Hills Bank mobile

4.6 (1.7K)
30.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
Hills Bank and Trust Company
Last update
12 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Hills Bank mobile

4.64 out of 5
1.7K Ratings
2 years ago, The Rawson"s
Greatest Bank Ever
My husband and I are retired and in our 70’s. We have been banking with Hills Bank for around 12 years now. We started banking there because a co-worker kept telling me how wonderful Hills Bank was and that I should give them a try. This went on over a period of a couple of years. We had become a bit unsatisfied with the local Credit Union where we had been banking for 20 years. It seemed the bigger they got the less they seemed to care about you as the customer. So we decided to give Hills Bank a try. They have been the best bank we have ever banked at. Their employees are just the best. Always cheery, personable, respectful and accommodating. Even with the vast growth of Hills Bank over the years they have not lost that small town bank feel. We wouldn’t even consider banking anywhere else.
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4 years ago, Sam Broulik
Easy to use, very responsive
Had the app for years now. Love it. The ask a question feature is very helpful. Had all of my questions answered or issues resolved without the hassle. Easily transfer between accounts, and search old transactions. However the reason I can’t give 5 is because often times if it is very late afternoon, early morning(before 7ish), or a random Sunday the deposit/withdraw transactions get all wonky and are all mixed up. Nothing to to serious though and after checking back later it has always sorted itself out. Only once has it truly inconvenienced me and caused my card to be declined while having plenty of funds available. But yet again was resolved hours later without having to notify anyone. They also have been doing some updates to the app so it was unavailable for part of a day, I’m sure they did send me some type of notification that it would be offline but after trying to log in multiple times it gave me no indication as to why, like no alert message idk couldn’t transfer from accounts that day on the app but called in and they were more then helpful😊
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3 years ago, BestDamnOcelot
Reliable and feature rich
I’ve been with Hills Bank & Trust Co. since my the day I turned 18. They have financed my vehicle loans, given me free notary services, and provided financial planning and reasonable rates. As far as the app goes, I enjoy it. It is both feature rich as well as easy to use, and it is compatible with Face ID. Couldn’t be happier - I haven’t done banking on anything but my iPhone in over two years now, simply because this app is so good. Thank you Hills Bank! Glad that your app is as good as your service, and both are superb.
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5 years ago, sshurshot
Almost there... just a bit less buggy.
Serves a giant purpose-opens a whole new world of money managing. That said, seems like it was whipped together quicker than needed. Last version was less pretty but did ok. Either way, thank you for your continued and ongoing extermination. I have no doubt you’ll get them all. —Specifically frustrating going from “my bank” home onto a 3rd party “bill pay” site if you know what I mean. Sketchy transition. Also, almost none of the features’ saved data “over there” sync correctly nor timely. Unreliable to say the least. —- I realize this sounds harsh but you are the ones responsible for moving around every cent we work for. Keep up the diligence and thank you again.
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1 year ago, TopCat Who
Works well, but I have a few quibbles: I wish one could turn off “Goals” - would prefer option to view account activities straight away. Mobile deposit of checks is a bit clunky: (a) After enrolling for mobile deposit, menu would be better to omit option to enroll and just link to depositing checks. (b) Would be more user friendly to access images of mobile deposited checks in the same way as other check images, and to access all images regardless of which mobile device had been used to deposit different checks.
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1 year ago, Cher_too_Cool
Hills Bank for 30 years!
I have been a member of Hills Bank for three decades. The service is impeccable. The products are guarded with vigilance to promote the ultimate financial security for us as an individual property owner and for vehicle loans with affordable interest rates. This makes our family and our Nation more secure. I appreciate the advice and investment potential we have been able to invest in because Hills Bank and Trust is committed to providing the best financial services. We love you and trust you Hills Bank!
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9 months ago, GMac2456
Budget feature
App is great for checking balances, paying bills, and transferring funds. Also very secure with two-factor ID. But budget feature within “Manage My Finances” is NOT what is represented in the demo tutorial. Instead of having one budget where you set expense limits for each category and progress is tracked on one screen, users must instead set up a “budget” for EACH category and track progress on multiple screens. This is a total waste of time. If the feature was as represented in the tutorial, this would have been a 5-star rating.
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4 years ago, Erwin_M_Fletcher
Love this app
I use (or, have used) several apps at financial institutions to manage resources. This includes my own accounts as well as shared accounts with family in other states. The hills bank app is significantly more advanced, customizable, practical and useful than others I have used. Whether it be transferring money from one account or another, depositing checks via photo or viewing historical transactions, it’s all there. I will also add that the support of the app is exceptional! Great job hills bank!
