Hiki: Autism Friendship Dating

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2 weeks ago
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User Reviews for Hiki: Autism Friendship Dating

3.67 out of 5
504 Ratings
2 years ago, Jacethebear
Some issues with the way the app works, but overall awesome!
I haven’t had this for very long, but I’m really loving the community aspect already. As an autistic person, I’ve really struggled to date and make friends, and it’s awesome to have a space like this! (By “struggled”, I mean than I often get ditched or essentially bullied when I tell people I’m autistic.) Sadly, there’s not all that many people close to me, but that really has nothing to do with the app itself. There are a few things I dislike about the app itself so far. First, people I’ve already hit X on keep showing back up in the match section of the app. Like, near the top the next time I open the app. I wish that when I hit X, those profiles wouldn’t continue to show up. Second, I hate that I can’t specify any distance between 25 & 100 miles. That’s a huge difference, and I really would just like to be able to specify the distance mile by mile, not in set numbers with huge gaps. Third, I do wish the buttons didn’t disappear when I’m scrolling down on someone’s profile. It takes a good 5 seconds to pop back up, and I just wish they stayed there the whole time.
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1 year ago, bkolle
Promising but flawed
Update: I’ve lowered my rating and left the app due to two reasons: 1) There’s a lot of hate towards neurotypical people on here. We’re becoming the villains and recreating the same cycle that led to us being marginalized. 2) Insane amount of blocking. You disagree with someone, blocked. Say the wrong thing, blocked. Breathe, blocked. I asked someone who was complaining of harassment if they could describe what happened so the community could help and was blocked. —————————————— I’ve been on this app for a bit and it’s been an overall pleasant experience, though there has been some drama. There are a lot of people that bombard others with requests to chat/date, which can be annoying when it happens the 20th time that day. But you can easily tune this out. As for the claims of racism/sexism/bigotry/etc., they are all extremely overblown. Yes, have I seen some bad things said/done? Absolutely. That exists no matter where you go. But I’ve been a witness to many of these incidents, and they usually boil down to one of two things: 1) the person claiming harassment is often very confrontational themselves and argues a lot, and falls back on one of the -isms to win the argument, or 2) someone makes a poorly-worded statement and someone else completely overreacts and starts flinging -isms because it’s a power trip.
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9 months ago, phantasmical
Great site… one thing
There are a ton of undiagnosed people on here, and some not autistic too. I like being able to meet other autistic people. It is a relief to learn there are others like me and what they have gone through… But self diagnosis can be dangerous. And I feel the people not Autistic are taking advantage of this free site. There needs to be some sort of weed out process… maybe a note from the people who diagnosed you… There are also people on here with adhd. That is not Autism. I’m here so I can meet other autistic people. Since I started going here, I have realized how normal I am even as a neurodivergent person. But adhd people, undiagnosed people, and neurotypical people shouldn’t be on this site. They are just confusing things
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5 years ago, Kjmathew
Thank you so much!!!
Resources in place for youth with autism have been moving in the right direction for some time, but there's an alarming resource gap for adults with autism. I shouldn't be scared of talking in person with someone about how our adult experiences of having and hiding autism might overlap, but I am scared because that's never happened to me before. This app is the first time that I've been able to speak to someone my age who understands what it's like to live as if you're constantly a foreigner who is one step behind the dominant spoken language, hoping to pass as a native speaker to blend into a culture that you idolize. This app helped me take the first steps to reach my version of fluency and emotionally negotiate my dual citizenship. In other words, before this app existed, despite a healthy level of personal confidence in my individuality, I had been cut off from a community that I adore because I didn't know how to embrace the other community that I belong to, so I am thankful to everyone and everything for willing this app to be possible.
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1 year ago, chococapybara
A total disappointment
When I first installed this app, I had high hopes for making positive connections on here as a person with mild autism and ADHD, and, indeed, I did make a few. I now communicate with those individuals on other social media platforms. However, recently, I had a well thought out post deleted by the Hiki admins without an explanation. I had explained, without offensive language, that I would no longer consider dating American women, so I guess the admins may have taken issue with that. Also, most of the individuals I talked with were rather flaky and inconsistent about responding, too. The mental virus of wokeness seemed rather pervasive on this app. Even when I posted on a private group that I was leaving the app, the admins disabled my access to the app before I could properly communicate with others in the group. I do wish I knew more about the app creators so I could organize a consistent and determined legal, nonviolent, social and economic type of ‘boycott’ of them and their interests. Farewell, Hiki. Just kidding, Hiki, I hope your app shrivels up and collapses.
