place. Sadly though, most of the episodes are locked. The ads, well the longer you are watching an episode, the more ads there will be in the episode. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind ads, but at times when you want to just settle down you are watching ads. I know y’all earn money from ads, but PLEASE decrease the amount of ads. I understand that you are thinking, when you watch tv you have commercials/ ads. Well not as many. Thank you to the people who ACTUALLY read this.
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3 years ago, dissappointedhgtvfan
Have to reactivate every day
I like it when it works, but the constant need to activate it is super frustrating. Sometimes I have had to activate it twice in one day, even when I keep the app open. I have also had issues with the live feed, which often doesn’t sync with my provider or doesn’t work at all, so I have given up on that. I have tried deleting the app and reinstalling, and have also tried restarting my whole system, but nothing has helped. I have made sure my settings allow automatic access to my tv provider. I use apple tv and watch most of my tv shows through that and this is the only app that I have these recurring issues with.
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1 year ago, goddessgwen7
How i can”t live without HGTV
I have been watching HGTV South 2015 starting with the Property Brothers 🥏 and after that, they inspired me to watch more remodeling programs that inspired more opinion families to gallery in homes that are their forever homes that was so inspiring for me as well with my family I never had the home remodeled for a lost my home through foreclosure, due to illness. Well, I still watch all the shows on HGTV because they are so inspirational to me, Gwendolyn Kuljanin.
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4 years ago, wendyloohoo1977
Clearly HGTV has gotten pricey. I miss some really old shows I used to watch all of the time when I was able to afford exorbitant cable prices and despite the fact that I now pay for three streaming channels, I still am unable to watch most of the HGTV shows I really love. I say that to say this... if you are looking for specific shows, check first because many of them are unavailable on this app. The ones that are available, are often very blurry when I cast them to my TV even though I used to watch them clearly on a smart TV on regular cable. (Same smart TV - just blurry now)
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2 years ago, MC72GOLF
Good but have some way to go to be user friendly
This app is good in many cases but have some way to go to be great. It’s extremely frustrating that there is no way to turn off the auto play function and that it just pick something in random and starts running it after you watched the latest and last episode of your favorite series AND then there is no way to remove it from the continue watching list. Even the most basic streaming apps have a remove function for this type of issues to ensure that the user don’t need to see stuff that aren’t at all interested but might have started. Start putting yourself in the customer seat and enable basic functions for us to pick and choose our own digestions. If you want auto play then you can have that switched on, if you do then switch it off Pls get this and some other basic things sorted quickly
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4 years ago, Staying home safe watching TV
Staying home safe lady watching TV
I think HG app is great I love watching it when I’m not at home but now I’m always at home but I do enjoy watching all your shows great past timeThanks for your reply didn’t expect that really enjoy hearing from you also if possible could you show Texas flip and move once in a while on you to go app I really like that show but really can’t afford right now because of Covid to have DIY channel Chyna cut expenses thank you so much staying home safe lady watching TV
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2 years ago, st232105
Great app except…
For the last few weeks, my HGTVGo app has not allowed me to watch channels that are part of my cable package. I’ve tried to reinstall the app, log out of the my provider, but nothing seems to clear the error “Error: 403”. This is error is on all of my streaming devices— AppleTv, iPad and Firestick. Would love to have this resolved so I can go back to watching my shows.
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5 years ago, Fed up facebooker
Can’t watch
Would be nice if I could watch shows through the app but I have to sign in with my cable provider. Right now my cable provider is having some serious problems and we’ve been trying for over a year to create an account so we can watch HBO Go but we can’t. It never goes through and Suddenlink is no help at all. With the CW app all I have to do is hit that I have Suddenlink as my provider and boom! It goes through and I can watch all of their shows. Maybe you can help figure something out that doesn’t require a cable provider because I’m getting ready to tell them where they can go.
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5 years ago, Dontdocrazy
Well I want to thank for updating your app to when the commercials come on the sound increases more than double. Do you have an idea how painful it is to have your earbuds in and then have a commercial blast your eardrums without warning?? Thanks, thanks a lot, we are done with dealing with such a stupid change in your app. We don't need to have our ear ring for the rest of the day because someone is screaming about Bargain Outlet... Update...You seem to have adjusted the volume issue, thank you. However we do think 21 ads in 27 mins is excessive.
