Hidden Objects: Puzzle Games

4.6 (226K)
460.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
Azur Interactive Games Limited
Last update
3 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Hidden Objects: Puzzle Games

4.59 out of 5
226K Ratings
3 months ago, Kimmy1809
Loooove this game
This game is awesome. I even told my Fiance about the game and he loves it and he is playing now. The only thing is when u first start playing u don’t notice the Special circular thing u have to find in each level to move up to the different explorer levels. I think I was up to level 50 when I noticed it kept saying 0/10 find for the special character thing but I was finding everything else. So at level 51 I finally figured out the special thing I was supposed to be finding and started moving up at an explorer. But now I’m on level 803 and they don’t give the the special piece to find anymore and they stop moving u up as an explorer. So I find what objects I’m supposed to find but it was exciting when I had to find the little piece to move up as an explorer. And I also paid $9.99 to be ad free and so glad I did. And I’m not worried about the timer cuz I find everything real quick….. I would say plz bring back that lil special circular thing we had to find to go up as an explorer.
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5 years ago, nervousnelli
Hidden object game and your tv shows
I really like hidden object games and I play June’s Journey all the time. I hope not pleased with your game though and here is why. I read somewhere that the new apple games were supposed to be good but they aren’t to me. I don’t like yours because when I play them on my phone, I can’t get it to go horizontal. I tried to make it larger by your expand feature which makes it fill the screen vertically but then I don’t get to see all the screen. I also like the show called monster or something like that but again when I tried to make it horizontal it doesn’t do that. However it does go vertically but then it cuts out parts of the scenes. I used to work at Boeing and I am sure that you should be able to fix this easily. I am hoping to go back to work at a Fortune 500 business and I don’t know why I just wrote that to you. Good job on the show being interesting though. I love the actor who is playing Poppy’s father. He was great in “This is Us”
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4 years ago, ladybug 1111
Find objects
Love this game. May I suggest you make a game like this and when your time is up the next time you play , and now you have to remember the object you’ve already picked before you read what they are. When you fail due to time up. You put the object back and they find them. When completed move to the next game. It would help people remember what they searched for the first game. 1 search your objects at the bottom of the page 2 if you didn’t complete... do again... but this time you remember what you all ready found... plus whatever they left shows up again at the bottom of the page 3 after time is up and you can’t remember... put the complete puzzle back. Let them find all and move on to the next page of words
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3 years ago, Debbo Gwen
Great “Just for Fun” Game
It’s very fun and satisfying if you enjoy testing your skill at visually combing through a busy picture and finding the designated objects. I would think it’s also a great brain exercise if you’re looking for something like that. It fits very well what I was looking for, as you just move along from puzzle to puzzle finding hidden objects. There’s no complicated point/reward system to figure out, and I love that! My only problem is that some of the clues(objects you are guided to find) are really dim or they are very dark on top of a dark background. I guess these old eyes just aren’t what they used to be! Many times I have ended up searching for a “blob” or a barely perceivable object that I have no idea what it is. I like that you can zoom in on the big picture - that’s helpful; but I think it would be helpful if it allowed you to zoom in on the small clue pictures as well.
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2 years ago, dzc220
Might be fun
This game might be fun, if only the ads weren’t SO numerous AND so dysfunctional that they are constantly freezing and/or closing the game. I get that they want you to buy the no-ads version, bu t before spending money, people need to see whether they like the game well enough to be worth it. These ads don’t let you find out. Also, the objects aren’t scaled in relation to each other at all, and if you forget that, you’ll be looking for a tank when it’s a drink can. The background is very dark, and many of the objects are also dark, making it very difficult to tell what i is that you’re supposed to be looking for. These two items wouldn’t matter so much, if you didn’t have the multiple, lengthy, and game-freezing ads to deal with between EVERY try. The combination does not incline me to spend money, just to not bother playing it much.
