Highway Rider

4.4 (19.8K)
265.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
Battery Acid Games, Inc.
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Highway Rider

4.43 out of 5
19.8K Ratings
4 years ago, KennyBoiiiiiiiiiii915
I miss the old version...
I really like this game, but I honestly liked the old version a bit more. Many people probably don’t agree with me on this, but others may agree with me. The old version was more of a freestyle type of game where you would just ride on the road and avoid vehicles. Now there are challenges and levels, which I honestly don’t like that much. I probably just don’t enjoy the updated version as much as the old version because the old version brings back nostalgia from when I was little and would play this game. I feel like there should be an option for the freestyle riding and the challenge and level riding so you could pick one or the other.
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4 years ago, Just kyah
Please bring back the old version
Just like in some of the other reviews I have read, I too miss the old version of the game. When I was younger me and practically my whole family played this game to see who could get the highest score. Unfortunately the iPad that we played on completely died, and when we got a new one(like 2-3 years later) I forgot about this game. Then we come all the way to where we are now and I have re-downloaded it. Off the rip it looks way different. First off why did they change the default character and motorcycle??? Then why does the character fall the way he does( it’s spread eagle,boring and the only way he falls). Also, what happened to just being able to tap it and your already in the game? Now I gotta go on the map and choose something, and I don’t know which is the regular one if that makes sense. Also they took that little screen that you see after the crash. The one with the nurse and it had two buttons ( play again, and main menu). And it also feels different to play it if you know what I mean. Overall I just need them to make the new version titled highway rider 2 and being back the old version and make that highway rider cas this ain’t it chief this ain’t it at all. I know that I’m not the only one who feels this way. If somehow one of the old developers sees this please respond because I wanna know what the y’all happened to one of my former favorite games.
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3 years ago, stt12671
Same Thing As Any Others Say
Many people are saying the same thing.. I agree 100% with them, I also miss the old version. The nostalgia it brings to you is just so nice, the levels, and things about the new version just doesn’t sit right, with me and many others. I miss the old skins, the old bikes, judt the old mechanics of the game like the cop skin and that epic red and white bike. The new mechanics and level system and purchase system isn’t right now you have to do levels and things, I miss it when all you had to do was get a high speed and make gaskets, now you have to do all sorts of things, just for one skin and I bet that doesn't sit right with many people. I’ve seen many games get taken down on the app store due to reviews and game quality, please do not go down that road and start listening to the community. For a start if you developers don’t want to throw the new update/mechanics away, make 2 games like temple run, one with new mechanics and style, and revert this one back to the old system, or perhaps make a classic game mode, and a new game mode, classic will be old mechanics, new will be new stuff, just please if you do that make sure to bring back the old bikes, mechanics, and skins. Thank you advance, and thanks for reading.
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3 years ago, Star Wars Revenge
Updates, Updates, Updates…. WHY?!?!??!
This game, has been one of my favorites since I was much younger, I broke the iPad I had and finally now that I got a phone that allows the app, I come back to the franchise, to find that it had been insanely updated. I played it for a bit, and the little cut scenes are gone, the cars are slower, and my favorite skin was gone! The graphics are nearly the same, and if anything they’ve gone down in quality according to my memory. I was disappointed how I couldn’t do missions and other tasks while in normal arcade mode anymore, and that I couldn’t be what I called, “The Runaway Police Officer”. The game used to be fun, but now the format is weird and it’s become much to easy because there are ways to slowdown. Also, many glitches have shown up for me. I sometimes activate a “rag doll” version of my character so they are all over the screen, also, for me my character tends to have a sever leaning to the right problem so I am unable to go left as quickly as I may go right. The recent updates have caused the game to lower in fun, quality, and has gotten rid of all childhood memories of playing it. I hope you understand the frustrations of this. It’s why I support: BRING THE GAME BACK TO HOW IT WAS!
