Hiatus: Bill and Money Manager

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Hiatus Inc.
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4 weeks ago
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16.0 or later
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User Reviews for Hiatus: Bill and Money Manager

4.16 out of 5
6.7K Ratings
7 years ago, BenjiRockford
Be Skeptical
UPDATE: The company contacted me within a reasonable period of time and investigated the issue. They discovered my cell phone provider did not adjust the bill (as they agreed to do so in its internal notes), and stated the discount should be reflected, which it then was. Thanks! I downloaded this app thinking that I wouldn’t receive any savings; however, the app evaluated my reoccurring expenses and noted it could potentially provide savings to my cable/internet and cell phone bill. The cell phone negotiation took a few days and the Hiatus rep stated I should notice the discount on my next bill. Hiatus then debited my account for half the discount. The bill for my cell phone dropped and there was no discount. I followed-up with the Hiatus rep and stated I would like a refund because the discount wasn’t reflected on my bill as promised. The Hiatus rep looked at my message, but did not respond. It has been over a day and I haven’t received a response. I was also told that my cable/internet bill would receive a discount, but the bill has not dropped, so I cannot yet say if I will get what I was promised. Be very skeptical about this app and their promises.
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7 years ago, EricaRussell
I was skeptical but...
My job requires that I have an unlimited internet data package, and my AT&T bill had gotten up to $175 a month. I have been searching for a way to lower it, as it was getting quite unmanageable. I learned about Hiatus through an ad on Instagram and, even though I didn’t believe it would really help, I gave it a try. In addition to pointing out a few iTunes Store subscriptions I forgot I was paying for, the app informed me that my phone bill was much higher than it probably should be. It asked if I would like the Hiatus team to negotiate with AT&T (on the condition that if they were able to save me money, they would receive half of the savings for the first year only) to try and lower my bill. I consented. A day or two later, I was notified that they had found $50 worth of internet data belonging to my iPad that I was never using and they asked if they could change the plan for the iPad from unlimited to 1GB, which is about how much I have been using each month (my phone package would stay the same), and I accepted. They saved me $600 a year. I still didn’t really believe it was true until I called to pay my past due AT&T bill and instead of the balance being $180 ($175 plus a late fee), it was $122. WHAT?! They really did negotiate with AT&T and it happened so fast that the bill, which was already past due, reflected the savings! I’m amazed and I am so thankful I found Hiatus! Thank you!!
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5 years ago, AngM627
Errors in service cost me big time
After downloading Hiatus I didn’t hear anything for a while. Then I got a message that they saved me $30 a month on my AT&T bill - $360 a year. And they were taking half of it now ($180). That was cool - but I didn’t realize they took it immediately. I went to look at my phone bill when it updated and it was $20 more than it had been. After messaging them they said that sometimes the companies aren’t honest and they end up charging more. After waiting several days I was informed that they made my Apple Watch a separate line which is what caused the rate increase. One of the people from Hiatus told me this was being taken care of. I asked, and there is no $30 a month savings now and I’m not eligible for any other savings at this time. Oh, and my $180 would take 7-10 days to be refunded. So, I’m down $180 for 7-10 more days, my cell phone bill won’t be fixed until April, so I’m down $20 for another month, and, the icing on the cake was that when I contacted AT&T to verify that they’d corrected my account they actually hadn’t and I had to wait on hold for several minutes to correct their mistake. I immediately deleted my account. I wouldn’t trust this app, but if you do, make sure to keep an eye on everything. My accounts will eventually even put but to have something like this happen, and only be fixed because I was watching like a hawk is unforgivable. They get a free $180 loan from me for about a month. Can I charge interest?
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7 years ago, whiterin
Customer service is the worst-update
After reading that they randomly charge you, I told them to stop negotiating for me and cancel it all, and they didn’t and WILL NOT respond to me! I’ve read other reviews and it appears that the savings charges and charges from your bill do not line up and will go for 12 months, even if the savings negotiated was for less than that time frame. I’m NOT OKAY with paying with the savings is over or on any date that does not correspond with my bills! They should be more clear about that! UPDATE They finally responded and cancelled for me, but they had already negotiated. They said that they will just let me keep the six months of savings without charging me for them. We’ll see how it goes...I definitely cannot afford the random charges others have complained of or the charges past the savings date.
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7 years ago, tracileabee
Works Exactly As Stated
First, yes, negotiating your various bills and subscription rates down is something really anyone can/could do for oneself & all the personal financial advice people will tell you to do so. But it is somewhat easier said than done and I really hate trying to navigate customer service phone bank hell. I also work long hours, at night, and am unable to make personal calls at work so finding time to do this for myself is also a pain. So anyhow, I downloaded the app right before I went to sleep and within a few hours I woke up to 3 notifications that they’d found savings of just under $1000 for me over the course of a year. So, yeah, super!! Ummm, yes, they make money by charging you 50% of the amount saved - it’s disclosed right there in black & white, plain English, so I don’t know how people are surprised or somehow don’t understand how it works. Of course I do wish it were a smaller percentage cut but I’m still saving a decent amount over time. Also, I’ve verified savings with all 3 accounts (AT&T UVerse, Verizon, SiriusXM). Thanks y’all!
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5 years ago, ak.taylor
Total lack of transparency.
