Hide Online - Hunters vs Props

4.4 (23.7K)
176.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Yegor Blynov
Last update
6 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Hide Online - Hunters vs Props

4.42 out of 5
23.7K Ratings
10 months ago, Deathvoid_
Fun game, but needs more life
I started playing this game about a week ago, and although it’s really fun, it needs more life. Why not be able create your character as you unlock them by being able to swap out different parts like the head, arms, legs, and torso? Maybe even hair, and changing the color. It would be cool to see all the different kinds of combinations people would make. Guns are okay as is, but maybe some more unique ones would be cool too. My only complaint about the game is when you’re playing as a prop and the music plays, and the little icon shows above a players head. I think it would be better if it didn’t show it when still, as it gives out the player’s position without the hunters even trying to figure out where you are. For example, if I’m a soda can and my alert goes off, it would be cool if the Hunter actually has to figure out which object I am on the table with food and other objects, and when shot, then the icon pops up as the cat and mouse chase begins. Just makes more sense and makes it more challenging without complicating it. Other than that, good game. Really enjoying it.
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5 years ago, Angelo Dipippi
Great, but I have recommendations
So I lovvvvvvve this game. So you may be wondering why I only have this game three stars. Well it’s because the hiders are just completely out of hand! In every Map there is a burger or a soda bottle that you could change into. Those things are so small and hard to hit (and if we are being honest, the guns aren’t that good or accurate). But that’s beside the point. You could at least put some decency so that when you Change into an object you take control of the object you clicked on and you leave what you used to be in the spot that you changed in. Also, make it so that all of the hiders aren’t so fast because it’s almost impossible to shoot a practically flying cheese burger. Another recommendation is so that instead of just getting skins for your characters and guns, you actully get new guns and characters. And all of them could have different abilities. Like you could do a guy with a gas mask. He could get an ability where he gets gas Grenades and whenever you are in the vacinity of the gas you get slowed down, or you can’t move for a few seconds. Just make it more interesting. You should also make it so that you could close doors to delay the hunters. Cause there is nothing more annoying than having five hunters shooting at you, and you have no way to escape. All I ask of you is to make this game better that it already is. And so far you are doing a great job!!! Keep on going!!!
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3 years ago, Mooooooppppaarrr
Annoying to play
It’s just like every other free to play game. Filled with ads to the brim. Yes it’s a free to play but every time you click something you get a 30 second ad that when trying to click out of only opens the ad to download. The ads are not my problem because every free to play game has ads. My problem is trying to actually play is very annoying. When trying to change into a different object majority of the time the button will not work and your stuck being a giant object. Every time I try and join a game, I’m placed midway through an already active game and am forced to wait 2 minuets or how ever long is left in that round. When leaving to find a new game, boom 30 second ad I’m forced to sit through. It’s very frustrating and it’s obviously meant for children which is why I’m confused. Because any child would not have the patience or attention span to actually try and play. Of course there’s also a pass you can buy and everything is over priced. I couldn’t even play more than 5 minutes before getting very frustrated. Like I said every game is like this to a certain degree but this is just a whole new level of becoming frustrated. If you have the patience of a “grandmaster monk at the highest level” and can look past all the ads and nonsense controls, you may have an enjoyable time.
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4 years ago, EmilyRogers05
Some updates needed
I really like this game and I just got it. But I’ve played many games like this where earring coins is a lot easier. It agitates next when I get to be the best player and not get coins. I think if you made it easier for people to get them more people would enjoy the game. I also wish that there would be more maps to spice things up. And maybe have it where you give three options and people vote on a map? Also I agree with other people on this getting crates should be easier. I think that in the game you should be able to pick things up like coins, crates etc. I think that that would make it interesting. Also besides there being to few maps could you please make the maps a bit bigger? It seems like they’re almost too small. But besides my complaints I really enjoy your game and can’t wait to see what you add to it next. Please take my ideas and others into consideration. App do us players want to make it more fun for us. And with us having more fun more players will be more likely to play it. Also try to add a chat, I think it would be fun to talk to others in game. Thank you!
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11 months ago, Bro_its_lia_
Fun but some bad things!!