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12 months ago, Theamethystfae
I am in shock at the horrible people that are on this app. I thought this app was for support and understanding from other autistic people, but at least 50% if not more of the people in the comments on here are worse than Facebook and they’ve been all blaming and heart mean and aggressive and abusive and it is just heartbreaking. OK after that kind of day I’ve had to go to my supposed community for support and be criticized and told that I am crying victim I just I can’t there’s it’s just like like I said just it’s just heartbreaking. I can’t believe that people in our own suppose the community would act this way towards each other and the people who made the app do not do anything to stop it, I shouldn’t have to block people left and right I should feel free to express myself without being triggered into hearing the same script that abusive person I’ve already left say I just I’m in shock and I’m really appalled and heartbroken.
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2 weeks ago, Lol junkie
This may finally be the one…
I’ve tried many different apps to connect with people, but I always end up spending time on a heartfelt profile, then deactivating it a short time later because it’s too overwhelming to interact internet the constraints imposed by the app. Hiki users are SO welcoming! You don’t need an official diagnosis- you’re trusted to know who you are. You don’t have to make a swipe decision on something to see the next person - absolutely amazing how much difference this makes to me!! And the forum is so comfortable. I feel like I’ve stumbled into a room where no one is going to laugh at me and I can finally relax. I may not find a partner, but I’ve found my tribe ❤️
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11 months ago, $#$%$#$%
Not the Greatest Community
The app has a lot of issues in my opinion. It asks you for your location for one but then doesn’t even show you matches that are near you. Most of mine were hundreds or thousands of miles away from me. It also is very impersonal, feeling basically just like a Tinder. You can’t just slap a few Autistic related questions into the profile and call it an app for Autistic’s. I think its good that there is a platform for this, but I just don’t think this is it. Granted I used it to try to find friends, but guys will ignore your marital status regardless. I’ve gotten a lot better experiences just from connecting to other Autistic’s on already existing apps like Instagram. The feed page is super random and hard to find anything you actually want on there. Its a decent concept, but poorly executed.
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10 months ago, Brendo1800
So far the apps been good except I recommend adding a few things. I was thinking after you like someone you should leave a message for them showing the reason why do you want to be your friend or date. My last suggestion is having everyone have their own list of people they liked or friend, because of my first suggestion.
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3 years ago, WGiant
Just alright
Some of the complaints others have made have been fixed, you can now set your age preferences pretty firmly, and the minimum distance is now 25 miles. However, it still sometimes matches with same sex even if you choose straight, and those looking for friendship even if you choose love. Those are by no-means deal-breakers for me, but worth mentioning. My biggest peeve is sometimes if I spend too long reading someone’s bio, because they actually wrote something great, then when I try to go back to the screen where the option to like/love is available, well it will just move on the next person instead and the “rewind” button will be broken! This is awful, as this only happens when I’m actually interested in someone’s bio!
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2 years ago, sims-4
can’t be pretty
if you’re pretty they request verification to know it’s actually you but my friend made an ugly catfish account and It didn’t get the request for the verification I don’t know whoever made this is stupid I am a high school graduate I just turned 18 I don’t really have any form of verification that I can find of and I lost all the friends I made and I can have people that saw my face on FaceTime speak on this if that’s enough verification i’m starting to think this app doesn’t want pretty autistic people also to speak on top of this I’ve talk to so many people and they’re only telling me there’s only so many people in their DM‘s and I’m like that’s weird this app like doesn’t give you people to talk to you only talk to them if you match with them I don’t know this app is just kind of kind of racist and homophobic
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3 years ago, neuroplast
Best Social & Dating App for Autistic Adults
I’ve tried many other friendship & dating apps in the past, and Hiki is by far my favorite. Elegantly designed interface, users can tap on profiles in the stack to match with other members for love or friendship, and News Feed provides further opportunities for members to connect through community posts & comments. I have so many good things to say about this app, but here’s my favorite part — with Hiki, it’s super easy to meet like-minded individuals and make new friends & connections. So if you’re an adult on the Autism Spectrum who is looking for friendship or love then consider giving Hiki a try! You won’t regret it.