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4 years ago, walshbob
The best game ever I love it
It’s a awesome game. I played it for eight or nine minutes and I love the game the crashing is pretty cool. I want to know what you think about the game how do you think about it read a review like I am. And have a awesome time playing this game this is my favorite game I don’t know how you or I will stop playing. I don’t know what I can do without this game this is the best game in the world. I know I said this before but I cannot stop playing a player in the morning I play at night before I go to bed. I don’t know how to explain this but it is too much fun too much fun. I do not know how high and you perhaps will not stop playing this game it is too much fun no one can stop playing this game no one can resist it. How about you do you think this game is fun what do you review back and I will be happy with that thank you for the game thank you creator for making this awesome and very very cool game. Capital a friend who does not like games and is a very cool kid☺️☺️😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄
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12 months ago, 9736183900
Developers please read this please.
Now this game is just “Cool” its pretty nice but the thing i dont really like is how the game changed I remember playing this game on the old version and i really enjoyed it Now its 2023 and i tried to find it and i did! Its just not the way i expected. Now the game has newer graphics and quality but i miss the old version. Because I remember laughing my face off whenever i’d get ran over on purpose because i liked the satisfiyng sound and i really enjoyed it! But now im sitting here writing a review that’ll probably wont change the game at all. Now developers if your a actual person and not a bot Please, Either add a app thats the old version or maybe change the game. Now please i really want you guys to do something about all of these reviews. Just PLEASE.
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4 years ago, Driggers117
Game went down hill
So, I used to play this game a lot when I was younger and I just redownloaded it. The new updates and courses are so lame compared to how the game used to be. We could have multiple player races, but the let’s ride was all about driving as far and fast as you can without being hit. There was no time, no end points, no racing levels. I am very dissatisfied with how this game has turned out to be. Where the crashing, the points you get for having broken bones or bleeding out or a cracked skull, going to the police station or the hospital when you crash, talking during your ride say “oh yeah” or “see you later loser” or “laters”, doing more fun things with your bike, all the things that made the game fun is gone. Plus now every time you finish a race you get an add. Before the game used to let you get at least 5 rides in before an add would pop up. Also every time you finish a race you have to exit then go back in to be able to start or find a new race/ride. The game has totally lost what made it so unique and entertaining.
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5 years ago, C6379
It’s okay but bad graphics
Okay so I know that this game might not be available to play FOR GRAPHICS but more for Fun. I get that. But it just makes it a lot better when it doesn’t look so... I don’t know garbage? I’m not trying to hate on this game but I’m just telling the truth ;-; i just find it very boring after just 20 minutes because it has nothing extra or makes it stand out. But that’s what you get for downloading things for free I guess. It’s not like I’ll be able to create games soon anyways and I’ll probably won’t get any close to this with creating games till I’m like 20. Idk. But also when you want to play multiplayer in this game it’s Soooooooooooooooooooooooo long to wait. I couldn’t even wait 3 minutes. It took so long. I didn’t bother to wait anyways. I guess this game is there so you aren’t bored? Makes it a lot funner though when it doesn’t look so bad. But at least it’s not laggy.
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3 years ago, Kgibberish
Not how I use to remember it
The game has changed in good ways and bad ways. The original layout, the crashing animation, amount of broken bones, getting hit by vehicles and the scene after with the biker leaving the hospital were all great moments of the game. It’s all gone and it hurts to see it gone. Only getting two stars because it’s fun but I can’t even earn gas caps in arcade or fugitive mode which hurts. Pathetic to see such a good game fall to pieces. Injuries could go into the millions of dollars because of the amount of bones you could break and how the body would flail in the air. The original biker had his sport bike and helmet and now it’s all gone. Shame to see this game fell off and after that recap I feel like it should be one star but since I loved it in my childhood, two stars is where I’ll leave it.
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6 years ago, nadirahbg
Needs fixing
I have been playing this game for a long time, and all I can say is, wow. You guys remodeled all of the vehicles that you can hit, and added new vehicles. But, originally before the vehicle remodel, you could get ran over by trucks and other cars when you get launched from your bike, but now you go under it and through it like it is nothing, and it is a semi truck. But overall the game is good and the graphics are nice. Just needs a little tweaking, but the game is fast paced and addicting. I recommend this game if you like to move your device to dodge obstacles instead of swiping and possibly messing up your fingers by jabbing at the screen.
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3 years ago, gg my guy :)
What happened?
