Hill Climb Racing 2

4.7 (156.3K)
275.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
4 weeks ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Hill Climb Racing 2

4.67 out of 5
156.3K Ratings
4 years ago, DonutGirl1234
Very Fun & Stress Relieving!
This game is so much fun to play! Some things are better about Hill Climb Racing 1, such as a greater variety of adventure mode tracks, but some things are definitely better about this game, like the fact that you can play against real people and work with a team to get great rewards. I play this a lot when I’m feeling stressed and it helps me take my mind off things. It can be really easy at times, but there are also very challenging types of races, which is great! I would highly recommend. Only one suggestion, really. I find it very hard to get characters that look like me. Most of the easy to get characters are male, so as a female that plays the game it’s annoying having to wait and play a lot just to get a person that is the same gender as me. Also, the characters aren’t very diverse, or at least the common ones aren’t, so if the game creators could include more female and diverse characters that are more easily obtainable that would be amazing! I love how the game constantly gets updated so that just when you think you’re getting tired of the things to do in the game there’s a whole part of the game that changes that you get to learn to adjust to. I personally love the adventure mode update.
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8 months ago, GarfieldJonOdie
5 Star Game has me Hooked!
First of all, if you’re into racing, this is a great game. Before I continue, I must say this: if you have a problem with spending money, then this game, like many others, will be at least somewhat frustrating due to ads. However, ANY purchase removes all ads permanently. I was able to do this, and the game was instantly improved. In this game, like the first, there is a adventure mode (drive as far as you can). In the sequel, they have added a TON. First off, cups (racing against other players [prerecorded of the player’s last race at that particular track, not live]). Secondly, new public events in which you compete against other players in real time in different challenges. Third, teams, which allow you to form your own group of players and compete against other teams for rewards. There are multiple cars (new ones are added every once in a while) and tons of tuning parts that improve the performance of the cars. New tracks for cups and adventure are added (however, not nearly as often as they should). All in all, a 5 star game that has me hooked!
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5 years ago, Muscleking440
Not worth it
I’ve had this game for a few months now and it is not consistent at all. There is no way to determine where you will hit your head on tunnels, caves and such it’s always a gamble. With landing off of big jumps it’s a 50/50 you land good or stop dead in your tracks. I have noticed that when doing a wheelie also that I will hit random almost invisible bumps that kill all of my speed it is very frustrating and has cost me many races. Same with landing on hills. It’s easy to tell which vehicles in the game are over powered: the dune buggy, monster truck, sport bike, and the Lamborghini super car. The amount of forgiveness to those compared to other is downright dumb, every lobby I enter it’s always those that are on the top and no one else is able to touch them. By far the money system and mystery boxes are the worst. You get pennies for doing cup races and nickels for doing adventures. It takes forever to upgrade vehicles in this game compared to the first. Being able to trade diamonds for coins is nice but the conversions from diamonds to coins is not worth it. Lastly the mystery boxes, geez I could go on for hours. It’s just like CSR2 always getting parts for cars you don’t have and can’t afford, or parts you don’t need in general that just take up space. Over all this game needs a lot of work and the first hill climb will always be my favorite. Hopefully fingersoft will get it’s act together and fix the problems in this to make it better.
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3 years ago, IMS Scythes
ADs system
To my dear dev, I’m writing this review to tell you something that has been bugging my mind for days. I love your game and the way it entertains me after a long day at work. What’s better than an awesome game? Playing with while listening to your favorite tracks. But here comes the problem. The ads. Personally, I have no complaints about ads in game since watching ads presumably means we, the user, supporting you guys, the dev, and that’s cool. But lately these apps are just like the mosquito that you can’t slap in the middle of the night. It shows up and when I press the “x”, it put me right to the app store. This is fine, since you can go back to the game with 1 press away. But my music is gone. I cannot turn it on again easily. I can’t play the music through swiping up and hit play, instead i have to go back to the main screen and re-play my music. Then go back playing the game. This is fine in the beginning, but repetitively doing so make me feel sick of opening Hill Climb Racing 2. I love your game but now I HAVE TO hate it. I tried to change my the kind of ad that shows up but it still works the same way. It’s weird that I have to write this at 2 a.m. I love you guys game yo be honest. I’ve been playing it since the release of the part 1. Can you guy do something about it? Your forever support. Scythes
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5 years ago, KrisEverett
Not impressed
My main set of issues with this game are mostly mechanics of how the vehicles work. I get it, it’s a game, but motorcycles and mopeds aren't as wheelie happy as they are in this game. I can full throttle my motorcycle all day long after I take off and the front tire gets light but doesn’t leave the ground. Yet in this game if you don’t tap the throttle or the brake with regular taps your head smacks the ground. Once you’re moving and at full speed there isn’t a reason for the front wheel to ever come off the ground. The purpose for most of the events, for a vehicle to push a ball? Or and under water race (how many cars or trucks are driving under water in a bubble)? Or how about racing in space? Who is ever going to take an F1 or Indy race car anywhere but a smooth race course? Why would you have a race tractor with a bucket still on the front? Why would the owner of a drag truck ever take it off a drag strip? In what world do a tank or a moped or a mono wheel ever compete with any other race set up vehicle? There are more ridiculous comparisons I could make but what’s the point. It’s just a game right? For the team events the vehicles to use should entirely be up to me. I don’t own all of the vehicles and of those that I do own they aren’t fully upgraded, which takes so long with how many there are and I’m not paying real money to buy the stuff.
