Hill Climb Racing

4.6 (58.1K)
152.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Hill Climb Racing

4.59 out of 5
58.1K Ratings
3 weeks ago, Leonardo777x
Very fun
The game us SUPER fun to play and really easy to learn. At first, the keyboard wasn't working to control the player, but all I had to do was disable something that allowed you to use the trackpad like a touchscreen (which is what was getting in the way of the keyboard) and then everything worked. the annoying thing was that disabling that also disabled using the trackpad on the game window at all, so on the main meny, you have to use the arrow keys to navigate the buttons, then press enter to select them, and if there is something that you really need to use the trackpad for, just press escape, (and if something pops up, just hit it again) and it will allow you to use the mouse for something, but once you click, you have to his escape again to bring the mouse back. As far as i know, there is no way of transferring progress from one device to another (I was playing on my PC, then wanted to continue on my Mac, but I couldn't transfer my progress). No account creating or anythong, but on Apple devices, it lets you do an iCloud sync, so all you Apple devices with the same iCloud wil be on the same page.
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4 years ago, Be4tiful Disaster
Love the new features!!
Thank you guys sooo much for adding new features! This was an awesome game before the added features; now it’s an even more amazing game!! In my reviews, on most games we like, I always say they should add more features!! This is the first 5 star rating I have given any app in a while!! I think I am pretty easy-going w/stars but there are just not that many new GREAT GAMES (will not get tired of after playing the 1st few times) The ones that are good, I feel are kind of thrown together & dev is not really keeping up with them! So many new ones are not worth spending one single real dollar on! This is one of few games I would spend real money on! There is nothing better for a gamer than great prices (not taking advantage or making it impossible to get anywhere w/out spending real money) & a dev team that cares about customers, listens to them, keeps updates going & adds features every so often! My family has been playing this for years! It’s really cool that even after gaining popularity, you are still updating & continuing to listen to people!! Thanks guys! :)
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6 months ago, DorwinJ
Been playing since I was 5 and I still love it
I’ve been playing this off and on for at least ten years (it was my game of choice for 4 of those), and it still is fun and surprising. The controls are simple enough, brake makes you slow\stop and go backwards (backwards definitely NOT recommended), and gas makes you go forward. Eventually you learn to use them to do flips and such (still think the neck flip is hilarious), while making for fun ragdoll physics. Ads only show up if you select them, and there’s great variety. My brother has the apple arcade version and it’s not that different (gems coming in pairs are the only major difference), so take your pick and play to your heart’s content!! P.S. Thanks for ten years of fun Fingersoft, I first saw this game when I looked over the shoulder of a very patient man in the lobby of Les’ schwab(shwab, stchwab?), he then let me play with him(I was the brake pedal, he was gas), until my dad’s car was fixed. I got it a couple of days later and it’s been fun ever since.
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4 months ago, green gye 77
Custom cars
5 stars but I have some suggestions 1 add more body types like one where you can have 3 wheels or one with a built in double jump. 2 maby more than just wheels, maby like ⬛️ wheels or cars Tula legs and the more you upgrade the legs the more legs you can have per wheel spot.3 upgrade the gas turbine it feels a little bad for its legendary rank. 4 this one is a little far out there maby us the players could make custom car parts and like say there is a lvl up feature for the custom part thing and the higher the lvl you have the wackier the parts can be like 5 spoilers at lvl 4 or a body with 3 wheels at lvl 2 like the higher the level the higher the stuff cap could be . 5 custom maps ,like you could pick a map say the moon then you could add the Daily map modifiers to is like mud pools or seagulls and free abilitys .ok that’s all I have I hope I didn’t waste your time ,you make awesome stuff.
