High 5 Casino Vegas Slots

4.6 (39.2K)
242.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
High 5 Casino LLC
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
12.4 or later
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User Reviews for High 5 Casino Vegas Slots

4.59 out of 5
39.2K Ratings
6 years ago, Ntbd4agrl
Got to say this used to be my favorite app but I am quickly changing my mind. I play most days, I post when I get a million plus coins and I do not see where I get credit for posts and or credit for purchased coins. I don’t see my level ever changing in my lifetime when you only give 5 points for posts and 15 points for purchases..give me a break i still have some 316 THOUSAND coins to go to advance from emerald to diamond. Also when you earn credits for your treasure chest, before i could continue to earn credits cashed them in when I had 27 MILLION and now my bucket is full with 448,000 and I need to purchase before I can accumulate more coins, PLEASE just not going to happen when those coins will be gone in say 7 to 10 spins :( ... Am actively looking for another site to play
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4 years ago, BoomerB1972
Don’t Bother
High 5 has many real casino slot games. Years ago it was a fun site. Now a days, they have tightened the games SOOOO much its beyond pathetic. 20 pop-ups for you to buy coins. DON’T do it. These are the WORST paying slots on the entire web. The games do not pay out anything like their real land based casino counterparts. They constantly tinker with the payout percentages. If by chance (and its a bad chance) that you actually hit a couple big wins, a program the developers created kicks in and makes the next 20 spins give you zero payouts. Now, on to the actual function of this site. The site glitches a LOT. Many times, you can get a full screen of one symbol and it will pay you nothing, or it will crash and you don’t get your win. When this happens, and it has, I sent a screen shot of the full screen and zero payout, and supports response is always “sorry this has happened to you, but it is not possible to pay you anything because you have experiences a visual malfuntion”. So yeah, they also have this site rigged and support lies to you. I believe High 5 is not making nearly as much money as they used too. Players are deleting the game by the hundreds everyday. But the moron’s who own High 5 don’t realize that people would be more apt to buy coins with their real money if the games payed out much better than they do now, which is zero. But the brains at High 5 don’t realize this.
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4 years ago, ameechelle
I have rated this app before but rather than complain I thought I’d give some suggestions. As a long time player, I think I started playing when the game first launched through Facebook, I have paid a lot of money for coins. I am no longer able to do that. It feels like this game is set up so that you have to buy coins in order to play. The amount of free coins given is minimal, even as a Dimond player a level 560. I think there should be additional rewards for loyal players on. Also there should be more opportunities to receive free coins. I also play Slotomania and between all their opportunities for free coins, I get millions of coins per day. But I enjoy High 5’s slots more. What if we could break the piggy banks for free? I’d even be willing to watch ads for free coins. I understand that you want players to have an authentic casino experience but please keep in mind that this will never feel entirely authentic. We’re playing at home, it’s not the same atmosphere and we don’t actually win real money. We play when we’re bored and wish to pass time. But it’s only fun if we can play longer than 5 spins or so every four hours. It’s even more fun when we win big! Please consider these suggestions.
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5 years ago, Twisterdink
Game stalled
I’ve been playing High 5 for so long that I’ve unlocked every game available. Now I’ve spun a free game unlock on the High 5 wheel and can’t get past that screen. It won’t let me spin the wheel, select a game to play, go to the lobby or options or settings or anything until I unlock a game - which I can’t because I’ve already unlocked all the games. I’ve tried updating, logging off, closing out, but when I log back in I just get an apology for not getting my game unlock, to please choose a game to unlock now. Can’t get past that screen. Before this if I spun three locks for a game unlock award, and there were no games available to unlock, then a cash award was credited instead. I can’t do anything now. I’m frozen out of the game. I’m giving a one star “unusable” rating until this is fixed. Update. More than two weeks later the game has finally allowed me past the “game unlock” screen. Now every single one of my two hundred plus unlocked games has been un-installed and will have to be reinstalled before I can play any of them. Except that none of the games will download and install now. I have exactly one game available, the new one that was “unlocked” for me, with a minimum bet of $60K that will bankrupt me in a few spins. Still giving this a one ⭐️ why-bother review.