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7 months ago, JoeNormie
Wonderful customer service
I got scammed once losing money from hills bank and us bank. Us bank it was my responsibility while hills bank fixed my issue. Too bad I didn’t rely more on hills bank when depositing money, otherwise I could have prevented more money from being permanently lost Ok about the app, user-friendliness is a bit poor, it does take a while to figure out how to get to the function I want to use
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3 years ago, *•*^_~
Easy to move and manage money
The Hills Bank app allows you to move money between accounts with ease, and has lots of built in programs to create budgets for you. The reason I like to use this app is the control you get over your account. I can flip a switch to deactivate my debit card and move money into my checking account on the go.
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5 months ago, CleeWe
Very convenient!
I love being able to check my accounts and do all my banking without having to go to the bank or wait for statements. I also appreciate that you can ‘chat’ with someone if you have a problem and they have always been able to resolve any issues quickly.
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5 years ago, Tomsawyer.73
Mobile Banking App
Hills Bank is great. I have always found them to be helpful. I have been using the app for 2 years. 1 year in my business. It has worked great for the most part. A couple things could be improved. 1. Check deposit feature does not always display the check image you just took a picture of. 2. Check deposits from the app don’t always show up in your statement in the order you deposited the checks.
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5 years ago, jlerwin2017
Amazing Mobile Banking App
I moved approximately 200 miles away from the Hills Bank territory two years ago. I have been able to keep my account with Hills and do all of my banking through this app. Depositing checks is so easy and the money transfer option is seamless. I also use the budgeting feature to stay on track of bills and expense. All around it is an amazing too!
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4 years ago, JMSO9
One thing
I like the convenience of this app and all the tasks it allows me to do, but there are 2 things that is very annoying. Whenever I scroll through my transactions, the blue menu slides over and puts me at the beginning of my transaction list again. I have tried scrolling different ways and it always does it...VERY frustrating. Also, the camera is not calibrated correctly to take a picture of a check. I have to turn my camera perpendicular to the check and guess where the picture is going to be useable. Please fix.
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5 years ago, Dark Lord of Reviews
Fantastic in All Respects
Not only a well designed, but a brilliantly functioning app. I can check my bank account with just a few clicks from wherever I am. This is extremely convenient for a college student with a lot of expenses, such as myself. I never need to worry about what I have on my debit. I’d recommend this to everyone who uses Hill’s Bank and has a smartphone.
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1 year ago, oneofthenates
I’ve been with Hills Bank ever since I was a wee lad opening up my first saving account. Some people would say I’m still a wee lad because that was only 11 years ago. Hills Bank just does a great job and the app reflects that. Simple, intuitive, and makes it easy. Shoutout Hills Bank
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2 years ago, Blue.Streak
Almost there
While quite useful, it lacks a few fine touches. Clearly the access to online statements is a farmed out application since it has a separate log-off. Although statements close on the 21st or 22nd, online access is not available until almost a week later. Otherwise I have found it very useful.
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1 year ago, Bad version!
User friendly app!
Improvements made to the Hills Bank app over the past year have made it more intuitive and streamlined. The only reason I don’t give it 5 stars is the fact that there I find the 2 separate bill pay tabs to be confusing. Can’t this be consolidated into one full service tab?
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1 month ago, ong time customers
We are not tech savvy ,so thoroughly enjoy having such easy to use format ,and all data at our fingertips !! In our opinion Hills has always worked to make its customers banking lives as simple as Possible . Thanks much
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5 years ago, GrammaK.
Notifications too late
This app works beautiful. The only thing is, if you ask to have a notification when your account reaches less than a certain amount, it does not notify you for more than 24 hours too late. We have our account set up to notify us if any of our accounts go below the mark of $200. This will be a little late if you go to a negative balance on your bank account to rectify it before you get charged any late fees.
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2 years ago, nlf1995
Great App
Best online banking app I’ve used (including those from the big mega banks). Can do everything you would do on the website as well as make deposits, transfer between accounts and track payments. Well done!
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4 years ago, Catie star
Okay, and more convenient than not
I use the app on a regular basis to track my accounts. Searching history is good. Internal account transfers are convenient. But depositing a check seems to take multiple tries, the other features end up directing me to contact a branch, and so it’s useful if you don’t want to use any of the other features.
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3 years ago, Flying fly guy
Very functional
This app is intuitive and everything works great. Much easier than using a web browser. Love being able to do mobile deposits of checks. TouchID or FaceID makes login quick, easy and secure.
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2 months ago, Old Bluto
Very helpful
I remember the day when we had to wait until the bank was open and either go in or call to check a balance or do business.
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2 years ago, CAFerreira
Powerfully simple and so helpful!
This is what good banking is about! Being able to do most of your banking activities from anywhere! Very easy to use! Love it so much that I moved out of state to Georgia and decided to leave my accounts at Hills Bank in Iowa.
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2 years ago, akrapfl
Best small town bank with great online features.
Love the service and friendly atmosphere Of their offices and the features available in the app. I do most of my banking with hills because of the human connection I have with them.