The game can be really fun but has some major problems/things I hate: 1. The little icon that appears when ur prop is making sound. The seeker can so easily see exactly where your prop is because this obvious icon is flashing above ur prop for like a million years. I think just having the noise is enough so the seeker knows ur general location but not literally EXACTLY where and what ur prop is. 2. Make it easier to get coins or points whatever so u can buy stuff, it takes forever and I feel like doesn’t even work?? Like i’d play for awhile and all the numbers would be the same. Idk 3. MAKE A CHAT!!!!! I wanna talk to other players it’d be funny and make the game more enjoyable. 4. PLEASE add a setting to where we can choose the size of the controls. The controls are so small and I often press the wrong one/miss it completely. I’ll try to change props and miss the button entirely cuz it’s tiny or I’ll accidentally throw a grenade or something. I think changing these things would make this game more fun and enjoyable for everyone!!!
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5 years ago, Asdfghjllooingftjbg
Good game but...
It’s definitely fun and a good way to pass time. As a lot of people highlight the pros, I’d like to take a moment to highlight the cons. Before I do so, I still want to say that this is still fun and I will continue to play. It’s a free game so I also recommend you give it a try yourself first. Cons: Too few maps If you’re hidden behind an object that’s larger than your object, you shouldn’t be able to see the alert, just hear the music. It takes FOREVER to earn a container and for a pose, an icon and a different colored gun, it isn’t worth it. You have to watch hella ads in order to get enough bombs to actually be good in a round. The ads are +30 seconds or more. You’ll need to watch roughly 4 of them for a decent match. That will give you 4 revives and 8 bombs to use for about 4 rounds per match. That’s already 2 minutes you’ve spent instead of playing an actual round. It’s so hard to find a good hiding spot because of the same maps over and over again, everyone knows to good hiding spots and go directly there first. The shoot button is so close to the bomb and jump button, if you don’t have child fingers, don’t be surprised if you hit something else. As you can see, it’s a pretty short list and it’s nothing extreme. I do highly recommend this game, but like every game, it has its flaws that need looked at and worked on.
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12 months ago, Alizey<3
I never leave reviews for games, but I really need to say how good of a game this is. I always love the concept of either being props or hunters. I used to play “Prop Hunt” on Roblox or try find other games that fit that theme. But this is by far the best one. The maps are so cute, fun, and I never get bored of them. I appreciate and adore the little details of the items they have on each map. The controls are so easy to manage, and the overall cartoon texture of the game really fits the concept. I can’t imagine it any other way. I also like the touching of being able to be the best player of the round and people giving you a thumbs up. And the texting of the emoji faces too. It gives a real nice sense of community even if not direct messages. Overall 10/10. I really enjoy this game, its addicting. Creators don’t abandon this game! Whatever you can do, either add new skins, new deals, new maps, any updates are appreciated.
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5 years ago, Grimace49
Fun game with great potential!!!
This game is really fun and great for playing with friends via the game list. I’ve played it since there wasn’t skins and 5 maps and it was still fun. I see you have done much with the game. I encourage you to keep adding new content. I have one note on user interface in that the shoot and other buttons should be larger/ spaced from each other. This would make shooting jumping and using power ups easier and overall improve gameplay. Another note would be to add a sort of “battle pass” seen in other games where you can earn skins,taunts,etc. Finally, it would be appreciated if it was easier to get containers or if players could earn the currency without purchase. I understand that this is a deniable request for it would halt made income but it might also attract more to the game. Thank you if you took the time to read this and I hope this inspires future updates. I LOVE YOUR GAME!👍🏻
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3 months ago, LoveNala10
Amazing! But has a few MINOR problems.
I've been playing this game for half a year. I literally just play this game ALL the time! Its so fun playing, and hiding. But the first and most annoying problem is that there is SO MANY ads!!!!! You get out of a game- AD, you try to get INTO that game- AD. There are so many ads!!! But I've figured out a way to just avoid them. I just log out of the game, and go right back in. So I don't have to watch a ad when I leave a room. Second is that I have unlocked ALL item in the crates except the really cool characters, like the purple cat/ bat girl, or the school girl. And the guns, I’ve unlocked all of them but the last four. I play a lot , and I get a lot of crates, but they are all just respawns and the grenades. I mean I like that I’m getting them, but I would’ve already got a skin. But I didn’t. So other than that I 100% recommend!!!!
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5 years ago, ShadowWolf35
Great game but needs a few things
This game is great, but it definitely need more maps and also more props. I wish instead of making noise every 15 seconds; I wish you could talk to the players in the game hiders and seekers at the same time or just hiders or just seekers. I also wish at the first half of the game you made no noise and the second half, you make continuous noise. This gives the player a chance to hide right in front of other players for longer than a couple seconds. Also I wish guess who was added as another game mode; Where you turn into a person, some people are seekers, some hiders and some bots. It would be cool if you could also with this game mode turn into a hunter look alike to trick the hunters. Also I wish there was limit on how often you can get back into the game and a limit on how often you can turn characters into animals.