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5 years ago, CMKT37
Not What I Expected!!
I have been a player on High 5 since they started I believe!! I have voiced my opinion several times as to how they have changed from a fun casino to where they are now! BIG change!! Just like the other comment, they have tightened the machines so you don’t win anymore. For me, they won’t let me win at all as I guess they didn’t like some of the things I said to them. Well they were all the truth & if they don’t like hearing the truth then maybe they should change the way they are doing things. I for one would love to be able to play the machines the way they “used” to be. I don’t know if they have different people that run it or what but I do know from experience, that can really be a detriment!! If High 5 wants players, I really recommend they change the way they are doing things now!!! Oh I know they have a lot of high rollers playing & I would love to be one of those people BUT unfortunately I don’t have the funds to be able to bet 250 thousand a spin. 10 or 20 is my limit because I rarely win anymore. I really hope they start doing things differently!!
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11 months ago, Latera1984
I have been playing for awhile now never won anything finally win over a 100 tried for 2 days to cash out first time I tried it went to the app was under maintenance tried again later that day never would let me pass the screen where you do your screen name real name etc etc tried a 3rd time same thing stuck on the same screen tried to play with the fake coins instantly let me logged out and back in again just to see if it let me gamble with the real money guess what long as I was gambling and not trying to cash out it worked perfectly so I just went to all the games where it charges to do bonus to play and used it all playing them think I left it with 6 dollars r something keep it any give it to someone idk mostly likely would have played if it wasn’t for real money because I liked some of your games but no you guys lie and say it’s a possibility for you to win real money then freeze up when someone wins is the biggest scam around im sick of these apps saying they pay real money and they don’t just to get signup’s… I’ve never had this problem with chumba Luckyland pulsz are stakes social casino’s
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4 months ago, Highly and Most Disappointed
High5 Casino
So I won $3000 jackpot last night playing high5 online casino. Today I received an email asking me for several documents to verify my account. I’m told that my account is temporary restricted until I supply them with the following through a secure link that they provided; they want. 1. A copy of my drivers license, front and back. 2. A high-quality selfie and video where I introduce myself and provide my full address 3. Proof of address, such as a utility bill or rental agreement. 4. A clear copy of my bank statement for the last three months. 5. A clear copy of my PayPal statement for the last three months. 6. Copies of the credit cards/debit cards that I’ve used when playing on their site (6 of them) they want the cards to show the first six digits of the card number, and the last four digits with the middle digits covered. Shame on High5 Casino because I think this is just a tactic that they’re using to not pay to me what I won. I had already been verified prior to this win and I had previously cashed out another smaller amount. Shame, shame shame on you High5 casino.
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4 years ago, beware of the wolf
Worst site ever
I am so sick of this site. I have been playing high 5 for the past 5 years or so. I have bought credits on many occasions. I am an emerald player. They say when you reach this level you get a designated representative that will answer questions and take feed back. There is no way you can win enough to keep playing for extended period of time. I have bought 1.5 billion in chips and betting 3 mil have played no more than 2 to 3 weeks. Even a casino pays better. I have written them and given my email address many times and never gotten a response. All they want is for people to keep buying and losing. I have played other sites for much longer and not had to buy chips. Don’t buy chips from high 5. Unless you don’t care about your money. I don’t know if they are off-shore or not. I don’t think they have people to answer requests it don’t look to me like it. I don’t think this will get a response. Beware of this site. Not a happy player. So I got a robo response. That is what you get from these goof balls. If they had any respect for the player it would be person to person.