It used to be so cool, the bikes were cool, customization, and the characters but now you took it all away. None of the characters even look cool any more, you took the helmet off of all the ones who even had helmets other than one open face, the ragdoll physics is stiffer, the bikes feel way slower. It used to be fun and you could collect gas caps on any more, buy a new character, customize him/her and have fun but now it’s all a grind for some retarded looking characters and slow bikes. This game was so good 5 years ago and even better 2 years ago but now it’s not even entertaining. I know it sounds dumb but this game had sentimental value to me because I’ve played it since I was little and it was my favorite. Revisiting it was supposed to bring back memories but it didn’t. Please make the game decent again.
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3 years ago, RandomNickname00
Sad Goodbye
Ah, Highway Rider. I’ve had it on my phone for years. It survived so many app culls. I spent hours collecting gas caps and unlocking all the riders. Nothing could keep me from riding. So it is with a heavy heart that I finally deleted it. The riders I took forever to unlock? Gone. Where’d they go? Ask the developer. The four roads where I used to log so many long hours riding into the sunset. Where are they? Gone. Where’d they go? Ask the developer. The lack of 30-second, unskippable ads. Where’d that go? Ask the developer. This isn’t the Highway Rider I loved. It’s gone forever, into the sunset. And so, I deem, must I go. While I’ve deleted the app from my phone, there will always be a Highway Rider-shaped hole where it used to reside in my games folder. But seriously, yeah. It’s just not fun anymore. Just a confusing cash grab, now. Deleted!
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5 years ago, Roid63
Great game
I’m in my 50’s and just starting to play video games again. The last “system” I mastered was the “Atari 2600.” That being said, the graphics on some of today’s games are more like you’re controlling a character in a movie! Just blows my mind how realistic some of them are. Fortunately this game doesn’t seem to have that effect on me. In other words I’m saying the graphics could be a bit better, and the control of the bikes are a little slow. Otherwise this game will keep you entertained and having fun. Keep it right side up and avoid the road rash!
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4 years ago, imthemanofpondson
Old Version is a million and a half times better
I was bored from a long day and remembered this game and how much fun it was when I was younger so I downloaded on my phone and when I started playing it it was completely different pay for stuff and tons of ads you used to crash and you would break bones and it would add up the hospital bill for it and would give cool picture of your guy leaving the hospital to go ride again but now it’s ads and pay for this and bad now I would pay for the old version it was so much better I am gonna go try and download the old version somewhere I really hope the change it back to the old times when it was a cool game and not another game for 5 year olds and a way for the game makers to make money because that’s all it is now is a money game
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6 years ago, vcjcg
Awesome. Future Updates?
I love this game. So fun and addicting. I really like that it tells you what bones you broke and the estimated medical cost. That’s a really neat feature, but I would love if you added more like maybe hands, ribs, or feet bones. Definitely ribs. I would love, and this is a must have, a coastline map choice. Like riding alongside the beach and boardwalk on your left and then small beach houses on the right. Maybe an out west American map. Also hills or curves would be a cool obstacle. I’d like if there were AI motorcycles to vs or just if they were obstacles in game. But besides these future updates, hopefully soon, I love the game.
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5 years ago, cupcake102s
Its good but bad to...
It is a very fun and challenging game. I am nine years old and am writing this. I say that it is an amazingly fun way to play with motorcycles and to just simply have fun. My little brother, always says, “Sissy! Sissy! Let’s play Highway Rider!” He loves to play and I love to play with him. But there are some bad things about it to... You can get very frustrated with the game if you are new and there is lots, and lots of blood. Whenever you bump into something, it’s either a close call, or medical expenses. The medical expenses are free, never have to pay, but your always constantly breaking bones! It can be a bad example to little kids. But other than that, it’s and ok game.
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4 years ago, Ismar24
I Miss The Original
Honestly, this game is fine. I downloaded it because I used to play the original a long time ago. I wanted to download it again because it was pretty fun but it looks like they updated it. I miss the original. My suggestion is that they can keep this version, just please make a new app called something like “Highway Rider Classic” or something along those lines and put the original on there. That would be pretty cool.
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6 years ago, C.o.C Fanboy
Really Awesome Game
I have been playing this game for years and it’s really fun. But I think it needs updates because there aren’t a lot of updates going on on this game. The reason why it needs updates is that it lags so much and makes my crash into something while playing. Also the controls are a little too fast that it makes it so I crash right when I start playing. Please fix the lag because it’s really annoying. P.S. Keep up the great work!