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4 years ago, da_ghostis'
I would give this a 5 out of 5 but, the ads are a little annoying but like there’s only two ads. Like literally the only two is this zombie 🧟‍♀️ thing and clash of villages or something. And there pretty short. But I mostly like it because if you run out of lives or respawns, you can just watch an ad or two and get some more and you can pay for some stuff but you mostly just have to watch the same two ads😅. So, yeah this is a really great app you should get it. But before you get this you should know some stuff: 1 the game- you are either a hunter or a prop Hunter: you have the gun and have to kill the props Props: you are an object in the game. You can turn into other objects. If you are in danger press the pig 🐷 on your screen and the hunters with turn into a farm animal for like 2 second.
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4 years ago, Daniel and vanessa
I like this game but
So I’ve been recently playing this for a while and it’s a fun game ngl but there are some problems. So recently I’ve have been joining random server and that’s when it comes to hackers. So what they do is nonstop using the button where it turns a seeker to an animal to escape but instead they get hacks to be indestructible and turn the seekers to an animal nonstop. And another problem is with hackers again. So when they become a seeker, what they do is the same thing with the animal button, but with the grenade button. The same they nonstop throw it around and hope they get someone with it. But sometimes it backfires. Sometimes, it lags the server and it wont explode but they can still deal damage. Is if you can do something about the hacker problem I will more often the game and thanks!😇
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5 years ago, joell Sub to me chanel
Hey 👋🏿 I,m Joe and I think you should get this game here’res y
This game is the best game of the hide game I think you should get it because it is funny you get a pair of your friends and your brothers and your sisters and your teachers your family every word are you have to do is create a game or you could just join a game it’s a awesome game again you should get the game for a very long time fan of the day get new skins get new guns open boxes you can do all that also you should Imo fortnight and if I did something wrong that you don’t understand in this state is because I have a iPhone I am using hey Siri not hey Siri on the speakerphone so get the game and it’s gonna be awesome might keep it for the rest of your life until you get a different device and have to withdraw the way you have to remove it from all stuff
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2 years ago, abelsssss
Hide online
I think this game is fun but there is a few things I want to add maybe we could put like coins around the map so we can get some more coins because it is hard to get coins ether that or buy and I can’t so that’s one reason another one is that maybe we can get a small crate like every two or one day that like gives you something small and a few coins😋and maybe like a new map and maybe like a season to spice thing up and maybe put a chat in there because if you are playing with a freind how can you talk to them because you can’t talk with a mic and make more rooms to the game and maybe a secret room🤫 well that’s is all the time that I have but maybe put that in there thank you you have made a great game bye
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5 years ago, Jesse Jonathan Roy
So Addicting And Fun!😁
I honestly love this game so much, it's pretty addictive and I always get the chills of excitement when I'm a prop. I used to be called KillerOfProp, but I'm named GamingAlpaca now. This game has so much potential as my favorite game of all time. Whoever made this game, thank you so much, because your game is simply the best. No other game will be better than this! But sometimes, when it's my turn as the Hunter, whenever I shoot a prop, the prop sometimes glitches and stays still while I'm shooting, and won't even die after like maybe 20 or 30 seconds, and this is the only glitch I have encountered throughout the entire game! I think you should add more Maps, such as in the Rainforest, Playground, or something like that. Thank you for making this game! It was a pleasure getting it for my IPad!
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5 years ago, Nickyboi14
I love this game, the fact that it’s unlike normal prop hunts. Gives it a unique touch. But I have a question about chat options. The reason I ask is, if each team had their own chat to talk with each other in instead of just running around and going with each other. I’ve been using Discord to chat with my friends while I play this but i can’t really talk with them because of personal issues at home. I’ve been thinking that if the prop team and the hunter team had their own chat to help each other in then it would make maybe a little bit of a difference. You don’t have to do that if you don’t want to but I think at least some people would agree with me. I love your game, thank you for making a difference to the prop hunt history.