While they successfully managed to “save” me a little bit on my Verizon bill, what they failed to do was be honest about their services. To call themselves a FREE service is dishonest. When dealing with people’s money, the need to be completely open about the way things work is necessary. Instead of letting me know what they would be taking from me, they informed of what they would be saving me over the course of a year. That may be all well and good, but not letting your customers know what will be automatically drawn out of your account as a result of those “savings” is wrong and displays a lack of honesty. In trying to talk with someone, I was told that all communications are done by email and that I couldn’t talk to an actual person. Once again, you’re dealing with people’s finances. If they’d like to have a conversation with you about what is happening with THEIR money, the option to speak with a customer representative at least during regular business hours should absolutely be available. The woman I did communicate with via email did nothing for me other than copy and paste some information from their website and then cease to respond to my concerns. This feels way more like a scam than something that helps people.
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6 years ago, Kjones3372
Don’t do it!!!!
First off, they have since changed the screen shots on how this app works. When I installed it, it showed text communications allowing you to accept or decline and the terms. Not the case at all! Offered to negotiate my a dish network bill for me. I did not understand the “savings” I would receive over the entire year, that half of that value was due to them in a one time payment immediately. Unfortunately my family lives paycheck to paycheck and anything I think will save us money I try. Not the case here. I’ve been charged $159 for their portion and in process all they did was cut my programming to the minimum and cancel my local channels. I was sent an email from them, which is sent in fine print by the way, that according to Dish there is a piece of equipment connected to my TV that I’m not supposed to have or be charged for. Totally false!!!! I’ve emailed their support address with no response. I don’t know how this is rated at 4.4 stars. Like another reviewer, I would give this a ZERO if I could. One star is overly generous. I only hope they will respond and refund my money. My family cannot afford this. This is fraudulent in my opinion but obviously has helped someone to get the rating they have. Not worth it!!!!
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6 years ago, ammusic27
App does not provide user with all necessary information
I love the idea of this app, and they did succeed in lowering my AT&T bill by $120 a year. I haven’t received my monthly statement from AT&T yet, so I can’t speak as to whether the changes will be included on this bill or not. The way it works is that Hiatus collects 50% of the savings for the first year. So for me, since they saved me $120, that would be $60 paid to Hiatus. I assumed that this amount would be broken down into monthly payments, but I was charged the entire $60 at once. I feel that this was not adequately explained prior to lowering the bill. I sent a message to inquire and it took them about 2 days to respond. They told me that if the amount owed to Hiatus is over $100, there is a payment plan available, BUT you have to request it within 72 hours and there is a 9$ admin fee. Again, this was not made clear prior to lowering the bill. At this point, I think the app is a cool concept but would advise other users to proceed with caution and read the fine print, as some aspects of the process are not made obvious.
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4 years ago, HelpingHound
Great service saved me $$$
I downloaded the app and requested a negotiation to lower my cell phone bill. Then I completely forgot about it. I get a text this morning asking if I’d like to save money on my cell phone bill. I said of course! Well Hiatus negotiated a credit and a significant cut in my phone costs. They saved me $70 or so dollars a month and the credit I received is going to mostly cover the next bill! This is the important part I learned today. The first negotiation is free. The fee is $7 to $10 a month depending on the plan you choose. This cell phone bill was my first negotiation request. I keep the entire credit. Hiatus will receive 50% of all future savings from successful negations. If this cell phone bill negotiation hadn’t been my first free negotiation and Hiatus had taken 50% of my savings I would still have come out ahead because my future bills have been so drastically reduced. Make sure what you are going to pay a bill negotiator makes sense for your situation. Your paying someone to do the talking to save you money. If someone offered to do that for free I would be suspicious. The app. It’s useful, uncomplicated, shows me banking activity at a glance but not in great detail. The categories don’t always make sense for my spending but the numbers are correct so I’m happy. Over all very satisfied with the service even if the fee structure isn’t as clear as it could be.
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7 years ago, barbuty family
Poor service, doesn’t do what it’s supposed to
While this app was helpful in seeing all of my subscriptions in one place it took a lot of effort to get them to show up and to get all of my account verified. The app seemed very slow like it couldn’t quite handle what I was asking of it and there was a lot of backing out and retrying - just in the initial setup. I hadn’t looked at it in awhile and I guess some of my verifications needed to be updated, so I attempted to do this and nothing would show up on the screen and then I would get error messages. Finally I got a message that basically said I needed to do some sort of total reset with the verifications but didn’t tell me how to do that and I wasn’t able to find anywhere to do it. I tried to contact support and they never responded. Unfortunately before I deleted my account I tried to have them negotiate my phone bill. They never came back to me about it but I have a feeling after reading these other reviews that they are going to charge me anyways. This had the potential to be a really handy app but the poor service and the fact that they simply aren’t going to do what they say is incredibly disappointing.
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6 years ago, blville
A waste of time...don’t even bother!!!
At first it sounded like a good deal. They negotiated my account with SiriusXM. Said I would be saving over $100 for the year. You do have to give Hiatus half of the savings up front, which they didn’t waste any time taking. I was told it might take a month or two for it to for the lower payments to kick in, so I was patient. After still not seeing my saving after month 4 I contacted Diann who said they would reach back out to SiriusXM....When she contacted me again she informs me that my cheaper payments didn’t start because I didn’t pay using automatic draft. I have all my correspondences with the hiatus company and no where in any of these does it say it has to be paid by automatic draft. She did say that they tried to set it up again but the card I have on file didn’t go through. I have a card on file because I have too, but I pay the bill with a different card, again because the very important information about paying with automatic draft was never shared with me. I am surprised that I received my refund for the amount they took out of my account already and that is probably why I gave them that 1 star!!