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6 months ago, No names left135792468
Playing Since 2017
This game has had ups and downs but has been mostly fun, especially early on. But, the last couple years it has been getting frustrating to play. Most ads recently are pushing 1 minute and 20 seconds long and are very frequent because they’re needed to earn various rewards. They used to be 15 - 30 seconds so it wasn’t so bad if you had to watch 10-20 of them in a gaming session. They’ve expanded so much that it takes a very long time to wait for parts because they’re handed out randomly. I’ve played nearly every day for 5 of the 6 years and I’m still waiting on numerous parts that I don’t have. Most new tracks now are designed so they just put random things in the way for you to run into stuff or get trapped on things. It’s basically at the point now that I would not recommend it to anyone new if you’re a casual gamer because there’s just too much to do in the game now to keep up. If you plan on playing for hours a day and have a bunch of money you don’t know what to do with and want to pay for the VIP then this game is still pretty great. But as a casual gamer, I do still play but it feels more like an obligation where I feel I have to keep going so I don’t waste all the time I have invested rather than something I do for fun.
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2 years ago, qwiny ya
Great App! <33 But…
Hi! I love Hill Climb 2. It’s 1 of my favorite games. You get to change your avatar compete with others, and it has very cool cars not going to lie! I’ve been playing Hill Climb 2 forever, since probably 2015? It’s been very fun playing! There is a few problems that I want the Developer to add. Could you add updates? I’ve unlocked all the cars from 1 year ago, please add some cars and more Landscapes. I would appreciate this! Tysm! And ya’ll probably hate it from adds. Look this game doesn’t need internet access, just put on the airplane mode on and there won’t be adds I do it every day I play this game. So stop with the hate reviews and listen to the review. If you are a car fan buy this. As I said you get to do very fun epic things. Even I am 15 years old I still play this. :)) Also there are VIP’s. This is my personal opinion from this game, If you don’t agree keep it to your self. Developers please add the things I said or others and keep working hard! ily this game!! ✨✨ Epic game! Thank You for your cooperation. And keep working hard as you should! 💪💪
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4 years ago, Mndylbrck
Used to be one of the best mobile games...
But now they make all the vehicles breakdown and put stuff in the way everywhere to slow you down. I started to play for the fast paced racing, but now it’s just annoying with obstacles everywhere and traps for your vehicles to get stuck. The vehicles which breakdown are the least enjoyable to drive and the vehicles are very unbalanced in ability. I tend to use the rally car because it’s just better than all of the other vehicles; some of the vehicles are useless and you’ll spend a lot of time to upgrade them for basically to use only when forced to (team events). I don’t even know what to say about the moon lander, aside from: if you want me to use it, make it so I don’t have to play an extremely tedious, simplistic, repetitive game mode for hours to get it. In fact, all moon events are lame. They seem to find them enthralling, being you can’t just play the adventure moon mode like you can the others; you need tickets which replenish over time. I don’t think it’s special; in fact I find all moon events tedious and annoying. Just make it so you can play those modes the same and buy the vehicle like all of the other vehicles. One less star for this rating - I started with five stars, but nothing they’ve done aside from add special boost items to the game has improved the experience. Quite the opposite - 1 star.
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4 years ago, RON WEASLEY !!!!!!
This is a very good game but there are a few things that could make it better 1 is how in adventure mode you have to use tickets for the moon however every other adventure course you don’t it makes me play moon less because I like it but when I use tickets I have to wait 24 hours to get only 2 more I could spend 50 gems but that is to much and two there should be a moon cup at least one so you can actually use the moonlander for a cup because it slow but thrusters on moon would make people want it more and also I think thrusters should take less fuel to use they take SO much in the first hill climb racing they were actually good they made you fly in normal gravity and you could use them longer because of the short time of use in hill Climb Racing 2 it is only good to use on moon but then you have to use lots of coins to upgrade them so they good unless on moonlander which I think is a waste also there should be 1v1 or 2v2 races in teams or against friends like in other games such as clash Royale or clash of clans lastly I like the new double coin idea but if you put it in the vip subscription or premium pass more people might buy them if you read this thanks hope you consider what I said if you do u will give you 5 stars. 🦈
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8 months ago, paulisht
Was fun but those days are gone...
I honestly used to enjoy this game. They again and again make major changes that make it harder to progress in the game without paying monthly. I decided to pay for the monthly fee and to be honest you don’t get that much more than you get for free with the game except you don’t get all of the ads. I would recommend spending your time progressing in another game where you will have an opportunity to get to a higher level faster than this game. It’s too slow for too long and with the recent changes, they screwed all of the current players out of a ton of points and upgrades. Every upgrade requires money and also requires parts. If you want parts then you have to spend money. If you want a car, you have to spend money, if you want a new race track, you have to spend money. Too much spending money, it’s not worth it anymore. The makers aren’t even trying to make new tracks for the events. They make events based on the cars and parts people wouldn’t want like snowmobile or mono-wheel forcing you to pay for the parts you do want for the cars you want. Now another change is happening and cars are getting more expensive. STAY AWAY from this game. I am deleting it very soon because the makers don’t care about their players.
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3 years ago, 👑👽👑
Fun game with some issues
Do you want to play a decent racing game? Well you’ve come to the right place! Hill Climb Racing 2 is a nice little sequel to an old phone classic game, allowing you to play adventure maps, events against others, competitive races online, and more. But then come the issues. This game makes it so annoyingly hard to make any money that buying new vehicles, parts/upgrades, or even just buying new adventure maps is a very strict luxury. The annoying money-making mechanics combined with the fact that everything is so absurdly expensive makes it even more frustrating. There’s also the ads. It’s understandable that there’s so many on a mobile game- as it’s the developers’ jobs to monetize and live off of it- but i’ve been playing a decent bit of time and i get so many unskippable ads after every race, track, or whatever else i do, that it’s sometimes commonplace to just shut the app after one occurrence or play offline. I won’t discuss issues with the buyable pass here since it’s such a common business practices nowadays. My overall conclusion to this game is that it’s decently fun and a good time waster, but has many very frustrating underlying issues that make me not want to play it anymore.