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5 years ago, ya normal boi on da block
I’ve played a lot of games like this so I know how easily it is to balance but this game is not in any way balanced! First of all the hunters can die... yep that’s right! Next the noise period for props is 20 SECONDS!!! That’s way to long! The maps are super empty and boring taking away the entire process of quick switching in prop hunt games! Also they don’t a noise period cancellation method!!!! I could just keep going on!!! I get that this game was supposed to be just a quick fun app for all ages but that’s no excuse to make a crappy prop hunt. (Also on top of all that the prop switch button always bugged out for me so that’s fun...) Oh and just remembered, when you get put into the middle of a match (which is almost every time you click play) you have to spend these stupid boxes to enter the game or wait like 2 minutes! (And yes the boxes take in game currency that takes forever to get) i honestly don’t know how ppl like this game... prop hunt is such I simple concept I didn’t think anyone could screw it up lol
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3 years ago, Random Ratinga
Decent game but it has a flaw
I find this game fun and it’s a type of game I would play everyday but… it does have a flaw or two. Personally I don’t like the fact that it forces you to taunt every 20 seconds in a 2 minute game. This makes the game a lot shorter and also makes to harder for people to win. It would be better if there was a taunt button because I know from experience that whenever your “It” people find it funny and fun to taunt you while your near but I would find it annoying if I was forced to even when I didn’t want to. Also, the fact that I have to watch an ad or pay for a first aid kit (coins or real money) when I’m out or join in the middle of a 2 minute match definitely is the best thing ever. But, over all the game it pretty good those are the on out flaws I’ve seen so far. Hope this helped!
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4 years ago, NOOR ABOUS
GLITCHES ruin it
This game is pretty good graphics are good guns are accurate and overall the game is good but it’s just the glitches that ruin it this game has lots of glitches that are annoying 1 When I want to go back to the game it won’t let me 2 sometimes there are props with no name or health 3 when there are 2 props left and a hunter kills one of em they consider it that the hunters win 4 when u shoot at the prop and he doesn’t take any damage until the game ends and they clarify that props win 5 when they announce the best player and it takes forever to go to the next game 6 when they say Props win or hunters win it sometimes takes forever to finish 7 when the hunters suddenly turn into a animal when they are in the spawn house That’s all about this game I would love them to put legendary guns,taunts,portrait,and skins in containers Aswell if we can earn coins during games I played this game for 2 years and I still have 25$ dollars
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6 years ago, HumanDisguise
A great start 😇😈
This game is actually pretty fun and I would rate it higher if it had a coin earning system so earning tricks and respawns wouldn’t be just for those who pay (since ads don’t always work). But this is a great start for the game, it just needs some work. Adding features like a friends list and custom servers so you can play with friends. Better controls or custom controls because the buttons are placed awkwardly and are too small and close to each other (which doesn’t always let me shoot). Possibly different game modes, one for example could be silent mode where the props don’t make noise but are slightly slower to balance it or another game mode could be an outbreak mode where it starts with one hunter and when a prop dies they become a hunter until everyone is a hunter or the props win. And adding new maps with new props would be cool!
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4 weeks ago, madisyn 🤪
really good game BUT
Okay, so this is a very good game. But I’m giving this 4 stars bc I think it’s really frustrating how there’s that taunt thingy above you when there’s music playing. I know, you’re trying to make it easier for the hunters to get props, but seriously?? Another thing, is basically a pay to win game. You have to pay to get coins? At least make it like you get 3-4 coins after a few games or something .. also if you don’t wanna watch a billion ads just to get a few grenades or respawns, you gotta pay for that too. I also don’t like how at the bottom everything is so close together, I meant to shoot one time and accidentally pressed the grenade button which caused me to get down to my last one. Overall nice game 🤷🏻‍♀️
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3 years ago, BrendanF7
Good game
If you play hide and seek or Roblox this game is like hide and seek except you can be a hunter or prop this game is a shooting game no blood you can upgrade you gun,charecter,taunt and picture frame its so fun I play it every day I even show it to my friends they love it even my cousins but there’s allot of adds but you can turn people into animals to get away and in order to get them you need to watch adds and you can respawn when your a prop when the hunters kill you and when your a hunter you can throw bombs at people but when your a hunter you can dye how do you dye?if you shoot somthing that’s not a prop you loose health and this game is free you don’t need to pay money for the game or for playing the game so play now it’s fun,free and for kids 5 and up!
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3 years ago, iloveyoujesus3000
This game is fun and addictive but...