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6 years ago, Bricks44
I have been playing this app for years with multiple accounts. This used to be may favorite slot app but seems to have changed over the course of playing. Although this is for entertainment purposes, it doesn’t even allow you to play long enough to be entertained. The slots are pretty tight. It used too allow you to play for a while when you purchase coins but doesn’t even allow you to do that anymore. Your daily bonus spins are the same at level 150 as they are at level 300. What is the purpose of leveling up. The spins you get when increasing the game level increases but at level 300 all games are at level 100 and without being able to win, you can’t level up the games. Update: new update today, worse than before. They act like they are better because the spins are 5x but they have removed the spins they give you by leveling up a game so you can’t even earn the spins anymore. In addition, it doesn’t matter how much they give if you can never win. Doesn’t even allow you to play for entertainment anymore.
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6 years ago, MS_OPINIONATED
Pay attention to your reviews!!
When I first started playing the game I could play for hours and hours and now I’m lucky if I get a solid 20-30 mins. As read in previous reviews, when coins are purchased the game is in such a hurry to drain you of your coins and force you to purchase more if you want to continue to play. The bonus is a joke. If the minimum bet is $300 in a game and the bonus is $1000 that’s 3 spins!!! 3 spins?Really? The makers of this game should take into consideration what the players of this game are saying in the reviews and make some changes very quickly to restructure how the game pays players that are purchasing coins before this app gets old real fast. There should be a bonus credit of coins EVERY time you purchase, not just sometimes. I used to have fun playing this game, now it’s just EXTREMELY frustrating to watch your coins disappear in a flash. Not having ONE win in TWENTY spins after purchasing 11,000,000 coins is highway robbery and annoying to the point that I’ve written this review and don’t want to play this game anymore!
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1 month ago, hydufuguguh
So far, so good!
I’ve been playing High 5 for a bit now. Constant play but never anything big. I’ve always enjoyed playing with them. I recently had to update my account information, sent in the required documentation. They responded and updated my account in a timely manner and were really nice! I am a little nervous now after reading reviews from others because I just sent in a redemption request for $1,000 just over 48 hours ago. They said it would process with in 72 hours, so fingers crossed they process, approve, and deposit my redemption! 🤞🏻 I’m going to be very disappointed if they don’t… ☹️
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1 year ago, Alyson850
They stole my money
I signed up with this app using Facebook I won $1700 Thursday May 25. Verified my account and cashed $1500 out to Skrill. The next day it showed as completed but I never got my money. I have contacted them many many times. Nothing. I won another $100 and went to cash out. I noticed the Skrill email showing wasn’t mine. I have never seen this email before. Contacted Skrill and they said high 5 has to trace where the money went and cancel it as it should be pending if it’s not someone else’s Skrill account. Then they have to change the email on my high 5 and refund me the money so I can cashout. They won’t reply. They won’t do anything. They have stolen my money I paid for and won. The corporate numbers go to a voicemail and say leave a message and no one calls back. I am giving it until Tuesday and if nothing is fixed or if I don’t have some kind of communication and proof it’s being fixed k am filing paperwork with the FTC. This is theft and wrong!!
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1 year ago, CiCi01124219
Do not get this app
I deposited money into the app & now I’m not able to play at all! I’ve wrote them multiple times & finally got an automated message. As soon as I got that message I went on the site & tried to chat. They say they are offline, but they say that 24 hours out the day so all you can do is email & wait for a response. When you call they say they are not available because they are working remotely due to the pandemic. It’s May of 2023! If that was the case they should have agents available to chat & taking calls. I can’t take my money off because I have to at least play one game, which they won’t let me do so now it’s just stuck. I don’t want a check because that’s not how I sent my funds. All they need to do is fix the problem or make my money available so I can redeem on skrill. I play to many casino games & very rarely run into problems like this & if I do, I get a faster response & get the problem fixed.
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9 months ago, Jinna B 123
Use to love but now not so sure
This app don’t offer free coin links. Very stingy, They don’t offer good daily bonuses either. Only worth one or two spins tops. The only thing they do offer is good coin purchase plans. Even though it’s a free game, it’s definitely now designed for you to go and buy coins. Also, I bought coins two days ago and now the app is off line or deactivated through Facebook and I can’t access it to play. And their social media account on Facebook didn’t post right away about it. If I pay for a service like coins, I should be able to access what I paid for right? Also if I’m paying for something, I should be winning a little more. Years ago when there was way way less games on their interface , I never or seldomly bought and it was more fun because you could actually win! And the games ran faster with less lag! Do better hi_5! Make it a paid service if that’s your intent!