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5 years ago, MissouriNoob
Automatic 5 star
The game is awesome and you can see some funny ragdolls when you’re on full speed and crash! 👍 I like the personality of all the characters. They’re all wild and go on crazy rides! I mastered the game so I can go through traffic and emote on those slow suckers on the highway as I fly. This is a fun game when you challenge yourself. If you are having troubles, just keep doing close calls and score perfect every time. It helps!
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4 years ago, Highway player0001
Bring back the old Version please
I like this game but they should just keep the old version. The old version had more characters and bikes and the rag doll physics were really funny when you crashed and seeing how much the hospital bill was. I don’t like that they added the traffic lights to it I liked it better when it was just the highway I really wish the developers of the game would bring the old version where everything was like it was when it first started.
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4 years ago, Icandotoo
Best MC game in the App Store
Great game, awesome graphics. I’ve been playing this game since it released and I really enjoy all aspects. The new look is sweet and bike and riders as well. Really would like to have a battle race where you can bump, fight, or even get weapons to battle like old school road rash. I feel this platform has the base to really blow up since there are no other motorcycle games that come close in any aspect. Keep up the great work developers!!
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5 months ago, troupe 4
game is fun but not good for right handed people
Overall this game is fun. I play with the ads and I get an ad after ever ride, but you can skip the ads after a couple of seconds. There are different challenges and races, so it doesn’t feel repetitive. However, this game isn’t really a friendly game for people with dominant right hands. To start off, the game is played with your device tilted. You can play by touching the screen or tilting your device. If you chose to play by touching the screen, it only works on the left side. This game would be much more convenient if it allowed us to pick our own preferences in the settings. The settings give us very little control over the gears layout. I think letting us pick our preference would be a great update to get in the future. Otherwise, great game.
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5 years ago, leroyisonit
Ads are too long
This seemed like a cool game. I started to play and crashed about ten seconds in. I planned to pick myself up and start over but an ad started up and was 30 seconds and you had to watch the whole thing. I don’t mind ads. They support these games, but on every other game you’re forced to watch 5-10 seconds. I am uninterested in getting locked into 30-40 seconds worth of advertisements regularly just to play this. There are too many other car/motorcycle race games available.
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4 years ago, Assassins-xxp
Old version was better
The old version was better it was more fun and exiting when I was a little kid I was always excited to play it. To unlock characters and motorcycles! It was like my favorite game until this new version came around... 😒 I stopped playing this game when the new update came out it wasn’t fun anymore like it used to be. So I quit the game. And then here I am seeing if they updated the game again but no... they did not update! Devs please bring the old version back when you could fall and break bones. I will start playing again if you please!! Bring back the old version.
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4 years ago, pjk_100
Used to be so much better
They really ruined the game. The old version was much better, and it kinda upsets me how much they changed. The arcade mode is still fun, but nowhere near what it used to be. You’d have cops chasing you, you could get the card with your rider leaving the hospital or police station. You don’t get bottle caps or nuts or whatever from close calls anymore. They took away good skins. The original rider skin was traded for this new lame one. It just makes me think, why? Why would they ruin it like this?
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4 years ago, ėsther 234
Miss the old version
I really do miss the features where you could see the injuries and that game over screen. What happened to Fugitive Mode? Anyways, this is an old game, and old games should stay like they were if they’ve been abandoned for a while, unless a game-breaking bug occurs. You could always develop a new game if you’re getting back into the game making industry.
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5 months ago, CarmelQT
Bad Update
Before you had to watch an ad every time you crash, this game used to be fun. Old characters and bikes are gone; that makes me angry because I used gas caps and paid money through in-app purchases for characters and bike upgrades. I understand the app developers need to make money and Apple takes a 30% cut off every in-game purchase, but could you give an option to pay to not have so many ads? Ads take away from game play and I’d be willing to pay for a no ads option.