Helloooooo!!!! This game is fun but it was honestly kinda the same thing every round. Even though it’s VERY ADDICTIVE. The first few days I only needed like 3 more characters until i had all of them😂. Until I had kinda got bored of it. I wished they had made more rounds and then I would be much happier! Oh and I also have ideas for the round. I have 2 ideas for new rounds. I was thinking you could maybe make an ocean one and you could disguise yourself as an ocean animal. And maybe a savanna and the same thing as the ocean one you could disguise yourself as things there. Although this game is very fun!!!!! Pls think about my review and pls fix those things. Thank you for reading this review, and have an amazing day!😃
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4 years ago, TMOgaming
Great and addicting
Overall a great game I can play for hours. Although there are some things that could use a change... 1) The buttons on the right are way too close together so pressing just one leads to another 2) Crates need to be more frequent and easier to achieve 3) I think adding a microphone for a team to communicate would be an excellent touch. So many times I’ve wanted to turn on a microphone and laugh with someone about the hilarious factor of this wonderful game. Of course hiders and hunters wouldn’t be able to communicate, but within teams it would be nice to see what other players are doing. 4) Its too difficult to play with others, I’ve played with it for hours and can’t figure it out! Maybe I’m just dumb.
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7 months ago, Jtan1013
It is really hard and really frustrating😡🤬🤬
First of all is fun right? But when you use all your things that help you like whenever I do Hunter, there’s so much people that do burgers and soda or like coffee, which is so hard to get! And then props you don’t have enough time to switch into the thing that you want. It’s only four seconds, and some people just go under things like a chair when I was playing I was dead and then I saw someone under a chair through spectator that’s just not fair and you don’t even earn coins I don’t know how do you do that, but you have to pay for it like why can’t you just get it by like getting points to buy coins, which is much easier than that like with people who, but the coins they can get like other stuff like props they always turn us into animals which is super frustrating
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5 years ago, Game Tester 102
Good but a few bugs
First off I just wanna day that I love the idea like yea a prop hunt game, however, when you are something big like an arcade game you can’t change to something small like a hamburger until like 10 seconds after in which the hunters will see you. Second, this has happened to me a few times, when I am a hunter and the next round I am supposed to be a prop I’ve noticed that I am set as a hunter again. Third, I have noticed that the points that you get are off, one round I looked and this guy had like 10,000 points in the game, and a few times I have noticed that I have 50 points say and another person has 40 and they will get the best player position. I also wish that the characters and stuff for the characters wasn’t so hard to get. It took me like a month just to get 1 skin.
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5 years ago, Pay attention to me
Good game, No skilled players yet..
I seen other reviews saying how they cant shoot flying little objects like a flying burger and can of soda, well Im here doing this review because I can say I can shoot any big or small object and keep up with the prop if its running away, I don't lose the prop and stick to the same prop to get rid of before shooting other props. (I don't have auto aim or auto shoot either)pure skills my dudes. I also seen another review saying how limiting the grenades in a game. You can watch as many ads as you want till theres no more ads to watch just wait and in about 30 minutes or so more ads come. I think its fair. You just need to watch ads to get a lot of grenades and reviving life points:)
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2 years ago, boo among us
This was fine….
It was the same thing over and over. I don’t like it. It was not fun I could barely play with my friends, we were not having fun and this was not a good online game. I mean it was fun for a while but not for Long. It was hard to get skins I didn’t know how to get the money to buy them it was just horrible the scans weren’t great either. I kind a wish they had better maps and it was just the same thing over and over again and when you join somebody it took forever to change the map I did not like it. There’s some good about it I mean it was fun for a little bit but not for a long time. Sorry for bad language here but it kind of sucked. Five is you do not get this game it’s horrible. Go play like a different game not this.
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4 years ago, Syn_ax
Amazing Perfect and Addicting
Forget the 5 star rating and the title I’d give it 1 star. I did this so everyone can see it. It’s boring and I feel very limited on doing stuff when I play the mobile version of this game. I highly recommend playing the computer version! There are no lag spikes and overall just better! Please add more aspects to this game. It’s pretty boring! It feels like those voodoo games on the App Store. I’m not sure how this bad game Evan got on the App Store but it’s our job to criticize and take down games like these! To top everything off the servers are literally empty. There’s like 3-4 people in each server. But I’m not surprised that so little people play this game. Overall, it’s junky and trash
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6 years ago, Nabcforever5
GREAT but..