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3 months ago, Just some guy9
Amazing game, except for a few things
Lemme preface this by saying: Fingersoft, if you’re listening, or read these reviews, which I doubt, please, we’ve all been asking for similar things. Now I love hill climb racing, I’ve been playing it since it came out, and I think that it’s great for playing when you’re bored, however, I think a zen mode needs to be added because there are some times when you just want to drive endlessly and not worry about driver downing or running out of fuel. I also think that in regular mode, one of the absolute best vehicles, the super off-road, has a nerf that makes it almost unusable for long runs, which is the wing at the back breaking off without even hitting the wing itself, just landing weird too many times, and when it loses the wing, it’s like driving on the moon, it’s literally uncontrollable, this needs to be fixed or made like the rally car that the wing just can’t be broken off so the car is controllable, I don’t know why it’s like this, but it’s an issue that would make the game a whole lot better.
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4 years ago, Headhunter126
Please fix trophy truck + helpful tips
Hello I am in love with hillclimd. It’s an over all amazing game. If you’re reading this and don’t have the game, download it. It is truly a blast. If you are a developer or “fixer” of the game. Please fix the trophy truck I have my truck almost maxed out and no matter what level I’m on if I hit the ground too hard (wheel’s first) my top will pop off or I will instantly die. Please for the love of god fix that I’ve almost beaten my records countless times and then suddenly died:(. I also have some suggestions for game improvements. I like the new distance bar. I think you could improve Upon this already great add by making it more of a line graph that correlates to the upcoming track. I cheat myself out of points not because I do not know my elevation. Maybe throwing red dots on the line to simulate upcoming gas cans instead of counting down... just sugestions . Except for the trophy truck instant death bug. Please fix that. Great game overall though! Keep it up. It is much appreciated.
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2 years ago, OldTimesPlayer
Love the new features!
Firstly, this game brings back so many memories, I remember when this game came out and everyone was playing it! This may seem controversial but honestly, I like the new ads feature. Games that give the OPTION to watch ads are the best and hill climb gives you rewards. I hate games that send ads after anything you complete or in the middle of what you’re doing in the game. When the game first came out, I remember spending hours on end grinding for coins, but now, here and there, I can get an upgrade or double my coins. It doesn’t give you the option all the time which still makes you grind, but the opportunity to get some extra coins is so much better then playing for an hour. Plus, it rarely gives ads randomly, YOU get to choose to watch an ad. Finding games like this is so rare!
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4 years ago, Scotty D 207
This game is craaazy addictive!
I got hooked on this game a few years ago and just can’t stop playing. I’ll install other games once in a while, but eventually they get deleted for lack of play. Seriously, no game has brought me this much excitement. I pretty much stay dirt biking on the Moon Level for hours. His face annoys me so much that when I do a neck flip and die, it’s not so bad. I never do reviews, but I respect this game enough to do so. My wife will ask me “What have you been doing, dirt biking on the moon?” The answers usually Yes. If you don’t have this game, get it, play through the Hillside level until you can buy the dirt bike. Then use that on Hillside to save up for the Moon Level. Once you’re on the moon, points add up like crazy and in no time, your bike will be upgraded to the fullest and you’ll be wasting your time playing this game like I do. Have fun!