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3 years ago, cool guy 8721
Nice game but needs a few changes
The reasons why I give this game a 5 star is because it stay to the original pretty well better than a few games I know, and the graphics look good and the new vehicles are good as well and the events are ok if you have the time to participate but there’s a few problems that kinda need to be fixed. The grind is not that bad in comparison to different games but for new people it’s hard because you got people who spent more time upgrading a car to the max and finding god like modifications to a car and starts destroying everyone in the race when you just got finished beating the beginner bots , making you get more in game currency using real money to upgrade you car to go faster. Causing this cycle go on and on until a lot a people start to quit making the “pros” go against each other spending a lot of money to be the fastest making the real pros become more intense leaving the game to be known as a game for pros the same thing happened to call of duty, fortnight, pubg , war thunder and more
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7 years ago, Dabzalot
Too much time waiting to actually play.
The game play is fun, but you have to waste too much time waiting for advertisements to play. On top of that you ridiculously have to wait for theses stupid chests to open for ‘rewards’ in order to be able to progress in the game. New vehicles are added you have to ‘buy’ and then constantly ‘purchase’ upgrades to get the vehicle to a level that it is competitive. Then you have even more options you have to ‘purchase’ to be competitive. More wasted time. The offline mode tracks take too long to complete. At least track challenges usually end my runs, unlike the first version where ‘fuel level’ (actually time) was always my limiting factor. It’s not all bad though, if you have the patience of Jobe, the game play itself is actually fun. The physics of the mono wheel thing is all screwed up, if you’ve ridden a unicycle before it will drive you crazy. You can race against ‘friends’, but I don’t have a clue who my friends are I race against (well, you race against their ghost) Check it out, not a bad game, except mine has crashed at the moment and I can’t play it. It redirects me to the ‘store’ for an improved version, but no update is available. Oh well, it WAS fun.
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5 years ago, Adds are no good.
Won’t Ever Get Anywhere
I’ve been playing this game for months. I’ve enjoyed it the whole way and the match making is balanced enough to keep winning 2nd or better. I have begun to stop playing and find other entertaining games is because you cannot ever earn enough in game currency to upgrade fast enough. There are so many things to purchase and so little you can gain that if you don’t buy the in game currency, you’ll never have anything worth while. I have 2 fully upgraded vehicles and that’s after months and months of grinding. There are many others and you can’t use them because the tracks are so hard that low grade vehicles can’t perform. The devs need to lower the cost for those who can’t or won’t pay to win. At least give us a little help on that. “Watch an ad,” you say. Well I have, over and over and over and it’s still not enough. And then you not only force a 30 second ad but now it’s a 30 second video ad plus a 15 second interactive ad we have to suffer. 45 seconds for ad time. Hope you’re making your money now because I see mass migration from this app to others. Beautiful game for sure. If you want to enjoy it though. Get out your debit card.
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4 years ago, malcontentman
Still Fun After A Year
I have been playing daily for almost a year. Never gets old. Level up progress is gradual but steady and enjoyable. You can always level up faster many spending dough, but if you are patient you will get there. The variety is good enough to give you some play options, but in a way all game modes, from Adventure to Racing to Events all feel substantial and necessary and add to the enjoyment of the game. You do not feel like any of them are arbitrary. Also each upgrade truest feels like it is improving the performance of your vehicle and almost every vehicle feels and handles differently than the next. This is also a game of skill and not just holding the throttle down to win. You have to learn the maps and handling characteristics of each vehicle and the upgrade parts to get the best results and all of it feels organic and is easy to learn just from use over time. The game is still fun after a year and is highly recommended.
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4 years ago, JJMJMC
Why just why
So I made a review before but I decided to change it first off why did fingersoft decide to add parts. I’m literally in a Fully Maxed out Mk2 when a hill climber is literally beating me in races. The parts feature ruined the game for me you can add the best parts and you can can beat like maxed out vehicles. It just ruined the game completely. Secondly, why is the Dune Buggy, Legendary Super Car, monster truck, and Diesel Truck so fast when Like I said I’m in maxed out cars and I’m getting smoked by a dune buggy and etc. And why the hell did you add the Mono War and The stupid soccer challenge it’s really bad. First off Mono wars is just a bad challenge and the mono car is such a crappy vehicle. And The Soccer challenge. There’s no way to recover after the soccer ball goes behind you you ah e to end the round a start over. The game was so much better before Fingersoft added the items you can add to your car. I wish they took those at the game because it’s just dumb and too overpowered and you barely get any coins from chest and races. Lastly, I started the game and lost all my progress Fsr and why the hell an I getting partnered with Legendary Players while I’m still Plat 3 in I Hate Water. And OFC they are using the Legendary Super Car. Well this is the end of my review so if your reading this, You have completely ruined the game. 😤
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5 years ago, OutlawMudSlinger
Hill Climb 2
I would give this game a 5 star rating, it is actually a 5 star quality game but when it comes to putting time into it especially when paying for virtual accessories it can be costly if you are not careful, it’s actually pretty ridiculous at times. When you purchase a certain package bundle for $20 and a few days later there is another bundle of the same thing for the same price, now who wants to buy the same thing for the same vehicle twice? I understand rarity items but come on! I purchased Daily VIP for $9.99, it’s almost worth it but it’s kind of a ripoff, you are suppose to get a prize every 24 hours but if you don’t claim them rite on time it’s pretty much a waste because the 24 hour cycle restarts when you claim the prize. Let’s just say you claim your prize every morning at 10:00, well one day you didn’t Claim your VIP Chest until 1:00 PM, now you have to wait 24 Hours, even if you didn’t claim it for 3 days, you are wasting money spent. Other than these ripoffs, it’s a fun game but most Virtual items are a waste of money anyways, fingersoft should appreciate their paying customers a little more.