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2 months ago, L sogmon
Good incentives and game selection
So I’ve been a loyal player to High 5 for awhile now and let me start by saying they do their best to help you in whatever matter you may need, customer service is always ready to help with mostly friendly understanding workers, Redemption times have been great up until this last one, it has taken way longer then ever before for my redemption to go through and I have spent hundreds with them and never had this issue, so hopefully it’s just because they are extremely busy. However the incentives they reward you with are great. I was given a 2 dollar login bonus daily for a week and it was great so they do reward their players and they do 20 percent off coin packages almost every day.
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3 years ago, Bakita2014
Hard to establish fun
I played this years ago and got swept up into buying $100 real money coin packs etc. I quit because it ripped me off. I’d play whatever I bought for $100 and it would last an hour or so… so I quit. I just started back with the app a week ago. Playing without paying gives me about 5 spins of lowest possible bets on only 4 games. I got up to 80,000 coins yesterday and played 3 tournaments. None were even remotely fun. In a full week I haven’t gotten any type of big win. I got free spins twice that were total busts. Ie: 10 spins @ 600 value per spin should be 6,000 to break even. But I got less than 3,000 both times. This is just junk. Deleting. Plus!!!!! Add this note… Why are there only 4 games available to me as a new player? I unlocked one of them with a bonus. This whole casino app is trash. Very disappointed.
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3 months ago, Bait n switch app BEWARE
whoops high 5 goes the other direction
it seems they’ve had some sorted growth recently and did not properly plan to increase their infrastructure like many failed business during this process. I can’t get answers to my queries after nearly a week “due to high support request volume”. Frankly, that’s not a valid reason. You’re problem not the players. This use to be the best in terms of quick responses, nearly instant payouts, and in game options. A cornerstone in the player casino relationship surrounds the notion that the player pays and the casino pays when there’s a win. Landline. casinos fail when there’s valid concerns with this.. of course. Beware. I will not be participating nearly as often but perhaps if things change so could my feedback. But for now, you are not the stand out place to game. Just like the rest of the pack that tend to fail to meet the players needs.
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3 years ago, TADOR SALAD
Mixed feelings
Your team has an awesome game selection! But I’ve been playing for a while now and sadly I am finding a few personally aggravating things. 1- The games HARDLY EVER PAY ANYTHING!!! I mean no joke. I have better luck at a real casino 98% of the time!🤔🤔🤔🤔 Then I am asked if I want to purchase coins to play with when it never pays... 2- Along with number one above... YOUR GAMES ALMOSY NEVER BONUS!!!! When they rarely do they again as stated above... THEY NEVER PAY!!!!! I would love to give you guys 5 stars. Sadly unless the game play improves I personally will not do that! I’m am tempted to only give two stars simply because it’s insanely difficult to enjoy the awesome game selections due to the 2 issues I stayed above! I really hope this improves! I’ll gladly change my review if it does and does it consistently! Thanks
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5 years ago, Just a good old gal.
Love this site
I enjoy this site. Finally started getting my points built up. My sister and I get each other’s points when one is going to be gone. My IPad account is different than my desk computer. I was built up to over twelve million on the desk computer. I played the high stake game. Thought I was playing five thousand, instead it was over two million a play. Not looking up at what was happening, it dropped to about two million and I did not have enough for another spin. Thankful for that, or it would all have been gone. I wish that particular game was not even on here. Like anything else, some games are a lot more fun to play.
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6 months ago, Punkmermaidbch
Legitimately the best app out there
I never ever write reviews, but this app has got to be like the best one out there as far as a casino app goes, you can play for real, and just for fun, I’ve won a few times on here, and actually got my cash outs unlike most of the other casino apps promising real money. I have also redeemed winnings for gift cards they have available. The only thing I wish they would change would be just to add more ways to earn free SC. But other then that this app is definitely my favorite. So for everyone wondering if you should try it or not , just do it, it’s more then worth it.