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2 years ago, Glo311
Great Apple 🍎 app
Hi this is Karen but everybody calls me kar. Today I’m presenting a beautiful app. The findings that I found where very hard to find but I promise if you open your eyes WIDE 👀you will uncover them. It took me two days to locate one object but it certainly was there. Whoever made this app is the best living human being on this planet. So, I ask you will get the app? Every morning I wake up at 6:30 am just to play. I stay in bed all day and play this app and my husband yells because I haven’t made dinner since I downloaded this application 6 months ago. I love this app please give the creator a big kiss for me. Thank you! Have a good life! Regards, Karen a 54 year old signing off the internet for a very long time.
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4 years ago, MerryMe88
Word Search
I am just now on level 70 of your word search game. Since I love word searches without all of the other hoopla, this is perfect, so far, for me. I am hoping that the pictures do not become hopeless to see, as I progress, as so many others do. My only complaint is that sometimes I get an incorrect mark while I am merely surfing around the scene. This has happened along the right side where there are actually no objects. I am hoping that there will be some lovely outdoor scenes included. This has been a relaxing pastime for me during the pandemic since I am in my 80’s and have been in isolation for over two weeks already. Thank you.
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2 years ago, 1stCeye
Too tiny….
Other than HATING TIMERS, I’m getting along so far, the game is ok.. Being 69, my main concern is not being able to see clearly the HUNTED OBJECTS….On level 31, the BLUE TIE, looked exactly like a pewter spoon….it took two, 60 second ads to be shown what it really was…..I don’t know about you, but not being allowed to enlarge the offered object, ruins my fun. Struggling to SEE what I’m looking for is not why I play…..no fair showing the objects in the dark…same problem….. A fair and honest review….BTW, I’m playing on an iPad…..if I cannot see what I’m hunting for, I pity the phone players!!! ***** *****I received an email from this company, Azure, saying if I don’t like the ads, buy the updated version. Maybe Azure should read the entire email; not stopping at the word “hate”. Then send me another email, eh????
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4 years ago, Mimklos
Love this game
I love this game - I love all hidden object games, and this is the first one I’ve found which is fun to play on my phone - the pictures are very clear, and the enlarge capability makes things go so smoothly. The only thing I sometimes have an issue with - and that’s late in the day, when my eyes are the most tired - is that some pictures are a bit dark, and when you have dark objects in a dark background it’s more difficult to spot them. In the morning, however, the problem is less of an issue. Great game!
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4 years ago, Momgaming
Great but needs more options
Love the concept of look & find & that this is timed. Would like to see more options like 2 person where I do a puzzle & hand the same puzzle for someone else to do to see who gets the best time. Would also like to see 2 play options ~ 1 timed & 1 not. I like the challenge of finding with a timer but would probably play more if there was another option to play untimed so I could just relax & play. Would also like it more if I could play horizontal without having to scroll the page plus my iPad sits better for horizontal playing. Also so far I think I can only immediately start when I go in. Wish I could go in & hit a start button when ready (without seeing puzzle first)
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4 years ago, ZooskReallySux
Awful! $4.99/week??!!!
You can’t get anymore ridiculous than $4.99 PER WEEK for a game to be ad free. Especially one that is extremely easy...it takes about 10 seconds to beat a level because nothing is hidden, it’s all in plain sight. Then there are the multiple ads. So they basically made a game of how to show as many ads as possible then make someone pay wayyyyy too much for those ads to go away. Complete garbage of a game, this company should be ashamed of themselves but wait, they’re making tons of money from fools that actually pay for this game weekly, so why do they care. Chances are they have so many ads and that high cost so parents will download the game, hand it to a kid to keep them occupied and make even more money because the kid is just clicking on ads all the time or accidentally purchasing the weekly fee.
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2 years ago, L.Davis1122
Suspicious Activity
I downloaded this game almost a year ago and really enjoyed it. My nieces (ages 5-8) loved playing it too. The sets you had to play were always so cool and fun, but when one of them got to level 73, it was totally wrong. From awesome boat scenes, to gardens, backyards, bedrooms, classrooms, until this level. It was a crime scene, the screen was split into 4 blocks which it never did before. Someone was pointing a gun at another person who had their hands up. People were stealing jewelry and broken materials were everywhere. Also the images were super blurry opposed to normally clear. After the level was beat, the next was completely normal, but then there was so many adds popping up that you could hardly play. Quickly deleted the app. Don’t recommend, too suspicious.