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6 years ago, Xoxosash56
I would give zero stars if I could, all I ended up with was a huge headache & hassle. They “negotiated” my sprint bill, okay cool.. I got an email from them stating I’d be saving $25/month & they would be charging me the 50% fee from that savings which would equally $175 total for 12 months. Sounded good to me.. I’d still be saving money, right? Wrong. They failed to mention that they altered my plan, and from doing so it canceled out other promotions and savings I was already receiving.. I only figured this out after taking it upon myself to contact sprint to make sure everything went smoothly. So basically, I was going to be paying the $175 fee yet not saving a cent after all is said and done, they don’t thoroughly go through the details with your service provider which in my opinion is horrible, I’m so glad I checked for myself! Currently in the process of trying to reverse the negotiation and make sure they don’t charge my card the $175. Please do yourself a favor, contact your providers yourself, most times they are willing to work with you and provide any current discounts or promotions to save you some $. It’s unnecessary to have a middle man, in all honesty.
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1 year ago, Um12457
Reoccurring scam
I don’t know how they get away with what they do, their better business bureau page is filled with the same complaints with what happened to me. I downloaded once and canceled immediately as I did not find it helpful, regardless I have been charged $10 every month. It happened to other countless people and they are still somehow business. Their customer service refuses to help, in better business bureau page they conveniently reply to every single person we tried to refund you but couldn’t contact us, somehow they tried and couldn’t all of these people? Does not add up. Not one person worked for them to refund the money they have been stealing?? Be very aware of this shady company. Do not download their app because somehow they will con you into signing up and you have close whole bank account like me to stop the charges. To respond to their reply: I did reach out and you do not help, you pretend nothing like you don’t know what I am talking about when there’s hundreds reviews of people with the same issue. So don’t try to pretend your support cares or does anything
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2 years ago, lovingChef
I’ll find out
So I just got the app cause The ad 😭 I went t connect my cashapp to find so far not supported! Disappointing since I use that as my main card so if I end up having a subscription I forgot about or one I just don’t know how to disable then I can keep my card locked until I need it. I’ve been locking and unlocking my card for a while not thought the app would help. Ofc I added my main bank and it’s talking bout lowering my AT&T bill but from some reviews I chose not to do anything with that plus I’m not on my own plan so I just give my mom the $ makes it cheaper anyway judging from the reviews It was a good idea. Anyway in reviews hopefully the company will add cashapp card as one cause I have countless stuff I signed up for an forgot about so way too many things I need to cancel (if only I knew what) eventually if anything bad happens through the app I’ll update my review 🤷🏽‍♀️. Mmmm I clicked the $7 a month now I can’t find where to cancel it! (We will see if I can)
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7 years ago, Upsetfbuser25764
RUN the other way!! Fast!
I started seeing people post about this app and thought maybe I’ll check it out... well, they did manage to find me savings on my cell phone bill but I’ll tell you what they don’t.. they find the cheapest alternative for your plan, not the best one that suits your needs. They changed my plan so drastically that I have lost so much of my time and money and they don’t seem to care about any of it. I’m now paying $100/month for a phone that has data so slow I could drive to the library and find the information faster than it is pulling up on my phone.. they will also make changes without you accepting or declining.. I said “decline” once I learned about how terrible the data speed was that they went ahead and changed my phone plan AND charged me on their behalf. I have spent hours trying to get my plan changed back and my cell phone provider just can’t do it because the features I had are no longer an option. I’m furious and the idiots at hiatus will do nothing to make it right. I have hired an attorney at this point. Please run the other direction and get this company shut down!!! Thieves!
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4 years ago, Janty Shmanty
Eh... don’t waste your money.
Spent $7 to have them negotiate my Verizon bill while ensuring me that they could save me money. It took them a week and a half to get back to me and say that I am already getting the best deal there is. So, my bill didn’t lower. They also have an option of helping you lower your auto insurance. There is a short questionnaire that you fill out and at the end, there are suggestions on who might save you money yet the links would never work. Instead, I was getting numerous phone calls and texts from people of other insurance companies wanting to offer me a quote. I thought the point of this app was for YOU guys to do the work. Well, reluctantly, I spoke with someone for 10-15 minutes who quoted me $60 higher for the exact auto insurance I have. No thanks. So, this app did not do what it said it would do. After that, I really just wasn’t interested in seeing what else they offered. I’m not even going to fight them for a refund because other reviews have said it’s almost impossible to get a refund. So, not worth my time.
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5 years ago, Kubrick4277
While Helpful With Bills, 50% Of Savings Is A Lot
I signed up to try it out thinking why not. In retrospect, I should have paid closer attention to the part where it says “you agree to pay Hiatus 50% of what you save” as they managed to lower one of my bills by $120 over a 12 month period. I cancelled before they found a way to lower my bill as I had attempted to do so on my own and was only minimally successful (I don’t think I inquired about the Internet with DirecTV, just the TV programming so they didn’t feel the need to inform me of other savings options). Anyway, instead of saving $120, I got charged $60 today (no more than a week after signing up for Hiatus). So they made their money. They still got me savings of $60 over the next 12 months...but I think Hiatus would be more successful if they lowered their percentage of what they get for helping people lower their bills. 50% of the savings is a lot especially if they take it out in one lump sum and the savings comes in increments over a year.