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4 years ago, GaminGirly
Fabulous And Absolutely The Best!
I recently counted how many games I have. I have over 370 games! I bought extra coins as a thank you, for all the fun I have had! I have tried many many mobile slot games, this one is by far the absolute best. The graphics are beautiful, the games are fun and engaging and there is so much variety! The tournaments are super! This game makes me want to uninstall all of the other ones and just play this all day! I have played at a few actual casino's and I would rather play this game😂
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6 years ago, SherriLynn913
Money Pit-Don’t Purchase Coins!
Been a loyal player for years, but a once great gaming site has evolved into a money pit. I have read many reviews saying that you get punished if you purchase coins. Unfortunately, I believe that to be true. Don’t purchase coins! This company is extremely greedy. My husband never purchases and he can play and play. I made the bad mistake of buying coins and the more I purchase, the less I win. You would think they were giving us REAL money. And don’t think you will get rewarded if you purchase. JUST THE OPPOSITE. I truly believe you are flagged when you purchase and they tighten the games on you severely. My husband and I will play the same game, same bet on our iPads. He will win, but I will just lose, lose, lose. Does anyone know if it’s legal for them to manipulate our accounts like they are doing???
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2 weeks ago, yhhjjjjjhghhjj
They make it absolutely impossible to withdraw your winnings.
They have no problem taking your money out of your account but make it impossible to withdraw your winnings. I spent so much money here but the second i win some change and want to withdraw, The verification goes into a loop for 3 hours or the screen is blurry. Its not on my end because i have an iphone 15 and i know my camera is not that horrible. Oh and don’t forget you get 3 tries before they restrict your account and you can’t withdraw your winnings. I’ve written a ticket to customer service and sent them pictures of my ID for verification yet i’ve gotten no response from them for days. Horrible experience and other social casinos don’t make it this impossible to withdraw as i’ve done it many times.
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1 year ago, nonya bizzniss
I started playing about a month ago or so I should have read the negative reviews first. I deposited money and won about $160 dollars I cashed out a $100 gift card and lost the rest . I didn’t want to do Skrill or have them send a check so I opted for a gift card . I received it in like a day or so. The next day I got their daily bonus of $.50 and won $50 from it and cashed out for another gift card and I still have not received it I sent them emails they tell me it takes 3-4 business days and it has been that now they telling me it takes up to 10 business days to approve it. Every reply is filled with lies . I am beginning to think I will never see that gift card because I won it with their daily Bonus and not my own deposited money .
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2 months ago, Bj33189
Talk about wasting money
This site paid out when I first started, all redemptions were around $100-$500. Then, when I hit for $4,000 they stopped responding to my emails. Per their request, I sent them my card info they requested as well as proof of address my drivers license, and many other unbecessary things they requested. Once that was done, they stopped replying to me. I’ve done nothing wrong, turned in all the requested documents ( which is funny cause isn’t that why they want us verified to begin with )?? I’m over the top floored by this and I’ve spent thousands other site. Never again will I refer anyone or put money on their site unless they pay me. If they do, I will take this down and if they don’t I will leave a bad review everyday until I die
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3 years ago, Day One Adele Fans
Game play is horrific
I have bought coins for this game in the past but no more. Too many games, and NOT enough wins. Game play is absolutely horrifying. This used to be a great casino with big wins. Now it’s popup after popup to buy coins and if you even do get a bonus the winnings are meager - am almost to diamond level and when they started High 5 most games were 2k-5k coins but now they have games at 200 and 300k to start? I feel terrible for new players, this is unacceptable really especially in the times we are currently in. I get they have to make some money but this was supposed to be a fun game on Facebook - clearly they are NOT paying attention to the players who are giving them feedback on Facebook for improvements. Do better.