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6 years ago, Ace Luckstar
Addictive Racing/Minor Flaws
I’ve had HCR2 for over a year. I’ve even purchased a few packages on the game to get cars, tractors and space machines when they have come out. I enjoy playing the game and racing against three other racers. I just wished there was more content for a game that has been out so long. The same races get recycled day after day and become very monotonous. For awhile I lost interest until they finally brought out a new vehicle and some new maps to race. When they do bring out new vehicles through, it is extremely expensive to upgrade the vehicles as gem packages are very costly and so you must wait on the right packages to get gems included at a decent price. I would like to see the store offer multiple packages of vehicles and gems in different price ranges, not just one at a time. A few more maps could be released quicker to break up the same old recycling problem. But all in all, if you download HCR2, you’ll have hours and hours of fun racing and jumping and flipping. Just know, to max a vehicle, you’ll be spending money or taking literal years to upgrade completely.
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8 months ago, 3057751070
Generous 2 Star Rating
I have played this game daily for approximately 10 years. I’ve have spent a lot of money over the years building up the performance of my vehicles and have seen fist hand how this game has changed for the worse. I definitely don’t find it as fun when I first started playing. The reasons for the poor rating is simply listed below. 1) Throttling Vehicles Speed Performance. 2) Never getting daily briefcases for my Rally Car or above. 3) Game Manipulation of Races. 4) Never opening up a Briefcase for top performance parts. 5) Never getting a response from any of my countless complaints. 6) No opportunity to spent coins or collectibles for upgrades 7) Not allowing players to transfer parts from one vehicle to another. I can go on further, however, for the sake of keeping this list small. Lets see if your algorithms can figure this out. Why have I spent less money over the years ? That’s a rhetorical question. I have downgraded my membership and I refuse to spend one more penny on this game when your game just robbing customers by thinking we are all stupid to keep spending more money for less upgrades. I welcome your response from this rating. Thank you Kiss My Dust Allen
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6 years ago, ArtisanXD
Love the game but it just doesn’t feel the same. In the old you one you get a whole bunch of money but in the new one you gotta wait for a chest to give you a whole of stuff which is cool ,but I feel like every body is just taking advantage of this mechanic.😒 I mean yeah you guys are still updating the old one and it’s always gonna be fun but when you lower your money earning drastically in the new one and have people ration out there diamonds and wait 3HOURS OR MORE for a chest to freaking open it’s going to make some people mad. I know it’s hard making money these days when a new fresh game mechanic works for a game company you gotta take advantage but dude I wanna keep playing without a wait limit in order to advance (and I know what your gonna say “just do adventure and grind a little bit how muh boi!?!?? When air time only give you 1-2coin a second in the air?!? I mean I’m patient my dude but not that patient!!!!!!! Anyways other than that its fine, i don’t expect you to make it exactly like the first but with better graphics, I just don’t want to grind for a crazy amount of time that I slowly lose interest in the game.
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3 years ago, The American Santa Claus
Ana Aguilar and Alexander Molina
Besides all the other past mentioned faults,(not including adds,nor sponsored advertising,and not even to count the amount of vehicles that all need customization,and modifications,where as with costing an overall thirty million or so,earned,or bought coins,and nor are the various amounts of cup races,with their three to four courses within,where ever being an issue,for all these matters mentioned,as with being necessary,being all in order to have such an interesting race game,where being all race,yet no flat out courses,and for the hundreds of whiners,that have constantly whined over my mentioned facts don’t comprehend the sciences involved),yet where Hill Climb Racing 2,where as with truly being an issue of quality racing,is where it sticks within a race,where being a constant issue,being for so long of an issue,and with no correction within the updated versions! The monster truck continues with having no front wheel drive. The no front wheel drive,(only under a turbo boost),plus the metal block on the hood,where not holding down,as it should),alter the true physics within the gameplay.
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4 years ago, read this comment no cap
Great game!
I loved the first Hill Climb Racing. it was awesome. but then it got old; i was getting everything maxed out (hint: the hot rod is the best car). then i found this app, and loved it. it brings in so many more elements to hill climb racing and makes the game so much more enjoyable. i have like 20 other apps and this one is the one i play the most. but honestly, the bosses might be a little bit goo hard. i get it, the whole point of having a boss is because it’s, well, a boss. but it took me sooo long to just beat the sunday champion that it made me consider asking other ppl for help. one more thing, it’s also kind of clear which vehicles are the best. the dune buggy, monster truck, racer motorcycle, rally car, and the hill climber Mk 2. maybe if the devs could tone those vehicles down a little bit it would make the game a bit more fair for unexpecting players? other than that, the game is awesome. so i give it four stars out of five, just because of those two issues.
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4 years ago, TheEdge198225
It rocks but...Bring back Daily!!