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5 years ago, rocket32698
This app automatically scanned all my stuff and automatically started lowering bill negotiations which I failed to understand would all be automatic so instead of giving me a final warning that I would be charged $250 immediately. So after writing SEVERAL emails to this JOKE of a company I finally received emails back saying there was nothing I could do and I would have to start a payment plan which I reluctantly agreed to thinking that maybe my bill would actually be reduced but my cell phone bill hasn’t gone down ONE CENT and to make it even worse after the initial issue I asked that my account be cancelled and closed out and all my information removed. But somehow I am receiving an email from them again saying that my account is about to auto renew on the 28th and it’s showing information from my new card that I just got a week ago and have most DEFINITELY not entered into their system. I’ve been emailing them all week and still haven’t received a single respond. They don’t answer their phones all they are here for is to steal your information and your money DO NOT USE
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4 years ago, Amill1776
They steal your money
I signed up, paid the $10 for it in May. It didn’t do anything and “couldn’t find” anything to negotiate so I canceled. In June I was charged the $10 again and figured that I just hadn’t canceled in enough time to not be charged the $10. Nope now on month 5 and I’m STILL being charged for the app monthly, I have no access to my account being told that I don’t have an account by the app and the website, and when I contacted their customer service they requested the screen shots I took and when I gave them the screenshots they kept telling me I was just “logging on wrong” and to try it again and cancel it myself, when I explained that I’ve been trying to cancel it and that’s why I contacted them they told me “we’re sorry to see you go, here are the steps to do it yourself” so now I don’t know if they actually have canceled my account or if I’ll be charged again next month. I have half a mind to show all the same screenshots I have sent them to my bank and report them as fraud, since without my consent they have continued to charge me after I ended my account.
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6 years ago, 19Hrob89
Be Skeptical
I was skeptical at first, and it turns out my skepticism was warranted. When the Hiatus team “negotiated” my ATT bill in the middle of a billing cycle I was pro-rated for the data that was used, and was told that I would see a credit on my next bill. I accepted this as it seems fair, although I did not like it since my bill had gone up nearly $90 for that cycle. Hiatus then took their portion of the yearly savings, again I understand they have to get paid. However, once the next billing cycle came up(current billing cycle) there is NO CREDIT, and my wireless bill is HIGHER than it was before any of the negotiations!! I took screen caps and sent them to Diann, who I don’t think has even looked at them yet. After days of not hearing from her, I opened a chat with Diann, Todd, and Nicholas. It has been 3 days and they have not even looked at my messages. Hoping this 1-Star review will get some attention to my issue. Note:I have ATT, and DirecTV, I understand Hiatus negotiates for the entire account. I have not received my DirecTV bill yet, but once I do I will provide them with that information as well.
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5 years ago, Goodieoneone
This is a scam
In the agreement when you set up your account you are informed that the company will act on your behalf, but no changes will be made without your permission. After I received a proposal email that had no professional formatting at all and then a follow up saying to disregard the previous one I became skeptical. Research online showed many people have problems with this, all similar to mine. I declined the proposed negotiations and closed my account. Two business days later I was charged $250. I contacted their customer support and they said that I had agreed to the terms and this was their fee. This all happened after I had received a cancellation email from them. I went to AT&T to check my account, the notes stated that a Hiatus employee posed as myself and try to make changes to the account. They did not have all my security information so they were not able to do so. Hiatus is claiming that they did make changes without my permission and that is what the fee is for. I have disputed this charge with my bank. I am reporting them to the FCC and the Better Business Bureau.
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6 years ago, enjoyErica
Do Not Download This App!
Beware of this type of money saving. If you really needed to save money go elsewhere. They charge you for saving it! If I need to save money, why am I paying it to them? Do your own research and negotiations for free. Don’t trust this app. They made a mistake with with negotiating my phone bill and they removed a line of service(which they clearly said they won’t do in faq and terms of of service) which I needed and they still are trying to charge me. When I explained this to them they had two people try to reverse the error, but they said that I have to pay them anyway. For what! They are not a customer based company because they only apologized that I wasn’t satisfactory with their service. I used the service to attempt to lower my phone bill and they removed a line that I needed. They had two people to try and reverse the error and now they keep trying to charge me 245 dollars! Customer support takes forever to get back to you, and I’ve left several messages, no one has contacted me, They just keep trying to charge my card. Stay away!!!!!
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4 years ago, queenvofphx
VERY limited features without purchase
Seems like this app has potential to be a very useful and insightful app. Although, I can’t say for sure because they want you to sign up for a $9.99/mo subscription to access any of their features. They do not offer any kind of trial to see if it’s something you’d be interested in. The ONLY thing you can use this app for without making any kind of purchase is link your accounts to it using Plaid and see a grouped list of your purchases from all of your spending accounts. EVERY SINGLE FEATURE OUTSIDE OF THE ABOVE MENTIONED IS ONLY ACCESSIBLE WITH A SUBSCRIPTION. So unfortunately I’ll be deleting the app. Which is really unfortunate because like I’ve said, it seems to have great potential to be a fantastic app. My suggestion for the devs: 🔹 If you’re going to limit every feature, that would make this app even the slightest bit useful, until a subscription has been purchased then I’d suggest either offering a 3-7 day (atleast) trial first OR make this a paid app so we can purchase it once and be done with it. It’s incredibly misleading to offer this as a free app with a subscription if you’re going to limit every feature until a subscription has been purchased. So maybe I will circle back to this in a few months and see if any changes have been implemented. It would be great to see the full power of this app before coughing up my hard earned money. Until then, this app has been deleted. Thanks!