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4 years ago, Dtremble55
Gas Pedals
As always I absolutely love this game for everything in it like the many different selections of vehicles and tracks and the ability to play offline but... The way I see it the game has a flaw in the gas pedals. There has been many times when I could have beaten my record but I could control the the wheel spin and I ended up rolling over backward or when I tried to stop myself and ended up rolling over off the course. I do have have a suggestion though. Maybe some slider pedals would fix the matter. I know that I am not the only person who notices this though, and I know many people who have deleted and given the game poor ratings. Anyway, whether you fix it or not this is still my favorite game out there. Sincerely, Dtremble55
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5 years ago, Dbailey94
Gas pedals
Love this game had it off and on for years now at one point had everything maxed but lost all of my stats some how when I transferred phone but still love the challenge. But this isn’t my real issue, I love the game mechanics but is there some way of making it somehow optional about the gas and brake pedals being well more like real gas and brake pedals I’ve noticed that In some levels or when on inclines like the caves or others that you need more control of how fast you go or how hard you stop, sometime I give it all gas and the car flips over and when I tap on the gas I can’t get the boost where I think it needs to be at to get up the hill, but enough of me criticizing still going to play if you do or don’t do this but I really really hope you do. Sincerely, Dbailey
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3 years ago, the champoin
Fun better than most games
So addictive and fun 🤩 spend most of my time with the Motocross bike 🚴 on the moon 🌝 I spend hours on it and addicting but I could use like 👍🏼 how about making it so you can play with other people live if it’s not to much trouble 😈 for you I get your busy and have things to do but at least consider it for your next update or game like 👍🏼 that one ☝️ two fun 🤩 and addicting keep doing what you’re doing love ❤️ the games and updates you are way better than fortnite for sure just some dorks shooting fake guns teaching people violence is ok 👍🏼 and could compete with Minecraft (could) there going downhill like 👍🏼 the stock market 📉 in the 1930s well sorry 😢 for wasting your time about crazy 😜 stuff just really love ❤️ the game
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4 years ago, jahxdn
Working game
It works and my favorite whip is the dirtes bikes and I also likes the whips that is called I needs elas class it has two wheels and 5 text books with a fat guy and skinny guy that are best friends but the fat one also gets madd at the skinny one and the fat one is named bob... sry to anyone named bob and I think this is also a five star because I have been playing this game for 7 years and I need to go pee and I am stuck to my chair so can someone please bring me a bottle of Mountain Dew and some Doritos plz thank you and this games is dope and I need a Apple charger to charge my phone because it’s bout to die and make that Doritos bag party size cause I’m the fat one named bob and the skinny one is my friend Harry so pls gives me some abs I like the game so get the game plzzzz😘oops I don’t have a back button so I meant 👌 my bads
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10 months ago, T0rnado3z3949
Sure, here is an example about the Hill Climb Racing game: Bill is a young aspiring uphill racer who is about to embark on a journey through Climb Canyon that takes him to where no ride has ever been before. With little respect to the laws of physics, Bill will not rest until he has conquered the highest hills up on the moon! In Hill Climb Racing, you control Bill's car as he attempts to make it to the top of various hills. The game is physics-based, so you need to carefully control your speed and acceleration in order to avoid crashing. You can also use the environment to your advantage, such as jumping off ramps or driving through water to gain speed. As you progress through the game, you will unlock new cars and stages. You can also upgrade your cars with new parts, such as better tires or engines. This will help you to reach higher hills and achieve better scores. Hill Climb Racing is a challenging but rewarding game. It is a great way to test your skills and have some fun. If you are looking for a challenging physics-based driving game, then Hill Climb Racing is definitely worth checking out.
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5 years ago, Nikkieheat
Choose your car or truck or bike, etc. Choose your stage which means choose the driving environment from the beach to the moon literally! Different dynamics for each stage, upgrade tires, engine, shocks, etc. I have been paying this for a while and love it, it is great fun! Just have to be cautious with the in game purchases, like all other in game purchases it can get away from you, I know, but besides that it is a wonderful well-thought-out game, I hope they keep the variations of cars and stages coming.… There are a few vehicles that will not fit in certain areas, for example monster trucks etc. will not fit in the cave area, but you will find out which those are. Totally recommend this game it is a lot of fun!
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3 years ago, flewisflewis
Fun But Still Has Some Ads Even After Paying
This game is fun and addictive. I paid for No Ads because I believe in paying a few bucks for a good game rather than being advertised at. That got rid of almost all the ads but now whenever I click the “Stage” button after not having done so for a while, the game says, “Time for a commercial break” and plays an ad. It also says if you’re tired of ads you can get rid of them by making any purchase. Well that’s not true because I purchased “No Ads” and I’m still getting the add when I click on “Stage”. Please fix this. I’m still giving you 4 stars because I don’t click on “Stage” that often and I can just restart the game whenever this happens. But please fix this!
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6 years ago, alexistujo
Player Upgrades
I love the game it is very fun. But I find it very difficult to upgrade your vehicle to be able to go faster and compete. I have covered all the bases of how to drive the car fast. And I’m wondering why the levels constantly do not update and notify when the I have leveled up. But the main reason I have decided to write this review is to say...I need more understanding of why I constantly get beat unfairly with people who have the same medal status as me but are on a higher level even though we have been doing the same driving as I have they are just on a higher level randomly when I am stuck on Level 1. Which I find unfair. Unless they are paying you an amount of game money or real money. Which is surely disrespectful to other players with a harder time going faster due to the levels but can cover all the bases. Thanks! But please update and fix the game in this way.