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3 years ago, mj31102
Kills time
To turn off ads, just turn off your WiFi or internet connection. You can still play the game. Decent game If you need something to do. I would give it 5 stars but there needs to be a change to the area where the objects you’re looking for are listed. I find it very difficult to see what some of the objects are. They’re too small and the background is dark as well. I have no idea what the object is sometimes. You should be able to magnify the objects. Also, when do you finish? On level 700 and I find it’s just all the same and never changes. I’ve practically memorized where most objects are.
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1 year ago, Soaked Seattleite
I can usually find them all!
I’ll admit I’m not much interested in being “challenged” by a treasure hunt like this. This is the only one I’ve stuck with, because the illustrations are very busy, but also very clear and distinct. I can usually find the items in the list on my phone, in the time allowed. But here’s what I would consider improvements: - Allow in settings to eliminate any time limit. Not interested in speed at all - interested in relaxing. - The two-fingered enlargement of the picture is useful; please allow the list of five items to be enlarged in a similar way. Can’t see what I’m supposed to be finding. I have to take a screen shot and enlarge that. - it’d be nice if the scenes were a little brighter. Things can be hidden in the light too. But this is great! The only treasure hunt I’ve stuck with for more than a few trial runs! Thanks!
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2 months ago, Danny Petti
Hidden objects
I just tried Paint by number-filling in by each shapes, Find the difference-spot each areas that looks different from the two similar pictures. Then I choose the one to just find the shown objects-in the picture; I tried it with June’s Journey, but it had me to search the same objects over and over again, to fill the meter to reach the next clue. But on this object puzzle I see that this had me to find each of these objects once-to each of the next levels, which is really nice and much better on this one!
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1 year ago, Vacairns
Simple and enjoyable
I don’t like hidden object games that have elaborate storylines so this game is nice and simple. You just look at the scene and try to find the objects like I Spy books. I also really love that this game shows you the picture of what you’re supposed to find rather than just giving you the words. I got frustrated with the ads so I went ahead and paid the 10 bucks to remove them. So far it’s worth it. I’m happy I’ve got the game it’s exactly what I wanted.
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4 years ago, Vorric
so far so good
The first to things I must say is the clarity of the picture is perfect and the ads are well placed. It is nice to be able to play several games before the ad comes up. Unlike most hidden object games that I am forever deleting there is not an ad after every round. Please don’t change that. And don’t make the objects impossible to see like the others. This game is great! Keep up the great work!
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2 years ago, jomarie64
Too easy
I bought this game because I found it enjoyable. Also to get rid of ads. My biggest complaint is it’s too easy. Objects really aren’t hidden very well. In fact some are right out in the open. I was hoping after a certain level it might get more challenging! In response to my review, the developer focused on the issue of ads. I believe I mentioned I purchased game thereby eliminating the ads. My complaint was the so called hidden objects were not hidden very well. In fact some are quite obvious!
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10 months ago, Drice470
It has potential…….
The game has potential, I do love hidden object games. But there are a few bugs with this that need to be worked out. First of all can you please turn off or give me an option to turn off the feature with that flashing hint button. That drives me crazy and I almost never use hints. Just because I’m taking a second to look for something doesn’t mean I need this button flashing in my face. It’s beyond annoying. Second, some of the objects are very hard to tell what they are. You need to do something better with your graphics because some of these things are just misshapen blobs.
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2 years ago, myblackcar223
Female abusive ads
I hate losing 10 points every time I click on the wrong item. I don’t like that I can’t enlarge the item I’m looking for. I don’t like all how long the ads are. 1st one is 30 seconds long. Then you have to click the x, then it takes you to the download of the game where you click done, then back to the game for another 20 seconds. Also some of the ads are abusive to women and cheating partners leaving the women to survive for her self. Come on. It’s 2022. I find these ads for these games very offensive.