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2 years ago, beepboopboopbopbeep
Great idea but I have issues with it
There’s a lot of people on the app who aren’t even autistic and I thought it was supposed to be a safe space for autistic people. I do want everyone to feel included but it’s hard to find people going through similar things when half the people have different disorders or mental illnesses other than autism. There’s a lot of trolls as well. I wish it had a friends and dating section separately because though mines set to friends all I get is people trying to date me. Idk I like the fact we can have a community but I just wish there would be some changes to the app and more moderators to get rid of hateful trolls.
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1 year ago, The Foxfeather from the north
Separate app needed for friendships only
There seems to be confusion whenever I match with certain people. I have on there “only friendships” while people who are looking for romance and friendships get matched with me thinking they might have a chance. There are very little sites out there for friendships only for Autistic people. Also, as a woman, it gets me very upset that I have ‘Taken’ on my profile and it seems to get overlooked by people. It’s at this point that I’m wondering if it’s best to just have a completely different app dedicated to friendships only where the status of your relationship is made VERY clearly so that people don’t think something else.
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2 years ago, Firstappstorereview1984
Not an app for WOC!!
If you want to be inundated and harassed by men begging you to talk to them every 30 seconds, download this app. Especially if you want them to keep harassing you after you have told them you’re not interested! They feel entitled to dates and you giving them all your attention, and if you don’t, they will post about you and make lots of comments tagging you. There’s also racism, and some sexism. I also saw a lot of posts talking about people wanting to kill themselves. After I reported posts for racism, xenophobia, and even suicide, they were never taken down, even a week or two later. There was never any follow up either. This is one of the worst dating apps for Neurodivergents that could ever exist. Far more harmful than any dating app for Neurotypicals.
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4 months ago, Redson367
It’s good
This app is really good for people who have autism or ADHD on the spectrum of any disability, there are a couple of bugs, but it’s barely noticeable. The only thing that’s prevented me from giving by that I mean like if you put an X and you want to change your response or you put a friend or a heart and you want to change your response like I would want them to be able to let us go back and change our responses because when I went back to try change my response for a person that I wanted to like , Love love, or change my answer it wouldn’t let me, other than that this is a pretty good offer for people like me.
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5 years ago, chessman6500
Not bad.l but needs work
I think the formulation this app was a great idea for people with AS to find potential friendships and love. I myself have AS and am looking for someone to date and decided to give the app a try. I got more matches than I did on Tinder and Bumble combined. However most of my matches live hundreds of miles from me which makes it pointless to contact them and I got the same exact people I got on the first day on the second day I used the app. I think once more people join, this will be fixed. That’s really the only gripe I have with this app, otherwise it’s a great way for people with autism to find connections they would not have been able to find otherwise.
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2 months ago, AquaBlueSparks
Autistic people hate this app
The app was created with a large investment by an investment firm. Yet they seem to be making no money to pay that investment. They do not sell the app, subscriptions, or advertise. So how do you think they are making money? If you’re not paying for a product, you’re likely the product. They are getting paid the same way other apps like it are getting paid, propaganda. This is why non-autistic people are bullying actual autistic people who speak out, as other reviews say. This is why they will allow that while banning others for nothing. And it’s why ithe thread is spammed with non autistic indoctrination like feminism and socialism. I’m not sure where the good reviews are coming from because no one in there is saying it’s great.
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2 weeks ago, BoredCritic666
Needs adjustment.
Imagine a dating app, specifically designed for people with especially short attention spans (like myself), that has difficulty loading in pictures about 70%< of the time. There’s a lot of potential here for those of us who don’t typically relate to the average crowd. [That] being the only reason I didn’t immediately delete this app after running into these consistent loading issues. Yet, the developers seem to be dragging their feet to do anything about it. Also, there’s an issue with finding matches outside of group posts due to a lack of transparency in seeing who “swipes right” on you, so to speak. This app draws an awful wide net of people (from all around the globe) to be lacking in any way of showing who likes you before a [random] match is made. Which makes for an awful lot of work when you can’t even see the pictures of who you’re swiping on most times. It seems almost useless outside of group feeds. Plenty of potential, but very disappointing.