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6 years ago, JFaye110
Fraud with 0 customer service support
They claimed to lower my centurylink bill by $300 for the year so they auto charged me $150. Despite me telling them up front that I was moving in 2 months (but that isn’t the real issue here). I contacted centurylink right away to see about the bill change and they informed me nothing was changed, nor could anybody change it but me because they do not have my security question answers (social security number etc..) The only way to contact Hiatus is via chat on their website, which a lot of the time is not even available. I spoke with Diann who just kept repeating that she would recontact centurylink and then kept quoting the terms and conditions even though they did not hold up their end of it all. The conversation ended with her telling me a manager would contact me to help me with my issue, nobody ever contacted me. I tried to chat with them again the next day and nobody would respond. Tried again today and it’s the same thing. They’ve gotten my $150 for doing nothing and now I’m shut out.
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10 months ago, chuumins
I don’t remember downloading this app or making an account with them and if I did the account is no longer there and has sense been deleted, I have been getting 10 dollars taken from my bank account every month. I have tried forgot password for all my emails and none are connected to this app, I have gone through all my emails for anything related to Hiatus and nothing. I have tried disputing and blocking the charges with my bank but I just got ANOTHER charge today after doing that a few days ago so I had to go to the bank AGAIN and file another dispute for fraudulent charges. I have tried calling the number associated with this app and no answer, it’s just endless waiting. Don’t download this app and save yourself some money and trouble because they will take money from you even if you do not have an account, even if you close your account they will take your money 🥲 I am probably going to have to close my entire bank account over this
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5 years ago, Dmarie2313
STOP!!! Don’t trust this service!
Update: after making a complaint with the customer support, Diann from Hiatus wanted to argue with me over email regarding the issue that they had to have used my bank routing information to charge their donation. When I entered in a credit card for that donation. Now it seems my accounts are being accessed by random users and devices. This service is fraudulent. DON’T give them access to your information! I signed up for this service thinking it was worth a try. What I didn’t know was that they would identify a joint bank account I have with my husband and charge that before I had an opportunity to set an account for their ‘donation’. Then when they negotiate on your behalf they aren’t clear and don’t provide any information on payment plans if it’s a large amount of savings. Your better off calling and negotiating your own plan. Talking half of what they negotiate is why they are so motivated to get it as low as possible. Definitely not worth the risk of your personal information.
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6 years ago, MattBloom19
I was Overcharged by Hiatus and NO REFUND
The service worked in the sense that they got a $25/month discount off my ATT bill for a year so they immediately took their half = $150. They gave me no information on whether it was my internet to my direct TV or when I should expect to see the change. It took a month or more before I saw a bill which reflected the change at which point I realized I will only get $25 off for 10 months because that’s when my contract is up with direct tv at which point I plan to end the service. I messaged Hiatus and asked for my $25 back that they owe me and they told me that when my contract ends I can email them proof and then they will send me my refund. Well how nice of them to keep my $25 for 10 months. Why do they think they should get paid for discounts that go beyond my actual contract?! How about since I’m the customer, I decide in 10 months if I want to renew with direct tv and if I want to use Hiatus in that process which up until this I probably would have done. Now I will no longer use Hiatus.
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6 years ago, Mick Dullen
Some hassles, but ultimately saved money
Overall, I recommend this app, but make sure to double check your plans with your providers a few days after negotiations conclude. I caught 2 errors: 1. The reported savings on my cable bill came back wrong, it vastly overestimated my savings. Customer service at Hiatus cleared this up right away. Ended up saving a solid $10 a month. 2. My cell phone plan got changed to a more expensive plan. Hiatus claims that this was a mistake on my provider’s end. I believe them. After sending some screen grabs to Hiatus, this was cleared up as well. Unfortunately, I did not get any savings here. I want to point out that customer service is done via a chat box. You aren’t going to get resolutions immediately, but they do follow up with you within a reasonable amount of time (that day/next day). It also looks like one rep gets assigned to your case, not a different person every time. In that regard, it’s way better than a 1800 support line where you have to re-explain yourself over and over. My rep was very good. She gave clear and thorough explanations.
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4 years ago, kimig86
Absolute waste of money!!!
The free version of this app doesn’t provide any information. The version that you pay for claims to help you find ways to save money or even start budgeting. The platform is very unorganized and doesn’t provide you any information that logging into your bank accounts online doesn’t already do. In other words if you can login to your bank account and look at what you’ve spent money on in the last month that’s all this app does. It also claims that it can save you money by negotiating with services you have. It doesn’t. You’re paying $10/mo for absolutely nothing. On top of all this every time I open the app I have to retype all of my information to login. It doesn’t save the email and it doesn’t link to your “saved passwords” on your phone. So if you use a long or encrypted password you have to remember every number letter and punctuation and type it every time. I’ve never written reviews for apps but people need to know this app is a waste of time, effort and money.