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2 years ago, Me7625
It’s ok most of the time
I enjoy the game and find it very relaxing the only problem I find is that every few puzzles they put an item in the clues that is so dark you cannot make out what it is to look for it. I can understand it being dark in the puzzle itself but why so dark in the clue? One time it was so dark I was randomly clicking on the photo dark splotches till something just clicked? And of course you can hit the boring hint….. that’s 30 seconds of your life gone lol I get you need advertising but it’s always the same advertisement
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1 year ago, WhatsGoingOn316
Uses same background too many times plus objects…
The same background are used too many times. I would expect levels 1-100 might use the same but new ones are added in as you start going higher. The objects you are asked to find could be a different color, could be hidden behind other items so much they are hard to discern even at 200%. It would be nice to zoom in on the objects you are asked to find. They are small that sometimes they can be interpreted to be a different species and class than what the item really represents in the find bar. Without a zoom function you have to pay or watch those awful adds to find the item or find a different game. I would recommend if you 1) want a totally free game DO NOT download this app. 2) The items though shown as placed cannot be zoomed in on. So, DO NOT download if you need 1-2 hints per level
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3 years ago, Paramedic054
Don’t download this app!
If you personally like pop up ads and other ads that last way to long that prevent you from having fun playing this game then this app is right for you! There’s seriously the longest ads ever and they try to make you download all these other apps because of you accidentally touch the screen while the ad is playing bit fakes you to the App Store and wants you to download this or download that ETC, ETC. There are plenty of other apps like this that are also free that don’t run a lot of stupid ads every 30 seconds. All they want is to waste your time and try to get you to buy something or download another spyware app.
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2 years ago, iReview9396
Used my bank card for free game?
Opening the app just shows a white screen. Can’t even play. I forced closed out and it still does it. I’m playing on an iPhone 13 Pro. Also why would you charge my debit card for a free game when I download it???? The charge was $0.00 but still, never has my debit card been used for a free game. This is fishy and scammy looking.🤔 Uninstalled. Update/reply: never said a word about there being too many ads. I can’t even get in the game to play. It’s just a white screen. So why the useless response? How about acknowledge you use people’s bank info when they download the game…and why would you do this if the game is free???🤔
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4 years ago, 4564235
Not for children, not really for anybody
This game presents as fun and easy, which it is. It also presents as family friendly beginning with 4+. I don’t think it’s anybody friendly once it starts going north of level 40. The images get darker and uglier. It is not for any mind, let alone for very young minds. It is very easy to get drawn into and tell oneself, “oh, it’s just one image - oh, it’s just another image.“ All those images, each individual one becoming more and more dark, grow into an ugly picture. This is particularly concerning at a time when more kids and people are locked down, isolated and depressed, and need truly wholesome and uplifting images.
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11 months ago, MsNyaNomi
Could be better.
If you’re not going to make the effort to hide the objects could you at least not put them where the average person would normally put them? Also what’s the point of being able to scroll over if all FIVE objects are right there when the level opens? Five objects isn’t enough for this to not be a children’s game. As for the ads, an ad before and after each level is too much especially when it takes less than a minute to do each level.
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1 year ago, Da1bubba!
Paid for game without ads but…
There were so many lengthy ads in this game and the thought of an ad free game was nice so I paid for the ‘ad free’ game. Well…guess what? It’s not completely ad free. I’m playing the game and enjoying it but when eventually I hit the hint button, gosh darn it, another lengthy ad. Deceptive marketing. I wish I could get a refund and had never found this game. Shame on you developers! I paid $4.99 for the ad free version and the developer reached out to me after my initial review saying the ads help pay for the ‘free games’. I don’t think you read my whole review developer. I paid for the game. There should not be any ads.
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9 months ago, Grammarality
What’s the point?
I’ve given this game many (read as way too f’n many) and I think I’m done. I have finished 1,710 levels and I don’t see any progression, just over and over the same boards. I haven’t seen anything I would consider inappropriate. A gun or handcuffs, or a robbery in place mean nothing because there is no advancement or story line, just pictures that could mean anything. I’ve seen similar things in a G rated family comedy. Seeing items in multiple boards I kept thinking that any time now something will tie to something else. It has been a decent waste of time to relax and keep my mind occupied on something so banal.
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4 years ago, bright/shiny
I truly love this game and the graphics. The reason I gave you three stars is because you have a lot of the graphics from the Hidden Object- Journey game I this game, which is not a problem. I love that game as well until I reached the ending of that game. The problem is I have buy I invested in the other game and feel it’s only fair you transfer those over to this game. Especially when a lot of us faithfully played everyday for hours. Also, why can’t you have the choice to buy hints instead of having to subscribe for a weekly fee of $4.99 per week? G
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3 years ago, Angart5
A little confusing!