First of all before anything else! This game is addicting, no lags and weird things happen. Don't let this review stop you from downloading it it is still a great game! 3 stars is great You lost 2 stars Because of the cons! Pros! 1.) It's hella fun! You need internet to play tho! 2.) addictive game specially late at nights when every players are online 3.) It's fun when you get the hang of the controls 4.) nothing to say less than being addictive and fun really just play it Cons! 1.) NO COIN REWARD EVERY GAME 2.) which means you need to watch adds to get the respawns and skills of a prop that turns hunters into animals. Not really a con but that coin issue! 3.) no Social Interact system No adding friends No Chatting IN-GAME 4.) lacks maps. Theres like 3 maps Factory Office Cargo which is the easiest to win as a hunter 5.) WE NEED COINS!!!! 6.) the lack of HUD adjustments The controls are cramped at the very bottom right and no option to adjust that to where we want it. 7.) WE NEED MORE MAPS! 8.) hopefully more players in 1 game like 20,30,40,50 50vs50 would be hella fun! 9.)the score doesnt reset after every game. reset score every time the game finishes! So new comers can compete more instead of quitting! I miss the old prop hunt! 😩
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4 years ago, crustybhreadd
I love this game I literally spend hours playing it. I don’t have that many issues with it except that when the game starts and the default prop is like a vending it’s nearly IMPOSSIBLE for me to turn into a smaller object, so I’m just standing there trying not to get killed while the prop is literally right next to me but because I’m so big I can’t turn into it and I instantly die. My other problem is that the hunters die way too fast like if we shoot the wrong thing our health goes super low and it’s hard to last playing. I also want like to be able to add friends and to communicate with our teammates so it adds to the fun, but overall it’s a good game.
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5 years ago, Hhitchler
Good game
This is a really fun game to play for the first 10 minutes you play it then you just start to get aggravated. A couple of suggestions.. first of all, there shouldn’t be “taunting faces” over the props while hiding and it shouldn’t last for 20 seconds either in my opinion. It makes the game way too easy for the hunters and very hard for the props. Secondly, the hunters shouldn’t be able to die in the game. Also, there could be improvements like adding the option for the props to have decoys and more difficult maps to play on. Lastly, there could be an actual multiplayer mode instead of scrambling to find the same game party to join. These are just suggestions, and I know this game has already had quite a bit of improvements but those are some more to consider in the future. But overall, fun concept for a game!
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5 years ago, Arlando345
2 out of 5
Ok so don’t get me wrong i like the game, but man the music is annoying. Why can’t it be a whistle or two like call of duty’s prop hunt? Why on earth is there auto aim when u can just put lower health on the props and allow them to regain it .. just make it so the prop’s screen darkens on the edges or something while being shot and energy is going down and then brighten back up and slowly regain health while hiding again if he or she’s not caught. No one should repawn!! This is basically elimination right so why can someone respawn? Take that off and give other things free like flashes every game instead of a certain amount period that’s stupid. Also.... why are there faces whenever you are supposed to be hidden? You already play music and then you give the position away even more !!! And last but not least why can the shooters DIE!!!!
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5 years ago, Katie The One
Please Read If You Want To Make The Game Better
I think you should let us get containers every 2 weeks. That would make more people want to play. Plus It would be very simple first day you join you get one container. Maybe you should add it on a Sunday. So we would get a container right away. It’s easy and simple. Plus I bet people would want to buy more of your products just because they didn’t get what they wanted This is a chance to add more customizable skins, weapons, poses, and taunts, It would make the game even more awesome! I would definitely not play when I have nothing to play, But play as one of my daily tasks on my tablet! I personally like the game as it is, But it would make total sense for the game. Thank you spending your time reading this. If you are interested in the game. You should totally download it. This game deserves more than a 4.5 rating. It deserves a 5 star ratting -Katie Fotland P.S there is a glitch where you can not get hit at all! I think you should fix that. I kept shooting them and it didn’t do any damage
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5 years ago, PiECRUSH
SOO Many ADs Little Play Time
NEGATIVE: -You have to watch ADs in order to have currency to play. There is no option around it unless you want to pay real money for the game, you HAVE to watch ADs. Every AD is like one minute or longer. -By the time you’re finished watching an AD to get back to the game, a different game has started and you missed most of it. -Game creator is greedy: for every 1 minute AD you watch you only get one life and 2 grenades/animal converting potion. Which if you already play, you know that is close to nothing. -If you’re in the middle of the game and you run out of lives, you can’t play anymore. If you want to continue playing watch more ADs. -There is no leveling up, no points to grant you better weapons. Only a surprise box that gives you random useless stuff AND also takes forever to achieve. -If you’re a player wanting to play this game for free you’re basically going to spend 5 minutes playing and 10 minutes watching ADs to allow you to play. POSITIVE: -The game is fun ONLY if you pay for it or watch hours of ADs. Overall the game creator is too focused on making players watch the ADs to provide income. Slowly this system gets extremely boring. RECOMMENDED: for every AD the player watches give AT LEAST 5 lives rather than just one.