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1 year ago, lovie😍🥰ANGEL
This is an amazing game !!!!! 👍👍👍
Hey! My friend has this game and it was so fun I Could play it all day long. I’m not usually the kind of person that loves to play games forever, but this game is different. It’s fun but tricky. I know tons of people, grown ups pr kids, who love this game. I highly recommend this game for anyone who loves adventure and learning. This game is especially fun for boys. Even though I’m a girl, it’s still so fun! So if you or your child is in love with adventure, then this is the game you’re sure LOVE!! For anyone who reads this review, I recommend that you get this game. I ( I could get addicted ) This is a great game. Thanks for making this game fun! Thanks so much for making this game come to life!
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7 years ago, J0-Nathan 2.1
Great game, except garage
HRC is a very fun and addicting game that will take a little while to beat, but won't get old in the progress. The cars and maps have unique little features that are funny and make the game difficult and fun. My only complaint is with the newly added "Garage." The engines are underpowered even when upgraded and the wheels also aren't very good. Idk if this is a bug, but I noticed that flips in the custom vehicle count for only 200 coins rather than the usual 1,000. Air time goes at 10,15,25,75,100... instead of 25,50,75,100,1000,2000... which makes it very hard to each coins using it. But that is really the only problem, it's not the primary car I use so it doesn't bother me too much. But it still needs a fix. Other than that, great game, worth the download.
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2 years ago, writeaset
Great Game, tip for playing
I just wanted to say how much I love this game. It is amazing, and I love playing it (Trust me, it’s addicting). I love it’s simplicity and yet it’s not so simple that it is boring (if you get what that means). I tried out hill climb racing 2 and to be quite honest, I enjoyed this game much more than hill climb racing 2. I think that the developers added to much to hill climb racing 2 and it took its simplicity out of hill climb racing. I love this game so much. TIP: So I figured out that if you get the motocross bike and the map moon, it is EXTREMELY overpowered. You can just spam backflips and almost every single time you go in the air you get at least 10,000 coins; not including the back flips you do every 2 seconds... This is how I got the luxury car within an hour. It is super overpowered and I love it. Another thing is I highly recommend fully upgrading the motocross bike because it basically allows for the moon grinding thing, except in ANY map. Developers, please to not take this out of the game; as I throughly enjoy it. Great Game!
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4 years ago, ryan labusch
Confused (update)
The game it self is fun and enjoyable but with the add on of the garage where you can make custom cars and after spending some real money to get parts for said car and then spending hundreds of thousands of in game money why are they trash? The Jeep half upgraded is about the same as level 2 legendary and for some reason all garage cars even with monster truck wheels and monster truck body just don’t move through water? Other than the garage seeming to be a bit of a waste although cool looking and fun to customize. I love the game and physics the multitudes is cars and levels and the daily challenge is all fun I would just like to see the garage get polished up to make an actual usage out it and maybe justify the price of not only buying the garage but the cost of parts thank you
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5 years ago, nerd in more ways than one
What happened?
I’ve had this game on and off for years and I’ve always loved playing it. Now I start playing it again and discover there seems to be some sort of bug with the pedals. I used to be able to hold the gas to go forward and if I wanted a backflip, and I could brake to go backward and to do a front flip. Here’s the thing. I can still do that but before I could tap the brake while holding the gas to balance the car in the air, but now if I even accidentally tap a pedal while holding the other, the vehicle acts like I’m holding only that pedal. I have to let go of everything before I can do anything again, which means I lose complete control of the vehicle and I can’t drive as far as used to on any of the tracks. It’s extremely frustrating, please fix this.
