4.7 (298)
51 MB
Age rating
Current version
Church of the Highlands
Last update
9 months ago
Version OS
12.4 or later
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User Reviews for Highlands

4.75 out of 5
298 Ratings
5 years ago, SusieQRiversideGirl
So appreciate this App..
I simply thank God for and appreciate being able to utilize the Reading through the Bible feature on this app. With everyday portions of the Old and New testaments , Psalms and Proverbs and then being to select between 3 different versions of the Bible and to make the print larger ...which is helpful for our ages (60+ ) our Nephew goes to Highlands (Tuskaloosa ,Alabama) and we heard about the app through His parents ...so thankful in Western ,Kentucky love reading through the Bible this way ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️there is also so much more on the app ,check it out and see🤓❤️
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5 years ago, Shadogt
Great app for church!
This app is very polished and works well, however would like to see the ability to give an offering through the app itself using apple pay to bump up my rating to 5 stars Update: although you still can’t use Apple Pay to tithe I am bumping up my review to 5 stars due to the latest update finally supporting iPhone X screen sizes. Been waiting for this a long time and now one of my favorite apps is even better. Love this church!
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5 years ago, Martock113
Great app!
Is there anyway to add the ability to copy location addresses from the locations. It’s great to have a shortcut to Apple maps but I don’t use apple maps and I need to be able to copy the address to paste into Waze. Also when I am inviting others I cannot copy the address to send them a text message. I have to go load up the webpage version just to find the address to send to them.
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4 years ago, Grace_to_Grace
Great app, love the one year bible!
This app is great. You can watch live services, or watch services you may have missed. It has campus information, service times, events, and (my personal favorite) the one year bible built in! I still use my Holy Bible app for various plans devotionals, but the one year bible on THIS app gives you a devotional, a reading from the Old and New Testaments, and a reading from Psalms.
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6 years ago, kh15249
Highlighting One Year Bible
I would like there to be a way to highlight verses in the One Year Bible that speak to me that day, also maybe a notes section with it that will save to be able to look back at. And a way to see which days I have read the One Year Bible, calendar type feature. Thanks for a wonderful app! COTH has changed my life in so many ways!
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4 years ago, Sfvvbddvbhsxvjjfscjydd
Love listening to the messages, but very glitchy
I love Chris Hodges. And I’m glad I can listen to his messages. But the app is pretty irritating. I have issues almost every time I listen. You can’t skip forward or back without it freezing. It also won’t respond to any AirPod command like pause, then play. If something interrupts the audio, like a phone call, half the time I’ll have to restart it. But then I cant skip forward to the spot I was at previously. Needs work.
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5 years ago, Lish_0628
Love this app...and MY church!
I have been a member of Highlands since they first established in 2001. I have never felt more at home with any other church besides Highlands. I’m happy they have made an app with last sermons since they no longer have CD recordings available. The One Year Bible built in is also a great feature. Can’t say enough good things about the app AND church.
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7 years ago, Jwooooowwwwwwww
My favorite app
This is my favorite app. I read the devotion and One Year Bible everyday. Since I live 2 hours away and usually cannot attend a service in person, I also watch the sermons using this app. I do wish there was a Submit Prayer Request button on the app. Other than that, it's perfect.
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6 years ago, Jnbb222001
Feeds you the Glory of God
Access to God’s word and and church when you can’t be in the house of God. Ability to give on a regular basis via credit card or auto pay. Just so many things about Highlands app that I love its on all of my apple devices and Apple TVs !
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4 years ago, Otj287
One suggestion..
Like the app, but when I try to listen to audio in my car while using Waze, it will glitch/flicker and not play, so I have to decide whether I want directions from my route, or directions from the Lord. Would love better integration with Bluetooth devices for cars. I have a Jeep Cherokee if that matters.
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5 years ago, njoyedreading
Fix landscape viewing for messages
Great updated app but the screen won’t stay in landscape mode when watching the messages. Please fix this! Love the one year bible reading, best way to read and understand the entire bible.
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5 years ago, Shine Matthew516
Good app for Devos, older one better
I use the Devo & Bible reading plan mostly. I give 5 stars for content but subtract one star because the copy-paste feature is gone. (I used to be able to hold down, copy, then paste in another app.) Old app was better in that it allowed me to copy-paste and share w friends.
