HighRoller Vegas: Casino Games

4.7 (11.4K)
388.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
3 weeks ago
Version OS
10 or later
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User Reviews for HighRoller Vegas: Casino Games

4.75 out of 5
11.4K Ratings
3 years ago, 24hcare
An Adventure with full of surprises
Lots of slots games to choose from and not boring. It pays off as you bet big. Continuos ride of fun and enjoyment esp to someone looking for adventure in playing slots. As you expect your credits will be taken away and wants you to buy then you’ll find you’ll win and able to play again. surprising with full of surprises. good luck everyone and have thrill on your ride of slots games..
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2 years ago, tribalco
Fun for a While - Then it Tanks
I’m so frustrated with this slots game. It has a lot of fun games to play within the game. You have the Daily Blitz where you try to accomplish goals, the Star Album where you collect card packs to fill a book for prizes, etc. But, as soon as you build up a decent bankroll, the games get cold and the Blitz quests get impossible. For example, last night I had worked my bank up to 700,000,000, then I had to spin for just two Big Wins, took me well over 200 spins just for that, and my bank was down to 450,000,000. Then, I had to obtain 2 card packs, I was betting only $120,000, and it took me 45 minutes and my bank was down to 250,000,000. Tonight, I was staying pretty even, when my quest was to win 162,000,000 coins. So I bet 600,000, spun until I was down to 50,000,000 and was still only at 46%. So I gave up. And mind you, you used to get a lot of card packs, but I’ve noticed in the last week, they’ve gotten real stingy…in all of my spins tonight, I only received 2 packs. They say to bet higher to get more packs, but I was betting 1,200,000, 540,000, 600,000 and only 2 packs. It’s like they tightened up the games. Too bad, because it is a fun game. My wife was playing it a couple months ago, got her bank up to over 2,000,000,000 twice and the quests became so hard to achieve, she found herself back to zero both times. She then deleted the game.
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4 years ago, FOOLS QUEST
Only fun at start
It’s like all of the other slots it will only let you play at the beginning and wants a review awhile it’s letting you play at first. I always wait for awhile before I write a review. When you reach level 20 it stops letting play and then wants money. Then the money is way to much for the amount of coins it gives you when your no longer able to play. If your going to shut the slot machines off I am sure not going to pay for a few coins that not going to last very long only having to buy more in a few minutes. Getting so tried of these greedy slot just wanting a great reviews at the beginning and then just not letting you play anymore. The only thing to do is delete and keep looking for another slot game that’s noes that you need to keep your customer happy and letting play for awhile instead of greed and not letting you have any fun. To bad look like these were at least good slots but to greedy. Goodbye maybe someday I check you out again good thing there are so many slots out there and I have found 6 so far that I stay with and I even buy from them ever now and then. They know what it takes to keep you happy.
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7 months ago, Barcrow
Casino Games Down Fall
I’ve been playing Casino Games for the past two years to collect data as a project. One thing is for sure, you never win. There is a systematic way of playing but it always has the same out come. Ads, being forced to watch videos and buying chips. Not to mention the navigation of all these casino apps. Data collection from these casino apps is a big part of the industry. As most of us consumers know machine learning back in the day was just the start. AI has begun to take over and it’s all the same across all areas of gaming. Theses games are also the companies that develop the live casino games across the US and abroad. Most of the companies are not in the US. I personally think the online games need to give a lot more bang for the buck since most are un aware of the big game it represents. My suggestion to all gaming companies is don’t think about the dollars and remember people come before money. in other words just do the right thing and the money will follow. We are here on earth for one thing ( experience what it has to offer). Get back to the basics and share what we all know with others. People are smart and it’s about giving and not taking. I can say this much about me, I’m one of the highest members at a few casinos in the US and that’s why i’m writing this review. I hope everything is not kept status Quo like it seems to be. Do the right thing, the the rewards always come. take care, Live life to the fullest!
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4 years ago, ClaytonWeber11
I enjoyed this for a few months now, and won decent. But it seems as though when you win big, you won’t win again until you’re so low you have to bet the bare minimum and rely on daily bonuses to get anything. I won a mega jackpot and got up to $200 million, and ever since then I’ve bet no more than $1.2 million and have been going down. I occasionally win $10 million here and there but beyond that, you win less than you bet. It’s fun and all, but once you win big, you can forget improving any more. I spin and spin and don’t win free spins, don’t win the scatters or bonuses... it just becomes not fun for a while.