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4 years ago, Issac...Hi
10/10 recommend getting the game
I remember playing this game so much when I was younger, I just finished eating dinner and my first thought was,” what was that game with the motorcycle and you ride from the police?” This game brings so much nostalgia and I miss it so much! This game honestly seems super underrated and should have a higher rating, For any people looking for some fun, mini, or intense game, this is your best bet!
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4 years ago, OUTLAW4EVR
I love this game!!
I’ve been playing this game for a couple of years but I didn’t give it a review until now. The folks at Battery Acid just gave this game an update and the game went from just “good” to “hold my hat because I can’t talk and hold on to my phone at the same time while playing the most awesome game I’ve ever played” GREAT!! And not only is the game incredibly great but the developers are too. I had one small issue after the new update and it was solely the fault of my phone. But I contacted Derek at Battery Acid games and he solved my problem in seconds!! If I could give them a hundred stars as part of my review I would gladly do it in a second!! Hats off to the game and the developers of it!! AMAZING!! Peace out, Michael
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3 years ago, JaKe_01056
Please bring back the old version
This new version of the game is a really cool idea but it should’ve been saved for a sequel to the game “Highway Rider 2” that would’ve definitely got more attention. Completely erasing the old version of the game just isn’t it. Personally I believe you should bring back the old version in it’s entirety for the fans to enjoy. Come on everyone knows that this new version of the game is better suited for a sequel instead of ruining the image of the old game.
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4 years ago, David Cicnaros
Loved the old version
So when I was a kid I used to play this game and I downloaded it again and saw that everything was different so I thought I downloaded the wrong one but then when I went to the updates on here they changed it which is sad because the old version was better than this one because I loved the old version
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7 years ago, EAndare
Crazy but super : )
This app so far is doing what is supposed to do. The graphics are nice and you feel sometimes that you are regaling driving this machines. I don't recommend for kids under 6 year old. Gets bloody in this game. I recommend adding curves to the track and change the day to night time, that would be nice. Thanks all be safe , EdVN2000
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6 years ago, LightningChargez
This game is really fun and equal. The way you earn gas caps is really balanced and it’s fun to play. Only two problems- 1- Multiplayer is foreva slow. I can’t even play it, but fixing that would basically perfect the game. 2- The way you get run over is a bit unrealistic, so it needs some tweaking but overall 10\10 would play again
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4 years ago, dylanvanryn
I miss the old version
I had the old version on my iPod and it was so much better than what this game is now. There was like a riding mode where u just had to avoid the cars and construction equipment and gain points from that. It was also VERY GRAPHIC and ur guy would rack up injuries after crashing the bike. What happened? The nostalgia with this game isn’t there anymore and I don’t know why u guys decided to change it because it just got worse imo. U guys should release a mode where u can do whatever u want and become injured.
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4 years ago, 😀🍼😅💩😆👋🏿😆😄💩😁
The old version was better
I strongly dislike this new updated version. I think this game would’ve been perfect if you had just upgraded the graphics. That is all it needed. This new level format feels restricting. I liked being able to ride freely without having to chase some stupid goal or knowing my destination was already picked out for me in the form of levels. I think keep the original game the exact same with some updated graphics is just what this game needed. Not this guided mess.
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4 years ago, LinearCircle
It’s a nice update, but we want more gruesome injuries, for lack of a better term. Blood pools are nice, but to watch the rider’s bones break in two and the limbs to bend in disgusting, gut wrenching manners would be a welcomed addition to the ‘post-wreck’ experience. Also, I’d like to see actual injuries on the rider, not just invisible bleeding wounds. Cuts, scrapes, and road rashes alike, whatever adds to the experience of flying off a motorcycle at blistering speeds is certainly welcome in my book.
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3 years ago, CatcherInTheChi
Solid game
Really not much to highway rider, but it’s everything it needs to be. Simple, fun, easy to learn, and just the right amount of hilarious insanity. Like most mobile games, you won’t want to sink too much time into it, but it’s an excellent time killer. Game is exactly what it needs to be, doesn’t try to do too much. A few too many ads, but I guess that’s the price of a free game. Good stuff overall.