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8 months ago, Ratifyjsjs
This is the best game ever to me I play it everyday for at least 5 hours it seems and I don’t get bored it’s just like I can’t stop but you can anyways this is in my opinion and maybe you feel different the only thing I don’t like is that when you get off a server and go on home it automatically puts you into an add but that’s all and there are some players with too much piggy things that turn you into and animal for a second and some have a high jump and some can float and take no damage which makes me so mad so can you try to fix that? Thank you for this game btw.^•^
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5 years ago, Marvin_Man
Great! but can be improved
This is the best prop hunt game on the app store however it has a few flaws and can be improved. 1) How do you earn coins? other than paying for coins it’s impossible to earn enough coins to open crates. 2) After being addicted to this game for 3 days, I have played all of the 4 maps over and over. The maps are good but it would be amazing to add 1 or 2 maps. It would also be nice to add a few more props to use. 3) Adding some sort of ranking system would be great so you can see how good your teammates and opponents are. Other than those few improvements this is a great app and I do recommend it :)
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5 years ago, ldbe1
Unfair and unbalanced
I’ve recently downloaded this game and it’s completely unfair for newer players. The hunters are WAY too overpowered and the props have to way to fight back accept to poof them into animals. This combination of the overpowered hunters and the under powered props makes this game un fun and unfair. Props should have a defense that doesn’t cost in game currency. And the in game currency and purchasing system is also unfair. By having the animal power as the one defense of the props it is unfair why it needs to be purchased in the shop at such a high price. Without this power up you are completely defenseless and will never win a game making it impossible to purchase new items and power ups from the shop. Other than that it’s a pretty original concept and it’s pretty interesting but maybe do one thing and MAKE IT FUN TO PLAY!!!
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4 years ago, K͟ʰᵃᵒᵗⁱᶜˢ♏︎
To start, I LOVE THIS GAME. I have been playing for over a year and I never get tired of it. I have collected every item in the game (with the exception of a few packs that need to be bought) however I have a very important question. You see, I got a new phone awhile back and noticed that there is no way (that I know of) to transfer my progress. PLEASE HELP, because I absolutely LOVE this game and I don’t want to lose my progress. I have over 1500 of the respawn and piggy bomb things not to mention a skin pack that I bought. Please please either inform me of an existing way to transfer progress or update the game to make one. THANK YOU♡︎
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4 years ago, Caile🐷🐷🐷
Fun game
Yes it’s fun but I don’t think it’s perfect just yet. I believe this because I’m just confused. Why do the props make noise without wanting to. Why can’t it be more fair where you can keep your self from doing it but you have to do it for two seconds each one second you hold added on to how long it would be normally. Because maybe there can be more strategy this way. You should be able to stop in the middle of it but ever second you stop in the middle is three seconds for each added on again and you can only hold it for thirty seconds before you have to make noise and it would reset every time you make noise again. Overall great game just try working on an easier sound mechanism that’s not cheating
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4 years ago, Falafels on Waffles
There’s an exploit problem
I really like this game and it’s really super duper fun. I’d recommend it to a friend an it’s really enjoyable. The controls are nice, even on this phone that’s smaller than my hand. There has been a recent problem that appeared in two separate games. On prop was somehow invincible and had like an infinite amount of animals. They were also able to find me no matter how well I was hiding. I left the game and decided to join a new one, but now a hunter has infinite grenades. I didn’t see a report system and it really saddens me there are people ruining other’s game experience with these tricks. What should I do? Ps, one of the guys is named Luispro. Not sure if you can do much with that, but it’s all I got.
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4 years ago, pie271
Best game ever!
Best hunter vs prop game! If you haven’t played it yet play it now! Ok anyways the game is perfect and I do not see anything wrong with it. But can you give the props some more time to hide instead 7 seconds? How about 10. Honestly, I don’t see any problems with the small props being fast but maybe you can add some more stuff for the hunters and props. If you do not want to it’s fine. That’s it for my review. If someone else is reading this, I want to tell you a hint in the game. (When a props taunt goes on. The music starts playing. If the music gets louder your closer to the prop. If the music gets quieter than your further from the prop.)