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3 years ago, jdhhrufheb
Content has been gutted
HGTV GO was, until this week, great. Previously there were hundreds of shows with all the episodes under the “Shows” tab. Now there are 33 shows and none appear complete. I have searched websites, Twitter, and more for confirmation that the content from this app was gutted to force people to pay for Discovery +, but there has not been any news release or explanation. Until I know that the content is gone from HGTV GO for good, there’s no way I can justify paying extra for yet another streaming service to get content that was in HGTV GO by virtue of my cable subscription. Be a brave company and come clean with what you’re doing.
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5 years ago, EastCoastAunt
Don’t waste your time downloading!!
This app is amazing when it works!! You can chromecast all the shows. There are many times when I can not sign into the app to be able to watch the most recent episodes or use live tv option. I can do these options on all my other apps which is so frustrating because HGTV is my favorite one.
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5 years ago, Azyre2
Update was a bad deal
I really am frustrated with the new update. First. At one point I had direct tv, but we swiped to AT&T u-verse. Now the app won’t update automatically to my new provider. Each time I use the app, I have to go to FAQ choose not seeing my provider and it goes to the right one. Next. It’s not really an app but appears to be in safari as though I’m accessing through safari and not the hgtv app, and it’s not nearly as friendly or nice as the previous app. Consequently, where I used to watch this everyday with my coffee, I generally only watch hgtv once a week. Please fix it. Thanks.
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5 years ago, Craftsman0882
Would be great, with a few simple tweaks.
Overall the HGTV app is well thought out, easy to use, and works quite well. Unfortunately for the developers and designers that put so much thought into the functionality and usability, the app is almost ruined by two things: 1) HGTV has set the app to stream the first 30-60 seconds at extremely low resolution. This means that the first minute of every show comes through in almost indecipherable quality. I get that this is a cost savings measure, but it ruins the experience. 2) as a few others have mentioned whoever is in charge of advertisements in the app should be fired. Being forced to watch an almost unbearable number of commercials is made even worse by repeating the same awful commercials over and over. A few simple tweaks and this would be a great app. Here’s to hoping that HGTV listens!
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2 years ago, Sc3w!t
Buffering plus way too many adds
I want to watch so many things on here but after trying several times the app will start buffering at the end of the 3 minute commercial breaks and when I get it working again it starts the 3 minutes of commercials all over I’m having to watch 6 minutes of commercials before I can enjoy the show. Ain’t no body got time for that. I will try watching it on my phone instead of casting it to my TV but I’d prefer to watch it on my big screen :(
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5 years ago, 98Cas
Locks content even with Subscription
So beside the fact that the same commercial is repeated during a single program— the application is now locking content for which I have access through my WOW! Cable provider. Was able to see it fine a couple of weeks ago and now almost every show is locked saying that its a problem with the WOW! Settings. Checked with the cable company, and there are no settings that they manipulate. I also am able to see the shows fine on my iPAD, but not on Apple TV. Insult to injury, there is not real App support - you are directed to support for HGTV magazine.... sigh. This should work!
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6 years ago, ChellMLynn
Ridiculous Amount of Commercials
Typical break makes you watch 6 commercials and there is definitely more than one break. To add insult to injury they repeat the same commercial over and over and over.... not a bad app at all but OMG enough with the commercials! Look into offering a limited commercial and/or no commercial option. Also, many are moving away from cable TV and yet that’s the only way to get access to your app - I would change that up. Missing a large segment of people.
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5 years ago, CeCeMD
Too Many Commercials
I absolutely love HGTV it is where I watch the majority of my television shows!!! The commercials are ridiculously long takes up too much time!!! If they kept them at two a break or just one break at 2 to 3 minutes it would be an improvement!!!! Most time the commercial breaks cause the app to freeze! Then when I first open the app and begin to play an episode the app will kick me out and I’ll have to go back in and find the show all over again!!! Some times I get so frustrated I just quit and move on to something else!!!
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5 years ago, Kellalina
Ap is beyond useless
This ap is useless. Anytime I open it all I get is a blue swirling circle as if it’s loading. I can’t even click on shows let alone choose an episode to watch. I have a strong WiFi connection, a new iPhone and cable service that includes hgtv. I never have any kind of a problem watching any other network via their mobile ap. This ap doesn’t work AT ALL! I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling it several times, and it does nothing to fix it. Also I’ve tried leaving the ap open to see if the blue “loading” circle would eventually go away and it never does. Awful awful.