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2 years ago, dangrego
Love this App!
I can do everything on my app! I love it. No hassle calling or running to ATM to check my balance, or taking money out to pay someone else with hills account I can just transfer! Love that so can save to different events. Etc.
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1 year ago, kyshawnkelly
Device Compatibility
I really enjoy the convenience of the Hills Bank mobile app. I especially enjoyed being able to access from my Mac, which unfortunatly is no longer an option with this recent update. Please fix this if possible!!!
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3 years ago, travel nurse in Miami
Hills Bank continues to serve me on a professional level regarding : personal and friendly assistance rolling over funds into a traditional IRA and questions with my checking account and debit deposits. I’ve been with Hills Banking for 18 years! Thank You for the amazing service!
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2 years ago, JeffSylvia
App is fine , however the new chat icon should load at the bottom left of the screen
Just the bank doesn’t update accounts very well and some days it’s all wacky
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2 months ago, G2Faith
Most things work
Little feedback on when you try to do anything on here. Did a transaction or transfer you make go through? You’ll never know. Did something cause it to not go through? You’ll never know what the something might be. Gotta call the bank…. Otherwise it’s a modern banking app.
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5 years ago, jcrawfam
Best app!
I check it every day and if I have any questions I can just message off of there!! I can transfer money, even to people who don’t bank with hills. I can pay bills. It is endless what you can do!! You have absolute control of your money with this app!
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5 years ago, nnbrown30
Hassle free mobile banking
I have 3 bank accounts and Hills Bank by far has the best app hands down! They make you feel as if you’re banking information is safe and protected; all while providing hassle free mobile banking! Other banks in the area need to take notes!
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5 years ago, Create1833
I’ve had no problems with it.
I’m able to check my money and transfer it between accounts. Not much more I need with this kind of app. Although I have no thing to compare it to because this is the only one I’ve used.
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11 months ago, Jdmomof
The Hills Bank app is secure and easy to use! I love being able to access my accounts, deposit checks and message the bank from my phone or computer!
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5 years ago, JakeyCakes10
A good kind of surprised
I am impressed by how easy the app is to use. I've lived in Arkansas for 4 years and never had to change banks. I can deposit checks, view statements, and transfer money easier than I would except from a small bank. Great work everybody.
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2 months ago, Joshuaj302
The Hills bank app is user friendly and has all the options I will ever need. I thought I might also mention the bank is wonderful as well. Prompt and friendly.
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11 months ago, rook888
Works great! Easy to use.
This app has the capabilities I would expect. I really appreciate the fact that I can use the facial recognition capability to log in. That makes it fast to look up information.
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2 years ago, Amazing😄!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So convenient and easy to use
Love this app and Hills Bank. Easy to use and has every option online banking has. Mobile check deposit is so convenient and if needed, tech support is awesome.
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3 years ago, Quilterjen
Easy to move money
This app has made it so easy for me to transfer money between my accounts! I’m very thankful I tried it. Hills bank has been such a positive experience all the way around!
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11 months ago, N & R in CR
Easy and accurate
The electronic banking is so easy to do. I can also track my accounts whenever it’s convenient for me. And using the chat and messages features get me near instant responses.
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2 years ago, MamaHJ
Fast and Easy
The Hills Bank app puts my Acct info at my fingertips, making it easy to check balances, make a transfer or pay a bill. Not sure what I did before the app was around!
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1 year ago, Abel345
This is my favorite banking app!!
We are able to track everything every month and watch multiple accounts. Live this app.
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1 year ago, Lisbon2008
Good banking
I’ve been with them since I was probably three. All the way from the Penny Saver to my first home loan. Anytime I go in there, I feel like they are family and friends and the app helps me every day.
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2 years ago, Focus'D
Chad S
Love the service but the app platform is dated. It’s better than most local banks but is behind the times in comparison to the majors. For example bill payment checks should show who the check is written to, not simply the check number.
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2 years ago, aaiato
Many options
Set aside funds without the paperwork of setting up a new savings account. Turn off your debit card if it’s lost. Schedule reoccurring transfers between accounts.
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2 months ago, Mills Circle
Hills bank and trust
I love Hills bank and love the app. It’s so easy to use and I feel safe using it. Depositing checks is so easy and checking all of my accounts, including my trust accounts is a breeze.
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1 month ago, janj322
Always easy to access ~~ and, always right up to date. Need to transfer $$ ?? It can be done so easily! Love this bank and their website
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6 months ago, scooterlll
Scott Seele
I think like everything else at Hills Bank. It’s a great app. Great people behind it no idea why people would use a national bank when we have such a great neighbor, bank, headquartered and close to home.
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2 years ago, Chunce197556543779
Could use images of checks
This is a perfectly fine app, but for another one of our accounts at a different bank we are able to see images of the checks we have written. That would be helpful here.
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