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2 years ago, BURRITO MAN6678
Beware of this app
This app is unsafe for those looking for friendship especially people of opposite sex and lgbtq folks. You’ll get people who harass ya in the feeds and in private chats that will show blatantly disregard for decency. The developers and admins don’t do anything about it and they even team up with sponsers etc that are ableist and support foundations that are harmful to the autistic community. They will ban you even if your innocent vs the many on there who are predators and abusers. My account got disabled without warning or anything by an admin and they believe anyone when reports can be false also if ya try emailing they won’t answer also they speak about privacy of user but they use tracers on their websites and possibly the app
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5 years ago, S Luterman
Poor Design Renders Hiki Useless
Hiki’s design is so clumsy that it’s unusable. The only age categories are “18-35,” “36-54,” and “55+.” These are probably useful demographics for an advertising executive, but they’re bad for dating and making friends. I really don’t think it’s appropriate for me to date or make friends with someone more than 10 years younger than I am, but there’s no way to filter out people a decade my junior. There’s also no way to filter for distance, so most of the profiles I get are from over a hundred miles away. I live in a major metropolitan area. I want to meet people here. You can list yourself as non-binary, but you can’t say you’re interested in meeting non-binary people. The only categories are “man,” “woman,” and “both.” Finally, maybe a few pictures and 3 lines of text are fine for neurotypical people to decide if they like someone. There’s no way to search for shared interests. This is basically a less functional Tinder with the word “autism” slapped on it. It doesn’t seem like the makers even did a focus group to see how usable the app is. Don’t bother.
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1 month ago, GHOASTER
Extreme male hating app
It’s not autism friendly, it’s just an app for people that diagnose themselves but it’s a community of trolls waiting to attack anyone that enters. If you are really mentally ill or neurodivergent or autistic, just know that you will be targeted by others in the community and the support team will ban you if you use the report function. They are not interested in doing any real moderation, just keeping this weird echo chamber alive. The staff have user accounts too and talk on here and the community is extremely strict. It’s like joining a Reddit or discord server, you either seem attractive to staff and users or they will all try to pressure you off the app and eventually ban you if you don’t leave.
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2 years ago, AutisticPerson
friend/love difference kills it
You can select friend or love on each profile and it just kills the app - makes it more confusing then what it already is and highlights the issues between autistic men/women. 90%+ of the female profiles are friends only while the male side is reverse. It’s a fact that autistic women tend to find autistic men undesirable, so making a friends only option is this apps way of inflating the female ratio. Women will complain about how awful the guys are that want to get touched in real life - calling them sexist racist whatever because they are desperate and awkward (BECAUSE THEY ARE AUTISTIC LOL) while guys complain that none of the women actually want to date them. It’s a mess.
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3 years ago, AngelM204
This thing is a virus or something
I recently signed up for this useless app. Supposedly I have 8 matches already, but I can’t see or reply to any of them because the app won’t let me. It randomly started saying I need to allow my location services. They were set but I tried to reset them anyway. It won’t let me move or click on anything once I’m on that screen. I can’t even get off of that screen or do anything else on my phone until I turn it off and on again! This happens every time!! This app works like a virus and I’m starting to think it is since it takes over my phone’s functions!
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4 months ago, random autisric user
pretty good in my experience!
i havent made any matches yet but that’s not the app’s fault, that’s just how it is sometimes with these sorts of things. i like that there’s also a community section, it’s really cool to see other autistic people from so many other places. especially fellow trans autistic people. especially when they’re a lot older than me! there are lots of ways to convey information about yourself, including questions to answer on your profile. i like that there’s an option to make text, photo, gif posts. or have all of those things together on one post! i honestly wish more people would use the app tbh
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6 months ago, Literallyjustletmereview
Great app, good people
I like using Hiki, it’s the only social media that doesn’t make me feel crazed. People are so understanding of limitations and misunderstandings, and so intolerant of intolerance. I love this small community. The app has limitations and bugs— Hiki doesn’t have Facebook size resources. It’s free, it’s a passion project, there’s no ads. Just appreciate it for what it is or get back on one of the big hitter social medias.