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6 years ago, Katz321Juno
I've seen the upcoming update of 1.36.0 and 1.37.0+, and it is awful. The graphics are terrible and the new interface is stupid, and the new looks for some vehicles is dumb! •Please make an option to keep the old graphics, UI, and vehicle looks! Until this happens, I REFUSE TO UPDATE and will only rate with 1★.• I can't stand the way it looks or the new interface. -------------------------- For some of the new vehicles you reduced the amount of coins you get from front/back flips and you reduced the amount of coins you get from air time, and neck-flips as well. Please change it so they all have the same value as the original vehicles. You need to change it so that when you open boxes for the Garage, you don't get parts for ones that are maxed out. You should also make it so that when you run out of fuel it keeps going until you want to exit or completely stop (example: out of fuel but still coasting, given option to exit that you can do at any time, the option will go away if you pick up fuel or if you completely stop moving (an exception for this would be maps where you can fall out of; example: Rainbow.)) Every once in a while the gas pedal will act as if you let go of it even though you're still pressing it. Please fix this as it is very annoying.
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2 years ago, DryBonesCJ911
Keeps erasing my data
I love this game because I used to play it when I was little. You would think this is a good game because you can play thousands of levels and stuff. However, Every time I restart this game, It keeps erasing my data over and over again. I hope this glitch or whatever gets fixed in the future. On the other hand, I was playing this game for over an hour, And then I was at like 3,000m and over. What happened, Was I closed the app by mistake because I was having so much fun that I went back to the Home Screen by mistake. And I was so sad when it erased my data. And I don’t want to delete the app because I might forget what position the app was. Please fix this glitch because I don’t want my data to be erased.
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5 years ago, L.K.P.
Fun, engaging, and brilliant way to use ads!
1. Fun and keeps me engaged! I usually delete games that I get stuck at particular level, it gets boring! BUT THIS GAME ... Earning coins/points to buy different cars and tracks, brilliant! That’s more engaging for me and keep playing to win variety of cars and stages to try. So fun! 2. Ads done the right way on free apps! Other games force you to watch ads or buy ad-free version, that’s like holding customers hostage. It forces most to delete the game. BUT THIS GAME the ads are brilliantly placed at the end of game and I get to choose to watch an ad - but get rewarded with coins for doing so! The ads are actually pretty good games. Thoroughly enjoy this!!!
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5 years ago, DaisyStar87
One of the best games ever made!
This is by far the best game I ever played before. I have played it for many years on and off and it never gets old. I love all the levels and the Vehicles you can buy. It’s actually really easy to Make coins and gems and get all them without needing to buy anything but even though I think this game is worth about $4.99 and I would gladly buy it because it actually is something I love playing a lot. Those flips get addicting especially when your vehicle has all the parts it’s off the chain. Would recommend this game to Anyone who likes games like this.
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2 years ago, djdosmdfbs
Absolute nostalgia, but one really bad. Thing
(TLDR at the bottom) Everything is super fun about the game except the challenges. Even the beginner challenges are absurdly difficult. Like “travel 1000m in the basic car on the basic map” and “travel 3 years in the basic car” which is pretty much impossible in that car. The only easy challenge e is “do 30 front flips on moon” and that takes hours to do if you don’t have the motorbike fully upgraded. All around terrible concept of challenges, the game however would be better with easier ones. My love for the game as a child is bringing me to rate 2 stars, but this is a one. TLDR: Don’t even bother TRYING to complete the challenges if you’re gonna play this game. Otherwise, it’s kinda fun
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7 months ago, StormHaji
If you Spend Money the App will Crash Constantly
The game ran pretty smoothly with ads until I spent some money in it. Once that happened, the app now crashes whenever I click on the store or want to spend my gems that isn’t for the weekly challenge. As well as random spots in the game. Personally, I believe the developers have an issue with the coding once ads are gone. Once you spend money, the ads go away (not all but most). Because of that, the app doesn’t know how to correctly respond to certain commands now. Either that or they are just crooked. The last bug fix was 4 months ago. I definitely should have looked at other reviews before spending money. Thankfully it wasn’t that much. It isn’t like they look at these reviews anymore with Hill Climb 2 out.