Game is awesome like always! :) but...You guys got rid of Daily friends challenge with the new update. The Weekley friends one is fun but it takes to long to reset and if some people are slower with certain vehicles they have to wait to long for a new race. The daily gave us all a chance for a new challenging friends race every day. PLEASE bring it back! Also... at some point try to find a way we can challenge a friend or 2 or more to a live friends race at our choosing. Also give out some prize like a good chest for winning a friends daily or weekley challenge maybe. One more thing.. come out with a new vehicle maybe once or twice a year. Keeps it interesting and people stay and don’t get bored especially those that have everything upgraded fully or close :) from talking to people on my team and other players Those requests will actually keep people playing more and sticking with the game which is good for Fingersoft $ and for the players. Thanks! :)
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7 years ago, Luca1392
Great Game, one suggestion
To Fingersoft, if they read these. Although you guys took a step in the right direction when you added tasks in adventure mode, the rewards you're given are simply not enough. For me to complete the average task that I get, i have to invest at least 15 minutes into trying, getting far, dying, retrying, etc... For example, it took me 25 minutes to get 4300 meters on Winter, which is an average type task I have. However, the rewards I recieved were nowhere near worth the time I put into it. Basically this has resulted in me just ignoring adventure mode entirely, because, compared to cups--where i can spend 3 mins on, say, countryside cup with the promise of at least a common chest-- this rather well developed feature just ends up as a waste of my time. So one suggestion is maybe to include larger rewards for tasks that take longer to fulfill. Adventure is where Hill Climb Racing originates, so it's kinda sad to see it so pointless. Other than that, this game is amazing and wonderful job.
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5 years ago, Sickbossperson2332322
Hill Climb Racing 2
This is such an amazing app and is definitely addictive. I gave it a five star because it is a great way to spend your free time on your phone. They give you amazing challenges and also provides you money to get some amazing vehicles. Overall I would say it is a great game but two improvements the game could add is the money and the difficulty of the challenges. Upgrading the car is very difficult and takes a long time to upgrade it. However it is intelligent to do it that way because that encourages others to continue the game. Mostly the whole money part is kinda annoying because on some terms you have to pay eighteen dollars just to get a casual chest. That is kinda over the top and makes the people playing the game not want to play as long. Also, I would just increase the level of the game when the car is being updated so you still have the ability to get better. Overall it is an amazing game and I truly recommend it.
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4 years ago, gatskier
Total Cash Grab Version
It’s really sad that this beloved game by many has turned to a straight cash grab. To start with the positives, there is a bunch of content, cars, upgrades, courses, events, team play etc. these new features are really fun and will take up a lot of your time. Yes that is a lot of fun. To make this new content fun though you need to upgrade your vehicles as well as buy your vehicles. Now onto the negatives, it is literally impossible to get coins through normal game play. You can get $70k or $80k a day playing isn’t a couple hours. That is not nearly enough to continuously upgrade vehicles, open new courses, buy new vehicles. You are constantly getting hit by ad’s that entice you to buy coins or diamonds. You will not be very compatible in this game without buying currency. You can play for a week or two and get past a lot of the early content with the entry level vehicles and upgrades. Than you will just simply lose without extra currency. Very sad.
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7 years ago, RubiconFish
Fun and generous F2P that takes some skill
The racing gameplay is solid. Genuinely fun to “drive” the cars and there is a skill component that you just gradually learn as you play. The different tracks and different car handling keeps me coming back off and on over the last ~ 9 months. The matchmaking is pretty well perfect — sometimes it challenges you with opponents that you can just barely beat if you don’t mess up, other times it lets you blow them out of the water and really enjoy the car you’ve been improving. The new Event/Time Attack stuff is a much needed and fantastic addition for long-time players. It might be frustrating for new-comers, due to it pitting you against all active players, but don’t worry about it — just enjoy the rest of the game until you get some upgraded cars. Lastly, the F2P — it’s not a greedy game. You can access all of the gameplay and cars for free with very little grinding. Now that they’ve added car mods of varying rarity, it’s difficult to get the exact ones that you want for free, BUT, I don’t feel cheated by it. The mods are “nice to have,” IMO. Let me be clear, I hate what F2P has done for gaming. I’d rather play a demo and then dump 10 bucks once on good games, than play a bunch of “free” grindy, whale-luring, IAP crippled games. This is not one of those games. I’ve played it free up until a few weeks ago and finally paid $8 for the Rally car, mostly just to support a dev who makes a decent mobile game.
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8 months ago, Archie Carneiro
Excellent Game, But Room For Improvement.
This game is absolutely one of the best ways to kill time, but it is somewhat lacking when it comes to achievements. There is simply not enough ways to flex to other people how absolutely goated you are at the game. But either than that it’s great! There are many vehicles to choose from depending on the map your playing. My personal favorite, the supercar, is fast and reliable and when fully maxed with the right mods, you can fly across almost any level with ease. This game implements a mix between skill base, and on level match making which challenges players with a higher skill level. This can also benefit the lower skilled players, so they can play with people on there level. The maps are always expanding, and new play styles as well! There are weekly and daily challenges which are excellent for earning rewards! In all this game is most definitely welcome in my library!
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11 months ago, nickels55
I love the game But more vehicles
Personally I recommend this game to everyone becaues it’s a really good game but I think it needs some more vehicles. Also you choose hiw much they cost. 1. Please, please, please, please, please bring back the Kiddie Express from the hill climb racing (Unlocked at Silver 2) 2. I think a Flying Car would be a nice edition but you do have a moonlander sooo (unlocked at lengendary or Diamond 3) 3. I think you should bring back the Hovercraft mainly because if you have a vehicle from snow maybe have one for water (unlocked at Platinum 2) 4. I think you should new vehicle based off you’re company name so like a Big Finger or Fingermobile (unlocked Silver 3) 5. I think electric car would be good and i think it should take long time for it run out of fuel (unlocked at Diamond 1) I hope liked this please add atleast one of these vehicles preferably the Kiddie Express and I hope you a good day!