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4 years ago, reeretired
Love High Rollers
Have yet to get bored. The games are beautiful and challenging, and you have to work to get your points! sometimes, you get lucky and can amass bi$$ions of points and bet millions ...what a blast- love it. I do have two issues. The constant requests to post on your news feed on Facebook... your friends HATE THE CONTINUOUS number.. the second is a selfish desire for more bonuses - thank you — keep up the good work,
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4 years ago, jputty
Best of Slots
I’ve tried several of these slots apps, and this is one of the best. The machines are much looser than the others, and it’s not uncommon to win billions of credits. If you’re willing to make purchases, they’re fairly priced too. Just don’t follow the urge to bet big after you win big—you’ll play on the house’s money a lot longer if you stay in the high roller area.
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11 months ago, MorningStarGray
This one has a tricky screen
If you don’t read very carefully, it can trick you into spending money. This happened to me. I thought it was part of the free part of the game, then it thanked me for my purchase. I was not wanting to make a purchase of any kind. It did not ask me if I was sure I wanted to make a purchase, it just tricked me into clicking a button that I thought was one of the free games. I am going to uninstall this game as soon as I finish writing this review. Shame on the developer for taking advantage of unsuspecting people!! Your karma will catch up to you!!
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4 years ago, BG01594
I have played lots of different slot games, and REALLY enjoy this one. There are many great wins, and the play time is VERY exciting and engaging. I stopped playing my other casino slot game because they were (seemingly) only interested in you if you bought coins. This game is NOT like that at all!! I would strongly suggest trying this out. You won’t be sorry!! Good luck!!
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4 years ago, angrygolfer
Not the best but.....
This has got to be one of the stingiest game sites I’ve ever encountered. Yes I made a bundle when I first started playing but beware the the MAX bet button right next to the SPIN button. 1.5 billion gone in 3 spins when my thumb grazed the max bet button during a gain quest. But then they also stopped paying and not just on 1 or 2 of the games. It was no gain on ALL of the games. I sent as support ticket to have the max bet button moved and if they don’t move it I will leave this site forever!
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5 years ago, MrKuddellz
Ispin2Win2 Sunday Dec15
This app has good games but the limitations on how much you can bet is a drawback and the bonuses are not as liberal as some of the more well known slot apps. The overall gameplay is smooth and the graphics are Outstanding but not having access to all the casino slots is a definite killjoy but there’s always room for improvement. HighRoller is worth giving a spin or two when you have some downtime and it is entertaining.
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3 years ago, CoolRunning420
Unfulfilled actions
Lack of consistency with payouts on winning line’s. You can hit the same thing multiple times. Part of the time it pays, then others it doesn’t. Again this happens very often with hitting five in a row. Also doesn’t award hitting a bonus quite often. I’m disappointed because I play this game a lot and I enjoy it other then these issues as well as lack of free coins on fan page that’s actually gifted
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3 years ago, rammp1
Not fair
So I waited to write my review because I wanted to write a fair review based upon my play results. I would love to give this App a 5 star review because there are many fun and exciting games to choose from, Problem is I build my coins up by betting low, and then bet big expecting to win Big…Not the case… it took some time for me to build my bank … only to raise the bet and not get anything in return. One would think I would get a nice win at least once … Absolutely not….
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3 years ago, Horseyjoe
Fairest slot site I have been on
Most every slot site lets you win at the beginning and at some point, you can’t win a thing and pushes you hard to buy points to continue to play. This site is much more fair and I have played it 3 straight days and won every day. Very unusual. Try it out and see if it works for you.
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3 years ago, Kacin57
Don’t download
This game is a joke!!!! After a week or so. You cant win enough to even hardly play…. I haven’t played this game in months and thought I’d give it another shot … it’s so bad it’s laughable. I had 1 thousand. Lost every penny with not one win… playing very minimum, I’m disabled and cant buy coins. I wouldn’t buy from this app anyway because if your not winning anything on the free spins what makes you think your going to win buying coins? (Buying coins on this app is very expensive ). I’m going to delete this. App.
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5 years ago, china6767
Perfect game
I’ve seen this game for a while and never downloaded it. Now as I saw it again I told myself I must try it out and I loved it it’s perfect when I’m at the hospital at home on the train anywhere it’s a must have people don’t wait like I did once you try it you will never want to play anything else.....😃👍
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3 years ago, GM88!!