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11 months ago, Moohilll
An addictive game indeed
I’ve played this game around 3 years ago when I was on a trip and didn’t have internet, and I could play this game for hours and still not notice… I’ve eventually completed the entire game and haven’t played it since, but when I saw that there were so many new features I went straight back on this to complete it again… And I can say that this game still doesn’t disappoint me, I’ve played for 2 hours and made so much progress after just downloading this.. ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!
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5 years ago, Gooberboy111
Going ‘downhill’
First plz fix a repeatable bug: if u hold down accelerate, then click brake a couple times while in the air you get stuck permanently spinning and die. Very frustrating to lose this way when it used to be a key way to stay balanced. I loved it right away like most games, but this is the only one i have kept for years. New vehicles and tracks kept me addicted! Liked it more before the new boost option. Takes away the point of reaching a max high score. Then this new graphics update made it unplayably ugly and cheesy. The graphics before were what made it a hit... they were done right. Now, i think i am finally ready to delete it. Should have named the new version hill climb hd and let us keep the old graphics. Any chance u would fix it back for the people who stuck by u all these years?
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4 years ago, JStonerVids
I can’t control the game.
All I am able to do is gas and brake. I assumed I did something wrong when I went over the first bridge and my car flipped and I landed on my head so I assumed I was supposed to use motion controls to steady myself. I went and tried again and once again was unable to steady myself in the air. I went back and tried virtually everything I could but it was no use. I am leaving a two star rating because it is a good game. I used to play this on my mother’s old phone and I don’t believe it is a bad game. If it could be updated to feature some sort of on screen controls to not instantly die every time on the very first bridge of the first level then I will leave a 5 star rating.
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5 years ago, Bugmomma100
Nice Game
This game is very nice can you add a lot more leech if fat and more is more fun to do the other one thing is outta there too many things to go to live in a few years ago I gotta the whole day was so pretty and I gotta is the way that t you know what you want to me know if I gotta is this way I will have mail you and your mom was a great night I hope your birthday was a good time for ya happy happy Birthday I hope you enjoy your birthday love ya girl hope you’re doing good love ya too baby love hugs and I hugs ya kisses love ya too hugs to you happy Birthday baby love ya hugs and kisses to Eduty you have mail yes I hope you had fun and thank you for the beautiful picture of you beautiful baby love you so much hope you have a great eeie day
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3 years ago, Unnamed5
Great game, but some flaws.
Honestly, I love the heck outta this game. “No flaws in this game at all, it’s amazing!” I thought. Until the day I wrote this. I was really excited to buy the stage: “Factory”. I liked it, until I hit my head on the roof WAY TOO MUCH. Also I bought a super diesel 4x4, and honestly I regret buying that too. Also regret buying Seasons. So please, add a refund feature. It would be really nice to let people have their coins back after buying something they thought would be good. Also this is unlikely to happen, but add that to the upgrades as well. Please, and thank you. Other than that, needs more downloads!
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5 years ago, Monkey1013557
Awesome, but I have advice
Hey, I love this game, and used to play it all the time. For some reason I stopped playing about a year or so ago, but I just started back up again a few days ago and love it!! I already have 5 different cars, because I passed the first few levels. Now it is getting harder, but not too hard that I give up. It’s a very simple yet addicting game and I thank you for making it. I do have a few suggestions tho. First off, I have over 700 gems and I don’t really care about using them for my garage car. It would b cool if some of the worlds/cars cost gems instead of coins. Then I could spend my gems on something I like. 😉 Plus, maybe you could make different characters in the cars, like not just a boy but also a girl. And maybe you could have diff hair and shirts too. Please look at this, and if you are reading this right now, please take it into consideration. Thanks so much!!
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3 years ago, crazytime😝😆😉
Hill Climb
I think that it is an amazing game. All of my family loves to play your game. One thing that I think that you could work on is how you need so much money to get new land and vehicles. But overall it is a super good job that I think that y’all have made. I know you will get a lot more rates that are going to be good so keep up the good work. I am still learning how you do all of the amazing things that y’all have done. I want y’all to know that y’all can do something so small turn into something so so big. I hope y’all have a great Christmas and y’all have a great time. ENJOY!!!!!