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3 years ago, Akire07
It’s great to have access to HGTV, but there are so many glitches it’s hardly worth it. Worse yet, when said glitches occur it generally results in having to kill the app and rewatch the excessive overload of repetitive commercials. I literally just had to watch 14 commercials because I tried to fast-forward to where I was before the app froze. A “resume show” feature and MUCH LESS commercials would be appreciated. Especially when the commercials are so repetitive they are many times the same commercial playing twice in a row.
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6 years ago, Ether 21221
Great App Good Content*
I have enjoyed the content within this application. I haven’t had many issues while using and streaming with this app. It was my daily go to app for quick content, until they removed Apple Airplay. I do not want to ding them with a bad rating based on one app update launch. Since mirroring this app to my 3rd gen Apple TV is not a pleasurable experience. With the removal of Apple Airplay I will not use the app until it is reverted, which is sad.
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7 years ago, Ariauna
iOS App needs fixed
I’m not sure what changed but we used to enjoy this app often up until a couple months ago. So the banner overlay at the top that displays : Home Love TV Shows Search and Settings is stuck at the top of our screen. All the way to the right side it displays Done and green circle with a check mark. The banner is well over 5” and eats up way too much of our tv to even enjoy it. We have tried deleting it to install it again. We have signed out and back in again to no avail. I hope this bug is fixed soon as we miss watching our favorite shows!!
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3 years ago, coldbrains
Where did all the shows go???
I suspect the Discovery+ launch has something to do with it. One day I’m blissfully catching up on the new season of House Hunters Renovation, the next, this show and dozens of other faves have vanished. Why are cable subscribers being pushed to pay for an additional streaming service to watch content they already pay for?? Perhaps the devs could put a banner at the top of the app explaining what the heck is going on. There’s been absolutely no explanation that I can find online, on the HGTV website or otherwise. This is incredibly frustrating and really shady for y’all to do.
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4 years ago, nickname-kb
Loved it, not anymore
I loved this app until it started constantly crashing. I can watch a few seconds of a show then it crashes. I tee it up again to continue watching, get a few minutes in, then it crashes. I got all the way to the first commercial break, then it crashed again. Now, when I get restarted it might play the ads or it might not even stay open long enough to choose a show to watch. I uninstalled and reinstalled the app. Same thing happens. So unbelievably frustrating. Why does it do this?
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4 years ago, MamaRenRen
Loving it but……
Absolutely loving this app!! As a single mother the expensive cable connection is not part of my budget. So being able to watch the HGTV channel this way is phenomenal and enjoyable. Only thing I would recommend is possibly changing the commercials to more of a variety. Having the same three commercials on loop can be very frustrating!
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5 years ago, lunaboofishy
Great but too many commercials
I love this app and the ease of use and expansive options for shows. The features like continue watching and recently aired are cool. Just too many commercials and the same ones over and over. You have to have a cable or dish subscription so you are already a paying customer. Not sure why they need to chalk it full of ads and no option to buy out of them.
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4 years ago, Shmme5
Love the shows, hate the ads
I love the shows on this app and watch Th em often. However, the number of ads shown, in addition to how often these ads are shown over and over and over again is enough to make me want to delete the app and say, “forget it”. I don’t need to watch the same ad four or five times per show!! I’d be more than happy to pay to remove the ads. Is this possible? Thanks
Show more
1 year ago, Sister Ruby Hair
Frustration with ads…
The ads for shows run too often during the course of a program! That is why I opted for commercial free on Discovery+. There are things that I like to watch here that aren’t available on Discovery+, so I am forced to endure too many ads. Not even five minutes of the program,& 3 minutes of ads is too much. It deters me from watching for sure.
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5 years ago, kristyb33
Love the shows—commercials too frequent, too many
I watch HGTV on the app almost daily. But, the commercial cycles are ridiculous. 6 commercials in a set. And the same few commercials on a loop. I’ve literally watched certain commercials 100’s of times. As soon as I get back into the show, another round of commercials. I’ve turned it off sometimes in frustration. I’d totally pay to stream this app WITHOUT commercials.
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6 years ago, LMar0308
Updated - and now can’t watch anything
This app has been brilliant - my go-to at the end of the week. Until today, when I updated the app and now can’t watch anything. I sign in, but every show is locked. And there is no easy way to speak to someone to get this resolved.
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1 year ago, mucksnose
App locked me out
Shows I watched a week ago are now telling me the network isn’t in my tv package. But I can watch them if I go to the Spectrum app? Update: after troubleshooting and emailing with customer support, logging out of my tv provider and turning off “allow tv provider to access” for HGTV, the HGTV app allowed me to log on directly and I was able to watch again.
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