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5 years ago, Justjoshing101
Great new look
The new update looks great. The only thing I would really like to be fixed is the new toolbar when you’re reading one year Bible doesn’t go away and is very distracting when you’re reading.
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5 years ago, jim, g
New app
First of all love this app and use this app every day. There are glitches on iOS. App freezes at half screen, will not rotate when turning iOS device. Really frustrated with the updated app. Not IOS user friendly, especially with an IPAD. Should have left it the way it was. Have quit using this app for my one year bible reading and downloaded another one year bible app. PLEASE FIX THESE GLITCHES!!!!
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5 years ago, nmhoneycutt
Great Resource
This app is a great way to stay connected with the church but an even better resource to grow spiritually. Thank you for archiving the messages and adding the search feature.
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5 years ago, G-U-S
Video feature broken
Part 4 of 4 for the choose joy series won’t load properly so I can get to full screen or the play controls... a little odd.
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4 years ago, M.R.f.B.L.b.L.L.
Love it But...
I love this app! The only thing I wish it had was some sort of calendar for the One Year Bible Plan that allowed me to “check off” days when I’ve finished the Reading Plan for that day!
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7 years ago, ThatGirlE15
Best App on My Phone
This is my favorite app hands down! So many gems from the daily devotional, quick access to media, and news and events.
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5 years ago, glp1234
Listening to the One Year Bible
I used to listen to the one year Bible each day all the time. Now, however, the new version of the app does not support “select all” and then “speak”. I hope this can be fixed. It is a great tool!
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6 years ago, Jaypaint21
Highlands app
If you want change in your life through Jesus, this app is for you! So many resources and media available on this app. I love the one year bible section. Keep it up Highlands!
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7 years ago, EGHAMMER
I love it but I wish that when there wasn't any notes 📝 that day like today that the sheets would still have just the blank thing.
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11 months ago, zactm18
So user friendly!
So thankful for the Highlands App! So easy to find service times and new things happening at my campus!
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5 years ago, moosameesa
Great app! Have a suggestion
Could you create an option for the app to read you the one year bible?
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6 years ago, Dettrick
Great app. easy to follow and get Highland news. **Like to be able to save my message notes to the app. Good to be able to go back later and view the message.
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7 years ago, Dahweez
Nice amp and works well with Apple TV. It would be nice if the locations of each campus linked to the iOS maps and we could get directions to the street address and punch go
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7 years ago, Lowedan
Blank notes
Great app. Only thing I'd add is a blank notes page feature for when there isn't an outline.
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5 years ago, cothzz
My favorite app. Bible study; one year bible / cut&paste. But by far the best improvement is the live player doesn’t quit if screen changes. Awesome⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
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6 years ago, Baby trimm
Great App
Love this app. The only thing I would add is a way to take notes when there isn’t an outline that week.
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5 years ago, MissingRiverchase
The Best Church around
I pray that COTH builds a Church in the Charleston area. I moved out of Hoover, Al and I miss going to COTH. I am thankful that I can watch online live, but would love to have COTH here as well.
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5 years ago, DxAxNxAxRxExNxA
Upgrade: Can’t Share Devo with Friends Anymore
Before the most recent upgrade, I was able to copy paste the daily devotional and share it with friends who do not attend Highlands. However, the latest upgrade removed that ability. Please, Highland, revise the app to allow sharing of Pastor Stockstill’s great devotionals.
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6 years ago, rudoplh57
Highlands kids
Doesn’t have the highlands kids studio on it
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5 years ago, AUfan95!
Update the app to support iPhone XS screen
The app is great but needs to be updated to support the new iPhone display. Love everything else!
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5 years ago, Cork43
Loving the new app!!
Love the new app for my church. User friendly and designed to excellence!
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5 years ago, amandabcalhoun
Nice new app
Love the new look and feel. Great new features too!
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5 years ago, BeBuMus
Don’t like the upgrade
I used to LOVE the Highlands App. It was so easy to use. Now it’s bells and whistles and redirects for things. *It’s VERY discouraging to use it now.* Why don’t people remember Steve Jobs & keep making things simpler rather than more complicated? Church app upgrade fail.
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9 years ago, Highland member
I love this app!