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7 months ago, Luppay131498
Liking it a lot so far!
Easy to use. Love the relevant but not so overdone prompts. Messaging feature looks nice and works well. My only gripe is that I wish this app was more well-known. It’s very hard to find anyone in my area on Hiki. However, the people I’ve talked to so far have all been incredibly pleasant and not immediately horny, which is a nice change of pace!
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2 years ago, SagePages
No matches
This app is a bit strange, maybe it’s because I’m a woman of color but I didn’t match with anyone. On other dating sites I usually get messages within a day of joining but I didn’t get any on here. It really took a bit to my confidence I hate swiping only for the person to completely ignore me. This is why I stopped doing dating and friendship apps if the person does like me back they rarely ever reply anyway. Also some of the profiles the people who are on here I understand that they are on the spectrum but they seem really off.
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3 months ago, Natsurulite
It’s like a heavily filtered version of other dating apps
Which is a good thing, it seems to be like, grouping together people with ASD kinda removes a lot of the friction individuals might have experienced with other apps Like I have a whole closet full of horror stories from dates — but so far this app seems to be pretty good, I’m optimistic!
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3 years ago, 176lab
It’s pretty good with one recommendation
My only recommendation for this app is, if applicable, update the UI interface of the app in the next update. Sure it’s super simple and possibly accommodating, which is A+, but can the app at least get a UI update to have a balance of beautiful interface and an accommodating interface. Thnx.
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5 months ago, Wilsoff Inc.
Super Cute App
I love this idea. I have tried using dating (+ Friendship) apps to find connections and that experience has not been the best. Felt very one-sided and unwilling for both. One small suggestion: Add location filtering or an option to filter profiles from closest-to-farthest. I have yet to find someone within a reasonable driving distance.
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8 months ago, D.Nick
Great app! Just needs more users
Im not going to proclaim that the app is perfect (its not) but overall I think its a great way for NDs to meet and connect. It doesnt suffer from a lack of users locally but enough to find a few local matches. If you dont mind long distance friends than its even better.
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1 month ago, crazyrainbowninja
It’s OK, especially for finding friends friends
Just if you’re looking for a relationship, I thought I was going to be the only one with special needs and I have no idea how that person is with talking or what they are doing so I have no idea what to talk about so it’s a little easier on a regular dating app
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7 months ago, stitchcorpsose
Great app but needs changes
When I was looking for autistic dating app the first was Hiki. Downloaded the app and was amazed by apps available find autistics near me and people to talk to but their is couple things that need fixing. When you choose love the app still pairs you with people looking friendship and you don’t have availability the block people you don’t like. But otherwise good app👍
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4 years ago, Gmonkey1999
Loving it, but wish there was this option
Haven’t really had the app long at all, but it is so much more comfortable than bumble/tinder! I just wish there was a in between option for love and friendship, like there’s people I want to try to date but I wouldn’t mind being friends either. I just don’t want to miss out on potential friends/partners.
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3 days ago, Kkakakjsjansjjfjxjxjjcjc
Great app! Ignore the haters
I’m hot so people assume I can’t have autism, I love having this app as a space to meet people with similar minds to me without fear of disappointing people who expect me to act neurotypical. The app works well, many people with autism have many different veiws but we all feel passionately that we are right, this leads to friction at no fault of app developers. I use this app to meet people, then talk to them via different platforms or IRL. I block the people who say things I disagree with rather than engaging with them. I love using this app to make friends!
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2 years ago, vncntwd
Profile photos loading extremely slow
The app is beneficial, but profile photos have been loading unreasonably slow recently (3-10 second delay), which severely impacts the user experience.