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4 years ago, Bannyfannana462
Good Game
This game is amazing as you can see I rated five of five stars not anything wrong that I have found but sometimes I have found that one of the “newer” cars the Mutant is a bit ummm... “pay to win” which if you didn’t know is where you can pay for something and it helps you very much. I am aware that it is not an online game with multiple people but the car transforming into a ball to protect from death in the game is a bit unfair. Again, I am not trying to say that is is a bad game but just a suggestion. Sincerely, The Lazar Gamer
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4 years ago, Tookie41
Needs more fuel!
So...pretty good game. HOWEVER, in highway at least not enough fuel! They need to give more fuel somehow. When I reach some of the gas tanks and I’m still 3/4 full I lose the rest of that “tank”! At least let me store a little fuel or let me buy more fuel with coins or gems! Without being able to have some way to get more fuel, very frustrating and I can’t get past a certain meter mark! So I’m done and won’t play! Many of my friends who I told about the game had the same problem and deleted! If you want to keep people playing do something so we can get more gas. When you can’t reach the gas no matter what you do, no desire and no fun left! COME ON PEOPLE!!
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2 years ago, Halobrian1012
10/10 game
This game has been one of the greatest since the day it came out and ever since it’s never failed to amaze. One thing I think would be cool to see added is instead of using gems to only buy crates add a store to where as you earn gems you can use them to buy upgrade cards for your custom cards and have them switch out every other day. I just think it would allow for more use of the gems. Other than that it’s by far the best mobile game I have ever played
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3 years ago, JeezyJerm
Game is great.
It’s a fun game, I can and sometimes do play all day. It would be five stars, but when I pause the game for too long and come back later it restarts the game. I lose the coins I made in that run, but it saves the level I made it to. So, for example, I make it past 6000m in Boot camp and pass more than 10 levels and make well over a million coins. Then when I have to pause because I have to drive home and I get there and pick my game back up I keep my new record and all the levels I passed but none of the coins and have to restart completely.
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2 weeks ago, Ash Norm
i used to bee hill cimb racer fan. now i not
i used to be avid climber hill race but now i no like it. i cannot get past 830 meter. my mom CAN get 830 meter. AND SHES AN OLD LADY. it is tragic that an old lady can beat me in hill climb. i am truly dismayed at my disability to get further than 800 meters in Hill Climb Racing. Dear, Developer. Meek it easyier to get past 800 meeters in Hill Racing Climb. Anywya, I used to like game but I no longer like game. Also, add ur game to Roku so I can play this game on TV with old lady. Maybe I do better on Roku. Thank you. Sorry for your time. I no like game at all. 0/5 stars.
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3 years ago, 59723496
Get this game!
You ever wonder, why can’t I ever find a nice simple racing game? Well folks, your troubles are over. The best game I have seen in a while, the graphics are amazing, the animation is decent and the cars, oh the cars! There is everything from a keep to a tarantula car to a shape shifting car! These things and many more make this and incredible game! Could use a little more creativity on the stages though. And just one more thing maybe the mutant should have powers like drilling through the hills.
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5 years ago, Chaos17
Awesome game, some flaws though
Hey, don’t get me wrong, this is a great game! But every time I get something my game freezes. And when it does I try to get it to unfreeze by tapping the screen. But every time I do that it keeps buying stuff I don’t want. It did this and bought me the police car while I was saving up my coins to buy the dragster. Now I have to save money all over again. 😤 Fingersoft, you owe me 500K coins in this game! And also, every time I get a new level, on every level I need to reach the same distance, and I have the same high score on every level! Getting to certain distances was the only way I could make money in this game. 😢
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6 years ago, Guitar frenzy
Ain't as good as it once was
Okay game from what I could tell but it just seems like the new updates lately have just made it more sensitive especially the jeep. I do recommend the game but you will eventually get tired of it. Used to like how your screen wasn't filled up with annoying junk but that thing at the top that tracks your distance just gets on my nerves. The best combination I would say would be mini bike on moon it is very fun you earn a lot of coins. Hill climb 2 is awesome better than this as it was obviously intended to be. Overall this app is good 4 stars just about sums it up.