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5 years ago, Dggdfvgttff
Great game! Please let me friend other players
This is genuinely the funnest prop hunt I've ever played. It's pretty evenly balanced (hunters have to aim and not get too close to smaller props, yknow, as logically makes sense) and the maps are fun and just the right amount exploitable. The game makes ads pleasant and worth it and it's just overall a blast. My only complaint is that I can't friend players. I can create my own room and that's great, but sometimes I want a more special bond with people who just jumped on top of me yknow? Anyway epicmafia does friends well (says if they're in an existing game and makes it easy to join them) so I'd like that but here.
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4 years ago, No Name 1203
This game is great overall and I think that the ad function for getting lives and also grenades/animal change is a good thing. But I’m confused about the whole coin situation. I have 25 coins but I don’t know how to get more. Since I don’t know how to get coins I can’t buy the 100 lives and 200 grenades deal and I don’t want to spend money. So please, in the next update, add a function that gives you coins when you win as a prop or hunter. Winner gets coins. Loser nothing. Please implement this into the game. Coins are already hard enough to get and having 25 coins with no way to earn more really annoys me
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2 years ago, NightAnjel
Love It! But…
I really enjoy this game, but one day it just wouldn’t work. The home screen wouldn’t load, and when I tapped help, it didn’t help at all. There’s a lot of potential for this game, but if it was less pay-to-win, it would be even more fun! Other suggestions I have are: -Nerf some of the guns, they’re a little OP and make the game unfair as a prop -Lengthen the cooldown for just a couple seconds -Instead of getting all 3 items from the box if you buy the pass, make it so you can get 3 items for free with the box, but 2 bonus items if you have the pass. -Add fun events or missions where you get rewards and coins so it’s not so much pay-to-win!
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5 years ago, micen837
Review and suggestions
I really love this game 10/10 this is the best. Something you could add is a chat so you can communicate with your fellow teammates. For example. *bob is in a particular room* *i see bob* I tell the other hunters on the chat about bobs location. Boom! The other hunters come in the room and are ready to hunt bob down together! And the seekers also need chat. For example. Billy: oh no I think Seth (a hunter) is coming your way! Be careful! So, yea those are my suggestions. Second. I’m very excited for new sounds! I’m kinda getting boring from the old sounds but, overall the game is going great! xoxo -ari
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4 years ago, Carleigh Hare😜🤣🥳😍
Great! but please fix...
Okay don’t get me wrong it’s a great game and tons of fun but, I don’t like that the hiders only get like 6-10 seconds to hide every time I’m it all the hiders are running around because they didn’t have time to hide. Also I don’t like that there is little taunts every couple seconds its SO annoying I just wanna play without having to worry about those taunts can’t you think of another way to make it a bit easier for the taggers but still not so easy to where they can tag everyone in seconds because of those taunts. This game would be perfect if you would fix those problems!
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4 years ago, Trinity Forehand
Love the game❤️❤️ but...
I have been playing this game for a really long time and I love everything about it. It is very addictive and I could literally play all day. The only that I think should be added to the game are more maps and a chat box as well. I would really love to talk to the seekers and hiders and I think it would be really fun. I also think you should add a friends list because some of the people I play with are pretty cool and fun and I can never see them again after leaving the game. Again I love the game and hope to see more updates in the future💞💞💞😘.
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4 years ago, link1950
I love it only three things will probably help the game
I just got this game and played around with it this week the maps are great and everything is awesome the only thing I’d add is game chat and a bit of a multiplayer game mode where you can set up a private room and add friends to it along side saying that adding friends for this game will help a bit of the game as well but there’s not much really I would change besides adding friend requesting is able to come in to play and game chat and a private multiplayer room for you and your friends to hangout and play in
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4 years ago, Brookiegamer67cuite
I’m a girl boi what y’all talking about lol
Oh well I play this game and it’s not bad I would just think that it would have a chat . I mean that would be cool if it had a chat but it’s ok if it doesn’t but like I said that would be cool. I play this game while I jam out to my music and ya . Lol I’m a girl and I play this game and it’s totally for girls too. Anyone can play it the only it’s age appropriate for 10 up all I’m gonna say I’m almost 11 and this game is safe even if it did have a chat I highly recommend getting this game and playing . Peace rip juice wrld miss ya gang gang bye y’all gonna go back to my life lol byeeee.
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