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7 years ago, Player 6645758
Tightest game on line
Time to update a review. H5 has a great variety of slots to play. That's all I can say. H5 is by far the tightest game on line. 10,15 ,20 spins without a hit c'mon.. Bonuses that don't hit at all after 8 spins, c'mon. Time to delete this app and move on. Good Luck finding new players. Lots of fun. Somewhat tight. Just like the ral casino. Enjoy playing casino slots. Great variety of games. That's it. H5 is by far the tightest game on line. I broke the Guinness book of records for spins without a win. And bonuses that pay 0 or don't return your bet. Need a better of slot tournament games...
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2 years ago, Mxyzptlk55
Used to be great
over the years this app has always been on the decline. the gameplay is good but everything they add has made it worse. the popups the high minimum bets. one example is the leveling system. you start a new slot you are at level 1. you spin and get a hit and all the sudden you are level 10. i cant thing of any game or slot app that behaves like this. you want to work a little towards leveling us. makes no sense to me. i worked for years to build up a balance where i could play a little each day. then they changed the minimum bet amounts to where 30 bad spins would wipe out my total balance.
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10 months ago, HayleeTyo
Fantastic casino
I’ve been playing with High5 for a few months and they have been more than generous with there winnings and payouts. I won the grand Jackpot and they have been very responsive with the questions I’ve had and answered them promptly. They have been open since 1995 and turned sweeps in 2012. They have won many awards and don’t see any reason why they won’t win more in the years ahead! Thank you High5 for being my getaway and thank you for being as legit as you are.
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4 years ago, WAt8r
I have been playing Hi5 slots for years. I’ve enjoyed the different games and have especially enjoyed the artwork. Your games are beautiful. However, I have noticed a trend in the last several months. It seems your games have become less generous. I do not mind supporting any game I play. It seems only right. I have bought a great many coins in just this last month, but I have experienced less playtime. Sadly, I can no longer afford to support you and will be deleting your game from my phone. I hope that perhaps sometime in the future, you will loosen your slots and playing them will once again be an enjoyable experience.
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6 years ago, user30071
Used to be great
The recent changes to the games and the app experience render a once-fantastic app to a mere “meh”. As someone who logged on every four hours for several YEARS to collect points and spins, the higher required betting amounts and reduced free spins have ruined the player experience. This app used to provide an incredibly realistic experience but now it’s just annoying. My friends and I have all but given up logging on altogether. High 5 is the still the best casino app out there, but if the changes were made to get people to spend more money, they failed: now we don’t play at all. I beg you to go back to the old free spins allotment and amounts, and lower the betting amounts, especially on new games, because we’ll come back if you do. It’s okay to admit it you made a mistake.
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5 months ago, Justnice26
Absolutely incredible
I have never played a casino that you win so big so often, within a week I have won $1700, $1200, and just now ,2500 never betting more then $3.25 a spin. I have been playing for years on all the major casinos have never had any wins that big let alone incredibly within a week. I have closed accounts to every other casino and will only be playing High 5 from here on out. P.S I have all the screen shots to prove I’m a real player that really won!!!
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6 years ago, Brocky1217
Went from best to worse
I’ve been playing this game for well over 2 years and loved all the games that they came up with. Used to get double points with new games (but that is by the wayside) and you could climb up the scale. Now they pick games that aren’t very good or take 20 to 30 spins to hit anything. I’ve purchased some of their biggest deals and the games just get tighter and tighter. Their quests and tournaments are a joke and I get tired of them freezing on me and not being able to finish. They have some great games and was a pleasure to play, but my patience has finally run out. Their are other casinos that are just as entertaining and I’m finally going to just tournament play and will eventually delete the application if some things don’t change.