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4 years ago, mplovesmovies
Why is the Minimum Distance 100 Miles
I think this app is pretty great in design especially compared to the other autistic dating app Uneepi which looks like a MySpace page from 2001. My biggest complaint against this app is that you cannot lower the maximum distance below 100 miles. WHO THE HELL WANTS TO MATCH WITH PEOPLE WHO LIVE A STATE OR MORE AWAY?!?! This app would be near perfect if you could lower the maximum distance to 20 miles or lower. Make it happen developers!
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4 years ago, PurpleGal345
It’s ok, i guess
I’ve been on this app for awhile now and i haven’t had any responses until i made a post to see if anyone wanted to be Nintendo Switch friends to play video games together. I put in my profile specifically ‘Looking for Friendship,’ and it seems that 2 guys already have crushes on me. The problems? They don’t live in the United States and I’m not looking for romance. I swear i attract the wrong people at the wrong time.
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3 years ago, Trickythom71
Good start
Too bad there’s like no one on here. But it’s free! Had some nice conversations with people that I can relate to. My only complaint is if you match with someone you can no longer see their distance. I was it mostly to chat with like-minded individuals.
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4 years ago, AmiYazmin
I can’t believe this is the first time someone took the time to think of relations and dating for the AS community. I’ve been matched with people miles away, and am building friendships that would’ve never been possible before. Amazing new app. Thank you!!!
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2 weeks ago, Geo'sMomma
What is the point?
It just seems so poorly designed. I wanted friendship matches only. Regardless of gender. And yet I would get men who are only looking to date. If someone has chosen “dating” as a filter, the “friend” filter is a joke. Likewise many profiles are not filled out with anything more than a name and a picture. Which just reeks of hook up culture, again that’s fine but not what I am there for. Wound up deleting this app. I’ll just stick to social media.
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3 months ago, greenckouds
Strange things happening on the app
I like the app however there are men who are making women extremely uncomfortable. They except women to give them the upmost attention and it’s bizarre also hiki is randomly selecting people to show their ID I talked to a couple of people about it and not everyone is getting the ID verification which I find odd
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7 months ago, uglybiscuit
Datings and ghostings
All I wanted on that website was to connect and find a live interest that fits well with me for my love for anime. But after some tries, I never gotten any answers back from these interests. I feel like ghostings a more of a common thing in the app or what, which kinda hurts people like me. And plus some of the women in there are undiagnosed so pretty much if these people aren’t active at all just be sure to kick some of them off the platform.
Show more
4 months ago, Tyrecke
Seems solid, just not a lot of users
Gotta get more ppl on here! Users seem a bit rare, and that discourages some from checking the app. If things don’t shape up tho, might have to lower the rating.
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2 years ago, OliveGardenWifi
Can’t really say anything about it
I always get excited when I find apps like this but ultimately end up disappointed cause no one in my area uses them. I don’t really have much to say about the app since a total of 3 people showed up within a 25 mile radius. I like all the questions you get to answer when creating your profile, but that’s really it.
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5 years ago, d3r3kc00l3r
2 and a half stars
I give this 2 and a half stars. As an autistic, it’s nice to finally get included in stuff. People with disabilities get treated different and can’t have friends and relationships. But this app needs work. It doesn’t allow you to do a distance preference, I have it set to women only but it shows me both men and women, and it keeps showing me people I’ve hit no on.
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3 months ago, APValerius
Nice try, but fatally flawed
I will only meet people who are fluent in American Sign Language. There is no way to filter out those who haven’t stated on their profiles that they are fluent in American Sign Language. I fully support bkolle’s review as I had a very similar experience. I ultimately left the app and chose their competitor who sought me out first on social media.
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1 year ago, starwars110
not what the app says
I’ve tried this app and I can tell you it’s no dating app and certainly isn’t a friend making app nobody is active that or there is nobody close by but most likely people just aren’t using this app the only thing that’s active is the community board it feels like an extension of Reddit i would give this 5 stars if it worked the way it should
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3 months ago, Alex1626374848487262884
Worst dating app ever
If you are a man trying to find your woman, best of luck to you. 90% of the users are male, men will comment all over your posts and women will be absent. I’ve clicked the heart button so many times my phone would get piping hot and I’ve received zero matches/messages. I am a handsome man but all of the female profiles are either outdated or the algorithm completely ignores me. I never want anything more to do with this app.
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