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4 weeks ago, Bri Reilly
Definitely not worth it
I got the app and set up an account and did the subscription that from my understanding I would be charged $4/month for a total of $48 if I had it for a year which I thought was a good deal but the app was not at all what I expected and in less than an hour of setting up the account I cancelled the subscription and closed the account as it’s not something I would be using any further.. the next day I was charged an entire years worth ($48) for the subscription even though my account subscription was canceled and account disconnected… I would understand being charged the $4 for the month if I had access to it for the month after cancelling but that was not the case and they charged me for the entire year and once the subscription was cancelled I lost immediate access to everything included in the subscription instead of being able to use for the rest of the month and only be charged $4….
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1 year ago, SaraJ359
Whatever you do DON’T USE HIATUS!!!
I downloaded this app to help me budget myself and keep better track of where my money was going. While making the account not once did it have me select a certain tier or tell me that I would be getting charged $10 a month for it. I reached out to them asking why they charged me and they said I signed up for premium status (which I would have never agreed to if fully aware) the lady who helped me said she went ahead and canceled premium for me, but when I went to deactivate my account a few days later, it said I still have premium status. Even after trying to cancel multiple times, it STILL says I have premium status. Now I’m starting to believe that I never accidentally selected premium and that the hiatus team goes right ahead to do it for you. Have tried reaching out about it again, but the help chat says there was no one online available. Save yourself the hassle and DON’T download hiatus.
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6 years ago, ThatSocialKev
I used this app to hopefully set up a better financial situation for myself, but I neglected to read the terms, they saved be $200 a year on my phone bill. Like $8 a month, cool just some change, but they also took a 50% cut of savings, I had expected it would be per month I would pay them but nope, they took their cut now, all $100 of it, and the reason why I use this app is to help me with my spending, I’m not made of money. So what they did is they require you to set up payment plans within 72 hours, once I agreed to this new phone billing they didn’t charge me until 5 days after agreeing to the new phone bill, making sure you aren’t able to set up that payment plan. Well luckily they were able to split up the payment in two- but for a $9 fee. That’s disappointing to be schemed out of money because you happened to not read the terms. Please save yourself some heart ache and money by not using this app.
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6 years ago, SkaTdub
Buyer Beware!
Hey Apple, if you’re reading this, kick Hiatus off the App Store as they are a very deceitful, fraudulent company. I only chose one star because the App Store forced me! Hiatus has earned zero stars! Read their fine print! They sent me an email claiming to have “saved” me money off my monthly AT&T bill. Fine print states Hiatus gets half of all savings, and they don’t take it from the monthly savings like you would assume. Instead, like a fly by night startup, they swoop in and withdraw their half of the total amount to be saved up-front. In my fraudulent case, according to an email I received from Hiatus, I supposedly saved $900 over a year, as a result of their negotiating, and they were trying to bill me their half ($450) up-front! I personally called AT&T to ensure this did not actually take place and to lock down my account. There was absolutely no record of any activity on my account, despite Hiatus’ false claims. Buyer Beware! Read the other reviews and educate yourself before downloading Hiatus.
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5 years ago, Big Daddy68!
What an App!
While reading the Pennyhoarder blog, they mentioned the benefit of downloading the Hiatus app to save money. I reluctantly downloaded it and was cautious when asked to input all my current bills and banking info. Within 2 days, Hiatus staff had already analyzed my info and a shared that three bills could be reduced immediately. They clearly listed the annual savings while reminding me of the 50 percent charge due to Hiatus. I gave my approval for the lowering of all the bills and gladly split the savings w/ Hiatus. I wish I’d had this app sooner as I’m sure I’ve overpaid for cellphone, cable and goods and services for years. Get this app and start saving today! By the way, the staff contacting me via text or email are always professional, precise and are willing to answer any questions.
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6 years ago, PissingMeOff
It’s true! They really do save you money!!
I found out about Hiatus through an ad and was a bit skeptical about their service. I read the reviews on here and decided to give them a chance. Right away the first thing that I was alerted on was my AT&T bill, and I thought I was already getting a great deal. Well, I gave them permission to negotiate with AT&T my bill with the stipulation that my service not be affected to lower my bill... Well, less than one hour later they delivered! I was already getting a great deal, Unlimited service, early upgrades, free unlimited personal hotspot, etc... aaaaand they still found a way to lower my bill an extra $120 a year! Wam 💥 Bam 💥❗️Thank you Ma’am! It’s quick, it’s easy but, most importantly it works!
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4 years ago, ChadwickRay
Not worth the time
I downloaded this app after being furloughed and then laid off from my job due to COVID-19 in an effort to minimize or reduce my monthly bills. I don’t have a ton of bills, but hoped maybe they could negotiate some of them to a lower cost for me. I paid the $9.99 for a month, but after realizing that I had my bills and subscriptions under decent control, I canceled my future payments through the app. I was informed, via the app, I would not be billed beyond that cycle as all future payments should be canceled until I restarted them again. Then... I was billed for the next month anyway. I decided to check, it still showed canceled, so I deactivated my account and contacted the support email address. Here is where I got super upset. They responded back with “was this subscription started through Apple?” It was started through the app, on my Apple iPhone, so sorta? But I canceled it through the app, why is it not canceled? Oh, because they wanted you to then cancel it A SECOND TIME through the iCloud subscription page, yet they NEVER prompted, informed, nor hinted this step was to be done, much less mandatory. Dear App, Hiatus, and any future apps. Please make the subscription payments and cancelations easy and seamless. We should not have to cancel the same purchase in 2 or more locations. It is unfair to us as consumers, and confusing.