Fun in the beginning
Lots of wins to start but then, after a while, big payoffs disappear. Now I go through coins faster than I can watch ads to replenish. Literally will go through 2 mil in a few minutes without any nice wins. So you be the judge as to how fair it is. I think I can count the times I had a really big win on one hand, after the first few days. I guess it’s good if you like to watch ads in order to continue playing.
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4 years ago, shu2009
High roller
I absolutely love this slot, I have never been more happy playing a slot than I am now. I used to play all the time but got sick of all the crap so I deleted them. So I decided to take a look and see if I could find something else since it’s been about 2 yrs since I’ve played and I found this game.. I love it!
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4 years ago, Jenny_C86
Fun and they actually let you win some
Most slot games get deleted fast because they are so greedy and don’t let you win. There have been some great wins in this game (with some losing streaks). Overall pretty fun to play even with the overwhelming pop- ups to buy stuff.
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3 years ago, InsaneInfantryman
Daily tasks are impossible
The game is fun by itself, but if you try for daily tasks with minimum bets you will be broke fast. The tasks start easy, spin x number of times, then go to impossible such as, get huge win. Wins are tough to begin with and huge wins are impossible to guarantee, so unless you plan on spending, quit before those tasks are required. Don’t waste real money playing games that don’t pay real money back
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2 years ago, J A D R
I love the options of the games to play but you can’t keep coins long enough to play much. I play other slots and I do buy coins because they aren’t as expensive and you don’t lose them as quickly. Here I can’t play 20 minutes with minimal betting without losing all my coins. The free coins are not enough to even get you going. You lose them too fast and can’t gain enough to continue.
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3 years ago, K. STRYKER
The game freezes constantly
This app was fun at first but then it began freezing up and staying like that for hours and days on end. It normally gets stuck while displaying “Loading MajorRoller.” I’ve emailed the HighRoller team about it but I won’t hear from them for a couple of days at best. If the issue can’t be replaced then it’s best to just delete the game app altogether. I gave them a one star for this continuing problem. This is what happens when scheduled maintenance on an app is non-existent.
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3 years ago, ATP111
Great Games
I love the variety of games and the other ways that one can earn more coins. The only drawback is that the amount of coins to receive if you want to purchase is not very high. I played other games where you can purchase a lot more coins for less money. But it is fun.
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3 years ago, cheapgame123
Good times.
I’m at the beginning stages with this game it’s been great so far but still too early to tell. As many games at the very beginning are a lot of fun and then the games just tighten up and you can’t win. So as of now having a great time but it’s very early to tell what’s going to happen
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4 years ago, babs1926
When I first starting playing in this casino, they were loose.. I have spent thousands of dollars now and they hardly give you any bonus games and am very disappointed how they play now.. Whether they sucker you in , it worked but not any more!!!!
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3 years ago, Senior Coach 26
High Rollers means High Roller
Great game especially when you’re winning-too bad you can’t figure out how you actually win, especially the bonus spins. If all casino machines worded like this video game, the casinos would be a bust-they would not be in business. A good fantasy!
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3 years ago, Mrsken37
The higher you bet the less you win.
This app has a large variety of fun slot games, but the payouts are not great when you bet high. Of course there’s the the usual push to purchase coins to continue to play but the value incentive is just not there. By keeping bets small the playtime and opportunities to score are more likely.
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4 years ago, Rresquire
Pretty good so far
Pretty fun so far. Only played for about an hour or two for a couple days. So far it seems to let you have some wins to keep it exciting and in the game. The pop ups to get you to buy coins is annoying but there’s not that many and not nearly as bad as some slots games.
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3 years ago, Fishinfreak420
Look I’m gonna get straight to the point I’ve played a ton of slot apps most are no good HighRoller Vegas is by far hands down no need to talk about anymore. the ABSOLUTE BEST Slots App you will find. All I see is win win win bet big win HUGE!! Good luck spinning
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3 years ago, brentruzzi
Doing great so far
I am having a lot of fun and I am winning big, but what they don’t realize when they tell me to share with Facebook friends what do I do when I asked my friends to join and most are not on. Other than that I like it here 5*****
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2 years ago, slotaddict8888888
Level up bonus?