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4 weeks ago, BriAnna518528
Account verification-lost money
My account had been verified with my phone number and email address. It was even set up with Apple Pay. Some how I have been locked out of my account and the verification for my phone number had been reset, I assume, because I would type in my number and instead of getting an alert I received a “there is already a user with this number” response. I finally got back in through my apple email; however, my balance was not the same. I lost around $20. Issue has not been corrected and now I can only seem to access the classic high 5 most of the time. Very disappointed in the lack of resolution
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4 years ago, Catoeeman
Does not respond to problems
The games overall are excellent however when you have a problem they will just arbitrarily take away 10 20 million points from you and force you to start all over again when you questioned this they said just sign out and sign back in and when you do that you end up with the same problem you had before you could never go back to work you had previously to the glitch in their system. These problems would be very simple for them to fix internally but they will not Fix it and tell you it is up to you to sign out and sign back in ridiculous I decided to try this one more time but this will be the last five dollars they get from me if I do not soon see a resolution
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5 years ago, Woman for you
Kathleen Roberts
Great game but it cuts out and you have to go out and then come back in. Took time but kept my place. Love the Chicago tournament I had a blast. Thank You Today is March 30,2019 Well I tried to play the contest Wild Turkeys and as before the game froze up. Not very happy about this because it happened before. I gave it 3 stars and that's pushing it a bit. It's been a while since I played and I would think that this would have been fixed by now. I guess not. I will try again later and let all know how it goes.
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6 years ago, Daisy era
The game was better before the latest update.
There is a great variety of slot games available but the recent update has gutted a key feature of the daily bonuses; the free spins in the lobby. That the prizes are five times higher is advertised. What’s not is the free spins have dropped from three to one with each bonus session. Furthermore, you no longer win additional free spins when you level up a particular game. I don’t yet know if it’s also dropped the free spins granted when your player level increases; having gotten level 249 a couple days ago, it’s going to be a while before I can gain another level there. Higher payouts are nice, but it is more than offset by losing all the additional spins.
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6 years ago, Gwartholomew
Crashing since last update
I love the game and play often. I don’t buy any coins, I just wait until my bankroll builds up to play. To the players who complain about purchasing coins and this game being a money pit, that’s your choice to spend your money, no one is forcing you. I can’t get in to the game now. I get to the first one or two opening screens than it just crashes. Please fix. (I’d give it 5 stars but can’t due to the crashing). UPDATE: I don’t know how, but the game seems to work fine now.
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5 years ago, baggittnew
Most Beautiful and sophisticated slot gaming site on the internet
I was so over whelmed that I forgot how to do this correctly . Imaginative sophisticated slot game play that NEVER verses to amaze . The most beautiful and imaginative quality in innovative presentation with the highest standards in illustration coupled with constant every possible consideration for all truer game players looking to experience more than the mere winning of coin . Playing this site is like tasting fine wine every time . Please continue your strong gaming ethics . It is ALWAY a pleasure visiting your site
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10 months ago, samztine
Rtp not monitored
So i play 12 different online casinos. State and sweepcoins both, i play pragmatic on different sites as well. I will be honest here, i have never seen a casino that has bad rtp as this one. You will deposit crazy amounts and even hit many bonuses but it will pay you minimum. You will lose thousands and make nothing back but 10s and 20s when you hit a bonus. I am not sure if it’s monitored but i will be filing a complaint with the bbb and will follow up with gaming officials in my state. This website does not make sense, its more of a donation website . I recommend anyone who notices this issue to report it to the responsible authorities, report it to banks as well so they may mark it ad fraud.
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3 years ago, trejosb
Long time user, love it mostly
I’ve used High 5 Casino for years. I agree with another player…the games have been tightened quite a bit. I don’t expect to win with every spin but I expect it to be give & take, which makes it fun & exciting. My only other complaint is the new betting format…I HATE it! I can’t even figure out how to increase or decrease my bet…so all the new games you guys are including, I don’t play. It’s supposed to be fun…I shouldn’t have to figure out how to bet 🥺 Other than that enjoyable
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2 years ago, jadeseec
Going down hill 👎
This game use to be fun you use to have 2xps a lot, 3xps and 5xps Now they taken it totally away along with ads you could play for extra coins now you don’t even get that. When they updated the game awhile back and started given more money at your collection time that wasn’t even fair because everyone got different amounts. I was at a higher level than my husband but he collects more coins than I do they said they go by the way you play. Well, I have another account that wasn’t as high as this one and it gets half the coins as this one but it wasn’t that much lower. So it doesn’t make sense. This use to be my favorite game but not no more. 👎
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6 years ago, adtsr
Not cheating
The people who complain that these games are cheating them don’t know what they are talking about. I have bought a few coins, not many and I have won 300 million coins in one spin and I’m still going. There is a great variety of games and the format of the games is interesting I am confused about one thing though, it keeps saying you can win a jackpot but I have seen no sign of any way to win a jackpot and I have bet the maximum bet. Could someone please explain this?