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2 years ago, Menotfound
Do not use!!
Ok, so I thought this was pretty good, right? So I installed it, probably just like you. It literally didn’t help me at all and their was a go premium button. So I clicked it and then it gave me all the tips. But in return, it took $7 out of my bank account every month without even telling it to me. Now look, if you want the help for your money and saving it, if you don’t buy that premium it is better and you will save more money. Now I tried to cancel my premium membership but their was no button for that, their was no costumer service, no help, no nothing. So I though I should delete my account and it won’t take out money right? NOPE! Even though I deleted my account, it is still charging me $7 per month. The only way is to call your bank and tell them about this and they removing it for you. This has been my worst choice I have ever made, to buy the premium membership.
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6 years ago, Maryjaneweedman
Changed my plan without my explicit permission
This app is well designed and it is mostly not too buggy about picking up on monthly subscriptions, though it didn't find a couple subscriptions. It's helpful to see them all but I wouldn't let them negotiate my bills in the future. My cell phone plan was changed, though the FAQ says plans won't be changed. I asked in support why it was changed—from 12 GB data per month to 5 GB—and was told it wasn't a plan change since they'd only changed my data. I did "save" money but now I'm just changing it back so it doesn't matter; ie I was "saving" by ... getting a worse product. I asked for the change to be reversed and the support agent, who was nice and polite, said he could call back and might do it anyway since Verizon seemed to understand the change differently than he did. But then I lost track of the message and the agent never followed up. It slipped my mind (partly my fault but this is supposed to be the point of this app, right, helping you notice billing things that might otherwise slip your mind). I messaged again on December 24 to follow up, totally understand it's the holidays but I hadn't heard back by January 2. I followed up that morning (today) but haven't heard back immediately. I've been dealing with Verizon myself instead.
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2 years ago, Patrick S.R.
Absolute Scam
I registered with Hiatus in 2020 and after a few months realized it wasn’t for me so I deactivated my account. Unbeknownst to me, Hiatus actually had 2 accounts registered to my email, one of them having my own name… the other had the name “cus_GYYAkcSaKmmyUI”… obviously anyone looking at that would see it’s a system error and that there was no way for the user to know that when they deactivate an account a ghost account may still exist. Fast forward 2 years and I am still being charged and Hiatus will not refund me the 2 years of subscription fees I’ve been charged. Do not download this app. Run away. Update: After reiterating my issue to them, they’ve agreed to refund me via PayPal. I still do not recommend this company, but I’m changing this from 1 to 2 stars since they did the right thing and were responsive to emails.
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5 years ago, KY7171974
I saw an ad an Facebook for this app. I created an account and linked some of my accounts. They wanted me to link my AT&T account but I couldn’t because I did not know my password. I decided to cancel my hiatus account several minutes after setting up account because it seemed like a hassle. A screen popped up saying “Sorry to see you go! Your account is scheduled for deletion”. I deleted the app and thought that was the end of it. Four days later I get an email from hiatus saying they have successfully negotiated my AT&T bill down $1020 a year and that they will be taking $510 out of my bank account! What?? I thought I cancelled my account. After many emails back and forth they say I didn’t cancel until the day I got the email, conveniently 2 hours after they “negotiated my bill” with AT&T. I have emailed several times to get a payment plan since they are forcing me to pay them $510 with no response. DO NOT use hiatus!!
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2 years ago, dee333x2
I never write reviews. This app changed that. When I downloaded this app it was only for the subscription cancellation feature. After installing I found out you had to get a premium account to do this. Thinking it would save me money in the long run I signed up and payed the $9.99 thinking I’d cancel my subscriptions and just not renew it next month as that is all I needed. After buying the premium membership I went to cancel my subscription and all it does is give you instructions on how to cancel the subscriptions. I was seriously disappointed by this and immediately canceled my subscription. I reached out to their customer support for a refund as I used the app for less then 5 minutes, I got an email saying a representative would respond shortly. That was yesterday, still no word from them. Listen to the bad reviews on this one and please don’t install!
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4 years ago, OhBrutha
Unauthorized Charges
I intentionally selected the free (limited feature) version of the app, to try it for a few days. This is customary for me, as I am an Accountant & operate a strict, single-parent budget. To my dismay, they charged me for premium service anyway. There was no indication of an upgraded, as the features in my app did not change, but the charge was taken from my account less than 2-days after setting up the free app. I contacted them immediately (through the app Support link & direct email). Cancellation was confirmed, but after 9 message exchanges they keep avoiding the refund request. Therefore, I have paid for premium service for an app that provided little more than 24 hours of account balances. The app has a good concept, but my trust was breached immediately, preventing any further interest in evaluating the service. I do not customarily write reviews, but repeated attempts to settle this privately have been ignored.
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6 years ago, cloud_dizzle
Do the work yourself.
People just put a little effort in yourself and you can save the money this app would save you and you won’t have to pay them the 50%. Per their terms “If Hiatus reduces the cost of the specific bills Hiatus negotiates for you,​ you agree to pay us, and we will​ automatically collect, 50% of the annualized savings via the payment method that ​is on file with Hiatus. For example, if we successfully negotiate a $10 per month reduction in your bill, Hiatus will charge you $60 upon completion of the negotiation” They are not doing anything magical. They look at your cell bill, internet, etc and see where you can lower your plan and save money. You can do this too. Look back for a few months at your cell and see if you use 2gb of data or less a month and you are on an unlimited plan then lower your plan to 2gb and save money. They don’t have any magical bill lowering powers that you don’t.