Love the game. It relaxes me. I have no problem with the time limit or the amount to look for but my huge complaint is some items I cannot even see what to look for either they are too dark or impossible for me to even look for. Mostly these items are black colored. I have to use a hint and then get bombarded with ads. Wish this could be fixed. I have adjusted my screen to no avail. Thank you.
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2 years ago, mya eglen
Lots of Ads!
I really enjoy this game! I have tried several other hidden objects games, and this is the only one I kept and did not uninstall. I would have given it a 5 star, but there are sooooooo many ads it’s crazy. I can understand an ad here and there, but after every single scene? And most of the time it’s more than just 1 ad. If I do decide to chuck this game in the future it will be because of too many darn ads.
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3 years ago, **CW**
So far so good
I’m on level 80 and so far it’s been fun to play and not frustrating. It’s a nice distraction game and goes smoothly. I do also like that things are “hidden” in places that make sense. There are lots of ads, about every two levels, but I’m on the free version and I understand they gotta make money somehow, so it’s fine. May eventually upgrade to ad free version.
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3 years ago, salbarb
I liked this game, but will never play it again! Every time I finish a level, you put some game add on, then pull up the download app. You can’t get out of it, so it shuts you down every single time! I will delete every game that you do that to, as if I would spend half my day bringing the games back up!
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11 months ago, beatie babe
June’s journey
I don’t even know if this is the June Journey I’m playing. Make names clearer. I’m 86 years old and have liked your game but not in the past 6 -9 months. You’re made directions very difficult to play for me So I’m giving up you need to have Different levels of the game for older people. Many games are doing that. Just like you have different levels for the children level. It would be nice! Yhank you
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1 year ago, BJ5810
Good game
I like that this game is just straight hunting items however I do wish there were more different search pictures. One thing I could always count on is that the orientation of the object was the same in the picture but that has changed for some reason. Sometimes it is hard to tell what the object is so the orientation would help to identify it but not anymore. Why is this?
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2 years ago, Grammy-27
It’s so sad
It is really a shame that you have to ruin all of the games that you make, with so many commercials in between or ads as you call them they cannot even be removed from the screen because they are so annoyingly long. You get to play two screens and then there’s a pops this horrid commercial same one every time and it is the most annoying I have gotten four games in the last three days and I have deleted them all because of this annoying process I don’t know how you’re making money but certainly isn’t going to be by me.
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4 years ago, klsoto
Too Many Ads
The game is fun, but an ad runs between EVERY level, so about every minute or so. You spend more time watching ads than playing the game. It becomes tedious very fast. There are also banner ads at the bottom of the screen constantly. I would have purchased no ads, but they want $4.99 per WEEK, when other games charge that or a tiny bit more for a year. The game is not worth $260 per year to play w/o ads, and too annoying to play with them. Will delete
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4 years ago, sharrikon
Mirror image
I have solved over 1300 of your puzzles, and it has been frustrating that at least the last 600 puzzles show the “picture” as a mirror image! Everything is backwards from the objects to be located! (ie. numbers are backwards). Also sometimes the “hint” of the object to be found is impossible to identify the object you are to locate. Can’t you correct these “bugs”? Otherwise, I enjoy these puzzles.
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3 years ago, dan62626262
Pretty decent game but not designed well for phones. They didn’t take into account that the newer phones have cameras on the screens; which prevents you from being able to see things they’ve hidden at the top of the scenes. Also, you can zoom in on the scene but not on the items in the row showing you what you are looking for. Some of the items are so small you don’t know what you’re looking for.
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4 years ago, YahYah24
Game seems to function fine but the price to get rid of ads...