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2 years ago, Pitbull2000
3 years and still a blast.
This isn’t pay to win, it’s pay to have more fun and skins. I started before bosses rolled out, I hear they’re a pain at lower levels. The forest is nicely farmable with even a base Hill Climber Racers are picked based on which vehicle you’re using, possibly load outs, and how well you have done on that particular cup. Getting better ranks awards epic and champions chests quicker. There’s plenty more opportunities for free diamonds than when this game first rolled out. The only time I have bought any is for the lunar new year rally car skin. That purchase removed intermissions. Teams are fun but if you take a break expect to get kicked from most teams. Servers can be on the wonky side, and if the hill climb team screws something up, we are sometimes compensated with free legendary chests. Today my team is in division 4 for the first time. It’s hard to say what’s going on here, but I think it’s the fact that this is an aging game and people have lost interest.
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5 years ago, GBJGB
A lot of fun, but too many wastes of time.
I’m not referring to waiting for chests to open. I’m referring the fact that too many of the vehicles are hot garbage, to the point that I don’t even bother trying to upgrade them. And now, we have a new track in Rustbucket Reef that is just horrible. I don’t really mind it in Adventure mode, but trying to actually race on that track is entirely too aggravating. If we could simply decline a race on a particular track, then I could just skip it, but that is not an option at this point. I have no choice but to race on a horrible track and damage my ranking before I can move on. Knowing it’s going to come back up in the rotation just makes it worse. Édit: Please, please, please give us the option to decline races. I literally never want to see the Rustbucket Reef track again, but I have no choice if I wish to do the challenges. It might seem like a minor annoyance, but it is causing me to consider deleting the app and looking for some other game.
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12 months ago, SuperLoop7209
Fantastic game with annoying but minor flaws
Not much to say. Fantastic game that I’ve been playing for many years now. The only two annoyances is the unbelievably unbalanced cup matchups. The devs also get defensive by saying it’s a “very complex system” for matchmaking. It’s more accurate to say they kinda gave up on trying to make it consistent. You’ll do a cup where you obliterate your opponents, then the next cup will have racers that disappear from your screen almost instantly when the race starts. It’s made worse by the plethora of obvious bot racers that do borderline impossible maneuvers flawlessly. The second annoyance is only just recently a thing. The game has been atrocious with performance of late. Super slow loading when opening the app, and will randomly freeze for multiple seconds when in the menus. I’m sure it’s being worked on, but still frustrating.
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3 years ago, BEFASTURNU
From a five plus year player and over $?,???.?? Invested!
I can always pick up and play this game and it 90% of the time makes my heart race,adrenaline pump,hands sweat and more! All the reality is there! All the crazy and impossible stunts and strange landings are all one off happenings. Very rarely can you duplicate them which keeps it worth playing! I’ve had vehicles going so fast that if I can get air born I can clear 10 seconds of ground driving,”AWESOME IN EVERY WAY!” Every game has hiccups,that’s a fact! If you don’t take advantage of VIP you are definitely missing out. This game ,”HCR2” would become biblical if able to add 4 parts total for modifications instead of 3 . Keep it up guys! Improve when ya can and I’ll keep the pedal to the metal! 👍 just wondering when the next vehicle is going to arrive
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7 years ago, Insert_Name_ _Here
Boss Difficulty and Overall Honest Rating
I’m not even going to sugar-coat it, the bosses are too difficult. They’re not even trying to give us a chance of even coming close to winning. It just wastes our time and forces us to pointlessly spend money (real and/or fake) on trying to upgrade our vehicles. You would have to upgrade one of your high leveled vehicles about five to ten times before coming just a little bit closer to beating the boss. Not only is it a waste of time and money, but also a waste of patience. Just make the bosses slow down, that’s it. On another note, I suggest having a function that lets the player know if someone has crossed the finish line before them. For example; a green check mark next to the person’s name on the right side of the screen. This will let the player know whether or not an opponent(s), that is out of view and far ahead, has crossed the finish line. Overall, I would give the game about a 3.9/5. Generally a decent game, but serious improvements are needed for the boss levels.
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3 years ago, A name no one hase taken
Great Game, No Matchmaking
I’ve been playing Hill Climb for around 3 months now, and I played it a while back on a PC a year ago, so I hope I’m in a good position to review it. I love the feel of the game, and the simplicity of just driving. It’s super entertaining, and it has me hooked. I’m Platinum 2 on this account, although I play a lot of adventure. One thing I dislike is that shop bundles can give you cars you unlock much later. Maybe only offer cars in a specific range, or not give them the car at all. I know you need to make money, but my Dune Bug can outrace a Supercar with fuel boost and wings. Especially at Challenger 2. Another thing is that some trophy road cars seem like they shouldn’t be here. Things like the monowheel and snowmobile shouldn’t be a reward on the trophy road, simply because they aren’t trophy cars. Other than that, I like your game. I can’t find much things wrong with it, and I’ll be playing for a while. 👌
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2 years ago, gamertime1234
The rotator weight fix
In my experience with the rotator maxed out on speed I feel that is goes into wheels mode wayyy to quick and can I suggest maybe a roll cage buff or entire upgrade please because one wrong move like if you were to go down in the upside down mode to fast just barley you would get DNF or otherwise and also for the weight problem can you add an anvil that looks like a small dual weight plate looking thing for an anvil and it may work just like any other anvil but because it only does wheelies in the upright mode all the time which is fast but a little annoying but all in all it’s a really good game and the reason why I gave it only 4 stars is the problem I am presenting to you so please read this game devs acknowledge this please and maybe add or buff the weight problem and roll cage and if you can’t do it which I have no doubts you can’t but still please consider it and Thankyou very much
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5 years ago, Budcat5
Limited Fun
I have played Hill Climb for a while, starting with the first game and recently moving to the 2nd. I have had a tremendous time on both versions, however there is one subject I would like to mention. The online portion of Hill Climb 2 features chests that contain a number of currency’s and cosmetics as well as a number of boosters for each vehicle. These chests provide much needed money for purchasing upgrades as well as the boosters that give you an upper hand when racing opponents online. Of course they are behind a pay wall as they require you to wait various amounts of time to open them, if you don’t want to use currency that is. Generally it’s between 3 to 12 hours per chest, for a few (hopefully) good items. Other than that I thoroughly enjoy this game and just about everything it has to offer. I’m just a frustrated fan who doesn’t get that company’s need to make money for providing awesome product. Just selfish I guess.