I am leaving this hoping the highland team that run this app will see it. I LOVE this app and have been using it a long time. If I could just change one thing: I wish that the "one year bible" scripture was back to the BLACK background that it used to have. I used to love reading it before bed at night and I used to fall asleep reading it, but since the app was updated and the background of the "one year bible" is now white, I can't read it before bed like I used to because the white screen keeps me awake and I just really loved the black screen because I could read it until I fell asleep and not worry about it keeping me up from a white cell phone screen. I always will give the app 5 stars bc it is amazing and I want to thank the highland workers who run this app. I love church of the highlands and you should get this app.
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5 years ago, Randall_Martin
Let’s get it updated
Let’s get this update for new device screen sizes. It’s a deterrent from using it.
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5 years ago, sydrea
Chromecast, please?
I don’t have Apple TV, Roku, or an Xbox one, but I do have a chromecast and would love the ability to cast it to my TV :)
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10 years ago, CGSalas
Thank You Church of the Highlands!
Since I meet Pastor Chris Hodges in a ARC meeting I knew that had to connect my self to his ministry in one way of another. When I found this app it was like the best gift I could ever had! I don't miss any of the messages and I being listening the previous ones during the week! I'm addicted to the word of God and the way you guys present the message is kind of sticky and easy to follow. Thanks for believe in this amazing Gospel that you guys preach, it changes our life's soooo much that now we can't do church the way we use to!
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7 years ago, E 123 😜😜😜😜😜
Go to highlands and feel God work in you!
I always feel lighter and touched after listening to each message and worship and it's so handy when your out of town or can't go and I just feel inner joy when I hear everything!🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼 After going to highlands I feel God working in me and I want everyone to feel that so if your hesitating, don't it is so worth everything you put in God you get even more back! Love God and worship with everything you have!!
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8 years ago, nelle013
Handy app
This app is super handy for when I can't physically make it to church... I can even ask it to remind me when the service I want to watch starts! I also enjoy being able to watch past services and the midweek messages. I don't use it but the daily bible reading is great to have in the same app. If you're looking for a church home... Check out Church of the Highlands. I'd be surprised if you don't love it. Pretty much everyone who goes here loves it.
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8 years ago, RachelLynnlove
Love this app and this church!
The save notes option doesn't work even when signed in to my Highlands ID, it only gives me the option to email my notes, not to save them. Other than that the app is awesome! I love the note-taking aspect, just wish I could save them!
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10 years ago, wtremlett
Amazing Church
This app is an essential part of my day. Rather it be catching up on the daily devotionals and one year Bible track or watching messages I may have missed. The best part is that you can watch the live messages through the app. It's simple to use and always points you towards God.
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9 years ago, Sara Spencer
Replaying Sermons is Difficult
I'm guessing it is just because of the new version, but you can no longer start a sermon in the spot you left off. There is not a bar that keeps the time any longer. So you have to start all over if you needed to take a break. Also, every time my phone times out or I lock the screen, the sermon shuts off. Any ideas if this will be fixed?
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10 years ago, Craig Goins
Thank you!
Thank you so much for making an app! The library of weekly videos is much appreciated! Thank you for making it easier to watch live, it's not always easy to make it on Sundays. Now I can stream them to my Apple TV and never miss a message.
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8 years ago, Heymynameisggg
I love this app.... However....
This app is incredible! My only issue is when I click the "watch message" link it kicks me back to the previous screen. This doesn't happen when I "watch worship" or "listen" That's the only reason for four stars. Other than that everything works perfect!
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9 years ago, John L Radney
Great App
I love the app and it works great on my iPhone 5s as well as my iPad mini. If you are using an older device it could be a problem due to the fact that anything under an iPhone 5 running iOS 8 well it's just dated and can't handle the update.
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8 years ago, Starfiregirl4
This app is truly a blessing. I love that you can watch live sermons. You can go back and watch old sermons, the notes are there to print and follow along. It is so convenient for days when you can't make it or out of town. I LOVE Church of the Highlands!
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10 years ago, H007
Nice Layout
The spotlights shining down look really nice. When listening to messages, please make this app so it will save your spot if you pause or leave and come back to the app. It always starts over at the very beginning (I have an iphone 5 with the latest ios update installed).
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11 years ago, TheBIGVirg
This app. Has changed me
This app. And awesome app for anyone seeking to get closer to God and to grow ur Relationship with God. A Huge thank to the church of the highlands for putting the Sermon and Daily devotional and everything else this app. Offers thanks pastor Chris for ur faith in God u Are a inspiration to everyone thanks again.
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