$5.00 a week subscription fee to play this game is a bit steep. I hope the developers read this. $20 a month to play a game? This game costs $120 a year to play? That’s steep, right? I was ready to pay to play to get rid of the ads but I was taken aback that it’s so expensive. I have no problem paying for games. No problem at all. I do it often. But I think people might want to know this before downloading it. I would have appreciated knowing. If you’re fine with the ads then this game seems A-OK. It works great. The images are clear and it’s not entirely overly challenging from what I saw in the little time I played it before deciding to go ad free and being faced with the weekly fee schedule. Great game, but the price point is really overkill for a mobile game of this type, in my opinion. Good game, otherwise!
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1 year ago, shutterfx
Interesting and Fun but …
I play this hidden object game on my iphone and its enjoyable except for two things that makes it less than enjoyable. Firstly, the ads after every game - a deal breaker. Secondly, since I play this on my iphone, the image clues are small and some difficult to distinguish what it is. Maybe if there was a way to enlarge it to really see what it is would be great. Other than that its okay. An interesting time waster when waiting.
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2 months ago, YourPlayer1
Interesting game
You can move the screen from side to side but the problem is finding items at the very top of the screen where it’s hidden. You literally can’t move up and down so the game forces you to use up your hints in order to find the items. It’s so far at the top that where the items are located is where my camera is on my phone so nothing shows up there. It’s fun until that happens.
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4 years ago, psm.53
Great game!
This is definitely one of the best search games I’ve played. I’m on level 407 and have only used hints a handful of times, although I have used restart quite a few times. The only thing I would suggest is that the clue pictures be a little bigger. When I do have trouble finding an object,it’s usually because the clue is too small to see clearly.
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3 years ago, viraax
Stereotypical but not
This game is exactly what you think it is. It gives you 3 “free hints.” I passed the first few couple of levels with no problem. After that, I noticed that I couldn’t find the object. I took screenshots before and after the hint only to see that the ‘hidden’ object was outside of my viewport for my phone. As a developer, I’m no sure if it’s a poor design technique or a ‘clever’ way to make people watch ads so you can make a bit of money. Either way, I’d appreciate it if you got it fixed and were fair between all players.
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4 years ago, peaches 1229
I love this app and you should to
You do the best and I love this app and you should play this app because it is so much more than you can expect like if you are looking for a pot all you have to do is look around your screen and find it I love it and you should to because if your looking for a thing on this don’t move your screen to side to side it is that simple.
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4 years ago, epgran
Just Objects
I love that this app is just finding hidden objects and not some round about story to save the town or figure out some stupid mystery. I will say there are a LOT of ads. After every two puzzles there’s an ad but I get that is what keeps the app free. I considered upgrading to no ads because I enjoy the game but the price was ridiculous. However, I’m enjoying playing.
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2 years ago, PrettyLittleMollyGirl
Good game….but
I just downloaded this today and had fun playing it but had to stop after level 5. I am late middle age with bad hands and could not continue to keep holding my tablet in portrait mode. Sadly, I will have to delete this game due to this issue. If you have eyes good enough to do this on a phone it would be great. Just won’t work for my purposes.
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4 years ago, Ncgina
I would say this is one of the better find the object game. I like it the most because you don’t have long, long, story lines to get thru. One of my complaints is the consent ads, I wish there were adds after every 3 or 5 levels, after every level is a bit much and distracting. Another complaint is a lot of the scenes are dismal, dark and sometimes gross....like roaches in deserted rooms, or moldy tiles in a bathroom with used band aids. Sometimes is hard to see the objects in the description to find. It would be nice to see clean rooms, like kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms to name a few. Just saying to mix it up a bit. I like the game and the graphics, like I mentioned, I think it’s one of the better ones. Thanks for your efforts
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2 years ago, delaub
Hidden Objects
I’ve been playing this game for a long time and enjoy it. An ad after every single level is a bit abusive but I’m playing for free. On the other hand I find offensive that sometimes there are images of bank robberies and plane crashes. It’s not an action game where that kind of thing could be considered “normal”. Call me old fashioned but I don’t think it’s cool.
Show more
3 months ago, Leo Vixen
Very disappointed
This game started off well except for the annoying ads after every game. Too many painful ads and too expensive to remove the ads. But after reaching a high level I expected the game to get more challenging but they removed the badges (little medallions) that you have to find and collect to get a different title. All of a sudden there was nothing worth playing for. At level 650+ the game is too easy that I am about to delete the app.
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