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2 years ago, Roadrunnerxp87
Fun game with some glitches
Fun game but it does have glitches. The two big ones I’ve run into are at the start of races the image can be lagged a bit and it is disorienting. The other glitch I’ve run into (which I think they are working on) is not getting the rewards for team matches. There are a lot of of ads which is okay for a free game. My only issue is I paid for the VIP AFTER entering challenge rank and lost out on all the rewards for the earlier ranks which seems like an oversight on the developer side. Also kind of makes it false advertising as it tells you rewards you can get, but if you are in challenger rank you can’t go back and get them. Aside from that it’s a fun game. Customization of cars is good, I like that some have different styles, and adventure mode is a good mix of challenging and fun. Definitely top marks for games play, but glitches take away one star.
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7 years ago, Wife is Korean
Please fix the booster bug.
This is my quick fix game and I love it. But recently in the tournaments, activating the monowheel’s booster is glitchy. When depressing both pedals on my iPad Pro 12.7 it doesn’t respond automatically, there is a delay. Also, it shuts off randomly causing the vehicle to rotate unwillingly. It wouldn’t bee so bad if you didn’t only get 4 tickets a day. It really makes me not want to play. I feel like I’m wasting my tickets. I like the tournaments. They add novelty. But I would suggest doing away with the tickets and making each tournament shorter to prevent hackers from dominating. By the way, who gets 400 tournament points?! Even when I spend some of the diamonds I saved I cant even get close and I do pretty good in the events, averaging 8th place. The only way someone “MIGHT” get that many points is if they bought $100 worth of diamonds and spent every last one of them on that tournament. Sound fair to you???
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1 year ago, Neater dude
Competitive and fun
Pros: hands down the most competitive and entertaining phone and tablet game I have played. Although the cups and adventure can be fun if going for world records and seeing how you stack up against the best in the world it all in the team play for me. Very competitive although you don’t compete live. Limited team tickets mean I get up before work and play so they don’t expire. That says a lot for a “not” morning person. Cons: Takes the better part of 4 years to max your account if you don’t want to spend huge $$. adds will kill you if you don’t buy VIP. I don’t like spending monthly subscriptions on games but given the amount of entertainment and competitive play this provides for me it has been well worth it.
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4 years ago, Lexi Hale
This game is a complete scam. It is very addicting and fun, I will admit, but the creators are just trying to get all of your money. The amount of money it costs to buy gems, coins, and "mystery boxes" is ridiculous. Not to mention you never know what parts you'll get in a mystery box & some cars get waaaay more parts than others even if you don't own them! The game is pretty unpredictable, you could bump into a hill one time and be fine, and the next time you do it, it kills you. They'll put you in a couple of really hard races with obviously other more advanced cars so that you will LOSE and it will feel like a challenge so you don't get bored, but really it's a trick. After a few of those races, they put you in really easy races with cars that aren't so advanced, that way you won't feel defeated and you will keep playing and playing. It could take days to save up coins to buy a new vehicle or to upgrade it or it's parts, yet even when you do this you will never feel truly satisfied with the game.
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3 years ago, Radeon7000
I would’ve been giving it a five star but here is one thing
I would’ve been giving it a five star but here is one thing. I like this game this game is a stress reliever and it’s quite satisfying. It’s also the best racing games that I’ve seen. But one thing is that I don’t purchase like such premium features or plans so it means there are advertisements. Which doesn’t really bother me. And its pretty ok for them to monetize their apps or products. Also I did activate personal advertisement choice so there will be no more mature ads for my younger ones. But then one day playing the game it changed there are many mature ads. In my region there is and app called Bigo Live and the advertiser said something mature which I kinda think that this is inappropriate. So please fix those ads that are bugging. And it even says that it’s 4+ but it’s not specified like 13+ or so. That’s why please fix this thanks.
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4 years ago, Strawhat Link
advancing costs too much and so the game has gotten boring
So in order to buy and or upgrade you cars it cost a fortune. Way way way more than you make racing. So the game quickly becomes a huge grind. It just got kinda boring. Then I created a team (guild league whatever you want to call it it’s a team in this game) and I thought that would make it better. Add some competition and a reason to grind. All the ones I joined were horribly inactive and it was lame. So now I have a team but there’s ABSOLUTELY NO WAY to communicate with anyone to recruit them. And the game, in 3 weeks, has not dropped a single person in my team. So I cannot compete in team events I have no one helping with team chest and I can’t do anything about it. So I try to join other teams. All active teams require a password to join and absolutely no way to contact the leaders to request a password. So I’m done I’m bored can’t fix it because the game is designed to not let me. Too bad too because it started out loads of fun.