Which games qualify for 2x or 3x 10 minute bonus when advancing up a level? I’ve found that most so not pay this out, so I’m curious as to which games actually do. Would be helpful to have a list of slots that actually pay this out, as majority do not
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1 year ago, Sorverus
This is a wonderful game!
Beautiful graphics and tons of characters we all know and love! Winning is super easy and tons of other FREE rewards await when you complete challenges too! This is truly a FUN GAME we all can enjoy!
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4 years ago, Marcia787777
2X 1X Lock Down
This game is a blast! I got down to mere change and played a game that built Me back up to where I could go back and play another game and from there I won! Now I’m a Gold VIP! How often do You see that happen? Trust Me...I’m from Vegas...and I can say that it doesn’t happen very often!! Thanks for the Win! Marci
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4 months ago, what?nam3isavailable
Real Casino Play.
You win, you lose, but you always have fun. Good variety of games, fun to see which is hitting. Always ways to get/ earn coins. 15 minute tournaments, wheel spins, free coins. Just all around good game.
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3 years ago, Slicelife
Fun slots with variety
I’ve played a number of slot apps and this slot app is fast becoming my #1. One of the best selection of games so far and they aren’t the same from one to the next!
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4 years ago, mmmmmmmmbbbbbbyyyyy
Enjoy this site. Have been on it for a few days. I usually give up by now but you have kept my interest. Only complaint is your ties with Facebook. I feel penalized for not using social media.
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4 years ago, kcee45
Nice variety
Many games to choose from and side games like bingo also. Nice wins , keep you playing. Haven’t found anything negative yet. Have been in about 5 days. Miss going to the casino so this is next best thing.
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3 years ago, New York business
Other negative reviews are correct
Other reviews that say you win when you start and lose after level 10 are absolutely correct. I downloaded and quickly got to 95 million. After reaching level 15 I just as quickly lost all 95 million. Did not win a single spin. This game is ridiculously rigged. Those of you dropping real cash to play this are being scammed
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3 years ago, 2onahill
So far, so good.
I haven’t been here a long time, however long for me to not have deleted it out of frustration. I’m having fun, and can continue to play with the generous free coins you can collect. As of now, I’m enjoying the app.. Thank you.
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4 years ago, Kimasue
So many games to choose from. I haven’t decided yet as to how the pay outs compare to when it’s time to buy credits. So far it’s been ok. Enjoy the many games and the versatility of what this app offers.
Show more
2 years ago, GSBrockman
Don’t waste your money
As long as you continue to pump money into the game, you see some wins but not enough to sustain you very long. I watched $10M in coins go to 0 with dozens of asks to buy more coins but not a single bonus or win more than 3 times my bet. Total money scam with horrible payouts. I’m deleting the App right after this post - one of the worst paying slots I’ve seen in a long time.
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3 years ago, Joshua@01
How long does it take to receive your coins once you spend some money to buy coins. I have but have not received my coins yet.
Show more
3 years ago, Collwoll
Loose slots
Finally found a slot game where you can play for a really long time without spending any money to buy coins and you can really build your bank fast. Great fun
Show more
2 years ago, limit_less1
Awesome Fun Site
Typically I never review a site until i’ve played for a while. But the moment I started playing the games, they were just wonderful and fun!
Show more
2 years ago, thomss the tank
Still sun bugs
I play this game a lot,more then I maybe should but I must say it a lot of fun but it has a problems with allowing to buy more coins at times. Other then that it get a A+ for slot apps :)
Show more
4 years ago, Handsfree47
Down But Not Out
I Love these Slots, Just when you think you are almost with out any chips left to play, The Slot Gods always gives you a Huge Win, so you can play some more. Very Exciting!
Show more
4 years ago, mischielf maker
Casino fun
This is an amazing way to pass the time. Since the shelter in place order This game has become my new intertainment. It’s hours of fun that seems to pass in minutes. Very nice casino and not to tight.
Show more
3 years ago, Conchorniso
Fun & entertaining
I have so much joy playing your casino that I’d like to give you a five stars. Thank you guys, you’re the best in every way. Great variety of games and nice payouts.
Show more
3 years ago, Bilbo2122
Fun to play, variety in types of slots, not overly flooding you with adds.
Get this one it balances things right and keeps me coming back.
Show more
4 years ago, hicktard
Fun slots
I’ve played a few online slots and this one seems to be the only one so far that isn’t constantly requiring me to make a purchase.
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