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4 years ago, Ripix
Was good before ads
This was a great little game for mindless fun while wasting moments on the can or waiting somewhere. You got into the gameplay super fast and no ads. Forgot about it after making room and deleting it. Just remembered it and redownloaded it... now it’s ad infested. It takes longer to get to playing, when game finally starts, after 5 seconds with one crash, the ads started. I deleted it immediately. It’s not worth dealing with ads for a simple game like this. Dev should bring back the single player version as ad free. As it is, the simple joy is gone.
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3 years ago, Alexander3891
Crash Issue
I was able to play this game once and i really liked it, but when i tried to play a second time the game would crash and close. I still havent been able to play it. I’ve tried removing unnecessary apps to have more storage, restarting my phone, and re-downloading the app and it still doesnt work.
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1 year ago, yolo57286281
The old high way rider
They should’ve made a high way rider 2 instead of “updating” this one. I came back to it assuming the controls and characters would be the same also thinking we’d still have the nurse. That was not the case most as changed and not exactly for the best. It even comes down to the way the characters fall off the motorcycle like a belly flop. The way I control the motorcycle is not how I used too as well. It’s just all not right.
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4 years ago, SammyBlev
Still loving it!!
I played this game years ago when I was young and I thought this game was so amazing and I still think it is, look I know the graphics are kinda bad but this game has been one of my favorites since i was like 4 and I just found the game again and it still amazes me that I’m so addicted to getting that road rash!
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6 years ago, money people
I have been playing this for a day and this is a game where you can get crashed into a lot. I give it five stars because it is a great game but it doesn’t make you wanna be excited. There’s a lot of cool features and costumes and styles for the bike and stuff like that it’s just a game that you can crash into cars and trucks.
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9 months ago, Chase kibby
The best game ever
This is a awesome game very entertaining but a couple problems with the new update if could add back the old characters like the zombie or the police officer and also add back the different music some of the characters had and “no offense “ maybe you’ll get some of your fans back😄👍🏽
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4 years ago, Hammersoft
Another terrible game studio ruining their once fun game.
Where do I even begin with this. The game used to be so fun. No progression system, just a funny arcade game. Now, It has a terrible story line, you PAY to unlock outfits, you can’t even crash properly anymore. When you crash, it doesn’t display your injuries like it did before. This game has been ruined. Fix it or I won’t be playing again. I can’t get 2 seconds into the game without your terrible fake multiplayer pushing me. Your loss. Bad game. Wish I could give it 0 stars because you’re turning into EA.
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7 years ago, LillyEbelle
Fun game
This is a fun game. I play it on my phone whenever I have time to pass somewhere. You just see how far you can get while dodging vehicles. There's one game where you try to avoid crashing while evading the police. They just set up road blocks and try to block you with their cars. It's repetitive, but fun.
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4 years ago, MissLaLa15
Love this game!
I really like this game and how it’s very realistic but I have a thing for the future. Maybe when your riding you know when a cop is turning right or left. Also a cop can be like it’s chasing you and when ever you make a close call the cop gets closer to you. I really hope you will do this and I really love your game!
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6 years ago, Rowletkeeper
Too loud
I love playing this game because it is super fun and difficult. Honestly I’d give it a 4 star rating if it wasn’t for the sound effects. You can turn the music off but you can’t turn off the sound effects. I would like to listen to music or watch Netflix while playing this but I can’t because I can’t hear anything over the annoying sound of a motor, honking, screaming people, or anything else that might add to that list. All in all I gave it a 2 star rating.
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4 years ago, truckboi__
Old version was better
The old version of the game was better, more freestyle sort of game which I really enjoyed about it, maybe if you guys added a mode where it was infinite and just avoiding cars like in the old version maybe me and a lot of other players would come back
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7 years ago, Calvin 070307
Amazing game
I have had this game for 3 years I have played this game every one of those days and counting. It is possibly the greatest game ever created me and my family play highway rider tournaments to see who can get the highest score. So in conclusion I would download this game no matter how old or young you are you will have a blast.🔫
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3 years ago, ben dover🤣
As everyone is saying...bring back the old version.
Please reverse these updates and bring back the original.. the nostalgia that this game holds for older users like myself are just shattered. I didn’t even notice the game until I saw the name. So many features that made the game special were taken out. Bring back the bone breaking, the hilarious rag doll physics when crashing. Don’t know if it’s just me but the camera seems so far away now. The game is so different.
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