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5 years ago, W4RM4CHINE917
Good game...History repeated
It’s a little known fact that (not all of the time) the original movie, book, game, that started the series is known as the “Classic”. It’s what everyone compares the sequels to. Hill Climb Racing #1 is that classic. That game is so popular, that if you haven’t heard of it it’s almost as bad as not knowing what the Avengers are...That game was great! And like I said earlier the classic is what the sequels get compared to. So let’s get into it. Hill Climb Racing #2 is definitely good, but so feel like the first was a lot more intuitive. It’s definitely a good game but you tried to add too much to the game. The online raging feature is a great idea, but your whole “Friends” thing. 🤨 Why is there no chat, or way of communication? Your whole system involving friends is broken, you should have an in game friends engine hat doesn’t have to rely on social apps. Other than that you guys have a great game, keep what I said in mind and have a great day!
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3 years ago, Turbojacket
This is just bad.
I probably sank 300 hours into the first Hill Climb, but instead of feeling like an enhanced sequel this feels kinda bad. It’s suffering from the same fate as Roller Coaster Tycoon. You can’t just use the name and make it something totally different. People will notice in the first minute or two that something is off and that’s exactly how this game feels. This just ain’t good. It’s very very hokey. I love the race setup which is a cool mode, and would have worked as an expansion of sorts to the original endless mode but, yeah. This just feels like some conglomerate bought out the original team and a bunch of board room suits made of bunch of changes to the fantastic original formula. One erk is that I don’t need to see a giant HUD and a giant brake and gas pedal. I think there should be an option to hide these. They are super distracting and kinda make the game feel like one of those pay to win kind of games. IDK. I’d lose the entire overlay and keep the information super simple and minimal if you want to display speed/fuel and that sort of thing. Just not these GIANT gauges and pedals. The cleaner, updated art style is nice, but yeah. This is a deleted app unless there’s something compelling I suddenly discover. When are these development teams going to realize that you can’t crap on a great original and just add a “2” and expect it to work? Hard pass.
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3 years ago, Pushedboss1964
New league play
The new leagues are terrible. Fingersoft told us that it would balance out the matching better. Our team has been ranked between 400 and 600 for the past few months overall. When the new leagues started, we have been blown out every single match. The team that we are playing now is ranked 21 in division one, which is where we are, and we are ranked 460. And true to form since the new leagues started, we have less than 400 points and they have over 4000 points. We have been matched with the top 20 teams in our division since the new leagues began even though we are at the bottom of the division and have been since new league play started. It is terrible! There is no parity in matching for the team event.
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6 years ago, Shermy1006
Good, but needs some fixes
I really like this game but can’t ignore some big issues it has in its current state. The biggest is the matchmaking in the cup races. I can shatter my previous record by over an entire second with a perfect run and still end up dead last with 3rd place being several seconds ahead of me. This is really irritating, as I can’t make it past Challenger 2 since the penalty for coming in 4th is so heavily bad to your rating, and since even 3rd place seems to be consistently capable of being 1-3 seconds faster than me, it’s quite literally impossible to climb up the ranks without spending 100K in upgrades, getting first in one cup, the matchmaking readjusting, and repeating the vicious cycle. I mean, I get it’s supposed to be a challenge, it’s no fun if it isn’t, but in ya current state, it’s a little ridiculous. Another common issue is ads, not that there’s too many of them (it’s only $2 to get rid of them, not a big deal, Fingersoft’s gotta make money somehow.) just when I try to watch them for upgrades or extra parts in chests, I’m met with a black screen with “X” and “volume” buttons that don’t do anything. Whenever I run into this, I have to reboot the app and lose my chance at the upgrade or extra piece in the chest. Once these problems are fixed, it’s an easy 5 stars from me.
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5 years ago, T. Perfito
Great game, never bored!
I downloaded this game about a year ago and I still play it frequently to this day. The competitive races, the down-to-the-thousandth-of-a-second time differences between first and second place, the fun events, all combine to make this one of the best racing games available on the iPhone. One of the best things about this game is that even though there are available in-app purchases, they aren’t required to keep the game in motion. I have never spent a cent on this game and doing that doesn’t make it become slow at any time. The constant updates keep me hooked, and I never lose that thrill when a legendary chest comes into my possession. All in all, if you’re looking for a quick burst of fun, exciting racing, Hill Climb Racing 2 is definitely the chance for you.
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1 year ago, Bios did
Change isn’t always for the better…
I’ve been playing this game for years now. In fact I played HCR1 before 2 ever even came out. Regardless, the last update introduced changes to the public weekly challenge which, in my opinion, are quite unfavorable to the player. Not only do you now need to spend the points on rewards (which means you need quite a lot more points to get all the rewards), but they have also increased the amount of gems required to purchase extra event tickets from 20 to 60. Unfortunately it seems that fingersoft has become quite money hungry, hoping to drain players gem reserves and lure them to buy more. I would like to see a return to the old event system or at least some tweaks to the new system that make it less “scammy”.
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8 months ago, yo turts
I love this game but
So I am absolutely addicted to this game. I play a lot, I am leader of my team. I design custom tracks. I’ve had vip for 3 years. But right now, I have a friend who was marked for cheating. He has never cheated. He plays a ton like me. Good mix of cups, adventure mode, challenges, and team races. He is fast, faster than me, but has never cheated. So I can’t in good conscience give a 5-star review. I considered a 1 star review for this very reason. I doubt anyone will read this review and base their decision to download the game or not because of it. But if so, I would advise you not to play until they figure out this issue. Imagine playing the game an hour or more a day for 2 years. Now imagine for no reason at all you are marked for cheating and can no longer play. Knowing what you know now, would you want to waste your time on this stupid game?
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