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6 years ago, Pommmmpomo
5 casino games
You have such high bets to begin your games & yet you give so little bonus. What I also dislike is that your tournaments freeze a lot midway & then I lose the rest of my spins & lose the game. You also do not compensate for the amounts lost. The odds of winning is slim with your games. You are like the other game creators who manipulate their games to make the player lose & forces them to buy more play money. How devious is your intentions of gaining profit without giving your players some enjoyment? Fix your games's bugs. I want to be compensated for 2 tournaments of $10,000 each that got frozen. Not only is your game website buggy, it is also too slow.
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7 months ago, MetalheadKev1970
Oldie but a Goodie
High 5 Casino has been around for quite some time. It is still (to this day) tremendous fun. A great app to play to enjoy after a tough day. Lots of variety and lots of different slot machines. Fantastic animation and great sound! One thing I really enjoy, is the player leveling and games rising in levels. It plays like a basic role playing game mixed with the fast and exciting world of arcade-like slot machines. You really download this app, and join the awesome fun.
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12 months ago, Traww1979
High five casino
! Love this site really do! I was introduced by my wife after she won $100 her first week playing….i been down on my luck past couple of months but two days ago I really did hit the jack pot!! Topping out at $1200!!’ Had a little trouble claiming my winnings but customer service was great! They were quick, responded and got me paid in no time! BEST , to all my friends at HFC,, THANK YOU AGAIN, HAPPY HOLIDAYS, I’m logging in to win more more LoL,,, GOD BLESS
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1 year ago, Cyn216
Totally legitimate company
I joined 1 week ago and won twice and received both my payments. The first was a check in the mail I was skeptical about but I did receive it. The second was a payment through Skrill and I got it within 10 minutes. I definitely had doubt about them but my mind has totally changed! They are great and I will continue to play… Thank you!!
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6 years ago, CALMIGL
All friends VANISHED today and algorithm continues to be AWFUL
This used to be my favorite casino app and I play a few minutes every day have done nothing but lose steadily for over a month. now. Having said that I have asked over and over but the developers have not resolved the Friends issue. (Today they made it worse all friends VANISHED ) They show as your friends but not in the gift section or they are your friends and don't show at all. They must have changed something trying to force us to buy big coin packages. May be uninstalling this app which was my go to app. Off to Hit if Rich LOL sad really used to enjoy High 5
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5 months ago, ...his Royal Daveness...
crash crash crash
i’ve never used an app that crashes constantly like this one…free spins are available for 2 days and disappear if not used in that timeframe…however, making dozens of attempts each day does nothing to prevent the games from crashing before you can play. they will offer trouble shooting but nothing works…the app refuses to take ownership of the problem and this app has been dealing with crashing since its release a decade ago…maybe it’s time to bring in a team that actually knows how to get this app to operate like every other app out there…i’ve lost free spins countless times because the app is crashing and nothing was ever done to make things right for me…they’re refusing to acknowledge a problem or maybe this is his they conduct business…im sure i’ll see a response to my rating asking me to contact them for help after it’s posted…already tried contacting support and nothing at all was done…it’s a shame because the app can be entertaining…
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2 months ago, Lil_fri420
Sign in issues
Ive had this app for awhile. And never been able to actually use it because it doesn't allow me to sign in. It wants me to verify my phone number then tells me my phone number already has an account!!! I know it has an account!!! That's what I'm trying to sign into.... there is no way to get off this page forcing me to verify. There needs to be a button to log in to existing account. Not just create a new one. I play on the website and it works just fine.
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