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6 years ago, Oreo licker
What happened???
I was going to write a pretty good review about this game until this one update came. I don't even know if there was even an update at all but one day after having a good deal of money and diamonds saved I open up the game and BAM! All of money and diamonds are gone. Luckily, I kept all my vehicles and upgrades. Another thing, I can't get anything different from the gifts for the custom vehicle. There's not even a time limit, it's just endless Jeep Chassis, Gravel tires, and Incline 4 engines. "Okay," I said, "at least it's easy to get the money, plus I don't even use the custom vehicles that my ch." *gets more money* *decides to take a break and close the game* *opens up game* BAM! Money gone again. I think I made my point
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3 years ago, chriscar152
Simple and fun time killer
This game has such wonky driving mechanics and simple task, and it’s so fun. I love doing tricks on my motorbike on the moon! If you have nothing to do, this game is the slayer of time. The best part is: NOT THAT MUCH ADVERTISEMENTS!!! They only play when you switch maps, not after every run so I thank you for keeping it like that. I also need to point out the garage mode. It’s great 👍🏼. You can shove in any engine in any car and put any wheel to them. I love freedom of customization. Definitely a 5 star mobile game. 😁
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4 years ago, FerrumRosa
Love the game but I have one if not some complaints.
I love this game and what had been added lately! I download it every Christmas to play and get those nostalgia points but over the last few days as I’ve tried playing it I’ve found the new addition of the add banner makes me unable to see all of the screen and when certain pop ups show up I can’t do anything and have to close the app and restart it. I still love the game it’s just hard to do some important things now and I find that frustrating.
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6 years ago, Nickle2001
I love the game but I have one problem
I have had this game for years and is an old favorite that I still play but I have a problem when I hold down the gas pedal For too long it just stops and the pedal no longer works and causes me to have to restart but it happens consistently even on my old phone the only solution that I have found is to pause the game wait a few seconds and un pause the game and sometimes it fixes it, it's not game breaking but I wrote this because it just happened and I was upset
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9 months ago, Ender fast
My first game
The first game I ever played is this game and let me tell you this will be the last game I will play. Hooked by my grandpa at age 5 I have never stopped loveing it. There’s really nothing better than climbing in to the super 4x4 and listening to the turbocharged engine as you roll down through the country side ( or the moon!) 1 bug: when I switch to the one big wheel on the Mutant and roll over a random breakable obstacle it sometimes gets stuck in the wheel and I can’t get it out
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10 months ago, Sonicyour moma
The best game everrrr!!!!
But there is a few changes I want 1 add a spaceship 2 add a event for getting cars esier and do all the seasons for several cars and 3 take away a few big bumps because I always dye and 4 add a thing we’re you can customize your character and car to anything but also last thing add a racing thing for the first game and let me just say add some more updates! Sorry but still this is a fan favorite from when I was 5 and I’m 10! And I installed it agian and I love this game
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3 years ago, scar686
How do I restart the game completely?
This game is very awesome and I have had it for a while, I just have one problem I tried to delete the iCloud data in my settings but for some reason the game will not show up when I go into my manage storage so I can’t delete it at all. Please give me advice on what to do because I would really appreciate it :) other than that this game is really something so I also think that the developers should add a restart button please that would help out so much thanks again!
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2 years ago, SwimmerChild
Used to be fun and ad free
I used to play this game years ago and remember having fun. Now it’s ads ads ads and you want to know the best thing. You CAN NOT pay to get the ad free. The option is greyed out. I would gladly pay $1.99 to get ad free but no they took that option away and instead every 5 minutes it tells you to take a break and watch this ad. This is total hog wash. I hate ads and seeing the ads makes me want to play this game less and god know I hate the living heck out of these companies that have the ads. Your stupid 30 second ad will never convince me to download your lying horrible “game” Used to be fun and great and then ads ads ads
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