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6 years ago, Mw1604
Maybe it will work for you!
This app popped up in my feed so I read the reviews and thought I would check it out. I highly recommend reading the negative reviews thoroughly and pay attention to the developer’s responses. After setting up my account I was prompted to link my bank account to find subscriptions. Due to the positive reviews I wasn’t to worried giving them this information this is where the problems started. Initially after entering my account information it kept giving me error messages that my bank information was incorrect or couldn’t be contacted and to try again later. It never accepted my login information. I went to try again a couple days later and it said I had already linked my account even though previously all I got was error messages, but said there were no subscriptions. I decided to reach out to customer support and was contacted by “Tom.” He stated it could just be my bank and to log out and bank in. He said give it a couple of days and try again. This was basically his response every time I talked with him it also took sometime for him to respond. I finally decided to erase my account and move on. This app has worked for a lot people per the reviews, but based off my experience there is a lot of merit to the negative ones.
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6 years ago, Cksgg
Absolute garbage, support is useless
I was so excited to download and start using this app, but after trying daily for the last three weeks, I’ve been completely unable to even link my bank account. I’ve reached out 7 times to Tom who has either ignored my request for assistance or told me to “try logging out and then back in,” as if I haven’t tried that a million times since I downloaded it. A week ago Tom told me the “tech team” was trying to find a solution for me, but I never received any additional information for three days. When I followed up again, he told me to “try logging out and logging back in. Sometimes it’s as simple as that!” Well it’s not. Maybe if the app’s developers could actually help me, I would recommend this, but this has been the most unbelievably frustrating experience. I would NOt recommend anyone else waste their time and be treated so poorly but the reps.
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6 years ago, barnettd
HORRIBLE!!!!! - Filing a lawsuit
So we got this app, and they claimed to be able to save us $540 on our AT&T bill, they deducted $270 from our bank account a few days later! I asked them what had changed on our plan to reduce the monthly bill by $45/mo, they could not provide me any information on what changed. Needless to say I got a hold of AT&T to find out what change took place and come to find out they completely altered our entire cell phone plan AND removed the insurance on our phones for all lines! This goes against their terms and conditions where they state they do not change your plan!!!! Thank god I caught this in time before someone damaged or lost their phone! But now Hiatus is ignoring all email communication, refusing to refund our money (since we had to add back the insurance they unlawfully removed). We have contacted an attorney and are working on issuing a civil lawsuit against them.
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1 year ago, ku$hqueen419
This app has been a nightmare
I downloaded the app to try it out a few months ago and while signing up for the account I accidentally started a free trial. I went with it thinking it was okay since i wanted to try it out anyways and i could always cancel if i didnt like it. Well thats not what happened because even after trying to contact their “costumer service” which btw they can only be contacted through email or the app, i cannot cancel this purchase. I tried to cancel thru my appstore, it doesnt even show up on the list, same thing with my apple purchases yet im still being charged each month. I tried to login to the app to contact costumer service and its legit not letting me sign in. I JUST WANT TO CANCEL MY SUBSCRIPTION IM PAYING MONTHLY N I CANT EVEN LOG IN!!! I wish these reviews would allow pictures because i have screen shots!!!
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6 years ago, Frankiestein22
Thoroughly impressed
I was optimistic Hiatus would negotiate some savings for my Uverse bill, and they did, saving me $360 for the year (of which Hiatus will keep 50% as payment). When my Verizon bill was flagged for being too high, I thought it was unlikely they would actually get me a discount, as I already have a generous corporate discount on my account. They proved me wrong! $144 in full year savings! Keeping half of the savings for the first year can feel steep, but considering the fact I didn't even think there was savings to be had with my Verizon bill and I didn't have to deal with Uverse customer service at all, I am all good with their 50% share. They earned it. 😊
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6 years ago, Queeahvuh
Non-Responsive Support
Update: My issue was finally resolved and I received a refund. I still stand my my original recommendation that you should not use this app. Even though my issue was resolved, the response from Support was brief, unapologetic, and unprofessional. Do not trust Hiatus to be good stewards of your money. I was told my cell phone plan was renegotiated to a plan that would have 10GB of data. Several weeks later, I received a confirmation from my provider that I'm now on a 5GB plan. This absolutely does not suit my needs and it's not what I agreed to. I contacted support through the app and through email and have not received a single response. Today, I received a notice from my provider that my plan was reverted to the original. They informed me Hiatus called to to this without my consent. Hiatus needs to provide a refund for what they have charged me considering they did not do as promised.
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5 years ago, Becksharp
Don’t use this service
I am so beyond angry with this service. Unless you dig into the fine print of how they get paid they are not honest with you. It says they take 50% of what is saved, I thought that meant they would take 50 % of the credit being given every month which I was fine with. No, they take it automatically out of your bank account and in my situation was $110 all at once and since I am waiting on my paycheck and live paycheck to paycheck it overdrafted my account and now I will have to pay those fees. And on top of that they don’t reply right away so now I am stuck with this problem until they reply and from other reviews I doubt they will be helpful. I wish I would have read the negative reviews on this service before I started it but thought it would be nice to see if I could save some money, not be completely screwed out of it.
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